God of War III Walkthrough – Playstation 3


Three years, three long years, the time it took teams of Sony Santa
Monica to offer a legitimate son to God of War II. It was enough to
hear the cries of screaming fans at the conference Sony as soon as his
name was raised to understand that God of War III is indeed one of the
two or three most anticipated games of the catalog to come from PS3.
Having wiped out of hand all the action games of the PS2, we would
expect the same feat on the part of God of War III on PS3 but is this
really the case? Archi-popular, Kratos has left us a glimpse of what
should be done the next great adventure on the occasion of this
exhibition which was the scene of a new show of force. But could it be

Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system, God of War
III is the final installment of the multi-million unit-selling trilogy.
Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studios, God of
War III will bring epic battles to life with stunning graphics and an
elaborate plot that puts Kratos at the center of carnage and
destruction as he seeks revenge against the Gods who have betrayed him.
Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a
single-player game that allows players to take on the climatic role of
the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating
heights of Mount Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on
those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, and an
array of new weapons and magic for this iteration of the trilogy,
Kratos must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving
intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest to destroy Olympus.

The new adventures of Kratos mark the entry of the series in high
definition, and developers SCEA Santa Monica Studio naturally have the
opportunity to increase the violence of attacks by the Divine Bald. God
of War III is simply a gift from heaven for the eyes, and every organ
of enemies eviscerated by rabies Ghost of Sparta is visible on the
screen. Unlike other similar products, sheaves of blood does not
multiply free and really give meaning to the fighting. Crush the
Gorgons or neck of the decapitated heads Cerberus are acts of bravery
that only God of War manages to sublimate. Provided there was no real
difference graph between the first two chapters of the series, as God
of War III is a clear map of the bidding visual point to outperform
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in certain sequences, such as where Kratos
observes the darkness that befell mortals. Speaking of cutscenes,
moreover, be aware that even if some are in Computer Graphics (CG),
others operate perfectly the game engine to reduce the risk of an
artistic progression at two speeds.

In any case, God of War III contains the same ingredients that had
worked on the PS2 – and to a lesser extent on PSP – and continues to
display the Golgotha proportions. As already said, but the battle
against Chronos is a real massacre, with Kratos who is facing a horde
of creatures walking around on the body of Titan. The vastness of the
levels is still an appetite that can not get tired, especially in
phases where successive jumps. The depth of field is also exhilarating,
and the eternal light streaks always punctuate shots of the hero.
Modeling of Kratos, and the monsters of the way, is one such model. The
harpies are at the party, centaurs, too, and we can truly say that the
HD enabled the series to cross a plateau in terms of graphics. The
muscular hero, splashes of blood that her body repaint every mortal
blow details that are not immune to the retina. The animation never
falters at any time, even with fifty enemies on the screen and a
multitude of effects to orchestrate. However, swimming is a sport with
which Kratos has still much evil, and the camera remains immovable.

Difficult to start testing a game without saying a few words on his
script. The problem with God of War III is that it begins just after
the events of its predecessor, so too say here would spoil the surprise
discovery of the newcomers who have to take out of God of War
Collection for the adventures of Kratos in order … Luckily we had
decided before the writing of this article say little about the events
of this last aspect, in order that you be as surprised as us when you
insert the BluRay game in your console. We therefore merely a phrase
somewhat laconic summary, however much the synopsis of the game Kratos
wants revenge once and for all the gods who have too long been
manipulated, and he determined to destroy Olympus . A few years later,
Kratos is back, always ready to climb the sides of impregnable divine
domain to claim his due. Direct result of the previous section, the
fourth installment in the saga of the past faced the warrior bathed in
guilt and blood to build a future redeemer. If we take care not to
reveal the ins and outs of such a destiny, know that the history of
Kratos wants this time deeper. Not enough to claim an Oscar, but well
enough to extend an adventure he started five years ago.


An unprecedented violence:
Starting from this premise, if you know little about the series, you
will probably not surprised when we tell you that God of War III is a
violent game. It is therefore necessary to clarify matters by adding:
it is by far the most violent opus of the trilogy, both visually and
mentally. Go further into a concept that has proven itself: such is the
obvious desire of the team in charge of California’s third installment
of the series. The regulars all beat’em immediately regain their brands
with combos but spectacular classical and effective living, and orders
not pose any problem, whether it jumps or dodges. Dropped in the midst
of many enemies often accompanied by one or two monsters of larger
size, Kratos will be happy to break up this little world with class and
spurts of bright red blood as long as you bludgeon a few buttons in a
variant bit combinations.

While paying tribute to the films like Jason and the Argonauts, Clash
of the Titans or even The Fantastic Voyage of Sinbad, God of War III
maintains that aura of mystery, sensuality, but also own barbarism to
the series . Yet, beyond the story sometimes up stolen, it is once
again the realization that subjugates and makes all the difference. It
is interesting to note how the vision of all beat’em West is opposed to
the Japanese action game. Thus, while the latter predominantly opt for
a staged Hair Raising, "clipesque, maximizing the abundance of fleeting
images, God of War III abandons the fast framing the benefit of a good
positioning of the camera .. . Simply. This offered him an unexpected
power which, coupled with some brilliant ideas, simple yet rarely used,
fully immerse the player in a mythological universe, previously
modernized to adapt to a wider audience.

Like its predecessors, God of War III will also include QTY
fatal-seeming passages a little platform, and a hint of exploration or
trigger mechanisms, but really not too much. We should not deny
themselves. The game will feature yet indeed a few fresh ideas, and
this demo was such an opportunity to see Kratos spread its wings to fly
to the assault of a colossus avoiding some obstacles him falling over.
The bald most angry of the galaxy could also ride a giant weak to use
as a mount for battle and crush a group of enemies well stashed behind
shields. The famous head torn with bare hands, one of Helios to be more
precise, could in turn be used to blind enemies or find secret passages
through the light beam emitted it special. It goes without saying that
it is hoped that these nice little ideas will abound in the full
version of the title so intense that the massacre is more digestible.
In the manner of the lettuce leaf stashed among a huge burger: it gives
good conscience and that the fat makeup, even if nobody is fooled.

Where things are significantly different from previous titles is that
the player is involved in the cut-scenes where the corporation takes a
blow: While some passages have no play value, and you must press the
buttons which are shown on the screen so that Kratos accomplish his
vengeance, and become at the same time the executioner of his victim.
The developers have taken a perverse pleasure to play with the camera
that you sometimes live action through the eyes of the unfortunate, the
sensations are guaranteed!

Gameplay slightly retouched:
But let us now turn to one aspect of the game has the reputation of the
series, namely its gameplay. Not surprisingly, God of War III
incorporates the mechanisms of their elders by offering us an adventure
largely dominated by the struggle, some puzzles not bad from good to
bring some respite from time to time. As in the past, Kratos goes on
the blows with his chain blades and through the Square and Triangle
buttons, grabbed his enemies with Round, and jumps with Cross. Note
that you are fitted early in the adventure wings of Icarus recovered in
the second opus, so keep the button pressed Cross allows you to hover
and thus to cross longer distances. To return to battle, know that the
L1 button is always on guard and it is recommended not to use it just
before being key to a successful cons proper form. If you can difficult
confrontation also count on how Rage Kratos, obtained early in the game
and activated by pressing L3 and R3. The image is then passed through a
filter that displays in grayscale, the only color treatment is beyond
the red blood from your hands.

Nevertheless, the bestiary of God of War III is the pressure, unlike
God of War II where monsters clearly lacked character. Here, we must
severely deal to clear a passage to Zeus, and perform combos at random
is a strategy that does more. Henceforth, we will take the time to
select his weapon before leaving for battle sequences and identify the
deadliest for maximum efficiency. Where we see that SCEA Santa Monica
Studio felt the breath threatening Bayonetta in his back, is that the
guard button is not optional in God of War III. It is even possible to
run a cons just before the impact of the attack by pressing R1, which
adds finesse to the fighting. Another positive statement: no lock no
longer really a handicap. Indeed, the system was revised so that blows
Kratos target the enemy it faces. If this flexibility is not decisive
with the Blades of Exile hands, we appreciate it when putting on Ceste
of Nemea. The fights in God of War III, it is also ruthless murder
which makes the fighting much less linear than before. If it is still
possible to kill an enemy without asking any questions, you may also
enter Round with better finish via QTE indestructible.

The walkthrough is not insurmountable in itself, but sometimes it is
done by a fake half-circle crappy. Go through the finish him an
opportunity to scrape some extra orbs, which is not a luxury when we
played in Titan. Since we mentioned the orbs, the idea was slightly
modified, since Kratos will no longer slow down time with yellow
spheres. They now limit the use of secondary weapons that the Bald
Furious picks up the remains of his victims divine. For the rest – red
orbs to customize weapons and blue orbs to regenerate the PM bar – is
ditto. In sum, the Early Greek cosmogony relating the leaves place for
a Hollywood blockbuster video game while emancipating its influences to
create his own film grammar. Indeed, it is impossible to describe
exactly how you feel about gambling Sony dropping jaw succeeding breath
from beginning to end. Clinging to all aspects of production, God of
War III benefits when creativity overflowing synonym sets of the
intoxicating beauty of brawls indulging in graphic violence and bravura
accumulating seamless. However, the pace of the adventure wants more
balanced, developers never losing sight of the narrative of their work.
Through the use of flashbacks advancing the graphic narrative,
referring to acts of the past to bring about future events, title
distills with a precision of a metronome and the cinematic sequences of
play to get confusing stability.

Beside side, there are of course familiar to the series as the Gorgons,
minotaurs, centaurs or the Cyclops. Each of them has obviously
benefited from a significant face lift high definition, but their moves
and attack patterns have also been modified to avoid a too strong. Add
to that a few newcomers such as chimeras (creatures half-lion, half
snake), or those brutes armed with hammers probably related to the
blacksmith Hephaestus, and you will understand that the journey that
awaits you will not be any rest! Of course, the most powerful creatures
will once again be completed by a QTE particularly fierce, true
hallmark of the series. But opponents who impress you the most are
probably the various gods of Olympus acting boss: often huge, always
formidable, they multiply the tactics that you finally meet your last
breath. Sufficient affordable normal difficulty, they will probably ask
you some real problems when you try to higher levels of difficulty.
Clashes truly hellish, that will not disappoint fans of the genre.

A splendid achievement:
You’ll no doubt understood by reading the preceding paragraphs, the
Santa Monica Studios Sony has taken the great strengths of previous
titles and have taken other than some adjustments to the gameplay.
Reassure yourself the pleasure of the game is however very far, and it
is not fatigue that no one crosses the various levels that we have
proposed. It must be said that the incident lasted only ten small hours
in the mode of difficulty by default, an additional level of difficulty
and some additional challenges, however, being released once the end
credits achieved. A note in passing that loads are completely absent
once the game started, a single waiting time is required for its
launch. Of course, if the absolute God of War III is a "simple" action
game and offers thereby an escalation of evisceration, we may wonder of
the evolution of adventure through the game of all aspects of gameplay.

Phases of platforms, puzzles better thoughts, titanic clashes taking
place in areas at least unusual, interactive cinematic QTE based, all
this will mix continuously to offer the player a homogeneous avoiding
the trap of redundancy, what was known to the recent Dante’s Inferno.
Moreover, being able to rely on gameplay proven, programmers were able
to incorporate some new elements of gameplay. More or less convincing,
they are nonetheless present. If you doubt the interest of the race
wall scripted and uninteresting (although allowing a rapid attack), we
appreciate a lot more power now and then counter attack in the wake or
having the right to relics, weapons and unprecedented powers. As such,
life is meant more or less the same as GoW II, particularly through
research chests claiming head of Helios, a relic from blind to our
enemies but also and especially to discover passages many secrets and
hidden chests concealing objects needed to increase our life bars and

However, before rubbing your hands, remember although there are again
the Blades of Chaos and Zeus gloves under another name. Addition claws
Hades synonymous with stylish attacks and several ghostly invocations,
the whip of Nemesis or even bow of Apollo. Note here that this time you
can get as many arrows as you want, using the latter being no longer
dependent on your magic but a gauge for this purpose will meet once
emptied. However, each weapon you will also enjoy a magic attack as
long as you have collected enough orbs. Nothing changes as they say but
not really any reason to curse in the sense that the gameplay was
already terribly effective. Notwithstanding, we still blame developers
for not having fully solved the problem of double jumping sometimes
replacing the flight of Icarus due to a pressure analog button
mismanaged. Similarly, it is unfortunate that Sony did not, contrary to
what was proposed in Dante’s Inferno, to stop a combo in the middle to
avoid an attack. Even more damaging than the duck will often put to
contribution in clashes asking reflexes, power and incredibly cool.

The settings in which Kratos is changing are indeed clearly in excess,
some wide shots summarizing our hero a few unfortunate lost pixels in a
hostile environment. Where developers have even stronger is that the
rendering does not lose detail when the camera zooms: the textures are,
with few exceptions, notable quality, and there is also a management
surprisingly light, especially during some sequences occurring in total
darkness. The only illumination comes when weapons and other objects
magic Kratos, and we must recognize that the end result is simply
stunning. In the same vein, the boss of the game are often dimensional
incommensurate with Kratos. While the series has accustomed us to such
clashes seem uneven, but this third album pushed the idea further by
using a camera more dynamic and sprinkling the whole special effects of
all beauty. We almost forget to fight, which is not necessarily a good
idea against the most cunning adversaries!

In addition, we should point out some problems of visibility, however,
anecdotal enough not to spoil the fun of discovery. And god knows it
will be sublimated by entering some parts already in the pantheon of
the finest sequences ever seen in a video game. One is almost inclined
to say that the meeting with Chronos, real tower using all riding style
effects available, alone justifies the purchase God of War III. Kind of
climax before the time dovetailed between boss battles dementia and end
of the most remarkable, this passage certainly leave an indelible mark
in your life gamer. If we can not say the same phases of flight at
short notice to replace those shot in GoW II, these operations will
give you thrills, however. Encased in stone cut, you evade and moult
debris coming your way while taking the right path so you do not finish
your race crashed against a piece of scenery. One way or another to get
a little more diversity in an ocean of variety.

The End:
What one can blame each other for God of War III, but also the
distribution of checkpoints that are too close to the coup. It might
have been better to space them a little more, to encourage players to a
little more rigor. A choice that probably reflect the fact that the
series seeks to seduce the general public and is also always possible
to switch easily in case of repeated failures. Once the game ended, the
more daring can do it again in chaos, and spending time on the
Challenges, essential to then access mode arenas. Formidable Kratos
costume, also available once the account of Zeus set, allows a pleasant
change with enemies who inflict four times more damage, and Kratos can
do the same. Finally, we will not forget to acknowledge the work done
on the musical atmosphere of God of War III is just fabulous. The music
gives a further dimension to the epic battle between the gods Kratos,
and are supported by sound effects that violence re transcribe perfect

In the end, and although the lines above could well serve as a preamble
to claim God of War III all possible and imaginable superlatives fail
to sum up our feeling against this veritable masterpiece. Gore,
violent, sexy, artistically perfect, driven by staging a remarkable
soundtrack does no wrong note with the exception of dubbing too pressed
for Kratos, the new installment in the saga is one more step to enable
a "sub-genre narrative" itself as a means of telling a story while
showering sequences we worship together more than others. Blockbuster
power, God of War III will also technically take his status as first
party and excluded PlayStation 3 first-class. For what we have seen,
that sounds really good start, although once stuck in a conventional
LCD TV, the game inevitably loses some of its superb from the
demonstration of the E3 conference, where he was being value by a
screen of a monumental size. In fact, we notice a few small problems
with fluidity, display, or quality of textures on looking more closely.
But no mistake, provided: the title is incredibly dynamic and very
brutal, with a care in the staging (and sadism) that commands respect,
and sets where the action often extends over several levels. Fighting
in the foreground while a giant fire moves away is an example, and God
of War III is also very high side effects with flames that burst in all
directions, and monsters in size always as unlikely.

Although there are some scattered defects listed above plus (at least
in our test version) various concerns of collisions, audio bugs and
other actions related to the contextual setting of backup time to
appear, it is difficult not to praise this title and thereby his
brilliant parents. Ultimately, it was shown in his first appearance in
playable version, God of War III looks like a sequence that corresponds
to what one might expect from the series. A great achievement show,
combos and blood flows freely to do justice to one of the most barbaric
heroes that our consoles ever worn. It is clear that fans of the series
can start saving their money.Anyway, the PS3 has enabled the staging of
God of War III to cross a plateau and rediscover the series when it was
thought to know by heart. And since good news never comes alone, we now
know that the second episode of Dante’s Inferno is too grandiose.


Utilizing a new game engine built from the ground up and
state-of-the-art visual technologies, the development team behind God
of War III has made standard-setting strides in giving players the
realistic feel of actually being on the battlegrounds. With texture
resolutions quadrupling since God of War II on PlayStation 2 computer
entertainment system, God of War III will feature fluid, life-like
characters, as well as dynamic lighting effects, a robust weapon
system, and world-changing scenarios that will truly bring unmistakable
realism to Kratos’ fateful quest. Players will have a chance to join
battles on a grand scale that is four times larger than its predecessor.

Witness The Power Of PS3:
As Kratos ferociously carves through the massive army of Olympus – its
Centaur Generals commanding wave after wave of merciless undead
soldiers. The award-winning development team leverages the processing
power and technology of PLAYSTATION 3 system to make God of War III one
of the most-graphically advanced next gen titles available, with even
the dramatic cut screens running off the in-game engine.

GroundBreaking Depth of Scale:
Kratos will explore areas up to 4 times larger than those found in God
of War II, as well as carve through entire armies while navigating on
the back of Titans – living, moving, breathing levels as tall as the
Empire State Building. The epic scale of God of War III reaches heights
unseen in the franchise.

Stylised Realism:
Players will battle in detailed and unique 3D worlds lit by thousands
of dynamic lights and textures with quadruple the resolution, which
allows for realistic muscle striations, detailed facial expressions,
and new heightened levels of brutality and gore.

Signature Gameplay:
Brutal combat, intricate puzzles, exploration of awe-inspiring worlds,
and a compelling and satisfying ending to Kratos’ epic story.

Sophisticated StoryLine:
The God of War III storyline is the epic conclusion to the trilogy; the
storyline will be told in a way that is true to traditionalist roots in
Greek mythology, from moral consequences to brutal battles against the

Rideable Creatures:
Several of the menacing creatures of Greek mythology in God of War III
can now be manipulated against their will, as Kratos uses them to cross
chasms, inflict blind rage against enemies, reveal puzzles and secrets,
and as tools of complete annihilation..

New Weapons And Combat System:
New deadly weapons such as the Cestus – powerful metal gauntlets with
devastating strength – and other brutal instruments of war that will
allow Kratos to learn ruthless new techniques such as grappling with
enemies and launching explosive wall-to-ground attacks.

Lighting Technologies:
The dynamic lighting solution employed in GOW III is only feasible
through the computing power provided by the Cell SPUs. For example,
using the High Dynamic Range Lighting (HDRL) technology, the camera –
when using Kratos’ sightline – will emulate the human retina, causing
players to feel a sharp brightness when Kratos exits a dark area and
enters a sunlit area, similar to how the human eye would need to





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