Borderlands The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Walkthrough


After stinking zombies Dr. Ned and the fearsome Mad Moxxi arenas, now
the little guys from the studio Gearbox finally deliver their third
extension for Borderlands. The fellows also have never hidden their
desire to make this new content totally indispensable in the eyes of
all the mercenaries of worms. And you want us to tell you? Gearbox did
not laugh at us! The time has indeed come to take up arms and go on the
runway of Armory Secret of General Knoxx in what is clearly the best of
the three extensions. There are deserts and the sparkling salt fish
bones left parched by an ocean long evaporated. There are groups of
assault, consisting of gymnasts cunning, you turn around you burning a
blow to pink Katana between the eyes. And then, in the center of it
all, there is the General Knoxx, a warrior without suicidal moods,
which always pushes you further and urge you to come to him to finish
the job.

So like that, you’ve completed the main quest of Borderlands and have
already reached level 50 for many moons? Despite this, you are always
looking for a new assault rifle capable of spraying your enemies in a
single burst? Well perhaps you should take a look at the latest
extension concocted by Gearbox. Borderlands is an original First Person
Role Playing Shooter that combines the intuitive reward systems of
action role playing games and the frantic-paced shooting combat of
first person shooters. The game features a groundbreaking content
generation system allowing for near-endless variety in weapons and item
drops. Borderlands allows for 4 players to share the same game
experience simultaneously online in co-op gameplay. Players can freely
join or leave each other’s game at anytime, or choose to play in the
full single-player mode. These features, along with a rich and deep
fiction that touches upon the mysteries buried beneath the surface of a
danger-filled planet, combine to form a breakthrough experience that
challenges the conventions of modern shooters.

Gearbox offers downloadable content. For the team, it’s more a
contractual obligation that routinely to ensure that the same old drive
does not spin loop. Many have said that the Borderlands original was a
little summary on the edges, the developer seems to agree. Naturally,
the studio uses space empty time of discharge, to provide missions and
extra modes that everyone expects a package costing 800 Microsoft
Points, but it goes beyond this DLC turning into a kind of second layer
to highlight the detail and expand the topic. Responding to the sweet
name of General Armory Secret Knoxx, this new add-on invites us to
continue fighting against the Atlas Corporation and its troops, the men
(and women) of the famous Lance Scarlett. Aided by a renegade informant
and driven forward by a furious desire to gather more experience
points, players will then have the opportunity to explore a whole new
area to drive a new vehicle, finding new weapons and perhaps even reach
level 61.


To lead the mission of the Atlas, there is the general himself, a
specialist replicas laconic, cynical encased in a gigantic mechanized
armor, and there are also many minor characters beautifully encamped.
(Gearbox has apparently kept an eye on the members of his extraordinary
cast, which had pleased the fans, so that the meccano Scooter is back
in a role more important and Moxxi, the Chinese doll neurotic
sad-looking extension Underdome, made a devastating reminder.) As
recently pointed out one of my friends, the scenery of Borderlands is
very interesting and infects a planet far from any where people are
forced to rely on the goodwill of a handful of mega-corporations
ignoble importing all things of value to other worlds. It seems that
Gearbox is beginning to experience the universe he has created now that
the problem is resolved Crypts. The game box was in the habit of giving
you sometimes feel like falling a hair on the soup, as suggested by the
fact that murderers are on your tail, everything has changed here.
Because of what you did at the end of the original game, you are now
the number one target to the Atlas. After months in advance the level
you are finally allowed to play a central role in the events.

Your wanderings begin and T-Bone Junction, a small town that seems to
act as a hub between different portions motorway. These roads, you’ll
have to go into long, wide and across from each search, while being
fully aware that the privates of the Lance Scarlett will do anything to
putting a spoke in the wheels. You stuff you actually need an
astronomical amount of drones, turrets, tanks, and even some ninja
commandos, elusive and deadly. To overcome these barriers and try to
reach one day the famous Armory of General Knoxx, fortunately you’ll
have a brand new vehicle, a sort of monster truck that – oh joy – may
finally lugging four mercenaries at the same time! It must be said that
a full squad will not be too much for progress, expansion is
particularly revealing in hardcore Route 2. This does not mean it will
be impossible for a lone wolf to finish this new adventure, but it
should nevertheless be prepared to die often, and therefore to spend a
fortune in the New U terminals.

The highway is by nature unidirectional, this means that it often
progresses in a linear fashion. Nevertheless, even these passages prove
conceal many secrets to discover and, although it must often retrace
his steps, there are enough missions to fill schedules when one goes
from A to B. They are also ideal to try new vehicles. Those three
vehicles ranging from fragile to heavy, and they bring a little variety
to small fleet of the game top of the scale, there is the Lancer, a
sort of depraved Hummer with a grid grating affixed to the front – a
terrifying monster, although cumbersome, and probably able to collect
the direct hit of a nuclear warhead. Then the Monster, an intermediate
vehicle equipped with a robust fantastic pitcher homing missiles,
decorated with decals and stenciled designs.

Come on, admit nonetheless that these long journeys are conveyed
certainly not what is most interesting about this extension. Even when
you access a variant boosted the original buggy, these long sessions
will be used up eventually as snacks between quests that they prove to
be quite delightful. This finding is also much the tone used by the
various protagonists. Beautifully offset, even funnier than the Island
of Dr. Ned of Zombies, the extension is linked together moments of
bravery. Say for example that these drones warnings somment doubtful
that you cooperate with your own murder, or curiously, seem to have a
grudge against livestock and people named "Jason"? One advantage is the
best it can be done in the world of Borderlands. This also applies to
the gameplay, since the extension revives everything that made the
charm of the base game, while deepening the basic recipe: it spends a
lot of time exploring every nook and cranny of a huge area that abounds
treasures stashed right and left and small quests.

Finally, there is the Racer, exhilarating speed is balanced by the fact
that explode in a flash of molten metal and tires waltzing in the air,
if you have the misfortune to sneeze taking a turn. You can project
from a railing and looking down from the sky for nearly a minute, but
you do not really want to be in at the landing. It is true that all
vehicles must adapt modeling bizarre physics of Gearbox – in short, the
game never knows very well if you skid on the surface of the moon in a
vehicle or if you try to cross a vast area of gravel in a refrigerator
equipped with rollers stakeboard – but we must acknowledge the
commendable attempt to ensure that each car behaves a little
differently. If vehicles are merely correct some of the new enemies are
downright fantastic. The Assassins arise frequently enough to keep you
awake, advancing to within range and retiring, leaving a nice wake
purple in your field of vision, while other bodies of Lance were
reinforced by many units, Racketters , hovering above your head and let
go of the missiles until Devastator, a massive robot that can collect
an incredible amount of damage and blow up your health bar in seconds.

In the wilderness, they meet with riders Skagit marauding, new
creatures, before finding themselves confronted by evil mecha … For
an extension, we must recognize that the armories of General Knoxx is
particularly generous new enemies. It allows the soft renew itself so
agreeably seasoned mercenaries to plunge with delight into the storm
without feeling the slightest sense of fatigue. The Assassins, the
Devastator, the Drifters and others are supporting roles in history the
most successful ever concocted by Gearbox. As it starts after the end
credits of the first game, it is intended for players level 35 and
beyond, and much of the main story of your confrontation with General
seems designed to take you to an end game that turned the original game
was a little botched. It’s clever, alert, and sometimes a challenge.
The game starts rather slowly with a couple of targets consisting of
identical clear roads, but you are quickly embedded in suicide
missions, to crush the worst monstrosities of local wildlife, you walk
in cable, and attacking a prison High security with precision engulfing
the car in a mouse hole in the side of a cliff. Everything is playable
solo, but it is better to be with a friend to the brilliant final
battle against Knoxx.

We must also say that the old timers will get a nice little series of
surprises, including the ability to unearth treasure in the desert, or
the face of a boss who Annex particularly devious seem seemingly
invincible. In fact, the only way to win is to assemble a team of 4
Mercenaries level 61, all with popguns madness. For the Armory of
General Knoxx had to justify its name and offers it for new weapons of
destruction, marked by an additional level of rarity. At the same time,
truly sumptuous graphics manage to give the meandering highways
underground game, terrifying splendor of ancient Egypt, especially when
they are below a cliff festooned the bones of a giant reptile. Yet,
whenever the game threatens to become beautiful but dark, a humorous
spin – a billboard offering to lease the lab of a mad scientist, or an
attraction shabby roadside called "The Biggest Ball of the world –
suddenly you back to frank hilarity. Because GTA is a game that has
something more of a sense of humor: an inimitable talent for the
floodgates of bad taste.

In short, this add-on has just all the arguments to satisfy the fans.
Relatively long if one focuses on the quests and that they weasel
around the Armory of General Knoxx is also more difficult, more fun and
better packaged as the best missions of the base game. In these
circumstances it is difficult to see how not to succumb to the
temptation to download it.Borderlands sends up to four co-op players to
the harsh frontier planet Pandora in search of a mysterious Alien Vault
legend. Featuring a unique First Person Roleplaying Shooter gameplay,
you’ll customize your character as you explore and battle enemies in
frantic FPS combat. And what would a Roleplaying Shooter be without
loot? Borderlands groundbreaking content generation system creates a
near-endless variety of weapon and items to customize your character!
Players can join and leave other players’ games at any time, or choose
to face the challenges of Borderlands alone. All these features
combine with a deep, rich fiction and a bold art style to create a
breathtaking experience that challenges the conventions of modern

Addressed issues in Borderlands Update 1.30:

  • Invalid weapons or items can no longer be loaded into the game
  • Brick’s Centurion class mods now regenerate health correctly
  • Brick’s Bombardier class mods now regenerate rockets correctly
  • Roland’s Tactician class mods now regenerate shields correctly and display the correct bonus values
  • Roland’s Rifleman class mods now apply damage increase to all machine guns
  • Certain powerful legendary item names should now be displayed in the appropriate color
  • Opening the bank in the Mad Moxxi DLC no longer prevents other players from moving
  • Multiple copies of DLC missions can no longer be obtained
  • Corrected some incorrect icons in the ammo vendor
  • Fixed a crash caused by killing the final boss while zoomed in with a scope
  • The "Careful, he bites" achievement should now properly unlock when playing in French
  • Added icons to the server browser that indicate which DLCs the server has installed
  • The server browser now displays the name of the DLC a server is playing instead of the plot mission
  • Adjusted scrolling in menu options in long server lists
  • Added a notification if a player attempts to continue a game saved in DLC that is no longer installed
  • Fixed DLC notification dialogs that were not closing properly
  • Alt-F4 no longer closes the game if it is not in focus


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