Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter Walkthrough

The glorious high-definition (HD) chaos continues in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, the highly anticipated arcade action FPS sequel to the Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter. Developed by Croteam and powered by the Serious Engine 3, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter combines spectacularly enhanced visuals, including more polygons, higher resolution textures and more special effects like hippy and kids mode, with trademark frantic game play for a non-stop action. Featuring single-play, survival and cooperative play, the game continues your battle against Mentals army with the classic over-the-top action, crazy humor and horror from the golden age of first-person shooters.Combined with intense versus and team modes in over 18 classic and NEW! multiplayer maps Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter is a worthy successor to the original masterpiece.

Featured Highlights:

  • Various Environments and Secrets! – Unleash mayhem on 3 different spectacular worlds: South America, ancient Mesopotamia and medieval Europe. Discover over 130 secrets including over 15 brand NEW! ones hidden in the fray.
  • Unique Enemies and Bosses! – Fight with 27 nightmarish warriors in Mentals’ army, including old favorites from The First Encounter like Beheaded Kamikaze, Syrian Werebull and Kleer Skeleton. Go head to head against 5 new enemies and 3 new Bosses.
  • Special Weapons and Power-Ups! – Wreak havoc with a huge arsenal of weapons including 3 new toys: the Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower and Chainsaw. Use Power-Ups to additionally increase your fighting and agility skills.
  • Serious Multiplayer and Steam! – Plunge into chaos with up to 16 players in campaign cooperative mode or watch all hell break loose in over 8 classic and brand NEW! death match maps with up to 16 players! Track your score on Steam leader boards and earn over 40 NEW! Steam achievements!
  • NEW! Survival, Co-Op, Versus and Team Modes! – Try to stay alive as long as you can against continued enemies attacks in Survival mode with specially designed survival maps! Play even more along your friends in new co-op modes including Coin-Op Co-Op! Fight against your friends in more versus modes including Beast Hunt and My Burden! Compete against other teams in Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Last Team Standing!

Gameplay :

Same great design, where every monster – a work of art (perhaps a bull bit and gives Cacodemon, but quite a bit). For the sound would not be ashamed even to Robert Prince.  The same lack of plot. Specifically, he seems to have, but – at the same level as in Doom, i.e. – The most that there is no minimum. Actually, he’s here and not need … All absorbing game. As in Doom, he would have been totally unnecessary – we need to know where we are and why, but indicative of the opponents. We are here because they attacked a Mental. Opponents – its army, mainly raised from the dead (again, Doom). And all. For the game no longer needed, it is not Fallout and not even Half-Life. The only thing that spoils the game – this is some uniformity, rather, an excess of "arenas" where the hero locked, leaving the mess with a bunch of opponents in a tiny area. These things are good as far – remember, for example, 8-th level of Doom II. There it all was not so intrusive and not acted on the nerves.

Walkthrough :

After the cool action hero Serious Sam Stone the gigantic Mental servant in the first part had finally defeated, he captured a ship of the creeps and tried again from the past and from Egypt to escape. Yet somehow everything was not running according to plan, and Sam falls off in ancient America. There is then really begins, for many Mental servants have been waiting for the hero. This was actually the whole back story and just after the start they set off, unrestrained orgy action.

The second episode begins with a video summary of the first and with grand – then others that are not members of Croteam – already seen in the very highest level of Sam1 boarding fund flying to follow their favorite. But accidentally collide with the spacecraft plunged into making what Sam still seems to Egypt by the pyramids and instead is Mexico. Sam2 in the debt to Duke Nukem ‘is paid immediately by making a phone booth English style in the middle of the jungle Sam phones in Las Vegas when pissed off that Duke will respond when he’s ready. In this second episode, the engine is a revised Serious Engine, if that does not allow the sharpness of Return To Castle Wolfenstein, on the other hand is filled with details that leave truly amazed.

Just the first level, set in the forest of Chiapas, shows a stretch of grass and made eye so that, realistically, while from afar or from above we can see what is in the middle (ammo, health, enemies) When we dived the view prevents us, forcing us to make elliptical paths. Besides the Mexican forest, with Inca temples, there are two other episodes: the Babylonian cities and mountains in Switzerland for a total of 12 levels, all very large and subdivided into arenas. Compared to the first episode of Sam2 arenas are also better designed from the perspective of the game as it is more diversified and less in the long run the risk of boring. In addition we can count on all the various secrets and hidden levels, a more fun and zany, and above all the other computers on Sam, anise, which is identified in a woman and, with the game progresses, it becomes increasingly petulant and flirtatious in his comments.

Weapons :

  1. Arms : Used as a tool for breakout passes and for a quiet someone is not very strong, but quite noisy. In other words: not available anywhere else.
  2. Power saw : Once I had stopped twice from head to foot with leaves and branches, I am still convinced that this is primarily a tool and not weapons. But all sorts of knopiki obviously do not have the proper safety margin and, in fact, represent shifty firewood. Everyone who sawed the demons in the mode Fast, know well how to deal with this thing. Others will learn about a minute.
  3. Revolver / revolver, two : Has a .45 caliber, but ammo for him to look not need: it is equipped with a device TMAR, makes him an endless supply of ammunition. Also, he has simply breathtaking precision that allows you to take some not very tough opponents at a distance, when they represent the force of a couple of pixels. In fact, it – magic wand to the case of complete "default" in the field of ordnance.
  4. Automatic Thompson : A very nice thing, allows the extradition of strictly metered length, which eliminates the waste of ammunition. The perfect weapon to combat with variegated soldiers winding corridors. Grind some Scorpio in the dust a long queue also allows you to easily. In other words: universal weapon.
  5. Gun : In contrast to the machine, less suitable for delicate and accurate distribution of lead, but much more suited for tons of ammunition. It has the absolute precision that allows it to compete even with the sniper.
  6. Rocket launcher : Stumpy, awkward shape design, compensating  great firepower. It has all the properties, the gap, carrying the small flocks of enemies in rags, rate, allowing "steer" all and sundry, and, of course, the danger of imminent explosion to tear your own head, posthumously under the disguise of the enemy.
  7. Launcher : Funny cars. The longer you hold the "fire" – on spit. A great tool for shooting "on the overhang, just Worms first-person. Grenade around the corner, a grenade from above through the embankment, just a grenade into his forehead … Have fun on health.
  8. Spitfire : Great weapon, built into the amateur-hand combat these corridors. He has a real advantage that once set on fire by the enemy for some time continued to burn. However, it is very short and weak lights, and even the running of it, quickly cease to be harmful
  9. Sniper Rifle : When shooting without sight – absolutely useless toy. Virtually the shooting is a waste of ammunition. When shooting with the same optics – a magnificent, powerful, long-range weapons. Lack of ammunition for it (on the background of "heaps") will haunt you almost the entire game.
  10. Laser : Pretty lousy laser beam which, somehow, in the best traditions fiction, you can overtake on the scooter. A weapon against swarms of wild, used along with automatic, only from him yet you can dodge. Enemy.
  11. Gun : Hand doubly gun, firing their heavy nuclei, cracked on the way all the world. The same principle longer hold – higher speed. And, accordingly, destructive force. Used as a BFG 9000 in Doom
  12. A serious bomb : Another joke. Click zero (select button weapons fire is no longer needed) – and all around are dying. Go. Besides the bosses, but so is usually painful. However, they are not more than three can be, but that’s fine.Works not at once, so do not press when the bull is already half of the screen. Too late.

Cheats :

Press  F1 to open the console, enter the following commands and press them one by one with the key  Enter :

  • PLEASE FLY Flight mode
  • PLEASE GHOST Mode hobbies walls
  • PLEASE GIVEALL All weapons
  • PLEASE GOD Invulnerability
  • PLEASE INVISIBLE Invisibility
  • PLEASE kill all Kill all enemies
  • PLEASE OPEN all doors
  • PLEASE TELLALL View all posts

Game guide :

First Period – The Maya

  • Level 1 – Sierra De Chiapas
  • Level 2 – The Valley of the Jaguar
  • Level 3 – The City Of Gods
  • Level 4 – Neighborhood Snake
  • Level 5 – The Well

Second Period – The Babylonians

  • Elephant Atrium
  • Gardens of Gilgamesh
  • Tower Of Babel

Third Period – The Holy Grail

  • Level 2 – Land Of The Damned
  • Level 3 – The Grand Cathedral
  • Level 1 – Sierra De Chiapas

Level 1 – Sierra De Chiapas :

Once collection to the other end of the valley, towards the only building visible. Along the way there is a small clearing with the shotgun, if still not found or there are even (?) No problem because you will find it again later. Arrived at the temple entrance you will find the gate closed in front of it and the sniper rifle. Once collected use it to blow up the head of Scorpionites red, and then defend against the harpies killing them all, the fact that the gate opens. Revenue a little everything you need and once removed the enemies continued. Through the door you will encounter flamethrower, take out the enemies, equip and use it to clean the room that follows, until a pumpkin head will break the wall and you can enter a large room that soon will be filled with the enemy. In this room one hand there is the door to continue, the other a lounge with ammunition, which certainly does not spoil.  Cleaned everything and only then can you continue it throughout the game when you are in similar situations, force you to kill all the enemies, or at least 85% of them in rare cases, before they open the doors, hatches, or whatever to continue. Without clean square get over it. Forward until you come to a fork, going left in the dark corridor there is a fairly easy puzzle but can be fatal, that will reward you with +100 life. Going right to the steamroller drive towards the end of the level.

Saved because if you get caught you’re done living. Cmq well calculated intervals and note that you can also pass 2 or 3 in a range to another. After the area, go up the ramp and throw in the hole. Another room another battle, kill all, then you’ll see a Clint Eastwood that will create a ramp to climb and go in the hall of Spiker. Here you can just use the holes to activate the two switches and then go quietly to the door. Note that both switches are open the door but do not block the Spiker, so be careful. Without this continued in this long corridor full of enemies elbow, but you should not have special problems, as you can get them out with a discreet distance. Hurry the practice continued and finally return to the sunlight. Here the trail used to climb and then use the bridge to pass, although I recommend you use the sniper rifle to thin the before being shot. In the ravine there is also a hidden missile launcher that can take and then jumped upon by jumping on a platform nearby, you will be teleported to the deck. Whether you decide to take it or not, continue towards the end of the valley. Reached the second bridge will start to flow the other monsters. Kill them all and arrive at the building where you have to use floating platforms to reach the end level door. However careful not to fall because the water is infested with annoying electric fish.

Level 2 – The Valley of the Jaguar :

Pass the door and prepare to leap over tall helix-shaped bumpers. Do not think you can skip two with a single jump is impossible. Enjoy the sights pointed downward to focus on where to land. Buffers used to reach the door at the other end of the hall, put on the threshold for finding yourself in another cave much like the previous one. Once there use the bumpers on the left to reach the button that will trigger a buffer that will allow you to use the acceleration ramps to reach the other side. Beyond this door you come to a large area with two smaller pyramids on the sides and a larger face. You just enter pyramids in both side and retrieve the two jaguars gold will then put on the altars in the middle of the three pyramids.

Traps as notable is a wall of darkness that hides the enemy advance in the right pyramid and the other a trap that du walls are covered with sharp spears and in which there is all a game of drafts that you will move very unusual and trapola a pretty simple when you follow a path with a ray of light was stated. Apart from that I do not think you problems or surprises. However then place the two jaguars at the altars in the central pyramid and go. The two houses in the middle are useless, unless you need ammunition for machine guns to the left. Once inside the pyramid and collect the skull is made.

Level 3 – The City Of Gods :

Head into buildings on either side to retrieve the two masks then you care to place the altar. I doubt you will have problems with the mass of enemies who attack you, then let off and continue. Once through the doors to watch from the corridor whose walls are fired darts. Avoid them and go forward. Here you make a clean sweep and then continued. Now you’re on a major boulevard, here try to use long-range weapons at the beginning and then move on to bigger things at short range. Keep this tactic all the way until you reach a residential area where you will be attacked just to vary by hordes of enemies, and where you have to worry about reaching the building with snakes on the roof. Here you go ahead and let slip and then prepare for battle. Kill everyone and then follow the corridor careful with air currents and the enemies until you reach the river of lava, where you have to use panels of magma on the right to move on, but be careful because the last two sink. Continue to the room with a bridge over a room. You’ll fight a strange battle as you continue to do the high jump. Still finished the fight will open the door to leave.

Level 4 – Neighborhood Snake :

Kill everyone and go forward as expected. None until the force field, here we should use to get rid of the enemies, until you turn off so that you can move forward. You then go straight to pick up a form to be placed on the altar in the temple area above which will open in front, you decide to visit if you require a signature. Then go into the new area where you will find three buildings. Head in the two smaller buttons to press, noting that one of you must shoot the right button to press. Without going into this big room where you can go and kill everyone.

Level 5 – The Well :

Just landed in water fish defend yourselves from the accursed, then jump out and go to the room where you have to pay attention to the crushing pillars. It ‘s just a game of timing. Then go over to well, let fall and end up in one governed by strange gusts of wind that around with your enemies, so be careful. Killed the enemy crossed the hall to a room shaped like a crib, where you as usual to clear before proceeding. You will come to a tower, climb on top and go over the bridge and using the corridor until you reach a room I would call mind-boggling. E ‘shaped tube and you can move a little as you like, but be careful because your enemies will also do well and especially careful with your bullets then grenades. Once you open the door without forks follow the path that promises and come to a courtyard where you must fight for a change. Then do it! After that you open the door and you can slide to reach the boss. Beware that on the slide there will be pillars Spiker. For the council boss loaded up the cannon for the distance and finished once the missiles are also fine, but when you are close you can make him very ill with grenades fired repeatedly. Once killed go up on the portal and you’re done.

Second Period – The Babylonians

Elephant Atrium :

Then straight right, then taking the right turn left, right and straight ahead again. You are outdoors. Go left then right for the gun and throw in the tank which action will magically open the doors of the city. Kill the enemies and go left. Now simple, needless to say to kill all the enemies or at least most of them. Anyway go straight, then straight ahead, push the grate and lower the lever back to the door now open, exceeds it, go left and take the elephant gold back at the gates with elephants and exceeds it. Continue up to the gardens of Gilgamesh and then in the room with the gratings continue to kill skeletons until you open the grate that leads to the exit.

Gardens of Gilgamesh :

Next and exit, then go left into the field to activate the bridge. To find the switch to throw in the pool right away and look for underwater that takes you to the pyramids around a courtyard. Lift and construction where you will find the lever to raise the bridge. It will also open the door on the opposite side of the courtyard which will quickly recover the winged horse. Gather and enter the temple. Continue up the hall from various dangers. Here kill all the enemies and precipitated, repeat this step for 5 floors and then you’ll find a corridor that will bring up a well. Throw in the pit and looking up destroy the spears, then fight against the enemies and continue. Toss on the platform below, which will take you to a new area where you fighting your way up to a room with a mirrored floor. Come here go further and return to fresh air. Now you just have to reach the palace, but there will be several eye monster.

Tower Of Babel :

Ahead, large living room, a key, an exit. I guess you know what to do with it? Well then do it! Cosmos in the room will come to a lift, get down, turn up to find two buttons, press them and use the elevator to go up again. Go over to the gates, and then forward again until dark room. Here you hit the golden rectangle above the door to turn on the light and be able to see enemies. The light is then every time around. Once outside turn left and do all the rounds of courts around the tower divided into three equal sections from which you retrieve the three panels of wisdom. Nothing too complicated. Once retrieved the doors of the tower will open and you can reach the boss. The strategy to be adopted by the boss is simple but he could give the same a hard time. First you have to worry about destroying these devices in the form of electric doors scattered around the room and then started to hit him. After a while you will see that his arm will fall. Whenever the arm falls appear larvae walking on the ground and are very annoying, and should also take care of them. Do remember that two arms are then you face the larvae in two stages. Once you start using lasers will almost about to die, and continuing to shoot and move with the movement side you will see that you do outside. Once you go dead on the portal to finish the level.

Third Period – The Holy Grail

Collect weapons and go up the room with the traps, here in the room immediately jump towards the pillar in front of you, then go the other side and repeat until you reach the elevator. Get off and use the glove to kill the monster, note that you must lower the lever than standing next to it or you will be killed too. Go further and you’re on a bridge that it looks to be a trap. Indeed it is, and then kill the enemies and go up forestation. Once inside go right and recovered the gold cross to open the doors. PS try to uncover the graves and you have a little surprise … Continue to follow the courtyards of the town until you reach a wider where there will be a battle to note the presence of two guns stationed on two towers far removed from you. Anything that two well-placed missiles cannot destroy. To be able to notice them just look from where the cannon balls. Once inside the castle to watch mouths shoot arrows on the walls and make your way up to a room with the gears. You shoot the two teeth chipped wheels and used the space to jump and reach the gear box. Keep up the drawbridge where you just kill everyone, wait a few seconds and you will magically go inside. Once inside go up until you will not be trapped, once here jump into the pipe and then continue up the stairs. Once in the room kill all of enemies, then press the lever and quickly jump over the barrels, and wait for the elevator. Once used on the trampoline, cleaned the whole area, revenues and even this is done.

Land Of The Damned :

Make a clean sweep and then drive past the building. You get ready to kill as much as possible keeping you from a distance but still looking forward. Obviously there will be mowed a tidal wave of enemies. Go straight ahead to the caves of lava. In the caves, you first need to be careful not to fall because sometimes the bridge of rock becomes really small, then there are the lava often try to falling over and finally the most difficult enemies are the demons because of their color is red very difficult to identify species at long range. But if these three things were careful to easily reach the portal and the ice castle. Here the true sniper rifle will be the master until you have ammunition, once finished you can juggle enemies remained with missiles and machine guns. Once again remained the only living beings and revenue is over.

The Grand Cathedral :

Well there’s not much to say about this level. The situation is this, the path is required, do not need keys and there are puzzles. There is just you, your weapons and lots (and I mean when I say a flood tide!) Of enemies. So advanced, kill and try to somehow continue to live. There are no special advice to give, because any level is based on your ability to killer. However, if in one way or another came to the boss I suggest you hit him with the sniper rifle in the long run, and cannon balls, missiles or grenades closely. Remote is fine but the gun barrels to six could be useful for mowing his servants that attack you. Also exploited the side buffers to withdraw from a situation too crowded. If you can kill him, enter into e.Well, I cannot say that it would be wonderful but a final … At least you finished the game!

Conclusion :

The level of difficulty of the game is very high: if you already easy mode (the second) will spend a few sleepless nights to the most hardened geeks, the real Tamarri mouse is reserved for the nerve to try the extreme level, the "serious". supported various multiplayer modes, including the chance to play in 2 or 4 on the same computer with split screen and sharing the keyboard.

Although the graphics in Serious Sam 2 leaves a good impression, you need this system is anything but a high-performance computers. Even on my computer with a Duron 1000 Mhz processor, 160 MB SD RAM and an age-old TNT 2 graphics card the game ran at a resolution of 1024x768x16 bit surprisingly, completely smooth. Only with extensive shooting, where several opponents at once involved in it, the graphics stopped now and then. Otherwise, you can play Serious Sam 2 on older system, which can also include the system requirements of the manufacturer: that is, as the developers give a recommended configuration only 650 Mhz processor and a 32 MB graphics card of the 3rd Generation. As a minimum, is just a Celeron 300 Mhz and an Open GL card required, only raises the question whether there can still speak of interaction.


The Second Encounter will not be the finest FPS on the market today, but it is certainly the most fun. For multiplayer fun, there are at Serious Sam 2 no limits. Serious Sam 2 One can both play against each other in a network, the network in a team or on the Internet against players from around the world. When I Serious Sam 2 for the first time played, I have the levels with a few friends played together what I can only recommend. They will fight you with joint force through the worlds and you can talk after a round on the incredible opponent. But even one game against each other makes a lot of fun.

System requirements :


  • Processor: AMD K6-3 400 MHz Pentium II or Celeron A 300 MHz
  • 64 MB of memory (RAM)
  • Full OpenGL-compatible 3D graphics card
  • 100% Windows-compatible sound card
  • Operating system: Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 5), Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • 150 MB free hard disk space


  • Processor: AMD Athlon 650 MHz or Pentium III 650 MHz
  • 192 MB of memory (RAM)
  • Video Card: Full OpenGL-compatible 3D accelerator in the third Generation with 32 MB of memory.
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live sound card
  • 450 MB free hard disk space
  • For the full game experience:
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 1 GHz or Pentium III 1GHz
  • 256 MB of memory (RAM)
  • Video Card: Full OpenGL-compatible 3D accelerator in the fourth Generation with 64 MB of memory.

Videos :



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