Mirror’s Edge Walkthrough Tips And Cheats


In the near future, control over information is in the hands of private firms that perform surveillance at all times on the population to such an extent that any act of insubordination is soon severely repressed. To be able to transit information, the cell resistance must appeal to runners, acrobats able to play the security services to transmit messages without alerting the attention. This world is that of Faith, the heroine of Mirror’s Edge, a new action game and original dizzy from DICE and Electronic Arts . Soon attractive, one can be considered as a UFO did, however, never fully revealed, merely snippets of gameplay and a short demo. Here is our truth about the first of a trilogy, no doubt, already has many fans.

In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called Runners transport sensitive data away from prying eyes. In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed and now you are being hunted. You are a Runner called Faith – and this innovative first-person action-adventure is your story. With a never before seen sense of movement and perspective, you will be drawn into Faith’s world. A world that is visceral, immediate, and very dangerous. Live or die? Soar or plummet? One thing is certain, in this city, you will learn how to run. Imagine a world where communication channels are highly monitored and the movement of human traffic is closely watched. Mirror’s Edge introduces you to Faith, a "runner" in this world. When Faith’s sister gets framed for a murder she did not commit, Faith finds herself on the edge of the city, on the wrong side of the law.

Mirror’s Edge delivers you straight into the shoes of this modern day heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat, fast-paced chases and challenging puzzles. With a never-before-seen sense of movement and perspective, you are drawn into Faith’s world. But it is clear that Mirror’s Edge is one of those titles that help give the current market flavor that can sometimes fail him. Questions about its real nature then fused. What is Mirror’s Edge? Game platforms? FPS? We would call the game in the first person plates-formes/action. For if there is indeed a question of taming a level architecture remarkably thought through shifts and cats to escape a handful of men armed to the teeth, the principle is that of an adventure experienced through the eyes of its heroine Faith. The developers at DICE have also staked much as might be expected on the side immersive and emotional Mirror’s Edge, through among other things, a soundtrack that borders on perfection.

In seeking to move away from muddy trails Battlefield , DICE has gone from a concept, that of the vertical, giving rise to a visual style unlike any other, modern, clean and necessarily immersive first-person view requires. This is clearly the main force of Mirror’s Edge, this aesthetic fantasy overcomes many codes – the interface is limited to a landmark in the center of the screen – the better to slip into the player Faith skin. By dominating the skyscrapers as heroin does, not take its role as messenger lightly. The jump represents a lesser risk, compliance is essential not to risk the fall, two essential foundations for building a gameplay around the platform … but the first one. Total Immersion is obviously, first because the game does not suffer any major technical problems. On the contrary: the sound design is fantastic in every way, and despite aliasing too present whatever the version, the fluid does not bear the slightest criticism, sleek forces, probably too much for some tastes. Aesthetics is also involved in the gameplay , since the information that would guide Faith is highlighted on the screen of a bright red glow.

Tips for Playing Mirror’s Edge:

Move Yourself: String together an amazing Arsenal of wall-runs, leasps, Vaults and more, in fluid, acrobatic movements that turns every level of the urban environment to your advantage and salvation.

Immerse Yourself: In first person every breath, every collision, every impact is acutely felt. Heights create rael vertigo, movements flow naturally, collisions and bullet impacts create genuine fear and adrenaline.

Challenge Yourself: Fight or Flight, your speed and agility allow you to not only to evade, capture and perform daring escapes, but also to disable and disarm unwary opponents, in a mix of chase, puzzles, strategy and intense combat.

Free Yourself: Runner vision allows you to see the city as they do. See the flow. Rooftops become pathways and conduits, opportunities and escape routes. The flow is what keeps you running-what keeps you alive.


The player then Faith, is a young and pretty Asian. Small size and elongated forms, seemingly small but yet so strong. Nothing to do with the typical profile of heroin to the silicone breast, wearing the bare minimum. For that alone, thank you DICE. Faith is strong. She lives in a world located in the near future, where power has been granted the right to filter information. Gradually, everyone came through the ranks, or almost. Refuting the idea to submit to a totalitarian state, Faith became the means of transportation safer for transmitting information from one end to another of the city. She is a messenger. They are a handful like her to offer their services to customers determined to rebound to the truth. His role is simple. Carrying bags or suitcases stuffed with sensitive data without confrontation human. Far from being a warrior, however, our heroine knows defend themselves when necessary. Then it will exercise no violence, some events will force it to beef up its travel and especially to investigate more than transmit. Everything that is useful in daily practice of his profession so he will be used for personal, to pierce the mystery surrounding his sister Kate, accused of murder.

It must be said that the game is stepping up efforts to propose an action still readable and avoid planting the player. Beyond the many visual clues, the game offers Vision Runners with a way to easily refocus on the goal even in the race, an ingenious idea to show the way forward without wasting time. Useful when the cops are launched in your pursuit. Racing on the walls, runs, jumps support legs folded soon have no secrets for you. By storing the speed through his stunts, Faith may even trigger an effect bullet time , materialized on the screen by a blue halo. This is often the only way to disarm without too many problems guards and police after a mini- QTE the timing increasingly diabolical according to the resistance of the guards. Once the weapon in hand, place the FPS classic, distinguished mainly by its lack of finesse and ammunition though limited. The next priorities gameplay were elsewhere, and for a first test, the demonstration is compelling. It remained to be seen whether such an engine would serve the game as promised, or if the good idea would fizzle.

You’ll notice in browsing the screens that accompany this test that the screen is not cluttered with HUD. Not the slightest information. No gauge life, no ammo counter, no radar. Nada. Immersion first. When the health of the girl deteriorates, sometimes by dropping a bit too harsh, sometimes by a gunshot wound, the edges of the screen turn red, until the full and automatic regeneration of the life of Faith. As for weapons, they are discharged well, despite the absence of any data on this subject. Every disarmament, you get a weapon may be half empty but you will not know. It will anyway get rid of quickly. In Mirror’s Edge, the use of firearms is not common. They restrict his movements Faith too. Finally, map, our heroine does not need. It uses a combo consisting of Meaning Urban owned and instructions that he distills Merc, through an earpiece. Urban Sense is materialized by a red color assigned to each element of decor that will allow the antelope to grow. A door, a ladder, a hose, a zip … A kind of assistance sanctioned by the intrinsic skills of the messengers that can turn off your instinct to decide to leave the road to take. As for Merc, it is the eyes of Faith, standing in front of a computer displaying everything the heroine does not see.

You will pass several conditions. The first is to analyze precisely the environment in which you operate. Faith is agile but not superhuman. Not unduly anyway. The second is to learn to use the camera as an essential element of gameplay. This is one of the original Mirror’s Edge. Depending on the angle chosen, it will be possible or impossible to jump in certain directions. You want to run parallel to the ground by building on the right wall to reach the ledge on the left? Maybe, but it will be able to combine the two sticks to ensure your timing while focusing the camera in the right direction. This subtlety is reached only on rare occasions but once mastered, it naturally gives access to routes that you can think unrealistic at first. Most of the time, Faith will have to run, take a running start and jump from a springboard to reach the roof opposite. Then, like a cat, she will climb on the vertical walls of buildings that are not limited to a series of roofs. If the heroin is in his element height, it is sometimes necessary to enter these buildings, most of the time invested by those who wish him ill. If the gunfights are rare and easily avoidable over the mirror, that’s another story inside.

Watch out the gameplay Trailer:

Gameplay Tips:

  • If you’re lost or do not know where to go, always look at the target.
  • Every time you see the red symbol of mirrors edge, it means that there is a case close.
  • Remember that unless you get a jump, run across the wall and then jump to go further.
  • The walls are a good ally to get anywhere.
  • Remember that objects illuminated in red is the best way, there are times  illuminate for you to be near them, are not far away.
  • Never struggle with more than a cop, try to come one by one after you.
  • You can find more ways by which to get faster or more secure, not is always linear path.


Episode 1: Escape
Go left to the building jumps, you will see an electrified fence, pass and go up to you, the small building in the middle, climbs girders and you’ll find boxes briefcase in the middle of the air passages, now jump to the building opposite that of the sign saying "International Shipping" your partner talks to you, now go in direction objective, climb a ladder to the right to run just opposite the cartel, is the gateway and up a small building, facing the target and jump down the other side, remember to roll on the ground so as not to kill you. Open the door and get into the building of the RP & A, follows the path through the halls and take the bottom-up Sister clicking the buttons.

Once up on the problem that really has gotten your sister, when Faith regain control of salt run by SWAT right of the walkway and jump down, keep running until the end to climb a white stairs and go in the direction of aim to reach an elevator that block- quad, go left and through the offices, up the stairs the black date and go back to the wall, now jumps to the right plants to exit by the lines with light orange, up to the left of them and get into a empty room, facing the target and up through a combination of jump, give around and jump back (LB, RB, LB) through the exit onto the red frame and see for  up to fall back to the room, run to the door to leave outside, once outside, go left and jump the fence to slip by building, as much as you can see on the left against the wall and when you get jump down the building opposite, now always runs towards goal until your goal is blue stairs, jump to the building which is opposite the blue stairs and find a suitcase right now if you go up the escalator blue, then up the canal runs through the wall and jump to the building in front of the tube, go right and find a fence, jump with the combination of LB, RB, LB and continues to target to return to jump to another building, opens the door and enters, police appear, go to the right and jumping the fences to take the elevator in which they came.


When you get out of the elevator, Sister is right to exit, then go left and jump over the wall to enter back into the building, passing across the central glass walkway, low and out the door, jumps down and you’re on the street, you see the yellow building, blue building, you see a patrol car, run toward the goal to enter meters, follow the path and eventually to below the gate is closed, follow the way and will reach the street, the orange zone, police dispatched to oncoming and go in the direction you aim, large stairs but not go up, past beneath them and reach a gray area, look left to see a fence and a yellow reflection is another case, again running on your steps and now yes, up the grand staircase and go to orange red ladder to get more tracks train, go through the right side and jump the rope and jump to another building to fall and breaking windows.

Episode 2: Jacknife
Go up the pipe and hold on to the post, air conditioning and jump to the other side, Hang onto the other post now falls to the ground, jump the fence and get into the aqueduct water flows through the aqueduct and the curve really lame when a briefcase by de-behind a row of blue column on the left, follows the aqueduct to the end and exit on the right door, close the valve and the tube-jumps to laugh through, go and open the door, reach the outside, facing the target, climb up the red container on the left and jump to the platforms now must get all the way down the catwalks and pipes, once put down to front button, you’ll see a big gate in front of you, activate the button platform and you should go quickly to pass the gate and, once in the other really beside a red ladder, climb it by jumping, diving and wall and button activates the opposite platform to open the other gate, you arrive a fairly large area with many columns in the first column of en-there are stairs in front of red, upload it and jump to the front, then another instead of front, far left and up it goes to the front of the beam, then another jump from the front, Turn around and jump right to turn you back and jump right wing red box, red box jumps from the stairs and then to the front to cover you from snipers.


Here you will see the red beam and up the stairs, jump into the co-column opposite by post and go in front of a jump across the sniper laser, turn left and jump towards the red box medals, turn left again, and jumps to kill the sniper, jump by box and go straight on and up the stairs and the box to place you in the most top of the columns, all columns jump target address when you arrive the red string, do not throw, is jumping to the other side and see where they are snipers, on the platform to the right of the snipers no other case, let kill and appear in front of the lens, passes through the door by pressing the button, jump to the opposite wall and then to the wall of the de-rejected or left, the closest to you, drop by the water but when you do not jump down, go down the curb of the wall on the right side activates the button and continues along the curb to cross the door, this area is the same as the previous instead you’ll have to climb down now, when you get up you press the button Crane, jump to the red platform and looking down watch out for jump to another platform that rises, and above all on the surface and just jump behind the lift there is a case, now go towards goal, to eliminate  all the cops who cross your path, the door is behind a fence you cannot jump, hop on the white boxes behind the truck and jump to cross the red door, go up the elevator, and up go through the red door, now you have to follow the type imitating their movements, not need you to go faster and you can expect if you fall behind, when you get to continuous yellow buildings inside and take the elevator up really as down, facing the target and jump to the poles and passing through the pipes to cross the building across the street, down the blue stairs and up the pipe, jump to an Damian faced and up, until you reach Jacknife.

Episode 3: Commotion
Jump the fence on the right, then jump up the ramp and Turn around to the left to jump down, continue straight and jump to the pipes, go behind the house and you a double break to go up, jumps out of the box, runs along the fence and jump ducts air of the building opposite, turn around and jump again but this time by within the fenced enclosure, and then jumps back to the air ducts, seen in target address, jump the ramp and go right, climb pipes Up until, once above gives a double jump to grab onto the pipe and to upload, go to the object and opens the door, double jump and passes through the driving to the air when you land, look behind some boxes to find a suitcase, now passes through the duct along the wall and follow the path up the eslime and jumping on the other side to come to a dark room, go up to the pipe and continuous really a guy in black on the phone after it has been seen to target.


Now turn around and break the glass, go ahead, break glass and grab the other running start to jump over the wall, police appear, go to the goal and if you Tropics with a glass break and still, jump red roof tubes and go to the objective, when you reach the door come running because more salt for you, continuous until the next target dodging the cops coming out of the door, jump yellow platforms, passing under the iron and continues until the door go down the hall and polish the elevator button, go down the pipe and go left to go outside, go right outside and up the booth, drop the rope and go to the objectives, go running and running to the objectives until you encounter with three police officers, kill them and go up the pipes when you’re fair under the crane, you will see a small fence square on the left side there is a case, now is the target enters the building and take the elevator to get you to the roof, go to the right and go jumping from one object to reach scaffolding, scaffolding across to those in the building opposite and if give up until you are a cop, kill and follow the path, low and jump to the scaffolding in front of you, now go up to the crane, and upstairs are two Police now jumping the crane to the site and upload it passes through it to reach the mat on the other hand, from the mat up to the second crane to found strait another case, the objective now is to enter the building.

Episode 4: Rope burn
Turn left and jump to the building of the orange flags, turns and jumps the tables to grab the pipe and go through the other side of the fence, unselected power and sees the target, under the helicopter when you need to climb to the pipe, and picks up his briefcase, now down the same pipe and enters through the door and find the target continuously, up to the pipe and go get it until fall, now look at your goal, you have to climb up the pipes when you arrive climbs the stairs, go on and passes through the wall and the fence, look at your target and closing the valve, up staircases and other walks in the door, now go to your target and climbs the stairs to the roof, you’ll see the helicopter, you will meet up a guy who pulls you when wood breaks down and run to you and when weapon turns red, click the button to disassemble to remove the gun he carried.


Now go to your objective, which is the entrance into the building, there are three police, go to the elevator and the enable button and the elevator falls, when you go right down and wait for the police open the door as censor, kill and find a briefcase nearby, continuing to target and salt the front door, go up the pipes, well, now you must run through the network to turn around and jump to the center bar, is somewhat difficult, continues to the targeted minority target, climb the scaffolding to jump beyond the fence Delve into the floor and yard before the cops caught you (if you closed can open doors with the button) is for the underground to find yourself with several police officers, kill them and is continuing to target the stairs, and upload them passes through the beam, several tubes really red now, trying to reach the gap is front through the tubes, when you get put on the edge to see the train pass, turn around and look up, you’ll see some letters written that says "Vahan are you my friend "because the letters just above there is a briefcase and take it now it jumps out of the front wall to continue to target as follows arrive at the gateway to the door is large jumps 05 wall-hook to the bar and you go to the office to clear the door, I walk in the door open and will be back on the subway, cross the railroad tracks and when hide near the doors close, continues to target through the door, now goes to the next objective, climb a ladder on the right and jumps to the center bus fans to cross over, when pulses button temporarily turn off fans and cross them quickly becomes energized again, again see a train, and you must ride on it, when you forward the right train and jump into the top position yourself behind is dodging the obstacles until the train stops, turn around and go to the door before it reaches the other train, up the stairs.

Episode 5: New Eden
Jump to the pipe, download it and look to the right, you’ll see another pipe, jumps her and carry her down, now is the target, when you pass the van will be in the street, sees right and climb onto the stand where it says "3-4" jumps out of the wall to the platform blue, go for it until the other side, climb the wall and continue along the platform, tubes and go jump in the direction "track access" up the stairs and reach the railroad tracks, go to the station four is on the left and climb the rope throw you into the street, watch the bullets from the helicopter, sees the goal and into the building, follow the road to open doors and take the elevator, when you leave, climb blue front stairs, and jump across the fence, go left and another fence jump, jump the ramp and you will see a fence, jumps out of the box inside and up the pipe, jump into the air conditioning on the left and run to the wall to the other building.

This roof is an area with pin-fences rights, in the middle of the two houses is a suitcase, jump to another roof and down the pipe that is at the other end, watch out for police, seen in direct, objective and up to another roof for the pipe and jump on the zip line, enter through the door and go down the elevator shaft it up for the pipes and salt by door, up the stairs, jump the boards and up the wall by pipes, jump target address is in the building next door, run across the wall to ride on air conditioners and returns to running down the wall, flight-date and jump across to the other air conditioners, pipes and jumps up, go the goal and jump on both zip is the goal, jump from bricks to move the fence of thorns, get on the air and when you jump to the building where two air to be charged every step, jump on them and turn around to jump to another where there is a case, the objective now is jumping the box, get in another building and jump the fence to enter the building through the door, follow the path to the elevator, exit and go through the red door to reach the square of the street, sees towards that goal really is a store, go on and jumps out of the box.


Now take the turn and enter the air duct, drop and climb into the truck to pick a briefcase, goes through the door and you will be back on the street, go to the object and perish the kind of gray, as you pass under the door is left and all take the glass elevator to go up, the police will see by looking at the glass break and when he jumps to the right of the glass and go straight through the gate pone "mode", go to the goal by jumping down stairs, run up the stairs and marbles, go right wing and jumps out of the box into the pot, run across the wall and go straight upstairs to the bottom, turn left to the end and really a strong advantages, that climbs the left and goes up, goes under Red Square and on, go down the stairs on the right and go to goal, pass-do over the air duct, continues and passes through the other channel to reach Blue corridor, turn left and go straight to the wall to jump the date it back and hold on to the blue platform up, go down the canal and reach a fan, watch it, press the front button to stop it, and passes through the follow the path, past the orange hallway and go through the open door of the left, now there are crystals and a guard, break some glass to get out and go through the left, enter the first door on the left and climb up the bricks, goes to other side and cops break a large crystal, runs through the wall and hold on the tube to the other side of the bars, walk through the duct of the left still orange and climb the stairs, climb the pipe and go through the door.

Episode 6: Pirandello
Climb upstairs, out the door on the left, past the tables and jump to the zip line, go through the duct to reach the rooftop across the street and take a case, now jumps to the red mat in the street and sees the target, go up the orange piping ledges, go up the stairs of iron and when the upload turn around and run up the wall to grab the pole and move to another platform way up the stairs and jump the fence, get on the air to rise to the follows roof, go right where it says "04" on the wall and jump through it to ride on a white container and jump the fence of thorns to climb on the roof of the house, go left and up the stairs behind the orange poster here is a policeman, throw yourself on the zip line that is more to the right to fall in a roof with a policeman, oranges and up the stairs when you’re at the end runs by the wall turn around and jump to enter the red door, jump on the platform as there are in the middle and come down, when you press down the button on the network to open the door, open several policemen in here, so you do not kill them hinder the passage, to raise the cash you can do it there in front of the door, when you have a free go to the hut that is up to the iz- Izquierdo, runs along the wall to get to the duct and enters on a shelf is a briefcase, now go through the door, goes upstairs and jumps out of the box to climb  the pipe, jump straight into the smoke and follow the path to the door and red zone with a fence, follow the path and down the stairs, go through the left and jump the fence.


Here you will see a truck in front of you, go to the right Lift up the wall and go behind the boxes on the top floor there is a case, returns to the elevator and go up the boxes that are in front of him, jumps to is right in front of the box jumping, still in front and up the two boxes, date around and jump to the platform, go through the platform until the end of it and jump through the tubes to the roof of the house, entering through the hole in the roof and go to objective which is the main switch of the conveyor belt, click it and go out through the doors, go to the tapes that are left as salts and passes below the half-open door, jump the fence on the right and out the door, go through the door on the left and jump across the boxes around giving to ride on the platform, go for it and down the stairs on the right, down seen through the open door to the right, run across the wall Hang onto the tube and follow the catwalk down now and go to the button inside the cabin through the fence, click it and go outside in the space left by the elevator there is a hole, put-for you to download, go to a door that opens to go through it and follow the path to an elevator, press the button to make this up and see the police, the date turn and run toward the stairs yellow, the whole structure rises to the top of everything goes through the red door and take the elevator, when you get up, runs front and jump through the glass breaks, still jumps ahead and breaking the win- window to fall on a rooftop, jump the ramp and up the goal stairs, exit onto the roof and go right into the tables to jump in the driving cough, see them jumping to the other side, jump to the rooftop across the street and then that is on the left, Turn around and jump left to the zip line, and you’ll fall over the train.

Episode 7: The Boat
Your goal is a truck that is down, jump to the lines that are beneath you and go right down to the studs and air conditioners, then go to the left down the pipe, once down is all right and discover a suitcase in the alley, now enters the truck when the truck open its door runs all the way and get on the trucks on the left to go through the pipe, jump to the left and through the central canal is, if-busing for the right side between the ducts find a suitcase, go to objective, down the stairs, go left and the police cartage to open the wheel door, now opens the first door on the right and go through the small hole right between the canal, jump into the hole and up through the pipes, jump the canal and go for up to more than half, turn around and jump to the red tube to move to another through the other side, then the tube top and there are at four Red squared to move to the next room.


Drop down and go to the green bridge on the right, jump over the wall giving you the back to grab the duct, This turn around and jump back and scroll through to the left, when get to the letters that says "4B" turns the corner and jump to the green platform behind, get it now climb into the canal that I had been seized and is until the end, turn around and come running down the tube, then run by the pa- network, turn around and jump to grab the red stripes through and go inside the other channel, opens the door and go left to open the other door, go up the stairs to the very end and you have to jump out the stops to grab the other hand, enters the room ventilation and drop by in the middle of the two ducts, open the door to leave, nothing else turns out all right and enter through the door that is next to a sniper barrel explodes, this room there is a case now where incoming salt and go running to the background for cover in containers, Now climb onto the container by wall after the boat is orange, when you reach the green platform, climbs the ladder to reach the red roof and is going straight to the goal through Amid all the deck, up the stairs green and reach the type of white, fight against him and when you can, escape and have to go after him, see inside by "line A Level 3" and down the stairs to "level 4", go left and you shut the door, open it and follow it opens the other door and follow it to ride on a van, jump over the wall and turn around to grab the pipe, jump front and enter through the gate to the right, when you get to the rail Saltala and continues straight on, follow it, jump and climb the smoke upstairs, go to right and then throw you jump down to the zip line, follow it to the containerized res and you’ll have to fight him (or her, xD) and put disassemble when the mark turns red.

Episode 7: Kane
This mission is everything concerning reaching the aviary, because once there, the enemies and other stuff to get cut down much. Just in the last part after the aviary enemy has been held and must descend be able belief and by means of the heap of rubble speed without suffering much damage. Beginning by starting oneself the bldg. and the passage on the top of the roof to the following (the red slope is the indicator). Try to get on the top of the next bldg. using the openings and such (this shot is far a shot of the objective of Faith’ s). Effective to get to the ventilation openings its WRJ on the bulletin board you must have, so that she can get around the pivot wire. The way is by on crash pad (a manner for certain to be) and by the door. The next big problem jump may be this one. Have Faith WRJ to the pipes, then again to the top of the broken crane elevator. For the next jump, the faith owes WRCJ (L-jump) the cargo tilted raised by the crane. The faith has just enough distance to obtain speed and the height which it needs. Then, a roller of safety at the exit door at the east and as much the faith needs to leave unscathed. On the other hand, if you have kinder belief for dish from a small revenge, its guards on the top of the staircase and snipe the three stupid agents ran the staircase on to snake gun shots. Take their weapons and you must hardly manage headshot using the machine gun agent to the lower part of the lobby. The termination is still unchanged, but the belief is possible its time to take to conclude the chapter.

The race or life:
For all these phases of the game incredible when Faith connects slides, jumps and dizzying timed rolls, the player must also undergo passages oriented "thinking" a bit risky breadsticks and gunfights. On the other hand, it was necessary to vary the game experience and not only offer the country Yamakasi Orwell, but the balance is sometimes broken. Especially when you spend half an hour to find his way in confined environments, dealing with slimy green walls of bad taste, without any apparent or platform that seems out of reach, in short sequences very claustrophobic puzzle sucks-that tend to recur at the end. The fact that the game off on this occasion the focus towards the goal and sometimes the visual aid, involves a number of false tracks that add to the frustration of lackluster. In these moments, we would have preferred multiply Mirror’s Edge more routes, to really encourage them to explore all possibilities for platform. Of course, it is possible to disable the normal vision and support runners to have the illusion that several paths are possible and that the research aspect is present. It is also possible to start looking for a few suitcases to unlock several series of artworks . Despite these bonus sham, the reasoning is limited to power failures to find the one true way decided by the developers. For a game that was the champion of space and freedom, this sense of linearity can be seen as a regression. Many sequences are based on a similar principle, like jumping from a moving train to another, the blast of an explosion at dodging, and all that will almost necessarily express one or several returns in the checkpoint .

What really struck us in the game at DICE, after completing the story mode, is the intensity of the progression. Few titles to offer such dumping. Its linearity and supposedly found somewhere in the end is not really a weak point. Quite the contrary. It helps to make the chases are moments of anguish during which you run away from death at the rate of bullets ricocheting against the walls, failed a few inches from your ears. Oppressed by enemies that you hear the footsteps get closer, blows taser you graze, you fly, curious glances each location traveled, hoping to find the loophole saving. And to support this impression of being at one with the heroine, the player hears every breath of Faith, his breathing accelerating crescendo. Just if you do not feel the need to take a break after a few seconds of a crazy race. This stress has nothing to inhibit. Instead, he sometimes quality make traveling euphoric to the point that you are inexplicably drawn to the right route. The instinct of survival, no doubt.

Mirror’s Edge Cheat Codes:


  • All bonuses:
    • Unlock Hard Mode: Finish the game once.
    • Unlock mode against the clock: Finish the game once.
  • Bronze trophies:

    • Reprise. : Complete training.
    • Prologue. : Finish the story mode’s prologue.
    • Episode 1. : Complete Episode 1 in story mode.
    • Episode 2. : Complete Episode 2 in story mode.
    • Episode 3. : Complete Episode 3 in story mode.
    • Episode 4. : Complete episode 4 in story mode.
    • Episode 5. : Complete Episode 5 in story mode.
    • Episode 6. : Complete Episode 6 in story mode.
    • Episode 7. : Complete Episode 7 in story mode.
    • Episode 8. : Complete Episode 8 in story mode.
    • Race body. : Find the three bags of the same episode.
    • Winning Eleven. : Find 11 hidden bags.
    • Messenger qualified. : Beat the qualifying time on any route.
    • Tracer. : Unlock all tracks.
    • Promising. : Get 20 stars in the fashion trail.
    • On the line of the prologue. : Finish the cons-trial prologue below the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 1. : Finish the race against the watch of episode 1 under the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 2. : Finish the race against the watch of episode 2 below the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 3. : Finish the race against the watch of episode 3 below the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 4. : Finish the race against the watch of episode 4 below the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 5. : Finish the cons-the-clock Episode 5 below the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 6. : Finish the cons-the-clock episode 6 below the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 7. : Finish the cons-the-clock episode 7 below the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 8. : Finish the race against the watch of episode 8 below the target time.
    • On the thread of the episode 9. : Finish the cons-the-clock Episode 9 below the target time.
    • A rolling stone … : Complete an episode without being a leap back.
    • Queen of evasion. : Complete an episode without getting hit.
    • Diplomat. : Complete an episode without firing a single time.
    • Beautiful spring. : Succeeding with an attack takes support on a wall.
    • Disarmament. : 15 Successful Disarmament (Outside of training).
    • Last dance. : Neutralize 20 enemies in close combat.
  • Silver Trophies:
    • Bang. : Finish the game on any difficulty.
    • Value sour : Get 35 stars in the fashion trail.
    • Sprinter. : Sprint for 30 seconds.
    • Warm. : Enchainer a jump, a decrease (over an obstacle) and a slide (under obstacle).
    • Daughter of the wind. : Enchainer race wall jump and a chargeback.
    • Tic-tac. : Enchainer two consecutive race wall, turn around and jump.
    • Serenity. : Connect race wall, jump down (over obstacle) and roll.
    • Thou shalt not kill. : Finish the game without shooting an enemy.
  • Gold Trophies:
    • Super Messenger. : Finish the story mode in maximum difficulty.
    • Compulsive hoarding. : Find 30 hidden bags.
    • Access all areas. : Unlock all races against the clock.
    • Champion. : Get 50 stars in the fashion trail.

  • All hidden trophies :
    • Trophy hidden 001. : Play the game to unlock this trophy hidden.
    • Trophy hidden 002. : Play the game to unlock this trophy hidden.



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