Silent Hunter V Battle of the Atlantic Walkthrough

A true cinematic naval battle across the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Silent Hunter 5 ventures into territories hitherto unexplored by diving players behind the periscope of a German U-boats to fight the Allied forces across the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and that during the Second World War. Like a Cycling Manager or Flight Simulator, the license Silent Hunter occupies a place somewhat apart in the gaming landscape. The series, Ubisoft has built its reputation by focusing on what is called a niche: namely the simulation of underwater combat. In this niche, it evolves into a quasi-monopoly, a comfortable position to retain market share but that does not always to renew itself. Has mastered the art of war submarine from a third opus particularly unifying, Silent Hunter has seduced simulation enthusiasts and sea battles in combining just enough action to tactical adjustments that many cherish strategists Sunday. Enough for these settings can still affect the behavior of our "nautilus Germanic" with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. The mania of the periscope and it will give heart to joy by adjusting the immersion depth of their baby, changing the speed torpedoes or making some course corrections to a degree. It will however go through a few keyboard shortcuts, the default controls have been greatly simplified.

A U-Boat turnkey :

Indeed, pilot a submarine wants much more accessible in SH5, a set of options "predetermined" to move from a situation type to another without having to make calculations of scholars. Regarding the depth of immersion, for example, simply click on an icon to surface or to place a periscope depth to a diving emergency. This simplification will probably not taste all the purists but it should convince those who drop quickly in the face of interfaces play a little tight. SH5 has also bent over backwards to lure them and especially by promoting their "immersion". The fifth component is the first where we can walk freely in a submarine, faithfully reconstructed, and in the middle of a crew from the deck officer to cook through the gunner and boatswain . And while the first person please! For some, it’s like almost mythical in the movie Das Boot by Wolfgang Petersen and one regrets more than doubling in German subtitles is not available

At the bottom of the ocean, no one will hear you cry :

Finally … the beautiful impressions conveyed by our wanderings in the monster of steel and mild excitement at the approach of a British vessel belonging to the time theory as SH5, like his predecessors in their time, is the victim syndrome the "game buggy to the core" of which we can judge the true value play after a number of patches fixes now undefined. It is true that we see a little of everything in SH5: torpedoes that adopt improbable trajectories or ricochet on the surface of the water like billiard balls, random crashes after which we’ll see our submarine pain roll through the streets of Kiel … Of course it is bad form when it claims to grow the fiber "simulationist" …
Very variable depending on your configuration, the bugs seem especially today suffer from the use of time compression which is testing the computational speed of our computers. The fact is that the unpleasant feeling of being in the presence of a beta back regularly. An impression reinforced by the incomplete translation of the manual and some tutorials screens that persist in giving commands with the keys to the U.S. (as if we were all equipped with keyboards qwerty).

Telescope, Microscope, seismoscopes :

On the other hand, the discovery of past environments modeled with a certain application, it must go to the obvious move in his submarine (and platform) adds nothing to an insane license ad ‘First and foremost earned his stripes through his noble character sharp and demanding. Okay, he is always sympathetic to chat with the chief engineer or radio operator (especially if you play without time compression), but without being ugly, the crew did not have d ‘a model which can make their company a must. As for the travel required to pass the bridge where the periscope torpedo compartment, you’ll soon be regarded as dispensable or even frank chores. Moreover, these sequences, which require mandatory use of the keyboard, do not fit very well in the middle of the action more "traditional" gameplay.

Silent Hunter, however, retains a strong background in game but does not completely fulfill its goal of popularizing its mechanisms to attract a wider audience. This fifth episode is not the only one advise to casual gamers and it does not necessarily prevail as the best game in the series either (although in this case, the patches coming may eventually tip the balance). And then there’s always this argument about the DMR protection established by Ubisoft for its latest PC games, a controversy that swells and generates fairly strong reaction from some players. Everyone will feel differently disadvantages of such a device, it is true, does nothing positive to the gaming experience.

The reference simulations submarine, Silent Hunter is back with a new episode. It will lead you inside the battles of the Atlantic. Discover an advanced command system that will immerse you in the heart of the action with the new view to the first one.

  • Order genuine German U-Boat Type VII of the Second World War faithfully reproduced.
  • Relive the greatest battles of the Atlantic through a dynamic campaign in which your decisions have a direct impact on evolution conflict.
  • Face up to 7 players online or cooperate with them in missions scripted.

Game plot :

The Second World War is an excellent breeding ground for many titles with pretensions warmongers. One branch is made up of classic titles that have been developed for the Silent Hunter series since 1996, which has dragged thousands of unconditional fascinated by your gaming system based on combat submarines. Now Ubisoft is preparing the launch of the fifth installment of the franchise, Silent Hunter 5, a title that once again takes us into the bowels of a bathyscaphe and leave during the first third of the year for PC. Although the Silent Hunter franchise began betting on the coalition of the Allies in the final two installments of players have had to play the Axis armies address (first German and later Japanese). This Silent Hunter 5 repeat on this side of the battle, recovering well from Silent Hunter 3 scenarios, and battles taking place located between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Silent Hunter 5 seems to have been keen to chart the development of control and versatility. Now, we have total freedom to move the submarine under the skin of the ship’s captain, and the handling of troops will be much more pronounced (and is also crucial to the development of the game). It is precisely at this point that fans of the series will see new seasonings that have been marinated this episode, as we interact with the crew with a first-person control.
This new feature makes Silent Hunter 5 wins in realism, but also in tension and claustrophobia, and that the correct decisions will jeopardize the success or failure during the submarine campaign. To do this, Silent Hunter 5 provides for a system based on moral and experience of the troops, if not properly managed, could lead to defeat.

Walkthrough :


A). TYPE VIIA  –  The Type VII A attack U-boat variant was designed and built in the years preceding the beginning of the Second World War and was intended to replace the small Type II as a more powerful, more robust and long-ranged alternative. The W carried 11 torpedoes onboard and on the surface employed the fast-firing 88 cm deck gun. Before the battle of the Atlantic however, most Type VII A’s were either lost or relegated to training duties in favor of the more capable types.

B). TYPE VIIB      –  This variant was designed fix some drawbacks of the Type VII A, namely limited fuel capacity and speed. The ‘Be had additional 33 tons of fuel in external saddle tanks, was slightly faster and employed two rudders for added agility. The torpedo armament was also improved. By moving the aft tube inside the boat and by adding two more watertight compartments under the upper deck, the number of torpedoes carried rose to 14

C). TYPE VIIC  –  With over 500 commissioned during the war, the was the workhorse of the German Navy and was seen wherever U-boats operated. Essentially a slightly modified version of the successful VII B, it had the same engine layout and power but was larger and heavier which also made it slower and less maneuverable.

D). TYPE VIIC/41 – The VIIC/41 was a slightly modified version of the original VII C and had the same engine layout and power. The improvements came in I e shape of improved pressure hull, giving it more depth to evade =flacks and lighter machinery to compensate for the added steel in the ull, which made it lighter than its predecessor.


1. Chief Engineer –  Josef Erdmann :

Josef is just a good, hard working guy. He has a friendship with the Captain and speaks openly with him. Josef is an excellent LI, very creative and hands on. Josef is not pro war at all, and feels very responsible for his crew. He has a wife and son and he just wants to end this war so his son never has to fight in his life. He has a weak spot for sweats and candy.

Job description: The Chief Engineer is the most senior officer onboard apart from the captain and master of the technical branch. His main duty is supervising diving operation of the uboat, the daily trim and the maintenance of mechanical systems. If the need arises, he can lead a damage control team to repair critical damage. He is also is the man who must set the explosives to scuttle the boat and prevent capture by the enemy.

2. Executive officer : Erich von Dobenecker

Erich is a career navy officer who recently graduated from the Marine Schule Flensburg-Mürwik, the school that both his father and Karl Donitz graduated from. Dobenecker’s father and Donitz have been long time friends, both encouraging Erich to a career in the Kriegsmarine. But when Erich lost an eye during a training exercise at school, his naval career seemed over before it started. But thanks to his father’s close relationship with Donitz, Erich still graduated and was assigned to be XO on a U-Boot. Erich is extremely loyal to his father and Donitz and very pro Nazi. He also of course wants to prove himself.

Job description: The XO or 1st Watch Officer is second in command, ready to take all his responsibilities if the captain is injured or dead in combat. Beside that he is man in charge of submarine weapons and the one that normally conducts surface torpedo attacks, while the captain is busy taking tactical decisions.

3. Watch officer: Dieter Epp –

Enthusiastic, a bit inexperienced, but ready to jump into battle, brave. He respects us as captain and plays jokes especially on the uptight XO; he always plays tricks on the crew, and often gets into trouble with the Bosun for it. He is somehow opportunistic and also a bit racist. There is one thing he hates though. If you shorten his name to Depp (which means idiot in German) he gets very upset. He thinks it’s not funny and begins to pout.

Job description: The (2nd) Watch officer is the junior officer onboard the submarine and responsible for the watch crew and sensor systems. During surface runs he can be found on the conning deck, while underwater he is normally present in the radio room, supervising the hydrophone and ready to relay information to the command room.

4. Bosun : Herbert Heine

Born and raised in Marburg to six siblings and very strict parents, Herbert is a descendent of the famous German poet Heinrich Heine. Being the oldest of 4 brothers and two sisters, Herbert was forced into responsibility at young age. He acquired good organization/people skills, but was never able to explore his creative side. His parents were poor and so a military career was his only option. Deep in his heart he wishes to be a poet like his famous great grandfather. He writes poems secretly on the side yet never dares to show them to anybody, especially not the crew which need to respect him as a tough Bosun.

Job description: The bosun is the petty officer responsible with discipline among the crew, to maintain it or impose it.

5. Cook : Olaf Hackl Hacklander

Olaf grew up under impoverished circumstances; his family had lost everything after the WWI. His father blamed the British and the treaty of Versailles, fueling anti-English sentiment in the young Olaf. Olaf wanted to join the Kriegsmarine, but didn’t match all the physical requirement, and so he became a cook. Olaf is pro Germany, perhaps a bit pro Nazi and wants payback. His personal hobby is playing the violin; about as bad as he cooks, which gets him into constant trouble with the Bosun.

Job description: Even that his main job was to cook for the crew; the chef has a petty officer rank. Cook skills were maybe one of the most important on the board, since quality of food was direct proportional with crew mood, hence the performance.

6. Diesel motor officer: Willi Pelz

Willi was born and raised in Munich, Bavaria where he began his training as an engineer for BMW motor works. But when his family moved to Kiel at the age of 17, he found a new passion: Boats! So going to the navy and becoming an engineer was a clear path for him. He first worked on regular boats but being promoted to Chief Mechanic was easier on a submarine. And so he joined the U-Boots. Willi loves his engines more than his friends. He loves the grease, the smell the noise. He has lost one fingertip to his engines and has a cut below his eye from repairs. Willi is highly dependable and quite innovative when it comes to increasing the boat’s performance. He is a passionate gambler and loves to play cards. The only thing is he hates to lose. Willi is for winning the war, but not pro Nazi.

Job description: The Diesel Officer is responsible for diesel engine maintenance and performance, directly subordinated to Chief Engineer.

7. Gunner: Max Bauer

Born and raised in Wilhelmshaven to a father who worked in the docks. Max was a boxing amateur. He is a simple force of nature. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, very physical, strong and athletic. Before he joined the navy he dreamed of becoming a professional boxer, but he got a girl pregnant, hat to marry and needed to make money and so he joined the navy. He is rather quiet, only comes to life when talking about boxing. He is a skilled gunner, politically unmotivated, but doesn’t feel he has a choice about the war.

Job description: The Gunner leads the deck and flak gun teams; His aiming skills are decisive in surface battles, and most treasured against aircraft threat. When running underwater you will find the Gunner in the Stern Torpedo Room, lending a hand to the crew there.

8. Navigator Emil Dubler  :  the Dinosaur –

Emil is the oldest crew on the ship. He has already served on a submarine in WWI. After the war he had troubles returning to a civilian life, and never really integrated. (He was forced to work for the allies who demoralized him completely.) He began to drink and served as a navigator on smaller freighters. Now, with a new war on the horizon, Emil thinks he can re-write history and finally see his beloved Germany win. He identifies with Hitler’s vision of punishing the victors of WWI for what they had done to the Germans. Emil is usually very quiet and pretty nerdy. He keeps to himself, but does occasionally drink. He is an excellent navigator and brings a lot of experience to the table. They call him the dinosaur, because he is a relic from WWI.

Job description: His main job is everything related to navigation and also he is in charge of provisioning of supplies. The navigator responsibility is to be always aware of ship position; he will also plan all the routes taken.

9. Radioman: Wolfram Wolfi Raabe –

Wolfram has always had a passion for radios. He loves technology and is also very innovative. He is the second youngest crew on board, and still transitioning from boyhood to manhood. But his ears are excellent; his ability to handle stress is less good. Wolfi has his respect with the crew, simply because they know their lives depend on him, so he is often spared harassment. Wolfi is usually very professional but can be very stubborn. He also does not shy away from fighting if need be. His father passed away at an early age, so he was raised by his older brother and mother. He joined the navy after he was recruited at an event. Wolfi is not a Nazi, but believes it is his duty to serve the fatherland.

Job description: The petty officer in charge with communication with the outside world and can send requests for orders or resupply to the HQ. He may also intercept enemy radio transmission, though a trained opponent is hard to catch in this way. In moments of rest, the radioman could bring up some joy among the crew by playing music on the gramophone or tune the radio to hear news from home.

10. Soundman: Benno Scheu

Benno is really still just a boy. He joined the navy after his father felt he was too much a ‘mama’s boy’. Benno is really a sensitive guy, and not tough like the rest of the U-boot crew. Hence he is often the victim of their comments or harassments. Benno doesn’t really have any friends on the sub, and tries to avoid the other crew. Bosun looks after him but can’t always keep him from getting harassed. Benno always writes letters to his mother, which of course when found is even more fodder against him Benno begins to cry if stress is too high.

Job description: He was the petty officer behind the hydrophone; basically he was the eyes and ears of the submarine underwater. His role was I vital one, both survival and attacks depends on him.

11. Torpedo Officer: Kurt steck sie rein Faust

Kurt was born and raised in Hamburg, joined the Kriegsmarine when he was 16. He is confident and a ladies’ man. He always hides dirty magazines and collects American pin-ups. His nickname ‘steck sie rein’ means put her in, referring of course to the torpedoes he loads. But it’s of course also a sexual innuendo. He always has a dirty joke to tell and makes fun of the younger crew, especially Benno. Kurt is not a real Nazi, but gets a kick out of sinking other ships.

Job description: He was responsible with all torpedoes handling and maintenance. The torpedo officer was supervising all crew allocated to the torpedo rooms. His knowledge about warheads and propulsion systems could play an essential role in offensive efficiency.


Total Germany campaign. September 1939.


Britain and France declared war to Germany following their invasion of Poland. The player’s long term goal is to try and cut off Britain’s supplies forcing her out of the war. Great Britain possesses one of the largest naval fleet and Germany is no match for her. This will make the U-boats Germany’s main offensive weapon against the British. Being an island, the British are highly depended on imported goods taken from their colonies to the mainland. Attacking these ships would ultimately diminish their ability to wage war and even the will of the people to fight. Also, they have a system of coastal convoys routing supplies all over the country where they are needed. This means there is shipping to be sunk in coastal areas. Few in numbers, but deadly against British convoys, the German surface fleet operates in Atlantic too. In order to reach this area, they have to go across England, through Denmark Strait or between Faeroe and Iceland. The British know this and have created dedicated patrols through these areas.

The U-boats can help the surface fleet by engaging the patrols or acting as spotters for the German “big guns”. Later on, Germany will invade Norway to secure the vital supply line of ore coming from Sweden. The Allies will try strike back and force their way into Norway. Again U-boat -will act in the first line providing early warning and assistance to the invasion fleet against the British retaliation.There is one main goal, but there isn’t only one way to complete it. An event leads to another while it alters the world too.

Here’s one possible scenario that a player can go through during the Total Germany campaign:

Coastal convoys are important to England as they route the transatlantic supplies all over the nation. Most of the convoys sail without escort, relying only on the air cover provided from the mainland. Disturbing these supply lines will create a great deal of damage to the British, but mostly, will force them to provide escorts for this convoys. This will make the ocean going convoys more vulnerable with fewer escorts covering them.

The German surface fleet can engage the Atlantic convoys too if they break in. The only place through which they can break is the Denmark Strait or between Iceland and Faeroe. The British know this and have formed patrols in these areas. U-boats can be very successful against this patrols and due to their vital importance, the British will continue to replace their losses. This will affect them in other areas too as their pool of escort ships is limited. Also, there are other benefits it this objective is achieved. The German surface fleet can break into the Atlantic, the coastal waters or oceanic convoys will have less cover, while sinking highly valuable ship types, like aircraft carriers, will force the British to remove them from patrols.

With fear that the Allies may invade Norway and cut off their vital ore supplies, the Germans decided to invade first. The British will retaliate and send their “big guns” against the German invasion fleet. U-boats have a personal stake in it as Norway can provide great submarine bases, closer to the Atlantic, allowing them to spend more time on patrol against the Atlantic convoys.

The most important supply routes pass through the North Atlantic. Coming from Nova Scotia or Gibraltar, they reach England through South Western Approaches. These supplies allow the British to wage war against Germany. Strong and in high numbers, the British can’t go down in one swift blow, but without supplies, their war effort will be diminished, their people’s will tested and it will be only a matter of time until they’ll break down.

Gameplay :

From 1939 to 1945 the Nazi submarine technology, as terrible as fascinating, did not spare liners and ships and rescue supplies had as its primary objective of the Allies. But the imaginary submarine remains distant from that awful field of battle.

Although war is always terrible aura of mystery and strategy that always surrounds them and their silent war is what matters, at least to remain within the boundaries of video game series produced to date. The campaign then, after the brackets the fourth chapter brings us back to the command of a German submarine, a submarine involved in the invasion of Poland. The first objective has three ships ahead of us almost defenseless in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Easily eliminated the weak threat we can do is go back to Kiel and then face a new mission. From this moment on you seriously. Opponents move and above all defend. Begins the hunt. The best way to spot the enemies is to sit on deck with the captain and two lookouts who show us physically possible sightings. Once in vivo or during attempts to quiet approach you’ll want to keep below the surface of the water by giving sight to the periscope. In both situations you can give orders to the crew or act directly on the command for launching torpedoes or to fire the gun if some external enemy has caught unprepared as he stared at the horizon wrong on the upper terrace.

The tools needed are always present in the lower left and upper right. We find the depth indicator which allows us to immerse ourselves slowly or quickly, the rudder, some direct orders, the forward speed of the game, the selector that allows us to say to the engine room if you speed up or slow down and map key to navigate to the goals and set up shipping routes, more or less time consuming. The series has already become accustomed to a radical change in gameplay to vary the difficulty and Silent Hunter 5 is no different. At the lowest level of simulation, the title is almost an arcade, to those who are the vast expanses of sea to cross and it is always necessary to calculate the route well, look carefully at the skyline. But we find no other obstacle.

The torpedoes hit the target almost always while countermeasures are almost infallible in saving us from the enemies. Raising the level simulated the question becomes much more complex but allows customization to hold a higher difficulty without having to know by heart the mechanics of submarines , as it happened with the previous chapters. We can in fact enjoy a high degree of simulation during the clashes, without including the need to recharge batteries and compressed air, despite increases realism and there is still the possibility of increasing the speed of play, often translates into long pauses and nonsensical.

The atmosphere is quite good, volumetric clouds are not all bad, the waves and foam of the engines are defended bravely. In addition, the campaign and missions offer significant historical insights as the defense of Bismarck, the legendary German battleship hunted by an entire fleet. If we add the interface more intuitive and the new life aboard the result should be more than good. Should have said, because the graphics engine begins to show too many weaknesses and quest of Silent Hunter is unfortunately full of bugs, problems, defects and flaws graphs of all kinds.
For the first time players can be from a first person perspective through to the last detail reinvented U can move the boat and every part of the interior and the outer decks of his ship battle. The game life has the improved command system of players to interact with his crew, they in their monitor daily operations and the tension on board a submarine dock. Die through the fulfillment of mission objectives driven, dynamic campaign allows players to select his personal strategy free.

Silent Hunter 5 puts players behind the periscope of a German U-boat, which he leads as a commander through unexplored territories. In the vastness of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meets the players in a dynamic campaign to the fleet of the Allies. For the first time the player while leading his team from a first person perspective. Will the players with the best submarine aces can measure? Silent Hunter 5 opens up entirely new dimensions of interactivity and detail in a submarine simulation game! For the first time players can be from a first person perspective through to the last detail reinvented submarine move and enter any part of the interior and the outer decks of his ship.
With the improved command system, the player can interact with his team to observe them in their daily operations and empathize with the tension on board a submarine. Through the fulfillment of mission objectives driven, dynamic campaign allows the player to choose freely their own personal strategy. The decisions and actions of the player have a direct influence on the outcome of naval battles and the further development of the scenario in the campaign. Depending on the approach he can unlock new areas in which he can upgrade his boat and equip new. Meanwhile, the Allies adjust their reactions to the player dynamically.

A brand new user interface, with a particular focus on understanding, will help even beginners to command a U-boat. In expert mode, advanced players can – equipped with the necessary information and control options – control the submarine all by itself.  Highly detailed and authentically represented submarines and battleships move in conjunction with an improved graphics environment players into the spell. Discover Silent Hunter 5th About Silent Hunter Silent Hunter is with nearly 1.5 million units sold, the reference for the submarine and controlling StimulationCommander authentic submarines in a dynamic Campaign players experience the thrill of the hunt for enemy convoys and hide before the escorts closes. The game concept boasts authenticity and great graphics.

The only notable improvements appear to be related to the models and is functional to the news of the title, but even become harmful when we realize that on-board the frame rate loses too many shots by tapping the 19 fps even on our test configuration. Explosions seem even worse and as quiet as ducks paddle ships, the sea moved often overwhelms our submarine badly sometimes worse than navigating a raft drilled. It happens that the garbage collector to the external deck even as the crew fills it with an unpleasant effect that sees the sailors disappeared under the water and emerges,  despite tons of water they have just hit a dizzying rate.

And we are talking only the tip of the iceberg because during the game sessions we’ve seen things you humans cannot even imagine. Fighting ships in flames traveling in reverse. Torpedoes ghost. Mission aborted. And all these moments will be remembered as defects that can potentially affect experience incredible. Not to mention that we have not mentioned the problem worse. The protection of the title requires us to synchronize with a server saves Ubisoft and obliged to remain always connected to the Internet to play. Well, in the early days of game we can assure you that the problems of communication with the server prevented us from playing more than once and for considerable periods of time (When the problems seem solved, NDR).

Captain of a German submarine U in the year 1940 the disgrace of time of this presentation, we could see some early details on the new set for this new episode of Silent Hunter. The fans expect that probably the most is the new view FPS, which allows us to cross our submarine as in the first Doom came to communicate directly with members of our crew. Moving from our Commander in the radio, the hydrophone or the engine room (or torpedoes, etc..) Is not a simple cosmetic change, since it will actually interact with officials of each position to achieve our ends. This "living interface" takes all its interest when we discover the hidden talents of some of our crew, or the influence of morale on the effectiveness of this little world. During our missions, we may also receive some "promotion points" to distribute, to speed up compensation for chief engineer, for example. The love stories of manly friendship in the unfathomable depths of the big blue will also be delighted to learn that he must also juggle characters and personal histories of each during the single player campaign, but that we know much more for now.

Apart from an underwater version of the Restless, Silent Hunter V will also provide a much more agile camera to follow the action and a new command system based around the periscope. This coincides with our periscope is the tactical map of our surroundings, to respond directly to the detection range of enemy ships according to a lot of parameters (engine noise, height of the periscope, etc.). As ever, the art of successful firing of torpedoes will be the anticipation and placement, to prevent an enemy captain could avoid the gadget explosive through a shift course. Latter to be presented to us at this too quick first look at Silent Hunter V, the graphics looks more successful than ever with a record just bluffing water, especially when it comes crashing cons a periscope barely emerged. This promises beautiful sea skirmishes for the newcomer in the famous franchise, that is not expected before the first quarter of next year, only on PC.

Until now, the Silent Hunter saga began in 1996 was synonymous with pure simulation and realistic backdrop of World War II. A long practice was required to familiarize themselves with the controls of submarines which we command and any required torpedo firing turnovers. We are now in 2010 and most publishers cede one after the other the lure of casual gaming. Now for the general public, they make more and more gameplay adjustments on their licenses so great that up to players to try it. However, the major risk with a series such as Silent Hunter is that veterans can find more complexity and depth to which they were accustomed. Ubisoft has tried to simplify the game mechanics while maintaining the richness of soft.

The first thing noticed specialist Silent Hunter is no doubt that within the German U-Boat Type VII which he is captain was fully modeled. Understand by this that we can not only admire their seams in all the bowels of this great machine but can also move around freely. The hallways and other rooms are perfectly reproduced and the crew is shouting the truth. Simply click on an element of the set (periscope hydrophone …) to activate or one of our men to interact with him. Second officer, boatswain, cook, Gunner … Everyone on board was as usual a function and skills essential to the smooth running of the submarine as a good captain, you try to manage better. Nevertheless, the fact of the cross in the corridors, talking to them or see them return to their posts between shifts is an undeniable level of immersion. And even if the expression of emotions is much too rudimentary (they did not panic when the alarm is given, show no signs of weakness when they are injured, etc..).

Then it will appear very quickly in the eyes of connoisseurs that the interface has completely redesigned to suit a much less calibrated for simulation. Thus, the key commands have been simplified greatly, there is less data on screen and the formerly obscure menus are but a memory. Instead, there are icons placed in the corners of the screen we can for example easily select a pre-determined depth (surface, periscope, diving) or load a particular torpedo tube. The heading control and speed of our building depends on directional arrows and again we have the choice between the preset commands such as turning one degree, turn back or move to where pointing the periscope. Regarding the actual fighting, we can now target a locker and touch the latter much more easily than before. A numerical rating system also helps us to calculate the trajectory of our torpedoes to maximize our chances of reaching the enemy ships. Needless to say, the latest opus of veterans may seriously cringe during their first hours of play and beyond. Fortunately, it is still possible to resolve the problem of soft to raise the challenge and find more authentic feel.

Who says simplified gameplay should lead to increased accessibility and immediate gaming pleasure. But this is not really the case and for any stupid reason: everything is very poorly explained. Briefing missions to the tutorial through the manual, nothing tells us correctly what we should do and especially how it should. The result for hours groping for control commands from the submarine, the tactical action interface, the navigation map, etc.. They are often the same mission simply because we misunderstood the orders or more trivially due to a bug. One wonders what to do while in port. In short, if the experts are baffled by the changes in gameplay made by this episode, he is not sure the neophytes stress enough not to get too. Certainly, the patience he needed anyway since Silent Hunter is primarily a simulated submarine.

The problem here is that we must learn to play alone while to get by with bugs. The single player campaign covering the entire Second World War is made up of goals not always clear, the historical missions (such sinking battleship celebrated passing the Strait of Gibraltar …) are introduced by a poor screen briefing. In multiplayer, it is easy to get lost too. It is a pity because on the one hand, Silent Hunter 5 has a convincing realization and secondly, it is likely that its potential will sublimate in the coming weeks by a few patches, mods and other strategy guides. Currently, Silent Hunter 5 is not a bad game, far from it, but it is clear that stress before enjoy lurking beneath the surface to hunt our prey.

Some Tips :

Increase the prestige

To enhance the reputation you have to change the game file carried out as follows:

  • In the game folder (e.g. under: My Documents Silent Hunter 5 data Users must) be open the corresponding game.
  • This is the file Careertrack.upc what you have to open with a text editor.
  • There is therefore looking for the line PlayerCurrentRenown and changing the underlying number to any higher value.
  • Then you save the file and open the game, where the image was then increased to the previously set value.

Note: Before changes to the file you should create a backup copy.



  • Operating System: Windows XP (with Service Pack 3) or Windows Vista (with Service Pack 2)
  • RAM: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista)
  • DVD-ROM: DVD-ROM speed 4x, dual-layer drive
  • Minimum Drive Space: 10 GB
  • Video Card: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c-compliant video card (ATI Radeon HD2600/GeForce 8800 or better)
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compliant sound card
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)

Recommended system configuration :

  • CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6850 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ or higher
  • Operating System: Windows XP (with Service Pack 3) or Windows Vista (with Service Pack 2) or Windows 7
  • RAM: 2 GB (XP / Vista / Win7)
  • DVD-ROM: DVD-ROM speed 4x, dual-layer drive
  • Recommended Drive Space: 15 GB
  • Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c-compliant video card (ATI Radeon HD3000 series / GeForce 9 Series or better)
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compliant sound card
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)
  • Internet connection required

Conclusion :

Certainly the highlight of the game even if we would have expected a bit more of a dynamic point of view (of the British sailors who did not flinch when their ship sank). Obviously, the note could have been much higher without many glitches. In attempting to seduce the lover without losing any fan of the first hour, Silent Hunter 5 takes the risk of not convince neither one nor the other. The license can be found today fall between two stools. In other words, we cannot say that we feel a very great mastery. The music tracks are doing their job while being relatively covert. The sound effects are not lacking in credibility, including the impact of torpedoes, and the verbal exchanges are, by and large, spared the wrong notes. When is dubbing into German. The campaign follows roughly the main stages of the conflict between Germany and Britain. A handful of missions called "historic" are playable individually. Some additional cinematic were not, however unnecessary to address the real dimension of these great battles.
Modeling water, buildings or enemy coast is really successful. You can walk inside a U-boat shouting realism. The weather effects and explosions also compel admiration. That said, our crew emerges almost no emotion and some bugs ruin the experience.

If the historical missions are few, the campaign covers the entire Second World War is long and there’s online multiplayer to prolong the pleasure. Attention few major bugs related to DRM as software-based Internet connection currently affect the proper conduct of the parties as multi solos. Less complicated but no less complex, Silent Hunter 5 is a valid point of view the simulation and is able to offer several hours of game seasoned with a good atmosphere. Of course, today we would expect something more from a graphics engine and enjoy the above hours of play you need to swallow a quantity of errors and defects that do have and that we hope will be fixed soon with a patch miraculous. Moreover, despite the simplified approach, the timing of the game and the complete absence of comprehensive tutorials make it a title dedicated almost exclusively to the fans.


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