Final Fight Double Impact Walkthrough

Available beginning April 15 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, Final Fight: Double Impact takes you on a hard-hitting journey through Capcom history with the ultimate versions of arcade classics Final Fight and Magic Sword.  Double Impact slams into your home with seamless online and local co-op gameplay, new music by acclaimed remixologists, HD-filtered graphics, a host of unlockables to discover, and an integrated online leaderboard to prove your mettle. The arrival to market Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 desktop platforms of the current generation, brought under his arm the final implementation of online gaming in consoles after a first contact for the generation of 128 bits.

But this implementation also had something under his arm, which meant another revolution: digital download platforms. Wii with its Virtual Store, 360 with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network PS3 offering consumers a new range of products ranging from additional content for games released in physical format to full titles only purchasable by download online. At first everything seemed perfect, and we could extend the life of our favorite games by downloading new characters, levels, weapons also slowly starting to get little gems at discount prices, the quality on many occasions was similar or even higher than of video games that we saw in the store shelves.

Affectionately nicknamed the "Mother of All Arcade Brawlers", Final Fight’s huge sprites, bright colors, and detailed parallax scrolling, were a technological marvel for the day and paved the way for the huge arcade revival of the early 90’s. Its gameplay is easy to pick up, but challenging and deep enough to make it highly addicting. Originally released at the end of 1989, Final Fight was a giant hit in the arcades. Final Fight has maintained its popularity over the years with versions released for the SNES, SegaCD, GBA, and more. However, all these releases had some sort of censorship or game change. Now finally with Double Impact, players will be able to play through an uncut, uncensored, pure arcade experience, with a hard-hitting selectable new soundtrack, frame perfect online co-op, and a barrage of new video modes.

Originally conceived as a sequel to the original Street Fighter, Final Fight exists in the same universe. As such, it is often referred to as Street Fighter’s "cousin" series. Nearly every character in Final Fight™ has made its way in some manner or another into a Street Fighter game. Now with the release of Super Street Fighter IV, Cody and Guy return again as playable fighters. Never has there been a better time to learn your roots.

If the advent of download platforms has allowed the emergence of a multitude of new and small productions, sometimes devilishly talented, he also offered to many old titles the opportunity to pay a second youth. Final Fight is thus one of those little lucky: more than twenty years after its release and after a facelift worthy of Miss Swan, as Capcom invites itself to the XLA. Music remixed, HD filter to try to hide those big pixels that cannot be seen, a wheelbarrow unlockable, this beat’em all 2D up to us sexier than ever we attempt to demonstrate that its qualities are unalterable and why his name as one moves Double Dragon and Streets of Rage .

The truth is that, despite the quality of restoration work, the scope of that old one begins by pressing Start is brutal, even if the powerful efficacy of gameplay known to tickle our nostalgia. In addition, the possibility of playing with a friend online will probably convince the fans stick back. Moreover, Double Impact does not have its name for nothing and we also offers the thundering Magic Sword ‘favor the same improvements as his colleague. Two games in one, more cunning, but still a bit skinny in the light of the price of the lot. Admittedly, this is cheaper than a fully-equipped DeLorean, but we still keep this pair adviser to the first comer. Double Impact will especially appeal to young and old nostalgic curiosity. Shame not be allowed to make its two nuggets affordable to many.


1. Online Multiplayer – Relive these classics with friends, both new and old. GGPO network technology creates a frame-accurate arcade experience across the internet, and with online voice chat and the ability to join games in progress, it’s just like playing in the arcade. Thanks to a toggle-able open invite system, other fighters can jump right in and donate their fist or sword to the cause.

2. Remixed Music – Soundtrack adapted by the highly-acclaimed composers responsible for Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Or if originals are your thing, hit the switch and take a blast down audio past.

3. High Quality Visual Enhancement – Final Fight and Magic Sword have never looked so good! By utilizing our proprietary graphic algorithm, both games now shine in crisp and clear HD glory. For the purist pixel junkies, toggle it


Final Fight is set in the fictional American city of Metro City sometime in the 1990s. The story centers around the kidnapping of the newly-elected mayor’s daughter, Jessica, by the city’s dominant street gang, Mad Gear. The Mad Gear Gang seeks to bring the mayor – and the town – under their control. The mayor, a former pro wrestler named Mike Haggar, refuses to give in to the gang’s demands; instead, he sets out to rescue his daughter with the help of her boyfriend, a martial artist named Cody, and his friend, a modern-day Bushin ninja named Guy.

In the 90s, Metro City is plagued by crime and violence. Newly elected mayor, the former professional wrestler Mike Haggar has decided to eliminate the gangs that are terrorizing his city. To prevent this, Mad Gear, a powerful criminal organization, kidnaps his daughter Jessica and tries to bribe him. Haggar was not so easily frightened, so he contacted Cody, the boyfriend of Jessica, and Guy, both of them trained in the martial arts and street fighting. The three men decided to take justice into their own, and bury themselves in the slums of Metro City to find Jessica.

Final Fight is a reference in the field of beat ’em, remember (well I remember) the arcade of yesteryear, a piece of 10 francs and hop off you go, solo or two. We try to go after without compromising the level of parts, ah missed it, I must furnish one, I have more lives. The arcade game was very difficult, too this time. The success was the appointment which was very ill at the terminal of the game Double Dragon and Street of Rage Genesis at the time. Yes Final Fight was released almost on all the consoles of the time with hardly a great success each time.

At the beginning of the post, we had a choice between Haggar and Cody, and then a new version has added Guy, who looked very much like a character from Street Fighter which may be the name of Street Fighter ’89 at the time. Even so, we now come to an exit to our good big machine that kills the PS3. And there, big surprise, I expected a remake in HD, and no, it’s just a port of the original with a few songs and a reworked graphics smoothing option (if desired).

First test, I put the screen in arcade mode, type one sees the terminal and our characters are in, a little smaller then. Easy to Learn, we remember the game, no worries, two buttons, one for typing, the other to jump (you follow?), both at the same time you make a great shot (which takes away a bit energy). I move, I lose a few lives, some continuous and ultimately, I finished the game in about 1 hour. Yes, it runs at the same time, the time at the terminal, it would have still expensive currency. The big plus of this version is the possibility to acquire trophy: Finish the game by playing with only such a person, in less time as possible … etc., but also and this is the big plus, it’s to play with a buddy via the Internet and access to world rankings. The hero, a barbarian, must climb the 50 floors of the tower Drokmar (a witch) to retrieve a magical sword.

Another successful beat ’em up from Capcom, which has proven very little which I had played the final period. But as what we can catch up because it is really addictive and leads to a few trophies. A cooperative mode is also networked and some world ranking. Gameplay borrowed from Wikipedia: It’s a game-scroller where you must fight (with your sword or magic) of various monsters to finish each level and go upstairs. You will have only two buttons to use: one for attacking, the other to jump. You will find many chests in which are hidden magical objects, energy, gold coins, traps or keys. These allow you to release figures that will follow later (but only one at a time). And these people (eight different, mostly borrowed from the fantasy) will have their own energy bar, their own weapons and their own experience.

Walkthrough :

The game is set to normal mode by default. You can set the difficulty of  the game as you want to easy or difficult. It can be done by selecting the Custom Game option. But the digital download platforms did not take long to become a double-edged sword for the user. The vast majority of companies saw in this new form of business with which a mine left empty the pockets of the customer through the tricks more prostrate. Dumbfounded, users begin to see how we are required to pay to download wallpaper or icons images as a player, while not a few developers went without the slightest embarrassment to develop complete products to separate parts of the game to sell later as downloadable content or even leave them locked in the physical disk so that the buyer had no choice but to scratch his back pocket to access the full title.

Controls :

Playstation 3

  • For Move use Left Stick & D Pad
  • For Attack/Pick up items use Square & Triangle Button
  • X button & Circle button for Jump
  • To pause the game press Start button

Xbox 360

  • Left Stick & D pad to Move
  • X & Y button to Attack/Pick up items
  • A & B button to Jump
  • To pause the game press Start buttons

How to perform various Moves :

  1. Fast recovery – Once you are banged down then just twist the stick or the d pad and the press the attack and jump button one after another quickly. This is very useful to protect you from Andore’s Jump Attack.
  2. Vertical and Horizontal Jump – For vertical jump press the attack button and then jump and for horizontal move from left to right and then press attack.
  3. Grapple – Walk in front of the enemy to reach a close distance and then grab the enemy. It is quiet easy and then release the guy by pressing the jump button.
  4. Jump Attack – Move from left to right and then press down + Attack. Useful for combos.
  5. Special Attack –  For this press Attack + Jump.

Characters :

You get engaged with 3 types of characters in Final Fight. The first is Haggar. He is a ex-wrestler and mayor of the Metro city. Then comes Cody who is Jessica’s boy friend and a very balanced guy. He specialized in using Knife. Cody can stab a knife to the enemy instead of throwing. You can punch the enemy twice here. The last is Guy who is a ninja. But not so expert.  He is fastest player and the most hardest to play.

Health points :

  1. Food : You can use this upgrades to get your health.  Apple, Banana, Grape, Pineapple and Orange provides you a low health upgrade.
  2. Junk Food – Foods like Beer, Gum, Hamburger, Hot Dog, Milk, Pizza, Soda Can, Sushi and Whisky can provide you medium upgrades.
  3. Meat – Meat provides high health points. Around 10000. They foods in this are Barbeque, Chicken and Steak.

Weapons :

  • You can use knife, pipe, Katana/Masamune and Muramasa weapons to kill your enemy. The knife is used by Cody, pipe by Haggar, Katana/Masamune and Muramasa by Guy.

Levels Gameplay :

There are around 6 Levels which you have to finished up to become the final player. This levels are also divided into some mini rounds.

  1. Slums
  2. Subway
  3. Westside District
  4. Industrial Area
  5. Bay Area
  6. Uptown Metro City

1. First Level – Slums :

  1. Here in the first phase you have to Beat Damnd and unlocks the Damnd an concept Art. Then you have to finish Slums in 5 min lime and unlock the Street Fighter II Turbo pages 1 and 2 of total 24 pages. After that you have to finish Slums with Cody and get 50,000 points.
  2. In the second  phase of Slums you have a time limit of 3:40 mins. You have to collection 100,000 points here and unlock Two P and Dig concept art.
  3. In the third phase you have to finish the Slums part in 2:27 mins and get 110,000 points. You will unlock first Comic Guy Card out of 5 here.

2. Second Level – Subway :

  1. In the first phase you will have to beat Sodom. Then finish the same with Guy. You will have to unlock Final Fight Cabinet Artwork, Haggar controls, Bill Bull and Cody and Guy concept art. You will have to finish this level without losing  lives.
  2. In the second phase you have to finish subway without losing 7 lives. Unlock original concept art of Enemy Development, Haggar – Moves Storyboards 1/3, Andore Jr and Andore and Guy Card 5/5.
  3. In the third phase you have to finish Subway without losing 5 lives. You will also get a time limit of 7:30 mins.

3. Third Level – Westside District :

  1. In the first phase of this level you will have to beat. Edi.E. You have to unlock the concept of the same. You will have to finish this without using 12 lives and get the concept art of J and Jake.
  2. In the second phase you will have to finish this level without using 9 lives and getting concept art of Guy Moves Storyboard 4/4 and Pixel Development & Weapons. Collect 100,000 points.
  3. In the third phase you will have to secure 7 lives and collect 210,000 points.

4. Fourth Level – Industrial Area :

  1. In the first phase you have to beat Rolento. Here you have to unlock fan art of Rolento Victorious and finish the level under 10:00 mins.
  2. In the second phase you unlock the concept art of poster A and Haggar. Finish the same in 6:00 mins and you will also have to finish the same with Guy.
  3. In the third phase you will have to unlock the concept art of Poison and Roxy And Poster B. The time limit for the same is 4:10.

5. Fifth Level – Bay Area :

  1. You have to first complete this level with Haggar. Then you have to beat Abigail and get 250,000 points. The time limit set for you is 15:00.
  2. In the second phase your time limit is 12:00 and you have to complete 400,000 points.
  3. At the third phase you have collection 545,000 points and finish the same in 9:00mins.

6. Sixth Level – Uptown Metro City :

  1. Here first you have to beat Bleger and complete uptown with Cody. You have to secure 30 lives.
  2. In the second phase you have secure 20 lives and unlock I’ll Be Your Poison Remix.
  3. In the third phase you have to secure 13 lives and finish the same in 10:00 minutes. You have to get 570,000 points here.

Cheats and Hints :

Eater Parts (20)

  • Final Fight : Go to the end of the game with less than 18 continue.

Cody bottom (15)

  • Final Fight : Finish all levels with Cody.

Haggar thoroughly (15)

  • Final Fight: Finish all levels with Haggar.

Guy on bottom (15)

  • Final Fight : Finish all levels with Guy.

Locksmith (25) : Unlock the entire contents of the treasure chest.

Ultimate Warriors (10)

  • Final Fight : Go to the end of the game in cooperative mode.

In husky (30)

  • Magic Sword: Go to the end of the game with less than 18 continue.

Hurt "(10)

  • Magic Sword: Finish all floors.

Antihero (10)

  • Magic Sword: Take the Black Orb.

Paf! (10)

  • Magic Sword: Break the Black Orb.

Ninja (30)

  • Magic Sword: Complete any level without getting hit or use magic attack.

Saviour of the world (10)

  • Magic Sword: Kill Drokmar.

Conclusion :

You will be taking a double hit Final Fight: Double Impact. Two sets of references in the world of video games, Final Fight, Magic Sword you will have a good time nostalgic-Geek and win some trophies. Personally I wished a quick facelift in graphics but the fact of having a mode of cooperation over the Net, world rankings are quick to forget that little detail.  Final Fight puts you in the shoes to Cody, Guy or Haggar as they work their way through the streets of Metro City to issue the sister of Haggar through six levels. Each has special fighting techniques. Magic Sword makes you run The Brave, a fierce warrior who carries the heavy responsibility of having to eradicate the demonic forces that have taken possession of an ancient tower. It may be supported by eight Allied will use their powers to help in his quest. The co-op mode has not been forgotten and it will be possible to invite friends online to participate in its parts.  For two reasons, it is possible to play original and thinner version adoptee the eyes of those that do not support the stair treads and large pixels that are all the charm of old games.

Because in addition to the fighting game set is the download the game Magical Sword also include, so you two for the price of a game receives, so to speak. The corresponding galleries in this news supply you with scenes of gameplay of both games, which have been spiced up visually, of course, without missing the flair of the originals. Also befitting the arcade machines you can pick up on the screen to do home adapted in views almost true arcade feel. In addition to the graphical improvements, there is also a remixed soundtrack and finally a drop-in mode, which allows a second player at any time to intervene in the fights. This can be done while on-and offline and should be a nice bonus for the veteran fans have.

Positive Points :

  • Online gambling
  • Beautiful restoration
  • Two mythical titles

Negative Points :

  • Price
  • A bit old


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