Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers Walkthrough


A thousand years have passed since the events of the original FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES. The destruction of the Yuke Crystal during the Great War had at once brought the victorious Lilly Tribe prosperity, the defeated Yuke Tribe apparent annihilation, and the world a new age of science and reason. In this new era exists a rare breed of powerful beings called "crystal bearers," whose seemingly magical abilities have led them to be feared and scorned by the public. The young mercenary Layle is one such crystal bearer, who has been hired to escort the new passenger airship Alexis, the pinnacle of Lilly technology and a symbol of their current dominance. However, when the Alexis is suddenly besieged by a horde of monsters, Layle comes face to face with an adversary thought to have vanished from the pages of history, on a quest that may threaten the future of the world…


"I hear you’ve been up to no good!" Vaigali is a menacing-looking Selkie with a massive build. True to his appearance, Vaigali can be intimidating and rough around the edges at times. But he is intensely loyal to his friends, and he uses his brute strength and iron will to effectively lead the rather self-serving Selkie Tribe. Vaigali is not fond of the Lilty ruling class (to say the least), and is quite irritated that Keiss, a fellow Selkie, seems to have no problem working under them. lie maintains good relations with Layle however, as he is fond of outcasts and misfits in general.

"I’m a Selkie, I can handle it solo."
While many Selkies depend on thievery and other unsavory activities to get by, Belle gathers and exchanges information for a living. She is never seen without her camera (probably stolen), and is always looking for that "jackpot shot." However, when she stows away on the Alexis’s maiden voyage, Belle stumbles upon some extremely sensitive information that puts her on the run from the Lilty Army. But even a bounty on her head does not seem to dissuade Belle from pursuing the next big story, and it appears as if she and Layle are now headed towards the same destination…

"I will show you the Crystal’s will, and its power." A member of the enigmatic Yuke Tribe, thought to be long extinct from the world. Amidatelion’s motives are shrouded in mystery. The ominous Yuke proves to be an even match for Layle, which may lead one to believe that Amidatelion is also a crystal bearer.

Tribe: Lilly Gender: Female
"I will defend the Crystal with my life." Princess of the Lilty Kingdom, daughter of the Lilly King and the late Queen Alexis. After losing her mother at a young age, she is now in danger of losing her father to a mysterious illness. Wise and responsible beyond her years, she feels it is her duty to protect the LiIty Tribe. She is down-to-earth for a royal, and has won the admiration of her people through her kindness and charisma.

Tribe: Clavat Gender: Male
"Leave it to me."
A young Clavat whose right cheek is partially crystallized. Usually quiet and reserved, he can be rambunctious when the opportunity presents itself. Being a crystal bearer, Layle is not easily shaken and he has proven in the past that he is someone who can be relied upon.

Tribe: Lilly Gender: Male
"Those defeated in battle have no rights!" The I Ugh Commander of the Lilty Army. He possesses a massive build, which is unusual for a Lilty. Jegran zealously supports crystal reactor development. He accompanies the Alexis, the pinnacle of Lilly crystal technology, on her maiden voyage. He is fiercely loyal to the Lilty Kingdom, and believes that he always acts in its best interests.

"You really are nothing but trouble."
Unlike most Selkies, Keiss has made a conscious effort to make a living within the Lilt Kingdom. He has been receiving orders directly from High Commander Jeg-ran and partnering with the crystal bearer Layle to take on missions that are difficult for the regular army to handle. In his latest mission, he has taken on the task of escorting the passenger airship Alexis, a symbol of the Lilties prosperity

Cid is the former Chief Engineer of the Lilty Kingdom, inventor of the crystal reactor and a prototypical craftsman. He currently runs a private workshop after having retired from his official post as Chief Engineer of the Lilties, and is hard at work developing new technologies, such as steam engines. But Cid is not one to stay cooped up in the workshop all the time.  In fact, his generally social and friendly nature has enabled him to keep connections in high places. His interest in crystal bearers comes from genuine intellectual curiosity, and while he cares for Layle as a friend, he also sees him as prime research material.

A crystal bearer with the power to control fire. His powers have made him quite i– arrogant, but he does not possess the discipline to use them for the right reasons. Consequently, he continues to involve himself in unsavory underworld activities and common surgery.


  1. Signs  – In the absence of mini-map, it is easy to get lost in The Crystal Bearers. To not go wrong path, you can catch the signs to your next destination. Layle the carry over his head as an arrow until you zone.
  2. New Game + – Beat the final boss in order to start a new game in New Game +. Most items purchased previously will be kept (props, materials, medals) and you will see a Mog Layle to the entrance of the capital. You can then repeat any arcade event to try to improve your score.
  3. Access to underground ruins – Towards the end of the game, you are asked to join the underground ruins Yuke to south-east of the world. To reach this place, you have to leave the gardens of the queen, and take a chocobo rush to post cherry. Here, take the right path to enter the chocobo circuit, follow the path straight towards the aqueduct Lett, then look for the bridge is on the left. Drop down in the passage below and use the powers Layle to cross the door leading to the ruins.
  4. Battle Beach – To succeed in this sequence, you must help Belle break down his opponent in the water without being noticed. To do this, wait for Belle to take advantage (the message "it’s time" appears on the screen) and do tip the platform to the left. If ever it is Belle who is about to fall, tipped the platform in the opposite direction to stop drinking the cup.



Once the game begins, a short scene will trigger and you find yourself plummeting to the ground. Check the flying creatures lurking around you and open fire. Do not let them approach you and shoot them from afar.  After a few shots, you reach the ship and another scene triggers. During this cutscene, you fight a member of the tribe of Yuke then you take control of the vessel. Steer the ship to the right and left, avoid hitting the mountain and browse until you reach a tunnel. Once you enter, turn slightly right and reach the well town.


Once in town, go straight ahead and read the instructions in order to unlock the door and enter. Move straight into the living room, climb the stairs and locate people who are crushed by the rocks. Lock balls rock and quickly lift the lever and to lift the rock.Help and residents, jump over the reception desk and collect money in the trunk. Then follow the path that is straight to the counter and move to the square of the clock.  

A. Place the clock – Open another chest in the second reception, down the stairs and save the party with the Blue Crystal. Then locate the Stiltzkin with a ball of conversation, aim it and tell him. This informs you that the great clock stopped. Get close then the great structure of the clock, aim the device at top and pull up quickly to get started on the mechanism. Once the clock is restored, the middle door opens. Retrieve the contents of two boxes on the right and left of the door and then take it and go down the stairs. Central Pier Reach the central platform, go straight and take the train coming from the left. When you arrive at your destination, get the poster of an arrest warrant pasted on the front panel and down the steps to the left until a scene triggers.

B. Parc la Fontaine  – After the cutscene, continue ferret who has taken your glass and try to catch it. Check it first on the boxes in the yard, up the steps and try to catch it in a high alcove. Finally, the ferret comes down to the ground and you can catch near the stairs.
Subsequently, another cutscene will trigger and you find yourself on the back of a cart. Your goal is to push the guards that you pursued. To do this, target them with the crystal and push them off the road. From time to time, aim for a pillar to block their path and a rock to turn the cart. If a guard comes too close to you, quickly shake the controller to dodge his attack. Continue to roll the guards out of the way until you repel the attack and a scene triggers.  

C. Cave of the cliff  – After the cutscene, go into the cave and go down the hole. Skip the other side to find the main path and move. Find the right light wall, climb it and retrieve the contents of the trunk. Then, go down and climb another wall farther left. Take the contents of safe, get off and continue along the tunnel. Now you’ll face enemies. To beat them, take the rocks that are in the arena and throw them at them.Otherwise, lock the same enemies and throw them on rocks or on the wall. Repeat this procedure several times until they are completed. Finally, aim for the black hole and turn the knob to close it. Climb on the wall light, proceed through the tunnel and reach the underground ruins.


Move straight ahead until a scene triggers. Then jump on the platform in front and on the right. Check the rim light up, shake the controller and thus reach the mainland. Climb the stairs, climb another ledge and move to the junction.  First go left, climb the wall and retrieve Gils in the trunk. Go back, follow the other path (right) and move to the ravine. Hang on to anchor blue jump over the ravine and repeat the same operation to cross the void below. Then, go along the path, ignore the open door on the right and turn left. Go down the stairs, cross the ravine using two anchors and retrieve the contents of the trunk. Then, climb the ledge, move to the right and hold on to two points following anchorage. Turn to the left is hooked to the second point and jump to the third point to reach the next ledge.  Walk up hill, ignore the metal door open and continue right until the end of the tunnel. Open the chest at the bottom and walk on the bright area to descend. Now you must flee the two monsters while attacking them when they are behind you. To this aim the door (where is the arrow) and destroy it. Then attack the two enemies and flee the shells they throw until you get down to a new area.  Retrieve the contents of the safe, go ahead and join Beauty in the crystal chamber.

A. Crystal Room  – Move straight into the arena and watch the cutscene that starts. Subsequently, jump on the cubes in front, you grab the ledge and climb. Follow the path to the right, open a chest later, continue and draw a cube. Climb it, jump off to the other side, draw another cube and climb over. Follow the road blocks, climb ever higher and climb until you reach him Belle.  Recover Gils in the chest, jump on the next cube and jump left at the intersection. This path will lead you to the door with the blue dot. Aim and shoot to open.

B. Old aqueduct Lett – After the cutscene, go straight and climb the wall of flowers on your right. Descend into the main path, climb the left wall to open the first chest and then climb a second wall further right to open a second box.  Then, follow the main path and talk to Stiltzkin. Move right initially, get the poster on the panel and then back left and save your progress. Finally, down the slope in front and reach the Eastern Wasteland.

C. Wasteland of the East – Once you access the Wasteland of the East, get off the field and attack the enemies there.  Locate the red dots on the mini-radar, grip the mastiffs and project them onto obstacles, wall or other mastiffs. Also, aim for the skeletons that come slowly and plan them against the wall. When the first zone is secure, walk up the hill further and reach a second zone of combat. Shoot other mastiffs and skeletons, secure the second zone and then close the black hole near the slope.  Then, move to right field, walk up the slope and open the chest through the power of the crystal. Come follow the main path, down another slope and reach the eye of the rock.

D. Eye of the rock – Follow the path, open the first box on the left, go ahead and open a second box below left.  Start the booth near the trunk to get information and keep moving ahead. Save your game through the crystal blue and enter Pontville.


Move straight to the gate, grab the lever that is on the left and pull to open the door. Move straight, open a second lever on your left and then advance to the left of the stairs. Locate the three shops in front, turn the levers to open and do some shopping. Thereafter, go back and up the stairs. Go to the right of custody, find three levers and turn the first right. Go down, go into a passage which is under the levers and retrieve the contents of both boxes. Then, get out, go to the second lever that you opened and take the passage is now open.  Move left, up the stairs and move to the next lever. Ignore it, open two chests in front of metal door and then go back. Move straight towards a passage situated opposite the lever.

1. Zone workshop Cid –  Move left, save your progress then activate the lever right to open the workshop Cid. After the cutscene, open three chests in the engine that you have activated, another chest behind the counter and a third near a window.  Then talk to Cid to try to merge some materials and approach the poster Layle near the exit. After the cutscene, save your progress again if you want and go left. Follow the passage back into the city and leave it.


Retrace your steps towards the eye of the rock, cross the wasteland of the East and return to the Old Aqueduct Lett. Now follow the path on your left and talk with Stiltzkin. Then, climb the ledges of the mountain right and retrieve Gils in the boot up.  Then, cross the bridge further and reach the mountains. Defeat the monsters that are present in the mountains, watch out for fireballs and throw their projectiles. Move left, find a chest on top of mountains and open it. Thereafter, go to the next bridge and down below it to open another safe. Then, go right, cross the water and climb the ledges of the mountain to retrieve the contents of another box.  Come back on the bridge, cross it and move straight up the slope to the left. Reassemble the slope, move first along the left side and open the chest at the bottom. Then go back and climb the walls of flowers. Hang the branches of the tree, the empty cross and walk on water to fall. Get a Life in a box left and retrace your steps back to the main path. Move straight on to the next lake and get water. Swim, retrieve the contents of the two chests in water and one on land, below. Thereafter, go back to the entrance of water and move this time on land. Get a chest on your left, jump from one platform to another and retrieve the contents of several boxes.  Once you have searched the area, return to the main path and move until you see a fence. Use the power of the crystal to open the door and enter.

1. Vineyard – Move straight ahead, climb the ladder in front and open the chest. Get off, follow the right path and find another chest on the right. Take its contents, go back and follow another path to the left. Go down the slope to safeguard and crystal watch that cutscene is triggered.  Thereafter, perform a backup, open the front door and enter.

2. Cellier – Follow the road to the wine cellar and prepare an initial confrontation Amidatelion cons. The goal is simple: take the barrels filled with wine, aim Amidatelion and throw them at him. Watch out for barrels that launch, run for dodging attacks and repeat until he fled. Follow it, hang onto the lamp to reach the door and exit.


Come on, get off the bottom of the hill and eliminate the monsters that are present. Then, go right, climb the ledge of the mountain and retrieve the contents of a trunk. Thereafter, follow another path to impasse and look for circles on the tree trunk. Turn them through the crystal, glide along the branch that has just been formed and reassemble.  Climb the first ledge to the left, turn in circles up and go back to open a safe. Descend, follow the main path and activate other circles on the left. Go back to open a chest and back down. Then, go to the next yard and shoot other enemies. Follow the main path, go up a hill on your right and open a chest at the bottom. Go back, turn circles on the tree trunk and go up through the branch. After the short scene in which Amidatelion fled by jumping, get in the pit and retrieve the contents of the trunk. Move to the other side, open a second box and click the circles to go. Follow the path, open a chest on a ledge right then back to the main path. First, go down into the abyss on the left, grab the first box and select circles back to the trunk. Get a second box on a ledge on the Right, go to your hanging light points and follow the right path. Shoot down other monsters in the next yard, close the black hole and go up the slope where a green spectrum. Open a chest on the right, follow the narrow path and get ready for a second battle against Bahamut, the dragon Amidatelion.

1. Boss: Bahamut – The battle against Bahamut is divided into two parts. In the first section, the dragon is on the ground and performs melee attacks. Your goal is simple: you must take one of the swords that are at the foot of the mountain and focus on the weaknesses (highlighted) of the dragon. But unfortunately the monsters on the ground do not facilitate the task. Try to eliminate some and then play your boss. Check first the feet, wings and the dragon’s mouth in order to proceed to the second phase of the battle.  In this second phase, you have to do is hang at different points indicated on the dragon, then aim for the chest to eliminate once and for all.


Move straight up the steps, aim for the legs of Zu and hang onto him. Wait until he takes you to another platform and get off. Shoot down skeletons, open the two chests and move to another platform with two chests.  Repeat the same with the skeletons, take the contents of both boxes and hang onto another Zu. Wait until he approaches the stairs and let yourself fall to reach them. Follow the path of stairs and then along the tunnel and find Amidatelion.

1. Fall prohibited – After the short scene, visit the waterfall until you reach him Keiss. Exit the water for a scene triggers. Go down the slope and then via a ladder, cross stepping on the nets to reach the third platform and end up towards the boat. Turn right, follow the corridor and along the blue carpet and move to the junction.  Take first left, open the chest then go back and turn right. Follow the path, talk to Stiltzkin and enter a new corridor.

2. Boat gangway – Go down the corridor until you reach the save point, open a chest nearby and watch the scene below. Thereafter, enter the cabin Vaigali and rebound at the bottom.  After the cutscene, go down to the lower level of the ship, open two chests and go up via a ladder. Come back in the corridor, watch out for barrels and go up the stairs. Move left out, pull up on the net and climb on one platform. Walk on the beam to reach the second platform, reach-in another later, and talk again to Stiltzkin. Then jump in the water, climb the two ladders of the large platform (next to the boat) and get on the side to slide down the rope and reach the other platform farther. Climb to the next level, talk to Stiltzkin, enter the cave and move until a scene triggers.

3. Cascade Alliance – Now, surf on the new waterfall next attempt to collect the white flags and avoid the red flags

4. Creek High Tide – Once you reach the next area, defeat the new enemies you see. Exit the water, launch missiles at the enemy and secure the area. Then follow the path of right, cross the long nets and get two chests.  Thereafter, follow the left path and shoot other enemies. Get two more chests, locate the entrance to the cave in the mountain and enter.

5. Quiet Pond – Follow the path to the cave until you reach a beach. Get info by pulling one type of dispenser, open the first chest on the mainland and a second safe in the water. Then pull the light beam near the water, and get a key and throw it on the seller Mog located inside the cavity. Do some shopping at the vendor if you wish then follow the main road until Costa Faguita.


After the cutscene, climb the bridge and then come booths. After another cutscene, Belle enters a mini-game with other girls and you give him a hand. The goal is simple: you need to help bring down his opponent in the water. First, help her by delivering on the float and try to ensure it does not fall. Then, when the ball touches the opponent Belle, help her to fall. Repeat this method until it falls. After the battle, save your progress through the crystal (near the cabin) and return to the beach. Locate the islands in the water, join them and open all four chests to obtain additional Gils. But before that, eliminate the few monsters that are on the islands and close the black hole. Once this is done, go back near the save point and proceed through the corridor. Open the door of the train, left down the hall, enter and talk to the controller. Select to go to the station prairie. After the short scene, you find yourself trapped in the train. First, wait until the guards have turned back and point the joystick to move between the seats. Smooth changes every time the guard has his back turned and then sneak under the seats to reach the next carriage.  In this car, aim the stacked boxes and move them to the left to close the access. Then, aim the ball and shoot to stun the next guard in the corridor. In the next car to enter and choose to hide right. If you choose left, you come up against the two women. Then, wait until the guard looks away and move between the seats. Sneak in and also between banks until you reach the next carriage.

Now enter the corridor of the car and retrieve the ball for small children. Then proceed through the hallway, enter the booth and hang right up to the ceiling. Finally, get off and move to the last car. In the last car to enter and turn right. Wait for the conversation of the employees end up and enter the first carriage. This takes you to the last seat near the door. Wait until the guard looks away and head towards the door to trigger a scene.

1. Prairie Station – Come on, walk up the stairs and open a safe behind reception. Make some purchases of materials, make items you can increase your attack and your defense then continue left.  save your progress, locate the three paths available and select the one that is straight in front of the steps. Follow him, open a chest at the bottom and come back. Then follow the path of right and advance to the junction. Take first right, open a chest that is at the bottom then back left to open a third safe. Subsequently, open the middle door and go to the garden gate.

2. Garden Queen – Enter the garden of the Queen, go straight and go up the stairs. You can have fun playing hide and seek with children or creating a garden. When you’ve finished playing, walk up the stairs and then come to the door at the end of the corridor.

3. City Gate – Climb the stairs, jump over the fence and right back near the door to open a safe. Then, walk up stairs to other, later, open a safe in the reception and proceed through the corridor leading to the square of the clock.

4. Place the clock – Open the first chest in the receiving environment, go right to open a second box behind the counter of the shop materials and open a third safe behind another shop (left). Then, go down the stairs and proceed to the merits. Open two chests in receipts from right to left and down the steps that are in the middle.

5. Central Pier – When you’re in the central platform, you receive a message and you must take the train left.

6. Pier 3 – Arriving at Pier No. 3, get the info about the billboard and continue left to the royal library.


Come on, open the two chests on the left and walk slowly towards the left wing. Step onto the moving platform, up the second floor and open a chest in the corner. Go down, go now to the right wing and open another chest. Finally, approach the center door leading to the entrance of the greenhouse and use the crystal to open. Enter for a scene will trigger then exit. Reopen the three boxes to obtain additional Gils, leave the library and take the train again.

1. Central Pier – Back to the central platform, go up the stairs and return to the place of the clock. Then, continue to advance, return to the garden of the Queen and then to the station prairie.

2. Prairie Station – Move straight out of the garden of the queen, back on the road and head towards the exit. Turn right out, open a chest at the bottom and climb the Chocobo. Follow the main path, look for bright spots on the ground and ordered the beast to dig to get rewards. Then follow the road to Post cherry.

3. Post Cherry – Once you enter Post cherry, fight monsters and close the black hole. Then, approach the platform in the courtyard and open the first chest (under the so-called platform). Subsequently, climb over, find a chest on a tree branch and get it. Return to the station prairie to take a Chocobo and go back to the circuit Chocobo right.

4. Chocobo Circuit – Move right, follow the ledge that goes down and grab the first box near a large pillar. Follow the walkway in the middle, jump over another bridge to the right and move to open a second chest at the bottom.  Subsequently, and move down to the courtyard where the monsters. Eliminate them, close the black hole to secure the area and return to the circuit input to start a race. Climb on a Chocobo, get on the start line and go. Knock down 20 flags, speed up to be first on the flags and return to the starting point to win the race. After the race, walk up the slope of the mountain to the right of the entrance and follow the path to the old Aqueduct Lett.

5. Old Aqueduct Lett –
Move to right, back on the road and continue to Wasteland of the East and the eye of the rock.

6. Eye of the rock – In this location, you will assist the Mog to find his key. To do this, go straight and find a ray of light to the ground just before reaching the crystal backup.  Take the key and run it on the Mog for him to open his shop. Then, save your progress and access to Pontville.

7. Pontville – Back at Pontville, climb stairs, turn the lever back in the studio of Cid. After the cutscene, save and exit Pontville. Turn back on the back of a Chocobo and go back to the eye of the rock, Wasteland to the east, the old Aqueduct west, the Chocobo Circuit, station meadows and finally the garden of the queen.

8. Garden Queen – Now, open the metal doors on the right and left, enter the maze and collect several boxes. Hang on platforms suspended in the air to meet others who are mobile and join the hedges that contain chests. Get them, get off and go to the Capital.

9. Place the clock – Go to the place of the clock, then come to it and watch the cinematic. Then turn around and go to the station grasslands to meet Cid.

10. Prairie Station – After the cutscene, go down the stairs to the station and ride the train station to go to Red Leaf.

11. Station red leaf – When you arrive at your destination, walk up the stairs and save your game. Then, create a winter garden if you want and walk up the slope that is right in the garden.


After a short scene, go up the slope and eliminate enemies in the courtyard. Continue forward and enter a cave to the left of the snowy road. Follow the two paths, retrieve the contents of three boxes back and take this path. Once you enter the snowy path, go left and go down into the lower level (left also). Get a first chest on the snow, a second chest at the bottom of a small tunnel and return to the main path. Walk up hill to the entrance of a cave, grab the chest in the tree and then jump on the platforms that are opposite the entrance. Hang stems that emerge from the mountain, open the trunk and go back to enter the cave.

1. Pilgrim’s Cooler – Enter, retrieve information in the machine left and continue until the door locked. Hang onto the platform above the door then the lights go up and so hung up a large courtyard filled with monsters. First, shoot them in launching their missiles and then close the hole. Then enter the ice area and enter a cave on the right (opposite the fisherman). Open a chest inside, go outside and follow the path that is left of the fisherman.

2. Snowfield – To begin, battle new enemies and try to close the black hole. After the fight, visit the two caves left, disable the Chocobo wild with the power of crystal and open the two safes that are inside. Then, go right into the snow, ride on a Chocobo and cross the bridge.

3. Bridge adversity – Cross the bridge over adversity and save your progress. Then, climb stairs and take the door for a scene triggers.

4. Monastery Rivelgauge – Go down the stairs, open the chest to the left and shake all the pilgrims who are in their monastery to remove their hoods. Once you’ve found Amidatelion, enter through the door that opened and shake other pilgrims in the next area. Open a chest to the right lane and exit to the garden. Open a chest on the right, go to the second section of the garden and shake the pilgrims to identify Amidatelion. Thereafter, return to the garden gate and climb the boulder. Hang on the edge of the raised platform, pull yourself up and find a chest on the ledge of the building left. Teleport now to open it and then get the other side of the platform. Open another chest on the right then back to the monastery, shake Amidatelion again and hook up with bright lights to go beyond the metal door. After the cutscene where you find a former teammate, enter the corridor again and remove the hoods of pilgrims. After locating Amidatelion, open a chest at the bottom of the corridor and enter through the door in the middle. Enter the church and shake the pilgrim who turns out to be Belle. After the cutscene, climb stairs, open a chest to the left and exit the church to another scene triggers. Finally, enter the door that just opened, open a safe way and continue to exit the monastery. Save your game and head to Chocobo Stable.

5. Chocobo Stable in – Move up to the entrance of the corridor blocked by fire, hang onto the crossbar and the cross and flame. Come on, repeat the same operation and open the next door, right.

Boss: Blaze
To beat Blaze, you must first achieve stop its attacks. As soon as he starts an attack, aim it and run it directly against the wall. Repeat this attack a second time for it to be stunned. At this time, enter an object (eg a statue) and throw it on him to damage him. Repeat this attack technique until it is defeated. After the battle, a cutscene will trigger then you find a wild Chocobo chasing Amidatelion. Follow him and avoid air turbulence until you arrive at your destination.  After another clip, quickly shake the controller to dodge the firing of General Jegran. Dodge also attack the big monster who pursues you, repeat the rolls until another scene triggers.


In the city of Yukes, jump on the platform that contains the crystal and save backup. Then skip to reach the main path of the middle and move first to the left. Open a box and return to explore the rest of the city. Follow the right branch and left the road and open other chests. Cling to the light points to reach high platforms and explore the whole city. Once this is done, look for bright spots in blue at right side of the main path and use them to reach the elevated platform. Pull the anchor on the bridge to open a kind of portal and pull the latter to return nearly Amidatelion.

1. Edge of oblivion – After the cutscene, go left and jump in the course of teleportation.

2. Station timber Mogs – Save your progress, do some shopping and come back near the train. Open two chests on the right and left and enter the train left and choose to go to the station in the desert prison.

3. Station Desert Prison – Come on, open two chests on the left and go the opposite side. Go down the ramp, back up, go right towards Pontville and enter the area of the workshop Cid.

4. Zone workshop Cid – Follow Mountain Road, open two chests on the way and join the entrance to the workshop. Activate the lever and enter for a scene triggers. After the scene, go back to the station in the desert prison, take the train and go to the station prairie. Then, cross the garden of the queen to go to the Capital and enter the gate of the city.

5. City Gate – Climb the stairs, go down the hall to replace the clock and get off at the dock. Take the train left and head for the military to turn a scene triggers.  After the cutscene, you find yourself in a large room and you must dance the waltz. Begin by first dancing with the girl in front of you. Follow the notes that appear on the screen, shake the controller at the right time and you will succeed a perfect dance. Move to the back of the room before the time runs out, dance with another partner if necessary and then come to the princess. After another cutscene, you find yourself at the station clams. Save your progress, go to the dock and go to Costa Faguita.

6. Costa Faguita – Go to the right of the footbridge over the water, join the cove at high tide and go up the mountains right up to a metal door open. Take it, surf to the waterfall and reach the Guild Selkie.

7. Guild Selkie – Descend along the threads and head to the boat for a scene with Belle goes off. Subsequently, climb on the highest platform near the boat and you jump to hang on the rope and slide the platform that leads to the entrance of the cave.

8. Cascade Alliance – Find an anchor point above the walls of the mountain, grab it and pull to open the gate. Enter Amidatelion to review and watch the scene below.

9. Within the prison air – In this prison air, go first to the metal door and open a safe. Then, find an anchor on the side and use it. Open another chest in the corridor, use of other anchors and thus reach the other side of the door blocked by the laser. Come on, hang onto the anchor points of left and pass the second gate locked. Move to the end of the bridge, open a chest near the bow and get off along the major steps. Follow the road to the next platform, enter the box to the right and open it. Then, climb through the post on the platform and follow the path of pipelines to the entrance illuminated in red. Move up to the arena, watch the cutscene and get ready to face some robots. To destroy these robots are targeting first the nuts that are on their shoulders and remove them. Then activate the lever that is on their backs to get into the wall or cause shock, thus inflicting damage. Repeat these attacks, also using the explosive barrels and finish these enemies. When the elevator door opens, take it and watch the next scene.


After the cutscene, find a canyon near the drill and climb over. Pull the anchor suspended in the air, enter the portal to teleport and see the pool. Wait for the basin to reveal the underground ruins and dive. Otherwise, return to the station to station in the desert from the opposite side, join the area’s workshop Cid, Pontville, East Brownfield, old aqueduct Lett and go right towards the mountains Lett. -Do not cross the first bridge and down the path that lies below. Go left, open the door that leads to the ruins and enter groundwater.

1. Underground Ruins – Come on, open a chest to the right and down by jumping on the cubes. Join the chamber of the crystal, approaching Amidatelion and watch the scene below.

2. Zone workshop Cid – Now exit the area of the workshop and take the path that is right crystal backup. Go to the station in the desert prison and take the train to grassland. Then go to the garden of the queen and watch a short scene.  Then go to the garden of the queen, instead of the clock and the central platform. Talk with Keiss near the pillar and choose to go to the palace when you’re ready for the final battle


After the long cutscene, you begin the final battle against General Jegran. The fight is divided into three phases. In the first phase, you aim is to remove the armor that is on top of the hull. But you must pay attention to small guns coming and you shoot. Destroy them from time to time then you can concentrate on the armor until it is destroyed. Then comes the arm Jegran. To destroy, you must be fast and move constantly to avoid the attack of the hand. Always try to target one section of the arm so as not to waste time. When he raises his hand to attack you, try to descend or climb very high to avoid his attack. If a duel between you and trigger fingers Jegran, quickly shake the controller to win the duel. Finally, aim for the second section of armor and destroy it.Dan the next phase, you are attacked by four cannons and arm Jegran. Destroy the first one gun, enter it and use it to destroy the arms Jegran. If the arm is not destroyed, enter a second gun and destroy it. Then use a cannon to take care of those who remain. Finally, in the last phase, aim for the capacitor on the top side and pull the vessel to retrieve a gun. Use it first to destroy the arms Jegran, then grab the shields that protect the heart and pull Jegran to destroy them one by one. When the heart of the great monster is discovered, grip it and pull Jegran to eliminate once and for all. Congratulations! You’ve avenged the king and restored the peace!


The Crystal Bearers is one of those titles that provide the means to prove they can get a graphics rendering quality even on a console like the Wii. The environments are detailed and not only diversified but also teeming with life. Monsters and NPC react to your slightest doings and make the world of this episode really credible. The character designer was able to offer four races of the game a multiplicity of different faces. The powers of telekinetic Layle deserved to evolve during the game to make gameplay a bit more attractive. The increase is primarily full of arcade sequences not playable and quite frankly uninteresting level of gameplay, but we can rebuild in New Game + once the game ended.

Remember only 12 hours to finish the game in a straight line! You can also complete the adventure without locking virtually no current miasma in which case it completely misses the interest of the game getting medals is not very motivating either but it has the merit of ‘encourage the player to think in original ways to interact with enemies. In choosing to place ourselves in the shoes of an outcast of society and arrogant with powers outside the ordinary, soft manages to differentiate itself significantly from its predecessors. The context of racial rivalry is also well integrated into the scenario.


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