Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper Xbox Walkthrough

The Sherlock Holmes series is known as one of the best franchises in
adventure games and is acclaimed by critics worldwide. Now, the
detective is back in what will be his most terrifying investigation. In
this great adventure game, the player will track the most dangerous
killer England has ever known: Jack the Ripper.

1888, London, district of Whitechapel. A series of particularly horrible
murders takes place in this district of the East End of London where
atrociously mutilated prostitutes’ bodies are found. The police are
unable to find a serious lead and the murders increase creating a real
psychosis. Sherlock Holmes starts looking for clues in the dark and
sinister alleys of Whitechapel in order to follow the macabre trail of
the one the press now calls Jack the Ripper. During a frightening
adventure, Sherlock Holmes will try to bring out the true identity and
the motives of the one who hides behind this scary alias.

Fully 3D rendered, Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper will offer
players 2 different views that are accessible at any time: a 3rd person
view in the purest style used in point & click adventure games, as
well as a 1st person view. The player will be free to play in one or the
other modes or even combine them for greater immersion into this
terrifying adventure.

Another novelty: the player will also find an original crime scene
reconstitution system that will allow him to test his theories during
his progress in the investigation to follow the bloody trail of the
terrifying serial killer. As demonstrated on the previous PC Sherlock
Holmes, we strove to tell a fictional encounter between two legends
officiating on both sides of the fence law, two myths together in an
adventure game does not necessarily impose it as a kind of essential. If
the idea was far from stupid, several game play problems, a clumsy
narrative and difficulty wrong dosage were clearly against the true
notion of pleasure gaming could be so afraid that Sherlock Holmes
against Jack the Ripper not rehash all the same mistakes as the guiding
idea of this album is referred to that of its big brother through face
to face Sherlock and his evil double, Jack the Ripper. However, it is
not because developers are able to innovate without erasing the past.

In fact, without alienating fans of adventure and intense reflection,
Frogwares opened his title to a wider audience via a few additions that
will make everything much more enjoyable to follow. First, they like to
find like the remastered version of The Awakened two viewpoints, the
first and third person. In this regard, the problems of path finding of
the PC version are resolved in real time since it directs the character
through the analog stick. In addition, the third person is synonymous
with greater clarity through a better overview of the site. Then, if we
still find that combination of riddles, chitchat and investigations, we
can now have access to an ingenious system of aid to use as a last
resort obviously. Thus, by simply pressing the left trigger, you’ll
instantly see all the indexes present on the crime scene. You will then
have to click on them to collect notes and observations of Sherlock.
With all that valuable out of it, you will always solve several puzzles
less tortuous, it is true that those of the previous component. The more
experienced can then swearing at the simple opening of a briefcase or
reconstruction of a cane but tell yourself that difficult is gradual and
you will still need to run your little gray cells to solve some of

Ultimately, we appreciate greatly evolve in a darker, more is very
respectful of the original case knowing that the killings in which
Holmes and Watson investigating refer directly to those of reality, the
where they were held to injury victims, etc.. Suddenly, the adventure is
also easier for those familiar with the misdeeds of Jack the Ripper on
the fingertips. However, Frogwares has seen fit to include some business
schedules to consolidate his game while lengthening the life span.
Unfortunately, if the result is compelling, it is very different from
the visual outdated due to a 3D engine rough it is time to let it rest
in peace. But never mind, the foremost important thing is the scenario,
cleverly written and once again allowing the French dubbing of the
series to resume service.

The dialogues are still numerous and you should discuss to find the
index that you lack in order to use it wisely. On this point, little
change. The procedure is the same, the player can help archives related
dialogues and reports to see clearer. However, we note three other new
building a little more immersion. The first will offer to rebuild a
crime, trying to find the modus operandi of the murderer. You’ll need to
place the characters, generally Holmes and Watson, have them take a gun
and that until Holmes is happy with the staging. Then comes the time of
deductions. It will be discussed here to gather all the clues on the
body of the victim or crime scene, which you will have a table to link
them all this to lead to a single conclusion: good. A good way to help
you pass the final exam. Again, Frogwares has reviewed his copy. Exit
quiz and therefore welcome the questions and answers. In short, you have
at your disposal several theories, which should be associated with the
indices in your possession, in order to validate or not. Easier than
before, yes, but easier to understand and appreciate for the newcomers.

Features :

  • Penetrate one of the greatest English mysteries and discover who
    Jack the Ripper really is!
  • 2 legendary English characters from the 19th century in a
    terrifying investigation: Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all
    on the footsteps of Jack the Ripper.
  • For the first time, 2 different views that are accessible at any
    time. Play as you wish: in a classic way with a third person view and
    the "Point & click" system, as well as a first person view for total
  • Investigate in the city of London like rarely seen on screen.
    During your adventure, go all over the dark and sinister alleys of the
    district of Whitechapel, Jack the Ripper’s favored hunting ground.
  • For the first time, use an original crime scene reconstitution
    system to test theories that might lead you on the serial killer’s
  • Use and combine more than 100 objects and gather many clues to
    bring out the true identity and the motives of the frightening Jack the
  • A progressive hint system in included to put the player in the
    right direction during puzzle solving.

Game play  :

This new episode for the series offers a unique game experience thanks
to the amazing work achieved on both the technical aspects with an
optimized and improved engine, and the game play with new features to
make the adventure as deep as possible. The improved graphics engine now
allows the use of new effects and the display of finer textures which
give a higher degree of accuracy to the roads, alleyways and inhabitants
of Whitechapel, faithfully reproduced as they were a century ago. The
graphic engine also plunges the player into realistic scenes full of
vibrant life. It creates streets crawling with life: dozens and dozens
of London’s slums’ miserable dwellers now wander these dark and filthy

Some new improvements have also been made to the game play. New cameras
are given to the player who can now switch from one to another at any
time. The 3rd person mode offers a new cinematic perspective allowing
the player to catch every detail of the scene and to appreciate the many
crime scenes in their wholeness. On the other hand, the first person
mode lets the player take the famous detective’s place and offers a
total immersion in the poor districts of London at that time. This
system shows a greater accessibility to all and especially to the
adventure games fans usually divided between these 2 modes. This game
avoids thwarting the player by imposing him a given game play.
An astonishing crime scene reconstitution system has been imagined to
help the player to go deeper in his investigations and to bring a new
dimension to the game. The player analyses, puts forward suppositions
and hypothesis under the attentive and critic eye of Doctor Watson. The
point is to draw conclusions to reproduce the context of the murders
which help him to identify the man behind the atrocious crimes…and
possibly end his bloody race before the entire English capital falls
under panic.

The Story :

At the time the industrial revolution was in full swing, the British
Empire was at its peak. As the premiere world power, England’s model of
wealth and modernity radiated throughout the world. However, Whitechapel
District, in the East End of London, hardly reflected this brilliant

Whitechapel was the capital’s most squalid neighborhood. Within its
boundaries lived England’s worst rabble including alcoholics, beggars,
prostitutes…as well as a large community of Jewish immigrants fleeing
Eastern Europe’s ever growing anti-Semitism. In this terrible hole of
misery, tens of thousands of people lived crammed within a maze of
narrow, sinister, stinky streets overshadowed by fog. To deal with the
poverty, the government created Public Work Houses in an attempt to
manage the masses. t’s within this sinister set, faithfully rendered in
all its details and similar to a macabre playground that you’ll have to
investigate and track Jack the Ripper’s bloody trail and solve one of
the greatest mysteries of crime.

Walkthrough :

London, 1 September 1888, on the trail of the murderer of East End
: You start the adventure in the skin of Watson, Baker Street. The
subjective view can easily locate the objects to be examined, identified
by a magnifying glass. To move forward, hold the left mouse button. In
the office of Sherlock Holmes, find the map of London: it rests on the
small console to the left of the table. Take it and click on the
Whitechapel for a larger image. Locate the police station (the yellow
dot to the left of the map). Check for Whitechapel.

A Whitechapel : Enter the police station by the door facing you.
Ask the agent on the preliminary reports and go in search of his papers
lost in the alleys of the neighborhood. For travel abroad, to prefer the
third person. Always turn left to find a little porch under which there
is Finley, superintendent of the building. He agreed to return the bag
lost if you talk to the officer from his problem with the vagabond. Come
and see the agent Humphries and talk of "master", nickname of the
vagabond. It guides you to Commercial Street. To get there, go back near
the building’s concierge (still left) then go straight (you see a
coach). Passing under the green shutters of the building (next to the
carriage) you distinguish a young woman at the window. Talk to him. It
descends. This is the niece of "master". This is sick and you propose to
treat him. You must find the alcoholic uncle. Accuracy interesting, you
can "teleport" in all places previously visited by the map of your

a). Find the "master"

In a deadlock, at the corner of Batty Street, you hear a man coughing.
This is the one you want, but it needs a chemist to help him. Quit the
patient leaving Watson and enter the clinic you can find by clicking on
the yellow dot that appeared on your card. Ask Dr. Gibbons. He gives you
a vial of medicine that you just have to submit to Watson returning to
the impasse through the card. Then go to the board shabby for the
concierge to furnish the bag and return to the police. Introduce the bag
to the agent but it fails to open.

b). Open the mysterious

To unlock the mechanism, rotate the knobs to get the numbers in order:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. It should be understood that the figures for
individual wheels and you can communicate and transfer them from one
wheel to another. You hear a click! It’s good. You get the preliminary
reports. Road to Buck’s Street Crime scene of Polly.

c). On the scene of Polly

Proceed to the bottom of the alley to see a crowd of onlookers. You
return at night to raise indices. Look more closely at the body lying on
the floor. Observe the victim’s face to face with a magnifying glass
for clues.

Take a magnifying glass to notice a bruise on the victim’s right cheek,
another on the left cheek, her throat cut in two places, tongue swollen
and blood under the body. Now look at the whole body (belly, the hand
holding a hat, muddy ground, and the absence of traces of blood on the
wall). Explore the lane, you see a prostitute who kisses a man (this is
reduced) and a single lamp lit (on the right side of the lane in front
of the two pairs of prostitutes).
When you have collected all the clues around, you can simulate the scene
in two stages.

  • First action to simulate: Lying, knife, left hand, neck, face.
  • Second action: Standing bare hands, right hand, neck, face.
  • This enables you to gather vital clues to two new deductions.
  • Simulate the scene of the crime with the complicity of Watson.   
  • Second simulation with Watson.

To access the screen deductions, click the right mouse button. The
indices collected (left side of the screen) should be placed on the
central panel, the right places, then you should click on the arrow
right of the new indices that appear to choose the correct answer.
Finally, choose the right conclusions in the right side of the screen,
until they are all validated in green.

Back in Holmes, Baker Street :

a). Look for the motive for the murder

You can complete the painting on the wall left to speculate on the
motive. Match the arguments corresponding to various mobiles can choose
whether or not this phone is compelling: the motives are relevant
revenge, insanity and black magic.

b). Watson investigate a missing cane

You play Watson and now you go to the police station to give the letter
to the agent of Holmes. Ask him about the "leather apron" and head
towards the pension Finley. Talk Finley, pick up the broken bottle on
the stairs leading to the homes of the pension. Ask for the last time
Finley and go beneath the balcony of Lucy, who will guide you to Bella, a
prostitute who knows the "Leather Apron". Go through two doors and ask
it. She asks for a service in exchange for his information: find a stick
silver handle. Ask Mary, who cleans the floor and the young man slumped
on the sofa. It will describe the cane he has lost. Ask the police
officer to learn about Tumblety.

Now go to the clinic to find Margie, a prostitute who contracted
syphilis. Unfortunately she disappeared and you can ask that Dr.
Gibbons. Before that, notice the footprints on the floor inside the
clinic and question the doctor, who will offer to rebuild the famous
cane. To do this, open the wall cupboard at the back of the room and
follow the instructions you received on the cane.

Reconstructing an ebony cane 90 cm is easy. Submit your creation to Dr.
Gibbons, who will ask you anyway harnesses for her patients in exchange
for the cane. Remove and immediately cross the street. At the first
intersection, right at the corner of the street on the left, you will
find the shop Solomonovitch. Look more closely at the harness on the
table at the back of the room. The noise will hasten the craftsman, that
you ask questions before you turn these harnesses for horse’s
adjustable tools for patients. Now go to the police. Sherlock Holmes
joins you and you go for another murder found in Hanbury Street. To get
there, click on the green dot between the two lenses when the map

c). Hanbury Street, September 8, 1888

Open the door left of the policeman (the hardest is to make his way
among the crowd of onlookers …) and observe more closely the body: all
around, no drag in the ground, a piece of muslin, two combs, traces of
blood on the back wall and a torn envelope. Lift the cloth that covers
the body and allow Watson to deduce the time of death. Observe the
victim’s body at different places: the stomach, chest (where the hand
shows signs analyze the magnifying glass because it lacks a ring finger)
and face (see the blue and swollen tongue severed neck).
You can now make the deductions.

Back to Baker Street, September 11, 1888 : Knock on the door of
Holmes to the right of the fireplace, but it does not know. Take the
green jar on the coffee table. It contained formalin. Holmes sends you
to Whitechapel.

Whitechapel, the night of 11 to 12 September 1888 : Go to the
police station and ask Humphries then witnessed the murder. Ask again on
Tumblety Humphries and Finley. Look in the wastebasket to the left of
the agent and rebuild the puzzle. To rotate pieces, click the right
mouse button. Go now to the shoemaker. Get your harness and read the
Daily News. Go see Finley to the pension shabby then return to the
police describe Tumblety to the agent. Now go to the clinic and swap the
harness in your possession against the cane. Remember to show the
doctor the white pill Annie Chapman. Rendezvous with Miss Bella to the
brothel: she will tell you about Tumblety in exchange for the cane. It
tells you a new direction: The pub Wapsi’s Nest "on Berner Street. Go
ahead by clicking on the yellow dot at the bottom left of the map

At the pub "The Wapsi’s Nest" : A journalist seated whining about
the loss of its red ink. Ask the bartender and Sickert on Tumblety that
tells you a door into the hallway. But it is forbidden. On the counter,
you find the bottle of red ink that you put the journalist. Return now
to the bartender who finally agreed to let you access the door. Behind
this door, a sinister man needs a gas company employee. Watson notes
that he has learned enough and you can return to Baker Street by the

Baker Street, September 12, 1888 : Holmes questions you about the
two murders. Say that the two victims were the same profession, namely
prostitution. Now you control Holmes goes to the time scale on the wall.
Place in the corresponding time evaluating the time of the murder
(4:30) symbolized by a pendulum. Take the pipe (right) which symbolizes
the arrival of Holmes and Watson on the scene, and place it at 6:20.
Click in your inventory on the two reports (Cadosh and Long) and on the
testimony of Richardson (there is a dialogue with the witness of the
police). Each time, select the item as evidence by clicking on the bar
that appears at the bottom right of your inventory. This will bring up
the icons on the time scale. It only remains to arrange the right place.
Finally, make the adjustments suggested by Holmes, and locate the crime
(symbolized by the bloody knife) at 5:30.

Let us now, the mobile crimes. First find the picture, on the other side
of the room, on which hang your deductions: cannibalism or money. Leave
the apartment of Holmes and go to the London Hospital, new item
appeared on the map.

London Hospital, September 12, 1888, 12:30 : Ask your colleague
on organ trafficking. Visit the site. Take a page on the human heart,
installed on the left of the skull on a shelf. Examine the table to the
right of the shelf containing the jars and take the jar containing a
heart. A riddle is solved. But first take a screwdriver (or surgical
instrument) which is in the box "tools" on the table that faces the
shelves of jars. A small truck needs fat to run his wheel. Use your
surgical instrument to unlock the wheel. A message appears. Return to
the riddle of the heart. Select the two documents as evidence (the
diagram of the human heart and the message about the heart of little
Ethan). Find the right combination (two times): turn the blue arrow on
the I and V on the red and the blue arrow on the eighth and the Red II.
Take the magnet.

Examine the fourth panel of medicine starting from the door through
which you entered. Place the magnet over to reveal a new puzzle. This
interchange of two magnetic seats ensuring not to touch the edges,
otherwise everything again. It is not difficult, but remember to
retrieve the item from the left (a hook) when you’re finished. You
notice that the panel 6 has a small hole. Use your hook to open. Get the
coded message. Watson off again seek Holmes.

Baker Street, September 12, 1888, 11:30 : Holmes wants to go
incognito in Whitechapel. Take the door on the right of the fireplace
and get the costume on the bed. Holmes is unrecognizable!

Whitechapel, September 12, 1888 : Go to the pub "Wasp’s Nest" by
the card. Knock on the door of the seedy man next to the bar, and do you
get for the gas. It tells you a satchel in the building of the pension
Finley. But first, locate one of floor slat loose, before the famous
door. You can pick up with tweezers, which is on the counter (go to
subjective). A riddle is solved. Groping, you should be able to place
the piece of wood at the very bottom left of your screen, allowing you
to spend the little Hebrew on the right shows this teaser craft.

a). Go to the floor of the pension Finley

Ask Finley to the pension shabby and search the trash behind the stairs.
You will find dishes rusty iron, small plates, two lead pipes, a small
stick, a wooden pole and a spray of perfume. Two pieces of scale
(sticks) are placed against the wall and old nails were scattered on the
bench. Assemble the two sticks and wooden pole to get two wooden poles.
Adjust them on small plates for a makeshift ladder that you to
consolidate with nails. The subjective view will allow you to find other
objects like cloth worn, it must be moistened with water from the
bucket near Finley. Bypass Finley the left and find the barrel near a
lead pipe, a hammer and a broken sprinkler part of a fragrance. Combine
the two elements of the sprinkler of perfume, then take the hammer head
and attach it to your little piece of wood. You can now finish your
scale by consolidating newly acquired through the hammer.

Go-person view to see a window that seems to be the only possible
outcome. Attach ladder under the opening and go to third person to climb
more easily. Examine the site. Find a small torch, and an iron bar near
the fireplace, iron bar through which you can open the folding door of
the gas. The bag is just behind the pipes. But you would need a face
tanner. Finley says the shoemaker, in front of the clinic. Go.

b). Retrieve the mask of a tanner in the snake’s cage

Show the Hebrew shoemaker your gem to coax. It indicates that Abraham is
an animal in the corner. On leaving Isaac, turn immediately left to
fall on the animal, traceable through the curtain that covers it. Talk
to Abraham and take the cage to his right in the shelves. The hook is
immediately to the left of the cage, but it must be repaired. Another
cage, larger is to the left of the entrance. Go see Isaac shoemaker.
Take the clamp on his bench in front of him. There is also a wire on the
little wicker chair. Remember the metal rod to the left of the door.
Combine the metal rod and the hook, then add the wire and then the clip,
for a pole.

Return to the pet store. Arrange the large cage with dense screen before
the snake (right of entrance), then grab it with the pole. Pick up the
mask and return to the pension Finley. Climb the ladder to repair the
gas leak.

c). Repair gas leak

To repair the leak, arrange the three hoses to their corresponding
location, and then hang the torch on the tip to the right, but there is
not enough pressure. Right clicking moves the green arrows and left
click the red arrows. The gage pressure of the gas can be moved to
several places along the pipes. The torch can be placed at two locations
at the end of the pipe. Place it in the mouth of the bottom. A night
light will illuminate when there is enough pressure (50 up …). Take
the little cat on the window and go to the pub.

At the pub, before returning the bag to naively Bluto, fill the dish
rusty. Take this bag fake and knock at the door of Bluto. Get out
quickly. Returning to the pet store, you stumble upon the little urchins
who seek Pounce cat. That’s good, since you have found! Enter the pet
store and talk with the boy’s mask to Abraham. Ask her advice about the
boy and go get him a book on cats located in the shelf in front of the
snake. You’ll find Danny "Nutcracker", the prostitute obese, at the
corner of Commercial Street, the street is out of commission. Tell this
"lady" rather peculiar, and go to the brothel. Tell the police to Miss
Lucy and Bella. Mention also take bottles and vials of perfume on the

Go to the library Glenworth Street near Baker Street Barnes (item
appeared on the big map), to learn about fragrances. The bookseller will
tell you the Wikipedia "Spartaca" but does not know where it is
classified. Solve the puzzle of the publication dates of books. Take the
four dates on the counter and put them together: the first column
(left) 1870, the second column 1866 and 1888, and the latest 1882. You
can now take possession of the famous encyclopedia in the right shelves
of the library.

d). Solving the riddle of perfumes

Back to Baker Street, go to your desk. Put the kit of perfume in your
possession on the table and solve the riddle. Take the first white paper
in the cage in the top right and dip it in the first bottle
"morning-nighters. The second bottle is called "pond water" and the
third "bitumen N55. When you soak a paper in a bottle, a color appears
in the top right of the vials. When you place a colored paper in the
bottom representing the essence of a perfume in the center of the table,
results are: good, fair or poor. Warning! The goal is to get the color
shown above, not to get a result "good".

  • For the first, have the center lavender (purple) and place over
    twice the oil foot (gray).
  • For the second: Oak (light green), and over the coriander oil
    (yellow), and anise (dark blue).
  • For the third: resin (bright green), and over the nectar of pink
    (dark green), and oil resin (yellow).

e). A diversion to enter the police

Go to the brothel in Whitechapel. Discuss with the keeper and then
return to the corner of the police to find the big Danny. Combine
fragrance spray and bottle of valerian or "catnip" to offer it in
exchange for information on Squibby. Get the cat to the pet and Bert go
out to find the meat seller for cats: it is located at the corner
(you’ll hear his "beep beep" from a distance!). Take it all kebabs and
watch the attack on the hapless Danny. The diversion worked. You are in
the police station. Place the bag of stolen jewelry on the table of the
agent absent and open the door leading to the cells.

The mechanism is in force. Nothing special to do: hold the left mouse
button and rotate the key to opening the door.
Ask squiddy in the first cell and leave the pub to find the journalist
Tom Bulling. Holmes will automatically change to avoid being recognized.
Ask the waitress and the bartender and then search the trash in the
right corner behind the tables to find a newspaper. Back to Baker

Baker Street, September 13, 9:30 : You need to decode an
encrypted message. Put that letter in your possession on the table and
go for Holmes decryption. Select the inventory as evidence in the two
pages of the Encyclopedia "Spartaca, one on the catnip and the other
plants and spices. The code is now down. Assume that the "V" is 10 and
that the " /" equals 5. So, for example, "VIII" will be worth 18 and "
/ II" will be worth 7. The message is: "New order delivery Wharfdale
female subject. Wharfdale Road Directorate, big green dot on the map.



At 17, Wharfdale Road : Examine the wheel of the small cart.
Further, cut the clothesline with your knife. The door is closed and the
corridor covered with dust. At the far outside, skirting the building,
you find another truck. Remove the stones blocking the wheel. In the
corner to the left of the truck, a tarp can be recovered as long as they
use the knife. With this tarpaulin, you should be able to open the

Inside the building, push the table right next to the entrance and go
into first person view to locate the cover located in the ground. Open
it! Before going down, visit the left side of this coin: the flasks
locate and take the metal rod. Tie the crate near the door, just below
the stairs, with your rope. Go down to the basement through the

In the basement, move the litter on the elevator but it should
reconnect. Take the poker sharp left of the stove and on the bench, the
pliers and hammer. Put the poker on the mechanism of electric hoists. He
must now reconnect the son of the metal housing. First connect the blue
son middle left and follow the order shown in the picture. For the red
son, start at the top left and follow the image. For the son yellow,
start at the top right.

Replace now the stretcher through the elevator finally repaired, but
going back, it will burn out the case. Find another way out. Take the
bent key fell at the foot of the elevator. Place the key twisted in the
vise that is on the bench (remember to tighten the vise first) and
straighten it with pliers. You get a key right. It allows you to open
the cellar door to go up the stairs outside.

Return to the first carriage and remove the wheel with your metal rod.
You get a little wheel cart. On the other side of the building, you find
another cart, which lacks a wheel. Replace it with your own and remove
the stones blocking the wheel. The cart collapses against the wall. Just
above, if you look up, you will see a window blocked by planks. Combine
the poker and hammer. Combine the two sides of the litter collected in
the house (he must return to the main door and pick them up on the
flap). Place the stretcher against the wall. Use the poker combined with
a hammer on the stretcher and climb to the window. It must clear the
board with tongs and enter.

a). In the room containing the body

Just right, before examining the body, solve a kind of magic square to
get a letter and a piece of metal. The simplest is to move the figure
that appears at the top of the square and trying all the possible
places. Remember to validate each test to see if it works. In this case,
the adjacent digits disappear. You have succeeded when all the figures
have disappeared. Warning: the magic square is never the same after the
A kind of magic square.

Take the old picture of Alexis on the piece of furniture and displays of
spiritualism over, hanging on the wall. Examine the face and feet of
the corpse. Enjoy the portrait of a woman at the back of the room and
take the red ribbon into the mess that litter this corner of the room.
Take the jewel triangular right of the door closed. Combine this jewel
of a triangular metal square with the red ribbon. Examine the rest of
the room. If you try to exit through the window, you hear a cab happens.
He must win the trust of dealers. Give them your emblem: the red ribbon
attached to the triangle. Exhaust the dialogue with the robber.

Baker Street, September 29, 19h35 : Click on the map. Bottom left
is a new green dot appeared leading you to the Central News Agency,
Fleet Street, where you will investigate the journalist.

Central News Agency, the night of September 29 to 30, 22h
: To
search the office of journalist Tom Bulling, we must get rid of the
nuisance that is in the room. Introduce him a scoop: the prospectus
relating to spiritualism and the charlatan. You recover a debt of
gratitude and the intruder leaves. Search the desk on which there is a
typewriter, on the other side of the room. Take the rags, coins and
notes Bulling. Note the match burned the edge of the desk.

The match burned the office Bulling. Left the office in the trash, you
take a crumpled letter, and you notice that the stove is hot near the
wall. You can open it with a cloth that you picked. You find a paper
that is written in red ink in reverse. On the small office behind the
second one with a typewriter, is a mirror that allows you to read your
piece of paper and a letter to Mr. Moore, you can take. You can now call
in the corner of the room.

Find the right code to place your call. Enter the code 1875 and pull the
lever on the top right. 1875 is the symbol on the piece that you
acknowledge the trace on the crumpled paper on the right. We must now
prove to your interviewer that you are friends with Tom Bulling … what
you do not!

Here are the sentences coded displays successively the bottom of each
screen conundrum

  • "Scotland Yard is seeking a rabbit who coughs."
  • "Vote for me, I’ll certainly be your best representative."
  • "When he comes home from work, he never gets tired and has already
    read the newspaper."
  • Hang up. On the dresser are large letters with various colors, near
    the window. Take them and read them. Direction: the police.

Whitechapel, night of 29 to 30 September 1888, 00h10 : Discuss
with the commissioner, then read the letter from Jack the Ripper. Watson
then find the pub. Threaten Tom Bulling seated Squibby to save and exit
the pub. Squibby awaits you made revelations. You find then down the
stairs of the pension Finley. The latter is there and you just learn
that Tumblety left without giving her keys. Climbing upstairs you look
at the footprints in front of right. Note on using the microscope it is
the right foot and that the footprint is small, then distinguish the
traces wetlands around the indentation-formaldehyde. With the measuring
tape, you deploy along the footprint in length, you notice it is the
size 48. Watson, exasperated, pushes you to enter the room.

In Tumblety you find a letter on the Civil War all right on the bedside
table, and two on the table in the middle of the room. Tumblety
therefore preferred men … On land, pieces of broken jars. Examine the
huge trunk or closet at the back of the room. To solve this puzzle,
enter the dates of various battles of the Civil War in chronological
order. They appear in the bottom of the table. Do not go to wherever the
day, month and last two digits of the year. For the latter, Vicksburg,
enter the day after the previous date, namely Gettysburg, so the
04-07-63. Finally, find out by trial flags and costumes for each battle.
Examine the jars contained in the closet.

Baker Street, October 7, 1888, 15H : Holmes says to Watson a
mission, find the slaughterhouses and butcher pigs. You go to

Whitechapel at the brothel : You meet Miss Lucy in the brothel.
She lost her uncle and tells you the butcher Fletcher on the map. Go.
But the butcher is ill and his door is closed. Go see the doctor at the
clinic. It tells you a track. Dig out and ask the prostitute big eye
Hardiman. It tells you Hanbury Street, where the murder took place,
Annie. You can do this by selecting the map of London. It’s the green
dot between Baker Street and Whitechapel

Hanbury Street : You hear the "beep beep" that you expected. Go
see the poor man who hails you. It Hardiman, but he broke the key to
Fletcher. You need to find another key. Cross the street and continue on
the right. You find a store of meat for cats (Cat’s meat). Enter and
climb the stairs. Ground before the door, you find a broken key. Come
down and down the stairs, turn left to visit the small courtyard. On the
bathroom door, you find another key left in the lock. Show your
findings to two Hardiman.

a). At the butcher Fletcher

Examine the heads of sows on the table. Push the left hook hanging from
the ceiling at the back of the room to the right, next door, open the
black block on the left with your knife (this unlocks a wheel you keep).
Assemble it with the hook Then you just push. Remove the bottom of the
door by releasing the wheel to the ground with your knife. Replace it
with your wheel. The door opens.

In the second part, you control Watson and looking knives of various
sizes. Open the drawer on the left of the entry will show a puzzle. Here
are the knives to seize the first in the first line (fragments of
cartilage seen in the inset) and the last on the second line (large
knife, 13 inches if you measure with a meter). Wear them to Holmes. Now
look at the heads of sows and in turn to perform three experiments.

  • First experiment: Feel free to shear the flesh with various knives,
    then select those that have penetrated deep enough, i.e. the first and
    last. Check them.
  • Second experiment: knives 2, 3 and 4.
  • Third experiment: knives 1, 3 and 4.

You just have to choose among these knives good murder weapon. This is
the last, the big knife, which coincides with the three murders. Go to
this pub in Whitechapel.

At the pub the "Wasp’s Nest" in Whitechapel : Ask the journalist
and the bartender. Then, in the skin of Watson, Smith calls the police
in front of you.

Dutfield’s Yard, night of 7 to 8 October 1888 : Push the massive double
doors right next to the pub, in Berner Street. Reconstruct the events on
the time scale. Easy as all times you are given. It has only added to
finish the murder itself: between 0:45 ET 1h. Examine the victim’s body
lying on the ground: the right hand bloodied, her throat cut, his left
hand holding the cashews, the muddy ground, knees and the dress clean.
Make any deductions for the murder of Liz Stride. What is the
relationship between Liz Stride Nichols and Chapman? The package of
cashews! Show it with a magnifying glass on the body.

MITRE Square, the night of 7 to 8 October 1888
: Through the plan,
tour the three possible outcomes from this square. Take the door
surrounded by boxes as initial benchmark and put us back to the door. 
On the right: MITRE Street, where was the officer who discovered the
body. On the left: Church Passage. Go to the end of this alley to find
the synagogue. You will be intercepted by Abraham Solomonovitch with
whom he will discuss the members of the Imperial Club.

Return to the Square and take the narrow passage and then return to St
James’ middle of the square to locate the place where the body of
Katherine Eddowes was discovered. It is reported by the chalk marks on
the ground, but you need a lantern. You can find a left boxes located
themselves to the left of the original door. The matches in your
possession you will help to ignite the lamp. Follow the chalk marks.

a). The murder of Katherine Eddowes

Here are the parts of the body to be examined under the microscope: the
head (close-up: eyes and nose cut, gashed cheek, a single wound to the
neck), the thimble near her right hand, intestines wrapped around the
neck , abdomen that is missing a kidney and uterus, objects near the
victim, lower mantle between the thighs showing that there was no trade
with the murderer and the left thigh which lack part of the deck.

Finish now time scale. By placing the time the policeman arrived on the
scene, Holmes will ask you to mimic the events. Equip the lantern and
head towards Holmes. Complete the rest of the time scale through the
times indicated and then act out the movements of police Harvey advance
until Holmes. Make the final deductions. Go to Goulston Street, the new
green dot appeared on the map.

Goulston Street, night of 7 to 8 October 1888 : Note the sign
108-119 Wentworth and climb the stairs. Holmes asks you to fetch water.
Delving into the street, you find a rope to a bench, and, later, an old
wooden pole under scaffolding. The watering can is almost opposite, but
in height, at a window (subjective view). At the bottom of this house is
a box that you can move several times because it bothers you, and just
behind the scaffolding, a pole with a hook! Combine it with the pole and
the rope to get the watering can. The bucket of water just in front of
108-119 Wentworth. Fill your watering can and bring it to Holmes and
then pour water on the wall inscriptions Holmes coated with chalk.
Simulate the movement of the policeman in the skin of Watson. Move
towards Holmes.

Baker Street, October 9, 1888, 7:15 :
Find clothes that calls
Holmes: Holmes cap hanging behind the disguise of a workman in the
closet that is located in the left part of Holmes, the costume on the
mannequin in this room, and the model itself! A cap and another model
can be found in the closet adjoining the door at the bottom left (if it
still takes Holmes as a benchmark), workman’s clothes, a red wig and a
brown wig is behind this door and a third model, a blonde wig and a
deerstalker. Gather your findings to the center of the room.

Find the first three good testimonies he should select as evidence: of
Abraham MITRE Square, the night of 7 to 8 October, the policeman Smith
Dutfield’s Yard on October, and the testimony of E. Long (in documents).

a). The riddle of the three models – First model (testimony of
Abraham): size 53 (five feet three inches), gray cap, blond wigs, green
jacket, 30 years.

Second dummy (officer’s testimony Smith): size 58, brown wigs, dark hat,
black suit and short, 26 years.  Third model: (E deposition. Long) size
53, deerstalker, brown wigs, long gray suit, 40. Correct the portrait
of the environment: the size of 53 should be. Turn off the light behind
you, then back on. Change wigs brown blonde wigs. Now, narrow ranges of
ages: the first, tolerance is between 3 and 5 so the bands would be
25-35, 26-34 and 27-33, for the second, tolerance is between 7 and 10
thus ranges will be 16-36, 17-35, 18-34 and 19-33, and for the last
30-50, 31-49, 32-48 and 33-47. Finally, for the three select models only
common age: 33 years. Holmes asks about the actions of the killer. Say
that he is back at home or in a safe place and it was changed before
searching for another victim.

b). Determine the area of occupancy of the killer


Search now a map and a compass. The compass is above the vertical shelf
near the living room window, and the map is displayed on the wall in
front of Holmes. To access, please click on the compass and map. Set
each token victim to the location of the murder. Then connect the
farthest points with the pencil that you can select the bottom right.
Then connect Dutfield’s Yard, MITRE Square. Now take the second tool to
draw an ellipse containing the two places mentioned above, with the
compass and draw a circle containing both the place of registration and
related MITRE Square. Finally, click on the area of intersection of your
strokes. Departure for the Central News Agency, the dot in the lower
right on the map.

Central News Agency, October 9 : Show the IOU Tom Bulling and go
search the records of the cabinet where the blue and red envelopes. To
find the order in which classify items, collect clues, administrative
notice, repair bill, notes in pencil, letter and letter to a journalist
Fernando scattered to the four corners of the room, on tables, stuck in
the machine write on the wall. To open the big envelope, first open the
pan, crack your matches inside, close the oven door, turn the pot on the
stand, fill it with water jug placed in front of the door, and get it
boil on the stove. Once the water boils, place the envelope above the
teapot for the launch. Read the two stories. Departure for the pet.

At the pet store in Whitechapel, the shop is closed, but you question
Hardiman. It guides you to the clinic of Dr. Gibbons that gives you a
photograph extremely disturbing … Go now to see Isaac shoemaking. Back
to Baker Street.

Baker Street, October 15, 11:20 : Find the map on the wall. Place
the murder of Martha Tabram to George Yard.

Baker Street, November 8, 16h : Head to Whitechapel, pension
shabby, to intercept Tumblety. Climb the stairs and open the right door.

Baker Street, November 9, 6:10 : Advance to a man with probably
syphilis. Go under the arch showing Miller’s Court and open the door
just to the right under the same arch. A vision of hell awaits you. You
see Watson return to Dorset Street. Back to Baker Street. You must
deliver the right places the bodies of a doll of clay. The bodies are
scattered all around the doll and you can pick them up with tweezers.
Finally, check the box for the body missing, namely the heart. Go to the
shoe Whitechapel. Talk with Hardiman and enter the shop of Isaac. Go to
the Imperial Club MITRE Square.

Imperial Club, MITRE Square : At the Imperial Club, take the text
of Rabbi on the small round table and the hanger broke ground on the
left of the table. Take also the poster of the meeting attached to the
panel. The door curtain is covered with a member’s only club. We must
reach into the club without going through the lobby. Thus clear the club
and go around to the left. You find a door, also closed, and coal in
the ground and a big barrel on wooden pallets. You need a pivot to move
the barrel: just behind you a wood plank in a pile of used axles. Lay it
on the wooden paddle to the barrel. You find a piece of wood just in
front of the door of the club. This piece of wood will serve as a pivot.
To open the vent it’ll just serve you the hanger broke.

Upstairs, take the key to the administration on the table and look at
the empty cans. Exit through the right door is open, then take the door
immediately to the right, you open with the key obtained recently. It is
part of the administration, where you will find the minutes of a trial
on the table, the letter contained a butcher in a square box also
concealing metal tokens.

a). Open the safe and decrypt Club Yiddish –

To open the safe which is located in the corner of the room, have over
the pieces of metal. To solve this riddle quite simple, place the
squares so that all identical symbols are adjacent. However, to read
documents written in Yiddish, you will need the dictionary that you
found on the table. Put the dictionary on the books in the trunk. Use
the name spelled in the bottom of the screen enigma in Yiddish to find
the letters of the alphabet that correspond to the alphabet Yiddish.
Remember that you must read Yiddish from right to left, and you can also
help you numbers corresponding to each letter to find the missing
letters, which gives the code: ABHULMER. Grab now the case of Joseph
Hyam Levy.

b). Nightlife Club a diversion

To exit without getting caught, get the candle above the trunk. The
window is closed, go down where you came. Once climbed the stairs, take
the clothesline in the basement, the bucket and hook the other bucket.
But the loophole that you borrowed is blocked by the barrel. Climb the
stairs. On the floor, grab the cans and, above, attach the rope to ram
and then put the candle on the right of the vise. Look at the ceiling!
Attach the hook to son hanging from the chandelier in place, then a
clothesline. Place cans in the bucket in your inventory and attach it to
your facility. It’ll just light the candle with your matches, and leave
as quickly as possible, by the administration.

36 Middlesex Street : Visit now at 36 Middlesex, on the map in
the red zone. The number 36 is clearly indicated on the door. You notice
that one of the children of Jacob Levy was suffering from syphilis. Go
to Baker Street.

Baker Street :

Now proceed to the findings (five tables!).

  • The first table deductions cross.
  • The second table deductions cross.
  • The third table deductions cross.
  • The fourth table deductions cross.
  • The fifth and final cross table deductions.

a). Defining the identity of the murderer

  • Consider now the identity of Jack the Ripper. To do this, go to the
    little bridge in the center of the room. To begin, place the suspects
    under the corresponding deductions. Green indicates that not mistaken.
  • Tumblety: right-handed, great physical strength.
  • Hardiman: right-hander, faced with syphilis, poor, butcher,
  • Sickert: right-handed.
  • Levy: right-handed, great physical strength, syphilis, workman,
    poor, in the district of Aldgate, butcher, 5 feet 3 inches, to settle
    accounts with the Jews, hair and mustache clear.
  • Solomonovitch: right handed, poor scores to settle with the Jews,
  • Once all the deductions in the right place, put the photograph of
    Jacob Levy on the mannequin.

Area Aldgate, Middlesex Street : Advance to No. 36 and see the
end of the game!


Finally, Sherlock Holmes against Jack the Ripper is an adventure game
with balanced managed to find the right balance in terms of difficulty.
Neither too simple nor too elitist, the fact of giving the choice to be
seen whether the player allows the series to be emancipated while not
denying its origins. Furthermore, the synopsis is far more convincing
than those in previous episodes with this suffocating atmosphere,
morbid, so we transcribed already found in the graphic novel From Hell
by Alan Moore and the excellent British TV movie David Wickes . A feat
of Frogwares in any case that will now dwell on the graphic aspect of
his work to offer us a game as compelling in form and in substance. It
is the evil that wishes them crossing their fingers for the right once
more to a face-to-face anthology.

The 360 version is an exact replica of the PC version with its lean
qualities and major defects. It is brimming with an old-fashioned 3D,
scenery can no longer empty, a modeling risky, some glitches and a
result that was good 5 years late. While in absolute terms, how to
investigate is the same as before the developers have included a very
significant new Moult. We find for example the two types of views (1st
and 3rd person), a support system, a reconstruction of crime scene or
even an array of associated deductions. In addition, quizzes giving way
to a combination of clues and theories used for the synthesis of
advanced investigation. We can then find the adventure a lot easier
though, while addressing a wider audience, Frogwares reached to satisfy
as many people as possible by keeping some devious puzzles well.
The songs are few but quality. The French dubbed him, is a very good
level with the same voice cast in Sherlock cons Arsene Lupin.
Confronting a Killer Machiavellian who actually lived and a detective
was a bold imagination but the bet is entirely successful. The survey is
fun, a few unpublished passages fit well to the original story, also
extremely loyal and appreciated (or not) the atmosphere darker, more
mature, blending perfectly with the universe somewhat fanciful novels of
Arthur Conan Doyle.

More flexible, more enjoyable to follow, more worrisome than ever, the
game being more accessible while not putting himself not to alienate
fans of the first hour. In fact, for a first appearance on Xbox 360,
Sherlock is doing very well especially if we exclude the hackneyed
graphics. In short, the amateur detective comes out and raised the
public rejoiced. What more? Better graphics engine? No, but that is
another story.


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