Assassin’s Creed 2 Walkthrough Tips and Cheats


The saga of the Assassins in war against the Templars continued. In one episode, Assassin’s Creed has become one of the flagship licensing at Ubisoft. A charismatic hero, a huge playground and impressive gameplay open allowing the wildest stunts, the adventures of Altair have scored more than one player. Nevertheless, the ambition of such a project had been some regrettable defects, depriving the game more varied missions and conduct a less forbidding, among others. The announcement of an almost obvious result was prevailing with it a host of hopes and dreams that Ubisoft Montreal has promised soon materialized. Farewell Crusades distant hello the Italian Renaissance for a second album that attempts to correct some defects in his big brother.

Assassin’s Creed’s first name was fairly divided crowds. Either you loved being ready to forgive him his shortcomings, it is still blocked by its repetitive and somewhat empty cities of activity. The leitmotif of the development of this second aspect has been the correction of this kind of problem. Bigger, richer, less repetitive, Assassin’s Creed II can he convince those who had left the first episode? Possible, provided that no one expects a complete revolution even if some things have indeed changed. Starting with the framework since the Animus takes us this time in Italy in the Renaissance. Other times, other customs, another hero descendant of Altair. Ezio Auditore is presented to us as he is a toady to loudmouth, brash and insolent who discovers his destiny to his cost of an assassin finally embrace it in order to avenge the execution of his father and brothers. A death obviously linked to the Templars.

The change of mood is radical, and insured by the hero. Goodbye sober and proud Altair, hello Ezio charmer who nevertheless became less and less frivolous throughout his quest that spans over 10 years. Ezio is a little Latin type, whether you hang or one wants to stick it out as soon as he slaps a "will dump. For some, the change in temperament is not a luxury. Fortunately, it began when he first dons his suit of assassin, which does not occur for some time, this second component is substantially longer to start than its big brother. It is also longer in general, there are more cities, a larger size, Venice alone could occupy for hours. If Assassin’s Creed had relatively few missions annexes, here you will find something to pass the time. The races are of course free to return, but we found secondary assassination missions friendly, the tombs of assassins which I shall return, assistance to citizens, the search pages of the codex or glyphs secrets and most importantly, main tasks in greater numbers, sometimes short-lived but that guide the player in its progression.

Tips for playing this game:

  • A New Character: Ezio
    • Play as a new customizable heroes, change capacities
    • Experience 30 years in the life of Ezio in which you learn to become a real Assassin
  • A New Era: The Renaissance
    • A new world to discover: Italy during its artistic revolution. An unparalleled splendor and mystery unparalleled …
    • Meet legendary characters throughout the adventure: Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, Machiavelli …
    • Infiltrate the formidable and powerful families before the murder
  • Many and Varied Missions
    • Take part in more than 100 types of missions and discover many clues to plan your assassinations
    • Decide on your priorities and your own destiny
    • Use many inventions to move on land, sea or air!
  • Major Innovations
    • Earn money, perfect your equipment and weapons, manage Villa …
    • Unlock a multitude of bonuses in the Villa with a reward system permanent
    • Adopt your strategy in the light of day / night cycle that influences the conduct of missions


Game Play:

Ezio, son of a noble Florentine family, discovers a manuscript revealing the names of powerful personalities and corrupt Italian Renaissance, guilty of the death of family members. Everything is turned upside down one evening, when he got home and discovers that his father and his two brothers were arrested by the guards of the city. Error think he naively before realizing they are in fact victims of a plot that cost them real life. Therefore, Ezio will kiss his bloody fate at all costs and seek revenge on the men responsible for this unbearable betrayal. A quest that will take him through Italy and put it in the center of a secular war has begun between the Templars the Assassins.

If we proceed in stages, we begin by dwelling on the changes in Ezio. To make progress, we must above all rich. Everything is money here. It pays to improve his armor and health, it pays to buy better weapons to afford care, ammunition. So, we paid for our missions, we made the pockets of passersby, steal safes and more importantly, it maintains his villa. Villa Auditore is nothing more than a source of regular income. They came together to invest some money in renovation, for example by expanding the bank and presto, the money flows. Later it was refurbished and returned a little retouching. The idea is good, but we must admit that banging round trips to the house can quickly become overwhelming. And insofar as one can easily obtain the money otherwise, many are likely to forget it quite regularly. In addition, the story does more than return clumsy as it was before. It is here more linear and natural following the journey of our heroes through the Italian Renaissance.


Follow Lucy to the Animus and sit inside. During the ensuing cinematic, you must press a few buttons to give the baby Ezio punches and kicks. You will not stay long in the Animus as Lucy leaves you and asks you to pursue it. Hold down the button to track racing Lucy. You will encounter some enemies, but Lucy kills them all for you. Finally, you arrive in a room with several passages cube. You should follow very closely Lucy, you stop when it stops. You must not be detected. If a guard catches you, let Lucy get rid of. After passing through a locked door, you are now in a garage filled with guards. Do that pressing the button punches to ring the guards, one after the other. A new cinematic take you into the secret hideout of Lucy. Follow up the stairs to meet 2 other characters. You can walk and talk if you want. Finally, go to the Animus and sit to start your first mission.


  • Sequence 01: Ignorance Is Bliss

This mission will allow you to unwind a little, because there are a lot of people to hit. Foulbrood an enemy to be alert and block his attacks. You also have access to a cons-attack, which is a movement very useful if you have good timing. Stay alert and press the attack button when the enemy is about to hit you for an immediate descent.

After defeating the first group of enemies, another wave comes. Keep the same strategy still adequate guards and countering enemy attacks, and you’ll have no trouble getting rid of these enemies. Finally, a cutscene will interrupt the fight. Tour the corpses to collect the money that the bandits have left. Once you reach the 200 guilders, the mission ends.

Watch out the Assassin’s Creed 2 Gameplay:

See the Other Guy:
Talk to Federico and it will take you to the doctor. Federico rags and follow it (it runs fast enough). Once the doctor, talk to him and he will heal for 200 guilders. Fortunately for you, future visits to the doctor would not cost as much.

Sibling Rivalry:
Immediately after, Federico you to make a race to the top of the church. Run to the building, then climb to the summit, you will go much faster than Federico. Run to the finish line, marked by a white line. If you finish first, the mission is over.

Night relaxes:
Walk to the point of view of light atop the tower and you synchronize to meet part of your card. Then get ready to make a nice swan dive from the top of the tower. Jump in the hay down and will snap a small cinematic.

Get the haystack, a target was placed on your map to guide you to the window of Cristina. Follow this road and watch for guards along the road. These are marked with a red dot on your map and red arrows in the game, they can be easily avoided. Go below the window of Cristina and climb to trigger a cutscene.

The ultimate goal of the mission will be to escape the wrath of the guards who follow you! Flee! The first thing you need to do is get out of sight of the guards, is really running away from them, either by climbing a building. Be careful because it does leave you vulnerable to climb. When your radar ceases to be red, you can go to a hiding place, marked by a blue dot on the radar. Reach a hiding to finish the mission.

Look at your map to see an exclamation point on it. It will guide you to the father of Ezio, Giovanni. It will give you a very simple task: to deliver a letter. Your new target will appear on your radar. Go ahead, while being careful to guard in the corner. If you stand on the roofs, you will not have to worry about them.

The target takes you to a man in the street. Come you him to trigger a little cinematic. Go now see Giovanni using roofs as earlier to avoid the guards. Back at the house of Giovanni, looking the door surrounded by a white halo and opens to finish the mission.

The secret of Petruccio:
Now you must find Petruchio and go talk to him. It will ask you to bring him a pen. In fact, you will need to recover 3, and they are all marked on your map. Here, you’ll have a time limit. Look on your map the closest point and go.

The 3 feathers are on rooftops, so do not linger in the streets and climb directly on rooftops. By staying on top you’ll have no trouble recovering the 3 pens in the allotted time. Once done, the clock stops and a marker will indicate the position of Petruchio. Go there and knock at the door to finish this mission.

Beat a Cheat:
You are now with Claudia, and she wants you to avenge him her unfaithful husband. Talk to her and she will give you the position of Duccio, the traitor. Go to the spot marked to trigger a little cinematic. The more prepared you to press a series of buttons for the kinematics.

After that, it is now time to give punches! To win easily, catch Duccio and put the ground, then give him a kick while he is on the ground. You think it’s a technique coward? Well yes I accept, but at least I’m not bounce me! Anyway, after hitting him several times, and he will flee the mission will be over.

The friend of the family:
Go talk to the mother of Ezio Maria. It will ask you to follow. She walks slowly, so be patient. You can rag, not to lose sight, or simply watch the blue dot on your map. Finally you arrive at the house of Leonardo (Ninja Turtle, not the other, more experienced).

After the cinematic, pick up the little box on the ground and guide Maria and Leonardo to the new target on your map. Once there, throw the little box in the light to complete the mission.

Special delivery:
Giovanni has other tasks for you, find it and accept his mission. There are 2 letters to deliver. As for the 1st time, take to the roofs of preference and run to the locations marked on your map to issue the letters. You’ll be rewarded with a movie.

Now you have to catch a pigeon for Giovanni. The location will be marked on your map as usual. It is located on a roof. Again, the mission is very simple, just enter in the halo of light to complete the task.

Go back to Giovanni and chef at his door. After a long cinematic, you’ll see that it is not there. Ezio decides to go talk to her father in prison. See you at the point marked on your map, but be careful! The more you approach the prison, the more guards will intensify, and they are all in your search!

Stay well hidden on the roofs of buildings surrounding the prison and by approaching the south side. You’ll encounter an archer or two that way. If you come near them from behind, you can enter them and throw them into the vacuum to get rid of quickly.

Giovanni is held in the highest tower of the prison. Climb up the white light to trigger a cutscene, which will explain a little better situation. After talking to Giovanni Ezio falls into a pile of hay, thus completing the mission.

Family Legacy:
Go back to Giovanni’s room and use your eagle vision to spot the hidden door. Well it’s true, it is not really well hidden. Open the door to access the secret room. Open the chest to find a new outfit, and a beautiful sword. When you leave the room, you are stopped by 2 guards that steered their sword on you. Check them and use your new sword. They are not hard to beat, but it is better to play defensively. Wait till your opponent attack while keeping the button pressed custody and cons-attack to kill him immediately. When the 2 are dead, a target appears on your card. See you there (to the roof of preference) and knock at the door surrounded by a white halo to complete this mission.

Last Man Standing:
From now on, it will be easier: Once the mission is activated, walk to the marker to trigger a cutscene. You will find then pursued by a large number of guards which you must escape. Either you are running at full speed for sowing, or you climb quickly to a building. It is much easier to sow the guards on the roofs in the street, but it is not impossible to do on the ground. Once the guards will have lost sight of the mission ends.


  • Sequence 02: Escape Plan

Education gestural:
The kinematics introducing the next mission you will learn new game mechanics, but nothing too difficult. The first thing to learn is to mingle with the crowd. Walk amidst a group of people and you will see a sort of blank canvas on the ground, which tells you that you are hidden in the crowd.

Paola leaves the building, and it will have to follow with your new skill. Paola does not make you an easy task, because it passes several guards, so it is important to stay in the crowd. You can not always stay near Paola, but it is not serious. You just concentrate on staying hidden in the crowd and follow.

You finally return to the harem to learn pickpocketing. Entrainez you on women here to steal what is in their pockets, then you’ll have to try it on other people in the city, they will surely be less cooperative than the ladies. Try your skills of pickpocketing at least 5 different people and you away from them before they realize they were stolen. When you have passed your 5 robberies, the mission ends.

Ace Up My Sleeve:
Talk back to Paola, it will make you salivate in presenting a new weapon. Unfortunately, it does not really work for now .. You must bring in Leonardo Da Vinci program. Go to her door and cap to trigger a cutscene.

Having given you the sword hidden Leonardo is blocked by a guard at his door. While Leonardo occupies the guard, you equip the sword, then walk behind the guard. Press the attack button to assassinate him. At the request of Leonardo, pick up the body and tuck it in his studio. Leave the body in the circle of light to finish the mission.

Come see Paola and she will tell you to go kill Uberto. Go to the target on your map. The target is on a roof. When you reach the specified location, a small cinematic shows Uberto below you are walking in the street.

Jump from roof and use your new skill for you hide in the crowd and not to be spotted by the guards, in large numbers in the area. Find a group that works in the direction of Uberto and you mix them, you have many choices here.

Once near the building entrance, you will see that it is guarded by 2 heavily armed men. At the corner of building, you’ll see a group of young ladies. Check these women, and then engage the drive towards the 2 guards. Check guards and give the order for girls to distract them. This is going to lead.

Once inside the building, no need to hide or anything. Uberto is there, he can not avoid you. Just run towards him, equip yourself with your sword down, then the murdering. After a cutscene, you will need to run away, because the guards will continue. Try to climb rapidly over the rooftops to sow easily. Once the guards will have lost sight of the mission ends.

Laying Low:

Paola now gives you a new mission of training. This time, you must reduce your notoriety, which is measured by the red ring in the upper left corner of the screen. If the ring is complete, it means that your reputation is 100%. There are 3 things you can do to lower it.

The easiest thing to do is remove the posters on the wall of the city. These posters appear on your radar. When you remove one, your reputation down 25%, so if you remove 4, your reputation has completely disappeared. Most posters are at street level, sometimes on platforms in height.

You can also meet heralds (criers if you prefer). They are in the middle of the street and shouting various things propaganda. Pay the 500 guilders and say anything, which will lower your reputation by 50%. Personally, I find it too expensive to pay 500 guilders for it, it is better to tear the posters, it is faster, and it’s free.

Officers will also show randomly on your map. The icon looks like an officer of a poster, so be careful moving the icon on your radar, this one is an officer. If you see one, go immediately in pursuit. If you get to assassinate one of these officers, you will reduce your notoriety by 75%! Once your profile is found at 0%, the mission ends.

As long as your reputation is 0, the next task will be extremely simple. You must escort the mother and her sister Ezio through the city towards the outskirts of town. And coincidentally, the city is temporarily filled to the brim with guards, but they will not notice you even if you run. Just try not to bump a guard, and everything will be fine.

Follow the various checkpoints on your card to the exit. When you reach it, it is unfortunately blocked by a line of guards. Try to approach them, and they are seriously angry. He’ll have to play it a little more inventive to pass. Fortunately for you, a group of pretty girls nearby. Go see them and engage them to distract the guards.

The defensive line will sell, forming a circle of ladies finery, allowing you to move freely with your mother and your sister. Join the last checkpoint behind the walls of the city to finish the mission.

  • Sequence 03: Requiescat in Pace

Roadside Assistance:
Begin to move through the canyon with Claudia and Maria and you’ll be interrupted by a cutscene. Then, kill the bandits that attack your family.

Once the enemies defeated, another cinematic snaps, and you take control with new enemies to kill. Always keep your family and defend them, because they have no way to retaliate. Kill all the enemies to finish the mission.

Casa Dolce Casa:
Now follow Mario in the house and up the stairs. Here Mario will stop and talk a bit before you send her some errands.

Back in town and follow the marker on your map to reach the blacksmith. Enter the store and buy a pair of boots (armor) and a dagger (weapon). A little further down the street is the doctor to whom you should buy 5 medical objects. Once all the committees do, the mission ends.

In forging …:
Talk to Claudia inside the mansion and it will go away. Now find Mario a little further into the house and talk to him. It will ask you to lead in combat. You are now on a combat area in front of his house. You will pass various training exercises, all you need to complete at least 3 times each, before moving on to the next year.

The final exercise is to beat Mario to a duel. Do not worry, there is nothing difficult here, Mario is not really strong. Beat and Mario will go away. Go to the marker on your map and talk to this man here to finish the mission.

Family solidarity:
You can now go talk to Claudia in her room on the 2nd floor of the mansion for a few lines of dialogue, but nothing more. Then go south of the city and leave the city to find a stable outside. Step on one of the horses and gallop to the marker on the map in the South East. Off to Tuscany!

You’ll find Mario to Tuscany. Get off your horse and tell him to accept the mission against the troublemaker Vieri. Follow Mario on the hill to the wall surrounding the city. You can climb onto the broken part of the wall to reach the walkway.

There are 3 archers in height you can silently kill your new daggers, 2 are on the roofs, and on the highest part of the walkway. Once the archers dead, get off the wall and find the crank that opens the door.

You can help your partner go and kill the last enemies behind the door of Tuscany. Follow the group within the city and Mario stop to tell you to distract the guards. Basically, what he means is he’ll have to kill a few. Infiltrate around the city, and kill the guards on your way. There is a marker on your map to indicate the path to take.

You then come to a wounded soldier who tells you that Mario needs help a little further. Move a little to fall on the group being Mario fight with guards. Help them to finish them, then Mario will give you another target.

This tag will take you north on the roofs of the city. A small cinematic shows Vieri entering the town, sending his men into battle against the troops of Mario. You must now kill Vieri, but not immediately. Vieri will secretly go to the top of the parapet to oversee the battle. From the roof, jump down the stairs and run to the right side of the walkway.

Go to the summit to find Vieri here, with some guards. You need to kill that Vieri and it is certainly the strongest of enemies here. This will block all your attacks-cons, so not to kill him in one. The best way to overcome and take it and throw it on the ground, and then inflict a fatal blow when he is down. With the death of Vieri, the mission ends.

Change of Plans:
Talk to Mario outside of his house and follow him inside. It will leave a letter to read (just press the button displayed on the screen to read the letter). After that, go play Mario. Talk to him again for a new kinematics.

Mario sends you pick 4 pages of codices dispatched in the villa. To find them easily, climb to the top of the property of Mario and go to the point of view, you can synchronize. The 4 pages of codices are now on your card. Simply go to the 4 points indicated and you will find the boxes in no time. Once done, the mission is over.

Now go find Claudia in the palace of Mario and talk to him. She will complain about his fate, as it would also make death defying jumps between platforms or bloody battles. After that, she will talk to the architect, who is in the same room. Also go talk to him and he will explain that you can invest in the city to eventually make money. Make one or more investment if you want, there is no effect on the main story.

Quit now and go find the architect Mario in his room at the North. Talk to him and he will open a secret passage. Go down the stairs and it will show you something you will not have to, well, not yet! There are hidden tombs of murderers spread across the world. You must find them all if you want to unlock the special costume of Altair.

  • Sequence 04: The Conspiracy of the Pazzi

Practice What You Preach:
Back in Florence Leonardo and will use the recovered scrolls for you to learn new skills. After the cinematic, go to the marker on the map to join a yard behind the house of Leonardo. You have learned 3 new methods of murder, he will have to train a bit. How to use your 3 new skills:
1. Press the button when you are killing hidden in a haystack.
2. Put yourself on a platform above your target, aim for the person, then press the button assassination.
3. The last assassination is to climb on the ledge below the upper balcony. Press the button once positioned assassination.

Now that you’ve done your 3 murders, the mission ends.

When you start the mission, you are asked to find a particular man in the crowd located at the city square. It is designated by a green dot on your map. Use your eagle vision and the man you are looking for will be highlighted in gold (the guards are in red). Once the man found, you approach him for a little cinematic.

The man ran off with your money, leave quickly after him! Once you are close enough to him, use the lock to have it always in sight, it will facilitate your pursuit. If he leaves the screen, watch the blue arrow to mark its position. Once you’re at the right distance, press the button to catch it while running, Ezio will be a wonderful tackle to stop the thief. A new cinematic finish the mission.

See you there Netherlands:
The mission begins with La Volpe, and it begins to run from the beginning! It does not matter if you lose sight, he will head to a point further and waiting for you to continue. after a short cinematic, he fled again.

Again, no need to rush. An icon appears on your map showing you where the meeting place, so just go to this point. By cons, you have a limited time, so for convenience, go through the roof. You have plenty of time, but if you fall in error at street level, you may complicate the situation. Be careful where you walk. Once at the destination, the mission ends.

The Secret Of Novella:
The marker on your map takes you to the entrance of a tomb underground. Activate the skull in the wall and Ezio will be sent to its next mission. There is a lever that opens the north door, allowing you to climb to the next room.

Continue to follow the marker on your map and the camera will show you the stairs collapsed, and the next target. Step off the platform, jump left to grab the pole and swing you to the next platform along the wall. From here, use the series of wooden beams to reach the next platform.

There is a steep wall qu’Ezio can climb to reach the next platform, and it is a lever at the rear. This lever activates the metal door in the center of the stairwell. Jump through the open passage in the central column and on another platform near the outside wall. Turn right and use the wooden beams to reach a new platform.

There is another switch here to activate. Make a swan dive from the edge of the platform to jump into the hole that just opened. Once at the base of the staircase, approaching the opening to engage a short movie showing some guards coming in your direction.

Switch to the next room. There are 2 guards in the upper levels of the room, watch out their movements to avoid any mishap. To the west lies a series of rocks that you can overcome to reach a wall to climb. From here, head to the left, but wait until the left guard is not looking in your direction to go.

When you reach the border just below the guard, you can use your new skills by killing the guard from the edge. Take you on the next platform, then look north to see a second guard, making a turn round. Wait until you turn back and go for it on him to kill him from behind.

Look to the east of the north wall you can jump here on wooden beams and swing on a rope to reach the platform in the East with a big lever. Activate the mechanism and the camera shows you another lever a little higher. To get there, jump south through the hole in the platform, then look left. You can run along the wall after passing the beam to reach the other platform.

From here, jump north to another platform, then jump on the block of wood suspended in the air by a rope. Once there, you turn south and jump to grab the wooden beam and swing to the next platform, which was that shown by the camera just now.

Push the lever to open the big double-door lower, which will attract 3 guards in the next room. They are patrolling in the room where you are now. Go on the ledge overlooking the haystack. One of the guards will patrol close to it and will stop next to it. Check it, and jump to make a killing in style.

Close up quickly in the haystack, as another guard will come and see the corpse of the deceased guard. It should get close enough to the pile of hay, which will allow you to use another of your new skills, the assassination from a pile of hay (you can just aim and press the button murder). Always keep stashed in your haystack, and wait for the 3rd guard arrives and inspects the body. Kill him the same way as the 2nd guard.

Go through the door open to the north and a cutscene shows you the last remaining guard, running away. Continue, but do not worry if you can not catch it, it’s impossible to do. As you proceed, it will close a door behind the guard, forcing you to go a different route to the right around the door.

Continue to pursue the fleeing guard and he will lead you to the next level of a large hall. Spend a couple of boxes on the right. From here you can jump into the open area of the hall, and swing several beams to continue the pursuit. A new door closes before you. Look to the right to climb a ramp and jump over another set of beams.

The rest of the suit is rather simple. The guard shut another door in front of you, just turn left to continue to follow. When closing last great stone gate, climb the scaffolding to the right to finally catch up with the guard (surrounded by friends).

Here, no need to do in the lace, you just kill them all. Play the first defensive, countering enemy attacks with your big sword. Once it’s not much of guards, you can stop defending yourself and attacking back. After the fight, get into the hall to trigger a cutscene.

When that) it ends, continue in the lobby to get to a room full of boxes. Empty all their contents, then open the coffin. There is a door on the right of the coffin you can open to reach the streets of Florence.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing:
Go to the marker on your map and the mission will begin immediately. You must search the street a little farther in front of a large building to find someone. The area is marked in green on the map, please visit them directly. Then go eagle vision, and once you have identified the target, a cinematic will start.

Then, you must defend Lorenzo de’Medici, marked by a blue arrow. Bring him before you take out your sword. If you see an enemy attack Lorenzo, you can kill instantly by hitting back. Otherwise, just stay close to Lorenzo and attack enemies.

When all enemies are dead, you must escort Lorenzo outside the city. The escort is simple, run to the target on your map with Lorenzo behind you. It will continue to follow you all the time, even if you run like crazy, so do not pay attention to what is happening around you and run! If you are stopped by a group of enemies, defend Lorenzo remaining glued to him and countering attacks. When you bring Lorenzo destination, the mission ends.

Farewell Francesco:
Talk to the man and said he will tell you that Francesco plans an attack against a city tour. Move over rooftops and head toward the tower. There is a path through the top of the building overlooking the courtyard outside the tower. Reach to trigger a cutscene with Francesco and his men.

You must reach Francesco, that sits atop the tower of the prison. The northeast corner of the building is the easiest access. As you climb the tower, you encounter enemy guards. Try to ignore them, even if you can stop to fight, but it is not necessary at all.

Once on top, approach the northwest corner to trigger a scene with Francesco. He will jump out of the corner of the building, well do the same by making a beautiful swan dive from the same place. Do not worry, you will survive (Do not you young people in AC, you would really). When you land, aim Francesco and continue. Equip your sword you hiding and when you are close enough, eventually murdering the mission.

  • Sequence 05: Some loose ends

Four At The Suite:
Talk to Lorenzo and he will give you a new codex. Bring it to Leonardo Da Vinci that you translate.

Evasive Maneuvers:
Return to the Villa Monteriggioni and talk to Mario in his quarters. It takes you out on the training ground to teach you things 2-3. First, you’ll learn to dodge. Then you’ll learn to stop the unarmed attacks. This movement is like a normal attack-cons. Run 3 times to finish the mission.

Town Crier:
Once in Tuscany, you can see a bunch of missions to choose from. Activate it (Town Crier) talking to the man in the city park in the heart of Tuscany. He asks you to assassinate the town crier who sits atop a tall, very tall tower. Accept the mission teleports you near the tower. When you get close, you’ll begin to hear the words your target auction.

Climb the tower of the east face. During your ascent, you’ll often have to turn … Tower ^ ^ Once you reach the top, you hang on the platform here. There are 2 guards protecting the crier. And if you are careful, you can avoid them easily.

Remain suspended and move to the east side to find a ladder to the platform’s highest, where the auctioneer is. Wait until the guards go and get it quickly kill the crier. He has a sword, so it can defend itself, but it is not protected against attacks, and you can easily catch and throw the roof.

Come Out to Play:
The second mission of assassination is triggered by talking to the person in South of the city. A marker will guide you to the person, but does not point directly. Climb onto the roof and use your eagle vision to locate the target (gold color) spinning in the market accompanied by guards.

The target repeat the same route again and again (they are beasts game characters anyway eh? Type you often 150 times around a place, as you know perfectly well that a murderer will happen … I Alala ‘swear), so you ample time to put you to kill him easily. There is a well in the market where you can wait. Put yourself facing south when you hang inside the wells. Where the road leads Bernardo near the edge of the pit, sight and get a quick and easy killing.

After the small kinematic you still have to deal with guards Bernardo. Be prepared to defend yourself, even if there is not much difficult here. If you really need help, there are a few mercenaries to engage in the corner, but hey you have to be zero or lazy to really need their help. Kill the guards to end the mission.

The suit does not make the Monk:
This mission trips out of town, in the villa in the south-east. The target is an Abbey in the south-east, and the whole area is prohibited. So whatever your level of awareness, even if it is 0% out of the box, you are considered 100% inside.

When you reach the monastery, climb to the top of the building’s west side, which is farthest from the forbidden zone. Once on top you can see in the abbey to spy on people and then find your target. Use your eagle vision to make the target appear in gold, and unfortunately for you it is always well hidden by the halls south of the abbey.

This southern part is also very useful because it has full of holes where you can jump to come without being seen. From here, wait Stefano reaches the southeastern corner of the building. It will stop for a moment, allowing you to quickly jump and kill from behind. After this, leave the area by sowing the guards. The area is so wide open and it will not be a problem to escape from it.

Behind Closed Doors:
This mission snaps by talking to the man in the small village north-east of the main city. The target, the Archbishop Salvati, is in a chapel nearby. Your contact details will give you then you said you have to have a small army. Do not make false hopes, they will not be very useful … go to the door to the south of the chapel.

Here is a small group of enemy soldiers guarding the door, and a few archers on the walls. Kill the archers from a distance by throwing knives before they kill all your men, then begin the battle against the soldiers.

Once the open area, climb the face of the wall to the left or right of the door. Ezio would open the door. To do this, it would descend the wall and activate the lever inside. But if you get off, you’ll be attacked immediately. Cons-attack all the time and stay alert to finish with a few enemies around you. Be patient and do not be too aggressive, and you end up with them without damage.

And if you’re lucky, he may even join the Archbishop Salvati and the guards attack you! He is wearing a single garment, and to be honest, it resembles a pair of pajamas for me. If you cons-attack him, he will die and you make the job much easier. Once he is dead, your team will get broken arms in the chapel to help you finish the rest of the enemies around you in order to complete the mission.

False Friends:
The mission begins on the roof overlooking the city park. Use your eagle vision to spot the target, Del Torri Salvucci. The goal is not to kill but to let it guide you to the meeting point between all the wicked. Scroll down to street level and follow it, keeping your distance so as not to scare them away.

It is better to have 0% in notoriety, because you’ll pass a bunch of guards following Torri. You can hire a group of ladies to cover you if necessary. Follow Torri rooftop is a bit more difficult because it goes sometimes in large squares, an approach to the ground is much easier. Lastly, he will leave the city limits by passing a line of guards.

You can not cross the line of guards, climb rather wide on the right wall. You will surely attract the attention of some guards on the walkway, but you can fight them without problem without arousing the suspicions of your target so far, as you advance on the walkway.

Del Torri Salvucci will finally lead you away from the city to an amphitheater. The main path is filled with guards, and it is a forbidden zone. You must avoid at all costs guard. Skip over walls to the left or right of the main entrance and the approach to the target close enough to trigger a cutscene.

After that, you’ll need to attack a pack of guards, some of which are too powerful to be countered. These enemies are powerful yet vulnerable to disarmament, which is also good. Once the area was cleared of any enemy presence, come and kill Jacopo.

  • Sequence 06: Rocky Road

Back Travel:
Talk to Lorenzo and he will give you the Cloak of Medici. With it, you will pass all the guards before incognito Medici, and it permanently. A marker appears on your map leading you to the home of Leonardo Da Vinci. Tap on the door to finish the mission.

Romagna Holiday:
You’ll have to cross the mountains to perform this mission. Talk to Leonardo, who is trying to repair his cart. The following kinematic puts you in control of a cart pulled by horses being chased by enemies coming at infinity.

The enemy soldiers will jump on the team, you must force them to descend into "driving dangerously" if I may say. Indeed, take tight turns and turn quickly to lose balance and throw your attackers. Take care of the damage bar hitch, if you go for it in too many things.

After a short cinematic medium run, archers will fire flaming arrows at you, and explosive arrows at you. Try to avoid as much as they will damage these arrows severely your vehicle. Finally, let Ezio Leonardo continue alone and jumped from the truck.

You must now kill a large group of enemies, including a brute armed with a hatchet. The fact of counter attacks will not work on all enemies, try to disarm them, or catch them for projecting the ground. When you have killed a bunch, down along the road to finish the mission.

Tutti a Bordo:
You are transported to Forli, a new city. In the corner furthest north-east, you will find Leonardo, ready to mount on the boat with you. But before you join, you are interrupted by this mission: to save a woman who has trouble.

A marker is added to your card on a boat nearby. Step onto the deck and approach from rowing to the rear of the boat and start swinging. Go South and turn at the corner of earth to reach the woman. Go to the halo of light in front of her, then move it to another halo of light, and the mission is complete.

  • Sequence 07: The Merchant of Venice

Hop aboard the boat after Leonardo and go to the point indicated to be returned in the present (or future?). Follow Lucy downstairs for it gives you a challenge.

There are 4 switches on the walls around you and you must activate them. Simply turn your vision of an eagle and they will appear in red, 2 are on the walls of the pedestrian overpass and the other 2 are at ground level.

After a short cinematic, you are in Acre, controlling Altair. If you’ve played the first Assassin’s Creed, you will find the same feelings. Walk along the road and do not worry about the guards. Once you pass the gate, you will see a figure running away.

Try to wreck the silhouette and continue, but do not worry if you lose sight. If so, hop on a high place and use your eagle vision to spot the silhouette shining in gold to continue the pursuit. This will lead you on the roofs, and finally on a walkway.

Climb the tower at the end of the walkway. A cinematic triggers when you reach the top. Make a swan dive from the top of the tower and you will again be reduced in the present, and future. Go to the Animus to return to ancient Italy.

This task is particularly difficult. Talk to Leonardo. A man will get you and escort you and Leonardo near the tower of Venice. A cinematic will cut short the trip. In the final scene, be prepared to press a button to save Leonardo. Bon bah voila, the mission is over … I told you it was hard this mission ^ ^

That will Leave a Mark:
The beginning of this mission is near a heavily guarded area, and if you approach the wrong way you’ll have to fight many enemies. When the mission begins, follow Rosa while she runs in circles, looking for where it should go. Guards will show. Slay them maximum protection rosa.

Rosa did not seem to know where it goes, it will therefore be necessary to run a lot, killing all the guards on the road. Finally, Rosa dropped on his knees, unable to continue walking. Go with her to wear. A marker appears on your card, bring it quickly here. If you are prosecuted, hire a group of mercenaries to distract the guards.

Arrived at the marker, Rosa and another man go in a gondola while you defend against the enemy archers on the buildings around. River. Cross River directly using the beams to the southwest and assassinate the archers here. To kill him easily, swinging it in the water, the guards can not swim. (It balo, especially in Venice).

Continue along the river, staying close to the gondola to intercept any archer before he has a chance to shoot your friends. Look for the red card on each side of the river to better target archers.

The gondola finally landed, repeat Rosa and bring it to a table in the cache to finish the mission.

Building Blocks:
Talk to Antonio, the leader of the guild of thieves. Talk to him again to have your mission: to identify and kill the traitors. The traitor is the closest in the area just north of your position, go to the green zone on your map.

Use eagle vision to find the traitor who shines golden in the area. It is one of the largest boats on the water near the docks to the north. If you swim to the boat, the guards will be alerted and you will not go unnoticed. By cons, if you swim underwater, you can go through the south side of the boat and climb on that side. From here you will not be found.

Climb the left edge of the boat near the anchor. The target patrol the bridge and stops periodically here. Loques the traitor and kill him in the rocking of the boat. A traitor under more than two!

The next target is to the east, a little south. Use your eagle vision on the roof for the spot because the villain is also on the roofs. When the traitor does not concern you, you hang on the edge of the building and wait until it passes near you. You can kill just as the first.

The 3rd and final villain is in the north-east of the city. It makes a very long journey is always near the waterfront. When not near water, roofs and go jump in the water, then brace yourself to the ledge right next to the street. Wait until the target passes by you and wreck it, then kill him.

The Breakout:
The man who gives you this mission is located on a roof in the center of the city. He asks you to free prisoners captive in 3 different places in the city. The closest group is just north. Attention because guards patrolled the aisles around the cells of prisoners.

You can infiltrate the area through the roof. When approaching the cell, dialogue between the guards snaps. Wait a bit and most of the guards leave, leaving only a guard. You can go down and assassinate then open the cell door, but other guards will attack you later.

Kill them all and return to the roof with the prisoners free. They are thieves, they can track your pace without problem when you jump from roof to roof. Check back Ugo South. While you can still at least one prisoner escort here, you can go help the other captives.

Prisoners in the South are even less well guarded. Use the roofs to get close and kill the archers on the road. Prisoners are at the center of the court, with one guard in front of the cell.

Skip discreetly on top of their cells, target and kill the guard quickly. If all goes well, you were pretty quiet and the other guards do you have not heard, giving you the opportunity to free the prisoners and bring them safely to Ugo.

For the latter group located in the West, I was not able to release them without triggering any alarms. You can already kill the 2 guards in front of the cells, but other guards arrive if you wish. Once every corner of the dead guards, escort prisoners to the 4 Ugo. Try to avoid the water, because prisoners can not swim either.

Agile Like A Monkey:
Talk to Rosa and her man will show you a new movement that will help you climb. You hang on the wall below the scaffolding and make a giant leap. At the top of your jump, press the button to catch the edge. Use this technique several times to reach the top of the scaffolding and finish the mission.

By Leaps and Bounds:
Rosa will meet in front of Rocco, the large tower in the center of the city. It challenges you by asking you to use your new skills to reach the top of the tower. You also have a time limit, just to make things more fun. Fortunately for you, there is plenty to do.

Start climbing. in fact you do not need to use your new skill for a large part of the climb, but it will do you no harm if you use it. Once you reach the 1st level of the roof, climb the central tower. It is from here that you will use your new technique. Climb to the top, you synchronize, and then do a swan dive to return to ground level. Talk to Rosa to finish the mission.

The clothes make the man:
Talk to the man on the docks and he will ask you to empty 3 chests to get some Halloween costumes authentic. The 3 boxes appear on the map and they are all pretty close. First, go to the box closest to the South. The guards are all busy watching the East, but you can dive into the river to the west and get behind them and steal the contents of the box quietly. The trunk looks like a treasure chest normal, and is in an alcove accessible by road or by river.

In the East, the 2nd group of guards surrounding the next box is not easy to avoid. The chest is against the wall outside the Frari, and the guards around him really. There is however a group of thieves in northern safe that you can take to distract the guards. When the guards ran after the thieves, you grab the contents of the trunk.

The last chest is located near a prohibited area, which means you’ll be the target of the guards automatically if you walk in there, whatever your level of awareness. Fortunately, the box is outside this area, but we’ll have to distract the guards around before approaching it. Hire another group of thieves and bring them to the guards. Let them do their job, and you, will prick the contents of the trunk, being careful not to enter the forbidden zone.

You will now have to steal a boat nearby. it is near the docks on the other side of the forbidden zone. It is best to climb on roofs to pass the area without triggering an alarm, then jump on the boat. Go to the place of rendezvous on the water to complete this mission.

Everything Must Go:
Go see Antonio and get ready for a new interactive cinematic after accepting the mission. You must first kill 5 archers around the building where Emilio is. Go through the roof and locate the guards. Kill them all, discreetly, or as a big nag, YMMV (I opted for the side nag: D).

Once the archers dead, a yellow marker appears on your map and takes you to Antonio. Talk to him and he will give you your last objective, to kill Emilio. Go to the East near the building where land Emilio and hire a group of thieves on the road. Use them to distract the guards outside the building.

Once you’re inside, climb to the top of the building. Use your new ability to jump to help you climb. Once on top, a cutscene triggers showing Emilio a floor below.

Kill the archers on the roof and jump on a senior-level building on the south side. There’s a guard that you have to kill here, be quick.

Since the platform in the South, go east and look down the hall stairs, you’ll see Emilio. Wait until it gets closer and running quickly towards him and the murdering. A kinematic happens, after which you will need to speak to Rosa to finish the mission.

  • Sequence 08: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Birds of a Feather:
Activate this mission from the center of the city. A couple of conspirators meet and begin to walk. You must take them into spinning, but you do not have to be detected. Stay close enough to them so they do not leave your field of vision, but do not try to run or do anything that could itself attract attention. If you hit a guard and you trigger a fight, the mission is ruined!

Sometimes, your target stop and look around. Try to hide, and keep your distance at this moment that they do not suspect. If a group of courtesans nearby, they agree to the around you and you hide. These courtesans are also very useful to pass the lines of guards. Send to distract the guards.

The pair finally reach conspirators in a large open area to meet other people. After the cinematic, continue to follow them without being seen. Hire a few prostitutes to pass the guards and hide. They are not expensive anyway. Finally, you arrive at a dock and a cutscene will end the mission.

Hundred Times In The Profession:
Go see Rosa and Antonio and you should try to find a way to infiltrate the Palazzo Ducale. Bring Antonio first marker on the map to trigger a little dialogue. A new marker appears.

Run to the second point, and a marker will appear at the 3rd South-East. Be careful because the building is surrounded by a prohibited area, try not to go inside. The 3rd marker sits atop a large tower that you must climb. It is not difficult, the descent may be a bit harder, unless you do a swan dive on the northern verge.

After your jump, wait Antonio. It was dizzy and not follow you if you jump. You must go north to reach the Palazzo a 4th point on the map. Again, pay attention to the restricted area when you go to Western Palazzo. When you reach the last marker, Antonio tells you that you have found a good road to the top of the building.

A 5th marker leads you to the top precisely. Climb the north face of the building, using the scaffolding as a bridge to cross the hole. When you reach the top, go straight to the point on the map. There is no enemy, no archer in the corner, so just go to the marker to finish the mission.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained:
Go visit Leonardo in his new store in Venice. He and Ezio climb on the roof to test the new flying machine of Leonardo. Once the kinematics over, you’ll have to try to control the camera a little. In fact, there is not much to do, it will crash on the first building (The controls were reversed !!)… After landing (or will be crashed), the mission ends.

Hot Heat:
There are 4 areas in the city you have to "clean", that means it will remove any enemy presence at these 4 locations, enemies that appear in your vision of golden eagle. Each zone is protected by several guards normal, but you do not need to kill them. You must kill the guards especially raw, those heavily armed. Go to the nearest point of your position to find 2 raw on a bridge. Bring them to you gently, and you can kill them both without problems.

The next area is a boat on the river running through the city. The boat is considered a prohibited area, so you can not just jump into it. By cons, you can climb through the water, climbing the side and making sure that nobody sees you. There are 2 brutes patrolling the deck of the boat. You can easily get behind them and assassinate them discreetly.

The last 2 places are quite close. In the South there are 2 raw, each patrolling one end of a path along the stream. It is best to dive into the river, then you hang on the roadside and wait for each guard passes you, then swing it the edge. Be careful because there are a few restricted areas marked on your map. If you come to pass between the guards do not notice and the mission will be much easier.

In the North, the group that you must kill is composed of 3 archers on the rooftops. It will be hard to go to them quietly because of their location on the map, but hey, what are some archers, they are not particularly evil. There is no need to play the card of discretion here. go for it in the pile, and kill them all. Once all the guards dead, the mission ends.

Infrequent Flier:
Once you fly, put the game on pause and look at your map. You can see all the lights of the city here, and your target is far, far south-east. If you simply do not fly straight to the Palazzo, you do not take advantage of updrafts and you will not be high enough to infiltrate the fortress. Instead, follow the path made by the fires that leads to the east, then north, and finally to the Palazzo.

The game gives you tips to kill the archers in full flight, but I recommend you instead to completely ignore. It is useless to fight against the archers. At the beginning of the flight, there are 2 different paths of fires. Follow the path further north and you’ll be away from archers. Once you arrive in an updraft, enjoy going up closer to each lamp, so you climb much higher.

There is a large gap between the lights of the northeastern portion of the road, and you’ll lose a lot of altitude. The lights are coming on the deck of a boat. Use these lights on the boat back, otherwise you can not continue. From here, he should not be too many problems, just follow the markers on your map to reach the top of the Palazzo.

Now that you are at the top of the building, you must get inside and kill the target. So use your eagle vision to find your target in the north, and a level open just a few floors below you. To get it, you have to run south, then turn east to get to a roof closest to the target. There are 3 archers on the roofs around you, pay attention to them.

Once you’ve reached the northeast corner of the roof start to climb along the white wall in the north. As you climb here, nobody will detect it, and you then come to the point of destination. A cinematic sounds.

After this, run and pass the door to the east to leave the hall. From here you can jump aboard to reach the ground floor of the Palazzo. Here you will find your target running around wildly. Assassinate it quickly.

Your last task is to leave the Palace and sow the guards after you. Run outside the building by the south exit and jump into the River. Dive underwater, and the guards quickly lose track of you. Mission accomplished!

  • Sequence 09: Carnevale

Knowledge Is The Power:
Go visit Leonardo and he will give you a new weapon. After the cinematic, go to the yellow marker on your map and you have some guidelines to handle your new gun. Aim for 3 people beyond the river and shoot them. remaining pressed the fire button, you increase your accuracy, allowing you to shoot at distant targets. When the 3 targets are shot, return to Leonardo to finish the mission.

Damsel in Distress:
Go south in the Dorsoduro district to find Antonio and his gang. Talk to him. Your conversation will be interrupted by a murder. You must now kill the murderer, which is marked on your map (it does not move). Go towards it and you will be arrested in your swing, because it threatens to kill another prostitute. Check it and you equip your gun. Charge shooting up and kill the murderer to end the mission.

Return to the brothel and talk to Antonio and his sister. Follow the Carnival to finish the mission. (Wow it was hard this one!)

Ribbon Round-Up:
There are carnival games succeed to win the golden mask. Talk to the master of the game and it will challenge you. Nothing too complicated, you just need to run women’s groups and prick their ribbons. To do so, go for the group and you will recover in 3 or 4 per group. 25 Fly ribbons to finish quickly.

Capture Flag:
The game is a game in North capture the flag. You start on a roof, and a yellow arrow indicates the way forward. Start running as fast as possible, ignoring the red markers on your map. The red dot is your opponent who tries to reach the flag before you. As long as you run all the time, you will have no problems. When you have the flag, climb on a roof to prevent your opponent you take it back. Bring the flag to the starting point to score a point. After 3 points, you win the game.

And They’re Off:
You have a time limit to complete this little obstacle course. A series of checkpoints appears on the card, and you have to go through these 16 halos of light as soon as possible. The first 4 are at ground level, so no need to climb. The 5th point you will climb up one side of a building, and the next you will take a little skill to jump from platform to platform.

After the 7th checkpoint, turn left and jump from the edge of the platform. Ezio will hang on to something off the screen and swing to the next series of checkpoints. Finally, you have to climb on the roof for the last remaining items.

In the 13th checkpoint, you must make a leap from the west side of a building and falling into the river below. Then return to street level in order to pass the last checkpoint. The last point is on a boat.

Cheating Is Not Playing:
This mission is simple. You must fight your opponents with his bare hands. Even if you have no weapons equipped, you can still use the cons. You will not put a KO against a single enemy, then repeat the action several times on each person to end it.

Finally, a Templar will send you several men armed with swords. Fight to finish this mission also, as well as carnival games!

Having a Blast:
You have to repeat the golden mask to the person who stole it. Its position is marked on the map by a large green area. Go into this area and climb the building and then use your eagle vision to spot it. It is located at the intersection of 2 major roads. Once you’ve found, it will begin to move forward.

Descend to ground level, hire a group of prostitutes and start tracking your target quietly. If you screw it, send prostitutes to distract him, then go to his back and use your skills to pickpocket him back the mask. With the mask in hand, you can now go incognito in the party.

Ezio equips the mask when you approach the party and a man in front of the entry goes out to let you pass. We suggest you use the courtesans you better hide. After waiting a few seconds, a cutscene shows you the thief get into the party with a few men who actively seek you.

The guards will patrol the festival gently, and if you are spotted, the mission is immediately failed. Do your best to hide. Find a group of revelers and you mingle with them staying in the middle, but do not expect this cover you forever. While the guards patrol, they can sometimes get in front of groups of people and get them to disperse, so always remember to change the most often hidden away. Try to catch a group of prostitutes and commit them to hide.

Continue to change all the time groups until the end of time. At this point, a cutscene will announce the arrival of the Doge. It remains on the boat. Hire a group of prostitutes to get closer to the Doge’s boat, then use your pistol to kill the Doge far.

Upon his death, leave here as soon as possible. To finish the mission, you must be completely anonymous, the best thing to do is jump into the water and swim under a bridge.

  • Sequence 10: Force Majeure

Bad Surprise:
Pick up Antonio north of Venice and he will tell you what is your next target, Silvio. The cinematic ends, and also mission (another very difficult task, is not it?)

Caged Fighter:
Move a little town and you see a wounded soldier on the roof. This will give you some information to find Bartolomeo, which will help you find Silvio. You have a large green area on your map, but the prohibited zone overlaps, expect to encounter some guards!

Go through the roof and go to the target. It is hard to identify Bartholomew from the rooftops because it is surrounded by a semicircle of guards. Since the roof, aim for the guards and you can easily kill 2, more than 2 others to kill. Beat until you release Bartolomeo.

New enemies appear. Fight, then you advance to the next target in the south. Unfortunately, Bart is not strong in climbing, you’ll have to stay at street level. Do your best to avoid the guards. If your reputation is low enough, they do not bother you much, and Bart will participate in battle every time he sees a guard. The best part about this story is that the guards will focus on Bart, not you, so you can fill in at leisure from behind the killing.

Anyway, the best is still possible to avoid the guards. Once you’ve reached the point of rendezvous, a little cinematic will trip and leave you some guards to fight. Kill them and open the door nearby to finish the mission.

Advance Payment:
Advance to the first target and climb to the top of the building in the center of the forbidden zone. From here you can find the 3 guards holding the prisoners. Assassinate in two with one blow and the last fight until his death. Open the door to free the prisoners, they will follow you, but unfortunately they can not follow you if you climb on rooftops, so it will have to stay on the ground.

A new marker appears on the map to the east, indicating a new group of soldiers to be freed. You can play it quiet, or simply running into the pile with your team. As your soldiers fight against the guards, they do not care for you, and you have plenty of time to open the door to free prisoners. Once the door is open, a little cinematic interrupts you, and the battle is almost won.

A 3rd marker leads you to the last group of prisoners, so you just rush into the crowd and let your soldiers to fight for you while you free the prisoners, which will end the mission.

Assume the Position:
You take command of a group of soldiers and your job is to get them to 3 different locations. As Bartolomeo, they are unable to climb the walls, and they began the fight once they see an enemy. Keep an eye on your card while you run through the city, to avoid as much red dots representing the guards. When you reach the target, you will find some guards in a small courtyard. Kill them, then go to court to reach the pickup point.

A new marker appears on your card once you’ve killed all the guards. Once again, go ahead and avoid the guards as possible, the mission is much easier this way. There are still guards the pickup point, killing and another marker will appear thereafter. This 3rd marker leads you to the last group of guards. When you’ve killed them all, reach the last point to trigger a cutscene that will end the mission.

Important note: It is possible that the kinematic end crashes, and leaves Ezio stuck in the yard. If this happens, it will unfortunately leave the memories and start the mission.

One Blade Two Hits:
Tap on the door of Bartolomeo to start the last mission of this chapter. First climb to the top of the tallest tower in the area for Ezio starts the fireworks. Fortunately for you, the tallest tower is marked on the map. The west side of the tower is probably best to start your ascent. Climb to the top and you will trigger a cutscene.

You must quickly return to street level to help Bartolomeo, which does not defend very well against Dante. Make a swan dive to the North East then rush into marker appeared on the map. When you join Bartolomeo and his team try to locate Dante (he has a long dress and an ax) and concentrate on him. His ax is very heavy and very powerful, he’ll have to disarm and dodge faster if you want to beat him. Inflict some damage to Dante and kinematics interrupt the fight.

Dante is now beginning to flee, and it takes you directly to Silvio Barbarigo. Continue, and be quick! Rags for the track more easily and Dante will take you to a line of enemy soldiers before stopping near Silvio. Quick, go through the line of enemies and do a double murder on 2 targets. Mission accomplished in style!

  • Sequence 11: Alter Egos

All Just A Point:
After a long way with Leonardo, go to the walled area to the northeast to start the mission with the pickup point on the wall of the walkway. After the cinematic, you must follow a horse. It zigzags through the city. Keep your distance so that he does not suspect anything, but do not lose sight. If it happens that a wall separates you from your target, a timer switches on and you have a few seconds to get back the target in the crosshairs.

Sometimes, the target stops and looks behind him to ensure that no one follows. It does not matter if you noticed a moment because he does not suspect you at once. If he sees you, turn around and you walked away. Upon start walking, oursuivez it again. After reaching the checkpoint, the horse passes a line of guards, and if you try to do the same thing, you will be immediately spotted. From here, we’ll have to go through the roof.

Your target will finally pass a new line of guards and a cutscene will trigger. Then, you must infiltrate the building and quietly kill the messenger and stole his costume. Climb the building, and once at the top, go right. There is a pile of hay where you can jump. Do it!

Leave the pile of hay to attract the attention of the custody and return indoors. The guard will patrol to see what happens, silently assassinate the e retrieve his costume to finish the mission.

Play Along:
At the beginning of the mission, just follow the leader through the city. Do your best not to upset people if not Ezio will drop the chest. Finally, arrived at its destination, a cutscene will trigger.

Now things get tough. You must defeat Rodrigo Borgia, and this is no small matter. In the first part of your fight, use your sword and attack aggressively Rodrigo. He will block most of your attacks, and you can not kill quickly, but you would inflict minor damage, slowly but surely. Take action against up its attacks. If you’re aggressive enough, you get cornered in a corner Rodrigo, which will prevent him from attacking.

Subsequently, Rodrigo calls for help. I advise you to leave your sword aside and beat you with his bare hands. Use your skills to defeat your opponents disarmament. No need to attack Rodrigo for now, you just be content to kill his reinforcements and you will then DNAS the next phase of battle. The guards armed with spears by far the most dangerous maneuver and disarmament is probably the best thing to do, as you did not even a spear in hand.

When men are dead Rodrigo, you will receive help while other new enemies arrive. Again, it is preferable to use the techniques of disarmament to beat your enemies, ignoring Rodrigo as his men are not all dead. When Rodrigo is the only one still standing, you equip your sword and iron in aggressive mode. Once Rodrigo fell, the mission ends.

  • Sequence 12: Battle With Forli

Sequence 12 and 13 are available on Xbox Live and PSN in additional content. These two missing sequences were released by Ubisoft after a month of games’ release. Anyways, you will need to download these sequences if you wanna play.

A Warm Welcome


Holding the Fort


Checco Bailer

Far From The Tree

  • Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities

Sequence 12 and 13 are available on Xbox Live and PSN in additional content. These two missing sequences were released by Ubisoft after a month of games’ release. Anyways, you will need to download these sequences if you wanna play.

In Florence Fiasco

Still life

In Ascent Grade

Arch Nemesis

Last Sacraments

Port Authority

Surgical Strike

Hitting the Hay

Climbing the Ranks


The Power To the People

Popular Justice

  • Sequence 14: Veni, Vidi, Vici

Before actually starting the sequence memory, you must first retrieve and decrypt the 30-page codex of the game These are spread across different cities of the game, and if you have not already recovered before you go having to go a long way. There are 30 pages in total, but you should already have at least 14 just by playing normally. Here is the provision of 16 other 6 in Venice, Florence 5, 2 and 3 in Tuscany in Forli.

Each codex is in a room guarded by some enemies. You have several options to pass. You can simply kill them all, or be more subtle by hiring prostitutes … etc. …

Once you have collected all the pages, you will all get to Leonardo. The game does not tell you, but Leonardo is now in his villa in Monteriggioni. Once Leo has all the pages of the codex you can go talk to Mario in the next room to start the next mission.

X Marks on the Map:
Place the stone on the pedestal of Eden and you approach the wall with the pages of the codex to solve the puzzle. Use your eagle vision and you will see red lines appear on the image. You must turn the pieces to reform the image. Like any puzzle, start with the edges, then put the pieces of the center.

The final image you should seem quite familiar, since it represents a map of the world (the real thing!). When you finish the puzzle, the mission will be complete. Here’s what the map should look like. At left is a photo with the vision of an eagle, to right the same map without the vision of an eagle.

In Bocca Al Lupo:
Talk to Mario and he will send to your last mission, assassinating Rodrigo Boriga the Vatican. The mission is very linear, but requires far more discretion than any other. First, you must enter the Vatican. Climb the wall to the west and use the beams above the wall to jump up a platform in the South.

From here, jump north to the wall and climb to the summit. But be careful because guards are waiting. You can kill a silent, but it will attract the attention of other guards if you do. So jump over the wall and fight the guards.

Once they are dead, look for a lever on the north wall and push it to open the door to the next area. There are 2 guards at the end of the court. If you’re fast you can smash through the court and run a double murder before they understand what you’re doing. The door is further closed, but you can climb to go activate a lever just above on the right. Be careful to keep only one here.

In the next area, you’ll have to fight a bunch of guards. Kill them all, then climb to the top of the tower to the west to reach the target on the map. Kinematics leave you with Ezio on a horse.

From the beginning, you will be ejected from your horse, you can keep it and fight, or just jump on your horse. There is a huge leap to do next, you must be at maximum speed on your horse to pass. Thereafter, you will still be thrown from your horse. This time, fight your attackers.

Now, before you climb the tower and remove the 2 guards at the top. From here, do a swan dive and landed the pile of hay below.

There are several enemies on the walkway nearby, so he’ll have to fight before they can climb on the next round. Again, the guards await you at the top, and you will make another swan dive and landed in the pile of hay below. When you’ve landed, do not leave the stack of hay at once. Some guards patrolling the walkway, and you can kill them all discreetly if you’re careful. Wait in the 1st pile of hay and assassinate the 1st guard silently. Then, when the way is clear, move to the second stack of hay to make another killing silent.

Climb the next round and hang out beside it, wait until the patrolling guard passes and discard the edge. 2 other guards were looking in the opposite direction so you can make a double murder in arriving quietly behind them. Jump from the tower to get close to one another guard to kill.

Later in the next area is a large group of guards. Be prepared for this fight, because their number is quite large. Once the court is cleared of any enemy presence, climb the scaffolding to get to the next level a switch that opens the door of the Vatican.

From that point in the game, you have no right to identify you, otherwise game over Live. Fortunately for you, the only people who know you should not be there are the guards. The priests, dressed in dark flowing robes, do not you will recognize, and it will not mind if you walk among them. In the first hall, use groups of priests to go unnoticed and down the hall. There is a group of priests who patrol the lobby, join them and stay hidden to reach the end of the corridor.

You can silently kill the guard in the south and press the switch to open the door to the next hall. At left is a guard patrolling in a circle, going from North to South. When he found behind the left wall, go ahead and hide you in the group of priests later. The second part of the hall will be a little harder to pass, because the guards at the bottom you spot if you are doing the same. When the second guard on patrol goes behind the wall to the left, follow it gently. You can get behind him and the other guards to open the next door.

Finally, you reach the place where Rodrigo Boriga. Go along the platform and position yourself above Rodrigo. Go out and assassinate the. A cinematic will show you his death.

Or almost! Borigo is not one to die easily, he’ll have to fight! You start with a slight advantage, because there are clones of Ezio fighting on your side. Well, they will not really damage, but they are especially distracting Rodrigo. Be aggressive in your attacks, constantly attack the sword. Do not try to counteract the moment, it would do nothing, and Rodrigo could kill all your clones and you lose your advantage.

After a while, Rodrigo absconds. Use your eagle vision to locate points on the wall that you can activate to open the secret passage that Rodrigo has borrowed. Run through this secret passage and Ezio will finally come to Rodrigo, for one last fight face to face.

Let her no chance. Catch and throw it against the wall. While he tries to rise, Rodrigo hit with 2 kicks and then catch it immediately. Restart it against the wall, give him kicking, then take … etc. … This is the best way to fight easily, because everything is linked together without it attacking you at once. Once Rodrigo death, I let you admire the cinematic end!

Tips And Cheats:

Sharpen your blades and emerge your best cape, Assassin’s Creed II
immerses you in the heart of the Italian Renaissance in the skin of a
vengeful murderer. In parallel to your quest for justice and truth, you
may find objects hidden in every corner of passing towns. Anyways,
below are some useful tips and codes for Assassin’s Creed 2. Just
follow it:

Bronze trophies:

  • Birth of an Assassin : Reincarnate yourself by Ezio Auditore Florence.
  • Arrivederci Abstergo : Escape Abstergo premises.
  • Persistence of Myth : Find the 8 statues in Monteriggioni.
  • Vitruvian Man : Unlock the 20 video sequences of Topic 16.
  • Street Cleaner : Hide 5 dead in a pile of hay.
  • Hothead : Add a kick to a guard while maneuvering the flying machine.
  • Sandman : Neutralize 4 guards by throwing sand in the face.
  • Doctor : Assassinate a NPC poisoned by attacking from the air.
  • Unattainable : Kill 10 enemies without ceasing to beat you or make you feel.
  • Kleptomaniac : Steal 1 000 guilders.
  • Fast as lightning : 100 meters sprint.
  • Strike! : Get rid of 5 guards simultaneously with a polearm.
  • Gladiator Venetian : Visit the tomb of the Assassin inside Santa Maria della Visitation.
  • Go look up there if I am! : Visit the tomb of the Assassin inside the Torre Grossa.
  • Hallowed be Thy name : Visit the tomb of the Assassin inside the Basilica San Marco.
  • Great Escape : Visit the tomb of the Assassin inside the fortress Ravaldino.
  • Choirboy : Visit the tomb of the Assassin inside Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo).
  • Assassin rent : Acquit you your first mission for the murder of Lorenzo the Magnificent.
  • Assassin and gentleman : Defend the honor of a woman.
  • Like an arrow : Win a race against thieves!
  • Advertise color : Wear the Cloak of Auditore in each city.
  • Handyman : Create a building in the fortress.
  • Panoramic view : Resynchronize you to reach 10 points of observation.
  • Plunge : Take a Leap of faith from the top of Giotto’s campanile in Florence.
  • You’ve got mail : Catch a messenger of Borgia.
  • The tip of the iceberg : Use your eagle vision to look at a glyph in your environment.
  • A piece of the puzzle : Unlock a video sequence of Topic 16.
  • Sponsor : Buy a painting in Florence and Venice.
  • Podesta Monteriggioni : Reach 80% of the total value of your fortress.
  • Black and White : Tint your clothes with these colors: Ebony and Ivory marshes.
  • In memory of Petruccio : Collect all the feathers.
  • Insatiable : Spend 5 000 guilders to the courtesans.
  • Good Prince : Have more than 300 guilders to the ground.
  • Victory announced : Unlock all the secret blades, bags and armor upgrades for Ezio.

Silver trophies:

  • Welcome to the Animus 2.0 : Enter the version 2.0 of the Animus.
  • Lies and betrayal : Complete DNA Sequence 1.
  • Revenge : Complete DNA Sequence 2.
  • On behalf of son : Complete DNA Sequence 3.
  • Gloomy Sunday : Complete DNA Sequence 4.
  • Funeral March : Visit the tomb of the Assassin in the catacombs of Santa Maria Novella.
  • The conspirators : Complete DNA Sequence 5.
  • An unforgettable trip : Complete DNA Sequence 6.
  • Effect leak : Complete the training and return to the Animus.
  • The Merchant of Venice : Complete DNA Sequence 7.
  • A palace impregnable : Finish DNA Sequence 8.
  • Masquerade : Complete DNA Sequence 9.
  • Whining and Bianca : Complete DNA Sequence 10.
  • Prophet : Complete DNA Sequence 11.
  • Sanctuary : Complete DNA Sequence 14.

Golden Trophy:

  • An old acquaintance : Escape from the secret hiding place.

Platinum trophy:

  • Master assassins : Unlock all trophies.

Cheat for Bonuses:

  • Altair Armor : Get 6 stamps in the graves of murderers.
  • Warhammer Condotierro : Get 50 feathers.
  • Cloak Auditore : Get 100 feathers.



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