Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Walkthrough


Series mythical if any, Command & Conquer is about to host its
final chapter with Tiberian Twilight. With his mug will, the game does
not just capitalize on the strengths of its predecessors, but instead
defines a completely new formula, the risk of destabilizing the fans.
The scenario Command & Conquer 4 takes place after the events of
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars , the game acclaimed by critics.
We are in 2062 and humanity is on the brink of extinction. There are
only six years before the strange crystalline mineral called Tiberium
renders the Earth entirely uninhabitable. The two rival factions – the
Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and Brotherhood of Nod – trying
desperately to reach the same goal: to prevent the Tiberium to
annihilate mankind. The unthinkable became reality and Kane, the
enigmatic leader of Nod, en route to the headquarters of the GDI. What
does intrigue at the heart of the enemy base?

The game is based in the year 2062, humanity found itself on the brink
of extinction. Tiberium, the mysterious, alien crystalline structure
that infested Earth for decades and caused years of relentless conflict
between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod,
was close to rendering the planet uninhabitable. In the midst of this
crisis, Kane, Nod’s prophetic leader, emerged from seclusion to deliver
GDI the message that he had developed a system that could control
Tiberium and harness its power. But he could not build this “Tiberium
Control Network” without GDI’s cooperation. Thus, the two opposing
factions—GDI and Nod—found themselves in a desperate and unlikely
alliance to stop Tiberium from extinguishing mankind. Now, after 15
years, the network is nearly complete. Tiberium is under strict control
and our revitalized planet is on the cusp of a new age of prosperity
and progress. It is only now that the world’s citizens begin to
seriously ponder why Kane chose to help, and what he will want in
return. These questions and more lead to the dramatic final act of the
Tiberium saga.

Not especially talkative on the screenplay for their next title (just
know that there will be more serious than usual), developers of Command
& Conquer 4 we have nonetheless found that this new episode of the
famous franchise s ‘organized around a simple question: why Kane aid
does GDI? The sprightly (and more or less immortal) dictator has indeed
shown a little more friendly than usual with his enemies always on the
first trailer of the STR, and we would obviously expect to see the
outcome – as promised Dante – of the single player campaign of Command
& Conquer 4 to discover what the secret plan of NOD increvable
messiah prepares us this time. Without revelations scriptwriting, it
suffices to learn more about the gameplay of 4 Command & Conquer,
and it is not worse when we see how it has changed. The foundation is
in the past, in the Command & Conquer again, our army will be based
on the power of Crawler, a great unit from which we deploy our units on
the fly without losing the battle of view. Besides this large mobile
base, the other major innovation of the STR system will come from his
class novel, which we asked to choose between attack, defense and
support in the beginning of the game. This decision stems from our
style of play, knowing such a Crawler-type carrier is able to pass over
obstacles impassable to others or to buffer the units where a defense
specialist deploy turrets formidable on the ground.

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Game Info:

Ultimate evolution of a series that all players in the world have
approached at least once in their lives, well appointed Tiberian
Twilight is in danger of upsetting a lot of little things. We begin
first by the scenario, which sees the alliance against nature of GDI
(Global Defense Initiative) and the Brotherhood of NOD, the two main
warring factions in this universe. Why such a sacrilege you ask, no
doubt? Well simply because the Earth is dying. The Tiberium this
mineral essential but toxic, effect threatens to spread throughout the
world and to make life impossible. While leaders of GDI swim in full
despair, Kane, the charismatic leader of the terrorist organization
NOD, announces that it holds the key to the salvation of humanity and
offers a truce. One suspects that this obviously fragile peace – born
of the imminent prospect of the extinction of the race – will not last
very long. To not change, it will thus be two separate campaigns during
which the two sides will happily on the mug.

Beyond this initial approach unprecedented, Command & Conquer 4
will be a pleasure to introduce a gaggle of changes in the traditional
gameplay of the series, both solo and in multiplayer. Indeed, this
latter aspect that interests us now because we finally had the pleasure
of practicing LAN play at a party hosted in 2 cons 2 (the app is still
capable of supporting 5 matches in 5 cons). We note in passing that
Tiberian Twilight propose to form "groups" of players online, a little
bit like Xbox Live. This option will allow a bunch of buddies to jump
through and all without having to mascagni for three leads for reaching
coordinate everyone. But back to our sheep and the battle itself. A
battle that your humble servant has had the pleasure to cross while
sitting next to Joe Kucan, the actor who portrays Kane in all the
videos in the series. The latter, of course, defending the colors of
NOD, will not hesitate to cheat shamelessly ogled by our laborers and
transmitting them to its ally. We recognize again the perfidy of any

Game Walkthrough:

Kane. GDI. Nod. Tiberium. How will it end? We have to find out in
Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight, told through gritty
live-action cinematics, persistent player progression, and a multitude
of innovations to the classic fast and fluid Command & Conquer
gameplay. Before the start of the game, he had to choose a class, a
class which determines the type of troops that you will access later.
You decide if you want to focus on attacking style and enjoy powerful
ground units to align or defensive turrets and infantry specialty. The
third class focuses on logically enough "support" and offers various
equipment as well as air forces capable of striking quickly across the
battlefield. In good nag your favorite editor has therefore opted for
an attacking formation. However, whatever your decision, your progress
and your tactical imperative turn around a single building, to be able
to produce absolutely every unit you need on the ground. This building
is also a bit unusual since it is mobile, hence the name of MCV (Mobile
Construction Vehicle). Consistency when you hold us! Very quickly we
were able to deploy small units, handy for exploring the area and
secure the first key. But that was only small fry, a necessary evil
before dropping on the ground a formidable Titan MK II, capable of
making big holes in his opponents. A generous behemoth with missile
launchers, also evoking the horrific beasts of the Imperial Empire
Strikes Back, had also appeared to help us in our work of destruction.

In the mission we were interested this time, we found support for the
restoration of a super carrier crashed into NOD territory, with the
sole purpose of putting his hand on a control site resources. Once we
chose Crawler and "delivered" on site, the command unit could instantly
start knowing that it is possible to produce up to four units while
moving before having to stop and anchor the super unit ground for that
it "Pond" new members of our military. The initial skirmishes have
enabled us to reconsider some conventional units of the franchise in
versions necessarily somewhat modified, or cross some charming
newcomers. At the corner of a canyon, we encounter the wreck and more
or less intact to a great unity that we can capture and add to our
military after the intervention of one of our engineers. Be careful not
to lose this new toy during a particularly intense baston, however,
control may then fall into the hands of an enemy, particularly
opportunistic. And if the struggle is certainly to our disadvantage,
the total destruction of our Crawler will not mean an end is in Command
& Conquer 4. After openly mocked us by holographic communication
intermediary, our supervisor will send a new course to our mobile base
position (knowing that it is possible to change class for each respawn)
a very violent landing on the noggin of ‘army in the face.

The forces of NOD did not fail to bite either, and he quickly had to
deal with infantry centurions a defense-oriented player. And indeed,
the soldiers in question were particularly sensitive to explode because
of their force field frontal able to collect a layer of good shots.
Basically, the only way to get rid of the junk was to make a joyful
circumvention to shoot them in the back. Lack of bowl our little
helpers to make them bite the dust were regularly thwarted by some
Scorpions and other stealth tanks, already known to fans. After several
minutes of fierce fighting, the victory was finally drawn to GDI
through the strong intervention of an entire fleet of flying units.
Whew! To conclude this little overview of the monster, you also know
that your performance in multi or solo, you will gain experience to
unlock new units and new improvements to be used throughout the Thurs
In other words, all your efforts will always lead to new tactical
options. You then put a long time to discover all the subtleties of the
Command & Conquer 4.

It must be said that the extermination of other players will not be our
main goal in Command & Conquer 4: in all cases and even in
multiplayer, it will be the objectives to be met which will decide the
winner. Beating the opposition will obviously have an interest in
delaying the enemy advance, especially if one considers that each enemy
destroyed and filled our goal to bring back the XP on our permanent
account. This online profile that will automatically update throughout
our feats (either solo or multi) allow the release of additional units,
usable in all game modes to Command & Conquer 4. One thing is
certain in all cases the final episode of the saga Tiberium will be
placed permanently under the sign of innovation to its release.

Command & Conquer 4 will make a masterful conclusion to the
Tiberium universe. Fans will discover the fate of the Earth, the Nod to
Tiberium, the GDI and, especially, the real designs as Kane goes for
all these years. In addition to the two campaigns with dramatic battles
of GDI and Nod, as players can lead alone or in cooperative mode,
Command & Conquer 4 will also feature a new multiplayer mode with
goals in 5 against 5, which will emphasize teamwork and cooperation
while providing an experience of real-time strategy game in
unprecedented Command & Conquer.

Game Features:


  • The Epic Conclusion to the Tiberium Saga – Kane returns in the
    thrilling conclusion to one of gaming’s longest running storylines,
    told through gritty live-action cinematics. Choose to take on the
    campaign solo or team up with a friend and play cooperatively!

  • Persistent Player Progression – The more enemy units you destroy,
    the more experience points you earn to progress your player profile!
    Level up to unlock new units, powers, and upgrades to make your army
    more powerful!

  • Always on the Move – For the first time ever in the C&C series:
    a massive, mobile, all-in-one base, The Crawler, lets you pack up and
    move your base with your army for a new layer of strategic depth. Build
    units as you move across the field, and deploy whenever and wherever
    you choose!

  • Choose Your Class – Choose from three unique classes from both GDI
    and Nod, each with its own specialized units and powers, for more
    strategic and combative options that match your play style of choice!
    Offense, Defense, or Support classes—which will you pick?

  • Team Up and Take the Battle Online – Join your fellow commanders
    online and tackle your opponents in the biggest C&C multiplayer to
    date, featuring 5 vs 5 objective-based battles! Choose your favorite
    class and take online strategy action to the next level as you conquer
    objectives while pummeling your enemies. The all-new party system lets
    you move with your party of friends from one online battle to the next.



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