BlazBlue Calamity Trigger PSP Walkthrough & Tips

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on PSP is a fighting game with 2D gameplay considered the spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. Released for the first time in Arcade, the title revolves around an apocalyptic scenario in the year 2199. In total, Blazblue about a dozen fighters with powers and abilities very personal. BlazBlue Calamity Trigger creates a new style for the 2D fighting game, with attacks faster than ever and build the most exciting final ever. The game is fully developed in 16:9, which allows, compared to the old fighting in 4:3, a width of fighting and attacks previously unimaginable. The stages of the game are created from highly detailed 3D environments and played in an amazing 2D.

Features :

  • 12 characters, each with 25 unique attacks, 15 moves and 16 different animations based on shocks. A total of over 900 sprites for character animation producing fantastic.
  • The game uses different combinations of 4 buttons to create a variety of attacks, offering the player a deep and exhilarating experience of fighting in 2D.
  • 8 Arena (2 of them with the variants a day, for a total of 10 arenas), all created entirely with 3D models.
  • BlazBlue exploits the features of the console, players will then face match online versus mode.
  • The different difficulty levels allow players of all abilities to enjoy a level of challenge appropriate.

Fans of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger were placed on a long test of patience. But every once waiting comes to an end, and probably also the end of March to the fight game. The title is expected on 25 March 2010 on the shelves of dealers are. For more information about the upcoming release would you even announce in the coming weeks. Outside of Europe, enjoys the well-known beat ’em already very popular. We have for you a character of action-packed trailer in the luggage. That the characters of the game are presented and you can admire the martial arts in action. In BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a typical 2D Beat’em’Up in HD chic look. Above all, anime fans will get their money’s worth here. The special feature of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger: Players are allowed to beat up cross-platform, meaning that you can also measure in multiplayer with owners of the Xbox 360 version. Here, then, the link often promised by Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live translated into action.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a 2D beat ’em. You can choose from 12 hand-painted warriors and the game also has an online mode. Up to 6 participants per game: Two can play an active part in the battle and up to four players can look to who can join the fight after they have placed on the waiting list. Video footage of the battles are possible and there are many configuration options available: the Level of the player, the assignment of shortcuts for special attacks and the selection of "Unlimited" fighters. The fighting may be included in the ranking or do not. There is also a worldwide ranking. With few exceptions, which still occasionally appears on some of the incoming console on the market today, the majority of video games that see the light in these years are marked by a course on the edge of manic graphics, special effects that before could barely imagine, the sensational find to make a game more like a real interactive movie.

In short, the three-dimensional graphics, and any type of system to make it more modern, the newest game console are certainly on the agenda to meet the shrewd player who was born today with the arrival of the games with the third dimension. But it is also true that supporters of the old guard often want a sop to remember the old days and rediscover the charm of the good old 2D game full of emotions.  You will not need a graphics scream to get a great game, this is true, and for this reason some gems every now rejoicing fans of classic games, especially the supporters of the fighting, a genre that still manages enough often find specimens that adopt the system in two dimensions. One of these that has already arrived in Japan but will come into being only in 2010 is forwarded BlazBlue.

A rich-style 2D fighting game assembles a gang of particularly charismatic actors and with good background staff who arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but apparently, after the recent official communications, including on the PSP with the title of BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Portable, a sort of updated version that will include a new mode and all the secret characters on the original console housewives. Good news for fans of 2D.

Game Plot :

Once human beings suddenly appeared "Ki beast" was forced to fight. Was probably a matter of time due to the overwhelming power of the human race perish. At that time, six people appeared Yingjie. They force the old "magic" conveyed to humanity, and people it brings together the science, universal power "surgical procedure" had been completed. A New humankind has acquired the power to begin with Yingjie Ki counterattack against the six animals, the ends of the fierce battles, overthrew the beast finally Ki. Battle later in the "War Mage War I" called six they are "Heroes 6" was there to be handed down as a. Fabricated in large quantities in order to exercise the surgical treatment of this war "written Mage" to manage "world nothingness information control mechanism (control mechanism)," said the organization was formed. Control mechanism under the rule of the world, humans have got used to the new force, made a rapid development in all areas. Then the reconstruction of the world, and large pre-war appearance had greatly changed.

Flow of time from the start of decades of authoritarian rule by the control mechanism, the world was mainly by surgical treatment has led to a significant gap between individual capacity. Nori Hatsu discontent over the world, conspiring to eventually secede from the control mechanism "Federal gadget Starling" by "the Second War Mage (gadget war Starling)" broke out. This was the first war between humans by using surgical techniques. Hashi Kono By the end of the civil war that devastated the federal Gadgets Starling, control mechanisms result is the "other side of the blade to smithereens annihilation" was to make the world better idea. Gadgets Sada Tadashi years after the civil war Starling, a startling incident occurred. Control mechanism, a branch of the armed forces to have a force equivalent to one of the country, the man suddenly appeared, which of the following people and destroy them.

Some believe the kind dead and buried, but fighting games in 2D quality jostle recently on our home consoles. No platform is immune from this tidal wave. While the ancient mythical titles from Capcom and SNK us back for download on PSN and Xbox Live, the two adversaries always we also offer new episodes of their popular franchises with Street Fighter IV or King of Fighters XII for example. The Wii is not soon forgotten because host Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, a crossover that more promising … The newest studio Arc System Works would have passed almost unnoticed in these conditions. Indeed, Battle Fantasia, their previous baby was not really enthusiastic fans of Guilty Gear. These should be complete by cons filled discovering BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. Graphically impeccable, offering gameplay nervous desire without being inaccessible to beginners, this game is simply a regular little nugget whose only fault is not out for the moment on our soil.

Expect to receive a slight shock when you launch your first part of BlazBlue: you are likely to gape at its beautiful graphics. Those who swear by the 3D will certainly find fault but when they speak in bad faith. Indeed, the combatants may be simple but sprites are drawn with incredible finesse and animated quite remarkable. In turn sets win in depth and we offer special backgrounds live. Generally, the art direction is impeccable and each character has a design and gestures quite unique. Certainly the most fastidious criticize the game does offer a dozen fighters. It must however keep in mind that this is the first episode, hopefully, inaugurates a new series. Also add to that the fact that most fighting games usually offer several characters sufficiently standardized so that each of the twelve players in BlazBlue seeks ownership of its own. One could spend hours detailing attacks unique to each fighter, but the specificity of BlazBlue also give you the means to defend yourself effectively. You can reduce the damage and block shots simply backwards.

Do not abuse it as you gradually fill and gauge Libra Guard located at the center of the screen. Once the latter is full, your character falls into the cabbage briefly, leaving just enough time for your opponent to launch a devastating combo. It is ultimately much better to try a Instant Block backwards battery when you receive a blow, you’ll be able to respond much more quickly. It is finally possible to invoke a powerful shield simultaneously pressing the small and medium shots. Once again we must not abuse this technique gradually empty your gauge Barrier. You are in fact much more vulnerable once that it is dry. You do not have to suffer the combos your enemy without fighting back, you can very well start a cons-attack while blocking his shots or outright instantly emptied your gauge Barrier to create an explosion that will recede. In short, the technical possibilities of BlazBlue we promise already fighting some very tempting.

Walkthrough :

Over the last decade, the Guilty Gear saga has become, in his own right, one of the clear references of 2D fighting games for all fans of this genre. It is therefore not surprising that the first draft of its creators in HD lift buzz. However, Arc System Works was faced with the loss of rights to Guilty Gear (which came into the possession of Sega) and were forced to create this new saga. BlazBlue Calamity Trigger is undoubtedly a game very true to its roots , but nevertheless this is a game devoid of innovation, if it refines the formula of its predecessors and brings many fresh ideas to the genre. The game from the start puts at our disposal a staff of 12 wrestlers, each more extravagant. This figure may suggest that few characters compared to other titles in the genre, but for anything like that. Here each character is a world apart, with their advantages and disadvantages to others and you will have to spend hours if we can master it in depth. The character designs are more varied than, finding a girl from a strange samurai vampire legend. While many designs we sent directly to that seen in Guilty Gear (Did anyone not notice the resemblance between Ragna / Sun or Jin / Ky?), These have a much more distinct anime style.

Entering the field playable, each character has a power or "drive" which is largely based on his fighting style. The techniques used these powers are executed using the D button and in some cases their use will be linked to special factors such as energy meters only of the character. To give some examples of these skills, Ragna is capable of draining the life of his rival, Carl can manipulate the puppet which has been on and Tager can electrify his opponents and then use magnetism and lure them against himself.

Then there are also special moves for all characters, with which we can inflict large amounts of damage to our rivals in exchange for consuming part of our special bar. Astral also have the Heat, some very spectacular special moves that ended up with our opponents. As to the unfairness of the Astral Heat can only be used under certain conditions, namely: being in the latest round of combat, have the special bar at 100% and that our opponent has less than 20% of their lives. We will also have movements that allow us to cancel our techniques in half of these and many others who give the game a playable almost endless depth. BlazBlue is certainly a frantic game which rewards the daring and imagination when creating combos. True to this philosophy and to avoid fighting too slow and cumbersome, the system will penalize players who engage in excess to flee his opponent, reducing their defense considerably.

Graphically, the game offers a large and detailed sprites in high definition with a more than correct animations. The scenarios mixed elements in two and three dimensions achieved a finish that really looks good with the characters. So BlazBlue enacts a two-dimensional visual spectacle with which we had dreamed sure many more than once.
Stresses in the sound aspect of music, which as in Guilty Gear, is provided by Daisuke Ishiwatari. The topics are mainly influenced by metal music, with rhythms generally rapid and conclusive that fit perfectly with the fighting that gives this title. A note also that the dubbing of the characters can be selected between Japanese and English.
We must mention the great care has been put into the conversion of BlazBlue to consoles, which is evident from the introductory video of the game, inspired by the popular animation studio Gonzo. A traditional arcade mode, versus, and training we have added a full story mode, a gallery, the option to watch replays of our best fighting online mode … On the latter should be noted that works like a charm, one of the best case (or best) of its kind in the genre. The game also has an elaborate story, which although not the main attraction of this type of game is never over.

In summary, we have a title you can see that Arc System Works has made every effort. The result is a great fighting game, finishing with a visual and sound that makes him an exponent of its kind and deep gameplay that will give hours and hours of fun if we can master all the possibilities BlazBlue offers. All this makes for a real must for any fan of the genre and a title that you should try at least once every lover of good games.

Game Characters :

Ragna the Bloodedge – Various attacks by the drive button, Laguna have to absorb the strength of peer effects. Tech air attack and lunge technique is proud of the strength that specializes in close combat.

Jin Kisaragi – Jin is a projectile weapon, and usually with a sword techniques, anti-air skills, techniques and dive, well-balanced character Eru varied from any distance. Drive-button "sword Zero (Frostbite)" is the ability to freeze time with a certain person, but a combination of effective combo. The technique of Jin is also worth seeing the beauty of the director.

Noel Vermillion – Invoke button drive Noel "Chenriboruba" is a technique initial → technique relay → derive a Chokehold, up to 5 be made to work together more times. Abundance variations. In addition, the technique initial response is "avoided" In effect, case tossed the dart with the aim of the counter. Disutoshondoraibu is I’m going to attack additional state closely.

Iron Tager (TR-0009) – Teiga as it looks with a throw more powerful. Each attack button drive "Borutekkubatora" and in charge gauge MAX Seru missile "Bolt Spark" is characterized by a stick and hit against the magnetic effect. Against the magnetic field with a certain time, they would be attracted to such a command throw.

Taokaka – Taokaka will demonstrate the speed and overwhelming for simple operation. Liaoning rampage in trouble multiply the other characters.

Rachel Alucard – Big umbrella (Nago) Rachel Drive in hand with the nature of the special Sylphide ever unique (wind effect). The combination of levers and buttons, 8 in the direction of "storm" caused a lot of, you can control your own movements and missile. And a variety of techniques, utilizing established system objects, distant Ritai up the pace in the race!

Arakune – Arakunemany action patterns tricky is the type of skills Hissatsu the type of attack is usually less is extra. Ability of the button drive against "branding" we added an effect called while with the branding is like from the inside and outside the screen regardless of technique Hissatsu techniques usually people with "Mushi" attacks appeared.

Litchi Faye-Ling – The name of the daughter of China Mahjong thorough all the names of the technique. Kanfusuta almost like just the thing in action. Lychee is a notable move away from hand to hand weapons and give you a surefire button embedded button and drive drive. Using a combo of Ottawa, where the hand comes back with a determined attack by pressing the button on the drive again.

Carl Clover – Drive button is used to "Nirvana" of manipulating puppets. I usually start a special doll just hold down the button while the drive is stopped. Karl is a short reach is moving faster, longer reach Nirvana is a slow motion. Quadrature to the combo system transcendence Metai by high degree of freedom in this sync.

Bang Shishigami – But the speed of the Ninjas, a heavy attack is usually slow. Special Kunai air missile or stop the movement of the opponent, special techniques have created poisonous effect. Drive to attack and counterattack techniques hit while disabling the opponent "Wind," "forest" "fire" "mountain" icon to increase, to exercise the skills to dramatically improve their own skills.

Haku-Men – Technology drives the system is unique in another powerful blow. Disutoshondoraibu also seems to have blown. Hitogeji and also gauge the bottom of the screen, unlike the automatic mechanism to increase the gauge. Consume more than gauge skills and techniques Hissatsu out.

ν-13 – Run out the attack with the sword of the countless "new" girl named. Attack button drive to summon the sword away "Sodosamana" are able to change arbitrarily the starting location and occurrence. Kill the enemy in front of the combo powerful.

Game Modes :

You can do face communication using ad hoc mode. In order to face communication, players anticipating per person one PSP  title is required and books. UMD version DL can also play on the version. Players attending two to four people, in order, one on one you can play against :

  • Can recruit who set a room against yourself.
  • You can also participate in the room against other people.
  • Also, to face communication, PSP  wireless body LAN switch ON must keep.

Different Game Modes :

Arcade Mode – Arcade version of "BLAZBLUE" while enjoying the story mode to play against the CPU characters. The CPU is the rear of the provisions and defeat the motion Doc. The arcade mode only expands the scenarios are only waiting for the ending.

Story Mode – Continue reading the story, enjoy the story mode of this work and world view. Young is the result of the battle and story lines as well as various options to change the story. CPU will be strong opponents of the story mode, OPTION can be changed from here.

Versus Moe – CPU mode and enjoy the game. Favorite combination, like the stage, BGM can play with.

Score Attack Mode – A powerful CPU will compete in challenges to the players committed to the characters. CPU 12 and beat the character body will clear the game. OPTION This mode is not set by the game difficulty. The game is over when the score or to clear and has been on the TOP10 Sukoaatakkumodo is registered in the ranking of scores. Ranking, can be seen from the main menu options. Aiming higher scores, try to challenge many times.

Training Mode – Under the mode you can do practice and continuous tricks and basic operations. Please select a character who will be one practice and the character to use. TRAINING in the menu, you can change various settings.

Gallery Mode – Gallery mode, the event in-game movie scenes CG • event Supesharuatowaku and voice can watch the local SE. By R & L button you can switch the button graphics and sound tests. CG movies and event in the game show, you can also view it in this mode. Supesharuatowaku shop and buy, you can watch.

Tips for Getting Success :


  • Just I Am the Sword  : [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] :  Defeated Hakumen.
  • Murakumo Activated :  [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] :  Defeated Nu.
  • Hikers  : [Player Match] : Played first player match.
  • Voyeur : [Player Match] : Witnessed over 20 battles.
  • Ruler of Kagu-tsuchi  : [Ranked / Player Match] :  Fought against all characters.
  • Be Gentle … It’s My First Time. : [Ranked Match] : Played first Ranked Match.
  • That Was Incredible! : [Ranked Match] : Won first victory in a Ranked Match.
  • You brute : [Ranked Match] : Three consecutive wins in Ranked matches.
  • Hands Where I Can See Them : [GALLERY]:  Collected over 50 illustrations.
  • I Like to Watch : [REPLAY THEATER] : Collected over five replays own, other than yours.
  • Hello World : [STORY] : Watched the opening.
  • You’re the Best! Around! : [TRAINING] : Dished out a total of over 1,000,000 damage.
  • Carpal Tunnel : Exceed a total playtime of 25 hours.
  • Legionnaire  : Reached Lv.10.
  • Dante : [ARCADE] : Beat Arcade mode on HELL difficulty.
  • (Secret Trophy) You Never Forget Your First  : Performed your first crush barrier.
  • (Secret trophy) Devil’s Advocate : Used Ragna’s Gauntlet Hades over 100 times.
  • (Secret trophy) Ride the Icening : Used Musou Senshouzan or Tosshougeki over 20 times in one round, and finished off the opponent
  • (Secret trophy) Spoonful of Sugar : Stayed afloat for over 25 seconds with Rachel.
  • (Secret trophy) Irresistible : Hit the opponent with Tager’s Spark Bolt more than six times in one round.
  • (Secret trophy hat) trick : In one match, successfully pulled off Thirteen Orphans, The Great Wheel, and All Green.
  • (Secret trophy) Beautiful Arakune : Had a perfect match using Arakune.
  • (Secret trophy) Bangarang! : Fought against as Bang Bang, and both activated the Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan.
  • (Secret trophy) I Can Rebuild Her : As Carl, Nirvana decommissioned three times in one round.
  • (Secret trophy) It’s Go Time : Performed your first astral Heat.
  • (Secret trophy) Restraining Order : Used Barrier burst over 30 times.
  • (Secret trophy) Designated Driver : Used Distortion Drive over 100 times.
  • (Secret trophy) This Just Got Real : Caused a Double Down to occur.
  • (Secret trophy) I’m faster than anybody! : [Ranked / Player Match] Get First Strike five times in a row.
  • (Secret trophy) It’s the Only Way to Be Sure  : Performed a 20 hit combo after the round is over.
  • (Secret trophy) Greased Pig : Successfully escaped 50 throws.
  • (Secret trophy) This Is Important : Heard Noel say, hands off the panda! over 100 times.
  • (Secret trophy) It’s over 10,000! : Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen, without the use of an astral Heat.
  • (Secret trophy) Activate Termination Protocol : Completed a 60 + hit combo using a flash.
  • (Secret trophy) Their Numbers Count for Nothing : Performed an instant block 300 times.
  • (Secret trophy) Stop Hitting Yourself  : Used Counter Assault 30 times.
  • (Secret trophy) Animation Conservation  : Used Rapid cancel over 100 times.
  • (Secret trophy) In Living Color : Used all the color palettes of a single character.
  • (Secret trophy) Victory Is an Illusion  : [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Unlimited Rachel.


  • Warrior : [Player Match] Fought a total of 150 battles.
  • 100 Trials : [Ranked Match] : Fought over 100 battles.
  • Praetorian Guardsman : Reached Lv.30.
  • Leonidas  : [SCORE ATTACK] : Beat Score Attack mode.
  • (Secret trophy) Cat-a-pult : Threw a kitten using Taokaka Kaka’s Special Kitty Litter!.
  • (Secret trophy) Nothing’s Gonna Keep You Down : Earned a Perfect victory 30 times.
  • (Secret trophy) Words Hurt Too : Let your opponent get a hit 5.000-point lead on you, then taunt you.
  • (Secret trophy) Welcome to the Azure Nightmare : [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Unlimited Ragna, and obtained the power of darkness.
  • Secret trophy) DUNNN Dun Duh! : [STORY] Saw the True Ending.
  • (Secret trophy) discouraging finish!  : Use an astral finish with every character.
  • Power of the Azure  : Conquered the world of BlazBlue.

Gold  :

  • 200 Trials : [Ranked Match] Fought over 200 battles.

Conclusion :

The plot in fighting games is not the most important, but the authors found BlazBlue surprise here. Listen. Once in the world it is a product of Darkness and bring mankind to its knees. But the world was saved by six characters, they have helped people create armagus, the synthesis of magic and technology. After the war, to control the world by force armagusov was founded Novus Orbis Librarium (NOL), which eventually led to a stratification of society into those who could use armagus, and those who could not. The conflict between sectors of society will soon escalated into a civil war, in which the NOL persevered, but entered as a proactive measure the death penalty for insubordination. And suddenly, after a few years after the Civil War, one of the branches of Novus Orbis Librarium was destroyed in one day. This was done Ragna, the protagonist of the game. Hoping to stop the terrorist NOL appoints head for his fabulous prize. It is believed that Ragna has armagusom incredible force, whose name is Azure Grimoire, or BlazBlue. And now, NOL, resistance and other forces are willing to do anything to get him.

Summarizing, we can say that the game is definitely a success. What the waiting fans of the genre from the embodiment of Guilty Gear on the next generation console, they received BlazBlue. For beginners also will be much easier to start from scratch than to try to understand the next incarnation of a long past evolution of the "old" fighting games. Most likely, this is precisely the trick is Arc System Works: to attract new fans, not scared of old.   

Although in terms of staging, size and above all, number of frames of animation cannot compete with the characters of KOF XII’s sprites BlazBlue have that personal touch and charisma that marked Arc System can give all your creations. That yes, making the visuals of BlazBlue across a delight for the eyes are undoubtedly the 3D scenes, built with a master such that fuse with the two-dimensional sprites and other elements in each decorated in a way never seen before now, all thanks to using a color from the texturing and the inclusion of specific pieces 2D. The irrefutable proof of such a merger is that, having BlazBlue in static displays, gives one the feeling that the scenarios have been developed in two dimensions, like the sprites. In short, if we put aside the KOF XII sprites (which although not shown at low resolution breathtaking stop), we can certainly ensure that the graphic of BlazBlue is unparalleled in its genre.
Regarding the soundtrack, here there is another color. Following the demise of the Neo Sound Orchestra longed by SNK, and corroborate with SFIV that musical talent left Capcom composers after the launch of Street Fighter Alpha 2, Daisuke Ishiwatari is ineffable as the last great master composer as BSOS that fighting games are concerned.

There are also special moves for all characters, with which we can inflict large amounts of damage to our rivals in exchange for consuming part of our special bar. Astral also have the Heat, some very spectacular special moves that ended up with our opponents. As to the unfairness of the Astral Heat can only be used under certain conditions, namely: being in the latest round of combat, have the special bar at 100% and that our opponent has less than 20% of their lives. We must mention the great care has been put into the conversion of BlazBlue to consoles, which is evident from the introductory video of the game, inspired by the popular animation studio Gonzo. A traditional arcade mode, versus, and training we have added a full story mode, a gallery, the option to watch replays of our best fighting online mode … On the latter should be noted that works like a charm, one of the best case (or best) of its kind in the genre. The game also has an elaborate story, which although not the main attraction of this type of game is never over.


  • The gameplay ensures huge amounts of hours if we master a high level character
  • Its visual aspect will delight fans of 2D
  • A console edition with many additions and succulent on the arcade version.
  • The online game multiplies life.


  • The gaming system complexity can overwhelm less accustomed to the genre.
  • The conflicts sometimes become very chaotic.


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