Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto : Episodes from Liberty City includes both The
and Damned
, and The Ballad of Gay Tony together on disc
and does not require a copy of the original Grand Theft Auto IV to
play. Now available for Xbox 360 and coming for PlayStation3 and Games
for Windows – LIVE on April 13th in North America and April 16th in

History of the nail and damping million disbursed to pay for exclusive
downloadable content, Microsoft, though helped by publisher Take-Two and
developer Rockstar, which also spoils the players do not Xbox Live
account. Respectively sold 1 600 Microsoft Points room on the online
download service of the U.S. giant, the two incidents are € 40, together
in this boxed version. If you have an account on Xbox Live and you have
not fallen for one or the other, we will know only too advise you to
choose Episodes From Liberty City. Indeed, in addition to physical
support, it is accompanied by the updated map and his back, a poster
whose subtle and metaphorical Rockstar secret. The other advantage of
this version is that it is a stand-alone. In other words, you can play
without having GTA IV. However, the many allusions and references to GTA
IV, the overlap of certain events and tasks revisited since the angles
and different characters Niko Bellic really do appreciate that having
completed the basic game .

The first of the two contents, the Lost and Damned, immerses the player
in the shoes of Johnny Klebitz, a member of a group of bikers. As
specified in our test, this episode focuses on a world of hard rock,
drugs, beer, tattoos and of course, two-wheeled, all in places that are
often filthy and reeking of testosterone. Its originality is to force
the player to regularly travel in groups, with the other members of
"Lost", each perched on his horse, placing himself in the convoy in
order to respect the hierarchy. Stuck in an endless war of gangs, Johnny
is a character totally different from Niko, less lonely, but
experiencing some relationship problems with his "brothers" and
especially Billy, the leader of the group. While most missions are
oriented gunfights, numerous thefts of motorcycles allow Johnny and his
gang to gain respect. Note also that Rockstar has reworked the serious
motorcycle gameplay so that players feel a real difference between a
real biker like Johnny and Niko Bellic, much less at ease when driving a
motorbike. Finally, the Lost and Damned has a bunch of multiplayer
modes, mainly based on race, conquest of territories as well as duels
between cops and bikers, as embodied in the choice for the occasion.

The second episode, The Ballad of Tony Gay, addresses an entirely
different theme. This time, the world of nightclubs and gay community
and straight (but mostly gay) that is put forward. The player does not
embody a man named Tony but Luis Lopez, his partner, a black whose style
is radically different from the two previous heroes, Niko and Johnny.
Dragging a few shots, like a pair of buddies as incapable faithful in
friendship and above all a mother maintains that blows small bundles,
Luis is primarily a spiritual son of Cold Sivers. Indeed, this
mini-adventure is an unnamed, partly imagined that players can pour out
all their frustration on missions more unlikely as each other. Flights
by helicopters, tanks, army or even better, locomotives moving trains,
destroy aircraft, cruise ship leaks Luis Lopez performs the fantasies of
the GTA players one after another. The real novelty of the gameplay of
this opus is the base jump. Our friend Luis can have fun around the city
to jump from buildings or helicopters, before opening his parachute at
the last moment. Obviously, this is the subject of numerous flight
missions and no less perilous. As for multiplayer, you cannot find the
completeness of GTA IV or The Lost and Damned, but the possibility to
take part in races where the cars are equipped with nitro! Simply


Johnny is a veteran member of The Lost, a notorious biker gang. Johnny
has been creating business opportunities for The Lost in Liberty City,
but his first loyalty must be to the patch he wears on his back and to
Billy Grey, the club’s President. However, when Billy returns from rehab
hell-bent on bloodshed and debauchery, Johnny finds himself in the
middle of a vicious turf war with rival gangs for control of a city torn
apart by violence and corruption. Can the brotherhood survive.
Developed by series creator Rockstar North and set in Liberty City,
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned features a new main character,
Johnny Klebitz, and plot that intersects with the storyline of Grand
Theft Auto IV; new missions that offer an entirely fresh way to explore
Liberty City with new multiplayer modes, weapons and vehicles; and a
diverse soundtrack with additional music-all with the incredible
production values that are the trademarks of Grand Theft Auto.


1. Mission : All-new missions and a new storyline that
interweaves with the original story arc of Grand Theft Auto IV.

2. The Lost : Play as Johnny, a member of The Lost Motorcycle
Club. Experience Liberty City now with the perspective and lifestyle of a
member of a biker gang.

3. Weapons : Added range of weapons – including the all-new
grenade launcher and sawed-off shotgun. New weapons will be available
for use in single-player and in all new multiplayer modes.

  1. Grenade Launcher – This single shot grenade launcher will
    fire a grenade farther, at a higher velocity and with more accuracy
    any thrown by hand. Must be reloaded after every shot, but is
    powerfully effective. Learn to bounce grenades off walls and around
    corners to take out your rivals.
  2. Assault Shotgun – This fully automatic shotgun is extremely
    powerful and fires off shells constantly. This weapon is very effective
    at taking out multiple targets at once and can take down vehicles
  3. Pool cue – Use this lethal weapon like the bat – swing left,
    right and block using the different attack buttons.
  4. Pipe Bomb – This explosive device is home made, but produces
    a large blast radius. This weapon is most effective when rolled under
    vehicles or thrown into areas with a high density of enemies.
  5. Sawed off shotgun – This shotgun has a short gun barrel
    producing a wide blast and is deadly at close range. Fires only 2
    but automatically reloads and can be fired from your bike.
  6. Sawed off shotgun – This shotgun has a short gun barrel
    producing a wide blast and is deadly at close range. Fires only 2
    but automatically reloads and can be fired from your bike.

4. Vehicles :

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned introduces a supercharged
collection of vehicles including new motorcycles and a batch of new
specialized four-wheel rides for cruising and bruising around Liberty
City.  Each motorcycle club has their own sense of style, affiliations,
and two-wheel preferences. The Angels of Death and The Lost motorcycle
clubs each have their own definitive preferences in heavy-duty choppers,
whilst other clubs like the Uptown Riders who fancy speed over all else
can be found on a range of hot street bikes. All of these bikes are
available in both the single-player story mode and in online multiplayer
modes – along with all the new The Lost and Damned vehicles. Other
vehicles added with The Lost and Damned include the sturdy Slamvan and
the quite utilitarian Towtruck.

5. Physics : New and improved bike handling and physics.

6. Multiplayer :

  1. Races : Tear up the streets road rash style on the new
    selection of motorcycles, armed with a heavy bat to smack opponents off
    their hogs. Swing the bat to left or right, and charge up your swing to
    do extra damages€¦ or get a solid start off the line and race away from
    the competition. For a complete list of all the new bikes available in
    this mode, visit the official vehicles page .
  2. Club Busniess : In this competitive/co-operative hybrid
    mode, ride with The Lost and prove you have what it takes to become
    leader. You’ll receive tasks that must be completed to gain standing
    with the gang, and once you’ve completed enough tasks, you become the
  3. Lone Wolf Biker : In this mode, a single player, the Lone
    Wolf, is on the run and everyone else is out to get them. The Lone Wolf
    must go through a series of checkpoints that only they can see, while
    the rest of the participants attempt to kill them and take over the
    of Lone Wolf. If the Lone Wolf is killed, the person that kills them
    takes over

In the Lone Wolf Biker mode there are two options “Full Throttle”
and “Chopper vs. Chopper”:

  • Full Throttle – Successfully complete motorcycle checkpoint
    racing while other bikers do all they can to stop you – play as the
    hunted or as one of the hunters.
  • Chopper vs. Chopper – Pits checkpoint bike racer against
    another player trying to stop you in an attack helicopter with
    rounds. Crazy.

6. Witness Protection : This is a team based mode where you
choose to be either N.O.O.S.E or The LOST. There is a prison transport
bus that must drop off prisoners at different police stations across
Liberty City. N.O.O.S.E must deliver the prisoners safely to LCPD
stations across the map to win. Meanwhile, The Lost members however, are
on a mission to destroy the heavily-armored bus full of snitches.

7. Own the City : This team based mode’s main objective is to
take as much territory as you can. The territories are drawn on the map
and guarded by NPC defenders. You must eliminate all defenders and rival
gang members before you can capture a territory. The winner is decided
based on a fixed territory captured % or whoever has most territory
after a time limit expires.

Walk-through :

There are in all 23 Main Mission including some side missions and
mini games. The List is as follows :


Mission 1: Clean and Serene

After the cut scene at the beginning, you play as Johnny and you’re a
biker gang in the Lost and the Damned. First, drive the bike, follow the
path indicated by the GPS and join your Gang Headquarters. After the
cut scene, you take the bike and follow the path to the body. After
another scene, climb on your bike and drive to Squat Angels of Death.
Once you arrive near the warehouse, you will be badly received by rival
gang members and you must eliminate them. To do this, pull out your
weapon, use the trigger to aim and shoot at them automatically. Once the
zone is secure, go back on your bike and follow the group to the
headquarters of the Lost and the Damned.

Mission 2: Angels in America

After the cut scene, climb on your bike and continue the Death Angels
biker. Use the trigger (top left) to pull these bikers while driving.
Follow the red dots on your GPS and shoot down them. Once they are all
dead, leaving the enemy territory, again follow the yellow line on the
GPS and find Billy.

Mission 3: Liberty City Choppers

Now, enter the pause menu, find the location of Jim and move the cursor
to know the path. Ride your bike and join it to begin the mission.
Indeed, your mission is to steal the Angels motorcycle gang’s Death.
First, follow the blue line on your GPS and drive to the truck. Then
take this truck and drive to the restaurant where the Angels Deaths.
Park the truck at the location that is marked off and parking. You must
carry four bikes in the back of the truck. First, closer to the bikes
near the truck and then remount the army since a battle will be
triggered and motorcycles may be destroyed. After the last bike is in
the truck, pull out your gun and shoot the gang members coming Death
Angels. Take cover behind cars and shoot them one-by-one. Once the area
is secure, go back in the truck and drive it to the secure area marked
on the GPS. Ignore bikers who shoot at you and you can concentrate on
driving the truck to the target. When you arrive at your destination, a
scene triggers.

Mission 4: Bad cop drop –

Look again Jim on GPS and join him. Then take the bike and ride up the
police. After the scene where Jim hits a police officer, take the bike
and flee the cops and attract them to the ambush. Next, stop and take
cover after one of the obstacles. Check the agents arrive and get them.
Use the explosive barrels to eliminate also the troubles from
reinforcements and secure the place. Finally, take your bike and leave
the area quickly.

Mission 5: It’s War –

Now re-enter the GPS menu and locate Billy. Follow him to the warehouse
Angels of Death and kill all the enemy gang members in that area. Shoot
First, members who are facing, finish one who is high up on the roof and
get those posted on the left. Then, climb on your bike and follow Billy
again until the second warehouse. First remove the two enemies in
front, two on the bridge above, and several other left. Move to the left
and right, remove the other four members of the gang enemy and clean
the area well. Finally, return quickly to your bike to complete this

Mission 6: Action / reaction –

Since the beginning of each mission, join Billy near his apartment and
watch the cut scene. Then, take your bike and follow Billy to the
meeting point, near a restaurant. After another cut scene, take the
grenade launcher and shoot the window in the top left. Once the building
is on fire, men of Angels of Death will come out of the club. Aim for
groups of enemies on the right and throw grenades. Cover up behind the
barricade, eliminate those who hide behind the vehicle and then kill any
other enemies that come out of the club. When you run out of grenades,
take your gun and continue the carnage. Once the enemies in the car park
are completed, follow Billy and enter the club.

Shoot first two men at the bar and another behind the counter. Continue
to the door, shoot another enemy near the door and another at the top of
the stairs. Finally, down the steps to the right and eliminate the last
three Angels of Death. Get out the club quickly, find your bike in the
corner near the debris and leave the area quickly.

Mission 7: Buyer’s Market –

Once you complete the previous mission, you receive a message from Billy
that gives you the location of a buyer for its drug. Mark the location
in the GPS card and join it. After the scene with Liz Torres, climb on
your bike, follow the line and join Billy in an alley. Now that you have
the heroine, back onto the bike and get to the yellow dot on map. Enter
the building, go up the stairs and wait for the arrival of Niko and
Playboy. After the cut scene, you are surrounded by police and you must
exit the building. First, take your gun, aim for the head and kill the
cops that are in front. Kill him and go right to the right. Get armor in
an entry right out into the hallway and down the stairs.Eliminate the
police that you see, get a weapon near the red door and get out from
behind. Tear agent exiting, continue through the end of the left and
grab a vehicle. Flee the area, take a fast car and sow your pursuers.

Mission 8: Politics –

Enter the GPS menu, locate Stubbs and join him in his hotel. After the
cut scene, grab the RPG that gives you and follow the yellow line of GPS
to the gate of the airport. Do not enter the airport, stay behind one
of the pillars of the bridge, wait until the convoy arrives quickly and
shoot rockets at two vehicles carrying the target. Once the target is
completed, go back on your bike and flee the police.

Mission 9: Coming Down

When you have completed the previous mission, you receive a call from
Ashley who happens to be in danger. Locate the yellow line on the GPS
and reach the target. Enter the building, take the stairs and take out
your weapon. Clear out the first enemy in the left, go ahead and remove
two others. Open the door on the left, enter and shoot down Cakes
located in the corridor. Proceed down the hall to save Ashley, watch the
short scene and get out. Complete another man down the stairs and exit
the building. Take your bike and return to Ashley’s apartment.

Mission 11: Off Road

Now, back to the hotel where Stubbs and start this mission. Take your
bike, follow the yellow line and join the bus penitentiary. Take your
gun, shoot police and draw near to the bus door penitentiary. After the
short scene in which you drive the bus, drive it and leave the
penitentiary. Escape the police cars that are chasing you and sow them.
Once you are away from the radar, locate the yellow line in the GPS and
head back to the oil refinery to bring the prisoners. Once that mission
is completed, locate the icon on the GPS and Billy join him.

Mission 12: This Shit’s cursed –

Follow Billy and try to put you on the logo which appears on the road.
After some discussion along the way, the race goes off and you reach the
meeting point first. After the cut scene, you are ambushed and you must
find a way to get away. To do this, first shoot down the Chinese on the
roof and one on the right. Tear down those who are high up on the
bridge, then climb the ramp on the right. Go ahead, shoot down two
Chinese who come and follow the path to the left entrance. Shoot five
other men on the ground, grab a package of care at the top of the ramp
and follow the right path. Get along another ramp, shoot the enemies
that you remember and go down the ladder. Finish off the remaining men,
get off and go to the entrance of the building for a scene triggers.
Finally, go around the building, join your bike and follow the GPS to
the land of Lost.

Mission 13: Hit the pipe

Locate the marker Jim in GPS and join him. After the cut scene and
briefing, get on your bike and join the red dots that are on your GPS.
These points are vans you need to explode through the bombs you have. To
do this, do you approach the van, double it by the right and throw a
bomb that exploded near the vehicle. Destroy the three vans and Angels
of Death and finish this mission as well.

Mission 14: End of Chapter

Join Jim in his hideout, take your bike and follow the yellow line to
the point of encounter with Brian. After the cut scene, take off your
weapon and bikers circling on their bikes. Then, move forward while
picking up ammunition and tear down those who are near the van. Collect
other munitions, expect the arrival of another vehicle from the right
and shoot the members who are inside. Then, shoot two other guards on a
motorcycle and expect the arrival of another van that is parked in the
yard next door. Kill many other enemies, use the explosive to kill tanks
several men at once and secure the area as well. Once the area is
cleared, another scene will trigger and you must continue bikers who
fled. Get on the bike that is nearby and chase them before you lose
sight. Check them while driving the motorcycle and open fire until they
fell one by one. Finally, join Jim for a scene comes on and finish the
mission as well.

Mission 15: Bad Standing –

Regain the location where Jim, take your bike and reach the hideout of
Brian. Take your phone, enter the directory and call Clay or Terry, to
get reinforcements. Leave the two men that you get called to the rear of
the house, aim the front window and throw explosives. The house caught
fire and Brian tries to escape by the right of the entrance. Take your
gun, shoot the enemies who first arrived on foot and then locate Brian
on his bike and shoot him before he escapes. If you do not have
explosives, you must enter by the back door and up the stairs while
eliminating all enemies. When Brian was shot, move away from home and
resume your bike to complete this mission.

Mission 16: Heavy Toll –
Now, enter the GPS map, locate the letter E of Elizabeth and join it.
After the cut scene, drive the car until the toll road shown on your
GPS. After the short scene, wait until the van arrives at the gate and
shoot the men who are inside. Shoot a max of enemies and enter the van.
Wait Malc also rises and leave the area. Drive quickly and flee the
police cars arrived to capture you. Once you have planted the cops,
follow the yellow line and reach the warehouse to finish this mission.

Mission 17: Marta Full of Grace –

Join Elizabeth again and get your new mission. In fact, she wants you to
bring it back his friend Marta from the airport. Take your bike and
join the Liberty City Airport. After the cut scene, you are surrounded
by police and you must leave. To do this, pull out your gun and shoot
down them one by one. If you have a rocket launcher, pull the helicopter
arrives. Otherwise, ignore it, quickly shoot officers of the order
represented by red dots and then turn away a vehicle and leave the area.
Finally, flee the cops follow you and join a curfew n’spray Pay "to
repaint your car and escape prosecution. Once the police are sown,
return from Marta and Elizabeth and finish the mission.

Mission 18: Shifting Weight –

After the previous mission, wait a moment and join again Elizabeth.
Climb on your bike and join the meeting point with a Dealer. After the
cut scene, you are in the back of a motorcycle and you must shoot the
police cars that pursue you. Open fire until the vehicles explode or
hitting a pole. Check the explosive barrels on the way to destroy
several vehicles at once and also aim at the nearest gas station to
create a big explosion. Shoot at the rear of large trucks to kill police
brigade. Thereafter, you are surrounded in a street and you have no way
to flee. Check the windows of the building which is opposite to that
you can escape. When the bike stops, target the helicopter and open fire
until it explodes. Then throw homemade bombs exploded on the way to
police cars remaining and finish this mission as well. Now, locate Ray
Boccino on GPS and join him. To begin the next mission.

Mission 19: Diamonds in the Rough –

After the cut scene, call Terry for reinforcements and join the other
members of the Lost and the Damned. Then take the head of the convoy and
guide the exchange on the quay.  After the cut scene, continue both
cars and eliminate the men are inside. Use weapons or explosives,
continue them and destroy them. Then get the diamonds and answer the
call from Ray. You must separate the diamonds and put them in two
garbage bags. For this, drive to the first green dot and place the
diamonds. Then head to the second delivery point and destroy the vehicle
that you continue along the way before placing the second part.

Mission 20: Roman’s Holiday

This mission is the easiest of the game First, join Ashley who has a
problem. After the short scene, take a car and join Malc in a street
marked on the GPS. Drive the new vehicle and follow the yellow line to
the point. Wait so that Roman and ship it in the car. Get behind the
wheel again and follow the line to the warehouse. Midway, you stop
before a toll and Roman tries to escape. Exit the vehicle, take it and
threaten him now for him to return. You can threaten with a weapon or
simply by hitting him a few punches. When he returned in the car, drive
to the store and finish the mission as well.

Mission 21: Collector’s Item

After some time, you get a call from Ray. Find its location on the GPS
and join him. Enter the Liberation, climb stairs and move down. Exit and
go down the steps to the meeting point with Ray. After the scene, you
are always forced to kill the traitors who you block the road. First
Kill the three enemies in the hallway, move forward, eliminate others
and take in the right. Grab a package of care on the wall, shoot the men
who are left, grab the ammo and grenades and go down the stairs. Take
the armor near the office of surveillance and exit through the back
door. Take another soldier behind the wall, walk out the front door and
take cover behind the black car in front. Take the grenades, throw them
on vehicles that are right, those further to the left and those at the
bottom of the street. Once the men Ray died, some of them try to escape.
Drive the car which is nearby, chase them and shoot them. This is not
easy especially since the police are chasing you. Once the last men are
dead, flee the police to complete this mission. After the mission, you
receive a call from Jim and you must return the money. Drive a vehicle
to the meeting which is located in an alley and give him the money.

Mission 22: Was it Worth –

Find Ray on the GPS and join him. After the cut scene, take a car and
try to join Ashley. Midway, you pursued and attacked by men from Ray.
Therefore, call Terry or Clay and join them at the point that they
indicate on the map.  Once you get to this point, climb the stairs and
join your comrades. Take your weapon, take cover on the roof and get all
the mafia coming. Check the gas tank near the vehicles and provoke a
big explosion. Then, aim for the remaining men and kill them one by one.
Once the area is secure, hop on your bike and join Ashley.

Mission 23: Get Lost

After a few moments, you get a call from Stubbs. Locate it on the GPS
and join him. After the short scene, take the bike and go to the
penitentiary.   You call Terry and he comes with a whole arsenal.
Collect all the weapons and all the ammunition possible. et armor and
head towards the prison gate. Use the grenade launcher to destroy,
eliminate the guards at the entrance and go left. Shoot other men, take
cover behind a wall of the right and grab a package of care on this
wall. Shoot the sniper on the roof, remove the other guards and go
forward. Turn right, shoot a third wave of enemies and work your way
straight ahead then turn left to the yellow dot. After another short
scene, aim for the guards in the courtyard and shoot them. Check first,
those who are on the walkway above then shoot down all those who are on
the ground. Get out the big guns, throw grenades and rockets and shoot
them all. Once the court is secure, move right until the last red dot
and kill Billy. Finally, back in the yard, take the bike and follow your
comrades out of prison. Then, return the motorcycle to the hideout of
the Lost and Damned to complete the last mission of the game

Damned, there are side missions that you must perform to earn more
money. This money will help you to buy new weapons and ammunition. There
are also mini-games you can play to entertain you. Here are side
missions and mini-games.

1. Angus: Theft of Motorcycle : In these missions, your goal is
to steal bikes. To do this, enter the directory of your phone and call
Angus. Choose the tab "job" and call it. After the call, it will
indicate the location of the bike on your GPS. Enter the GPS map, mark
the spot and reach it. Use a weapon to eliminate the owner of the
machine, retrieve it quickly and flee the police who are chasing you.
Whenever you bring a motorcycle to the headquarters of the Lost and
Damned, you earn money. There are ten motorcycles to steal in the game

2. Stubbs : Enter the phone directory, type Stubbs then choose
"job". The latter will offer five different missions against a good sum
of money. In missions Stubbs, your goal is to eliminate the men he
refers to money.

A). Stubbs – Mission 1: Communication breakdown : Call Stubbs
shows you the location of a journalist that he must liquidate. First,
turn away and join a fast vehicle location in the allotted time. After
the cut scene, quickly get out a gun and shoot the journalist before he
escapes. If the latter fled by car, take your car and chase it. Make
sure it is dead, fleeing the cops in case of prosecution and finish this
mission as well.

B). Stubbs – Mission 2: Phone Ho : Join the location represented
by the yellow dot on the map and exit the vehicle. Thereafter, enter the
alley, climb on boxes or containers and climb on the roof. Wait until
the red car arrives, take your phone and select "Camera". Point the
camera toward the red car, wait until the prostitute approach the
vehicle and take a photo when it is near the window. Send photo to
Stubbs and you will receive a call from him.

C). Stubbs – Mission 3: First Impressions : Take a vehicle,
locate the yellow spot on the map and reach it. Once arrived, take out
your weapon and eliminate the target out of the hotel. Also those who
shoot at you then take the vehicle and flee the police.

D). Stubbs – Mission 4: When The Chips Are Down Blue : Go around
the room in blue and notice the police car. Shoot the cop, enter the
path and remove the handcuffs from the lady who is near the car. Enter
the vehicle, exit the driveway and follow the yellow line to the
heliport. Finally, protect the woman the time she got into the
helicopter and finish this mission.

E). Stubbs – Mission 5: Knowing me, knowing you : In this
mission, your objective is to steal a car, this time. For this, take any
vehicle and go to the point indicated. Locate the beautiful red
Lamborghini, fly it and get to the garage in the allotted time. After
the scene where the mechanic installs a chip, you have to drive and
bring the car before the allotted time. Also, you must be careful when
driving to avoid damaging the vehicle. You should also park your car at
the same previous location to avoid attracting suspicion.

Missions Racing :

The racing missions will be displayed on the map with an icon shaped red
helmet. Join these icons to start the race. Go through checkpoints (82)
that will also indicate the direction to go and win these races and to
complete these missions.
Baston. The gang wars are displayed on the map as an icon of explosion
(83). Join this icon on the map to start the war and you must eliminate
the opposing gang members (84). This gang may be in motion as it may be
still in the same place. Mark always the best, follows the marker and
enemies by all means.


Apart from the side missions, you can have fun and play different games
with your brothers.

1. Billiards : To play billiards, go to the second floor of the
headquarters or call Terry or Clay. Start a game of pool, use the
joystick to steer the stick (86) and choose the speed of the shot and
win that game and
2. Darts: Call Clay and Terry, and select "Darts" to go play
darts. For those who do not know how to play, aim segments of the shelf
and throw the darts. Each segment makes you earn points. If you target
the area close to the periphery of circle, points will be doubled. If
you aim the narrow middle of the circle, points will be tripled.
However, to win this game, you must finish with a double.
3. Air Hockey : Call Clay and Terry and choose to go play air
hockey. Go to first take your two friends and go to the playroom which
is marked on your map. Use the joystick to play Air Hockey (89) and
scored seven points to win the game.


The Ballad of Gay Tony injects Liberty City with an overdose of guns,
glitz, and grime. As Luis Lopez, part-time hoodlum and full-time
assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince (a.k.a. "Gay
Tony"), players will struggle with the competing loyalties of family and
friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a
world in which everyone has a price. Developed by series creator
Rockstar North and set in Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of
Gay Tony completes an epic story and gameplay arc that intersects with
the storylines of Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and
Damned. With new missions, weapons, vehicles, soundtrack updates and
multiplayer content that showcase the over-the-top nature of life at the
center of the city, on the other side of the velvet rope where everyone
and everything is accessible and available for a price.


1. Mission : All-new storyline missions that provide an
over-the-top experience from start to finish. Replay missions for the
first time ever in a console Grand Theft Auto game.

2. Weapons : New high-powered weapons including Sticky Bombs and
an Advanced Sniper Rifle, plus new powerful assault shotguns and machine

  1. Pistol .44 – A true high-velocity handgun, for quick and
    accurate kills.
  2. Explosive Shotgun – The low recoil automatic shotgun blends
    the power of a full shotgun shell with rapid fire to take down multiple
    targets easily. Explosive shells turn this already powerful weapon into
    gun that shreds vehicles in their tracks.
  3. Assault SMG – Light, compact and accurate, this machine gun
    is perfect for urban combat.
  4. Gold SMG – For the man who has everything.
  5. Advance MG – Firing at 900 rounds per minute, the Advanced
    MG takes targets down fast.
  6. Advanced Sniper –  Greatly increased range, rate of fire and
    sniper zoom make this the ideal long range weapon.
  7. Sticky Bombs – Tag vehicles or objects for remote
  8. Parachute – Fully steerable. Get the drop on enemies from
    above, or make a quick stealth escape from buildings to the street

2. Vehicles : A fleet of new vehicles, including lavish new cars
and a collection of specialty vehicles including an attack helicopter
and an N.O.O.S.E. APC. Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony is all
about the high life at the center of Liberty City – where power,
influence and an over-the-top sense of excess are available to anyone,
for a price – just like this collection of new, exclusive vehicles.The
Ballad of Gay Tony puts you on the road, in the rivers, and in the air
with the following range of powerful, high-end modes of transport

3. Nightlife : Play as Luis Lopez, personal bodyguard, confidant,
business partner and friend to Liberty City’s night life impresario,
Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. Drink, dance, and take part in Club
Management jobs at Prince’s clubs: Maisonette 9 and Hercules.  The
Ballad of Gay Tony gives you VIP access to some of Liberty City’s most
exclusive nightclubs including Tony Prince’s storied hotspots Maisonette
9 and Hercules – as well as the bridge & tunnel meat market known
as Bahama Mamas. Below are a bit more detail on these nightclubs plus
info on some of the activities you can partake in once you get past the
velvet ropes – including dancing, bouncing and indulging in copious

  • Bahamas Mamas : Where evolution stops and the party starts!
    Algonquin’s premier club venue for relentless party tunes and
    fist-pumping steroid beats. Middle-aged, married men – please take
    You will not be allowed in. (Unless you order triple bottle service
    with sparklers)
  • Masionette : A private venue for after dinner drinks
    catering exclusively to members and their friends. If you did not know
    that, you are very unlikely to get in. Located in Algonquin, Liberty
    City – but if you have to ask where beyond that, you are definitely not
    our sort of person. Founded in 2003 by Liberty City’s 20-year reigning
    king of nightlife, Tony Prince.
  • Hercules : Accept no substitute. Hercules, the original
    Muscle Mary. A slice of Olympus here on Earth. Dance with the gods
    Rome is burning. Part of legendary Liberty City icon, Tony Prince’s
    party empire, Hercules is a final bastion of hotness in these tepid
    times. Young and old unite as desperate revelers cling on to a once
    proud scene.

4. Multiplayer : The fan-favorite modes from Grand Theft Auto IV,
made better than ever now with new locations and packed full of new
weapons and vehicles. Multiplayer in The Ballad of Gay Tony – the new
episode in Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City for Xbox 360 –
takes the classic fan-favorite modes from the mayhem of Grand Theft Auto
IV multiplayer and overhauls every aspect for an action packed,
over-the-top experience. New weapons for greater diversity and impact.
New, tighter Deathmatch arenas for more fierce matches. And the addition
of new gameplay features including parachutes, kill streaks and
assisted kills. It’s Grand Theft Auto multiplayer made more intense than

5. Modes : Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch – In Deathmatch, with
up to 16 players online, your objective is to have the most kills
within the set time. Players are awarded contract money for each kill,
and can also loot casualties for their dropped cash. The player with the
most cash when the game ends wins. In Team Deathmatch, players work as a
team to rub out other teams for money – and the crew with the most cash
at the end of the round wins. The Ballad of Gay Tony takes these
classic multiplayer modes and gives them a high-powered bump with the
addition of new weapons like the Assault SMG, the Explosive Shotgun, the
Advanced Sniper Rifle, Sticky Bombs and more. See below for the full
list and other specifications.

  1. Free Mode : Free Mode is a long-running fan favorite mode
    that is truly the sandbox equivalent of Multiplayer. No rules, no
    guidelines, just all out mayhem and anarchy. Join in and go nuts
    rampaging amongst other Grand Theft Auto lunatics. Or get together with
    friends and create your own original game in this wide open freeform
    mode. Now made more insane than ever with the addition of the nimble
    Buzzard attack helicopter, the devastating N.O.O.S.E. APC and even
    parachutes. se parachutes to take part in Multiplayer BASE Jumping
    throughout Liberty City. Find the 9 BASE jump marker locations
    throughout the city in Free Mode and hit Right Button to warp you (and
    anyone else with you in Multiplayer) to the top of the building. Clean,
    successful and well-executed BASE skydiving jumps will be tracked by
    time and other statistics that you’ll be able track and compare with
    Friends at Rockstar Games Social Club.
  2. Race & GTA Race : The fan-favorite Race and GTA Race
    checkpoint racing multiplayer modes return in The Ballad of Gay Tony –
    now upgraded with the intensity of nitrous available in every vehicle.
    Nitrous boosts of course can provide that much needed surge in the
    of a heat but always use them wisely – an ill-timed blast may send you
    headfirst into a crash. GTA Race mode of course adds the element of
    combat, with spawned weapon pick-ups you can scoop up and use at will –
    but also now provides APC tanks to unleash heavy artillery on your

Walkthrough :

There are total 27 Mission with some side missions.


Mission 1: I LUV SC-

After the cut scene at the beginning of the game, get into the car,
follow the pink line of GPS and join the club of Hercules. Then, go back
and drive to Cottage Club 9. In this club you can impress the girls on
the dance floor, you can drink the shots at the bar and you can also go
to the VIP lounge and play a game where you have to drink. Once you have
explored the entire club and made all these diversions, climb the
stairs and exit the club. After the short scene, get into the car, bring
your two friends to their apartment, and then go home to your lap. In
your apartment, you can watch TV, use the bed to save your game and
change your wardrobe for clothes. After some time, you receive a message
from Tony. Press the arrow key to read the message and join the club
Playhouse 9.

Mission 2: Practice Swing-

After the cut scene, you must perform a golf swing and hit the hostage
with the ball. To do this, move the reticule on white cart in the field,
press the button to increase the striking power and press it again when
the white cursor aligned with the black (press the button slightly
before the cursor aligns with the second). Pass the three shots for the
hostage spit the bit and balance those who have committed.  Then, go
down the stairs that are in front of you and join the golf course. Take
cover behind the cart, target enemies and get them one by one (8). Then,
get into the vehicle and follow Rocco escaping from this place. Follow
the car park, further, and thus complete the mission.

Mission 3: Chinese Takeout –

Drive the car and take Tony to the location marked by GPS. After the cut
scene, you are ambushed and you must exit the building. For this, read
the instructions at the top, left, and live and learn how to aim, shoot
and change weapons. First, target the enemy near the left door and get
it. Proceed in this direction, continue left and destroy another enemy.
Follow the road down two other men down the hall, and go forward. Shoot
three more enemies by turning right, move right again and kill a man
near the stairs.

Go down these stairs, shoot two men down the stairs and take cover
behind the left wall. Watch the grenade will explode, do not advance to
avoid death and shoot the three men from afar. Then, shoot other enemies
until you reach the other stairs. Recover grenade up the stairs, get
them and take down armor. Take the carnage, follow the corridor and kill
five enemies. Come on, shoot two others, near the stairs, and get off.
Disable a man down the stairs, take cover behind the wall and throw
grenades to eliminate those who are further away. Destroy the four
enemies, move forward, kill the survivors and find out down the hall.
Finally, expect that Tony kind of building, get into the car and bring
him back to his apartment. Now you have two icons on your map: that of
Amir and your mom. Find and join one of Mama’s home.

Mission 4: Momma’s Boy

After the cut scene, simply follow Lopez up the alley and enter the
building where the battles take place in the cages.  The battles are
fairly easy. Read the instructions that appear in the top left of the
screen and learn the keys corresponding to punches, kicks, blocks and
dodges. Lock your opponent, do a combo of three successive moves quickly
and repeat the attack. If he tries to attack you, block his attack or
dodge it and repent punches. Your goal is to win the first and second
battle then taking damage, and lose the last fight. You can return to
that location at any time and again.

Mission 5: Kids Corner

Join the marker is located a few
blocks from where you had fought in cages and watch the cut scene. After
the scene, get into the car and driving to the docks. Once you arrive, a
scene triggers and you are surrounded by several police officers. Kill
the first police posted on the roof, get off those behind two police
cars and then those on the right. Move right, take cover behind the pile
of boxes and shoot the cops that are behind the pillars. Pass them,
continue to the left and wait for one of your friends destroys the wall.
Take cover behind the body of the car, shoot down the cops who are on
the roof and the street right then proceed straight. Shoot other cops
and draw close to the car. After the short scene, you have an RPG, aim
for the helicopter and destroy it. Finally, get into a car and bring
your friends home.

Mission 6: Clocking off –

Continue to carry out missions Mom, locate the new icon and reach it.
After the cut scene, drive the car, cross the bridge and turn
immediately right down to the dock (20). Then, follow Henry who descends
along the water to take the goods. This is where you will be attacked
by bandits attempting to seize your goods. Take a powerful weapon, aim
for the enemies up the stairs and eliminate them. Shoot three more left,
go up the stairs and get five thieves left. Look to the right, locate
the car arrives and kill those inside. Replace the other steps, find the
red dots on the GPS and shoot them one by one. Once the area is secure,
go back in the car and leave the dock. Take the exit that is left of
the bridge and bring the car in the garage to complete this mission and
all missions Mom.

Mission 7: Blog This-

Now, locate the icon Tony and reach it. After the cut scene, drive the
car of Tony and bring it to Gracie. Then turn around and walk to the
corner cafe. Enter, use a computer and click the Web icon. Scroll down
using the joystick right, move the mouse using the joystick left and
click on the link The Celebinator. Go down the next page, click on "Drop
your Coms" then click "Send". Finally, log out and leave the cafe to
complete this mission.

Mission 8: Female-

Now, enter the club Maisonette 9 and get up close to the girl in red
dress at the bar. After the discussion, take a car and join the marked
location on the GPS. Look left and right and try to find Chris. Each
time the location changes and you have to drive to the Junction of stars
to find last. Now, take a vehicle, locate the icon on the map and Tony
join him.

Mission 9: Bang Bang –

After the cut scene, get into the car and drive to the crane which is
located nearby. Exit the vehicle, aim at the foot of the crane and throw
three bombs sticky. Stay away from the field of construction and
explode bombs to destroy the crane. Then, take your car and drive to the
train tunnel. You may destroy the train of two ways. Either you get the
car on track, launch grenades from the window and wait until it moves
away from you and explode. Either you continue until it stops at the
station which is not far away, you get the car then you enter the
station and destroy it with bombs.

Now turn away a fast car and
drive to the airport before the time runs out. Go to the runway, look
for the private jet that is your target and put three grenades before he
takes off. Trigger bombs, destroy the airplane and climb quickly into
the vehicle. Enter the GPS menu, locate the Pay n’spray and drive up
there to sow the cops. This place will allow you to change the color of
your car and lower the wanted level. Now get out of the garage, locate
Mori on GPS and reach it.

Mission 10: Kibbutz Number One

After discussion with Mori, drive the car to the wharf and pay the toll
for not alerting the cops. Then get off the car and go to the dock.
After brief discussion, take cover behind the pallets of stone and
eliminate competitors Mori. Shoot the three enemies in front, remove a
user from launching rockets from the building (top left) and kill
another enemy at the bottom of the latter. Go straight, shoot the two
remaining men and go to the pier. Now, surf the boat and chase those
enemies ahead of you. Watch for shots, approach their craft from the
right and throw them a bomb. Move away slightly and explode the bomb and
the enemy ship. Repeat the same with the other two boats, watch the
police can interfere and destroy the three ships before reaching the
dock, on the other side of town. Once this is done, return to the dock
Mori indicated on the GPS as well and finish this mission.

Before continuing the mission, locate the icon of a man on the GPS, join
and lead it to Spa. Then, locate the icon is also a woman and reach it.
After the scene, take her to the hospital quickly and finish as these
mini-missions. Then join the club Playhouse 9 and continue the mission
of Tony.

Mission 11: Baby Boulevard

After the cut scene a very twisted, get into the car of Tony and drive
to the Club Bahama Mamas. Enter the club down the steps to the right and
go up the dance floor. Talk to the girl who is on the track and dance.
Read again helps to know how to dance and keep the poses until the blue
gauge fills. After the scene is very hot, killing the owner and Vic out
of the office. Kill one of these men out, go near the dance floor and
take cover behind the seats. Shoot three other men around the track, go
ahead and kill a man in the bar. Approach the exit, shoot a man in the
middle of the stairs, and kill another top of the stairs and a third
near the exit. Exit the bar, then leave the area before the police
arrive and finish the mission as well. Then, locate the icon again to
Tony and join him at his apartment.

Mission 12: Frosting the Cake

First, get into the car, drive to the dock and go to the location of the
exchange. After the cut scene, you must exit through the sunroof of the
car and drop bombs on the bikers who come to steal the goods. Check
first vehicles and motorcycles that have cracked down and destroy them.
Then destroy those who follow you from behind and those who arrive on
your left (41). Find other red dots on the GPS and eliminate them. Once
you are away from the dock, aim for the police barricade and blow up
cars. Locate the tank which then comes from behind and throw more
grenades to stop it. Then, aim the helicopter approaching the right,
throw grenades into the air and blow them to damage and destroy the
helicopter. Lastly, you drive the car and you must sow the cops. Locate
the nearest garage n’Spray Pay and enter it without the cops alert. Once
the mission is completed, locate the icon on your GPS Yusuf and join

Mission 13: Sexy Time –

After the cut scene, take a car and drive to the dock, south-west. Get
on a boat and navigate to the yacht which is on the high seas Watch out
patrol boat, wait until he moves away and climb behind the yacht. Then,
climb the two stairs, and turn right at the helicopter. Fly the
helicopter to the heliport on top of a building, then change direction
mid-way. Make backtracked, aim the yacht and launch missiles to destroy
it. Use the joystick to aim the yacht and launch more missiles to have
more chance of hitting the boat.  Once the yacht is destroyed, weapons
traffickers trying to flee in small boats. You must hunt down and kill
them. To do this, hover behind the boats and use the turret to destroy
the chopper. Some shots are enough to destroy the ship but be careful
not to sink in water. Once traffickers are dead, fly height and take the
helicopter to the helipad on top of a building. When the mission is
over, go back again to Yusuf and start a new mission.

Mission 14: High Dive –

After the scene, drive the car to the magnificent skyscrapers. Then come
inside and take the elevator. After the scene, aim for the enemy
soldier who is in front and kill him. Next, pull the helicopter
approaching and destroy it. Go straight and turn left, eliminate the
enemy at the bottom and up the stairs. Tear down another, up the stairs,
destroy a helicopter and climb the ladder on the left. Kill an enemy to
the left, destroy another helicopter, follow this path and kill another
man. Proceed to the bottom, grab the armor and kill two more guards.
After the short scene, climb ladders and climb quickly. When you arrive
on a platform, aim for the helicopter approaching (from left), destroy
it and then climb to the top of skyscrapers. After the scene, jump from
the top of skyscrapers and deploy the parachute. Head to the mainland
and press both triggers to cushion the fall when landing. When you land
safely, the mission ends. Now you can make skydiving by going to the
icons marked on your GPS.

Mission 15: Blog This 2 –

After a few seconds, you receive a phone call from Tony which tells you
the location of Celebinator. Take a vehicle and join the helicopter.
Drive this thing and go through three checkpoints roses in the sky until
a short scene triggers. Then, hit Celebinator and push it into the
void. Immediately after, jump in the air in turn and use the left stick
for him rush over and catch it. As soon as you enter, deploy your
parachute and land on the mainland. Now, join the icon Tony Playhouse 9
and start the next mission.

Mission 16: Not So Fast –

After the cut scene, get into the parked car and drive to the heliport.
Take the helicopter and fly to the hotel Libertionan. Fly on the roof of
Libertionan, get off the chopper and off along the scaffolding. After
the cut scene, hop across to the roof and climb into the helicopter. Fly
in the air and get ready to destroy three enemy helicopters. Pay
attention also to their missiles. Come up slowly and launch of several
missiles helicopters to reach them. Once these missiles are destroyed,
return to the heliport and finish this mission as well. Now, join Tony
and start the next mission.

Mission 17: Ladies’ night –

After the traditional cut scene, get into the car and drive Tony to the
heliport. Get down, get on the helicopter and fly to the location
indicated to identify the red car. Take this car spinning, do not lose
sight of and follow it along the roads. Beware of skyscrapers that can
damage the helicopter and follow the car that comes later in the tunnel.
Locate the exit tunnel on the GPS and wait for the car so. Follow it
again to the parking lot, wait a few minutes and locate it where it goes
and pulls a few blocks away. Finally, bring the helicopter to the
heliport and land to complete the mission. Join icon Yusuf and start the
next mission.

Mission 18: Caught with your pants down –

After the cut scene, take the car and drive up Yussuf Star Junction.
Then go and climb aboard the helicopter. Fly toward the red dot on the
GPS and locate the helicopter carrying the car NOOSE. Thereafter, take
the rifle-sniper zoom on the float. Check the brackets that hold the
yellow vehicle and pull to destroy them. Once the four brackets are
destroyed, jump from the helicopter and deploy your parachute to land on
the deck. Take the armored car and sow the cops. You cannot use the
spray Pay’n to escape, the only way is to shoot the police cars. Destroy
the vehicles to decrease the radius of the radar and the number of
pursuers. Once all cars are neutralized, drive the tank to the garage
and finish the mission. Now, locate Mori and join it to begin the next

Mission 19: This Is not Chekers –

In this mission you will conduct a course in the air, sea and land.
First, jump from the helicopter, get in free fall straight to the
platform and deploy the parachute at the last moment. Climb aboard the
boat quickly red, go ahead and go through the checkpoints pink color. Do
not release the gas, go all the points and then join the mainland.
In this last phase, mount quickly in your car and follow the track
marked on the GPS. Drive quickly through checkpoints and blast to the
finish line to get in first place. You can also use the Nitro to
increase the acceleration of the vehicle. Once you finish the race in
first place, head to Bulgarini and begin its mission.

Mission 20: Going deep –

Drive the car to the parking garage, get off the vehicle and put the
bomb near the hood. Then hide behind the red car below, and wait until
the police arrive. When a civilian tries to open the car door, blow up
the bomb and take your gun. Kill the enemies near the big truck, locate
the other chamber, and then get another train. Throw bombs also kill a
maximum of men at the same time.  Clean the car and walk towards the
exit. Locate another truck stops near the exit, take a powerful weapon
and get the two men are inside. Find the right exit, kill two more
enemies and turn away a car. Finally, plant the cops and bring Bulgarini
home. Now, go back a few moments later with Bulgarini and start a new

Mission 21: Droppin in

First, wait until the Bulgarian gets into the car and drive to the
heliport marked on the GPS. Get off the vehicle, put on your parachute
and fly the helicopter. Take the altitude, pass through the crossing
points in pink and mount high into the sky. Subsequently, jump from the
helicopter and deploy your parachute. Go ahead towards the building near
Star Junction, find the roof of this building houses a heliport and
climb down.  After a short scene, go down the stairs and grab armor
left. Come back right, enter the yellow door and get three men Ashivili.
Move down, find other men on the roof of the elevator and kill them.

Go down, kill two other men in the hallway and take the yellow door to
left. Strike down two enemies and proceed through the door on the left.
Go down the stairs, remove a guard on the stairs and enter through the
door. Shoot the three quickly located on the left, go ahead and enter
the meeting room. Kill the two guards and kill Ashivili which is near
the window. Then, jump through the window, deploy your parachute and
land on the mobile truck. If you land away from the truck, just run
towards it and climb. If you are attacked by men Ashivili, kill them and
put them back in the truck to complete this mission. After a few
moments, you get a call from Yusuf. Go see it and begin his new mission.

Mission 22: For the Man Who Has Everything

At first, drive the car Yussuf beautiful bridge. Then, approach the
edge, wait until the approaching train and jump to reach the roof of the
last car. Proceed on the roof until the first car and destroy the
helicopters that attack you on the road. Locate them on your GPS, aim
with your weapon, explosive and shoot them. Then other types of
helicopters arrive and try to attack you. Put on your stomach and then
continue to dodge attacks. Destroy the eight helicopters and reach the
lead car for the crane helicopter arrives and loads it. Subsequently,
join Bulgarini which is not far from your position.

Mission 23: In the Crosshairs

Get into the car and drive to the building. First you get the sniper
rifle at the foot of the building, left, then enter. After the scene,
quickly locate the four snipers on nearby rooftops and get them. Locate
first the first shot at the top of the water tank in front, zoom in and
kill him. Go then in the corner of the roof of the building left and
kill the second sniper. Then, move right, locate a water tank and aim to
the right of the tank. Hunt for the third enemy and get him. Finally,
look right again, find another tank and aim to the right of the latter
to get the last shot.

After the next scene, walk
towards the west of the roof and locate the enemy from afar. Jump onto
the roof after going over the fence, go ahead and get the right weapon
on the ground. Go to first get off the helicopter and the enemy is
behind the turret. Then get those who are on the roof next reach it and
pick up armor.
Strike down the four other men stationed on the next roof and two more
on the next one and move on. Kill an enemy on the roof left, two on the
roof at the far left and a final bottom in front. Get off near the tank,
shoot down five enemies who are in the street and go down the bridge.
Finally, get into a car and leave this place. Once the mission is
completed, Mori join and start his new mission.

Mission 24: No. 3

Get into the car and drive to the parking luxury cars. First press the
elevator button and get the first car. Wait until Bruce gets into the
car, get another one and fit inside your tower. Put yourself first
behind two other cars and follow them along the streets. After a few
moments, you are spotted by the police and you must flee. Always follow
Mori, do not accelerate too much not to lose control of the machine and
follow the path from the dock to the ramp. Speed up on the ramp, go up
two ramps and finally achieve the target. Now, join Tony and start the
next mission.

Mission 25: Ladies Half Price

After the scene, get into Tony’s car and drive to Pier 45. Get on the
boat and sail to the point of encounter with the enemy. After the scene,
climb into the boat, put the throttle and the boat to shake the enemy’s
jaws. Bring the boat to its original place on the dock and finish this
mission as well.

Mission 26: Party’s Over

Before starting this mission, find the icon Yussuf DD and join it. Step
into the beautiful car Yussuf, retrieve and remove the dangerous weapon.
Call Armando if necessary and buy heavy weapons such as grenade
launchers, exploding bullets and grenades. Head to the icon that Rocco
is not far from your position and begin its mission. Take a car and head
to the club house 9. Enter the club and head towards the stairs. After
the cut scene, get ready for a big shootout against the men Bulgarini.
Several waves of men come and shoot at you. First, take cover behind the
pillar and get the first wave arrives. Watch out for two men who can
climb stairs and attack you from behind. Take care of yourself first and
then those of others who are down.

Then, another wave, more important, arrives. Do not stand near the
balcony, wait for the arrival of two men near you and eliminate them.
Then, come up slowly from the balcony and shoot the remaining men one by
one. When the third wave is coming, move away again from the balcony
and repeat the same operation. There is a package of care in the corner
opposite the stairs

Once the club is secure, go down the stairs and collect all the weapons
and ammunition abandoned. Then leave the club and quickly take cover
behind the yellow car in front of the exit. Go down the enemies who come
by car, blow up the vehicles if necessary and secure the streets to
complete this mission. This mission is the penultimate. Now you can do
the side missions that will be dealt with later, then join the icon Tony
when you’re ready.

Mission 27: Departure Time

After the cut scene, drive the car and join Tony Crockett Avenue. Get
off the vehicle, enter the alley and enter the arena. First, pull out
your gun and kill the two men near the van in front. Go straight and
turn left after the van. Eliminate the two enemies near the red van,
shoot heroin, which is on two yellow duck and take cover behind the cab.
Take another man on the bridge left two others near the red van and go.
Check the gas tank and blow them to eliminate the enemies that are
nearby. Come on, take the body back coverage and shoot those who are on
the right and left. Come on, take cover behind the cab and shoot the men
who arrive. Continue to the end, destroy the duck and get the care
package. Turn around, shoot three men in armor and get close to the last
cabin on the left of the exit.

Now go left of the arena and shoot two men at the entrance. Cover your
car behind the game, kill a man at bottom right and follow this
direction. Kill two more enemies, hide behind objects and shoot-four
others in this area. Come on, take cover behind the right wall and kill
the two guards waiting for you on the right. Destroy the remaining
heroin and watch the short scene with Timur.  After this short scene, go
back and continue trying to flee Timur. The last stop in the corner to
the left of the entrance. Kill him, kill the other enemies that
accompany it and get on the bike that is parked in the street. Drive the
motorcycle to the airport and answer the call of Yussuf way. This will
help you and destroy vehicles that try to attack you. Therefore, do not
accelerate too much, stay behind the helicopter and let Yussuf clear the
road. Drive to the airport, accelerate on the runway and catch the
plane Bulgarini.

Inside the plane, kill the men Bulgarini, aim it when it leaves the
cockpit and pull a scene triggers. After the scene, jump into the air,
then deploy your parachute are landing holy and safe. Finally take a
vehicle and reach the place indicated on the GPS to complete this
mission and the game


  1. Drug War: There are 25 drug wars divided into three
  2. Drug War: Defense – In such wars, first driving a vehicle to
    exchange and get all the traffickers before the cops arrives. Get the
    goods and flee the area. If you are spotted by the police, then sow
    reach the point of delivery
  3. Drug War: the diversion – Drive the vehicle to the dock,
    kill the drug dealers and get the vehicle containing the drug. This
    vehicle may be a car, boat or helicopter. Finally, return the vehicle
    the point of delivery and sow the cops if you are sued.
  4. Drug War: the spoils – Drive just to the spot marked on the
    GPS, killing drug dealers and steal the goods.
  5. SC Cage Fighter – Visit Northwood to make fighting in cages
    cons money.
  6. Base Jumping – Go base jumping points represented by icons
    on the map parachute. The goal is simple, you must jump from the
    helicopter, the parachute deployed, get through the pink and land on
    target. Perform these base jump to earn money.
  7. Armando – At any time during the game, you can call Armando
    and organize an outing. You can perform four activities during an
    outing. Here are the activities you can do.
  8. Armando Billiards – To play pool, use the joystick to steer
    the tail give the speed of the shot and win this game
  9. Armando Darts – Go segments of the shelf and throw the
    darts. Each segment has special points. If you target the area close to
    the periphery of the circle, points will be doubled if your target area
    close to the circle, points will be tripled. However, to win this game,
    you must finish with a double.
  10. Armando: Air Hockey – Use the joystick to play air hockey
    and score seven points to win the game.
  11. Armando: Hamburger / Restaurant – Rendezvous point on the
    map, enter the restaurant and eat a burger or a dinner.
  12. Armando Golf – Do the same techniques at the mission of the
    game and make excellent drives.
  13. Armando Strip Club – The life of a gangster is full of
    danger. For this, we need to know to make the most of good times of
    life. Visit the club strippers and talk with one of them.

Cheats & Tips :

During the course of the game, enter the following keys on your
phone to activate the codes:

  1. Set basic weapons : 486 555 0150
  2. Set weapon enhanced : 486 555 0100
  3. Restore health, armor and weapons : 482 555 0100
  4. Restore Health : 362 555 0100
  5. Increase wanted level : 267 555 0150
  6. Lowering the index search : 267 555 0100
  7. Change weather : 468 555 0100
  8. To demonstrate an Annihilator (Helicopter) : 359-555-0100
  9. Show a FIB Buffalo (Car) : 227 555 0100

The Lost and Damned :

During the course of the game, enter the following keys on your
phone to activate the codes:

  • Show a Burrito (car) : 826 555 0150
  • Reveal a Slamvan (car) : 826 555 0100
  • Show a Double T (motorcycle) : 245 555 0125
  • Show a Hakuchou (motorcycle) : 245 555 0199
  • Show a Hexer (motorcycle) : 245 555 0150
  • Show a Innovation (motorcycle) : 245 555 0100

Bonus :

  • Have the shotgun in the hideout : Finish 10 gang wars.
  • Having the automatic pistol in the stash : Finish 20 gang wars.
  • Having the gun in the stash : Finish 30 gang wars.
  • Have the shotgun in the hideout : Finish 40 gang wars.
  • Having the grenade launcher in the hideout : Finish 50 gang wars.
  • Unlimited Ammo : Have 100% success.
  • Unlock vehicles.
  • Bati 800 : Complete missions motorcycle theft of Angus.
  • Hokachu : Win 12 races in single player mode.
  • Innovation : Kill 50 gulls.

Unlock weapons deliveries with Jim.

  • Automatic pistol : Complete mission "Bad Cop Drop.
  • Micro SMG : Finish the mission "Clean And Serene".
  • Bombs : Finish the mission "Hit The Pipe".
  • Shotgun : Finish the mission "Clean And Serene".

Success :

  • TLAD: Old biker ever (5) : Help Billy finds his bike. (The Lost and
  • TLAD: The prodigal son (25) : Become President of Lost. (The Lost
    and Damned)
  • TLAD: Easy Rider (100) : Finish the main story. (The Lost and
  • TLAD: Bat-man (50) : In motorcycle racing, riders reach 69 with a
    bat. (The Lost and Damned)
  • TLAD: super heavy (70) : Developing resistance Terry and Clay to
    100%. (The Lost and Damned)

The Ballad of Tony Gay

During the course of the game, enter the following keys on your
phone to activate the codes:

  • Fists explosive : 276-555-2666
  • Balls sniper explosive : 486-555-2526
  • Parachute : 359-555-7272

Codes for vehicles.

  • Reveal a tank APC : 272-555-8265
  • Reveal a helicopter Buzzard : 359-555-2899
  • Show a motorcycle Akuma : 625-555-0200
  • Show a motorcycle Vader : 625-555-3273
  • Show a NRG-900 bike : 625-555-0100
  • Show a motorcycle Sanchez : 625-555-0150
  • Reveal a boat Floater : 938-555-0150
  • Reveal a boat JetMax : 938-555-0100
  • Show a GT car Bullet : 227-555-9666
  • Show a car Cognoscenti : 227-555-0142
  • Car Show a Comet : 227-555-0175
  • Show a Super GT car : 227-555-0168
  • Show a car Turismo : 227-555-0147

Bonus :

  • Have the parachute in the hideout : Complete 20 missions parachute.
  • Have a .44 in the hideout : Finish 10 gang wars.
  • Having an advanced MG in the stash : Finish 20 gang wars.
  • Have the shotgun pellet into the hideout : Finish 30 gang wars.
  • Have the sticky bombs in the hideout : Finish 40 gang wars.
  • Have the SMG in gold in the stash : Finish 50 gang wars.
  • Having the NOOSE APC in the construction site : Kill 50 gulls.

Success :

  • TBOGT: Dumbass (5) : Making all basic jumps. (The Ballad of Tony
  • TBoGT: The diam’s Are Forever (5) : Complete history of the museum.
    (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
  • TBoGT: Pro Swing (10) : Touching four times a flag with a golf
    ball. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
  • TBoGT: Unstoppable (15) : Become a Champion Cage Fighters SC. (The
    Ballad of Tony Gay)
  • TBoGT: It is DISCO (15) : Dancing perfectly into the two clubs
    Tony. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
  • TBoGT: Carte Blanche (20) : Finish 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of
    Tony Gay)
  • TBoGT: Sensations … Pure (25) : Jump in freefall as long as
    possible. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
  • TBoGT: Maestro (30) : Finish the episode. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
  • TBoGT: On the list (45) : Complete all the missions at least 80%.
    (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
  • TBoGT: VIP (80) : Finish all missions to 100%. (The Ballad of Tony

Conclusion :  

Via two completely opposite worlds but still located in the same city
like Liberty City, the player has a unique visual richness. The graphics
filter Lost and Damned and the nightlife of Gay Tony really settle with
the habits that have been in control of Niko Bellic. Both episodes can
also rediscover the periphery and the aviation sector in Liberty City.
If found obviously the same game mechanics in GTA IV, sometimes a bit
rigid and outdated, it has mainly a motorcycle vastly improved gameplay
and originality of base jumping. We can always railing against the
questionable handling of helicopters but it is clear that with a little
training, it is incredibly fend art.

Allow about 20 hours of gameplay to complete all main missions, add 5
small hours for the rest of the solo and as many as you want in terms of
multiplayer. A lower price, it has a longer lifetime than the average
of its kind. GTA requires, this pack also has a great replay ability. In
addition to the new radios, Episodes From Liberty City is the umpteenth
time in before work carried out at the monstrous shields. Taken in the
first degree, many dialogues may seem hollow and repetitive but the
irony and caricature room can enjoy them at their fair value. A
pervasive humor and satire that will appeal to players necessarily the

It seems difficult to find additional content richer in terms of
staging. The dearth of plot no adverse pleased to discover very
endearing characters that could easily imagine the center of a full
title. Special mention to the references to the main frame, small winks,
apparitions Niko, Roman and Company and especially the missions of GTA
IV, lived here from different angles.


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