Yakuza 3 Walkthrough

The Dragon of Dojima Returns

Introducing the next cinematic chapter in the prestigious Yakuza series
renowned for its authentic, gritty and often violent look at modern
Japan. Making its first appearance exclusively on the PlayStatior03
computer entertainment system, the rich story and vibrant world of
Yakuza- 3 lets players engage in intense brutal clashes within the
streets of Okinawa, and the vibrant and often dangerous city of Tokyo
where only the strongest will survive.

Story :

January 2007 Kazuma and Haruka have departed Kamurocho to seek a new
life in Okinawa. Away from the mainland, the two are now managing an
orphanage for kids struggling with various hardships. Unfortunately,
this idyllic lifestyle is interrupted when their facility is taken over
by a sudden real-estate pact.

The national defense force and tourism conglomerates make an aggressive
move to acquire property within Okinawa, and Kazuma becomes another
victim as he and the children lose their facility. The local community
including Kazu ma fight back, triggering an incident that soon involves
Kazu ma’s old yakuza ties — the Tojo Clan, and threatens to become a
major political issue on a national scale. March 2009 Two shooting
incidents occur simultaneously in Tokyo and Okinawa, both killings
benefiting the real-estate deal. Having two people who he trusted
involved in the case, Kazu ma immediately returns to Kamurocho to deal
with the situation.


1. Rich Stories to Tell : Japanese author Masayoshi
Yokoyama returns to deliver the next chapter of Yakuza bringing the
game to life through a rich cast of characters and dozens of stories.
All told across over 100 missions and engaging mini-games featuring
original Japanese voice cast to ensure the authenticity fans have come
to expect.
Ultimate Street Brawls: Seamlessly transition into intense fights more
brutal than ever before thanks to the improved fighting engine and the
power of the PlayStation 3. By stringing together a combination of
fighting moves, players can unleash devastating moves to take out
multiple enemies simultaneously or use objects in the environment as

2. Real-world Immersion : Discover the authentic, sandy beaches
of Okinawa or travel to the neon-lit adult playgrounds of Tokyo. Become a
regular at nightclubs, restaurants and real-world stores to uncover
hidden truths and gain access to side missions.

3. New ways to Explore :

With new locations to venture through, the all-new free camera mode and
high energy chase battles, Yakuza 3 offers an unprecedented level of
exploration and interaction not seen in the franchise before.
The Yakuza series is the brainchild of Toshihiro Nagoshi. Along with the
Yakuza saga, Toshihiro also created the beloved Super Monkey Ball
series and has worked on other well known SEGA games such as Daytona
USA, F-Zero GX and Spikeout.

To promote the third installment of the humorous antics of ex-gangster
Kazuma Kiryuu his crusade against the clan Ryuudou to keep his orphanage
and, if possible, that look extremely serious, SEGA has released a new
trailer in which we show some of the locations that we see in Yakuza 3
and the activities we do there.  In the video highlights that style of
fishing so intense and the time singing karaoke with Kazuma excited
bare-chested and surrounded by a shower of cherry petals, all followed
by the hosts as breads, along with sentimental crybaby cheaper and
unavoidably should be part of any game that seeks to look Japanese.

Description of Older Version of Games : Short Story

Yakuza 2 :

One year ago, Kazuma Kiryu left it all behind… Marking the anniversary
of his split from Yakuza life, Kazuma and his adopted daughter, Haruka,
visit the graves of his Yakuza family. When they get a surprise visit
from Terada, the Chairman who took charge of Kazuma’s old Yakuza clan,
Terada makes Kazuma an offer he cannot refuse Yakuza 2 plunges you once
more into the violent Japanese underworld.

In intense brutal clashes with rival gangs, the police, and the Korean
mafia, you will have even more opportunities to dole out punishment with
an improved fighting engine. As the heroic Kazuma Kiryu from the
original Yakuza, explore Tokyo and now Osaka. Wander through the back
alleys of Japan’s underworld while trying to prevent an all-out gang war
in over 16 complex, cinematic chapters written by Hase Seishu, the
famous Japanese author who also wrote the first Yakuza. Endless
conflicts and surprise plot twists will immerse you in a dark shadovdy
world where only the strongest will survive.

Yakuza :

Kamurocho – a town filled with ambition and violence. I There was a
legendary figure in the yakuza world known as the Dragon of the Dojima
Family." For the sake of his best friend and the woman he loved, he
accepted responsibility for the death of his boss. His name is Kazuma
Kiryu. Ten years later… Fate brings this man back to Kamurocho. What
awaited him there was a dangerous trap, set up by the members of the
yakuza family that had a grudge against him. Mysterious incidents occur
and drive Kazuma into a situation that he cannot escape. One day he
meets a young girl, who was said to hold the key to ten billion yen.
Kazu ma swears to protect the girl in order to redeem himself and put
the pieces of his life back together.

Walkthrough :

Beating the Adventure in Hard mode unlocks the Ex-Hard (extreme hard)
extra difficulty level. Completing the game in any difficulty mode will
create a "cleared data" gamesave and unlock "Premium New Game" and
"Premium Adventure". The first allows to restart the game with all
accumulated money, items, experience levels and fighting techniques. The
latter is a free run mode dedicated to exploration and completion as it
doesn’t include the main story, sub-scenarios remain though. Extra game
contents are added through DLC.

After several years of tamper pig and negotiations of all kinds, our
friend Kiryu, hyper-charismatic yakuza big heart, was tired of the
underworld. He decided to flatten everything, and to block in Okinawa
found an orphanage, is himself an orphan. Everything happens pretty well
in this paradise island in southern Japan, until the orphanage is
threatened with destruction by a project to transform the bay into
tourist traps. After a few shots of his heels in the face, our hero
learns that all this lies a major influence peddling to expand a U.S.
military base against the advice of the local population. Politics, big
money, but also settling of sponsors near Kiryu: this is too much for
our hero, who takes the bat baseball and track Armani to prevent the
situation from escalating.

As mentioned, the Yakuza series has taken two directions in recent
years. On one hand we have the series number, where the first two
PlayStation 2 games appeared in telling the story of Kiryu Kazuma, while
we see how Sega then delved into the feudal Japan to show a different
version of the concept of racketeering. Anyway, the third installment of
the franchise-numbered again get in the skin of the ex-yakuza Kiryu,
who lives a quiet and placid life on the paradise island of Okinawa.
Obviously conflicts will soon appear, especially considering that the
protagonist’s intention is to build an orphanage along with Haruka, the
sweet little girl we saw in the original work, as the military and local
criminal gangs still roam the city . Thus, Sega uses the arc to lead
not only to the dirty and dark streets of Japan today, but also open
fields-and-sunny Okinawa, where we will see each other with gangsters
and opposing military the interests of the protagonist.

Both start right away by the angry, because the game itself does not
deprive them: the pace of the adventure is catastrophic. After an early
game in flashbacks that cleverly blends baston and revelations, the
player finds himself stuck at the orphanage for several hours to resolve
problems as boys and unbearable clichés each other. Between the
bespectacled who is bullied in school by the teacher’s son, the mestizo
black victim of racism, the little flirt hiding burns, and the youngest
who wants to raise a puppy, there’s plenty to do. The player jaded at
this display worthy of the more beautiful life must obviously deal with
these situations dripping with good feelings and stereotypes unbearable
shots cut-scenes. Before the long-awaited return to Tokyo, the game
comes down therefore to move from place to place to trigger the
cinematic unbearably Gentillet while they paid to see criminals. Five
hours of filling precious, before the game finally starts.

Because, although the game will follow the footsteps of his
predecessors, Sega has put a special effort to endow the work of many
details to delight the player. There will the amusement arcades, where
you can throw a little game of pool, poker and bowling among others, as
well as side missions to know the personal background of history and of
course, the quotations in the houses alternate with the most beautiful
women the region, which are neither more nor less than three-dimensional
recreations of Japanese models in the flesh, would welcome more detail
than one. There will be no time for boredom in Yakuza, if we are
slaughtered with street thugs or mobsters we will be enjoying the
company of beautiful women, and if not, we can always take a joy ride
through a city that promises to be more alive than ever.   

Once in Tokyo, the player is hopeful said that the adventure is finally
launched, we’ll see what we will see, and everything we had dreamed
during the presentation of the game at TGS last year we will finally
jump in FIG. Unfortunately, again the disappointment is great. As in the
previous sections, the story unfolds with a game design unfortunately
not very original, namely the system of "pashiri". This system begins to
fill up all the players who have tasted the Next Gen, comes from a
Japanese slang word. "Pashiri" meaning "stooge", so we guess it hit a
game of "stooge syndrome" may represent a cheap way to artificially
increase the lifespan of the game by making you make constant trips to
the more than doubtful utility. This style of game that has exploded in
the era of great action games adventure on the PS2 here trying to
survive despite its antiquated later in 2009. So those are the most
dramatic situations so unrelenting interrupted by phone calls when we
ask the player to go to a particular place to again undergo cinematics
that will advance the story. While we would like to know more about
political conspiracy and the strange double of the adoptive father of
the hero that mysterious bump for Americans, we find ourselves still go
shopping, before speaking in a certain order to characters ultimately
secondary. Frustrating!

Syndrome pashiri continues in the optional sub-missions which, again,
have not changed much. Fortunately the game is good, thanks to a solid
recovery in the first two components. Apart from the small town of the
island of Okinawa, the red light district included the first two
components is always of the game, and just as wide. But should we really
feel happy to meet the same city for the third time, although it has
become much prettier? Difficult to say because on one hand we are always
happy to find a familiar environment, but on the other, we would like
to have again that feeling of discovery and exploration that had been
the first branch. It certainly goes in HD, but they are the same
streets, the same signs, same shops. The running game also has
unfortunately not changed and despite the excessive power of the
Playstation 3 and the creative genius that Sega has always been for more
than 20 years, our hero cannot fulfill its missions in different ways,
or just skip barriers 30 cm high.

And yet, we want to love this Yakuza 3! But we must admit that the game
is good "despite" the efforts of Sega. Why? Just because the soil base
is excellent! The fights are always so nervous even though we regret to
find again the same animations from Spikeout, themselves from Shenmue
… themselves from Virtual7 Fighter. The general atmosphere of the
title that is more than ever a game for real men, seduced by offering a
raid in the middle just as attractive shoals of Japanese society. The
incredible charisma of the characters in general and hero in particular,
that we love as always to beat control of impudent is also part of the
charm of the work. But for the rest, we still wonder where are all the
time and energy development teams to get us out as a little too
impressive. The answer is simply to design choices rather special. While
all Western games are going to shape and explore the power of machines
to create new styles of games, SEGA has chosen to focus here a archaic
style of play in enriching still many perks.

There is lots of activities to practice in the Yakuza 3. Besides the
main adventure and optional missions ranging from rescuing an apprentice
delivery of noodle dishes, the game still offers many mini-games. We
therefore find the sessions shot at bat baseball, drag escort this time
modeled after real professional, or fighting in the arena of history to
make pocket money . But here, Sega has spoiled us. The golf course
first, which is particularly ergonomic and enjoyable to play. The
simulator trainer, where they will have to recruit a young girl in the
street prior to the queen hostess bars. This game mode repetitive but
catchy enough for that little one is interested, offers to make as much
money to your hostess. Clearly, it will have to manage as a product
subject to supply and demand. Each evening is divided into thirds-time,
themselves decomposed into three stages. In the first stage, Kiryu to
tour the facility and hear what customers say, did they want a sexy
girl, a Lolita, or eccentric? Once the information is retrieved, it is
time to choose what our chickens will train: makeup, conversation
maintenance? Be careful though not to the stress, or their motivation
will drop the turkey! To you then the makeup, the hair and dress
according to customer requests so that she should desire. If you have
played your chicken has been requested many times, and you have earned
enough money to buy ever more accessories or colorful hairstyles. The
karaoke will also be the game when you succeed to charm a wench to draw
him into the dark room and make him wear a big microphone to his lips,
but the main quest will also be decorated with a few novelties.

The Game Story :

At the beginning of the Edo era, in-Iromachi Gion in Kyoto is a city
where women can be bought with money. There lives a man named Kiryu
Zumanosuke. Before it was known by another name that has been discarded:
Musashi Miyamoto
So begins this new and completely refurbished installment of the series
of   Sega’s action-adventure, but with a fictional story rooted in
historical context or n,. And this gives a 180 degrees to   previous
deliveries, set in the world of the Mafia   Japanese yakuza, in our
time. We spent the conflicting   Kabukicho district of Tokyo in the
modern, by a partner in the era   Edo Iromachi district in Kyoto where
our protagonist, lack of Yakuza, exerts a murderer for hire. And we
changed the Neons   kimonos and clubs and lodges of the medieval

For the occasion in this TGS, Sega has prepared a room decorated   motif
of the Edo period, including a curtain for the screen   the Japanese
style. The game is not yet in playable condition,   but we saw a video
with an extended version of   trailer, plus a lengthy explanation of its
development. Furthermore, the   greater responsibility within Sega
game, Toshihiro Nagoshi,   made a presentation in which he said many
details of   interest in the game.  The beginning of the story cannot be
more intriguing. A girl   with his face bruised Kiryu approaches to ask
for a request. A   charge simple: to assassinate Miyamoto Musashi.

With this, a priori, we enter tangled story   one   action adventure
that brings together the historical characters,   almost mythological in
the Japanese tradition as Musashi    Miyamoto, legendary swordsman, or
its biggest rival, Sasaki Kojiro. All   Embedded within the royal life
of the samurai.   As   explains its creator, the game’s development will
show us   story that highlights the lifestyle and Bushido   Japanese
samurai spirit.

As with previous releases, the game is divided into two parts   While
differences, that are interspersed: adventure and action. In the  
adventure part can move freely in Kyoto, talk   with its inhabitants and
deepen the story. During this mode   real locations we pass by Kyoto,
which is the same Gion   and other perfectly recreated for the occasion,
such as   Kiyomizu temples and Sanjusangendo and Nijo Castle. Since  
these sites are identical to the real model in which they are based  
preserved until today, the game allows any one visit   Kyoto tourist a
samurai and geisha without leaving home.

And as we move throughout the game we will find situations where we will
be forced to fight, either bare fist, or with one or two katanas, or
any other weapon. These matches promise to be colorful in its
development. In addition also included events in which we just press a
button at the right time, never seem to get distracted from what happens
on the screen.

Combat Styles :

The new tracking system that makes its appearance here is, let us say at
once, rather disappointing. At the discretion of the convolutions of
the scenario, our hero must escape pursuers, or otherwise catch the
fugitives. It will then run while avoiding obstacles and hit a button
repeatedly or otherwise tackler with a precise timing of the enemy in
case of trouble. Let’s be very clear, these phases are much adrenaline
are very short, and not necessarily well done, as our hero is finally
rather stiff, not knowing really take tight turns. In short, it behaves
more like a bicycle that a pedestrian, which is a shame. For the rest of
the news, we note a few additional options in combat, and new weapons
of course, but also the degree of rage that can trigger special moves
taught here and there in the street, filming with its unusual moments
mobile phone. Resumption of Yakuza Kenzan, hunt for special moves is
good news articles. For the rest, unfortunately, cannot say that the
game is technically a killing.

If he throws a viewpoint graph is in animation and physics engine that
the game is most disappointing. While the representation of the city
eyeing the side of the photo-realism, the management and promotion of
people who make up more enthusiastic. So when you jostle of passers-by,
they react quite strange, pushing the wrong side, or wallowing on the
floor but with a lag, as if there was some lag in the crowd. You also
happen to get stuck in the past, before they will deign to grow. The
hero himself is so strange, as if his spine was held by a string puppet,
giving it a rather ridiculous when you look aside. In general, we can
say that Yakuza 3 has a highly 2002, while its graphics are undeniably
present. Results, superb characters evolve so archaic in beautiful
surroundings, but bump inside fairly stiff. Pity … Technically weak,
with its game design is lazy on the number of mini-games on a pace to
the main adventure, the game is full of flaws, but is nevertheless
exciting! A paradox possible through the power of creative teams of Sega
who continue to demonstrate a good basic concept, namely the first
part, still manages to hang a player always more demanding. So yes,
Yakuza 3 will not dream housewives coming out of Resident Evil 5 or
Uncharted, but his charisma, dynamism of his struggles, and the charm
that emanates from this fighting game / adventure are we s’
Nevertheless, his grip pad to the end.

Complementing the main development we will also be able to find several
mini-games, such as those based on gambling prevalent at that time in
Japan (roll of the dice, for example). There are also other curious
extras and games, how to draw some funny scenes that we will meet or
concentrate under a waterfall, while images of beautiful women to
distract us. Furthermore, how it was possible in previous Yakuza, we can
engage with beautiful ladies for company, that will cause us to look
not just at her face.  And to complement the development of the game,
will have several comic moments and a nod to Japanese series based on
the medieval period. Although probably for much of the western public
will go unnoticed, certainly contribute to break the monotony of the

In the Japanese version the characters are dubbed by famous Japanese
actors and actresses who offer their voice, and in some cases even their
movements to the protagonists of the game. Actors like Shota Matsuda,
Susumu Terajima, Masaya Kato, Takashi Tsukamoto, Naoto Takenaka Hiroki
Matsukata and will make the characters in this story are even more
credible. It is not just a game, we will be the protagonists of any
samurai film. Unfortunately, and if it happens the same as with previous
releases, this doubling will be lost by their adaptation to the English
version for Europe. As you probably also miss the detail that many
characters speak in the dialect of western Japan, which in the original
version gives a point of realism. Technically the game is … passable.
In fact it seems they are developed with the same engine as the previous
two Yakuza, only the enhancements from increased resolution offered
sites and work in a more powerful platform such as the Ps3. There is
nothing graphically to draw attention, and although it is said that the
graphics are there to serve the story and gameplay, this time many games
that do not provide any technical details or at least notable
outstanding may go unnoticed for a very high percentage the public. That
if, at least the character animations based on motion capture if fall
short. Well, actually they were already from the PS2 games.

Sega announces its output very soon in Japan, spring 2008. This short
development time (judging from the time that will elapse from the
announcement until his departure) to be a next-generation game and as
complex as this, is probably the origin of the graphics not as elaborate
as much of competition on the Xbox 360 and PS3 the same.
If we have to draw parallels with this game, we can go back to the saga
Shenmue, Yu Suzuki’s classic of the Yakuza that has taken many of its
key features. And besides, temporal proximity and sharing platform, we
can also relate it to another game like atmosphere, Genji 2. In this
case the most fantastic theme and a more limited development in the case
of SCE game makes it difficult to establish common, and probably wins
this Yakuza Kenzan game in depth.
Even changing completely its setting, is a game totally within the
mainstream of the previous two: an action-adventure game with a story
obviously adult oriented background. As its creator, is a story about a
struggle between man and the samurai soul-searching.

In conclusion, even with their graphics only enough for their story and
gameplay promises to be a title to be considered, and even more if we
look at the little catalog with which the PS3 has in this genre.
Probably this detail serves to conceal his faults and graphics make this
new Yakuza is a success as the previous ones.

The Game Play :

Yakuza 3 has not been without controversy in recent months. But far from
the dance of information, sometimes contradictory, have been given for
the game, the fact is that SEGA’s work is highly anticipated, especially
for users of PlayStation 3, which are set to benefit from exclusive
next March for a title that comes with the endorsement of being designed
by the legendary CS1 Team (directly responsible for Jet Set Radio,
Panzer Dragoon Orta or Virtual Fighter 4 arcade).

That, of course, not counting the previous experience in the Yakuza, a
franchise that was born in 2005 and going into production a year. In
short, a challenge which has the main locomotive Toshihiro Nagoshi
(creator of Super Monkey Ball), who returns this time to narrate the
return of Kiryu Kazuma who had left the Yakuza clan in search of a
deserved peace and new life in Okinawa, where he runs an orphanage for
children. However, Kazuma will have no choice to change their plans to
deal with their dark past. Hers are in danger and only h can remedy the
dangerous situation ahead. Kiryu Kazuma had plans for a new life in
Okinawa running an orphanage for children. However, soon be called back
to their dark past and to protect their own. Yakuza violence has

The world of the Yakuza  :

Divided into chapters, Yakuza 3 begins offering the possibility to
choose between several difficulty levels before throw the fictional
neighborhood Kamurocho, located in Tokyo. A crowd of characters moving
around the figure of our hero, making your life, walking to their homes
or talking to each other.
The sense of open world that offers the latest SEGA is gratifying,
though contained, never the huge level of GTA IV. Yet it offers
interesting details such as the ability to hear dialogue around (using
text balloons emerging) or approaching passersby to deepen the odd

The population density in the streets is not very high, especially
taking into account the potential of PlayStation 3. Moreover, they do
appreciate a careful system of collisions that cause both our character
as passers-starred in various animations when they clash with each
other. There will be people who shun us before that happens or even some
pimps who are offended because they look straight in the face by
pressing the R3 button (which enables a first person view of our

As we hit our opponents Heat bar will fill, allowing us to trigger
violent sequences, such as embedding a rival to the flooror wall. Only
harm him.

Deer Leap

The titles that have appeared so far in European territory of the series
have appeared on PlayStation 2, which means that when this third
installment we will see a surprising improvement in the technical
section of the work. It serves as an excuse the change of platform, as
already demonstrated that the powerful machines from Sony are the first
years of life, however, need only watch a video or several pictures of
the game-which is now on sale Japan-dedication to realize that Sega
wanted to offer the franchise, with photo-realistic graphics, amazing
landscapes and a few details that dazzle more than one. Japan has never
been so well portrayed in a video game.

And with that comes the news in the gaming system. With greater graphics
also come in the technical improvements of the work, leaving aside
the-annoying-transitions that appeared in previous installments of the
city to spend the fighting thus providing a tempo much higher. The
animations, of course, will be updated to the nth degree, with a much
more agile Kiryu and colorful, learning new moves slowly as we progress
the game to face the dangers that cross before us. Still unknown details
about the audio section of the work, but we bet the soundtrack will
follow the footsteps of their predecessors, with current issues in
Japanese court that will test the eardrums of the most demanding. It is
also hoped that the dubbing comes in its original version, and more so
considering that Yakuza 2 is not located in the U.S. after poor sales of
its predecessor.

Tradition, honor and violence  :

With more than 100 missions and as many mini-games (darts, karaoke,
bowling, poker … some of which support up to two players), [] Yakuza 3
promises fun for some time through its main output: Adventure mode. 
And there will be much money you earn, items to get and experience
levels to reach, in addition to various techniques that will help us
defend ourselves both on the streets of Tokyo and Okinawa, the main
sites of an adventure where we also will be some time to enter shops,
nightclubs and restaurants to help us regain our strength after every

As in previous Yakuza, tips strong punches and kicks to the villains who
interrupt our step will be a major gameplay. For this third
installment, we have transitions between exploration and battles much
more fluid than in the past, with little load times, something that
joins battle system evolved, whereby we connect heavy blows to perform
combos, grab our opponents to throw in the air, do they impact each
other and then lift the soil to continue to give them their due.
Introduction sequences are very common (estimated at 6 hours throughout
the game), and are absolutely real time, which implies a high burden of
all polygonal character models on the scene.

Visual cogency  :

Yakuza 3 is a violent video game with generous doses of blood,
justifying the PEGI +18 with the possibility of the scenario using
objects as bicycles, posts or cylinders embedded in alien heads.
Certainly, a spectacle which is complemented by special actions that are
activated when the bar known as Heat reach its peak. At that time, and
pressing the triangle button to the right place, staged sequences of
exaggerated violence, embedding the floor or wall, among other
interesting possibilities, the thugs that we approach it. To accompany
this orgy of beatings, Yakuza 3 makes collection much visual talent,
offering shares to 720p resolution and worked models (it is said that we
will see hundreds of different characters, each modeled independently)
that will be also encouraged by Magical V-Engine technology, which is a
prodigy when it comes to represent facial expressions.

However, not until the cinematic sequences (estimated 6 hours of
"intros") when we realize the commitment that SEGA has to ensure that
Yakuza 3 will become a worthy exponent of the series when it lands.
With the Yakuza series there is always a complicated relationship with
the export of the series to other places outside Japan. Traditionally it
has cost far exceeded the boundaries of the country of the rising sun,
but the few times we have seen a series title in our country has always
been a watchword for quality and extraordinary gameplay.
Now, with confirmation of the arrival of Yakuza 3 on the horizon we have
launched a video game that has already triumphed in Japan and that its
next launch in Europe and North America will bring us in March 2010 a
new issue of violence and the exotic worlds of east criminals.

Accordingly go fighting gradually releasing energy, to liberate, unleash
a brutal wave of blue or red end with our enemies with the most violent

Black Rain :

In Yakuza 3, and as already proposed in the First Contact we do with the
title, we Kiryu Kazuma, who addresses the fictional town of Kamurocho
Tokyo-inspired turn in the royal city of Kabukicho. The title is again a
Sandbox somehow reminiscent of the GTA formula, i.e. we have before us a
free action approach in which primary and secondary missions meet with
complete autonomy.

The general guidelines and to bring in the First Contact that once we
perform on the game, so this time we will try to focus on more specific
aspects such as fighting, side missions and the visual appearance of the
title .
First, and referring to the struggles, we must clarify that Yakuza 3 is a
game very violent. Thus in the shoes of our hero can beat our opponents
not only with our fists and feet, but also with weapons and even using
the body’s own opponents that we face.

Yakuza 3 is a very violent game. At all times we are surprised by the
impact and the virulence of the executions.
So enjoy abundant movements with which to "finalize" our opponents. How
to carry them out? According to let us raise our bar fight "Heat", which
reached a certain point we will release a brutal blue energy will bring
the most violent attacks.The game is very bloody, and see reflected in
almost any violent cutting action takes place. Whether our opponents
launched against elements of the stage, as if cut with our Katana or
other form of attack, we see very well done animations and cut wild
movements as well as some impossible-for-like fantasy fun, light and
We talk about the quality of animation, and we must also link with the
fantastic look of the game. The many delays that have burdened the
release of Yakuza 3 on our continent should not distract us from the
graphic quality and good technique that has the game despite the time

The walks in the city of Kamurocho be common in Yakuza 3. The Sandbox
approach will stimulate us to explore to find missions and side
activities. The bill for the cut scenes is as fantastic as one might
expect from a title of these features, with some faces, characters and
some buildings simply breathtaking. Also in related in-game the game
also plays very graciously rate very smooth frame rate, good role models
and animations, and overall quality of textures and polygonal load more
than satisfactory.

However, the brightest element in this regard is the life that exudes
the city on all four sides, and this is not due solely to the visuals,
but also corresponds largely to the amount of things you can do it . The
streets throb people and activity, and as soon we can play a
mini-karaoke, like trying to win a teddy bear to Kazuma as an
appointment with a girl from the area.  Yakuza 3 will come to our
country in March 2010, Sega plans to launch in our country include the
voices in Japanese and English texts, without any trace of location for
our language.

Tips and Hints :

Event Modes in Game : The main story of the game is divided to 12
chapter. Each of the chapter is called as Event Scene. The first mode is
Adventure Mode

Here there are total 103 missions divided to 2 classes called as Mission
and Hitman. There are around 0 Hitman Sub Scenarios, with 15 bounty
hunter stories. Also added with 20 Minigames that consist of :

  • Darts
  • Pool
  • Karaoke
  • Bowling
  • Mahjong
  • Chinchirorin
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Blackjack, etc.

As you finish the level in Hard mode then the Ex-Hard mode will be
unlocked.  Here are some level information :

Levels :

  • Cabaret Club 
  • Coin Locker
  • Drink & Food
  • Heat Action
  • Underground Arena
  • Custom Weapon
  • Revelation
  • Mini Game


  • Mission
  • Hitman


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


  • Mack’s Training
  • Inner Fighter 7
  • Haruka’s Request


  • Melee Competition
  • Showdown Competition
  • Trial Competition
  • Cooperation Competition
  • Final Competition


  • Battle For Survival
  • Survival Onigokko
  • All Star Tournament
  • All Star Tag Tournament

Characters :

Kazuma Kiryu : He is the main protagonist in the entire series.
When he was a child his parents were murdered by Shintaro Kazama. He was
raised in a orphanage under the nick name of the Dragon of the Dojima
Family. This name was given to him due to the dragon tattoo on his back.

Haruka Sawamur : She is a young girl who is looking for his
mother Mizuki.

Conclusion :

Difficult to have a final stance on Yakuza 3. On the one hand, we
castigate its technical weakness, his broken promises, lack of fluidity
between the sticks, and walks, its flood of useless cutscenes and
running hyper-mechanics of his adventure. On the other hand, they go
with the disarming charisma of the hero drowning in a ton of mini-games
can be very successful, it will surprise even to walk the streets but
few superb Tokyo to break the mouth nippones scum who cross our path.
Mixed results for what should be the showcase Next Gen of Sega as the
game experience depends on your mercy. If you do not care how realistic
and you like the video game for the video game, Yakuza 3 will be a good
investment. If you no longer bear the unnecessary trips and
scriptwriting sequences rendered obsolete by kinematic repeat, go your

Positive Points :

  • An atmosphere just as involved
  • Dynamic combat and violent
  • Many service activities            

Negative Points :

  • Many crash bugs
  • Poor-quality physics engine
  • Many cutscenes that break the rhythm
  • The pathetic side of the part of the orphanage


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