Karos Online Walkthrough

Karos Online is set in a fantasy world full name Asmara, which is
reminiscent, in style of the setting, the famous NCSoft Lineage II, but
has a point to say the least controversial: in fact, despite being a
MMORPG (usually gender proposes a kind of background to engage the
player), Karos is completely devoid of a history of skiing in a position
to introduce the player in the world is entering, not proposing any
pretext to cling to fully understand what surrounds us. "A world without
a reason," this definition would be more appropriate to describe this
choice of boys NHN Games, which have decided to prune the narrative
aspect of the game, we assume, for priority action, however, getting a
side effect not soon able to lost even the most hardened fan of MMOs,
which will face a virtual world completely stand alone. And
unfortunately, this feeling is even more accentuated by the complete
lack of any type of cut-scenes or performance on any stage in-game
approached, at least in this preliminary version of the client.

The Korean publisher NHN offers to download the client of its new MMORPG
Karos Online. It allows playing the Open Beta. Based in a medieval
fantasy, the game allows four races to embody different characters:
humans, shadows, and a last class Seroin hidden. Karos Online is
developed by Galaxy Gate, a studio based in Korea, which has already
been talk of him with Last Chaos e.g. title released in 2004. Karos
Online is announced for this fall.

In Karos Online, players assume a hero determined to defeat the curse of
darkness that covers the world of Asmara and achieve glory by becoming
the legendary warrior Karos. The battle for dominance of the vital
energy of the world, Flett, encourages them to take part in quests,
battles between guilds and PvP mass. The Flett is also the basis for
sophisticated alternative to advance the game Away from the traditional
growth, energy Flett can increase the type, give bonuses, purchase
resources and enchanted objects. You will need to make quests that take
you inexorably towards the massive PvP guild battles, either to take
control of Asmara, the game world, or resources. Some original features
have already noted, such as control of mines Flett, gems to improve your
character, be it armor, weapons, or skills (buffs). These gems will
also enchant items. It also announces castle sieges, battles for
domination of territory, control of resources, and dungeons.

The Beta testing of the game will allow players to test three races of
characters with each race offering a playable class. Classes may know a
specialization twice during the game and have a choice of four
subclasses. For this first phase, only the first expertise is available.
Among the races and classes, we noted that the Humans, the blader
(melee, ambidexterity), can become a Swordsman or spearman.  The race
will offer the Shadows Shadow Rogue (discretion, Dual Weapons), which
specialize in or assassin duelist.  The Seroin, race, half-human,
half-Basic (Class remotely spell) will offer the class master archer and
will specialize in archer or store (long distance, distance to major
damage).  Two races and six additional classrooms will be unveiled
during the open beta and after the commercial launch of the title.  You
can register for the beta test e and get more info on the official
website of Karos Online. You simply register on the site to become a
beta tester.

In the meantime, a first phase of private beta test will be held from
Friday 21 to Sunday, 23 August next (the invitations should be
distributed shortly). On this occasion, it will be possible to test some
of the nine classes (more than 36 specializations) and five breeds
available, some of which are revealed.
We discover, for example humans, which make up the dominant people in
the world of Asmara with their adaptability and their sense of
diplomacy. The humans who devote themselves to fighting often opt for a
career Blader, fighting hand to hand and wielding the heavy weapons in
both hands. At the discretion of their progress, they can specialize to
become a swordsman or spearman.

The Shadows (Shadows), easily recognizable by their pale blue skin, have
long been very hostile towards men, before establishing a semblance of
peace. Sophisticated, practicing a novel form of magic, the Shadows
choosing the path of Rogues are deadly attackers, wielding two weapons
at once. They move towards the path of the assassin (beating the
handling of daggers and the art of critical hit) or duelist (wielding
swords and dodging).
The Seroin, finally, half human, half elemental, live in harmony with
nature, seeking balance in all things. They adopt such means of
Bowmistress who excel in the art of attack from a distance and
specialize in the archery (can stun or sleep the opponent) or towards
the ranger and his fighting techniques very long range.


Quick Steps :

  • Go to the Download page, select a mirror site and download the game
  • Unzip the downloaded file and double-click the .exe file to
  • The default installation path is C:KarosOnline.
  • To launch the game, please double click the launcher icon on the
  • Once the installation/update is done, press GAME START button to
    load the login screen.
  • Please enter the correct account user name and password to login to
    the game.
  • Select a desired character class.
  • Complete the character creation by customizing the head, hair
    style, and hair color of the character.

Beta Version :

  • You can access the Closed Beta if you have a key (we still have
    one, moreover, you can claim it as a comment if you feel like it), it
    will register then enter your key (to other sites also key, if not too
    many people are tempted, check out the official site of karos online).
  • Steps to Login :
  • Enter your login and pass as usual and click OK.
  • At the choice of your class, only 3 are available at the moment, a
    war (male), an archer (female), and a thief (male).
  • Creating your person is very light, you will have only 3 choices in
    each category and that’s a shame
  • Then it’s time to select a character and enter the game

Talk of the interface, the cat is on the left below the shortcuts that
lead to your options, besides going directly into the options to the
right resolution, unfortunately you cannot change your keys and it will
adapt to playing without some arrows, then you have your action bar, and
your inventory, while up your experience bar, and the right map of the
Here’s what happens when you talk to an NPC (non player character), you
first choose to buy or sell, and quests. Speaking to sell it will sell
often at the beginning because you have small pockets to store your
loot. For the quests I did not appreciate at all the interface, but hey
it’s a matter of taste. Here are your first monsters to kill, with a
special skill. And here is your map, you’ll receive the quests in, "!
Means that you can take a quest at this point "? Means that you can make
a search there. It is possible to zoom in, zoom out at will.

Here is what your future will look like horses. Personally I like his
skin. Like any Free To Play, you can have friends, and even a guild. Or
what about the other, I found the game very repetitive, since, as in
Shaiya, you bash and bash mobs with quests, and there is no story too
… It is unfortunate that the PvP F2P games, have often no history …
Good by cons if you like PVE, we do not recommend this game at all after
if you like PVP and you’re ready to basher like crazy mobs (monsters)
that resemble go for it.

Skills Required :

Contrary to Shaiya, you do not you move the buttocks in the air,
management of the jumps is not poorly designed, and the graphics are
very good for a Free To Play, and that’s a very good point. Looks like
your character information window with your stuff to resell the goods at
cons, I find it very lousy, the management of objects one by one …
But this is a Beta! Maybe all this will be filled in the final version.
Now that’s jumping with special attack, of course we should not try to
do the same in real life, otherwise you might get hurt. As you can see
the character models is very neat, the sun too. Here are your skills,
it’s very simple you level up and you have a skill point, it will then
have to click the "+" to learn your new skill, and drag it to your
action bar. The flounder, by the time you earn points flounder and it
will use them as you see fit. Oh yes another thing tooltips are rowing
the game a bit (i.e. it is not fluid) so you have to "close" on windows
to find his game as before.

  • Karos Online Flette owns a system that allows to use the magical
    energy of the world of Asmara many ways

The Flette is available at stake in two forms:

Flett Points: These are the reserve Flett points of a character,
earned by killing monsters in the game and can be used multiple ways.
Increase the characteristics of your characters. Allow boosts XP.

Casting powerful spells at high level : Awarded to certain NPCs
cons of unique objects and bonuses. Gems Flett objects: These are
special weapons and armor fits in terms of statistics, appearance and
level, based on the level and class of the wearer. These objects can be
"Craft" by NPCs with specific extracts Flett gems that players can get
in their harvest activities such as fishing, mining, etc. Gems Flett
objects available in 6 different grades can be improved through
enchantment. Guilds can compete for control of mines Flett extracts are
available. These mines will change hands every 4 to 7 days. Currently in
its beta test phase closed Karos Online presents its trades harvest :

Two lines are available and players will play two dungeons. There is
talk of mining and fishing. Once the fishing skill learned, you can fish
a variety of fish can be sold to merchants, used as an object of craft
and much more. You also have a chance to get gems Flett via a lottery
system.  Armed with an ax, you can undermine some areas and now find and
gems sellable to vendors or can be used for crafts.

Pieces of gems Flett will also be harvested to create Flett gems to
improve your equipment.  The mining areas are the core goals PvP guild
vs. guild. Online Karos reveal information about the gorgeous to use as
mounts.  You can invoke them from a special piece of armor on the
shoulders. This piece will be obtained after a series of quests or
directly from a vendor for a certain amount.  Once invoked, these
creatures will help you move more quickly into play. Several types of
gorgeous available as the wolf or the dragon.  Interestingly, you can
upgrade your mounts twice through a craft with the levels "Holy" and

Game Controls :


W Move Forward. (Sprint) 
A Orient the character to the left. 
S Move Backwards. (Walk) 
D Orient the character to the right. 
Left mouse click  Move to the clicked location. 
Hold down left mouse Change the orientation of the 
[equivalent to pressing the A
or D
character and camera at the same time (rotate). 
Right mouse click  To pan the camera, move the mouse 
  while holding down the right mouse button. 
Q Turn to the left without panning the camera. 
(Equivalent to holding the   
right mouse button and   
pressing the D key)   
E Turn to the right without panning the camera. 
(Equivalent to holding the   
right mouse button and   
pressing the D key)   
W + Q  Run diagonally to the left 
S + Q  Backstep diagonally to the left 
W + E  Run diagonally to the right 
S + E  Backstep diagonally to the right 
Esc  (While a target is selected) Normal attack: Maintain combat mode 
TAB  Target the NPC (including monsters) nearest the character. 
  Click again to target the next nearest NPC. 
~ , ` (While a target is selected) Normal attack: Maintain combat mode 
Space  Jump 
F Pick up an item 
R Select the current target of the party leader (assist) 
Alt  Check the name of dropped items 
NumLock  Autorun: Run forward/Cancel 
M Open/close the worldmap 
1~0 (number key), -, +  Use the first hotbar (quickbar), from 1 to 12 
  (use the registered items or skills) 
Z Normal Mode (Sheathe Weapon) /
   Combat Mode (Ready Weapon)
X PK On / Off 
I, F6  Open / Close Inventory (Equip) 
Page Up  Minimap Zoom In 
Page Down  Minimap Zoom Out 
Alt + 1~+  Use the second hotbar 1 to 12 
Ctrl + 1~+  Use the third hotbar 1 to 12 
V Equip / Unequip Holy Creature
K, F7 Toggle Skill Window
L, F8 Toggle Quest Window
C, F9 Toggle Character Info Window
G, F11 Toggle Guild Info Window
J, F12 Toggle Fletta Attributes Window
F10 Toggle Main Menu Window
Print Screen Captures current screen; screenshots will be saved in the 
  ‘shot’ folder under the ‘Karos Online’ main folder.


The adventure begins in the land of Asmara, as usual, through the
character creation. In this aspect the developers have opted for the
choice of a specific and essential, perhaps too, offering six selectable
character classes, including four women. This aspect will bend a little
‘nose to lovers of MMO, which will forcibly have to choose between
Mystical Bowmistress, Paladin and Sorceress, estimated, unsubsidized
available female and if voilent make a show of virility, between Rogue
and blader, specialize in melee attacks. Limited possibilities for
customization of the PG, which allow the player to select few options,
restricted to only three possible choices of the face, four of the "cut"
hair, and their eight different colors available. Sparse, but the hope
is that the final stage of public beta a few days the game developers
decide to introduce more customization options to meet the demands of

NHN Games has certainly done an excellent job on the side of the
technical sector of the gameplay, which has several rather interesting
choices, some of which have already seen (or sketched) from other
illustrious ancestors in the field of MMORPGs such as Lineage and Guild
Wars, and other innovative solutions to bring a real breath of fresh air
to the genre, which some say has become rather stale in recent years.
As soon as this stage of preparation of the character developers NHN
decided catapult directly into the world of Asmara, the center of the
region Berneo, one of three available during the trial behind closed
doors, which have been joined by a ‘ other during the recent open beta.

The impact of this MMORPG is unusual, as mentioned above, and puts us in
a situation where perhaps only the less experienced of these things
could find many difficulties, facing right now a worldwide and devoid of
any tutorial or introduction of this case, actually making the gameplay
a real mysterious object to be discovered gradually in pursuit of
adventure. In practice, a challenge which, with hindsight, it is worth
taking. The reason is easily explained, and explained with a few concise
words: system of character progression.

The real substance of this new creature of NHN Games is precisely the
system level of the PG-up game that transcends the canonical parameters
typical of MMORPGs in favor of a system rather articulate and able to
provide you with the progressive increase level of customization
abilities of the character really very interesting and able to test the
skills of longtime fans of the genre. The core of the system is as usual
the ever level-up, directly related to the EXP points that can be
achieved by addressing the enemy and this game, but the real surprise
introduced by developers are Flex Points, also appear to screen with a
classic bar to fill during the game. The distinguishing feature of these
points, however, FP found in their being completely disconnected from
progress in the adventure world of Asmara. Accumulating these points,
you can distribute them as "upgrades" going to change a set of
attributes (Yin, Yang, Air, Fire, Wood, Earth and Water) to improve
various aspects of his character, who may benefit from further
enhancements in features such as speed, strength and so on, resulting in
numerous possible combinations.

Unfortunately Karos Online also has a rather annoying flaw: the need to
do more grinding. This in the long run can be very tedious and
unprofitable, confirming once again the need to pursue the various
proposals from this game, hard to find at the beginning but often can be
repeated indefinitely, so you can gain significant amount of EXP points
, needed to level up and expand their inventory with lots of game
items. The atmosphere is certainly one of the points in favor of Karos
Online, which has a very nice the graphics compared to direct
competition with excellent polygonal models, unfortunately not much
different, in addition discrete animations and textures more than
respectable considering the vocation of this free Korean production.
What rather surprised, although it is a client in beta, is the finest in
quality of water effects, awesome, and great lighting effects, almost
worthy of the best PC game. Both factors contribute to enhance even more
the concept design created by artists of the software house, with
original and very oriental-inspired environments, able to donate to
appeal Karos a very particular aspect further emphasized by the slight
background music accompanying us during game.


  • Outdoor fantasy world
  • Various characters
  • Excellent game graphics do not look to far in RPG
  • The ability to share the transmission and establishment of their

System requirements:

  • OS Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • CPU Pemtium4 1.4
  • RAM 512M +
  • VGA Gforce 5600 +
  • Direct X Version Direct X 9.0c
  • HDD 3G


After the Perna War on the Broccion Continent of the planet Asmara, the
forces found themselves in a stalemate. They were all requesting for
Fletta and Fletta gems, the remaining shards of Cafenrilan power. Then,
for 500 years, the forces battled in small and large groups across the
continent in order to solidify their power. Hass, the Emperor
persistently pursued the scattered energy of Fletta throughout the
continent to break Malyx- the Unstoppable, the heir- the God of
Darkness, from the seal which bound him. There was Kera behind Hass, the
fiancée of Malyx and the queen of Darkness, who wanted to dominate the
world with her iron fist.

After approximately a hundred years of an uneventful arms race, as the
forces of Light and Darkness were each focused on building up their
military and economic ability, both forces were anxious as it seemed
that the Fletta gems were running out. The forces of Darkness were
frightened that there might not be enough Fletta gems left to unseal
Malyx, so they took the risk of forcing the sacrifice of living
creatures including members of their own.

(Perna War, 612 – 623) – Having reached the limit of sacrificing
their own forces, the forces of Darkness gathered every soldier who was
still available and sent them out to the remaining Fletta gem deposits
and mines, mobilizing a renewed power for the first time in a hundred
years (660). During this time, an increasing number of people went
missing, regardless of the involvement of Fletta or Fletta gems. Each
force scrambled their intelligence networks together.
In the year 666, the forces of Darkness learned that Malyx was to be
turned into ashes, if they failed to unseal him. An even more surprising
fact was that Reth- the heir to Light would be turned into ashes, if
the forces of Darkness succeed in breaking Malyx free (662). The group
within the forces of Light made a pact to share the Fletta gems and the
power under their control to send away the forces of Darkness and save
their heir. The pact was made at a meeting known as the Fletta
Convention and the Cafenril Federation, named after their god of Light
was created. However, the shortage of Fletta gems resulted in the
Cafenril Federation to have an internal conflict. As a result, the
Federation changed their strategy to be more aggressive and new….. a
total war to reclaim all of the Fletta power from the hands of the
forces of Darkness!

Now the forces of Darkness would taste their own medicine. The
Federation decided to give all of the fletta mines in private ownership
as incentives when they reclaimed them from the enemy.  Furthermore, any
heroes who were to destroy the soul of Malyx- the heir to the Darkness
and eliminate Kera were to be designated as the Commander-in-chief over
the entire Federation army. The whole continent became a perfect ground
for people who control and extract power from the Fletta to prove and
strengthen their ability. But taking on the forces of Darkness was not
an easy task. Now, the way is open for anyone who wants to prove
themselves. Will you claim to be the champion of Karos, or die trying!

Hints and Tips :

After the first three phases of Closed and Open four months of beta
testing Karos Online is finally ready for the official launch of this
new MMORPG. For the best possible start NHN will be a new server,
client, and an official website renewed the item shop.

The new server for the open ‘at the official launch will be’ Seron, name
more ‘voted by users of Karos, will be’ available to do login the game,
created to accommodate new players probably will be ‘as two different
channels at the Asmara server that is already ‘in its database contains
players who have faithfully followed Karos.
To play will ‘need to uninstall the old client and download the new one
is only 891 mb in no time and of course for free graphics and quality
‘of the game up to date in the’ sphere of free to play with the minimum
low flow of all, even those who own a PC a bit ‘dated.

The ‘Item Shop will have’ items that will be of great help in the
dangerous world of Karos. The first item offered for sale with real
money are these:

  • Stone Protection – prevents the loss of weapons and armor
    spell failure
  • Capsule Protection – prevents loss of items cause death
  • Guardian Angels – reduces the loss of experience to death
  • Mortuary Tablets – can resurrect a player on the spot
  • The game is free to play (in 99% of cases) means that we can play
    freely without losing anything, there will be ‘Wipe.
  • The game still has many bugs, but you can play and for the moment
    seems like a good game (between f2p course), is beautiful graphically
    better than many in f2p movement also the weapons and armor are also
    well done.
  • The game still lacks many things that will implement in the future,
  • New breed
  • New mount
  • New weapons and armor
  • New classes
  • New skills for advancement class
  • New maps and monsters
  • New raid boss
  • Conquest and control of mines
  • Conquest and control of castles


Of these there are enough to those who follow the history of the game to
those that provide a repeatable compensation of money, then that is a
grind quests ‘to kill a certain number of mobs to complete more’ times
the quest. Surely, in a more ‘high will be’ more ‘hard to level but with
a good party can address the dynamic dungeons or raids, which should
provide a good basis for loot and exp, there are also quests that ask to
go to kill a boss but there are also a dungeon dungeons where you can
‘explore cheerfully and incidentally if you form a good Aloe party we
do’ a lot of money to drop the mobs as many Equip. Probably staff will
make Karos’ events until now have always been present and available.

  • Keep the money, although it is hard to level without potions try to
    keep at least 10,000 coins, because then used to class the instructor
    Kailas live 10 go to town and take the quests.
  • Completed the entire chain of quests (i.e.: to deliver the letter,
    talk to the chief of the village infested by alligators, kill the boss,
    speak again with the village chief, back from kylies and completed the
    quest at this point will give you a certificate that allows you advance
    of class).
  • At live 25 there will be ‘the upgrade of the class practically
    increases the life and strength of character, depending on class choice
    and will cost’ 100k.

In Karos and ‘Craft can mount all the teams to different degrees and
those sold by the NPC (quite expensive) to equip more special’
potential. The collection of materials and ‘research carried Tennant
Mine (usually leaves pg to undermine and when ‘afk) fishing (for the
craft of potions) and harvesting of the drop mob. Conservative materials
for crafting in the bank, usually the materials are useless in
describing "the merchant can sell them to make money, "all materials
that have different descriptions but are often for crafting.

The PvP / Pk in Karos –

  • It ‘can kill everyone (from Leviticus 11) but there are designated
    areas can be’ everywhere except in the city protected by guards, and’
    Open PvP.
  • Dropping here as alignment or karma Karos called MV moral value.
  • More your MV + negative items to drop and equip.
  • The MV works as follows:
  • all start at 0 mV and killing monsters, you earn up to a maximum of
  • but if you kill other players who have a positive MV, begin to lose
    up to MV-51K
  • A 0 have the name blank.
  • Proportion as increases in MV starts to become blue.
  • If you kill players began to turn red and become purple-51k.
  • If you kill a PK with red name can drop 1 or 2 things (not always)
  • If you kill a PK with the name you can drop purple items 10-11 well
    (if not placed them in the bank)
  • The drop is random so can drop items in the backpack so the team
    can drop.
  • Those with blue instead of name to drop with a much smaller%, in
    fact not always, if you kill a character with the name blue to drop
    something, it is very rare, then who does the pk should not worry about
    losing stuff if you kill a pk (but can happen).
  • But you lose exp. And lose all the blue is the pk.

Current LVL capacity : Currently 44 but must be increased.

Weapons Strength :

  • There are several ways to strengthen its arsenal, i.e. enchant /
    enhance the weapon, strengthen armor, enchanted accessories.
  • To enchant the weapon are the skull, once in possession of the
    skull and skull just put a weapon in the inventory, right click on the
    skull, then click on the weapon, if you happened to acquire weapons of
    bonus on the skull (e.g. damage +3). The skull can buy them from other
    players or Craft (NPC menu on the jeweler’s craft)
  • To enhance weapons and armor (classic short +1) are the scroll.
  • There is scroll and scroll to the weapon for the armor. scroll to
    the other players can buy or Craft (menu of the NPC that sells craft
  • Important Note :
  • power with scroll is safe up to +5, +6 you fail and if one fails
    there is the possibility of losing the piece we’re looking to
  • To enchant accessories (bracelets, necklaces etc. ..) are the
    stones, there are several stones, those that increase the strength,
    dexterity vitality … etc.
  • The bracelets can have 2 lv 10 stones (which must be different,
    e.g.: 1 for 1 strength for dexterity, cannot be equal to 2 stones). The
    stones you can buy from other players, or directly from the jeweler
    (cost 10k but should not those who give 1 bonus point) or craft, always
    on the menu of the jeweler.

To enchant the armor are also runes, there are runes with different
bonuses for the time I’ve seen around these runes:

  • Rainy Rune: adds + 15% avoidance and + 15% block rate
  • Watery Rune: Adds +1 to attack rating (it can hit)
  • There are others, but still I have not seen around.

Note: bonuses given by various materials depends on the quality.

Get stones for Accessories –

  • Rarely get stones + undermining strong (but possible) but the craft
    when the power is random, so you can go with that as a +1 bonus with
    bonus + high.
  • The Max enchant the scroll should be 12 (there is a strong light)
    so it was in CB, I do not know if they have made changes in that regard.
  • Also increasingly depending on the enchant (+1, +2 etc. .. etc. ..)
    there is a light of different colors, e.g. white yellow orange etc. ..
  • Do not lose the object, but if it fails you lose only the skull.

Flex Point – Flex Points are acquired by Level Up.

  • An important thing in the game and choose which attributes must be
    raised with the Flex Point (FP), it is important to know that you can
    choose only 2 things!
  • So choose carefully
  • Specifically, you can choose only 1 between Yin and Yang and the
    only one among element.  At the end or you Yin or Yang, + 1 item of
    choice (including fire, water, earth, etc. ..)
  • Points Flex points can also be used to be placed in the bottle (you
    can buy items from npc user) and often used for crafting.

Dungeons – In addition to traditional dungeons in all MMORPGs,
full of monsters and epic loot, Karos Online propose two new types of
original dungeon in addition to normal:

1. Normal Dungeon

  • Quartz Mine Dansel : A large network covering mining and
    Berneo Lupinel.  Its tunnels also reach the deepest core of the Valley
  • Antcave : This cave was named after an ant cave because of
    its maze-like underground structure. It is a mysterious place where
    anyone who enters is never seen to return.
  • Sentryhail Tower : Sentryheil Tower was the battleground
    where the Princess of the Plague, who was abandoned by her people a long
    time ago, plotted her revenge. Now, it has become the place where the
    dreaded Rihitta Tribe are constantly involved in pillaging and killing.

2. Events Dungeon

Events dungeon specially implemented for the raids of the group and
capable of supporting a party consisting of up to five players: these
special dungeons, the environment will evolve during the game session in
response to the actions of the players of the party. For example, there
will be bridges that collapse, ceilings that fall to the ground and
secret passages that appear to reveal the way to go.

Hypogeum of Mirod Chapel : A secret underground chapel in Castle
Mirod. It was originally built on the site of Castle Mirod, which was a
mere outpost back in the days of the 400 Year War, to provide service to
the fallen. This old religious site is now all but forgotten as the
outpost has become a castle, but it is still accessible through the
secret storage room in Mirod Chapel. This old structure consists of a
vast hall seemingly designed in human style, and a terrace with several
levels. It ‘was originally built at Castle Mirodata, who was a mere
outpost during the war of 400 years, to provide a service to the fallen.
This old religious site, now completely forgotten, is still accessible
through the secret room storage Castle Mirod. Questa old structure
consists of a large room and terrace levels.

3. Maze Dungeon

Maze dungeons are instanced, and consist of a grid of square rooms with
walls that move and shift, affecting the party’s path through the
dungeon towards the end boss. Maze dungeons contain large numbers of
monsters, and have no party size limit. The Maze dungeon, built in
open-world game, any party, surprise and disorient the player with
moving walls or moving constantly to obstruct the path of a party,
offering gameplay dynamic and full of ‘action.
The dungeons were designed and built in stages of progressive
difficulty, with the most advanced levels (… the latter include fights
with scary monsters, bosses) only accessible to those who have proved
worthy previously. In fact, every victory in a dungeon will ensure a
pass to a player that can be used to advance to more challenging.

  • Room of Trials: Through the centuries, experts Karos
    warriors have meditated on how to train young people in their class.
    After much contemplation, have designed a structure modeled on a local
    Bhalasong: The test chamber, a maze powered by a demonic spell. The
    Karos sent apprentices promising to prove worthy of promotion to the
    next class. To the untrained eye, the prison seems to be nothing more
    than an agreement to old walls, but in truth and ‘alive.
  • Old Volantia: Old Flying has been abandoned for nearly a
    thousand years and was home only to wild animals and troglodytes. It
    consists of a labyrinthine network of tunnels and rooms, and there are
    scattered power generators Flex.
  • Gelmenco Lair: The underground lair of a bloodthirsty ogre
    and widely feared Raider Lair Gelmenco is under a section of the Ruins
    Kafenril Peltrok. In large, ‘full of stolen goods and seized by the
    servants Gelmenco Goblin’s lair has a formidable force of bandits
    warriors orcs.


1. Human : Although physically inferior to other races, are the
dominant race on Asmara. This is due to their higher affinity, diplomacy
and the playback speed without equal. They have the red skin and an
average constitution. I am a little race, but excellent adaptability.
Their cultures and languages are very different.

  • Classes : [Human: blader] skilled in the art of wielding
    [Two-Handed Swords] and [Spears].

2. Shadow : A race from the eastern empire. They are people with a
highly unique culture living in the outer regions of the continent.
Although their relationship with humans has been hostile in the past,
some tribes have returned as a result of friendly reconciliation efforts
Empire. Tend to be indifferent and rather pessimistic. They have blue
skin and fine lines. I am a proud people that carry on from generation
to generation a unique magic power.

  • Classes : [Shadow] now [Rogue] may specialize in the art of two
    [Daggers] or [Swords] and are able to maximize the damage critical
    skills or evasive.

3. Seroine : The Seroine are a half-breed element that has
interacted with humans for a long time. With their ability to
communicate with nature, are a force to be reckoned with. However, the
ability to calm and balance, and their innocent nature prevents him from
actively shaping the history of the continent.

  • Classes : [Seroine] becoming [Bowmistress] may specialize in
    [Mesmerization] or [Archery].

SYSTEM : The Gem Flex Flex is a compressed energy. In the world of Flex Karos
Gems are used in many different objects.

1. Fletta Gem :

  • Bringing Flex Gem Shards and other materials to an NPC in some
    cities, players can create powerful weapons and armor.  A Fletta gem is
    compressed Fletta energy.
  • In the world of Karos, the Fletta Gems are used
  • in many different items.

2. Fletta Gem Item :

  1. Are available for all classes and levels
  2. Are six grades of D (Grade starter) to HH
  3. can be upgraded via the Fletta Gem Shards
  4. Member bonus 3.Mettere compatible to ‘object and level of player
  5. (This bonus is not cumulative and cannot ‘be customized)
  6. Automatically changes appearance depending on the character class
    and level
  7. Can be traded between players

Materials for Making Flex Gem items can ‘be received as a reward Quest
to drop from monsters or find by extracting the mine or by fishing.

3. Fletta Point System :  Flex Points are accumulated automatically during combat monsters. The
player can ‘decide what to do with these points:

  • Spend to improve the character attributes
  • Save them, to receive a blessing that increases the experience –
    the more points you saved, the better xp bonus
  • Run for using powerful high-level skill

(Once the character has reached the appropriate level of specialization)

4. Mine : And ‘activity to supplement hunting and quests. Through
data mining, you can pick up the pieces Flex Gem and other materials
that are useful in creating objects, customization and professional
capacity. Various types of gems and minerals can also be found
throughout Asmara, and these are valuable for the processing of
components that can be combined with other materials to create objects
with the help of some NPC city.
Mine Takeover : In Karos Online, mines are points of control of
resources, which are highly sought by the Corporation. When a guild has
won control of a mine, its members have exclusive rights to Flex. The
guild leader has control of the quality management of the Flex product
of the mine, and decide ‘when it is vulnerable to attack by contending
(within four of the seven days).

5. Fishing : Through fishing, you can collect the processing of
materials, as well as special items that can be used to play with the
fishmonger. Turn clams from an NPC to receive a random element, betting
on Goldfish for Flex Gem Fragments, or risk losing the clams in a
jackpot game!
Holy Creatures : Summon a piece of armor, your Creature will help you
travel through Asmara with speed and style. You can ‘earn as a reward,
it bought from the Merchant in Town, Craft or perhaps find it as loot
from defeated monsters.

6. Pk and moral value : All players of level 10 or higher can kill
and be killed by other players. At level 10, the PK button on your
player interface becomes usable. When the button is active PK, you are
able to target other players for combat, turning it off will do ‘in
order not to fight when you do not want to accidentally (during the
chase, for example).

The player-killing in Karos Online is guided by a moral Value. If you
kill the players, your moral score ratio (bar shown on your character)
will be reduced. If you Pick up a lot, the MV score may fall to a point
where you can ‘incurring sanctions: the city guards attack you on sight,
access to shops is limited, you can’ drop items and earn less
experience. However, killing monsters and players morale low value will
increase your score and MV remove these sanctions.
Guild Wars : A war begins when a guild of Gilda Cape declares war on one
of ‘the other guild and he accepts the challenge. At this point,
members of both guilds are free to fight each other without incurring
penalties of moral values


In the modern gaming landscape for the PC platform, a large and
important part possesses the kind of MMORPG, that for some years are
depopulating between players around the world and collect more and more
users, eager to escape the bleak reality research of challenges and
emotions into fantastic and unreal worlds. Far too numerous to all be
tested: if they are of all types and in all sauces. It just arrived,
then (and already available … the hardcore gamer), Karos Online, a
title that promises much good!

Karos Online catapult us in Asmara, a fantasy world populated by strange
creatures and heroic fighters, as a very chivalrous and epic. To begin
the adventure is necessary to create a character (we will create up to
four), even if the game does not offer much choice and customization
Conditions: There are six different classes, of which however cannot
choose the sex in other words if we wanted to play as an archer
Bowmistress satisfied with the (exclusively female character). The same
applies to other classes (four out of six are female avatar!). In
addition to these venial sins, possible changes to the physical aspect
of our hero is limited exclusively to hair color and face.

As you enter the world of Asmara, we will feel lost in a vast virtual
world: there are tutorials, videos or this introduction! We will begin
to roam the region Berneo (the initial area) without a goal, no goals
and unaware of what awaits us. For newcomers to the genre will be quite
complicated environments, but with time and perseverance will not be too
difficult to begin to understand the basics of the game and its
structure. As with any online game, the character growth system is
entrusted to the usual "level-up, or to increasing its level with the
accumulation of experience. Eliminating enemy creatures proposals from
the game or completing quests that can be obtained by several NPCs, gain
experience points needed to level up and Carat (game currency) with
which to buy several items during the adventure.

Very interesting and unusual, however, is the method of growth abilities
of the character that is not strictly linked to the experience, but the
Flex Points, which gain in different ways and that will allow us to
strengthen the various attributes of our hero (Yin, Yang, Air, Fire,
etc.): With this system, the customization possibilities become endless
and we can create an alter-ego unique.

The absence of a tutorial makes this very special way: the control of
the game, its structure, skills and characteristics of the character to
be discovered slowly during the adventure. The first to leave a little
‘scared the novice players, who will gather lost and in trouble, but on
the other hand makes it much more interesting and exciting gaming
One of the highlights of Karos Online is undoubtedly the graphics,
meticulously created by developers of the amazing water effects and
excellent lighting effects. The animations are varied and well made,
textured discrete. Undoubtedly, to be a free game, is the envy of many
titles that do not offer such high quality and detail. Everything comes
with a respectable audio industry, with quite realistic effects and
music certainly pleasing. Overall Karos Online is thus a way to try: to
its original setting and atmosphere for the unique gameplay, the endless
play areas and all the secrets you can discover in the course of the
adventure. One can also hope that the flaws that this game is at the
time can be contained and improved. Although entirely in English (but
not necessarily resulting there from localization in Italian), it should
just spend a little ‘time to experience this title will give us very
interesting challenges (and, above all, free … let’s not forget that
is a free-to-play).


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