Just Cause 2 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats


Upon its release three years ago and a half, the first Just Cause does
not lack good intentions. The buttocks are caught between two
generations of consoles, the game still had a sense of unfinished
business more or less bitter. Now since its introduction nearly a year
ago, Just Cause 2 was sitting in a corner of our minds as one of the
potential hits from the beginning of 2010, for two main reasons.
Firstly, because it is the result of an imperfect title, but oh so nice
and because its developers had seriously we put water in his mouth
telling us that Just Cause 2 is a promise of freedom, fun and action as
well unbridled love it. Confident of their intrinsic qualities as the
Swedes of Avalanche Studios have not dropped the case and began to work
seriously to prepare a suite capable of erasing the mistakes of his
elder brother while trying to take the gameplay a little further. In
short, the fellows had a lot on board, for sure, and we are currently
engaged in a Just Cause 2 explosive, challenging and spectacular.

With the wand Avalanche Studios, this second album we proposed
exploring Panao Island, an island paradise at first but will quickly
turn into a battlefield. Armed to the teeth, Rico Rodriguez is back for
the delight of action fans hungry for freedom. The game also has its
worship that works, regardless of their seniority, we are so pleased
that years after their release, there still nostalgic replays ignoring
their worst faults. And for those few nuggets, there are all the others
too winded, too complex or too simplistic for our attention beyond a
few months ahead but they leave as a blockbuster. Just Cause 2 is one
of those. Enough to make this a great Just Cause 2 action game ?

You are Rico Rodriguez, The Agency’s most powerful weapon, chosen to
eliminate a rogue agent on the island paradise of Panau by ANY means
necessary. BASE jump, hijack, blow-up, race or sky-dive as you explore
over 400 square miles of Panau armed with your unique grapple and
parachute. With hundreds of vehicles and weapons, welcome to a world

The orders are simple: hunt down and execute a rogue agent that has
stolen top-secret intelligence and millions in Agency cash. For agent
Rico Rodriguez, the mission is anything but routine. The target is Tom
Sheldon, Rico’s former commanding officer, mentor and friend; a man who
knows Rico better than he knows himself.

Sheldon went dark while operating in the corrupt island nation of
Panau. There, three rival gangs wage war in the streets while the
ruthless dictator Baby Panay rules the island with an iron fist. With
the resources of the Agency at his disposal, Rico must infiltrate the
island and locate Sheldon, setting off a violent chain of events that
will set Panau ablaze.

Each of Rico’s assignments can be tackled by land, sea or air with more
than 100 vehicles including tactical jeeps, attack helicopters and jet
fighters. As the Agency’s best, Rico can execute a range of
breathtaking new stunts, utilizing his trademark parachute and upgraded
grapple to reach any location in Panau. Somewhere on the 400 square
mile island of white sand beaches, scorching deserts and snow-capped
peaks, Sheldon awaits.


The first thing that strikes when Rico Rodriguez landed on the islands
of Panao – playground of the second episode – for the vastness of the
latter. Is 1000 km ² which can be from the start, walk freely. A huge
sandbox, as they say, where the main purpose is to sow "chaos". From
the start, and Rico can freely roam around the various islands in the
Republic of Panao, a country (imaginary) plagued by a government more
or less totalitarian. Fast forward the story of Just Cause 2 since it
is ultimately an excuse to justify the carnage announced.

Basically, always offer as much freedom, but this time, fully exploit
the next "bigger than life" license to propose a title all out there
like a big fat défouloir nag, a sort of gaming during the Michael Bay
film. A comparison not trivial, since we must admit, side scenario, it
is hardly more advanced than a script from the creator of Bad Boys and
Transformers . Rico Rodriguez, a great arm half half mercenary agent
secretly parachuted on the island for fuck dawa and cracking the
dictator. Add to that a conspiracy with Russians, Chinese, ninjas armed
with Uzis, a mysterious island with old Japanese, and you certainly get
the worst case scenario moron of the year. But you know, the interest
as Eido Interactive is not there, and only count the pleasure to take
the player to transform the world around them in ruins.

After giving serious turmoil Caribbean archipelago of San Esperito, the
turbulent secret agent Rico Rodriguez packed up to go to the other side
of the world, Asia, another string of islands just as fictitious and
exotic : Panao. Sounds like that would appeal to Denis Brogniart lies
an archipelago into an iron hand by a corrupt and totalitarian
government keeps order through an army everywhere and not prone to
laughter. It does seem certain factions of revolutionary and other
mafiosi to imagine one day take control of Panao overturning the regime
– by violence, of course. It is in this context that landed stirred
Rico, charged with finding and stopping his former mentor who had
betrayed the Agency. And the guy will quickly realize that renting its
services to various local armed groups could easily enable it to carry
out its mission. In short, he will do what he does best: wreak havoc.

With a screenplay context quite similar in outline to the first
episode, Just Cause 2 can not do much better. If one feels the desire
to establish a main plot a little more complex than it appears, and
propose a gallery of colorful characters, poor directing and poor
dialogues were quick to we remove any involvement in a bland story.
This is not for want of balance of cut-scenes each mission, even
extended a little long in passing. It must be said that the French
dubbing are atrocious in their way and even managed to pass easily on
track to reach the laughable heartbreaking. In short, from this point
of view, the second episode falls into the same as his elder.
Fortunately it is not the same for the rest of the game.

GamePlay Trailer:

However, the game is largely its promise in terms of life: it must be
between 15 and 20 hours to finish the main plot. If you add 30 to 50
hours to complete all the side missions and destroy all the villages,
you’ll get your money. Provided they pass the first three hours of play
– the tutorial hidden – to weep with boredom. Okay, they are welcome to
learn to handle all the assets of Rico, as the hook and the parachute
permanently grafted to him. But the action hardly progressing,
cinematics and dialogue are as hollow an episode of Celebrity Farm.


Because the developers wanted to focus exclusively on the single
player, they chose not to include multiplayer. It’s a shame because
Just Cause 2 seemed more than anything else, that they are destined to
several parties. The Republic of Panao certainly does not lack life but
end up feeling a little lonely. You want to share this huge toy box,
because the reactions of the computer eventually bore, where those of a
human is always unpredictable show. It’s a little problem with that
Just Cause 2, its fatigue. As rich as it is, it is typically the kind
of title that you play like that, to pass the time during short
sessions Thurs Just Cause 2 has the effect of an object that could have
a little fantasy too. Something which, after the departure of wonder
gives way to a routine ultimately not so attractive as that. An
impression reinforced by the more missions annexes, which are always
performs the same thing.

Max Free Rico:

Determined to understand why his friend and mentor, Tom Sheldon, has
betrayed him, Rico Rodriguez landed alone on the island of Panao. In
search of information, he takes the party to work for the three
factions on site (Roaches, Reapers, Ular Boys). Helping them to sit on
their domination Panao and wreaking havoc wherever he goes, Rico
performs the tasks assigned by the factions or the Agency, with
seriousness and effectiveness (basic capture, bomb defusing, freight ,
murder, hostage release, etc..). Nothing very original, and yet!

Before even attack the enemies who cross his path, Rico must ensure
destroy everything in its path. Each decorative element set bits is a
good way for our mercenary increase its capital points of chaos
(important to unlock missions and equipment). Its destructive madness
must not lose sight of him he must also not forget to collect the
weapon upgrades, vehicles and armor scattered everywhere on the island.
Finally, we want to increase our firepower, but also the efficiency of
our vehicles should not, either, do we miss out on a few crates of
contraband, drugs or gambling, hidden a bit everywhere.

The first two types of packages we offer the most opportunity to
increase our capital sympathy with the forces, the latter however
allows us to obtain the black market, weapons and vehicles. Represented
by a helicopter pilot crazy enough for us to deliver product directly
on the battlefield, or attempt escape to our nearest golf game
(provided you have previously visited the site in question), the market
Black is the only place where we can spend our money and incidentally
improve things at our disposal. No question, then go shopping in the
souvenir shops of Panao …

Useful at first glance, the black market quickly act gadget in the game
because what’s easier than picking up weapons left on the ground by
fallen enemies, or borrow one of many vehicles cross roads, water or
air of Panao? Motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, more than
one hundred objects traveling, sailing or flying are there to enable us
to significantly increase our speed travel. Then we are free to use
them during a mission, a race against the clock or just for exploring
the island Panao, its mountain villages, its military bases open
desert, lost its stations oil offshore, or even his nightclub attached
to two giant airships.

Just do it!:

Avalanche Studios has not sought to further expand its playing area,
and you find yourself always on an area of 1 024 sq. km. Except here is
an Asian island, Panau, that good will find Rico to kick the souk.
Panau is a little island that would fantasize all the managers of Club
Med in the world. Aim a little, a little less than 40 km long and wide,
you will find snowy peaks, lush forests, arid deserts, beautiful
beaches of golden sand, idyllic islands, cities, high-tech typical
villages, islands lost way Lost in short, a best-of ultimate what any
tourist would have on hand (note: on Earth, it’s called New Zealand!).
With such a setting, needless to say that immersion in the game
immediately. Dip into this scented Asian archipelago, the player can
travel miles by car / motorcycle / ATV / helicopter / plane tirelessly
environments that surround it, can sometimes get lost as this universe
is vast. Fortunately, a system of maps will be available to him,
history does not use three tons of gasoline to 10 km … This map will
show accurately all the places visited by the player and especially the
score by using a system of "dens".

Example: If you’re traveling by car to a place, you mark this point on
the map. Once in the game, you yellow arrows indicate the way forward.
Rather practical given the distances that separate long enough
sometimes two missions. Missions, you’ll more than fifty to put you in
the tooth. And parallel to the main plot, Rico will have the
opportunity to install a little more chaos in Panau, simply by
destroying certain areas of the island. These "spots", numbering 260,
can be partially destroyed (red color indicates that you can be blown
up), pushing a gauge of "Chaos" and will relate some bills passed. Once
the heart of the action, everyone can do as he pleases. Let be discreet
and eliminate enemies sniper or go as a man, running into the pile with
machine guns and grappling hook (discussed later). The more muscular
probably prefer the way Commando (the movie with Schwarzenegger), that
is to say, stick a helicopter or take an automatic rifle from 30 kg to
transform Panau in Sarajevo. We confess, this is the last option we
thought was the most enjoyable, as the feeling of power that emerges
from Rico is striking. Beware, however: once you start playing the
Demolition Man, the local militia will be at your heels. Then you have
to choose between taking the flight or fight your enemies in shootings
anthology that can last many minutes. Here then is the main asset of
the game, his approach totally excessive action.

Staring into the water:

When it comes to climbing on top of a glass building, having to repeat
the exercise four times because of this defect is boring. Fortunately,
it does not appear when I use the grappling hook as a weapon. I may be
sadistic, but I feel a certain pleasure in getting rid of enemy
soldiers in the hooks in the stomach and sending them to waltz over my
head. In addition, with the sentinels, it is more discreet than a burst
of machine gun (and it does not waste any ammunition). The grappling
hook and parachute to a lesser extent you open the door to
opportunities rather foolish. With the grapple, you can attach two
objects together – an old jalopy out of the ditch in the first place –
or to stick with a wheeled vehicle or float and you pull the parachute
opening (a kite-surfing in the extreme sum). You can even use it to
storm any flying object (helicopter or aircraft, including Boeing). So,
every game situation represents not one or two, but dozens of ways to
cope. Another black spot of the game is the management of firearms.
Well, the targeting system is not a model of precision, but I do not
have a shooting in real life.

If the idea to spend some time in a dictatorship is quite attractive in
itself, the archipelago has Panao especially for him to suggest a
spectacular landscapes as varied as surprising. Just a short helicopter
ride to realize. Within minutes, swallowing up the miles and pass the
proud snow covered mountains to lush jungle to arrive on long sandy
beaches. We will then continue to a southern island and discover a
solid tan, driest, protecting a small desert hamlets with a few dusty,
then off to the capital of the archipelago and its skyscrapers indecent
proportions. Not only the play area is huge, but the 3D engine that
gives it a quality life is quite remarkable. It was thus entitled to a
remote display very generous, detailed textures and lighting effects
and highly successful particles that increase the credibility of the
environments that surround us, especially for owners of cards nVidia
entitled to treatment favor with some more advanced special effects
like rendering of the water, even more successful. Everything arrives
on the screen without loading time and with a fluidity that is sure to
be proportional to the power of your machine, but in any case, do not
leave upset by the explosive action. Of course, we can see from time to
time some textures copied / pasted and especially a tendency to pop up
sometimes quite pronounced, but the bet on Avalanche Studios to offer a
credible world, huge, spectacular and exotic is widely noted. The
temptation to play a tourist in these conditions is obviously very
large and, moreover, largely encouraged by the many vehicles available
to us.

Motorcycles, cars, quads, boats, helicopters, aircraft … The least we
can say is that Just Cause 2 does not skimp on resources …
locomotion. Fortunately, compared to the first episode, it is doing
much better in the general behavior of all these machines, much less
fofolle and uncontrollable than before. Obviously, the physical models
used are very typical arcade and some two and four wheels are not
always obvious to tame, but the handling is still much better than
before and to better enjoy long walks ahead. The developers, in
addition, thought to sprinkle their playground for a bunch of races
optional history to pass the time while fulfilling our portfolio
properly. In the same vein, Panao packed with dozens and dozens of
hidden bonuses to upgrade its equipment and make us want to see the
country. Added to the principle of gauge chaos we see later, these
secrets and give racing a real density to Just Cause 2, which can, at
once, boast a very comfortable life.

In addition to all the shiny gear mentioned above, Rico could count on
his two favorite gadgets to visit Panao: his parachute and grappling
hook. Already in the first episode, this magical duo has been reunited
for the sequel with some welcome improvements. As Batman or Spider-Man,
Rico can target any part of the scenery within a few tens of meters
around him and cling to propel it in an instant. In other words, climb
up a 50-storey building is only a formality, like clinging to any
vehicle to enjoy a free ride or take possession of it in less than two.
For its part, will allow the parachute to the base jumping or
skydiving, since it can open and close without any stress – despite all
logic, certainly, but what a walk! But the real potential of these two
accessories is revealed when used in conjunction with using the grapple
to gain momentum before deploying his parachute, and then to tow or
pick up speed. Thus, even without vehicles lost in the depths of the
Pampas, we can move quickly and without coercion then it is quite
finished on long walks in the forest to rejoin civilization.

Rico puts hands on it:

Free as air, Rico takes the time to visit each square kilometer of
Panao, without forgetting that it may at any time crossing the road a
few enemies determined to put a spoke in the wheels. Fortunately for
us, always with loads Rico him three weapons (pistol, assault rifle,
sniper rifle, shotgun, machine gun, etc..), Grenades and explosives.
How easy it is then, even if the targeting system requires a small
adjustment period, to undermine the opposing forces. Also able to use
two weapons simultaneously, Rico drove into the lot, without really
worrying about what might happen to him.

Sure of his coup, so he pulls on everything that moves, while making it
sometimes a little bit of madness. However, weapons so powerful they
are, are not the only way to eliminate an opponent Rico. Indeed, it can
also use a gadget at any time just as effective: the grapple (Editor’s
note: phew I thought he’d forgotten to mention!). This then enables him
to throw his enemies into the air, throw them into space, to hang on a
ledge, hang them in a vehicle, or even a gas cylinder. Useful, the
grapple is limited only by our imagination and the time we allow the
enemy to act in the heat of the action.

Undermine some evil villains is not the primary function of the
grapple. Indeed, it is also there to allow us all the quirky side trip.
Rico can and hold on to all the decorative elements (trees, roofs,
railings, etc..) And vehicles (car, plane, boat, etc..). He can easily
climb the highest tower Panao, or do some spectacular stunts by
clinging to a vehicle, while it is perched on the hood of a car
speeding. The most practical, the Grapple then accentuates the feeling
of freedom, making us almost forget that we have missions to

Armed to the teeth, equipped with a grapple with many possibilities,
Rico can also count on his parachute (Editor’s note: Re-phew!). Able to
open it at any time, it enables it to avoid crashing as a pancake after
a steep decline, or hovering over the mountains, while we take the
opportunity to admire the scenery. But that is all, for combining the
grappling hook and parachute, our traveling companion can once again
indulge in some follies. Rico and benefits to cling to the first
element of decoration came with his grappling hook, take a little
speed, open his parachute before going to steal quietly among the
birds. We are free to then try everything we can think of to get from
point A to point B.


In its quest for mass destruction, Rico has a bunch of gadgets to use.
First, a full arsenal of firearms, ranging from a pistol to rocket
launchers, grenade through or shotgun. Then, a wide variety of vehicles
(over 100 total!) Scattered throughout the island, will walk around
with more ease. As as he progresses through the adventure, Rico can
appeal to a black market trader, who can dump him anytime he needs it
(the weapon or means of locomotion). The same dealer will offer to
upgrade your equipment through a system of points from everywhere on
the island. But the best part of Rico is of course his famous grappling
hook, allowing it to hang wherever they want (houses, cliffs, moving
vehicles) and serves as a weapon when ammo is scarce.

With it may sway an opponent in a vacuum, or attach to a car passing by
that, just to see it get shot from 50 yards. But the real advantage of
the grapple, it can be coupled with a parachute, thus creating a system
for moving fast to our hero (parasailing for example) that may be
playing the Spider-Man hard boiled in the streets Panau cities. Just
Cause 2 has thus a very rich gameplay. Only problem: it will take many
hours of training before fully mastering it. It is also one of the main
criticisms that could be leveled at the title: it is a bit foutraque
joystick in hand. Whether the targeting system, the management of
jumping and grappling hook, driving vehicles, everything is pretty hard
to handle and is often plagued cons poorly negotiated a jump, where a
vehicle a little too "arcade". We will eventually get used after a
dozen hours of play (it will expand to over 50 come to the end), but it
is still quite long. Definitely not an ATM for example, which proved
enjoyable to play from beginning to end.

The little Cause:

After being served me sitting down for my flying enemies and make some
adjustments in the decor with gusts well placed, I were separated for
the handgun into highly efficient and with a stock of ammunition
unlimited. With such a device, however, should not ask me to sprint.
Side scenario, besides the main plot – return to his former mentor and
eliminate – Rico Rodriguez, seeking allies and indices, is involved in
the affairs of three different factions (separatists countrymen,
communist guerrillas, and the local mafia). To unlock these missions
and bases which are linked, the quickest way to increase his score of

Clearly, pull or go for any decorative element to cause maximum damage,
you’ll notice by one or other of the factions that you entrust its
little problems to solve (invading a government research center or
destroy two or three observation satellites just before their launch,
some stupid things I say).At about the same time that the factions are
interested in your little person, the black market opens its doors.
Accessible at any time via the PDA Rico Rodriguez, the system can
easily resupply of weapons and vehicles if none is present at hand. The
icing on the cake, the smugglers deliver even at home. A helicopter
dropped the minute the order is placed where your character is, and
without charge..

Just Cause 2 is primarily a GTA – like that makes a wide room for
Missions violent and explosive as we like. While the first episode only
offered a handful left and finished in a few hours, the suite has been
significantly boosted its content speedy reinforcements of side
missions and other secrets to discover. When he destroys one of the
many government facilities (antenna-radio because of propaganda,
military base, a petrol station …) or when he makes a mission along
with one of the factions in the game, Rico is a climb gauge chaos that
eventually unlock more side missions and main missions, more scripted
and complex than the first. In a principle reminiscent of the late-
Mercenaries will therefore spend some time browsing the game map to
help as armed group to storm a base, steal a tank heavily guarded or
kidnap a famous scientist. The effort of variety is not always very
convincing, but the gameplay very open addresses every mission in
different ways: stick a tank to clean around radically into his
opponent directly to a strategic point thanks to grapple / or parachute
to talk about the powder in a more classic style, it’s up to you.

Cause without any real false notes:

Playing with the grapple, use the parachute, or enjoy the many
available vehicles would be nothing without a play area specially
designed for the occasion. And there, with the island of Panao, we have
used. Huge, it has a wide variety of environments that allow us to
maximize the capabilities Rico. Everything is here, that we let go to
walk this world with no real purpose, except to play with the elements.
Varied scenery traversed are also visually. Avalanche Studios has made
sure that we offer all styles (plain, mountain, desert, jungle, forest,
etc..) Which, together with management of day / night cycle and
weather, are there to dip a little more in the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect in the small world of Just
Cause 2. So even if the game engine has done wonders, both visually and
on the side of the animation, some are bound to stop the display from
set pieces late on a few framerate drops on bugs or crashes the quality
of some textures. To this we can add an anecdotal scenario, mission
schedules a little short and redundant (eg catch baseline), the
handling of some very special vehicles, sometimes missing a few areas
of life, an artificial intelligence than perfect, loads of time coming
to break the rhythm or French voices on the verge of ridiculous.

However, Just Cause 2 is nevertheless very enjoyable to play. The sense
of freedom offered by the title of Avalanche Studios are pushing us to
go further. What fun to discover new areas of game, different in that
it allows us to do, but visually speaking. For it must be said, Just
Cause 2 us away eyes. A little something that, once again pushes us to
play explorers without bothering about what might happen. We are thus
left for hours, discovering places Panao, accomplishing a task or a
challenge from time to time.


To be classified in the category titles Z series, Just Cause 2 is a
game like "sandbox" in every sense of the term. Not only can it browse
the territory and down, across, and interact with all parts, but more
like a sandbox for children, you can submit your brain locker room
before you burst. Ignoring the politically correct, it combines all the
cliches of Hollywood action movie, period 80. Moreover, the first time
I saw Rico Scorpion Rodriguez, I thought I saw a version of Rambo as
aspartame, crossed with Droopy eye dogs beaten. The problem identified
by both the classic duet with keyboard / mouse with a joystick that is
handling the game does not always face the pace of action, which tends
to make the phases of shooting enough soft and, therefore, not always
convincing. Entertainment Robotics (Rico and enemies) and camera
movements give an impression of rigid float, a lack of nerve and
brutality that would shake us and involve us more candidly.

It must be said that firearms cause strange reactions on the soldiers
who respond a little too like mere rag dolls. In addition, in the heat
of the moment, it is not always obvious to use her grapple as we want,
besides the bugs just crash often block our road, adding a bit of
frustration to all this . Finally, the AI really miss working and gives
us some strange reactions which task. We thus soldier amorphous fufu we
mark ten kilometers, not to mention the suicidal capable of firing a
rocket at close range to finish us. This gives rise to skits sometimes
grotesque, sometimes very frustrating, sometimes leading to death by
unfair or raging. In some missions with checkpoints misplaced, mustard
can also be mounted on the nose of the less patient, forced to repeat
four or five times the same passage due to a weak reaction for example.
Thus, during our adventure, a whole bunch of small parts will play
spoilsport in letting us see inaccuracies, problems sometimes coarse,
sometimes mundane but inevitably tarnish the table.

Instead of that, the cutscenes are used to display simple dialogs good
illustration. And since we are in dialogue, one of the biggest flaws of
the game is certainly in the French dubbing of the characters,
absolutely disastrous, who flayed the ears regularly. Finally, if the
number of missions can leave a dreamer, we regret soon as they are
proving too repetitive. Indeed, apart from some of them (those for the
Agency), you will often make the same types of assays, such as
capturing bases, VIP protection, murder or bombing. In short, despite
some really good ideas for gameplay and a rich universe, the title of
Avalanche Studios is constantly seen weighed down by design flaws,
which certainly could have been avoided.

Four years working on a game that ultimately leaves the player free to
do as he likes to take time to explore the island Panao, or throw
himself headlong into the various proposed missions. Technically
successful, varied, except perhaps in certain secondary objectives and
tasks schedules, Just Cause 2 is here for you to spend long hours in
front of your machine, as long as you take the time to understand the
targeting system, the Use the grappling hook and parachute. Despite
some small flaws, Just Cause 2 shows how to propose a game open
environment of high quality, visually striking or technically
successful, is not impossible. So, are you ready for your small dose of


Using Indicator Resource:
To complete each place 100% (and get some items out of the towns), keep
an eye on your indicator of resource objects that located in the upper
left of the screen. The closer you get to a resource object, and the
indicator is filled. When flashing, a white arrow tells you the precise
position of the element.

Island of Lost:
You can explore a replica of the island on Lost Panao. Go to the northwest of the map plane and you have a little surprise.

Cheat Codes:

  • Special Agent : Bonus for completing the game in Normal mode.
  • Heroic Officer : Bonus for completing the game mode Experienced.
  • Legendary Agent : Bonus for completing the game in hardcore mode.
  • Settle : Take possession of 3 bases.
  • Monopoly Panao : Take possession of 9 bases.
  • Prisoners : Complete 49 missions faction.
  • Taste of Chaos : Wreak havoc for the first time.
  • Saboteur : Perform 150 sabotage.
  • Destructive : Make 1000 sabotage.
  • Hitman : Assassinate 25 colonels.
  • Amateur challenges : Complete 10 challenges.
  • Professional challenges : Complete 50 challenges.
  • Researcher needles : Earn 1000 resource objects.
  • Collector : Earn 100 objects of resource.
  • Benefactor factions : Earn 150 objects faction.
  • Globetrotter : About 100 locations.
  • Great traveler 1 : Complete 15 places to 100%.
  • Great traveler 2 : Complete 100 places to 100%.
  • Pile of corpses : Kill 750 enemies.
  • In bare hands : Kill 50 enemies in melee.
  • Gravity + Grab = bobo : Kill 30 enemies using the grapple to pull them into space.
  • In single file! : Kill 5 enemies by dragging with your vehicle using the grapple.
  • Hang them high and short! : Kill 30 enemies in the air suspended by the hook.
  • Wrecking Ball : Kill 5 enemies with an object attached to your vehicle by the grapple.
  • Cinco de Mayo : Kill 5 enemies in melee while they are suspended by the hook.
  • Juggler : Kill 30 enemies during its fall.
  • License points : Kill 30 enemies by crushing them with a vehicle.
  • Sniper : Kill 50 enemies with a bullet in the head.
  • Amok : Kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds.
  • Invincible and bloody : Kill 50 enemies in a row with the weapons of your inventory without being touched.
  • Want to break everything : Destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds.
  • Test Pilot : Fly 30 different vehicles.
  • Button-on : Fly the 104 vehicles.
  • On the road again : Browse 75 km in land vehicle.
  • Hey, me ready? " : Divert 50 enemy vehicles.
  • Stuntman : Earn 100 points waterfall.
  • Halfway : Achieve 50% increase in normal mode or mercenary.
  • Drop : Open the parachute and land 300 feet above your starting point.
  • Open wings : Make a base jump from 1 000 meters.
  • Passing under a bridge : Go fly under 30 bridges different Panao.
  • Midge : Fly a plane at low altitude for 30 seconds.
  • Perfectionist : Achieve 75% increase in normal mode or mercenary.
  • Top of the World : Stand on the highest point of Panao.
  • Welcome to Panao! : Finish the 1st mission of the Agency.
  • Descent casino : Complete the 2nd mission of the Agency.
  • The White Tiger : Finish the 3rd mission of the Agency.
  • Rescue in the mountains : Complete the 4th mission of the Agency.
  • Three birds with one stone : Complete 5th Mission Agency.
  • In den : Complete the 6th mission of the agency.
  • Just cause : Finish the final mission of the Agency.


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