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We’ve already talked about Red Dead Redemption , the action game Rockstar that we could compare them by increasing the stroke to a " Grand Theft Auto in the Wild West. " This time, the developer has invited us to explore the multiplayer mode of its promising title, even within its premises in London. The opportunity to share our new impressions. GTA IV had created the first – true – Multiplayer history of the series. A solid enough basis on which Red Dead Redemption will be supported to offer players a multi able to take a long, long time before the screen. In previous presentations of Red Dead Redemption, we did feel that the formula reduces this game to "GTA in the Wild West" had great difficulty being accepted by representatives of Rockstar. But what is more normal when it is involved in creating a work whatsoever (game, movie, book …) do not appreciate to see summarized in three words by a journalist probably quite proud have found a good grip? Not only is understandable but it is also perfectly legitimate. So we agree: Red Dead Redemption is not a GTA with cowboys. Yet even before the session begins play on the multiplayer modes of Red Dead Redemption, a member of the team at Rockstar London cited the multi GTAIV as "immediate reference" used in the development this new title. And as you’ll see, nothing could be fairer.

Red Dead Redemption is an epic battle for survival in a beautiful open world as John Marston struggles to bury his blood-stained past, one man at a time. When federal agents threaten his family, former outlaw John Marston is sent across the American frontier to help bring the rule of law. Experience intense gun battles, dramatic train robberies, bounty hunting and duels during a time of violent change. Developed by Rockstar San Diego, Red Dead Redemption is coming for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system on May 18, 2010 in North America and on May 21, 2010 in Europe.

Might as well be frank, even if everything has not yet been unveiled, the multi Redemption Red Dead certainly looks rather conventional on paper, but also very comprehensive. It will thus be the deathmatch alone or in teams, capture the flag makeup, and fashion a little more original. One of them was for example to retrieve the bags of money scattered all over the map, and report them in boxes also placed at strategic locations. In this mode, kill the opponent was good, but not the priority, and it was especially quickly learn to hide and kill the bearer of the loot near a trunk to win points in his place. A tactic camper never very honorable, but incredibly effective and will certainly not bad valves and giggles among participants. More generally, the game should get away with the honors even in the usual ways through instinctive handling based on a semi-automatic referred easier. They will also receive a good arsenal, and many other bonuses sprinkled to stock up on ammunition, or meet a sudden his special gauge to trigger then a fatal shooting. Another fun little detail: the parties will begin by killing face to face contact between all participants, giving an advantage to those who drew the fastest and who will be the last one standing. A quite practical to initiate hostilities, and very relevant to the topic.


The interface is similar to what had been done Rockstar for his last Grand Theft Auto. This is the "leader of the party that determines the type of handle to play and others can show their approval and their discontent through a brief voting system. Once this choice is made, a few seconds are left to players, while they do their personal settings. The game begins as a western duel. Except that Red Dead Redemption all participants face! Individually or in teams depending on game mode A melee instant shots that saves a little cash for the final score. The losers of this short – but intense – phase "respawnent" and go into the game, that it includes a more conventional course.

In terms of gameplay, everything comes from the single player mode. The commands do not change an inch and no restriction is made on the environment. The entire map remains open (enter at indoor still possible) and there is no adjustment period for the multiplayer, you just get used to more mobile and cunning adversaries that IA: nothing beats the slyness of a human opponent! To lock, you have to forget this kind of sight mechanics of GTA IV that we can continue to hold an opponent to play behind a wall. Here, it must be within sight, and shoot before a too rapid movement from the target do you loose the auto-aim. The player is constantly forced to keep adjusting its angle shot, which makes the gunfight more breathless!

The game was capture the flag for his part more interesting, because more complex and takes place in environments of significant size. Therefore, snipe rifles, horses use to save time in the long commute, and cannons to defend each base embodied so many new elements of strategy. Not to mention the teamwork so essential to score points by attacking and defending in a coordinated manner. But if all these appetizers will be good, the true piece de resistance will no doubt the multi in free roaming. A multiple "open", therefore, in which the player can move in vast areas and be joined by other participants (up to 7) to carry out missions against the enemy led by artificial intelligence.

In this mode, it will be possible to gain experience levels to progress at both arms as his mount, and some ancillary activities of the single player mode as hunting, are also possible. The leader of each group of players will serve as a rallying point to bring up markers on the map of his team members to indicate which route to follow. This little world will then have the opportunity to participate in races, or to face groups of enemies (formal or villains) in a particular hometown … The variety seems well set to be there, and that multiplayer should quickly become the rendezvous of those who prefer to explore the huge Far West offered several. But not too fast n’enterrons single player who can certainly count on his side on his script and talent of the staging that made the reputation of the studio.


With a range of new, innovative forms of classic team-based and free-for-all games, and a revolutionary new Free Roam mode that’s unlike anything ever seen before, Red Dead Redemption raises the bar for open-world multiplayer gaming.

Free Roam: Free Roam brings the open-world experience to multiplayer for up-to-16 players, with the opportunity to form posses of up-to-8 to take on the world’s gang hideouts, ambient challenges – and each other. Free Roam also gives players a living, breathing world instead of a generic game lobby – with the freedom to roam the open expanse, hunting or creating shootouts before heading into competitive game modes – and leveling up with every major action. With each level come new avatars, outfits, mounts, playlists and challenges.

Posses: Sometimes it takes a posse to take on a gang. Form posses with friends to take on gang hideouts and ambient challenges within Free Roam, or have your posse leader bring you into competitive matches at any time. Posses can hear each other talk via voice chat, no matter how far apart they may be.

Gang Hideouts: Just like in the single-player experience, some areas of the multiplayer world are overrun by bandits. Gather up your posse or any other players in Free Roam, ride out to find the hideouts and take those scurrilous bandits down.

Ambient Challenges: Are you a hunter, a survivalist, or a shootist? The entire multiplayer world is filled with ambient challenges. Whether alone, with other Free Roam players or with your posse, discover unmarked hunting areas to take down waves of deadly predators, track down rare fauna in Survivalist Challenges, or earn yourself the title of Public Enemy by marauding towns and taking on Law Enforcement.


The first multiplayer modes is not a proper. Understand that we do not fire in choosing the type of party to which you want to play in a menu as is the case for all others. It is simply the opportunity to perform in cooperation with other players online missions of the main season, that is to say that they could also undertake solo. This option is very flexible and allows any player to get in and out on the fly from any game you will plunge directly into the atmosphere of the westerns where the premium manly camaraderie among cowboys, "The Savage Horde" and "Silverado" in mind. And if you mentioned "Brokeback Mountain", you tease … Once the gang met, we share the mission management and route chosen to achieve it fits in blue on the mini-map in the bottom left of the screen. In this case, it was clear a hacienda where a gang of thugs had taken up residence in Mexico. Note that each player eliminated will get ten dollars of premium and that money can be reinvested in further new weapons, uniforms, etc..

This need to make money generates, you can imagine, a happy rat race. The cowboys are greedy, it is well known. During this first mission, we have found that aiming is rather assisted and, as in GTA, just press the left trigger to lock the handle and then use the right trigger to shoot and make a card for sure. However, the enemies know how to enjoy the scenery elements to get away, just like you elsewhere. In these moments, it must play "Sniper" by adjusting the aiming with the right stick on the controller to try to touch the very tip of the hat that goes behind a wall or hand holding a weapon that can be seen in the corner of a box. As we noted in previous tests, the damage is localized. So you can stop an opponent’s momentum by shooting him in the legs or pay him his account immediately touching his head. It is also possible to kick the campers if an oil lamp is near them. One shot, it explodes and the atmosphere warms immediately. After taking a position on the hacienda, he had to face three waves of reinforcements who tried in vain to overwhelm us by their number. The missions were so dynamic that one side should give them a certain appeal.

To help locate themselves in the vast reaches of Red Dead Redemption, it has a radar that is perhaps the only anachronistic error of the game (but given the size of environments, it is vital not to lose). In multi, its utility is the same, but you can not see your opponents constantly. Indeed, to locate them, they must make noise. Either by pulling or running a little too fast on land noisy, or donating a piece of scenery. Moving too clumsy is prohibited, "the camper" is somehow an advantage, but it betrays its presence as a ball fuse. And it does not stay in the shelter of a discrete approach which can only catch him if he has too much confidence in his ability to spotter.

During the presentation, we could play only a few specific modes. In the "deathmatch" (in teams or every man for himself), each killed enemy reported his small sum of money, (s) winner (s) being one (or ones) that have the most money at the end time limit. More funny, the "gold rush" can vary a little like "capture the flag." As a team, it is to recover the loot opponents that they do not do the same before you. And everything is good to defend his position snipers, Gatling, dynamite. Alone, it is outright betrayal of the mass. Each participant to bring bags of gold to the nearest safe for cash. Cesdits bags, which can be cashed in any box, then become the envy of the campers, they are themselves the targets of stalkers. If cash in a bag of gold provides a significant nest egg, a shot between the eyes also brings lot of dollars. This nerve is deceitful, it’s funny. This is what Rockstar!

Plethora of secondary characters:

View with admiration the great rides in the heart of the Wild West Virtual Rockstar had inevitably left with a feeling of frustration in the last two presentations. So being able to finally walk in this world both huge and immersive represents for us a sort of issue, as this feeling of freedom so coveted would very soon become a reality.

And if we do go back over the basics of the game, Rockstar has still benefited from the mouthing to return the key elements of the scenario. We now know more about the past and Motivation by John Marston, the dashing hero of the game past highwayman, John Marston and his gang were feared like the plague. But after a bank robbery gone wrong, the band split across the continent. Helpless against this criminal organization, the military decide to put pressure on Marston by kidnapping his family. Distraught, yet cooperative, the former mobster has only one solution: ride his nag to find and denounce his former accomplices. An adventure full of pitfalls, but also meetings with prominent personalities of the different faces. Mexican Rebel megalomaniac, corrupt sheriff, scum of the lowest … Red Dead Redemption contains a plethora of secondary characters in the Rockstar tradition of productions.

Niko Bellic:

During a routine mission, Marston became acquainted with a sergeant and lazy alcoholic who spends most of his time providing pretty girls to Colonel to avoid being sent to the front. He is talking here about a battle where the player in the camp of the army this time, goes on the attack of a strong rebel. To move towards a target is identified on the plan, he can count on the many elements of style in order to hide and avoid enemy attacks. Rocks, rubble of destroyed homes, multiple elements to camouflage.

Like GTA IV , the gameplay is mostly before the roofing system that serves as a cornerstone in the clashes. Those who have played GTA IV will have no difficulty in taking in hand Dead Red Redemption. And for good reason: the gameplay John Martson was clearly modeled on that of Niko Bellic. Good news? Basically, one is tempted to respond positively, even if the control a bit heavy (already mentioned in GTA IV) could be inconvenient at times warm. And obviously, the action sequences, which seem to many, should play a leading role in the backbone of the gameplay of Dead Red Redemption.

As a novelty, Rockstar brought the "Dead Eye". Represented by a gauge, this system can slow the action to target multiple enemies. A perfect solution when it comes to eliminating opponents side by side. Once at the top of the hill, the night begins to settle and the last rays of sun lick red canyons. Let the word go, Red Dead Redemption offers a stunning visual record, with a large depth of field and an impressive sense of detail. Hats flying during the fighting, which gutted the lamps is growing into a wall of fire, fighting RDR no shortage of panache!

Browse the great outdoors:

The second mission takes us this time in the heart of a small town typical of the era. Saloon, shops of all kinds, the city bustles with life and each of the inhabitants seem busy with a very specific task. These are all important elements that enhance the immersion in the ruthless world of Red Dead Redemption. The sheriff is concerned, he is actively seeking a dangerous outlaw named Bill. A glass of whiskey dry enough to convince him to accompany Marston to help put Bill behind bars.

And we will see, the pattern resembles a mission finally close to that of GTA IV. Instead of whistling like to call a taxi Bellic, Marston performs the same action, but this time to summon his horse. The goal is then to take the mill gangster without being detected and remaining at a safe distance, so. Do not you remember anything? What follows is an action sequence, then the capture of fugitive alive, thanks to the famous lasso. A bullet in the leg enough to make staggering.

Comprised of 4 major areas, the card is unlocked RDR base, the player has the opportunity to roam wherever he wants. If we must know how to manage the energy of his horse so as not to exhaust (under penalty of being ejected), navigate the great outdoors remains strong heady, exacerbated by a feeling of true freedom. And as promised by Rockstar, each of the frames has its own characteristics in terms of maneuverability. For example, a carriage stolen from citizens requires much more precision in the behavior of a single horse. This time, he appreciates the way – again – careful management of physics in which one can see the muscles of cattle to draw in real time. Fortunately, the sessions of racing on the Great Plains are not confined to mere tourist trips since most missions annexes are scattered across the map. To help deal with the rebel army, skinning dead animals (for sale), find the escaped prisoners, the side missions are triggered naturally, when we look toward the person concerned.

Marston boosted his reputation as gauge the achievements made during the game Basically, in the words of a Peter M: "All your choices have a consequence." By sowing terror in the Great West, the player is thus open the door to a life of famous and feared by all. The population is expected to react to this setting by giving you the good kind courtesy. An increased popularity of particular grants you discounts at merchants and the support of some allies at times warm. But this rising fame also attracts greed: many brave you are ready to duel in the middle of the desert. In terms of honor, he must succeed in juggling the Mexican army and rebels, each choice leading inevitably contrasting consequences.

Prisoners escape diligence, Marston part in hunting and is a perverse pleasure to catch up with its targets, armed with his famous lassot. Class. A good deed obviously strengthens your sympathy with the government and therefore has an impact on your gauge of honor. But when it comes down to one senior member of the state declaring a propaganda speech full crowd, that is another pair of sleeves! Two alternatives present themselves when the player: to clear a path among the citizens, drawing his weapon and shoot the person at close range or so, wear a scarf to hide his face (previously purchased) and get the character discreetly. In this second option, the player does not detect and can trace its path without bothering. But in the first case, the situation is at once highly more complicated because the player becomes automatically searched. Wanted, dead or alive, the head of Marston is a price in the country.

Because unlike GTA, exile does not withdraw your search, it remains engaged until the player performs a good deed to redeem himself from the government, such as helping the army to eject a tape rebels from a village devastated. There is also a second solution which allows to regain his freedom by simply buying his own ransom in a number of telegraph offices, but that’s at once less intense. To believe the words of Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption should be honored in his time fighting in offering both spectacular and theatrical. If the gameplay is undeniably closer to GTA IV with a similar cover system, it also introduces a kind of "bullet time", namely a one-time opportunity to target enemies in slow motion. And between two good sequences explosive shot, the player can go to one of the many distractions available, characterized by mini-games: poker, darts, … John also allows himself a few differences when entering a bar prostitutes, just to chat and flirt a little, of course.

When GTA turns into Western:

The blazing sun is overwhelming. The sand swirls in a silence that smells like death. The atmosphere is heavy, John Marston arrived in a ghost town whose horizon has resulted in vast plains of western France. The first few seconds of the presentation propel us in a picturesque and incredibly immersive world: that of the Wild West . For literally immerse ourselves in this particular universe, Rockstar San Diego has inspired many a film to recreate all the ambience that characterizes this period. The satirical shots at the races continued into the hills of the Mexican border, although Rockstar has to offer a real tribute to the Western world. And we must admit that the outcome seems already striking.

The player embodies the upscale John Marston, an outlaw who is trying to rebuild a name so that the conquest of the western reaches its end. As in any good Western, who respects himself, the party ensures shoot in the starring roles fratricidal duel in the middle of a city, muscular sequences during a chase in the desert, the action should play a role in Dead Red Redemption. San Diego developers have also taken the same lifts that GTA IV in the roofing system. Red Dead Redemption also marks the return of Bullet Time (called Dead Eye), to target multiple enemies in a few seconds. This component of gameplay leads to spectacular confrontations, especially since the enemies do not hesitate to hide behind the rubble to try to surround you.

His duty done, John Marston can sail to new horizons by taking an efficient means of transport: the horse. The opportunity to admire the technical prowess displayed by the physics of Rockstar. Never ride a horse did not seem as realistic animations with glaring truth. One wonders if the developers had not made the motion capture technique to achieve such a level. An impressive level of detail that is also found in the typical approach of the hero who has nothing to envy to John Wayne. What is more natural when you know that the title uses the power of the RAGE engine, already proven with GTA IV and Midnight Club: LA.

Completely out of the ordinary, the trip into the world of Red Dead Redemption takes the form of a magical journey: the landscape offered are wonderful, no clipping will just ruin the show! Imagine a world like GTA IV, but in the Far West. Imagine a world where cars in Liberty City are replaced by other horses and stagecoaches. Imagine a world where buildings are no longer than small villages lost in the middle of nowhere. The environment of Red Dead Redemption is simply the largest ever made by Rockstar! We are talking about a playground more massive than San Andreas. Of course, do not expect great cities teeming with people, but rather large extended in 3 different areas, including the Mexican border and its colorful rocks and the Great Plains and its lush vegetation.

Also to strengthen this feeling of immersion, Rockstar has managed to give life to the environments that make a real ecological system. A major first in the history of the studio. During a walk, it is possible to cross the scary snakes, coyotes or crows leaping pecking a body in agony. We are promised at least one independent management of the fauna and flora with a faithful reproduction of the vegetation.

Stop and shoot the bandits crossing to save a beautiful damsel, flying diligence, everything seems possible in worlds of Red Dead Redemption … But like GTA IV, Rockstar reminds us that Red Dead Redemption has a deep storyline and a deep epic story, written by Dan Houser, one of the founders of Rockstar. Combined with a scene which Rockstar has only secret, we can already imagine a scenario paced and full of surprises. History of the nail, the presentation concluded with a movie in town where the hero enters the saloon, chats with intoxicated patrons of the bar before they pay a good relaxing time. Rockstar announces indeed many mini-games, like the knife where the objective is to prevent his fingers from growing faster.

The last mode we played which was without doubt the most removed. In a village of Mexican architecture, it was to identify the bags of gold and bring them in boxes located in the outskirts of town. Then of course there were those who played the game and went to get the loot for the shelter in openly confronting the competition. Besides, there were the sneaky, those who waited patiently near the chests that good souls do the job to shoot them coldly at the last sprint, pick up the bag fell to the ground, finishing the job and pocket the points. Yes, it’s ugly. But it is lucrative. It should be noted that these rogues are assisted in their task by the fact that when you squat, it disappears from the radar and you remain in place or you move. Ideal for the next surprise.

We must point out an excellent idea developers that have come: to begin each party in a multi-shooting group. All participants are facing, or in a circle when you play solo or online when you play as a team and on the signal after the countdown, everyone défouraille. It is possible but very difficult to survive and only when there remains only one cowboy life that enters the space provided. Of course, the points accumulated during this transitional phase also serves to mask any load are in the final result. Before concluding, let’s say we have seen four multiplayer modes Red Dead Redemption but they told us that "several others" were already planned. In this test, it appears that indeed the multiplayer in Red Dead is clearly inspired by the GTA. But no one asks him not to reinvent the wheel, just to distract us. And this he did very well and is on course to emerge as a vital complement to a game that will not be less.

Tips And Codes:

  • Austin Overpowered: Complete Twin Rocks, Pike’s Basin, and Gaptooth Breach Hideouts in Single Player.
  • Bearly Legal: Kill and skin 18 grizzly bears.
  • Buckin’ Awesome: Break the Kentucky Saddler, the American Standardbred, and the Hungarian Half-bred.
  • Bullseye: Get 250 headshots in any game mode.
  • Clemency Pays: Capture a bounty alive.
  • Evil Spirits: Complete Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul Hideouts in Single Player.
  • Exquisite Taste: Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith.
  • Fightin’ Around the World: Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single Player.
  • Friends in High Places: Use a Pardon Letter with more than $5,000 Bounty in Single Player.
  • Frontiersman: Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge.
  • Go Team: Be on the winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game in public matches
  • Gold Medal: Earn a Gold Medal Rank for a combat mission in Single Player.
  • Have Gun Will Travel: Complete all Hideouts in a single public Free Roam session
  • He Cleans Up Well!: Obtain the Elegant Suit.
  • High Roller: Win over 2,000 chips in a hand of Poker or Blackjack.
  • Hit the Trail: Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session
  • How the West Was Won: Reach the top rank for multiplayer experience.
  • In a Hail of Bullets: Kill 500 enemies with any pistol or revolver in any game mode.
  • Instinto Asesino: Complete Fort Mercer and Nosalida Hideouts in Single Player.
  • Long Arm of Marston: Kill 500 enemies with any rifle, repeater, or shotgun in any game mode.
  • Man of Honor / Chivalry’s Dead: Attain highest Fame rank and either highest Honor rank or lowest Honor rank.
  • More than a Fistful: Earn $10,000 in Single Player.
  • Most Wanted: Maintain a max wanted level for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session.
  • Mowing Them Down: Kill 500 enemies with a mounted weapon in any game mode.
  • No Dice: Complete a game of Liar’s Dice without losing a single die.
  • People are Still Strange: Complete 15 tasks for Strangers.
  • Posse Up!: Create a posse and get the maximum number of members
  • Red Dead Rockstar: Kill a Rockstar or someone with this achievement in a public multiplayer match.
  • Redeemed: Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat.
  • Slow on the Draw: Get 10 assists in a single Hideout in a public Free Roam session
  • Strange Things are Afoot: Complete a task for a Stranger.
  • The Gunslinger: Get a headshot while in Expert Mode in Single Player.
  • The Quick and everyone else: Be the top scoring player in any three consecutive FFA games in public matches
  • Unnatural Selection: Kill one of every animal species in the game in any game mode.


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