Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Walkthrough

After the beta, Konami communicates more about Tiger Woods PGA TOUR policy . A title exclusively available online on PC and Mac since yesterday and totally paperless. Geared towards multiplayer, many modes are present and developers say they remain alert to future comments from players to improve the game free basic service also offers monthly subscriptions ($ 9.99) or yearly ($ 59.99 ) to have access to more features. Micro payments are also on hand to inflate its equipment through online stores. Peter Moore, president of EA Sports and ex of Microsoft , said that this new way to consume and play will allow players to revive interest in the title for years thanks to frequent additional content.

Feel the drama of playing tournament golf with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10. For the first time in franchise history, take aim at capturing the U.S. Open Championship on the ever-challenging Bethpage Black.  Playing in front of huge galleries and hearing crowd reactions from nearby holes, take your game to the next level when it matters most as you try to hold off a charging Tiger Woods and other PGA TOUR Pros. Whether you’re fighting the course, the crowd, dynamic weather conditions, or the field, feel the drama on every swing with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10.  For the first time in franchise history, raise one of the greatest challenges of golf: the U.S. Open at Bethpage Black. Compete against a multitude of complicated route, weather conditions in real time, the challenge offered by the online tournaments and many other things. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 offers an ever more exclusive experience.

While Tiger Woods has yet to announce his possible return to racing after the revelation of the scandal that has shaken his privacy, Electronic Arts demonstrates its confidence in its champion by posting a free golf simulation directly accessible from any Web browser. And seeing the results, it is clear that the famous American publisher was right to bring the project forward MMO sports. As its name suggests, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is a massively multiplayer golf simulation online. The good news is that it is free and a simple Web browser is sufficient to run as long as the graphics card to follow. Knowing that creating an account takes only a few clicks and the customization of our initial avatar could not be more basic, but it will not take more than ten minutes by my watch before getting on the fairway. From there, it’s happiness. Not only the most famous courses (Pebble Beach, St. Andrew, etc..) Have been fully modeled in 3D good bill but the grip of our golfer is also remarkably intuitive.

Tiger Woods expects even the full summer season to make his annual update. In the month of June in the United States, the tiger stormed onto Wii. The reason for this early exit has a name: Wii MotionPlus , the famous optional device intended to make the Wiimote finally said. So, what does the craft on the golf course? It’s pretty simple. It allows more control over the power of his shots and manage the effects of ball in real time. The swing is still running, mimicking the action with its remote, but the feeling of control is more advanced. The approaches are thinner and lighter pendulum putt, still very delicate, gaining sensitivity.

You can participate in the Beta testing the game Tiger Woods PGA Tour. 100% free, you have to install anything except a free small executable that takes only a few seconds. The online version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour allows you to create your ideal player. Invite your Facebook friends to become your fans.  Follow your progress from beginner to pro great (better than Tiger!?).  Every day, you are given a target score to reach. We can take the advantage of all the advancements in development that the game console offers. The wind is realistic and you can walk on the most beautiful circuits in the world. Tiger Woods will be on the greens this year despite the break he took in this career. Easy to understand when we know that since 1999 it has sold 25 million copies of various versions of the game


Using the arrow keys and mouse, you can choose your club, aim precisely where you want to go and print all kinds of effects to the ball. Then there is a choice between a good old swing (or put) in three clicks or analog gameplay based on gesture impressed upon our mice. As everyone will choose the course to the old gameplay, it is sufficient to support once the space bar to initiate the movement, again to adjust the force of blow and a final time to determine its accuracy. Depending on the surface on which it is located, wind and our ability, darken the ball towards his goal or will spoil the contrary, in some obstacle like bunkers, water, sand, etc  imposing penalties. The most sympathetic in this online version is that not only can observe the trajectory of our missiles on the course but that bullets from other players in real time also appears on the screen. And this even in solo mode. It will be regularly folded laughing at a friend’s ball crash into the sand or otherwise appalled by the virtuosity of individual players gifted.


In terms of game modes, there are really what to do because in addition to training and lonely journey to boost our statistics and to fatten our wallets, it is possible to initiate or join the greatest of ease of fast games up to three competitors. You can also participate in various tournaments organized daily to cover themselves with glory or becomes a laughing stock the most complete. Whatever our choice (solo, multi, tournaments), each shot will bring us nice experience points, money and it will unlock even the occasional success with the complete list appears at the beginning of the match. Moreover, a gauge of affinity with each course will fill up as and when our exploits. After some time, we have raised enough money to take a turn at the Pro Shop to get all kinds of equipment. As in traditional versions of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, these purchases will give us the opportunity to show off on the green or better to improve our performance. By achieving great benefits, it will eventually even be noticed by a sponsor who will support us in our careers.


When you think about it, there is not much new in this web version of the popular golf simulation from Electronic Arts but it is so neat for a free episode as fan of the series will be in paradise. No need to buy a DVD at the price of gold or stuff hard drive data with the software. No need to err on servers not always very popular for online play. No need either to train for hours on practice or excessive leveler. Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is very playable and easy access to wherever you want, when you want, as you want. In addition, chat features, micro-purchases online, or sponsorship (fan club) are really a bonus compared to conventional versions of which we stuns every year for consoles and PC. A daily challenge invites us to beat the average score of all players on a given course and to experience the famous social network Facebook has been integrated into the software to entice users and hardcore fans of virtual communities.

Given the quality of gameplay and that the achievement (it was really hard to believe we are in front of a web game), we finally came to wonder if Electronic Arts plans to commercialize future versions box PC. For this Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is clearly sufficient to itself and has many benefits, we repeat once again, many of them free. In a nutshell, if you have a PC connected to the Internet and you’re a fan of golf, go for the official site to register and start playing without delay!


Tiger Woods PGA Tour for Gaming Console, Portable and PC. If you are looking for console and pc version and there are features of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 on various platforms :

PlayStation 2 :

  • Authentic PGA TOUR Season: Experience the thrills, pressure and passion of the world’s most prestigious and challenging professional golf tournaments. Take on and defeat the biggest names in golf, follow in the footsteps of the great Tiger Woods, and earn the right to call yourself a golfing legend.
  • Play Against the Best: Challenge the likes of Rocco Mediate, Anthony Kim, and 24 pro players on 18 authentic and dream courses, while the fresh, new voices of Kelly Tilghman and Scott Van Pelt call the action.
  • The Ultimate Golfing Experience: A deeply authentic, easy-to-play golfing experience featuring both novice and pro player control options lets all players perform at the top of their game in every game mode.
  • Play with Consistency: Model your career after Tiger Woods’, executing streaks of consistent play year after year. Maximize your potential and take your game to the highest level.
  • Play with Maximum Control: With an easy-to-use swing system, including new two- and three-click swing controls, everyone can play like Tiger Woods and dominate the PGA TOUR.

Wii :

  • Wii Motion Plus Integration: Elevate your game with an enhanced, true-to-life golf swing that features precise draw-fade capabilities and authentic sports motion which mirrors your every move.
  • Win the U.S. Open Championship: For the first time ever, feel the drama of playing in the U.S. Open, one of golf’s biggest—and toughest—tournaments of the year. Known for its extremely challenging playing conditions, Bethpage Black tests even the best golfers.
  • Dynamic Weather Conditions: Powered by the Wii Forecast Channel and the Weather Channel, real-time weather now has a major effect on gameplay conditions. If it’s raining in Pontre Vedra Beach, Fl, then you too can face the challenge of a rain-soaked TPC Sawgrass.


  • Take the Tournament Challenge: Re-live dramatic scenarios from past PGA TOUR seasons as you’re placed on the course at the precise moment before history was made.
  • Dynamic Weather Conditions: Feel the intensity and challenge of playing during high winds and rain, as weather now has a major effect on gameplay conditions.
  • Instant Tournament Updates: An all-new play-by-play widget and an enhanced leaderboard ticker provide immediate score updates and tournament standings as the action plays out on the course.
  • Raise Your Game: Learn how to swing, draw, and fade like a pro with the shot analyzer. Use the tool to perfect your swing at the driving range, then hit the links and test your skills.
  • Play Against the Best: Challenge the likes of Rocco Mediate, Anthony Kim, and 15 pro players, including Natalie Gulbis, Vijay Singh, and Adam Scott.
  • Dominate Championship Courses: Featuring 15 authentic courses, including new additions Banff Springs, Sun City, and Bethpage Black, home of the U.S. Open, plus the Tiger’s Dream 18 and My Dream 18 courses.

PS3 :

  • Win the U.S. Open Championship: For the first time ever, feel the drama of playing in the U.S. Open, one of golf’s biggest—and toughest—tournaments of the year. Known for its extremely challenging playing conditions, Bethpage Black tests even the best golfers.
  • Precision Putting: With the all-new fixed length putter you’ll face the challenge of reading the greens and determining the exact distance to the hole.  Maintaining speed and control throughout your swing ensures putting accuracy.
  • Excitement on Every Swing: Huge galleries, digital leaderboards, and dynamic crowd reactions throughout the course add to the intense experience of real tournament golf.
  • Dynamic Weather Conditions: Powered by the Weather Channel, real-time weather now has a major effect on gameplay conditions. If it’s raining in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl, then you too can face the challenge of a rain-soaked TPC Sawgrass.

Xbox 360 :

  • Win the U.S. Open Championship: For the first time ever, feel the drama of playing in the U.S. Open, one of golf’s biggest—and toughest—tournaments of the year. Known for its extremely challenging playing conditions, Bethpage Black tests even the best golfers.
  • Precision Putting: With the all-new fixed length putter you’ll face the challenge of reading the greens and determining the exact distance to the hole.  Maintaining speed and control throughout your swing ensures putting accuracy.
  • Excitement on Every Swing: Huge galleries, digital leaderboards, and dynamic crowd reactions throughout the course add to the intense experience of real tournament golf.
  • Dynamic Weather Conditions: Powered by the Weather Channel, real-time weather now has a major effect on gameplay conditions. If it’s raining in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl, then you too can face the challenge of a rain-soaked TPC Sawgrass.
  • Walkthrough :
  • As usual with browser games even with Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online media is still not a particularly strong hardware provided. However, offers a Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online 3D graphics. The free-to-play access to Tiger Woods PGA Tour allowed free access to selected online courses. In addition, players have the opportunity to play other ten in game golf courses but that is chargeable on monthly basis.  Those who complete one year subscription will receive in addition a certain number of in-game items that can be in the pro shop to exchange for game objects. Even non-subscribers can purchase value points, which can, for example, rounds of golf on any golf courses included are acquired.


To play the Game visit – http://tigerwoodsonline.ea.com

Register for free and start playing.

Already, the following features are included in the game:


The Cut is a daily challenge which is tailored to your skill level. To take the Cut challenge, all you need to do is play any 18 hole round of golf with your career golfer. Each day, the target score, or Cut, is calculated based on how players at your current skill level are scoring. If you match or exceed the target score, you’ll earn XP. It’s that simple. If you make the Cut for two or more consecutive days, you will go on a streak and earn a bigger and bigger XP bonus. If you don’t play, your streak will reset, so be sure to login and play each day to make the Cut and rack up those points.

As you complete rounds, your score will be averaged in with the scores of all golfers at or near your level. Making the Cut will earn you XP, but check back often as the Cut Line will change as more golfers post scores throughout the day. You can Sponsor golfers on your Watch List each day. If a sponsored golfer makes their Cut, you’ll earn money. The longer their Cut streak, and the higher their level, the more money you will earn when they make their Cut.


The Pro Shop Golf fans equip their own character with clothes, better equipment, from bats. High-quality rackets allow better performance on the golf course, so that the player deserves more play money. Browse through a large selection of apparel, accessories, and gear that can improve your performance or increase your earnings on the course. Clubs and Balls affect how well you perform on the course. Find the right combination of gear to maximize your performance and earnings potential. Apparel and Accessories can give you multipliers to money earned in a round. The more expensive the item, the bigger the multiplier.

You can Buy Following items :

  1. Clubs
  2. Balls
  3. Tops
  4. Bottoms
  5. Headwear
  6. Footwear

See the Screenshot Below :


In private group tournaments players compete against friends worldwide. The rules can be customized and are determined by the host group of the tournament. Groups allow golfers of similar interests to come together, communicate on their own page, and aggregate their statistics together.

Users can only belong to one group, but any player can create a group by selecting the Create Group Button in the group’s page. If you are already a member of another group this option won’t be available. Group creators can accept other players into the group and promote members to admin status, allowing them to accept others as well. You can request to join a group by selecting the Join Group button on a group’s page. Group Admins can create custom daily tournaments for their group by going to the Group Tournament Page within group and selecting the course and options.


Tournaments offer a competitive field for golfers to test their abilities against the best. Tournament come in various levels of difficulty and length, so you can find your level of competitiveness.. This section allows you to join the upcoming and current tournaments. It shows you the current status of ongoing games also. You can check out for daily and weekly tournaments.

Daily Tournaments are single round tournaments that lasts for 24 hours. Play and post you score on these tournaments for quick feedback and many chances to win. Ties in Tournaments come down to the Tie Breaker Score. This score is calculated by various statistics earned from the round, such as birdies and GIR. Poor play will reduce the Tie Breaker Score, so watch out for Bogies. Tournament eligibility is based on your level. You can enter any tournament at your level or above. There are Beginner, Amateur, Pro, and Tour Pro tournaments and each is available for big cash payouts.


There are 10 courses available to for you to play. Those are :

  1. Pebble Beach Golf Links  : Host to four U.S. Open Championships, the exquisite beauty and unique challenge of these heralded golf links has thrilled golfers and spectators alike.
  2. TPC Sawgrass : This daunting Pete Dye course is home to one of the most recognizable holes in golf as well as THE PLAYERS Championship, a coveted title on the PGA TOUR.
  3. St Andrews (Old Course) : St Andrews Links is the Home of Golf, where the game evolved and where the spirit and traditions of golf have been safeguarded for over six centuries.
  4. Sheshan Golf & CC  :  Located in Shanghai, China, the natural beauty and rolling hills of Sheshan make it both a spectacular and intimidating golf course.
  5. Harbour Town Golf Links : This distinguished PGA TOUR golf course places a premium on finesse, imagination, and shot-making rather than strength.
  6. Oakmont CC : The front nine of the West course at Oakmont CC sports small greens, while the back nine has larger greens and more yardage designed to test your game fully.
  7. Bay Hill Club & Lodge : The King’s Course, Arnold Palmer proudly hosts one of the best and most exciting PGA TOUR events every year.
  8. Torrey Pines GC : The Torrey Pines South Course boasts dramatic coastline views, imparts very challenging golf and served as host of the 2008 U.S. Open Championship.
  9. Wolf Creek GC : Lush, green fairways wind through the rugged desert terrain, greeting players with immaculate views and a challenging test of golf.
  10. Wentworth (West Course) : This 1953 Ryder Cup venue is about aspiration and inspiration. Golfers tread in the footsteps of the game’s great players from the last 80 years.


Given the growing golf community includes Tiger Woods PGA TOUR an online messaging feature that allows players contact their friends and exchange messages.


From the start of the game to the next ten golf courses will be built. Torrey Pines Golf Course Pebble Beach Golf Links TPC (The Players Championship) at Sawgrass Sheshan Golf & Country Club St.  Andrews (Old Course) Wolf Creek Golf Course Wentworth (Western Route) Bay Hill Lodge & Club Oakmont Country Club Harbour Town Golf Links Other courses are built gradually in the game.


The first training :

First and foremost is what Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online (we call it the Tiger Woods better readability Online) course about their own character to train and teach him the perfect golf. This works only through daily practice at one of the six golf courses. Each online golfer has different properties and different difficulty levels and "holes" to choose from. After we have chosen a path, we can determine the degree of difficulty, the wind speed and much more. We decide for the great course over 18 holes (though we do just as well could play only nine, or even less) and embark on the green floor.

In the first browser-based sports simulation from Electronic Arts, we start as a penniless golfer of the worst performers and are listed on the golf courses in the world for the time being only as a guest. Our goal is, of course, as golf star really big to get out and earn a lot of ash. This requires a lot of training, match practice and in the long run a good and financially sponsor. Getting on the course is easy, staying on the fairway and avoiding hazards is the tough part. Keep in mind that you have an arsenal of shot types and clubs at your disposal.

Aiming Your Shot :

You can aim your shot at address with the arrow keys or the mouse by clicking and dragging your golfer or the target aimer. You can also Zoom to your target aimer by pressing the Z or Shift key and then adjust your aim.

Swinging :

The first click starts the meter towards 100%. If no other clicks are entered, the meter will reset when getting back to 0%. The second click locks in the power and starts the meter back towards the accuracy areas.

TrueSwing :

TrueSwing uses the mouse to simulate a swing. Start your swing by clicking once on the circle around the ball, then pull back on the mouse to start your backswing. Finally, push forward on your mouse to follow through and strike the ball. The amount of power of a swing is based on how much backswing your golfer initiates and the tempo of your swing. Too slow or too fast of a mouse movement will reduce your swing power. Drawing or Fading in TrueSwing is done by pulling back at an angle, then pushing forward in the opposite angle. The more dramatic the angle, the more effect you can impart on the ball.

Putting :

When on the green, use the grid to help you read the undulation of the green. Putt Preview gives you a preview of your shot based on where you are aiming. You have a limited number of previews during a round, but you can purchase more in the Swing Trainer.

Golf Live :

Golf Live! puts you on the course with golfers from around the world. You can see other golfer’s shot arcs and their player cards. You can also chat with your fellow golfers on the course. Shot arcs illustrate exactly what other golfers hit. You can view golfer’s names and current score on a player card found at the end of each arc. You can toggle viewing all arcs, only the arcs of your group during a multiplayer round, or no arcs at all. Chat with every golfer on the course, or just with the golfers in your multiplayer round. You can also chat with members of your Group no matter which course they are playing on.

How to get a beginner golfer :

The aim of the first training session it is not just getting a little feel for the golf, even waving badges that bring money into the account and experience for our golfers. In Tiger Woods Online needed her money to improve your golf skills necessary to trim the. For a lot of them you can improve each of the different stroke types, for example, "Putt," "Pitch" and "Chip". Even skills such as speed control, the timing and the balance must not be neglected. The more you improve a skill, the more expensive it gets. After we have completed the first courses and a bit screwed in our skills, we climb up to the beginner golfer. Thumbs up for an easy start, and the comprehensive training.

My Golfer :

Your virtual golfer starts as a Beginner and has to raise the ranks to becoming a Legend. Start by customizing your swing in the Swing Trainer, and progress your career on the course by earning Experience Points. You can select from a variety of different golfers to play as on the course in Appearance under My Golfer. Each golfer will start out as a level 1 Beginner. As you play, you can earn experience points that level you up and earn you new titles. Each course has a Mastery Level based on a series of objectives. Objectives earn you experience points and money. The Swing Trainer allows you to improve your golfer’s abilities by purchasing training in various shot types.

But anyone can play golf! :

The golf itself is a real challenge The helpful tips and audio comments we therefore gratefully. Before the strike, we must align our first golfer to miss the ball properly and a proper spin, so the wind will doom us not to. It takes a while before we have the right method on it and the little ball really flies in the desired direction. We have hardly the first hurdle in Tiger Woods online taken arises, however, is really the next in its path.

Just because the ball flies in the right direction that does not mean that he also arrives at the hole. It’s up to you, the golf ball exactly meet with the right amount of force and to promote him in the desired direction. For this you need the highlighted bar on the power gauge accurately take and prevent the needle falls below the 50% force-mark. Sounds hard? Is it too. We have spent several attempts before we could tee off the first time really well, but we are really proud of our performance. Thumbs up for the claim.

Infidelity Training Partner :

After we have our first tests on the single-lawn behind us, we dare to look at a first joint training with other players. Fix a lot and opened a little later it is also going on already. On the principle of training is changing, despite more than one participant, nothing. However, we feel not so alone in the vast golf course and can compare the same time our skills with our players. Unfortunately, many players practice laps left completely unannounced. Thumbs down for stupid teammates.


The Tiger Woods series is probably a turning point in its history with this excellent web version. Free, well done and remarkably accessible, this golf simulation massively multiplayer foreshadows a change of sports game on PC most promising. Rarely web game had proposed 3D graphics as mature. The courses are varied and some holes on the edge of a cliff or on the bottom of the setting sun are just beautiful. The animation of the golfer is also correct and, there is no slowdown. Immediately accessible and easy to use, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR policy also ideal for beginners to experts of games of golf. All the parameters of a real experience are taken into account and the system in three clicks works great. The multiplayer games, chat and others embellished friendly features, are easy to start and perfectly fluid.

Only six courses (solo or multiplayer), a Training mode and some tournaments are currently available, but Electronic Arts has planned to put content online every month. Moreover, the rise of our avatar just like its customization occupy us for some time. The musical themes are very honest and sound effects (clamor of the crowd, applause but wind noise in the branches, rippling water, etc..) Put us in a pleasant atmosphere.

Positive :

  • The sense of control
  • Very complete
  • Demanding, especially the putt
  • Disc Golf

Negative :

  • Still ugly
  • Hot! Especially the putt
  • Little change without WM +
  • All in English.


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