Grand Theft Auto IV The Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough And Cheats (Playstation 3)


Just over six months after the Lost and Damned , Rockstar had released
last fall the second content for Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360
exclusive deal with Microsoft . This period of exclusion is complete,
it is the turn of the PS3 and PC gamers to enjoy this extension as
powerfully evocative, The Ballad of Tony Gay. She will conclude the
saga dignified way "film noir" of the blockbuster franchise? Get out
the champagne bottles being cool, the caps will pop off. The
opportunity for Xbox 360 gamers to enjoy the expertise of the developer
to do so more American and drool their boyfriends that have "only" PS3.
But this time, no question tattooed biker, Liberty City will deliver
more secrets, more nocturnal and underground …

Developed by series creator Rockstar North and set in Liberty City,
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony completes an epic story and
gameplay arc that intersects with the storylines of Grand Theft Auto IV
and Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned. With new missions, weapons,
vehicles, soundtrack updates and multiplayer content that showcase the
over-the-top nature of life at the center of the city, on the other
side of the velvet rope where everyone and everything is accessible and
available for a price.

With The Ballad of Tony Gay is a brand new hero that we are dealing.
The Dominican at the mouth well marked, which worships boundless Tony
Prince, recalls moments Carl Johnson, the hero of GTA: San Andreas .
Simple physical resemblance. But what is rather nice with Luis Lopez,
is that one will not have to suffer the punishment language of the
cities of San Andreas, alongside our fellow high-society in Liberty
City. VIPs and celebrities are indeed people with whom they spend
three-quarters of his time and inevitably, our hero has learned to
behave as it should be at social gatherings. Obeying Tony Prince as a
good soldier, Lopes was responsible for ensuring that the affairs of
Mr, Mrs or rather, remain fruitful. The task for our hero will not be
easy because Tony Prince is no longer going to remain the king of the
night, while trying to sell his shares to creditors without scruples.
Save Cottage 9 and Hercules , the two most popular nightclubs in
Liberty City, is a task of utmost importance. Obviously, the use of
force, but persuasion is more than recommended.






Game Story:

The Ballad of Tony Gay focuses the action at the heart of Liberty City
in fashionable neighborhoods, along streets that glow with thousands of
lights after the sun has freed the minds revelers ready to engage in an
orgy Total bordering on decadence. If the sun rises each morning
though, if the routine metro-boulot-dodo inevitably reasserts the top
twelve hours, the bulk of the plot of Gay Tony was at night in the
trendy clubs of the city. The best way for Rockstar ironical about the
gay community, to caricature finally convinced the player is happening
the same things the same delusions and the same deviations in straight
clubs. Breaking the taboo with humor and a lot of hindsight, this is
the mission that was entrusted to oversee Rockstar dialogues and
introduce the characters in this episode, beyond the pale and raw but
terribly real and endearing. In this mass of drug addicts, alcoholics,
welfare cases and nightlife magnates is Luis Lopez, a young Dominican
who made this celebration’s main source of income.

Based on the writing still efficient, Rockstar succeeded brilliantly
recreate the world of the night by highlighting its many around. Drugs,
alcohol, sex, easy money, violence, as many parameters as the we
discover with great accuracy in this ruthless world. While it is clear
that The Ballad Of Gay Tony offers much more unbridled dialogues and a
story for adults, it remains completely in tune with today’s society by
taking many satirical references to modern phenomena such as social
networking, the importance of the tabloids, cocaine and anorexia. The
plot of GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony is also a moralist, starting on
the following principle: you can not buy everything with money and even
less feeling. This walk in the nightlife of Liberty City is also
punctuated by a dynamic history with many cutscenes and zany new
characters. Moreover, we find with a smile a few well-placed nods to
previous episodes. One can for example see Niko Bellic in a street
corner, or discuss with brother Brucie.

With its atmosphere completely crazy, its colors and its colorful
characters, The Ballad of Tony Gay reminds us how Vice City clung
perfectly to the saga GTA . Rockstar North has never hidden with the
second extension, the idea was to find the more festive side, most
secondary schools had the reputation of the franchise. True, with the
arrival of Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz, GTA had won damn realistic,
if not maturity, to the chagrin of some. In addition, to mark somewhere
this homecoming welcome, designers have reintroduced base jumping, an
activity much-appreciated by fans of acrobatics and fits perfectly to
the world that wanted to portray Rockstar North . Those who like to
throw into the void from the roof of a building should not be
disappointed as the missions that require the opening of the parachute
are legion. Inevitably, that says altitude helicopter and said more
than ever the use of these devices have been legitimate in an episode
of GTA . The developers have indeed pleasure, letting their
imaginations take over, which allows for situations sometimes
grotesque, often improbable, but still very fun to play. This is also
the motto that characterizes this episode, which requires a steady
pace, taking the player’s breath almost permanently. It is a luxury we
can not refuse, especially when we know that this parallel adventure
takes a good dozen hours of gameplay, optional missions or excluding

Indeed, Gay Ballad of Tony and his twenty main missions are a mix of
all fantasy players of GTA IV. Whether air, earth or sea, they will
almost inevitably end up with a fireworks without precedent. This is
typical of the kind of mission that is expected impatiently and
nervously for several hours in GTA IV because they are dicey and rare.
Here, there is no question that show, explosions, carnage and
especially a nerve monstrous. The list of ammunition that is available
quickly demonstrated easily Luis enjoying a few small jobs a full
arsenal and WMD. The opportunity for Rockstar to include a bunch of new
weapons: a 44mm machine, a shotgun blast in a solid gold Uzi, an
assault rifle FN P90 M249 which dangles a 900 rounds per minute, a new
sniper rifle and mostly remote-controlled bomb explosion adhesive that
can be fixed everywhere. The gunfights emerge more intense but also
more confusing, especially as the referred manual or semi-automatic is
still struggling to convince all. Anyway, you take a walk unheard use
every weapon in its arsenal, especially as the various missions are
gorging on ammunition without having to spend too much money in


1.1 I Luv SC:
After the movie, get into the car and go to the club Tony "Hercules" by
following the route marked in pink on your card. Once there, go to
another gay club, the "Playhouse 9". A video in motion. Now bring your
friends to Tony’s apartment at Northwood and then go to your apartment
in North Holland to complete this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
Player Damage: 0%
Damage to the cars: 0%

1.2 Practice Swing:
After Tony Ranch, go to the golf club of Golden Pier. A video in
motion. Next, try three times to touch the intimate parts of the man
near the golf cart with your golf ball. Once done, the mafia will come.
So down the stairs and clean the area. After killing the mafia, take
the golf cart in front of you and you run away along Rocco. After
having planted, park on the small parking lot which is not very far. A
video in motion. Bring back Tony home to finish the mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 4 minutes
Player Damage: 50%
Accuracy: 70%
Headshots: 11
Accuracy during the golf game: 100%

1.3 Mamma’s Boy:
Go to the pickup point is in Frankfort Avenue to go to Santo. After the
video, follow it and finally landed in a place of street fighting. A
video will be triggered. Defeat three opponents. After the fighting,
kill Santo to finish the mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 3 minutes 10 seconds
Player Damage: 10%
Get help from the crowd
Having the meter end

1.4 Kids Corner:
Visit Xenotime Street in Northwood. After the cinematic, go to the 4×4
that is placed in front of you and go to the Docks Boabo. A video will
be triggered. After the video, you hideout and shoot at the cops who
come from everywhere. After clearing the area, move forward to execute
the helicopter cops and the last. After that, take a car with 5 doors
and running away and then you bring your friends home at Northwood.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 7 minutes 50 seconds
Player Damage: 40%
Accuracy: 55%
Headshots: 20

1.5 Clocking Off:
Meeting at the home of Santo Frankfurt Avenue. A video in motion. After
the video, go back to the 4×4 and go under the bridge where the point
is marked by appointment. Then follow up as enemies Henrique land you
down. Kill them and climb into the 4×4 to run away with your cargo.
Enter the vehicle in the garage to finish this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 5 minutes
Player Damage: 40%
Accuracy: 55%
Headshots: 20

1.6 Number One Kibbutz:
Go to the point M is shown on the map to start this mission. After the
small kinematic towards the docks. Once on the docks, out of the car
and go down the stairs. A deal will start but it will go wrong, you
will need to engage the battle. Your only real problem is the RPG is
located on the third floor, second window from the left. If other
dealers are armed with guns, there will be no problem to kill them.

Once the area is cleaned, follow Mori. There will be a cutscene where
you see with Mori to run a boat to escape. Now aboard the boat, start
to eliminate other dealers. After they had killed them, you can return
to port corner table Mori. You have completed the mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 5 minutes
Player Damage: 50%
Accuracy: 70%
Headshots: 10
Damage to the boat: 60%
Reaching the speed with the boat: 115 km / h
Rapidly pull the man with the RPG

1.7 Chinese Takeout:
Go get go with Tony and his car at the Dragon Heart Plaza. A video in
motion. Once inside the restaurant, kill all the enemies that you face
on a few floors. After cleaning the ground and the basement, exit the
store with Tony and take him home to finish the mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 5 minutes 20 seconds
Player Damage: 10%
Accuracy: 70%
Headshots: 100%

1.8 Sexy Time:
After the cinematic, get a boat along the buildings of Castle Garden
City. Once in the boat, steering the yacht, which is indicated on your
card. But go easy on you for not being spotted by the coastguard. Step
inside and steal the Buzzard. A video in motion. Now, go away and bomb
the yacht with your guns. A video in motion. Bombard the last three
groups of survivors of the boat. After that, bring the helicopter on a
helipad of a building described by the map to finish this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 6 minutes
Player Damage: 0%
Boats destroyed: 4

1.9 High Dive:
Return to the point of previous appointment to begin the mission. After
the cinematic, you’ll be in a beautiful Super Drop Diamond. Go with the
car in Rotterdam Tower to kill a person. Go inside and take the
elevator. You should meet with Ahmed, who is at the top of the
building. A video in motion.

Apparently, he was accused and the police arrive, slay them. After
that, follow the multitudes by Ahmed ladders to try to kill him. Once
at the top, a video will begin. Once in possession of a parachute jump
into the void and escape the latest police. Once a-terre, the mission

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 4 minutes 10 seconds
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 6
Accuracy: 70%
Helicopters destroyed: 4
Have time for free fall

1.10 Bang Bang:
Rendezvous at the Ranch to start this mission. Once the video finished,
go to the red dot on the map, which represents the first target to be
destroyed (or rather to kill a person because it ^ ^). Go then. Once
there, swing a little bombs around the crane and pull it away from you.
This will cause a huge explosion of the crane, it means you have to
kill the target.

Now, towards the second red dot: the tunnel located in North Holland.
This time we must place bombs on the train, which is not that easy! But
fortunately, he stops from time to time, so when the train stopped,
swing bombs and do all farting! Once the train exploded, go to the
airport but hurry because you have to go before the scheduled time.
Once there, go to the red dot, which means a plane so do as the
previous time, swing over and made bombs exploded aircraft. After that,
the cops you stick to sneakers, so sow them to finish this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 5 minutes
Player Damage: 50%
Losing no bombs

1.11 Blog This!
Go to one of the clubs Tony to start this mission. Once the kinematics
is complete, go with Tony and Gracie at the young Gracie. After
dropping off our two henchmen, go to a cyber cafe, using a computer and
go to Tony’s site to register. It remains only to leave the coffee to
complete this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Damage to the car: 0%

1.12 This Is not Checkers:
Mori appointments to begin this mission. A video in motion. Get into
the car and go to the heliport south of Algonquin. Another video in
motion. Once in the air, draw near to Happiness Island and hurry to
take a boat because it is a race. Once in command of a boat, follow the
various pink dots on the map. After a while, you will leave your boat
for a land vehicle, take the car resembles a Ford GT and go for it. You
can help the nitro but it’s not really necessary (and anyway, your car
is out of control during acceleration, so use it on the long straights!
^ ^). Franchise the finish line to finish this race and the mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 7 minutes 35 seconds
Player Damage: 0%
Landing on a boat
Always be first

1.13 Caught With Your Pants Down:
Go to Yusuf’s apartment to start this mission. A video will be
triggered. First go to Star Junction and take the helicopter Yusuf is
in the middle of an intersection and fly to where the PCA is indicated
on the map. You realize that in fact, another helicopter that supports
this device. To do this, get a sniper and shoot the bars that hold the
CPA. A video in motion. Skip the helicopter and head to the PCA to
steal. Once aboard the APC, smash everything in your path until you are
told to sow the cops. After that, take the PCA field of construction.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 7 minutes 25 seconds
Player Damage: 50%
Damage CPA: 50%
Police cars destroyed: 6

1.14 No.3:
Please visit Mori. After the video, go to the car park located west of
Algonquin. A video in motion. Take the last car and follow the Kibbutz
brothers, the police try to catch you for stealing cars (and speeding ^
^). This does not mean you’ll stop then continue to darken as sick in
the streets of Liberty City. Escape to the cops, so to complete the

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 5 minutes 15 seconds
Damage to the car: 50%
Go speed: 225 km / h
Follow group

1.15 Frosting On The Cake:
Go see Tony to start this mission. A video in motion. Once the video
finished, go to the docks with this beautiful limousine. Once arrived
safely, bikers arrive for looking for trouble, use the bombs to
eliminate them. Be careful, there are very many and they come from

Once removed all bikers, the police arrive and create a dam. To pass,
throw bombs to cause a huge explosion. A PCA arrive, dispose of the
bombs to blow too. After a while the driver will be killed by a police
officer, take his place. Now, escape from the police and take Tony to
Hercules to complete this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 5 minutes 45 seconds
Player Damage: 50%
Escape from the police: 35 seconds
Have a good precision bombs

1.16 Baby Boulevard:
Go see Tony again to start the mission. After the video, get into the
car with Tony and go to the Bahama Mamas. Go inside and go to the dance
floor to see Monique. Now follow the instructions to dance with it and
cause an approach with her. A video then go off. After this, kill the
person who just killed the young Monica and exit the club, killing
several members of the gang. Once out, leave the area to complete this

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 3 minutes 10 seconds
Player Damage: 40%
Tear on the dance floor
Being a good person

1.17 Blog This:
After receiving a call from Tony, go take the helicopter that is marked
with a dot on the map. Once onboard, follow the red circles which is in
the air to finish on top of Happiness Island. A sequence will snap and
you have three choices: either strike the person, or give him a slap or
just throw it in a vacuum.After having thrown in the air, jump from the
helicopter to catch this person before he hits the ground (it must be
very very bad! ^ ^). Once caught, snap the parachute to land and
explode and his behind! ^ ^ The mission ends.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 2 minutes 10 seconds
Player Damage: 0%
Time to catch the person: 8 seconds

1.18 Not So Fast:
Go see Tony to start this mission. After the video, you will receive a
call from Yusuf to tell you to come see and ride in his helicopter.
Now, fly around the museum. Once on the roof of the museum, off the
roof to watch the deal goes before a window. A video in motion. As you
are now pursued by the cops, escape the ladder in front of you, so take
your helicopter on the roof. Ask yourself a little further to smash the
enemy helicopters to RPG hits. Now go to the heliport to file the
Buzzard. Tony will come to you and congratulations. Thus the mission

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 4 minutes 35 seconds
Player Damage: 20%
Damage to the helicopter: 80%

1.19 Ladies’ Night:
After seeing Tony, get the helicopter is located east of Alderney. Now
go to Meadows Park to visit the suspected kidnapper of Gracie. Once
there, continue the Comet red board your helicopter. The Comet will
return after a while in a parking lot north of Alderney, stay here.
Then you shall see the suspect leave and stop a little further, so
follow it. Now that you’ve seen where the suspect is hidden, bring the
helicopter to the helipad to complete this mission. Later, you receive
an unknown call, but as you might guess, is the suspect, Packie.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 8 minutes 50 seconds
Damage to the helicopter: 0%
Always follow the suspect
Flying slowly


1.20 Going Deep:
Go see Ray to start this mission. After the video, go to Topaz Street
in the parking lot. Then, park your car and place a bomb in front of
the car and hide behind a car. Just wait until you see two vehicles
arrive. Men’s NOOSE disembark and will sit around your vehicle. Since
man in a suit bag up under your 4×4, open fire and activate the bomb. A
huge explosion will be triggered. Reinforcements will arrive, so kill
them too.

Now leave the car park and kill the few remaining reinforcements. After
that, return home and Timur Bulgarini Bulgarini. A video switch ON and
thus ends this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 6 minutes 30 seconds
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 20
Accuracy: 70%
Cars destroyed: 5
While hiding the bomb
Make a carnage with sticky bombs

1.21 Dropping In:
Go with Ray to start this mission. A video in motion. Get into the car
in front of you and go at the heliport south of Algonquin to take
helicopter. Once aboard the helicopter, follow the pink round to be
just above the Star Junction. Once up there, jump from the helicopter
and then activate your parachute and land on the building. After
landing, a video will begin. Take your gun and kill all the gang
members as and when able to find your way then Ashville. Once in front
of him, pulling him over, he will fall and crash of the building as a
poor banana on a lower roof of the building. Now jump from the building
and also activate your parachute and landing on a truck, that of Ray. A
video switch ON and the mission will end.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 6 minutes 40 seconds
Damage the player: 40%
Accuracy: 70%
Perfect control
Flying Ashville
While landing on truck

1.22 For The Man Who Has Everything:
Go to Yusuf to start this mission. After the cinematic, go with Yusuf
on the Algonquin Bridge. Now, wait for the train to jump on him. Once
on the roof, the cops are chasing you, kill them and continue your way
on the roof to remove the main car. But before detaching, a combat
helicopter will arrive and use their machine guns to kill you. Get down
to pass just below the helicopter. Then a video will be triggered. You
have completed this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 4 minutes 20 seconds
Player Damage: 50%
Helicopters destroyed: 8
Perfect control
Go under the helicopter

1.23 In The Crosshairs:
Go see Ray to start this mission. After the video, go to the building
shown on the map to protect Timur. Once there, kill the four snipers
who are placed everywhere around you. Then, a helicopter and
reinforcements arrive. Kill them trying to find a way to escape by the
stairs below you. After killing a lot of people, leave the field to
finish this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
Player Damage: 40%
Headshots: 10
Accuracy: 60%
4 shots, 4 dead (Do this when there are snipers 4)

1.24 Half Price Ladies:
Go see Tony for this mission. After the video, get into the car and go
to Tony’s Pier 45. Once there, take the boat in front and go to load
Island Sewage Works. A video will be triggered. Gracie will be in the
boat with you. Then return to Pier 45 to complete this mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 3 minutes 55 seconds
Being in the hangar: 7 seconds

1.25 Party’s Over:
Start this mission by going to see Rocco. After talking to her, go to
the Playhouse 9. There will be a cutscene when you arrive. Men in their
dozens to kill you. They all come from the same door, so it will not
know that hard. Take the automatic rifle with explosive bullets. Once
they are all dead, take the package of care which is near the entrance
if you need it.

Go outside the club to kill the last members of the group. Blow up
their cars to make the task easier. You can also protect you behind the
vehicle is parked outside the club. After killing the last member, a
cutscene will end the mission.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
Damage of players: 90%
Headshots: 25
Accuracy: 70%
Cars enemies destroyed: 4

1.26 Departure Time:
Go see Tony to start the last mission of the main story. After the
video, go to Crockett Avenue. A video in motion. The goal is to kill
all the men and the rubber ducks that hide the heroin. After that, go
across Funland to kill the remaining men and the rest of the drug. A
video will be triggered. Kill Timur and go to the airport in less than
two hours. On the way, you’ll get a call from Yusuf to offer
assistance, go to Dukes Expressaway. A short cinematic will appear
where you see Yusuf arrived by helicopter firing a rocket at a car in
the gang who went on behind you.

Now follow Yusuf to the airport. Reinforcements arrive to kill you but
do not worry, Yusuf is there to kill them! Once there, chase the blue
jet. Another small cinematic will appear where you can see a man shoot
you, but you shot (as usual, eh? ^ ^) And after you get back on the
plane when it takes off. Since you are in the plane, kill the men from
Ray. After that, Ray will appear with a grenade, threatening to trigger
and thus die with him. Check it, it will remove the pin from the
grenade but it does not let go. Now, pull him over, he will die and
will drop the grenade. A cinematic will begin where we see the front of
the plane explode in midair as if by chance, but you run away parachute
(what it is this very Luis! ^ ^). Once in the air, activate the
parachute and go to Dukes Monoglobe. A nice music will accompany you. A
video will trip and the mission will end.

Aims to achieve 100%:
Time: 10 minutes
Damage of players: 50%
Headshots: 25
Accuracy: 70%

Thats it, You finished the story of The Ballad of Tony Gay!

After sympathetic The Lost and Damned , Rockstar once again treating
fans GTA IV with The Ballad of Tony Gay, additional content, which
compares favorably. Multiplying the two previous references to this
episode requires the natural class of a new character at least as
couillu that Klebitz Bellic and met for a successful dive into the
nightlife of Liberty City. Funnier, more varied, with more missions in
high altitude to better integrate the basic jumps and helicopter
sequences in the gameplay , Tony Gay prolongs the pleasure for at least
ten hours.

The multiplayer in turn, is a little disappointment Gay Ballad of Tony
in the position where his lack of original content, especially when
compared to all the possibilities offered by multi Lost and The Damned.
Four modes are small appointments, two of which are variants: a solo
deathmatch, team deathmatch one, racing with nitro racing with nitro
and guns. We have appreciated the opportunity to practice several base
jump or drug trafficking was highlighted in a duel-dealer cops for
example. The quality of this first multi is however to be playable with
all the weapons of the solo, which creates more gunfights demanding
given the scope and power of them. Compete uncovered as a nag no longer
works, especially if the host of the party allow auto-aim. In manual,
it is obviously another story. Despite this small stumble, Ballad of
Gay Tony is largely at the previous downloadable content, even a little
higher than our taste. And, in so far as appearances by Niko are many
analogies to the missions of GTA IV reveal juicy details about the
invisible links that bind to Niko Luis, Luis, Johnny, Johnny Niko and
even all three. A real treat.

Tips and Cheat Codes:

  • All weapon codes:

    • Normal Weapons : 486-555-0150
    • Advanced Weapons : 486-555-0100
  • Other Cheats:

    • Restore health and armor : 362-555-0100
    • Restore health, armor and advanced weapons : 482-555-0100
    • Increase wanted level : 267-555-0150
    • Decrease wanted level : 267-555-0100
    • Fists explosive : 276-555-2666
    • Balls sniper explosive : 486-555-2526
    • Parachute : 359-555-7272

  • All vehicle codes:

    • Reveal a tank APC : 272-555-8265
    • Reveal a helicopter Buzzard : 359-555-2899
    • To appear Annihilator Helicopter : 359-555-0100
    • Show a motorcycle Akuma : 625-555-0200
    • Show a motorcycle Vader : 625-555-3273
    • Show a NRG-900 bike : 625-555-0100
    • Show a motorcycle Sanchez : 625-555-0150
    • Reveal a boat Floater : 938-555-0150
    • Reveal a boat JetMax : 938-555-0100
    • Show a GT car Bullet : 227-555-9666
    • Show a car Cognoscenti : 227-555-0142
    • Car Show a Comet : 227-555-0175
    • Show a Super GT car : 227-555-0168
    • Show a car Turismo : 227-555-0147
    • Show a car FIB Buffalo : 227-555-0100

  • Weather Code:
    • Change weather : 468-555-0100
  • All bonuses:
    • Have the parachute in the hideout : Complete 20 missions parachute.
    • Have a .44 in the hideout : Finish 10 gang wars.
    • Having an advanced MG in the stash : Finish 20 gang wars.
    • Have the shotgun pellet into the hideout : Finish 30 gang wars.
    • Have the sticky bombs in the hideout : Finish 40 gang wars.
    • Have the SMG in gold in the stash : Finish 50 gang wars.
    • Having the NOOSE APC in the construction site : Kill 50 gulls.

  • Bronze trophies:

    • TBOGT: Dumbass : Making all basic jumps. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: The dia’s are forever : Complete history of the museum. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: Pro Swing : Touching four times a flag with a golf ball. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: Unbeatable : Become a Champion Cage Fighters SC. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: It is DISCO : Dancing perfectly into the two clubs Tony. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: Carte blanche : Finish 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: Sensations … pure : Jump in freefall as long as possible. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: Maestro : Finish the episode. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: On the list : Complete all the missions at least 80%. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)
    • TBoGT: VIP : Finish all missions to 100%. (The Ballad of Tony Gay)


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