Guild Wars & Nightfall Expansion pack Walkthrough

Guild Wars is a series of multiplayer games online MMORPG developed by
ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. The series consists of three separate
episodes and expansion. This guide will give you information n Guild
Wars and the expansion pack Night fall.  Guild Wars takes the best
elements of today’s massively multiplayer online games and combines them
with a new mission-based design that eliminates some of the more
tedious aspects of those games. You can meet new friends in towns or
outposts, form a party, and then go tackle a quest together. Your party
always has its own unique copy of the quest map, so camping,
kill-stealing, and long lines to complete quests are all things of the
past. Within a Guild Wars quest you have unprecedented freedom and power
to manipulate the world around you; with the dynamic quest system, your
accomplishments have a unique influence on your future.

You don’t have to spend countless hours on a leveling treadmill to get
to the interesting parts of the game, because combat is designed to be
strategically interesting and challenging right from the beginning. You
don’t have to spend hours running around the world to prepare for a
quest, because Guild Wars allows you to instantly travel to the
beginning of any quest that you’ve previously unlocked. You’ll never
spend days playing, only to discover that the choices you made early
have left you with a permanently uncompetitive character. The unique
skill system in Guild Wars encourages infinite experimentation but
doesn’t allow early choices to limit a character. And you’ll never meet
new players only to discover that you can’t play with them or compete
against them because their characters are on a different server than
yours or they have a different chapter of the game; in Guild Wars, all
characters live in one seamless world.

In a world torn by conflict, where human kingdoms are all but destroyed
and guilds sacrifice all for a chance to control the Hall of Heroes, a
champion must rise from the ruins of a once-proud land to lead refugees
from the ashes and fulfill an ancient prophecy. Experience the game that
has captivated millions of gamers worldwide. Guild Wars is an online
roleplaying game that rewards player skill and innovative gameplay over
hours spent online. It’s the original smash hit release from developer
ArenaNet, the beginnings of a franchise played by almost four million
gamers worldwide.

Gameplay Features :

  • 6 distinct regions to explore
  • 6 unique professions, providing 30 dual-class combinations
  • Over 450 skills to unlock and use
  • 25 missions
  • Over 200 quests
  • Multiple cooperative and competitive gameplay modes
  • Form a unique guild with your own capes and guild hall
  • Continual online tournaments for fame and prizes

Key Features :

  • No monthly fees—ever!
  • Compelling story and customizable characters set in a stunning
  • PvP or roleplaying—you choose the gameplay style
  • No loot stealing, spawn camping, and endless travel

Gameplay :

Your guide to playing Guild Wars is here. Find something for the novice,
and perhaps a bit for the veteran, too. This ever-expanding section
includes information that will inform you in your journey through Tyria,
and will aid in your conquest of the many challenges in the lands.
While not intended as a full strategy guide, you will find a good
starting point for information about how to play and choose your
professions, along with maps, combat basics, information on the missions
and quests, and more.

A Variety of Choices : Guild Wars characters come in all types:
male and female, large and small, and in any of 90 combinations of the
ten professions: Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Elementalist, Mesmer,
Necromancer, Ritualist, Assassin, Dervish, and Paragon. With hundreds of
unique skills per character, which can be combined for any number of
effects, the possibilities are mind-boggling.

In addition, you can create up to four characters per unique Guild Wars
account, gain two additional character slots each for Factions and
Nightfall, and purchase extra slots if needed. New characters can be
deleted and created at any time, allowing you to specialize or to have
fun experimenting with profession combinations, skills, and attributes
until you create the character who best suits you. The game includes
integrated support for guilds and guild alliances, with the ability to
create unique guild emblems, to acquire guild halls, and to keep in
touch through in-game guild messaging. Guilds can challenge other guilds
to battle, compete for control of key parts of the world in alliance
battles, and be ranked on a worldwide ladder.

Unique Streaming Technology : ArenaNet’s unique streaming
technology forever eliminates the concept of patching a game. You don’t
have to wait a month for the next big patch to experience new content.
Instead, the game constantly and intelligently streams new content to
your computer in the background while you play. The world can and will
change continually. This allows you to experience a much more dynamic
game world than any that has existed before.

Walkthrough :

Getting Started

1. Creating Your Character : Characters are male or female, large
or small, and are made up of any one of 90 potential combinations of
the ten professions: Warrior, Elementalist, Monk, Ranger, Mesmer,
Necromancer, Ritualist, Assassin, Dervish, and Paragon. Individual
characters can eventually learn hundreds of unique skills across
different professions. The most important choices you must make for your
new character are first a primary profession, and soon thereafter a
secondary profession. These choices determine not only armor, skills,
and fighting style, but your overall gameplay experience. Hairstyle and
facial features are, of course, crucial as well.

You can create four characters per unique Guild Wars account, gain two
additional character slots each for Factions and Nightfall, and purchase
extra slots if needed. You can delete and create new characters at any
time and switch up your skills and attributes whenever you’re in town.
Experiment with profession combinations until you have the character
that best suits you. Each time you make a new character, it starts at
level one in a tutorial area. A friendly NPC should spot you immediately
and wave you over. Talk to this NPC to learn basics about the game
(movement control, interfaces, and so on) and even stab a few baddies
and grab some starter loot in the process.

2. The Professions of Guild Wars :

Warrior, Elementalist, Monk, Dervish, Ranger, Mesmer, Necromancer,
Paragon, Ritualist, or Assassin. Every profession has its own strengths
and characteristics, a weapon or magic specialty, and a unique set of
skills with which to deal damage, manipulate the enemy or environment,
or protect and heal allies. Each profession provides a set of attributes
which determines the effectiveness of weapons and skills in battle.

Primary Profession : Your primary profession determines your
hero’s basic appearance, including the type of armor the hero wears. It
also provides several attributes that improve skills over time including
a primary attribute that is not available when the profession is chosen
as a secondary.

Secondary Profession : Your secondary profession provides your
hero with a second set of attributes and skills to compliment the first.
(Your secondary profession does not have access to the primary
attribute for that profession.)

Skills :

If attributes and the distribution of attribute points sketch out your
character in broad strokes, skills are where you apply the finely
painted detail to your heroic creation. You can check out all of the
skills your character currently knows by hitting the K key or going to
the main menu and selecting Skills. You can equip up to eight skills at
once, creating a unique character "build" ready to handle most any
situation. Most skills are linked to a particular attribute, and also
carry a subtype such as Stance, Spell, Hex, or Shout. Your hero can only
equip skills or move those skills around on the Skill Bar when in a
town. But when you’re in town, your entire array of skills is available
to choose from. The skill list is sort-able by a variety of options,
including the attribute the skills are attached to, so you can be sure
to select skills that fit the hero’s key abilities. If your Necromancer
has all available attribute points in Blood Magic and none in Curses,
selecting a Curse skill is probably not the way to go.


You will hear the term "build" a great deal in relation to character
skill selection in Guild Wars, especially in PvP play. Your character
build refers to the specific assortment of skills and attributes that
you have selected for a particular mission or quest. Many players tend
to settle into a preferred build, while others like to adjust skills for
every new enemy. The skills in a solid character build should work well
together, and work well against the foes you expect to encounter. You
should also take into account the other members of your group—it’s a
good idea to confer with the other players in your party so that there’s
a minimum of skill overlap. For example, if there are two Monks in the
party, one may choose to set up as the healer for the group with skills
linked to the Healing Prayers attribute, while the second acts as the
party’s protector, choosing a selection of skills tied to Protection

Exploring Your World :

Towns and Landscapes : Locations found in Guild Wars can ultimately be
broken down into two types: towns and everything else. Uncertain where
you are? Click the right mouse button and look around with your
character. Hold down the Ctrl key while you do it. Do you see other
players’ names in blue? If so, you are likely in one of the locations
collectively called towns which can range from a smaller outpost to a
thriving mission hub. Alternatively, do you see red dots on your
mini-map and red names onscreen like "Grawl Ulodyte" when you hold down
Ctrl? If so, then you are outside of a town in the great, wide,
everything else.

Combat  : Combat is a way of life. Master the basics of fighting
before you jump headlong into the game, or risk a premature trip to the
afterlife. Read on and get educated.

Come Equipped : Before you enter a mission or explorable area (in
other words, before you leave town), load your Skill Bar with the eight
skills you think will serve you best in the coming conflict. At the
start of the game you’ll have empty space, but as you learn and earn
more skills you’ll need to be selective in how you equip your
character’s skills.Your hero’s armor (courtesy of your primary
profession) is already equipped—make sure your chosen weapon is at the
ready and that any alternate weapons are loaded onto the quick weapon
menu (keys F1-F4).

Equip Weapons : Equip weapons and armor from your Inventory,
which manages the items you have acquired. Double-click on a weapon or
piece of armor in your Inventory to equip it.

Fighting Creatures : Virtually anywhere you travel outside the
safe confines of a town, you are likely to encounter hostile creatures
that will happily eat you and/or your party for lunch. This kind of
combat is referred to as PvE (for Player vs. Environment) or PvM (Player
vs. Monster).

Targeting Enemies : To quickly target and attack the nearest
creature, press Tab to highlight an enemy, and then press Space to
attack. Tab targeting allows you to cycle through the enemies that you
can see on your compass. To reset the cycle you can press the key to
re-target the closest foe. This is useful when you are involved in an
especially intense melee—enemies move around while you’re fighting them,
and if you only use the Tab key you might unintentionally target a
distant foe, thus drawing more hostiles to your location before you and
your team are ready to deal with them.

Targeting Allies : You can target allies by clicking on the
ally’s name in the Party menu or by selecting the actual ally. When
you’ve targeted a friendly, you can perform various actions on them. You
can heal allies, open a Trade window (by clicking the Trade button at
the top of the screen), and follow the ally by hitting the Space Bar
(note that once you catch up to the ally, you will need to hit the Space
Bar again to keep following). The follow command is useful when a group
leader is guiding others through an unfamiliar area.

Calling Your Target : You can effectively coordinate attacks by
"calling the target." To call your target, first target the enemy with
Tab or by left clicking on the enemy’s name. Hold down the Ctrl key and
hit the Space bar (or the number for the skill you’re using) to start
your attack. Your character will automatically send a message to the
party declaring "I’m attacking [enemy’s name]!" You will also see a
small crosshair icon appear next to your name on the Party menu. Other
party members need only left-click on the crosshair and they will target
the exact same foe you are going after. Focusing on a single foe is an
excellent strategy—most groups will home in on the enemy’s healer or
healers at the onset of a battle, or will gang up on an especially tough
boss character. Calling targets works just as well in PvE as it does in
PvP. Most groups like to assign calling to an individual player, often a
ranged attacker who will be pulling enemies toward you or a tank
character that will be running into the fray.

Communication Made Easy

The same principle that lets you call targets also gives you a quick and
simple method for communicating with your party in the heat of battle
without the distraction of typing words. The Crtl + command trick works
with just about every command and with many interface elements. For
example, say you want to find out (and share) your level and how far
away you are from earning your next level. Just hold down the Ctrl key
and click on the XP bar. Your character will declare to the party, "I’m
level __ and I’m __% to my next level." If you want to let the party
healer know you’re in Health trouble, hold down the Ctrl key and click
on your Health Bar. Perhaps you want to describe exactly which skill you
are using, either on an ally or on an enemy. Again, Ctrl + command
comes to the rescue—hold down Ctrl, hit the skill you want to use, and
your character will declare (for example) "I’m using Resurrect on
[ally’s name]!"

New Storage Options for Guild Wars

Players who own Factions now have a new form of storage through the
Xunlai Representative, a partner who works with specific Xunlai Agents.
Your Materials Storage Vault is a new tab on the storage account and
allows you to store up to 250 of each type of material or crafting
supply in the game, both common and rare. So as you acquire items, you
can put them into the Xunlai vault and keep your regular storage space
clear for armor, weapons, and special holiday items. The first tab on
the Xunlai interface is where your items are stored; it has 20 slots.
The second tab is the new vault where you put all your materials and
crafting supplies, like bones, shells, and other such things.

Player vs. Player :

Playing PvP : Player-versus-player, or "PvP," is the core of the
competition that puts the "competitive" in the CORPG. There are many
varieties of PvP competition. You will sometimes find yourself on a
randomly selected team, though more often you will choose your group
before entering a PvP contest. Your objective might be as simple as
eliminating the other team or it could be far more complex. PvP matches
may also involve dangerous computer-controlled enemies on the map, so be
watchful. Check out the PvP Primer series for a detailed account of the
basics. For information about competitive play, including sponsored
tournaments with prize support and news articles about the state of the
game, visit this page.

The PvP Zone : PvP combat takes place in a region of the world
dedicated solely to testing the mettle of heroes. Newly created pre-made
PvP characters begin in this PvP zone.

Creating a PvP Character : You might join PvP combat with a fully
developed level 20 roleplaying character. This will give you a wider
variety of choices when it comes to skill selection and equipment, and
experienced players tend to find such characters to perform strongly in
PvP. If you want to get right to the fighting, you can create a new PvP
character that starts at level 20 and comes with a smaller assortment of
skills and equipment. Pre-built PvP characters can still be customized
to a certain extent through weapon and armor choices, and will have
access to all skills you’ve unlocked on your account for their

PvP Combat :

PvP battles consist of two or more teams of four to twelve players
apiece all battling for supremacy. Team up with fellow guild members or
other online players for PvP battles in Arenas, Guild Challenges,
Tournament play, or Alliance Battles. Use Team chat and the mini-map to
communicate strategy with your team, and be ready to adjust tactics on
the fly!
Arena  : Enter the Arena and compete in PvP gladiator-style battles for
experience, or just for fun. Arena matches don’t require you to form a
party; the Arena creates teams automatically from available players. The
Arena is a great place to find PvP action any time.

  • Guild Challenges : Guild Challenges pit guild against guild in a
    variety of situations that will test your skills and team spirit.
    Winning Guild Challenges earns fame points for your guild, which
    increase your overall guild ranking and your guild’s position on the
    Guild Ladder.
  • Tournament Play : Tournament play lets your guild compete for
    worldwide Guild Wars supremacy.
  • Alliance Battles : Talk to the Kurzick or Luxon NPC in your guild
    hall to travel to a contested alliance area. Once there, you may join or
    create a party for an alliance battle. Victories and losses in alliance
    battles will shape the border on the world map between the two
  • Hero vs. Hero Battles : For the ultimate one-on-one challenge, make
    a group with a custom team of Heroes and fight against other players
    from around the world and their customized groups of Heroes.

Tournament Play :

Guild Wars features continuous tournament action wherein tens of
thousands of teams compete for ranking and for the top position on the
Guild Ladder. Assemble a team and engage in a series of battles that
will challenge your skills and test your limits. The Guild Ladder on the
Guild Wars website tracks each guild’s wins and losses, and rates each
guild accordingly. In the international Guild Wars tournament, countries
compete for worldwide Guild Wars supremacy.

SomeTips and Cheats :

Tips for selecting characters : Many people in this game is a warrior /
monk in order to attack and heal at the same time, as there are many
people in such few people want you in their group. I advise you to focus
less on "business" and another type envouteur in 2nd, because few
people choose to become a monk because "no one attacks. Perhaps that is
attacked directly but can cast spells and heal other members of your
group. And the whole thing is there at the end of the game, a monk is
essential and 2 strongly advised to go on an adventure. As there is a
"shortage" of a monk, you can even make you pay   to add a group, which
is not inconsiderable to buy items.

Here are some emotions that will be useful to express your feelings:
anger, love, jokes, preferences, everything is there! You must write
these codes in the dialog box.  Like for e.g. /age, /agree, /attention,

  • age : indicates the time that the character has been played.
  • agree : nods.
  • attention  : begins at attention.
  • beckon : nods.
  • beg : begs.
  • boo : scares you.
  • bored : bored.
  • bow : bows.
  • bowhead : nods.
  • cheer : welcomed.
  • catchbreath : holds his breath.
  • clap : applauded.
  • congrats : Congratulations.
  • cough : coughs.
  • dance : begins to dance.
  • deaths : indicates the number of times the character is dead.
  • doh : slaps head. Damn!
  • DoubleTake : look twice.
  • drums : because of the battery.
  • excited : is excited!
  • fistshake : shakes his fist wildly.
  • flex : due to bending.
  • flute : plays the flute.
  • goTEAM : encourages his team.
  • guitar : made a solo guitar.
  • health : gives the level of health and energy.
  • help : request for help!
  • highfive : said: "Give us five!"
  • jump : jumps.
  • kneel : kneels.
  • laugh : laughs.
  • moan : groaned.
  • No : said "No".
  • yes : said: "Yes."
  • pape: playing rock, paper, scissors.
  • pickme  : said: "Pick me!"
  • AP : points to (but not very well).
  • Ponder  : considering the situation.
  • pout : pouts.
  • ready : wants to go into action.
  • roar : screams.
  • roll : is a Y on a # sided die.
  • salute : welcome.
  • scratch : scratches.
  • shoo : repels you.
  • sigh : sigh.
  • sit : Me sits on.
  • stand : the personal rises.
  • sorry  : apologizes.
  • taunt : is an ugly act of provocation.
  • violin : plays the violin.
  • wave : made a sign with his hand.
  • yawn : yawn.

Walkthrough of NightFall Expansion Pack for Guild Wars :

Gameplay Features

  • 5 new distinct regions to explore
  • 2 new professions—Dervish and Paragon—providing 56 dual-class
  • Over 350 new skills to unlock and use
  • 24 missions
  • Over 200 quests
  • Customizable Heroes who level up with you, follow your orders in
    combat, and use weapons and skills you choose

1. Hero vs. Hero Battles—the ultimate one-on-one PvP competition

Nightfall is the 2nd add-on to the Guild Wars series. We may not talk
about add-on in a sense because, as Factions, Nightfall can be played
independently of the basic version. Guild Wars is MMORPG, or CORPG is as
though all that remains of semantics to me, and has won a wide audience
through a relatively simple game to learn, but relatively
well-researched and rich. Obviously, the real advantage of Guild Wars is
also the status of online gaming without subscription. The player could
finally try out this kind without having to pay each month and find
themselves forced to play a paradox to me. ArenatNet announced, many
"consequences" would come out at a rate of approximately 6 months
intervals and to constantly raise the adventure and make some more. With
this in mind, shortly after Faction, Nightfall emerged among us.

2. In countries of the Arabian guilds:

If the first part of Guild Wars Prophecies entitled, the basic game in
sum, took up a world diverse and varied history and the universe
Nightfall comes in one aspect. After exploring the Asian style with
Factions, Nightfall takes us this time on a continent with African
influences and Near East, Elona. This name is not unknown for players
who have tried to Prophecies. Indeed, an important site, located in the
Crystal Desert, where the plot unfolded, was called "Bief of Elona.
Nightfall takes so basic as this episode of Prophecies and develops
scriptwriting elements attached to it, deepening and enriching the data
and background world of Guild Wars.

3. Istan

Elona is a sunny country where mixed savannas, deserts and palaces
straight out of tales of the Thousand and One Nights. There are three
separate provinces or countries. For centuries, these countries helped
each other to prosper Elona. WEST, on an island, is Istan, a province
facing the sea and maritime trade due to its geographical position. She
particularly trade with Tyria (Prophecies) and Cantha (Factions). One
quickly realizes that is where the adventure begins for us, whether you
are a new player or an old freshly landed with his characters already
boosted. The power to Istan is a meritocracy. Only the best are rewarded
and receive power. Any man can be a place where Istan demonstrates its
ability to effectively advance the province. It is headed by former
Suhl, chief of the council of elders and Kormir, Marshal of Sunspear
Paragon and reputable.

4. Kournan

To the east of Istan, the continent is Kournans. It is from this country
just the Grand Turai Ossa (Sir spectral Prophecies) and his descendants
ruled over the province for centuries. Its current ruler is Varesh
Ossa, a brilliant war leader highly appreciated and respected by his
people. This is especially important for a province Kournans is
resolutely turned towards the war and which has developed over the
centuries an impressive military force. The country relies entirely on
its agriculture and its military government and the people’s deep
commitment to these values. Kournan also houses a population of centaurs
fully vested in their service.

5. Vabbi

North / East Kournans is Vabbi. It is a plutocracy ruled by merchant
princes from among the richest and most powerful. They completely run
the country despite apparent signs of democracy. It is an extremely rich
country but who spends more spending in the festivities and events that
military forces. The country is not lacking, far from it, but it relies
primarily on using Kournans in the field, each playing to its
advantages over the other. It’s just a life lesson for Merchant Princes,
where the label has paramount importance in the relations or diplomacy.

6. The Order of the Sunspear

Although these 3 provinces are Elona, the country is not unified in
itself and each region is independent of the others. The country has no
government and clean, all based on an agreement and cordial exchange of
services. However, the country has a unifying element, the Sunspear.
This sequence is found throughout the continent. It obeys no government
and the Lancers are neutral. Their mission is to protect Elona evil they
have done for centuries and continue to do so today. Many threats
continue to loom over Elona and their struggle is constant.

7. The adventure first:

This is a small summary of the universe Nightfall presented in a much
more comprehensive and rich in the booklet that came with the game box A
fairly comprehensive booklet that point of view and providing a very
detailed presentation of the game is about thing often found in RPGs for
PC and for my part I have always liked. A good box full of information
about the game and created the universe has always been one of the
attractions of RPG pc for me, sometimes provided with a map (available
here only in the collector’s version). While, in general, RPG PC does
not offer scenarios like the RPG console, they are often highly treated
at the background and Nightfall is no exception, fortunately. It is also
important to note that Nightfall, as had been announced, is far more
scripted than most Factions and Prophecies. Many scriptwriting phase
will occur regularly. They are also fully lined with a tone about right
though some voices are a bit strange but all goes well. ArenaNet has
announced that it would focus on the POI (Person vs. Environment) with
this opus and this scenario more and more developed was a must. However,
do not expect something with a work staged. If the cinematics are well
done, they rely primarily on the game engine and modeling based on your

So do not expect bombastic scenes, anyway, given the number of
opportunities for groups, this would not have been possible. The
scenario has as main goal to immerse yourself in the universe, there is
almost no chance that a player it means personally, it remains on an
online game, do not forget. For me the story I did not marked but it is
read with some interest. Especially the world of Nightfall that I found
particularly successful, well built and what is more sublime. The
landscapes and scenery of the game are magnificent. The scenery is total
in this universe African beauty that combine different cultures and
environments of the kind on which we set a contemplative look easy
during our wanderings. In addition, music by Jeremy Soule and Julian,
whose musical talent is most evident, marries perfectly with the
universe and the atmosphere is even more magical. The enchantment is
such that anything that’s why the game deserves to be tried

8. Exploration in GW

Everything has been done for the player to the player live a great
adventure. Nightfall offers more missions, primary or secondary, as
Factions. The bestiary is once more varied and fits very well with its
surroundings. Immersion settled so well and helps players who do not
hesitate to repeat and endlessly fighting to win rare items or useful
for the development of their character, to spend hours exploring the
country . However, players who try their luck in a straight line and not
tempted by the desire to fight for hours can also find happiness
through a development well supported quests and their rewards. However,
like any good RPG, it will still often return to experience and money if
we want to achieve a decent level and equipment. Do not expect to
finish the game doing only the main quests, unless you’ve already
optimized characters in previous games. Many more quests and rewards
will regularly prompt the player to leave on an adventure to earn points
Sunspear and move up the hierarchy of order. With these points you can
buy new skills or improve certain spells. It should be noted that to
progress in the main scenario, a number of points in the Sun is also

9. The points of the Su

The life becomes relative. Normally, this kind of game has an infinite
life, or at least until you’ve had enough or that the servers are all
HS. Taking into account just the main quest it varies. If, like me
initially, you begin the game with an old character with already the
best armor and level 20 (the maximum in GW), you can easily finish the
game by a score of hours minimum, at least if you are a hard and you go
with your team already formed and welded. Many players had finished two
days after the release of the game, you say. If you start a new job, add
a good ten hours. If you intend to explore all Elona then, track down
the boss of each area, finish all the missions of cooperation with the
rank of Master, do all missions, take all multiply by 2 and 3 to see
whether you are beginner or already broken in the field. All this can go
even further if you want to create Builds foolproof, that you are
looking for the best weapons in the game (the Green), best armor and
explore the new Underworld (ie keep the sick of the game) proposed.

10. The Dead in GW

  • New jobs, or how to recycle in life:
  • Nightfall as a result would not be one without new jobs to be put
    in the tooth. For former players of Guild Wars, two new free sites will
    be created to allow them to try these new jobs without having to clear
    another character. The two new jobs are:

11. The Dervish

The Dervish is a kind of warrior or priest to false. They are less
resistant than the Warriors. In addition, they prevent the weapon to
equip a shield but it is particularly destructive. They are holy
warriors who fight and make use of spells to defeat. They may even, by
winning the elite powers, appeal to the gods of Elona and take them as a
period of time.

12. The Paragon

The Paragon is also a holy warrior who fights but remotely using a
javelin. Less powerful but more resistant than the Dervish is primarily a
supporting character who uses his singing or the cries of war to heal
or encourage his camp during the fighting. That did not stop to cause
heavy damage to the enemy through his techniques in javelin and be more
resistant to attack than the average for other jobs.

Otherwise, there are obviously jobs Prophecies with the Warrior, tank or
nag absolute Monk, healer and assigned high demand, the Elementalist,
who has a panel of very open spell, the magician who has the gift of
life rotting wizards, rogues, archers using the spirits of nature,
animals and a whole bunch of trick to attack the enemy from a distance
and finally the Necromancer, cursing the enemy, him pumping his energy
and creates an army of dead. The jobs of Assassins and Ritualists are
not present and are therefore suitable for Factions. New armor just fill
the already extensive collection of these jobs, even for the two
forgotten. New weapons and new skins so if you decide to recreate a
character. They adapt well to secure the world of Elona and culture of
Elona in the choice of headgear or skin tonE.

Each job has a total of 4 characteristics that influence the skills
learned during the game and reinforcing each level rise. In addition,
you can choose a secondary job during the game. You will only have 3
more features but also the opportunity to learn skills for this job. The
opportunities can expand the combinations between the two jobs. Of
course, it is always possible to change secondary job, a certain level
of play reached. The selectable character skills are always in number 8.
A sure to choose the most effective combination according to the
mission, and this can vary enormously. The arrival of new jobs can
extend these opportunities and create new combinations destructive.
However, given the number of opportunities available, the player will
have many hours prior to even what the tower that it will release with
its main job only.

These skills are learned in mission rewards, but also to master through
skill points and money. Added to this elite skills. As the name implies,
they are superior skills recognized by their gold frame. The only
chance to have one of these skills is to capture it. For this, we need
to go see a master of skill and buy him a seal capture. Once a boss
defeated enemies crowned a particular color indicating their job and
usually has a name, use the seal and you can steal one of his skills.
This only works well on with the enemy with the same job as you, main
and secondary. If you already have all the powers of the boss, the seal
will remain valid until you capture anything. However, you can equip
yourself as an elite skill.

13. Heroes at your service:

Of course, who says online gaming involves playing with other players.
It is anyway impossible to get many missions alone and it is important
to find allies. Fortunately, for the timid, Guild Wars supplied to
recruit mercenaries. It found various jobs in the game on the same end,
we finally integrate characters of the main timeline as the monk or
warrior Mhenlo Devona. However, nothing replaces a good team player but I
must admit that sometimes it is better as a band of mercenaries led by
an RN simplistic as to team with some players. And yes, this is probably
the main drawback of online games is that as in life you can meet
people extras, nice and pleasant but also brutalized, the fuckers shit,
idiots, do not chew our words, and yet I’m nice. There are also
uncertainties in the net with unexpected disconnections in battle,
players who stop playing when the IRL is you set foot on earth
unexpectedly, phone, etc. … Thus, for solo players and those who fail
to complete a group but is reluctant to rely on a mercenary, Nightfall
introduces this episode with the hero.

14. Sharing gains :

Heroes are important characters in the plot as he could be or should
Mhenlo in Prophecies and Faction. The difference is that Heroes act as
mercenaries that you can upgrade at your convenience. We may as well
give them some directions as attacking the enemy you are targeting,
protect mages or avoid combat. In addition, you can position them
individually or in groups with your mercenaries, some places on the map
by placing baleen. They can also go in level at the same pace as you. It
has control over the development of their characteristics but also
their skills, skills that you can choose yourself. We can teach them
that those that have already been acquired with the character in one way
or another. In the case of a job we would not yet developed, the Hero
has basic skills but you can unlock more by earning points in the sun
and turning to an NPC labeled "Jurisdiction heroes. Add to that the
influence on the weapons. You can, in effect, choose their weapons and
even improve their armor by performing specific tasks. Developed
intelligently, a hero can be very effective, much more than a stupid
player who rushes into the crowd without thinking of the group. The
presence of a hero is sometimes imposed by the scenario, you can not
ignore some of them.

Several heroes are available, almost everyone, a representative of jobs
offered by the game you find even a murderer but it will only be
available for owners of Factions. Only the ritualistic subscriber is
absent from this list. While some heroes are recruited automatically,
you will sometimes find other exploring Elona see outside. You’ll also
sometimes have to choose between some mercenaries. For example, from the
beginning, you will have to choose Sousuke, a Jin elementalist or a
vagrant. Everything depends on your needs at the time because whatever
the basic skills of each, you can reformat them according to your
desires and needs.

15. Play together instead of fighting :

Another advantage of Hero is that now you can take with you, even
outside of Elona. If you have Prophecies and / or Factions, you can
store your mercenaries with you. However, if you create a new character,
the hero who will begin attached to the core level, you will recruit
them again (the opportunity to change too) and improve along with this
new character. This is altogether logical because their presence is part
of the scenario. Anyway, if not level, you can raise your arms from one
character to another through the stock system that works for all your
characters in one account. It is also noteworthy that the mercenaries
did not disappear. Indeed, the number of heroes to recruit is not
restricted but you can take in only 3 with you. Thus, you must rely on
mercenaries if you choose to go solo, forming a complete group. Here you
will find the old Heroes of Prophecies with Mhenlo, Aidan, Devona, Cynn
and Eve (my favorite, not try to understand for those who know) as well
as mercenaries to the complementary sticky world of Elona. However, if
they played a role in the plot of previous episodes, they have none and
are used here only for reinforcement.

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