Mass effect 2 Kasumi Stolen Memory Walkthrough

Kasumi’s Stolen Memory is an extension created by the production studio,
BioWare RPG Mass Effect 2 is headed. It enriches will add about One new
figure, which we can join our team.  The extension focuses on Kasumi
Goto – a mysterious – who was hired by the organization to help Cerberus
Shepard in his mission. Thanks to his abilities, Kasumi is a valuable
asset to Normandy The crew of the ship. Stajer and a full member of the
team can participate in all missions. This means that the Kali prepared a
set of dialogues and Animation, with the necessary interaction Kasumi
even beyond the additional mission of Stolen Memory concluded.  Thief
Vlad special effect called shadow strike, "Optical camouflage using
mounted in its armor. After using her maiden Goto disappears from sight
enemy, would inch him While arise. Secondly, without a moment of
hesitation, he asks him a deadly blow to the back.

Stolen Memory will also enriched by an additional in our mission with
the task of infiltrating the vault dangerous criminal named Davonan
Hock. Villain is known for its passion for rare works of art and intends
to adopt himself a Bekenstein on the planet to be proud of the latest
acquisitions. Shepard, along with his companions have to pretend guests
and using the lid to detect weaknesses in the security system. The
second stage of the mission is getting hidden data in the treasury,
belonging to one of his colleagues Kasumi Goto. The extension also gives
us the opportunity to try the new weapons (machine gun Locust). Bioware
provide this extra outfit for Shepard, and of course a set of new

Cerberus has procured the service of Kasumi Goto, the galaxy’s most
enigmatic master thief. In return for her help, Kasumi has asked
Shepard’s help on a dangerous heist to infiltrate the vault of a deadly
master criminal named Donovan Hock. Kasumi – Stolen Memory includes a
new squad member, mission, weapon, research upgrade, casual outfit, and
achievement.  Also on Xbox 360 there are new set of Gamerpics. The
Character Picture Pack. It features the sinister Collectors, the
mysterious Illusive Man, Legion, an Eclipse Mercenary, and Renegade
Commander Shepard.

Cerberus has procured the service of Kasumi Goto, the galaxy’s most
enigmatic master thief. In return for her help, Kasumi has asked
Shepard’s help on a dangerous heist to infiltrate the vault of a deadly
master criminal named Donovan Hock. Gain Kasumi’s loyalty on the planet
Bekenstein, where Hock is throwing a party for some of the galaxies
richest and most deranged criminal minds to recover data of great
importance to Kasumi… and to the galaxy at large. Includes a new squad
member, mission, weapon, research upgrade, casual outfit, and

Kasumi Stolen Memory :

This is the new DLC for Mass Effect 2 coming out of today. It includes a
new character (Kasumi Goto, the thief), his mission of fidelity, a new
weapon (SMG pilgrim), and a realization given by the mission to enable
you to learn skills Shepard Kasumi flash grenade. Kasumi is a thief
Asian human origins lightly camouflaged that you put between the legs by
Cerberus to complete your team. But before getting to work properly, it
asks you for help with a personal mission close to his heart:
recovering the "gray box" containing the memoirs of his former lover.
And as things may not be easy, this object is held by a sort of
interstellar mobster in a safe guarded. So along with Kasumi only you
infiltrate a party hosted by the sponsor in you posing as a mercenary
leader recognized. Infiltration, diplomacy, sabotage and fighting on the
menu before you can leave this place after a good fight bosses.

The mission itself is rather interesting and quite different from what
has already been done in the original game. Special mention in passing
in the art room where they met, among others, Michelangelo’s David (not
his penis), the head of the Statue of Liberty or a statue of an ogre
straight shot of Dragon Age . Kasumi herself out to be very valuable
ally, a sturdy character (although it has no line of romance or a
dialogue after the mission), and very effective in battle with his
ability to sneak attack. In short, the quality is certainly there, but
not for long: taking our time, we took just over an hour to complete the
DLC, and you come out with a feeling of too little. Bioware has already
fallen for the mini-DLC with Back to Ostragar , but it seems even
emptier because it lacks the epic, especially since it is three times
more than his colleague of Dragon Age.

One of the major strengths of Mass Effect 2 is undoubtedly the large
number of characters, with their often intriguing subplots and their
characterization, able to undermine the choice of our favorite team, so
our friends are well designed and designed. The new DLC, as already
mentioned, allows us to recruit a new fellow, Kasumi Goto, thief acrobat
with immense skill. Similarly the assignment of Zaeed, mercenary
available free via the network of Cerberus, to reap the aid of the thief
will not have to bring us in the predefined location and talk to her,
also, just as with Zaeed, aboard the Normandy we cannot converse freely
with her, but only passively listening to his stories.

Things change if we decide to get loyalty of our new pickpocket. The
contract with Cerberus, in fact, provides aid Shepard Kasumi to steal a
precious artifact called Graybox, virtual memory belonging to Keiji
Okuda, old comrade of the thief, and is now in the hands of Donovan
Hock, unscrupulous arms dealer who has captured in the database after
killing its owner. We therefore help Kasumi, not only to recover the
precious artifact from the hands Hock, but also to pursue his personal

The whole adventure will last about an hour and we will involve the poor
recovery of virtual memory belonging to the former partner of Kasumi.
As a story of spies, we infiltrated the residence of the wealthy
smuggler. Here, unfortunately, very little we can interact with both the
landlord and with his guests, a choice that makes the villa Hock a
pretext to admire the exploits of the graphics engine of the title.
Despite everything, however, the experience of the DLC proves fun and
full of action and, also because a new weapon (the M-12A Locust
functional machine gun, like all other guns already in the game), the
paucity of dialogue is completely forgotten thanks to the massive amount
of fighting and some exploratory element.

Once the mission, and obtaining the loyalty of Kasumi, we see that the
new companion Shepard and co., While presenting a mysterious background,
appears to be the least successful character of the whole group. If
Zaed, despite the inability to talk freely, however, proved fascinating,
Kasumi fails to bring out the same charisma.

The Beginning :

Kasumi is a self-confident human thief in search of data from a lost
partner. Shepard goes along with it during the course of DLCs on a
90-minute two-man mission, during which the two under a false identity
on an exclusive party issued the order to search for the data. In
addition to the new "Locust" Sub-machine gun provides the Kasumi
offensive talents of a scoundrel. They can creep up on enemies and cause
serious damage.

After delivering a batch of free content quality variable but often
relatively dispensable, Bioware finally diffused first retail expansion
for Mass Effect 2, on the same model as that of Zaed, from inflating the
brutal mercenary team Shepard. This time, Kasumi Goto who advanced to
meet us. Thief stellar reputation, this attractive young woman agrees to
join your team to the express condition that you give a favor slight
service, as usual really. But unlike Zaed, free character, the mission
will change you from the usual formula. Your task will be to help
retrieve an object belonging to it in the vault of an arms dealer. Here,
no question of land with two friends to get you to knock out anything
that moves. You are alone with Kasumi, and again during the first half
of the mission, you will be alone at all.

After meeting with your new friend at the entrance to the Citadel, you
must join the crowd of guests gathered by Donovan Hock in his luxurious
home, under a pseudonym and in a magnificent suit of space. It will then
show you worldly, admire the view, turn off power quietly, to steal a
bit of DNA into the host’s bedroom, talking with him for a sample of his
voice and get their hands on a password. A first part that is like no
other mission in the game and does not lack charm, although the strict
terms of game play it may seem a little hollow. Once the theft
committed, things will inevitably spoil the action will resume its
rights. You will then make your way through a good thrashing of
mercenaries Eclipse before facing a boss quite daunting.

Original in its first part and muscular thereafter, Kasumi The Memory of
Flight allows you to further integrate your team with an interesting
character. Both Zaed not present much interest, as Kasumi is
demonstrating charm and enrich the commando. Its power most attractive
is its ability to turn invisible to go bludgeon a shot at a deadly
enemy. Moreover, his arrival is accompanied by that of a new machine gun
and the discovery of stun grenades.  With "The crash site of Normandy"
and "Zaeed: The Price of Revenge", the Canadian developer BioWare
released immediately to the release of the action-RPG Mass Effect 2 two
free additional content. In recent weeks, then took small download
packages, such as the Arc Projector, an electrical weapon , the way to
the Cerberus network. Is scheduled for the end of March Firewalker Pack –
includes one vehicle – then the end of free content achieved? At least
the next major DLC will be offered a fee to download.

Kasumi as a playable character is not evil, has interesting skills, such
as blinding grenade that is unlocked once finished its mission and
which can greatly help in fighting to incapacitate the enemy for a short
period, but above all have an ability to Shepard was now exclusive if
your class was to infiltrate the optical camouflage, which she uses to
strike enemies from behind.  Beyond that, there is much to tell of this
mysterious thief. I found his story interesting, particularly in the
final stretch where he shows his personal background. There is nothing
that impacts the narrative level, but it is a dull story.

The entire first half of the mission is based on secrecy and discretion,
where you can enjoy beautiful views of the mansion where the mission is
developed and has the incredible opportunity to see Shepard in evening
gown … the female version is tremendous. The background tune is in the
mansion, typical of cocktails and receptions of guests, is very
pleasant to hear. The objectives in this part are enjoyable, waiting to
hit shots below.  Once we get what we want is time to flee the scene and
the owner of the roost is not going to make it easy. Luckily we have a
new weapon, a submachine Locust, more accurate shooting and causing a
little damage, but their charges are smaller than 20 bullets each. You
can also listen in this part a new theme for the BSO, with Asian flare,
very appropriate, given the origin of Kasumi. I wish to be included on
the soundtrack when it is placed on CD.

The final boss, to play on Insane, I struggled a bit beat him, but not
overly complex. The battle has a spectacular scene, of course.  Once we
finished we make a decision, the kind that make you think a lot and
hopefully having an impact on Mass Effect 3, but I do not think anything
beyond a reference in Part III of the series, because one optional
expansion.  The most pleasant of the entire mission is to enjoy a few
winks and little surprises that broaden the background of the game
universe. Mention just outside the secret nod to ME: Galaxy, where a
monitor in a room you can see a little animation of a Kroger shooting,
with the graphic style of game.

Mass Effect 2 Kasumi The Stolen Memory

As you download the new DLC Kasumi The Stolen Memory you can check your
messages first to get information on your motto. You begin with a
spaceship where you will need to move to Galaxy. From your console
choose Citadel > Dock. Then you will enter the new place. Your ship
will land there and you mission now begins. The graphic and story line
made here is really awesome with nice voice effects. You can then review
your personal upgrades to improve your squad’s weapons and powers.


Choose your Squad form there. My Choice is Legion and Garrus. Then comes
the option of Squad Weapons. Here define weapons for your selections.
Command Shepard has to enter a secret password to enter the area. The
password is Silence is Golden. You will talk to Kasumi Goto. The
conversation there will give you more hints and tips.  Kasumi will just
confirm that you are really Command Shepard and guide you for the
mission in the beginning. Kasumi Goto makes a deal with you for getting
her old partners Graybox of Danovan. After a regular interval you will
briefing from Kasumi Goto about the mission.

Donovan Hock : Donovan Hock is a smuggler in the face of a well
respected Businessman. He was a arms dealer and murderer. His mansion is
a tough place to crack where you need to enter and get the Stolen
Memory for Kasumi Goto.

Graybox : Your mission to search Graybox for Kasumi Goto. It is a
neural implant. Basically a illegal material considered which stores
memories, thoughts, secret codes, information,  etc. All in all a pack
of portable brain. This graybox actually belongs to Kasumi ‘s Partner
Keiji Okuda. Both Kasumi Goto and Keiji Okuda work for Donovan Hock
where Hock killed Keiji and had taken the Gray box.

Once you get your discussion finished with Kasumi then go Rapid
Transport and choose Normandy. Your ship will take off. Now enter your
new mission and take a right and then enter a room. You can see two ways
choose the first one. Enter the room and go near the painting at the
right of door. Kasumi will appear and will give you some useful
information on the painting. She will tell about her first meeting with
Keiji. You can wander in the room looking out for some upgrade. Go near
the drink bar and pick up the purple pone. You can then move near the
red rose, Kasumi will again provide your information on the same. Exit
the room and keep walking to the lift from where to enter and go on Dock

From the Galaxy map navigate to the Citadel to Boltzmann where you can
see a message Help Kasumi. Enter the orbit and then choose Feynman.
Press Start Scene. You can explore the orbit. But there your destination
is Bekenstein. Land on it. You can buy some upgrades here and purchase
some ranks. Your ship will enter in completely new area with Kasumi
Goto. She will guide you for the battle operation. Kasumi will Guide you
to enter the Donovan Hock party and the first thing you have to do is
reach the Gold Statue of Saren which is filled with weapons and Armor.
under it. The first thing you have to do is to reach the statue and
collect the weapons and armor. Just carry your Pistol. Once you entered
then you have to reach Hock’s Vault which is located somewhere behind
Ballroom. You will meet a guard and Donovan Hock on the first entry. The
Graybox has some secret which can make Donovan Hock killed.

You will have to go alone inside and Kasumi will stay behind and in
contact with you on Radio. The first objective here is that you have to
first find a door and the then by pass  the security. This door is
located to the right of Central part of room. A big round trophy type
thing is located. Locate the door first and keep moving. Walk straight
and take left where you can see Guard standing in front of Hock’s
Private Room. You cannot enter without proper security authentication.
Come back and walk next to the Stairs.  


From the central point now move left and then you can see a underground
stairs behind some women’s sitting. The underground way will take you to
the vault. Kasumi will guide you to the statue. There you get a
Password Voice lock, Connected Barrier, Dna scanner. You have to bypass
this. You will need three things here :


  • Voice password
  • Cut the power for Barrier and
  • Dna Sample to bypass the Dna lock.

Go back upstairs where you came from. Take right and go near the water
fountain. In front you can see a Painting  on the wall and there is a
way next to the same. You can see a book shelf. As you press the statue
you will see the power source of barrier. Kasumi Goto will appear and
disable that. Your one job is done. 2 more to go. Take a right and the
again right.



Reach Donovan Hock a man dressed in white and keep him engaged in your
talk till Kasumi Goto appears and take the Voiceprint to bypass the
Voice Password security. Hock will talk with you and wait for Kasumi to
take the voice sample. Donovan Hock will keep on speaker and Kasumi will
copy the voice print. Job done. You second objective is done you have
to then go to the right of Hock near stairs and Kasumi will unlock the
Security room. Keep your gun ready the Guard is in the front. You will
see 2 Guards here. At the left of outdoor you will enter the main area.
Get out now.

Enter the hall and take right to the guard where you find first which
ask you for the security clearance. The guard will offend you to enter.
You have to enter their anyhow. Because that room has the DNA sample of
Donovan Hock. But there is a other way for that. Take a right from there
you can see and underground way and the first left is the entrance near
the golden statue. Get outside in the balcony type area and then jump
over the barier. Kill him and there are more guards no. Keep moving.
Clime the wooden plank and shoot the mirror. Now enter the lobby and
upstairs. Come down and enter the personal room of Hock and search for
his DNA Sample.

The sources can be credit card, cigarette, etc. Go to the bookshelf and
near bed to collect some sample. Move out now and then go upstairs and
you can see Guards. You can use the invisible power to shoot them. 2
Guards stays upstairs. Kasumi will help you in that. Go to the place
where the Golden Statue stays and you can use the Dna Sample and
Voiceprint to bypass the security. Kasumi will take care of Security
camera and you have to know arm up. Go near the statue crack it up and
take the armor. After you got the armor Kasumi will take you to Hocks

You will get the location of graybox via scanner. Keep moving as fast as
you can and then you can see some guns on a box. There lies the
Graybox. Kasumi wills scan out the graybox. But Danovan Hock will be
alerted for this. At that time the real battle begins. Use the Zoom
option on guards and kill them on one shot. Get out the place as soon as
possible. You can pick up The Kassa Locust Gun. Pick up the weapons and
then move to the entrance. This will be a thought time for you know.
You can see one more door after the main entrance. Guards stand there
too. Bend down for cover. Go to the second entrance where you can see a
robot armor. That is a tough enemy. You have to shoot the gun on his
hand first. He will just blow up by killing all.

Then you have to move out you enter a large factory where you can
collect some upgrades for guns and bombs. You can then see the exit door
and try to move near the same. A white door and you enter the outside
area. The ships spot you and try to kill you with guards attacking.
Kasumi will disable the shield of ship and then you have to blow that
out. There is another helicopter. It cannot be destroyed till it is in
shield. Kasumi will jump over the helicopter and disable the shield you
will need to keep on firing. Guess who’s in the helicopter to kill you.
It is Donovan Hock. After killing Hock a space ship is waiting for you.
You can collect some upgrades there in the meanwhile. In the ship you
can read the Graybox and find out what was in it.

Installation for PC:

  • Before installing you need to disable the internet connection of
    the game.
  • Run Mass Effect 2, choose Extras in the menu, and then go to
    options and put all No. Close the game.
  • Run ME2_Kasumi.exe.
  • When installed, put giveme2entitlements.exe in the main game
    directory and run. If you leave adlguna warning must be given to "Yes."
  • NOTE: The installer takes a long time to open, be patient.

Conclusion :

Kasumi: The Stolen Memories DLC is interesting, different and well done
for Mass Effect 2 . The quality is there, but certainly not the quantity
because the mission is complete in one hour, and for 6 €, the value is
definitely there. Therefore red card for what BioWare DLC "aperitif".
For a developer so accustomed to epic games, one would have expected
better. There is nothing special in terms of technique. On the design
side, the reception of Hock big change from other environments of the

The first section of the package has been creative and does not lack
charm, although in practice there is not much. The second part returns
to the usual fights and even shows quite muscular. Special mention for
the cartoon Krogan visible on a TV screen. BioWare announced 90 minutes
of play, but it took less than an hour to complete this extension. We
have seen worse in the field of the DLC, but it’s still a bit short.
Kasumi’s character is fun, interesting history and the pitch of the
mission changed a bit from the rest of the game Nice everything.

Cerberus acquired the service Kasumi Goto, the master thief of the
galaxy’s most enigmatic. In return for assistance, Kasumi has asked for
help Commander Shepard on a dangerous heist seep into the roof of a
master criminal named Donovan deadly Hock. Players must earn the loyalty
of Kasumi on the planet, where Bekenstein Hock is a feast for some of
the richest and most troubled of the galaxy Criminal Minds. The mission:
to retrieve data from a great importance to Kasumi, and the galaxy as a
whole. In addition to this new mission, players will also receive an
update of new research, a new weapon, and a new success in this pack

The DLC  goes by the name Kasumi’s Stolen Memory and bring the thief
Kasumi in Shepard’s team with one that fills the gap of the crew. As
soon as the DLC has been downloaded, you meet Kasumi on the Citadel,
where they can be recruited for their own team. After that unlocks a
secret rescue mission, where you must accompany them.  Kasumi can be
selected at any time, whether you are just dedicated to the main game or
finishing the RPG already. In addition to the new character and new
missions, the DLC also a Locust-SMG, stun grenades and a new Achievement
bring. It is unclear what price is offered for Kasumi’s Stolen Memory.
Overall, a half hour of fun will offer the missions.

Visually speaking, the new DLC is able to enchant the eyes. Hock in the
beautiful villa you can admire the futuristic architecture of a house by
rich men, already exploring in only superficially. The care behind the
visual reconstruction is known, so that the terrace overlooking the
villa, is spontaneous, to say the opposite the beautiful landscape (and
wait to enter the vault of armored Hock). Technically speaking, though,
the graphics engine is that Mass Effect 2, with its virtues and flaws,
then further discussion would certainly be too much.

Price & Availability :

The famous first paid downloadable content for Mass Effect 2, "The
Memory of Flight Kasumi" is now available on Xbox Live at a price of 560
MS Points. The file in question weighs 765 MB, which will reassure
those who thought it was (still) a content originally included in the
game and that you unlock via a key. For those interested, a dedicated
trailer was posted by Bioware.

  • Xbox 360: 560 MS Points
  • PC: 560 BioWare Points


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