Sam & Max - The Devil's Playhouse Episode 1 - The Penal Zone PC Walkthrough

After two crazy seasons of Sam & Max, Telltale Games had attacked
brilliantly licensing Monkey Island (Tales of) and Wallace &
Gromit. These curly, editor returns to the license of Steve Purcell (Sam
& Max: Freelance Police) and gives us a third season of five
episodes long, eyeing the side of the psyche and other related
authorities. The Penal Area Today, the first episode of Season 3 is

Small, while walking to the zoo, or look in King Kong
and Congo. It seems that this doubt persists with this first episode of
the new season of Sam & Max, The Devil's Playhouse: The Penal Area.
We thus find our duo of Freelance Police Sam & Max, struggling with a
gorilla, a Skunka'pe landing on our planet to find toys, artifacts
endowed with immeasurable power. So far nothing too serious, except that
the beginning is the end. Yes, yes. You read. A little explanation
arises, no? Here we see a mounted power een Max, now endowed with
psychic powers and the brain to go with (not to mention the ego of the
furry rabbit). It may therefore make use of toys to see the future and
teleport to various locations is as if a phone is there. Of course, this
is just a glimpse of what we can expect the developers when we know
that the window listing the toys contains more than two locations.
Telltale has made it almost obsolete using (those little indications
mumbled Sam) by offering the opportunity to see the future. It is also
necessary that it not be changed by a third person.

Sam &
Max: The Devil's Playhouse marks the return of the detective duo, after
several months of absence. We find much on Telltale Games in control, a
gender specialist. This title is also an unusually, declined in the
episodic form. The storyline of this third component is focused more on
the paranormal and the presentation resembles that of the legendary
series "The Twilight Zone." In "The Penal Zone", the script does indeed
call for a strange prophecy, which Max is a key element. Without giving
too much away, the story does not lack humor, and could even be the
prologue to a future game with Max as a single character as he appears
to be central to the plot. Fortunately for some, it will not last, and
soon enter the stage Skun'ka'pe, be a very strange and decided to erase
the criminal area. He leads a very special ship, a mixture of horror and
ridicule rather unique in its kind. As usual, the title is currently
only available in English, which may affect the progression, especially
since this episode offers puzzles can be quite complicated, but using
quite amazing paranormal abilities, including the ability to teleport
like in Star Trek or the possibility of viewing the future. Two other
skills are also present, but unfortunately come into play late in the

Regarding the concept, not found point'n click the classical and the
game play is more reminiscent of the previous version of Xbox Live
Arcade, as last PC installment.