Darwinia + Walkthrough & Tips

The world of Darwinia is a virtual themepark, running entirely inside a
computer network and populated by a sentient evolving life form called
the Darwinians. Unfortunately Darwinia has been overrun by a computer
virus which has multiplied out of control. Your task is to destroy the
Viral Infection and save the Darwinians from extinction. Darwinia is a
game minimalist. You have little different troops, few buildings and
scenery, little monsters and research. Moreover, everything is
represented in the abstract in a style reminiscent of early video game.
Worse still, the graphics are pixelated and the models are so few
polygons that the curve is a word banished from the vocabulary of the
game angles, facets and wire-to-iron.

But then, once in the game, you’ll realize that the views are beautiful
and often a kind of magic and dreamlike abstract landscape emerges. The
graphic effects, although usually in squares of various sizes are
arranged quite credible or even rather beautiful. The camera is easy to
use and yours are handling is instinctive after one or two minutes. The
soundtrack seems equally minimal although it is nothing. It is extremely
rich while the game elements produce at least one sound to their
actions. There is always something to hear or that is placed and
harmonious sounds are selected and fit the mood perfectly. The brand has
added a spatial (3D sound) well managed and pleasant music and not too
repetitive that Darwinia is a jewel tone.

Aesthetically Darwinia is a wonderfully original and hypnotic, the word
that comes most readily to mind is contemplative. It is common to spend
time exploring the countryside for the pleasure of the eyes always
supported by the wonderful soundtrack that is very much in the next game
mesmeric. The park is a virtual world with its own inhabitants, the
Darwinians. These are children of Dr. Sepulveda, computer genius and
creator, by the merest chance, the first artificial life form. He has
provided a soul that the virus corrupted by transforming them into
monsters. The goal of the campaign is to save the Darwinians. These are
small green icons representing a stylized man.

In normal times, they walk more or less randomly. Attacked he fled the threat uttering frightened cries, and if they can shoot their enemies even throw grenades. The Darwinians are endearing and see dozens of them died in combat remains a surprisingly moving experience for a video game. Once dead, the little green soul floats a time above the ground and then rises toward the sky, out of reach.

Darwinia is a computer world and therefore Dr. Sepulveda will provide various programs to help fight the virus. To launch these programs, you will draw the symbols that we call mouse gestures (gestures). These are often relatively simple, being limited mostly to a curve a square or a triangle to draw a precise meaning. This method in addition to being very quick to pick up (no more than a dozen symbols), has an advantage: it allows the game does not have menus that greatly enhances the immersion.

During the game, Dr. Sepulveda can improve programs that are at your
disposal according to your specifications. You can increase the maximum
number of active programs, power weapons, etc.: Each program has three
levels of improvement. All this only takes time, it must also pay
attention to improvements that you request.

Darwinia is a violent game. The first program that is required to handle
is the Squad. This is a program designed to fight the virus. Composed
of between three and five squads, you can go directly tackle the virus,
like all of a kill’em 2. The Squad is very easy to handle quickly
leaving room for tactical use in light monsters and circumstances.
Clicking the left button to move the right to take, all quickly become
instinctive (and will be appreciated by fans of Cannon Fodder).
The Squad like any other program is expendable at will: the programs
cost nothing more than gestures to perform and know that the limitation
of power in fact has started near a building that you control (or
squad). So the battles are intense, often brutal and fast as the
survival of your program is rarely important. The Squad, in addition to
the laser base, can use heavy weapons such as grenades, rockets, etc.

When a virus is destroyed, it leaves behind a red soul. You can harvest
these souls through the structural engineer used to perform various
tasks required. Reaping the souls to bring them to an incubator that
will cleanse and the Darwinians we can save a Darwinian if we manage to
retrieve his soul before it flies away-. They are also used to reprogram
the building corrupted by the virus, something extremely important.

Game Plot :

The first descent into the depths of Darwinia is an experience like no
other. Packed with straight threads with blinding light, simple shapes
and an intriguing sort of respect for vector calculations, the binary
world created by Dr. Sepulveda is just wide open. Like those apps
working on Boy in the early 90s, whose lack of colorization was
operating the imagination and allow us to make shades to cities and
forests monochromatic Darwinia uses this fiber in each creative us so we
can recreate the environment that surrounds us. Moving layers in
simplistic, only composed of stacks of cubes and colored lines is a
first step. Because after a few minutes, these forms give way to arid
valleys, long beaches, spiky peaks or mystical glades. Indeed, while we
think, reason, getting lost in the road smelling Tron child, it removes
the As image to enjoy simplicity of a universe that is formed in our
minds and becomes alive. A life also provided by these little computer,
kind of ersatz of mythical "pampas" of the Final Fantasy series, which
come and go silly. Appointed Darwinians, these people are totally stupid
but cause an immediate commitment by small subtle appearances of a
"conscience". Indeed, sometimes refractory to a given order, with the
ability to run machines, responding to certain stimuli and especially
acting in a sort of peaceful state continuously, they seem much more
human than many FPS bots do with that appearance. Plus, they still
remain the center of the gameplay and scenario.

Because yes, Darwinia does have a story tying all these neon colored
sets. In fact, this title tells the story of poor Dr. Sepulveda, a
former designer of gaming machines and recently a professor of
bankruptcy. Following the disastrous sales of his invention, this brave
man began to undertake research to improve it and by chance discovered
the unsuspected possibilities of the latter. Allowing it to develop an
artificial intelligence program she was at the base of the birth of the
world that interests us today. Unfortunately, due to a virus infection,
the virtual earth and its inhabitants are in danger. So obviously you
have to help the bearded white-coated putting away the maximum of
Darwinism. An epic quest so little, but still pushing to get involved
with delight in the sealed fate of these creatures power. Awake for as
little regard to the leak that the famous Lemmings, they require from
you a precise management and the establishment of a genuine strategy for
growth. For the simple task of bringing thousands of living people can
be possible after cleaning viruses harm. This is the bias of pure phases
of STR, colored passages of relatively aggressive action, your recovery
plan will fall into place. Cement everything digital rescue is called
also the engineer and you can, like the builders of the great manga
Blame, to somehow make your world independently. More than
manufacturers, these robots are undeniably irreplaceable basis of this
virtual world.

Indeed, before each discharge you must first have recourse to the
establishment of various units. The most useful during the first steps
are definitely the same engineers. They alone possess the one hand the
power to repair the towers of checks taken by the enemy and the other
one to collect the souls of the Darwinians, trapped in the virus and
released to the death of these funds. Once this spiritual collection
complete, you will need to bring these troubled souls to an incubator
that will restore life to the inhabitants of Darwinia. An essential step
that comes into account the requirements of each mission through a
clearly defined number of people to save. But as your opponents do not
deliberately choose to die, you will at the same time the obligation to
create squads of "soldiers", intended to kick the virus out of
luminescent borders of the kingdom. These phases of close combat remains
by far the most violent, based solely on mass assaults using plenty of
laser and a variable secondary weapon. If the fact of continually
pressing one button mouse to fire consistently leaves a little to one
side the deep interest of gameplay, you will nevertheless remain
constantly focused to target the one hand and for you withdraw when
things go wrong. Small oasis of ferocity, these passages provide a
cathartic salvation in an app that wants to intelligently slow and

One thing that is perceived quickly, following the emergence of a new
unit called "officer". This summary is a kind of military commander who
tells various Darwinians a specific direction to follow. A very useful
feature, especially when it comes to bringing little green men to a
point, to free them from the yoke of the virus. Recalling Sheep or
Lemmings to a lesser extent, these moments are bright and posed a touch
of simple happiness in simultaneous tasks that you spend your time
watching. Similar to the shepherds pixels prominent, the officers then
send different data in their "flock", as it includes more or less
depending on the situation. You’ll need to frequently restore order in
these waves of unconscious rebellion by having several of these units
around the herd. An idea very well integrated into the basic concept,
which still suffers a terrible path finding. Small creatures, robots,
and other inhabitants of this land spend their time stuck in walls,
blocked by obstacles sometimes minimal and most will fall headlong into
danger without really reacting. In this regard squads tend to do very
often hardly respond when taken under repeated attacks by enemy
creatures, which poses real problems of conscience when we are forced to
leave them alone to solve a small problem to some meters away. Pitfalls
certainly annoying enough, but paradoxically very little encroachment
on the pleasure one feels at the intersection of fascinating gameplay. A
playful pattern that evolves also later with the appearance of armor,
allowing the choice to transport Darwinians or use heavy weapons. A dual
purpose, dual identity, like the game offers an alternative to a
traditional course.

Another point worthy of more attention, the construction of units is
entirely free. No ore to recover, no pseudo quest to find the right
corner that we will exceed the reserves of the opposing army in an arms
race too common and overrated. The only limit to this creative freedom
is the number of machines or people under you. You will start by the
requirement to form a duo eventually reaching three and four players
simultaneously. Especially among the squads that runs a similar pattern,
your little soldiers from two to four professionals laser beeps. All
this will cost you of course nothing at all, the changes you want is
simply addressed to Dr. Sepulveda through a human relationship and
direct contact with the scientist through an interface of absolute
clarity. The lower your movements are also through this same interface,
with reinforcements from the original system, based gameplay similar to
that of the series Black and White. You can, if you like, draw the
symbols of different individuals and then animate them with intuitive
commands. An obvious accessibility will radiate from this bias,
preventing the player to lose in shortcuts and ideas that would go
completely against the grain of immediate experience and what ingenuous
Darwinia. Although subject to some repetitiveness and some design flaws,
the title of Introversion Software is a discovery of a new earth, dry,
somewhat dry, but just needs to be cultivated.

Walkthrough :

Darwinia is a Digital world of artificially intelligent polygons created
by Dr. Sepulveda. The game has network of more than Protologic 68000
machines which is working from 1980’s. In Darwinia there are single-poly
Darwinians which with the help of their growing AI can grow up and
survive. In the game the Darwinians live a social life of working,
growing until they die and their digital soul can thus be reincarnated.
The player we see himself in the state of emergency as the player enters
the game. Darwania is infected by a virus and Dr. Sepulveda is trying
to fight with the same. Dr. Sepulveda will guide to rescue the
Darwinians and kill the virus. The starting two levels are the
introduction part where the player can make himself familiar with the
gameplay , task and his long-term objective. The first part in the game
begins with cleaning the virus from population and you have to in the
same way reactivate the mines and power generators. This is the main
resource to the Construction Yard. Once this is done then you will get
more armored unit from Construction Yard.

  • In the next task the player have to collect the digital soul of
    Darwinians and move them to the center of Darwinians: the Soul
    Repository. Then send them down to the receiver where the Darwinians
    will send them to the Pattern Buffer. Here this digital souls are
    reprogrammed with the Darwinian blueprint code and then this are sent to
  • Biosphere for reborn.
  • We cannot build buildings in the game. They are all pre-placed on
    the cards but they remain vital and considerable tactical importance. 
  • The control towers to control the buildings to which they are
    attached. It also has close to them we can start a program after making
    the gesture.
  • Incubators help clean souls and bring them back in the form of
    Darwinian an engineer after I placed them there.
  • This world was originally designed for the Darwinians, some
    buildings that are manipulated by them.

To act the Darwinians, you need someone to lead them. The "officer" can
give you a Darwinian power to govern his fellows with a orders more or
fewer depending on the program level. Once you have an officer, you not
only can tell the Darwinian or surrender, but you can use them as shock
troops. Two troops of Darwinian enemy is experiencing something quite
spectacular. They shoot has vied with fear, screaming, running away then
return to battle. It is a strange scene. When a grenade falls loan
Darwinians and have no time to escape they are blown by the blast and
mangled. The battles so often degenerate into a firework mortal
relatively impressive. Properly used they can wreak havoc with almost
all opponents of the game, used clumsily, that the massacre ensured. In
the final level Dr. Sepulveda gets the trace of the Viral Infection
source, which is a email spam. The Darwinians has infected as the they
access that mails and the virus has downloaded  across Darwania. The
Emails has a very nasty virus which has corrupted Darwania. You will be
ask to destroy those mails.

Darwinia is a virtual amusement park created by Dr. Sepulveda (alter ego
of Sir Clive Sinclair, the creator of the legendary ZX Spectrum), a
computer scientist, they live their little creations, the Darwinians.
But what is a Darwinian?. For it is neither more nor less than a
polygon-shaped green puppet, no faces, and high resolution textures, or
independent hair … is a polygon, the most basic unit of design in 3D.
Each Darwinian has been created with a virtual DNA was dead is sent to a
central computer where their memories and experiences are transmitted
to a new life brings another Darwinian. Everything is happiness and
peace until you reach a red virus to stop the peace park and sow terror.
At this point we appear us with a very clear work, save the few
Darwinians who have been rescued thanks to a protective shield of Dr.

The Darwinians cannot be directly controlled. However you can influence
the world by creating Programs such as Squads and Engineers, which you
can directly control and use as weapons.

Creating a Squad :

  • Your primary weapon for use against the invading Virus is the
    Squad.  To create a Squad you must draw the appropriate gesture into the
    Task Manager. Hold ALT to access the Task Manager, then draw this
    gesture inside the guide circle. Accuracy is not particularly important,
    just draw it quick.
  • You will then need to place the Squad into the world, by clicking
    in one of the highlighted spawn areas. Once created, a Squad can be
    moved by left-clicking on the landscape. Holding the right mouse button
    will make the Squaddies fire their lasers at the cursor. While firing
    lasers with the right mouse button, you can tap the left mouse button to
    launch a grenade.

Souls and engineers :

  • Once you have killed some of the enemy Virii using your Squads, you
    will notice that they leave behind small diamond shaped things called
    Souls. These Souls were once Darwinians, before they were corrupted by
    the Virus. They can be converted back into Darwinians, but first they
    need to be collected.
  • Engineers are used to collect Souls, amounts other things.
    Engineers are created in the same way as Squads. Hold ALT to access the
    Task Manager, then draw the Engineer gesture. Click in one of the
    highlighted spawn areas to place your Engineer within the world.
  • Left Click on the landscape near some Souls and the Engineer will
    make his own way over there, and begin collecting them. In order for
    those Souls to be converted back into Darwinians, they must be taken to
    an Incubator by the Engineer. Most of the Incubators in Darwinia are
    offline due to the Viral Infection. The Engineer will reprogram any
    Incubators he sees nearby by accessing their nearby Control Tower.

The Task Manager :

The Task Manager is designed to allow you to operate several programs
simultaneously – eg Squads, Engineers etc. The Task Manager is accessed
by holding down the ALT key.  You can switch between all your running
Programs in the Task Manager by pressing the ALT-TAB. You can Terminate a
running Program by pressing CTRL-C while it is selected.
If you scroll left by pushing the mouse to the left of the screen (or by
pressing A) you will see a list of all available Programs, and their
creation gestures. Scroll right for a list of Objectives.  Research <
Task Manager > Objectives.

Officers :

  • The primary objective on the Mine level demo  is to bring the
    Refinery equipment online. This equipment requires Darwinians to
    operate. Darwinians cannot be directly controlled, but they can be
    ordered around using Officers.
  • Officers are created by promoting an existing Darwinian. Hold down
    ALT to access the Task Manager, draw the gesture for Officer, then click
    on a Darwinian you wish to promote. You can left click to move the
    Officer around.  If you right click on the landscape, the officer will
    begin issuing GOTO orders to that area. Any nearby Darwinians will hear
    those orders and will walk to the target area.
  • You can cancel the Officers orders by right clicking near him. In
    the Mine level demo you can use this method to march your Darwinians up
    to the Refinery, where they will begin operating it.

There is no menu option, nothing more than an introductory sequence
where, with total clarity, it puts us in situation, we are introduced to
both Darwinians and the doctor, and later get into action. From care of
these little creatures will be in our hands, the game gradually
introduce us to a tutorial in the game (in game, not just reading) the
basic commands and instructions to carry out our work . The game is
nondescript in a particular genre, as clearly drunk action games,
strategy, and even the genre of puzzle games. We can directly control
the Darwinians, but also be in our hands the possibility of creating
different programs that we use to fight enemies, collect or transport
our spirits creatures.

With the ALT button we can deploy our menu creation, an apparent
simplicity, but we understand that achieves the former, so does his work
perfectly. From this menu you can create using mouse gestures (such as
for example we can find spells in Black and White) our units. For
example drawing a triangle we can create a squad. At first we will have
few options for creation, but as we go to Dr. Sepulveda will allow us
many more options.

In our struggles we can shoot afflict our enemies, throw grenades and
even rocket dipondremos to create real havoc among the fleet of viruses,
among which we distinguish from simple small viruses, even spiders or
giant creatures. Like everything in this game, the way they attack is a
brutal simplicity, simply because we on our squad at a reasonable
distance and press the right mouse button on the enemy, so that our
creatures start their work offensive. It may seem easy, but thanks to
the tight curve of difficulty of the game missions that will make us
sweat to come through even reaching some that may take up to an hour to
complete. It should be noted that not only experience the world of
fighting because there will be missions where we take our troops to
certain points on the map, making checkpoints Lemmings style, where one
of our officer will Darwinians.

Another of the strengths of Darwinia is that the design of the scenarios
is brilliant, where we see that every little corner has its reason for
being and there is nothing unnecessary. Besides the variety will be
predominant in the development of missions. As previously mentioned, the
game’s interface is simple, but is of absolute effectiveness, and few
times we have seen a game where you become so quick to put you control
and play as if you had several days with him in just a few minutes (just
use 5 keys and mouse in the game). Darwinia shows a well-studied design
work, where we can make a lot of different actions with ease.

Tips and Hints :

  • All areas : To unlock all areas, simply create a profile with name
    like AccessAllAreas.
  • Christmas Theme : Change the date for your PC to December 25 and
    run through the game, the snow will come and some Darwinians will have a
    particular hat.

Success :

  • Prodigy : Darwinians succor 30 or more at the tutorial Darwinia
  • Thorough : Eliminate all monsters on a map of Darwinia (except
  • Resumption of benefits : Activate the filing of construction, start
    Shielded manufacturer and obliterated infestation
  • Savior : Finish the Single player campaign
  • Sagacity : Improve a research program to Level 4
  • The bridge : Complete the Epilogue and help the Darwinians to
    launch their first rocket
  • Winner : Win 5 games in any mode of play Multiwinia
  • Master of Darwinia : Win a game in each mode of play Multiwinia
  • Browser war zones : Play a round on each card Multiwinia
  • Commander Online : Win a part of Multiwinia on Xbox LIVE
  • Sharing love : Invite 5 other players to parts of Multiwinia
  • Slayer : Eliminate 65 536 enemies multiwiniens
  • Clear Vision : Reaches level 4 in a research program
  • The Bridge : Complete the Epilogue and help the Darwinians to
    launch its first chocolate
  • Victor Guerrero : Win 5 games in any game mode Multiwinia
  • Share the love : Invite 5 other players from Multiwinia
  • Scrupulous  : Kill all monsters in any map of Darwinia (except
  • Trend Change : Enables Building Workshop, began to manufacture
    Armored and ends with the plague of ants
  • Commander Online : Multiwinia Earn ua game on Xbox LIVE
  • Salvador : Complete a single player campaign
  • Lord of Multiwinia : Win a game in all game modes Multiwinia
  • Browser war : Play a game on every map of Multiwinia
  • Monigotecidio : Kill enemies to 65,536 multiwinianos
  • Annoying (15 points) :  Eliminate all monsters only on maps of
    Darwinia (excluding garden).
  • Turning the Tide (15 points) :  Activate the shipyard, will begin
    manufacturing and delete Armor Ant infestation
  • Warzone Explorer (25 points) :  Play a game on each map Multiwinia
  • Stick Man Slaughter (30 points) :  Kill Multiwinians enemies to

Awards & Achievements :

  • Unlock prizes for the avatar and all the achievements.
  • Prizes for the Avatar : Shirts Darwinia: Complete the game to
    unlock 2 T-shirts.
  • GT: Sarone TC : Changes in Trends 15G :Enables Building Workshop,
    began to manufacture Armored and ends with the plague of ants.
  • GT: SnapDragon  : Share the love 10G : Invite 5 other players from
  • Major online 15G : Win a game of Multiwinia on Xbox LIVE
  • GT: K4rn4ge : War Explorer 25G  : Play a game on every map of

Unlock all achievements :

  • All areas unlocked  : AccessAllAreas Enter as profile name.


  • Total Achievements :  12 (200G)
  •  [Online] = online multiplayer Achievements: 2 (25G) / 6 (115G)
  • [Local] = local multiplayer Achievements: 0 (0G) / 4 (90G)

Conclusion :

The world of Darwinia is a virtual themepark, running inside a computer
network built by a computer genius named Dr Sepulveda. Darwinia is
populated by a sentient evolving life form called the Darwinians. They
are the product of a decade’s worth of research into genetic algorithms.
Unfortunately, the systems of Darwinia have been overrun by an evil red
Viral Infection. This Virus has multiplied out of control and must be
stopped.  Your task is to destroy the Viral Infection and save the
Darwinians from extinction.

Darwinia is a unique game, you’ll find nothing like it in the catalog of
any platform, and is definitely an experience worth living. An
excellent interface, a retro design that will make it more than one
falls off the dribble, a gender mix result in a mind-bending gameplay,
in short, a game that is called to become a work of worship among the
followers of this group of programmers, and gives a clear warning shot
to the greats of the industry because not only millionaires can live
licenses. It is important to note that the game can be bought only in
two ways. Order at the official website of the game or buy it on Steam
platform also supports the distribution of this game, so as you see not
find in any store.
From the Graphic point of view, these are traits that colors and shapes
could not be more basic. If one is satisfied with a simple description
of this universe, it is obviously the conclusion one can reach. However,
Darwinia is more than that. It’s a new world, very well built and a
rare inventiveness. It reproduces smooth and rough aesthetic of the ’80s
in a kind of formal abyss very interesting and makes a real appeal to
the imagination. As has been done Ground some years ago.

Despite some problems with pathfinding and a little lack of renewal
after a few hours taking in this world, Darwinia offers gameplay
terribly original, mixing different inspirations in a dizzying cocktail
and tasty. Reinventing what may be an RTS, the title of Introversion
Software shows that gender is not only confined to warriors fighting to
obtain land.
The game is obviously not really long, Darwinia is eaten anyway by
intense small bits. A little too heady for the long term, the best way
of trying to make is by landing missions by allowing time to regain a
foothold in reality a son without iron. It is unfortunate however not
benefit from a cooperative multiplayer mode that could be interesting.
With musical compositions with perfect sticky atmosphere, the game also
sees a long work on his most convincing. The small cries of Darwinians,
the slight squeal heard here and there, these lasers echoes straight out
of shoot’em up 90 years found a sound environment intriguing and

Dotted with small buttons giving life to all, the scenario often
involves Dr. Sepulveda, who then becomes a kind of quasi-real partner,
moving it from external modules that will serve you from the inside. An
excellent idea that makes you feel really rooted in this universe.
Moreover, being the only glimmer of hope for a nation of morons small
green resembling pampas is an incomparable experience.   

From a technical standpoint this game is extremely well made and has an
impressive number of original features and updating thoughtful. The
brutality of some aspect of the game is enhanced by the minimalist
graphics and multiple contrasts from set 4 give it a strange and unusual
depth for a video game. The team of INTROVERSION did an awesome job on
this game, work even more remarkable is that a small group of two
developers and the game was only their second (the first UPLINK ).
Ultimately, Darwinia is a melting pot of various influences sometimes
extremely opposite (rts and arcade for example) mixed with subtle way
without either come to spoil the other or take too much space in the
game So it is a how to play without even thinking, according to his
tastes and desires of its time.


  • Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • DirectX: v9.0c
  • Hard drive space: 20 MB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce2 onwards


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