Resident Evil 5 The Desperate Escape Walkthrough

Capcom has released some info on the second episode DLC Resident Evil 5.
Appointed Desperate Escape, this DLC will allow you to control the duo
Jill Valentine / Josh Stone who will try to escape the complexes
Tricell, while saving the ball to Sheva (Alomar) and Chris (Redfield).
Besides that, we learned that Josh will be a playable character in
Mercenaries mode.  Capcom puts out all the stops to highlight Resident
Evil 5: Gold Edition, containing the basic game and some bonus.
Confirmed boxed on PS3 and Xbox 360, additional content will also be
released as DLC on the PSN and Xbox Live.

During this new batch of visuals, Capcom put forward my second
screenplay extension of RE5, called Desperate Escape. This time, Jill
Valentine will be joined by Josh Stone, to escape from a complex Tricell
is, of course, replete with zombies.  Recall that RE 5: Gold Edition
will include a second scenario called Lost in Nightmares, and a mode
Mercenaries decorated new costumes and new playable characters.

The second episode will be available March 3, 2010 on Xbox Live, PSN
next day (gasp …) and at the same time in the Gold Edition of the
game, which goes on sale in all good dairies March 3.  This new DLC
"Desperate Escape" I hardly convinced. Its price is quite correct. The
graphics do not change the original game. The soundtrack does not
change. The gameplay is the same but the characters are quite
convincing. History recovering well in question, the key scenes missing
from the original game. However, life is pretty mediocre. It took me a
little less than 3 quarter of an hour to complete. Certainly, this addon
is good, but too short.

The new DLC is good especially to nag. It looks like a big fashion
mercenaries with a crew that often obstructs the view and therefore the
viewfinder … Less immersive and scary as "Lost in a nightmare" (mainly
professional), the challenge will still be high for those who want to
finish this last mode of difficulty, as the enemies are numerous and
particularly aggressive. A good dose of action and adrenaline for 400 MS
points, it does not refuse even if it’s not great Resident Evil. One
can take longer than the 1st add-on, one can also more athletic, we
still finished pretty quickly what makes these 2 add-on but no point of
view story. In short these not too expensive at the unit, but together,
the 2 add-on more new costume fee, it’s starting to do for a mere 1 ½
hours from Ha Thurs if the thing that makes more selling while is
unnecessary, the mercenaries mode volume 2 with Barry and Rebecca who
have deserved better.

That the arrival of the 2nd bonus episodes of Resident Evil 5. A
desperate escape is the opposite of lost in nightmares. If you like the
engraving and the action to 100 now, this content is for you. Level
scenario is true that there is not really good but at the same time
everything is in the title is a desperate flight, you will understand
better once you’ve finished. I met him 17/20 because we always find the
atmosphere Resident evil 4 / 5, this time you control with Jill Josh. 
The fact of adding 5 additional extension success even more the life of
the game, knowing it will end 3 times the minimum extension to unlock
everything. For 400 microsoft points do not deprive yourself.

DLC Walkthrough :

You’ve seen the horrors of "Lost in Nightmares". Have you seen both as
Chris Redfield Sheva Alomar with their new outfits fighting for their
lives in the "The Mercenaries Reunion". Now, join Jill Valentine and the
BSAA agent, Josh Stone, in his attempt to escape Tricell facilities in
Desperate Escape ", the second episode DOWNLOAD Resident Evil 5 will be
available the next 3 and 4 March 2010 through Microsoft’s Xbox Live
service and Sony’s PlayStation Network, respectively. Following its
recent liberation from the yoke of a mind control device, a weary Jill
Valentine breaks down. Supported by the BSAA agent, Josh Stone, Jill and
Josh will work together to escape the Tricell facilities safe from the
dark of night. Tireless struggle against hordes of enemies with the
beating heart of emotions, in an impressive action game in which Jill
and Josh go to the relief of Chris and Sheva facing the final
confrontation with Albert Wesker.

Simultaneously with the launch of "Desperate Escapes" and "Lost in
Nightmares" new suits are available for Chris (Heavy Metal) and Sheva
(Business Woman), allowing users to live a different experience Resident
Evil 5, with which to experience both the game as cinematic sequences.
Chris and Sheva with these new suits, and Josh Stone will be playable
characters in this review as The Mercenaries Reunion. These two
characters, along with those announced, Chris (under the guise of a
Warrior) and Sheva (under the guise of a character in a fairy tale),
complete the cast of eight playable characters in this way. Equipped
with unique weapons, will provide additional challenges while the player
will try to knock down as many enemies as possible in a given period of
time. Combining the skills, extend the time available and focus the
interest accumulate points for the player. Thanks to the enormous list
of armaments available, The Mercenaries Reunion will offer hours of
entertainment with which to kill the boredom.

‘Desperate Escape’, ‘Lost In Nightmares’ and all new playable characters
as The Mercenaries Reunion will be available in Resident Evil 5: Gold
Edition, which includes the original game along with all the additional
content. The most comprehensive experience Resident Evil 5, Resident
Evil 5: Gold Edition will be available on Blu-ray disc for PlayStation 3
or DVD format along with a token for downloading content through Xbox

Unsurprisingly, the latter is devoted to the second DLC what Desperate
Escape. It will be available via the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 or
over Xbox Live / Playstation Nation. In this new scenario consists of
three chapters, players will embody the pair Jill Valentine / Josh Stone
freshly made. The story takes place so soon after the release of Jill
by Chris Redfield. It will link their departure from the Spencer mansion
and a helicopter flight. The first two missions take place in an oil
refinery and adopt a rhythm rather posed. However in the last chapter
our hero must survive waves of enemies. Ten minutes is how long it will
take before they leave this place and join the other two heroes. Their
survival will be jeopardized by the growing affluence of the enemies
he’ll have to push costs.

After offering us a real step back in time with Lost in the Nightmare,
Capcom changed tack for the new DLC, peering into action everywhere.
Closer to the original episode, the game abandons the fear and then put
everything in its pace and its clashes which left more than one on the
floor. With each purchased DLC, you’ll also get new characters to  play
within the brand new Mercenaries Reunion: "Desperate Escape" will get
you Rebecca Chambers and Josh Stone while "Costume Pack 2" will get you
Chris and Sheva!

If Lost in the nightmares returned to the sources of myth in a
relatively clumsy, a desperate flight sticks closely to Resident Evil
5’s history by installing a few minutes after the fight with opposite
Chris, Sheva, Wesker and Jill. This is also the role of central
character with Josh Stone, a member of BSAA met during the main
adventure. The two fellows then decide to join a helicopter nearby to
take to their heels. A classic series that will benefit all again late
in the course of eternal countdown synonymous with an action scene
really exhausting. Casually, we come here to address two major themes of
this extension is to say his action surplus and its glaring lack of
originality. It is interesting to note that Capcom has not really
managed to strike a balance between the two DLC, each addressing the
universe of Resident Evil 5 with its strengths and weaknesses.

However, the orientation of this content will be completely opposite to
that of his predecessor right from the start. Therefore, you need a lot
of composure, especially in Business, to finish all in one piece so much
that developers have struggled to bring us many roadblocks. Everything
passes: a maddening amount of enemies, an open level design, but
conducive to ambushes, swindlers with a chainsaw as if it was raining
… DLC will never better in his name. In absolute terms, nothing very
original, even though paradoxically it is this willingness not to
breathe the player who will motivate them to begin the adventure with a
friend cooperatively. In sum, we can curse in this sense of déjà vu
encompassing environments through, our objectives and structure of
growth but in parallel, we take pleasure in aligning just for fun, all
from infected to our meeting.

Finally, if life does not exceed fifty minutes, we could spend a little
more time, not to find all the hidden symbols (looking somewhat exciting
in itself) but rather to take advantage of all weapons the game
knock-for-all. In any case, your task of a furrow across a vast complex
to move forward, you will have to cooperate with Josh and entangling
alliances without interruption. It will not surprise that Capcom has not
even seen fit to develop the scenario used scrap pitch out and
summarizing a headlong rush resulting in a scene consisting of the worst
possible picture and unimaginable action film. At the same time, if
Resident Evil was next to his script, it is not. But never mind,
Resident Evil 5: A desperate escape is a good way to treat yourself to
lower costs even if everything can be used for reflection about the
future of the series.

Highlights of Resident Evil 5 Game :

Resident Evil 5 is still alive and kicking. Capcom’s work was scheduled
to receive two extra chapters to complete the main quest that Chris and
Sheva. After returning to the mythic abode of the first half with Jill
Valentine and hardened in the DLC Redfield ‘Lost in a nightmare’ is the
time to delve into the other episode that Japan’s company had prepared
for his fans: Escape to the desperate . Again we have the old
acquaintance at the forefront of this parallel plot.
Resident Evil 5 is another game in Capcom’s popular horror series, and
while the series’ debut on the new generation of consoles.

Chris Redfield, returning Resident Evil hero, has literally persecuted
threat around the world. After having joined a new organization, taking
Chris to Africa where the latest evil in favor of biochemical terrorism,
specifically converts humans and animals in the city, on the brain dead
creatures. Chris must fight an unequal battle to uncover the truth
behind all the evil plan which underlie the biochemical threat. In
Resident Evil 5, Capcom will teach players to fear the daylight as much
as they feared shadow in previous games.

Features :

  • Chris Redfield, protagonist from the original Resident Evil and
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica is back.
  • Completely new environment, and great variations in the
  • New enemies are more challenges in terms of their speed,
    intelligence, and not least their groupings.
  • Arsenal of weapons to keep enemies at a distance includes knives,
    pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and much more.
  • Lighting effects provide a whole new level of intensity, both in
    brightly lit areas, and the darkest shadows.
  • True HD quality on multiple platforms, powered by the advanced
    version of Capcom’s priority game engine, MT Framework, which also
    operates their next-gen successes, Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet and Dead

Resident Evil 5 The Desperate Escape Tips and Tricks :

  • Unlock Josh Stone : Finish the game on any difficulty level to
    unlock Josh Stone as a playable character.
  • Professional Mode : Finish the game in Veteran mode.
  • Figurines : For figurines you have to finish the game in bonus

Trophies :

Here you have to complete the following task to get Trophies :

Bronze :

  • Wish Upon a Star : For this you have to wipe out all 18 Score stars
    you will find all through the Lost in Nightmares.
  • Gateway : To get this you have to finish the ‘Desperate Escape on
    Difficult Mode.
  • The Great Escape : Finish up the Desperate Escape with S Rank.
    Must’ve Got Lost : Finish up the Lost in Nightmares part under
  • It’s Just a Bad Dream : To get this one you have to finish with
    Lost in Nightmares part with S rank.
    Kung Fu Fighting : For getting this in the Lost in Nightmares part you
    will have cause maximum damage to the Wesker.
    Way of the Warrior : For this trophy you will have to defeat around 150
    enemies in the gameplay of Desperate Escape. That too single handed.
  • Shoot the Messenger : Under the single gameplay of Desperate Escape
    you will have to defeat at least 3 Majini.

Silver :

  • Run the Gauntlet : Finish the ‘Desperate Escape Under Professional.
  • Night Terrors  : Finish the Lost in Nightmares part Under
  • Josh Stone :  To unlock Josh Stone you will have to complete the
    game in
    Single Player.

Video Walkthrough :

Go below to check out the Resident Evil 5 Desperate Escape video
walkthrough . There are around 5 Parts for the same

Video Walkthrough 1

Video Walkthrough 2

Video Walkthrough 3

Video Walkthrough 4

Video Walkthrough 5

DLC Co-OP Walkthrough

Conclusion :
Much less aesthetic form of the previous downloadable content, that of a
desperate flight Nevertheless the level of original game. We will be
satisfied with a cold and soulless referring to certain sets of the
first episode. Although we offers two types of handling, none of them
fails to meet 100%. However, if you are a follower of the saga, this
should not bother you too much. For others, nothing worth a little
mental readjustment. A by this, context actions accentuate the dynamism
of the whole and the derivative of the Partner System allows some nice

Barely longer than Lost in the Nightmare, A desperate escape
nevertheless enjoys a greater replayability thanks to a frantic action
synonymous with tension. If we will turn into fifty minutes in Normal,
we can very easily come back with a friend or start a solo in a mode of
difficulty higher. You cannot really talk about scenario since the
history of this DLC, which begins after the battle against Chris Jill
focuses simply on the flight of Miss and her gallant knight. We still
giggle at the "stigmatization" of staging the end of the content being
at least as powerful and tearful Steven Seagal a great day.

For those of you waiting for the retail edition of all of this content,
Resident Evil 5: Gold edition will be available March 9 for only $49.99,
will include the original Resident Evil 5 game plus all downloadable
content on a single Blu-Ray disk for PS3. For the Xbox 360, Resident
Evil 5: Gold Edition includes the original Resident Evil 5 plus a token
for all downloadable content.

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