Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Walkthrough – Nintendo DS


In 2004, Electronic Arts had tried to educate the general public by
offering a role play based on Western The Lord of the Rings. Taking up
ideas of moult Japanese RPG, the formula, but very limited access, had
faltered but was nevertheless interesting. Percy Jackson also seems to
have adopted this course of action but this time it’s on Nintendo DS
that everything runs smoothly. Percy Jackson in the rooms is just the
best of what fantasy cinema popcorn offered us less inspired in recent
years. Basically, the story of a young first rather genus Twilight is
going to launch an assault of terrible mythological creatures very bad
(like Eragon) because he has super powers mortals (like Harry Potter) .
The movie was not already great, the game could have without great
difficulty to get more successful than the work he was fired.

Join Percy Jackson and his friends on his first adventure. Based on the
new movie and bestselling book series, players are pitted against
mythological foes from Camp Half-Blood to Olympus and beyond. Win
tactical battles, upgrade and customize your heroes, and complete
quests to gain experience and find new items. Only by using teamwork
Percy can discover the secret of the Lightning Thief! Enter a world
where you play as Percy Jackson and fight with his inherited powers to
stop the forces of darkness from destroying the universe. Explore the
world to reveal the hidden secrets of Camp Half-Blood, the Underworld,
and even Olympus itself! Assemble your perfect team, then match wits
and strength against fantastical opponents from the pantheon of Greek
mythology, including Medusa, Hydra, and Minotaur!

Based on the award winning, best-selling novel and the highly-anticipated film.


There are days like that where nothing works. This time it was the turn
of Percy Jackson to make the bitter experience. Thus, while the young
man finds himself expelled from his school, the gods of Olympus,
followed by a gaggle of monsters escaped mythological tales and
legends. And to top it all, the young Percy accused of stealing Zeus’
lightning. No other solution for our friend as to insulate themselves
and protect his family while finding the real culprit. Percy is you and
as with any adaptation worthy of the name, you can find throughout the
adventure several companions who will lend you a hand. Grover,
Annabeth, Luke, Isaac and Victoria, they will all be there to support
you. The icing on the cake, it will even question the leadership, at
least to some extent. In fact, Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief wants
an action game using several RPG elements to begin fighting turn-over
which you can control up to three characters simultaneously.
Unfortunately, outside of these brawls interactive title just to offer
us something else.


Percy Jackson is a good kid, but he can’t seem to focus on his
schoolwork or control his temper. And lately, being away at boarding
school is only getting worse—Percy could have sworn his pre-algebra
teacher turned into a monster and tried to kill him. When Percy’s mom
finds out, she knows it’s time that he knew the truth about where he
came from, and that he go to the one place he’ll be safe. She sends
Percy to Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp for demigods (on Long Island),
where he learns that the father he never knew is Poseidon, God of the
Sea. Soon a mystery unfolds and together with his friends—one a satyr
and the other the demigod daughter of Athena—Percy sets out on a quest
across the United States to reach the gates of the Underworld (located
in a recording studio in Hollywood) and prevent a catastrophic war
between the gods.

In Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, you play as an American teenager
who discovers that the father who abandoned him at birth is but a God
of Olympus (Poseidon not to quote him) and that it must return an
object lost by his Uncle Zeus, namely, a "Flash Primitive". Helped by
some friends (a satyr named Graber, daughter of Athena Annabeth Chase,
Luke Castellan the son of Hermes and then Isaac and Victoria, two
characters who are not in the movie), he launched into a series of
journeys that will lead right to the second volume of the book: Percy
Jackson and The Fate of the Titan. We are well advanced. Specifically,
Percy Jackson is an action game sauce Tactical / RPG where the goal is
to Savater all those who will cross our path. And like the film, which
was conceived and filmed the spectators less demanding failing Harry
Potter only as a reference when it comes to Fantasy, the game has
apparently been developed for novices programming.

Check out the Gameplay Video:

In sum, you will be dependent on growth synonymous with minimal
involvement. Indeed, the set being lectured to go to basics, you’ll
have little share to make the bulk of the adventure consisting of
uninteresting dialogue. The rest of the time, you must walk on a map
consists of multiple points representing the fighting or to reach
places so that history take its course. It’s also where you can manage
the equipment in your group and boost accuracy characteristics, dodge,
strength and protection of each person using the improvement points
available. Nothing very original you will agree. We can however find a
little more interesting to choose three capacities for Percy (cons two
teammates) allowing us to use spells or attacks more powerful.
Similarly, some objects, the drachma, will also be linked to the
increased performance of our team to improve a lot of care, our
strength, etc.. In short, in terms of the evolution of the heroes, as
that Griptonite chose a very traditional approach. The trouble is that
this is true also for fighting.

So here we are surveying a map leading us to different environments (to
a museum, a museum in a cave in Las Vegas in the forest, etc..) That
have to cross by facing hordes of enemies who all alike. Fighting in
the form of archaic RPG of our childhood we hit it turns carefully
choosing your character (in groups of three, to determine which of five
available), the weapon and its power. After a dozen fights, I realized
that Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief is a game ultra repetitive.
Forbidding same. And very easy too, so much so that we can blithely
chaining victories by clicking anywhere in a haphazard manner.
Certainly, we can customize the characters attacks (via a system of
drachmas used to give more power to some shots), and some of their
capabilities (accuracy, evasion, force protection), but it remains very
summary, and not necessarily effective. Indeed, at the beginning of the
adventure, you’ll be tempted to form a trio complete with additional
powers (fire attack, water, poison …). Alas, you quickly discover
that a large sword is often more effective than a curse, even if some
indications on the screen trying to make us think otherwise.

Racing results: all the fighting can be folded into two-two in making
the fit-in with the very muscular Graber and his powerful sword, where
a large attack group. In short, after several parties, it has still not
well understood side "Tactical" in the title. Worse yet, if Percy
Jackson: The Lightning Thief is not really long (just count half a
dozen hours to come to the end without dying once), we have the feeling
of having spent two three times longer. Generally, this is not a good
sign …

Set in turn-based, so you can choose a particular action, then your
enemies doing the same. Problem, the system is extremely limited.
Indeed, between the defense, attack or not pooled and the use of
technology, we quickly toured the owner. However, to use the touch
screen console, developers have struggled with us to inject a few
subtleties. For example, during an enemy attack, you will need to press
the right time to dress up for more cash or less damage. In the same
vein, by highlighting a figure or streaking the screen with the tool,
it will be possible to increase the power of a critical attack.

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief suffers mainly from a realization
and an embedding graph we have left relatively speechless. It’s simple,
if you like big pixels well lights, you will be served. Whether the
scenery and characters, all sorely lacking in details and above range.
We believe all crack a half-dozen different opponents (and by that we
mean really different, not a color or size variable) that have almost
all the same shots. No better for levels, which are limited to a few
meager funds modeled and poorly developed by camera movements clumsy.
The cinematic in turn can be summarized as a succession of vignettes
cel-Shadee we hammered the stylus to ship as soon interminable
dialogues. Finally, icing on the cake, there will always be entitled to
the same music from beginning to end the adventure with the same sound
effects and even unbearable jingle that will tell you that you have won
a battle. Have we ever said that the title was repetitive? Yes! Slim,
the game has rubbed off on it.

Nothing very famous in absolute as the title just to inject some
revival in these fights also a softness without a name.
Notwithstanding, if the RPG lovers flee this game since it does
absolutely nothing to the genre, the novices, let alone fans of the
work of Rick Rioardan, will take a look distracted. Hope they find some
material to play. Hence to say that he will take an interest in RPGs
more robust, there is not one that we will not cross.

Unsurprisingly, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is a game sloppy
and uninteresting, a product marketing as it sees too much. Very poor
graphics, not offering any challenge worthy of the name and most
importantly, repetitive to the extreme, the title of Activision frankly
does not deserve, frankly, even for younger players. We do not know if
Percy Jackson is a thief of sight, but he did what he had to draw him
on ours!

Game Features:

  • MYTHOLOGICAL BATTLES: Pit your team against fierce enemies and beasts from the Percy Jackson franchise.
  • UPGRADES AND CUSTOMIZATION: An addictive leveling system lets you
    unlock new abilities and upgrades for all characters under your command.
  • TEAMWORK WITH BUFFING AND HEALING: Work together as a team by
    helping each other with buffs and healing to earn devastating group
  • EXPLORATION: From Camp Half-Blood to Olympus and beyond, travel
    through lands filled with evil creatures determined to prevent you from
    achieving your destiny.
  • WINNING BATTLES AND COMPLETING QUESTS: Defeat enemies to achieve
    valuable items and experience points which increase the level and power
    of your characters.


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