Resonance of Fate Walkthrough – Playstation 3

Resonance of Fate is one of those games entering blatantly in a genre
they try to renew. An interesting status which we have made the point
again. Hard to believe that one day tri-Ace of change creamery to
propose an RPG to a new genre to Sega. Always there when it comes to
gamble, the publisher is launching for our greatest pleasure in
producing a full and surprisingly ruthless, End of Eternity, we offer
you the test before his release import European late as the Resonance
of Fate. Resonance of Fate is developed by the heralded RPG developers,
tri-Ace, who have had a hand in developing some of gaming’s most
celebrated RPG franchises from Star Ocean to Valkyrie Profile. Sega and
Tri-Ace now introduce Resonance of Fate, which adds a new spin to the
genre with a new cinematic action gameplay system centered around gun
play and a steam punk styled world.

Resonance of Fate is a game of purely Japanese whom you entrust the
destiny of a team of three mercenaries operating in the districts of a
city to look very "steam-punk". Then of course, summed up the scenario
as it developed by Tri-Ace (Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile …) could be
used for any game similar. The same goes for elements of its decor or
the appearance of his heroes. But, no doubt eager to stand out from the
rest of the securities within the same class, the developer Tri-Ace
have their baby with an original battle system could assure him a place
apart from the countless ersatz Final Fantasy. Civilization on earth
has long been forgotten with the previously lush world now a burned out
remnant of its former self. Originally built as an experimental life
support system, Basel is now the only place on Earth where mankind can
sustain their lives.


As their role their PMF (Private Military Firm) the group (Vashyron,
Zephyr and Leanne) must seek out and complete quests for their clients
leading them on a journey that will reveal the truth of Basel.

Character 1: Leanne
Age 21, a young lady that lives together with Zephyr and Vashyron. She
met Zephyr when she tried to take her life, and has since joined
Vashyron’s Hunter Squad.

Character 2: Vashyron
Age 26, makes a living as a leader of a Squad of Hunters, taking on a
variety of contract missions for reward money. He was only survivor on
the loosing side of a large scale assault under the command of a
Cardinal, but he rarely speaks of these events.

Character 3: Zephyr
Age 17, brought up in a seminary from an early age. Several years ago
he was involved in an incident, which resulted in him meeting Vashyron
who had been contracted to subdue him. He now makes a living as a
Hunter in Vashyron’s squad.

Instead of listening to Al Gore, humans have continued to throwing
plastic bags into the sea, driving a 4×4, and heating to the atom. So,
while GameSpot’s readers and eat dandelion roots, humanity exiled from
the contaminated surface of the Earth now lives in a giant tower that
houses both a complex for the purification of surface and mechanical
managing the daily life of those people. This large tower, Bazel, is a
concentrate of human society and its relationship, since the upper
floors we find a theological and intellectual elite imposing its laws
to the inhabitants of the lower floors. In this mechanized society that
Vashyron, Zephyr and Reabell, bounty hunters in their state, will
complete various missions while discovering a vast conspiracy involving
the highest political and religious Bazel starts up. Our friends will
they measure up?

The advantage of an RPG to three characters is that they suspect from
the beginning that it will end with the same three guys. But one might
have feared that introduction also gives us a grim scenario especially
with black characters depressive. Yes but not at Tri-Ace. We found the
leg in the studio all the dialogue, all the ridiculous events that
often defuse the situation completely. All valves panties and other
delicacies typical otaku are there. As for Star Ocean 4, these moments
we say modestly "offset" are already happiness forums Nippon and
Youtube. It is as if the developer had sought to mitigate the
seriousness and dignity that the situation required. Without any
restraint, the game will draw to himself a gap between "pro" and "anti"
that will probably not have the patience to try to lump: the combat


In Resonance of Fate, fighting is heavily loaded with guns and take
place according to a principle that combines the turn-in real time.
Specifically, it was time to designate the target and the trajectory
assigned to each member of the team before starting the action but,
once it is underway, it is time that real should trigger the firing and
jumping characters. During this time period, we have the impression of
playing a shoot ’em all eyeing the side of Devil May Cry game that
adventure and role developers Tri-Ace developed. But this is misleading
because the firing sequences strictly speaking only last a few moments.
And once they stop, it must provide the character’s next attack on the
same opponent with his teammate just deal or any other present in the
combat zone. To conclude this section on the basic mechanical, know
that the time needed to cover the characters depends on the distance
that separates them from their target. Plus they are more distant and
they need time to adjust their aim which may offer an opportunity for
an opponent located closer to shoot them and then suspend their action.
Another thing: the enemy suffer two types of damage, those who are only
slightly hurt them because, for example, uses an ammunition too light
or poorly adapted to their nature and those who actually enter their
health. The first, displayed in blue on the screen, fade over time
while the latter in red, are permanent.

The first thing that jumps to face is the universe the game is is far
from colorful worlds of Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile or Radiata
Stories. Post-apocalyptic to his fingertips, Resonance of Fate promises
hassle worse than global warming to humans. The Earth became unlivable,
and the men are stuck in Basel, a city with multi-layers. The rich live
on the upper floors while the poor languish in the shallows, social
mobility is decidedly down. There is only one kind of clergy to give
apparently some light on this gray world. Gray, Resonance of Fate is in
all respects. Even the main characters give the impression of being
covered with a filter bleak squalor. Fortunately, they are very playful
as heroes only know how to be Japanese. One fine day (dull), Zephyr,
but still rebellious teenager, saves the life of the lovely Leanne (aka
Reanbell Japanese version). Since they joined Vasheron which despite
its name evokes cheese, runs his own company of mercenaries. He is the
eldest but it does not prevent him from making antics, dancing like a
fool and being somewhat obsessed. Every day, they have missions to
fulfill. Some advance the plot of the game, others are optional.
Finding a little girl lost, take pictures of monuments or file a letter
will bring you some grenades (!) Very useful or a little money. Because
he must earn his crust.

While fashion is contrary to the games more accessible as possible so
not to cut a fringe to a potential audience, End Of Eternity him
mercilessly. Admittedly, the game invites you to go several times in
the Colosseum to train, and the rules of the combat system very special
is available at any time in the pause menu, but still, the game is
really difficult. Or rather mercilessly. Anyway, it will be very
difficult for players who may not have the habit of being beaten to a
careless mistake not to get excited. For wanting to make a game combat
system absolutely original, it forgets perhaps accessibility? It must
be said that the basic premise of the game director is quite tempting:
to offer people who are not comfortable with action games can still
achieve highly dramatic sequences. But left to make something
affordable, team tri-Ace has not hesitated to develop a fighting system
highly complex. Well thought out and very logical, but still complex.
At each of your actions, they are innumerable settings and other
factors to be taken into account if you do not want to die stupidly
meet watchdogs of the first level, even after several hours of play.

One of the keys to success in Resonance of Fate is to achieve as much
as possible to have the three heroes so they can attack together with
maximum effectiveness a single enemy. For this, we must ensure that the
first two moves they finish their race at a location to be one of the
three vertices of a triangle with the enemy in its center. Other
essential to trigger the most powerful attack proposed by the game, the
resonance: the journeys of displacement of at least two characters
intersect. If it meets these two conditions, one can launch an attack
involving three members of the team. Needless to say this attack is
really devastating especially since, like all other attacks, he can
enjoy bonuses that add to the strategic depth of this title. They have
accustomed us to see the worlds epic, colorful and varied. Forget this
world, for End of Eternity is totally the opposite of the traditional
RPG Galaxy upsets some rules of the genre.

You are now in a post-apocalyptic setting where each represents a
global vision on a world in distress. End Of Eternity is gray in every
sense of the term. With moody environments and sober, you literally
dive into the dark side that We offer firm Nippon. Therefore, a
graphical point of view, you will distinguish the phases of action,
exploration and cutscenes with no trouble. Each offers a different
perspective. You Baverez before the opening scene, you revel in cities
rather well detailed, but you will find it hard to swallow the pill
when you view the combat zones that are relatively poor. Overall, it’s
okay but it goes no further. Even if we end up with great pleasure the
chara design of traditional Japanese-inspired hero, End Of Eternity
plays its chaotic appearance to hide his faults. It is not unpleasant
to the eye, but this is not the visual ecstasy.

To understand the problem, talk before fighting anything. For orders of
three characters in the game, the player will move on to the combat
area. First problem: the game is played in semi real-time. This means
that when you do not touch anything, the enemies are stationary. But
when you move or start to target an opponent, they also begin to move
or attack, which calls for careful preparation of his movements.
Indeed, second problem: your heroes fighting for the gun, they need
time to aim. And meanwhile, if one of them is hit by an enemy attack,
he is interrupted and that the next character to play. Obviously, it is
important to choose locations well protected before launching an
attack. Finally, third problem: most enemies are vulnerable only in
certain positions according to their morphologies. Some enemies have
armor on the sides and must be shot from the front, or are otherwise
protected at the front and will be lit from behind. As you might
suspect, if you take your time to aim, the enemy will show
automatically turn shielded, considerably slowing your efforts to reach
into the heart of their points. Nor should we forget that some weapons
clap loudly, but merely the "surface damage" and will be unnecessary to
finish an opponent, while imposing weapons "real damage" clap much
weaker. An additional reason to choose carefully the order in which the
characters will attack.

In RoF is explosion of information, targets, numbers, bar life and a
whole bunch of things that are "blip blip" in every sense. The most
important thing in these gunfights is your speed to target. One pointed
his gun and load it, all punctuated by the sounds of shooting
fairground. Plus it is close to its target, the more it goes quickly.
One, two, three, maybe even more, your charge will determine the burst
that you will sell off its opponent. If it is touched during this
period, the stroke is canceled, which generally move around. It’s very
irritating when it happens, but it is not to gun down. As in a Western,
he will often try to nab the strong positions. A wall is an ideal
shelter in case of too heavy gunfire or shelling from a boss. And if
there is a window, the cons will attack even possible. Another
subtlety, he must learn "to move around the characters. Like chess, you
must learn to manage the tempo to get an advantageous position. Another
gauge will tell you when you can not move or shoot.

One example is the fact that a well placed burst can send an opponent
into the air. At this time, while your enemy is totally powerless, the
game displays a curved more or less long, around which rotates very
quickly a small slider. If the player presses the Action button when
the cursor is on the bar, it will be possible to trigger a ten
successive shots, generally synonymous with annihilation of the enemy.
When it blew its character, it can also enable him to accomplish what
the developers have called a "Pique" is to say, an attack which lead to
rain intensity and generates damage as well as superficial deep. Other
subtle strategic as we let you hear just above, the weapon can be
loaded with ammunition of various kinds as incendiary, electrical,
icing, etc.. Moreover, out of combat, pistols, revolvers, pistols and
other guns can be modified depending on your playing style. If the
weapon you use has adequate claws, it is sufficient to trigger an
accessory like a telescope or a larger cylinder head so that your shots
win respectively in precision and power. These accessories, like those
that will change the look of your characters until the color of their
eyes will be on the field but also in stores.

New component of a system that will complicate visibly, Resonance of
Fate is the distinction between submachine guns and gun. The first is
used exclusively to weaken while the second imposes the damage actually
fatal. Yes, it’s weird to have a gun that can not kill. This is
strangely reminiscent of Final Fantasy XIII, where the magic went
essentially to weaken his opponents. Only a clever mix between gun (the
blue mess or "scratch") and gun (red damage also called "direct fire")
can weaken shields and kill the enemies. But the damage blue if it does
not soon a burst of gun behind, fade quickly. Thank you real time.
There are also grenades or Molotov cocktails which will then merge or
buy from other elements recovered path. Come on, now we will severely
complicate the sauce. Finished laughing with the gauge of "IS". These
small prisms whose number increases as and when your gunfights you will
launch an "Invincible Attack." Once your prescribed route, your
character will run in a race where it will be virtually invincible.
During this time, we can jump and turn mostly different opponents in
his path. Unconquerable This attack is particularly impressive, since
Zephyr and his friends literally dancing and swirling in the air while
aligning enemies. A real choreographed action film. Unfortunately, this
attack is limited. Once the gauge emptied, our three characters become
shabby. They run like idiots, are vulnerable and this state will be the
prelude to one of your many dead.

Indeed, these are the weapons they use to earn the XP. Gun, pistol or
grenade are three types of weapons they can use. And of course, every
time they use one, type of weapon gains experience. If a character is
in LV5 pistol lv3 in pistol and grenades in lv2, it will be considered
a character LV10. During the first 5 chapters where your characters
will probably do not carry two different weapons, you’ll have to juggle
between different weapons so that everyone can get their levels fairly,
sesame necessary to qualify to carry heavier equipment and have more
hit points. But your defense is not necessarily higher, it’s just that
you have more points, so you die less quickly. The other way to become
more "safe" is to get here and there fragments scattered around the
boss or hidden in levels. After 4 fragments recovered in the manner of
hearts of Zelda, you get a gem of further action, allowing you to
launch many more attacks invincible and above that will make more
errors in the fighting before finally dying. Summarized thus: fighting
semi real-time difficult and complex that we can hardly help after
hours of farm: no doubt, tri-Ace takes us to the gods live. This can be
particularly frustrating because apart from the frustrating difficulty,
the game is rich and full.

By triggering the cake in your console, your first grip with the game
will be in a city. Like any good RPG that respect, you will walk
through neighborhoods, talking to people about where to go, where to
investigate, find the stores to improve your weapons, uniforms and
other wacky things that you will progress more easily your quest. Your
story begins with three characters that follow you throughout the game
during these phases of exploration, you can choose the look of your
hero using the L1 and R1 buttons. Triangle lets you switch on your menu
to choose your equipment, see where you stand with your missions, etc..
As to the former, plus the left analog joystick, you can navigate using
the directional pad (which is usually shortened in games today). In
short, the new with the already seen, it’s really nice! On leaving
these cities, the game invites you to go outside the Commons, said
World Map. Here we have a new card rather convenient. Indeed, the world
is represented as a card to several floors, where you use a cursor to
move around. The small environment is composed of hexagons empty or
full. The voids allow you to proceed, full you block your path. In
recovering "hexagons energy" in fighting, purchasing or discoveries
that you can clear a route. Dozens of combinations possible, so please
all try to reach a new city or new places. Namely also appear random
battles you just move on these maps. As for Dungeons (can we really
speak of dungeons for the game? But remain in the lexicon of RPG), they
come in the form of different parts due infiltrated with enemies
everywhere, with a few treasures to uncover before You come face to
face with the boss.

First, levels of experience are at the dropper. You pass a level per
weapon, forcing the top to exchange weapons between characters. During
the early levels, you can not even buy grenades and, anyway, only one
of your characters can equip themselves to swing. The beginning is
hard, I promise. The enemies have shields overpowering. Gusts of guns
at close range will not be enough to kill them. And there you have to
have the gumption to equip the right object at the right time,
inventory is inaccessible combat phase. A nervous breakdown before a
boss. You know now, the loss of points IS (too make Invincible Attack)
changes the hero wimps who are quickly humiliated. A normal game would
help the player in trouble, not the stick. It is very rare to survive
the loss of his points IS So, we lose, it is "Continue". But to do
that, we must pay, and is billed as surely as the Treasury. It will not
escape. The flaws in this brilliant system are manifold. An item used
properly, an explosive bullet equipped to weather can topple an entire
duel. But Tri-Ace would have been even more vicious by adding friendly
fire … Sigh of relief in the crowd. The fights are long. It is not
uncommon to play for hours for nothing, without mounting the XP. And
the chances of survival diminish with protracted fighting. Indeed, life
is enormous, and the replay value ( "replay") to the rendezvous. In
Japan, the game is called End of Eternity. Unfortunately, this is a
reference book of SF of Isaac Asimov, not to those who had definitely
fighting for ages.

Resonance of Fate also offers an original principle in moving your
commandos on the general map. In fact, the entire map is divided into
hexagons and hidden under an impenetrable fog of war. Impossible to
know what are the danger zones and those where it will not make bad
games. To travel with minimal risk, it must first have assemblages of
hexagons recovered during the fighting. They wipe the fog of war but
their number is limited and their various forms do not necessarily fit
all situations, especially in the colored areas of the map where it is
important to ask as the location for the principle works. Each weapon
has a specificity for short, machine guns quickly weaken these
protections and revolvers lower the health of your opponents. When you
hold one in play, a target is formed around him and it enables you to
impose a number of attacks when full. The more you close to your
opponent and this target will reload briefly. Who says three characters
on the screen, said super offensive to many. By combining the
Invincible Attack your different protagonists circling an enemy, you
can bind an assault that you will impress by pressing triangle: the
Resonance Attack! But be careful to control your IS Small prisms that
allow you to stand and are obviously limited. Once your curve IS empty,
your characters will lose control of themselves as becoming hysterical.
With you to recover, but the best solution remains the leak.

The other obligatory passage, what are the objects that were recovered
they will merge and sometimes removed for the recovery of raw
materials. Finally, we will completely change the clothes of our 3
mercenaries. That may not sound like much, but for some players, it is
very important to play with dolls with his heroes. And then, with a
ridiculous outfit, put videos on the Internet is guaranteed to make as
much buzz as the comic scenes. In fact, aside from its humor rather
special, the only real problem RoF is its difficulty and
disproportionately poorly measured. It is often said that Tri-Ace
productions suffer serious problems of calibration. The Star Ocean are
known to make you kill a dragon to be overkill eat right after a little
rabbit in a plain mutant lambda. Here at least we are not caught
unawares, you sweat right from the beginning. They risk their lives at
any moment. But when you do not tearing their hair, when the plight of
the heroes we do not too sore when you stop cursing, finally, there
really much fun. The combat system is just so unique that it is
hypnotic. Worse: the joy of success is proportional to the evil we had
to kill those pesky boss. Tri-Ace has a sense of humor: when it comes
to finally end the game, the "New Game +" finally offers a choice of
difficulty! Resonance of Fate is a game of professionals.

At the end of the game, the pattern of a gun has neither head nor tail.
Anyway, we will not refuse a few bonus shot. The other obligatory
passage, what are the objects that were recovered they will merge and
sometimes removed for the recovery of raw materials. Finally, we will
completely change the clothes of our 3 mercenaries. That may not sound
like much, but for some players, it is very important to play with
dolls with his heroes. And then, with a ridiculous outfit, put videos
on the Internet is guaranteed to make as much buzz as the comic scenes.
The soundtrack is simply divinely good. Different variants hearing that
you encounter on your way to blend perfectly with the game environment
in a rhythmic tone between violins and electric guitars, enjoy the
delights that you procured this soundtrack. She mingles with the rhythm
of brilliance this RPG so special. We love! Doubling nippon, meanwhile,
is fairly successful as well as various sound effects. Sounds of
explosions, guns, screaming girls … your home theater is going to
take a hit, that we can assure you.

After reading this article, the principles and content of Resonance of
Fate may seem a trifle thick, if not confused. And, frankly, we’d be
lying if we told you that this innovative mechanics we became simple
and clear from the first moments spent on the game No, he had struggled
a bit before reaching splitting enemies with ease. That said, used to
manipulate the system acquired fairly quickly, especially since
learning is facilitated by the fact that, until we have launched the
action, are available all the time we want to plan their attacks. In
any case, it shows that this new test Resonance of Fate will have much
to offer fans of the genre and should be somewhat upsetting their
habits. Unfortunately, the playful qualities of the title is clouded by
a grueling challenge. If you are patient and strategist, will prove in
the game against a real treat, albeit sometimes devious, but finely
chiseled. Add to this the little extras like very nice people stuffed
with irony, the ability to customize its appearance or the many
optional missions, and you get a game rich but harsh, and that does
more than reveal persistent . Hopefully a re-balancing of the
difficulty for the European version.

Game Features:

  • Experienced RPG development team, Tri-Ace, behind this entirely new vision of fate within a steam punk world
    • Star Ocean
    • Valkyrie Profile
  • Battle system Battle in fantastic cinematic action as your characters wield firearms in a Semi-real time gameplay system
    • Invincible mode Pull spectacular moves and precision attacks through this special mode designed to chain enemy attacks together
  • Unique story Built around a gigantic clock tower like machine, the
    story will delve deep into fate and the machinery that controls it.

  • Beautiful environments Masterfully crafted environments pepper this
    title to illustrate the deep tapestry of this dystopian world

  • Customization Customize your characters and give them a unique look within the game and cutscenes
    • Extensive
      Weapon customization allows your character to have specialized weapons
      from parts unlocked or bought throughout the game
    • Change the look of your character by unlocking costumes along the way


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