The Whispered World PS3 Walkthrough

Sadwick Chronicles: The Whispered World is an adventure game of high quality that transports us into the poetic world of a sad clown. Sadwick is a young boy of 12 who spends his days playing the clown in a traveling circus with his brother Ben and his grandfather. One night, Sadwick is a nightmare that will haunt him until the next day. He sees his world when a strange creature messing it predicts the end of the world. Believing her premonitory dream, he will go see what’s happening with Spot, his pet caterpillar. On his way he meets assorted characters such as Bobby, a messenger from the King of Corona too chicken to fulfill its mission, that he passed on to the young clown. Come later a monumental volatile should not be awake and Kalida appointed an astronomer at the strange language and chief Asgils, namely the dreaded Loucaux. This is the search for Whispering Stone, precisely given by Bobby Sadwick. He wants to use the jewel to destroy the kingdom of Corona as to make it dark and gloomy.

It requires attention to every detail and allusions made by the people I met, as well as their reaction to what we can do. This will allow Sadwick to visit the home of Shana example. Passing through the door of the house in ruins, one of the live rock (!), The Rock Brothers, we say for example that this is the wrong way through the gate. I then found it necessary to pass through the interior to the exterior of the house late that there is only the door. Later he will succeed in closing the valve watchdog Ruben to slip into the room sleeping owner. It will happen that will turn in circles long before calling so we can move forward because the items to be collected or instruments to enable are scattered all over the map. This was the case for making human cannon, collect the ingredients for a soup or valves to activate Sadwick to flee the hideout Asgils a makeshift elevator.

"I commend the developers for creating puzzles diverse and often asking to use commonsense. Even the dialogues may propose that sentences must be selected carefully to bring about the desired reaction with the speaker. Otherwise, we repeat the same dialogues by treading water. It should also consider using Spot to solve several puzzles. It may take up to five different forms, we will use in many different ways. The Chronicles of Sadwick is played as a conventional adventure game type point and click. Pressing and hold the mouse offers three interactive features: eye to eye, a mouth to communicate, drink and even breathe or spit and a hand to take give or move something with which you can interact. Our bundle may contain an unlimited number of objects or not combined, harvested by Sadwick. The sets, hand painted, are embellished with vibrant details like the leaves of trees, a waterfall, a candle flame or the curtains in the windows of the caravans. This creates a depth to the environment of this game of surprising beauty. Linear narrative about the adventure, the game is divided into four chapters. The four regions have crossed their particular aspect which gives it a unique atmosphere. The original music produced by the German studio Periscope Studio blends harmoniously with the world created from scratch by Marco Hullen. I loved playing Chronicles Sadwick with headphones to fully understand all the little noises around well proportioned.


The beautiful adventure game The Whispered World whisks the player away to a fascinating fantasy world. Sadwick is a young clown but often far from cheerful. One night, a strange blue creature speaks to him in a dream, and sends him on an adventurous journey. Many dangers await Sadwick, for the world he knows is doomed to crumble and fall In classic point & classic tradition, gamers, steer Sadwick and his companion Spot through the game. Little Spot never Ieaves Sadwick side and is integral to solving many puzzles. He can take out many different forms throughout the game, which the player can pick and choose at will, once they have been learned. Hand-painted backgrounds filled with animated details and lovingly crafted characters in the style of classic animated movies like Spirited Away bring the story to life. The Whispered World mixes fairy-tale elements with melancholic tones to create a stunning tale of epic proportion.

The Whispered World tells the story of the little clown Sadwick crossing the world in the traveling circus run by her older brother and his killjoy senile grandfather. Unfortunately, the antics do not taste Sadwick, who prefers the philosophy, poetry or drama. The boy, of melancholy nature, is, indeed, tapped by the meaning of life and especially the meaning of his life since he is a recurring nightmare where a huge white sphere light announces the end of the world. One day a little more tired than usual, Sadwick decides to walk in the forest where the autumn circus camp for a time. Near a lake, he met Bobby, a royal messenger, bearer of Whispering Stone, "Peter whispers to" a relic it is supposed to bring to the king. Obviously, such things never happen as they should do, it will be to bring the stone Sadwick in Corona, the capital. This is the beginning of the adventure of our young desperate clown who just wanted a walk in the woods.



Young Sadwick lives in a beautiful but perilous fantasy world with his brother Ben, his grandpa Antonius and his green pet worm Spot. Together they roam these mystical lands with their circus. Sadwick, known as Sad to friends and family, is a twelve year old boy with a melancholic vein. He would like nothing more than to set out and explore the world, but his family is holding him back. One night a strange blue creature appears to him in his dreams, abruptly changing his life.
It tells of the end of the world approaching and that he is the only one who can prevent its destruction. To get to the bottom of this mysterious prophecy, Sadwick and Spot set out on a dangerous adventure that leads them to the furthest ends of the Whispered World.


Will follow Sadwick anywhere, however dangerous the destination maybe. Spot has a number of unique abilities which will help Sadwick throughout his long journey. Some puzzles can only be solved with Spot’s help. His repertoire includes turning into a blazing fireworm or soaking himself full of water and rolling like a ball.  


Chapter One
The Autumn Forest

Sadwick wakes up from his nightmare. But where is Spot, his pet? He greets him otherwise always stand up. Full of concern for spot he looks around.  We open the door of the car and enter the field. Spot sits ill on the floor. Ben, Sadwick brother says, he lacked nothing, he would only give Sadwick something to drink. We take spot and use it with the bucket. After spot has been drinking, he followed us at every turn. We can design it from here to turn on the menu at the right spot at the top of the states, and AROUND NORMAL / HARD. We try Sadwick the autumn woods to explore, fail, however, as we always get lost and end up back at the circus. Ben laughs at us. We talk with Ben and asked him why we always run. He says to get our bearings, we need a compass and map. The card he had hidden in the car, the compass did Grandpa. We talk with Grandpa and tell him that we want to look like in the autumn forest. After some confusing comments, we finally get the Compass. We enter again Sadwick cars.

To get to the card, we transform Spot in the normal state and to use it and place it over the stove. Spot opens the oven door jammed from the inside and a box shows up. We take it to us, but it is locked. To get to the right key, we hit the bear’s head that opens up. In the mouth we find the key that we take. With it, we open the box in your inventory. Comes to the fore the map. Before leaving the car, we still open the drawer and take a look into it yet. We discover a piece of paper on which the daily routine of Sadwick is written. Sadwick puts him one. We have now fulfilled all the requirements to enter the autumn forest. Before we enter yet grandpa’s trailer. Once we entered the car, we close the door behind them and find a big bottle of which we remove the cork. We also take the hair net from the wall and collect tissue and teeth up from the stool. Then we leave again grandpa car, take the shovel before the exit on the left with the autumn forest and enter following the forest. On the map, we shall present only a near shore as another location for disposal. Enter it.

When we arrive at the shore, we see a messenger in thought, sitting on the bank. In conversation we learn that he is a Chaski Messenger  named Bobby and an important delivery to the king must. Unfortunately he has lost. Sadwick offers dm messengers, to help him in his job and replaced by Bobby after some discussion, the task of catching a fish, to put his skills to the test. Only when Sadwick brings him this, he is ready to tell him more about his job. We take the branch, which protrudes from the ground. We combine these in your inventory with the hair net and thus receive a net. With the Nets, it is easy for us to fish a fish from the lake, which we hand over Bobby. He eats it with pleasure and spits out a fish bone, pocketed the Sadwick. Satisfied with our service, tells us more about Bobby. He is in search of Shana, an oracle which will show him the right way to the king. Unfortunately, he had no luck in finding so far, so he asks for help Sadwick. Sadwick explored himself where he should look for because it paints a Shana and Bobby him known locations on the map.

We leave the shore, and enter the ruins, left on the card. Before our eyes fall on the ruins of the great statue. The front of the head is covered with moss. We wipe away the moss with the handkerchief, and to light a royal coat of arms comes with a hole in the middle. This must be Bobby probably have overlooked, we will refund him the report. We tell Bobby of our discovery. He thinks this should be a goal, and the he is the key. He must be mounted to the hole. However, Bobby is scared to. He means the Asgil were on his heels and dare not leave the shore. Sadwick persuaded him to hand. In front of the ruins, we put the stone in the socket – it fits. The earth begins to quake, the iron gate in the background to tumble. We also see how to break into caravans Sadwick strange pipes through the ceiling and pull a hat off the leash. When the earthquake stops, suddenly dissolves the same from its socket and rolls on the slope. Just before he falls down, swallowed him Spot. Now the stone is indeed saved, but also in the stomach of Sadwick companion. We are looking at Bobby.

On the shore we see traces of a struggle. Bobby’s gone. Only a knife and bomb lies on the path. We take both to us and try to find Shana. We do not hesitate and make our way. To leave the ruins behind us, we can now use the bush, which blocks the passage to the gate, cut with a knife. The path behind the ruins is free. In the next scene we see only one door as a remnant of a collapsed house and the Stone brothers and Ralv Yngo lie on Wegsrand. When we ask for Shana, it turns out that those living here, although from the house but only one door remains. We enter the door, but when we come through it, nothing happens. The Stein brothers made us laugh. We went through the wrong door, we first have to go behind the door and then enter these from back to front. Immediately afterwards disappears Sadwick and is teleported into the ruined house. The door slams shut behind us. Shana is not itself in space. We see a large grandfather clock. We look at the clock and notice that the hour hand is missing. We use the fish bone with the face and build from this one hour hands. We can now set any time and by pressing the button in the middle trigger a reaction. Unfortunately, our attempts to bring us a time to enter any new insights. We turn around and ask the Stone brothers.

When we tell you that we could find no Shana, give us the hint that we should try it once at 12:30 clock. We go back in Shanas hut. On the face of the Clock we set the hour hand on the "XII", the minute hand on the "VI" and press the button in the center of the dial. Something is happening: The ray of light that falls through the window shows now on a different location. When we examine this, we find the note: "A sleeping giant a favor." This is an indication of our task sheet. Herein is that we Bruno, the giant beast of burden of the circus, at 12:15 clock to clean.  We are therefore on the clock the hour hand on the "XII" and the minute hand on "III" and press the button again. Again the light is focused on another point that we look again carefully. Here again we find a note: "The colors are coming back into the world". On our task note is that we see every day at 5:30 clock the sunrise that is the moment when the colors come back into the world. We set the hour hand on the "V" and the minute hand on the "VI" and then press the button in the middle of the Clock. The light beam bends to the empty chair and Shana appears.

After some time, Shana agrees to interpret our dreams in a trance. After we Shana told of your prophecy, it gives us the order to bring the stone to Corona. We need to find Kalida on the island in the middle of the lake. Our task now is to find a way to the island. Our route takes us back to the ruins. As we go through this again, there sits a small shadow Newt, who plays with a red Noahi egg. We cannot do anything for the time being with him and go back into the autumn woods, and from there to the tree. The tree scenery we see around wisps flying. We talk to them and they disappear in a small hole in the tree. A short time later, they come from the top of the screen flown and occupy their old position. The tree appears hollow and open up to be. We plug the hole with the cork and scare the wisps again. This time, they disappear under a stone. Now we can rolled away the stone and see a bald spot. Here we use the shovel to dig a hole. Through the hole we climb down into a cave under the tree, we traverse and climb up on the opposite side. Now we are on the top of the tree. From here we have a magnificent view of the lake. Let’s look at the island, Sadwick asks, how should probably get there. It seems to us that Sadwick flagship trick shots out of a cannon, the solution could be. The instructions for this depends Sadwick car.

We read the instructions in Sadwick car, which is directly above his bed. To perform a cannon shot, we need four things: A pipe, a cork, a parachute and bombs. Since the pipe is given to us by nature in the form of the hollow tree trunk, we are on the search for the other three components. To get the cork, we raise the cap with Sadwick caravan, which has fallen during the earthquake. Unfortunately, this is far too soft. We talk again with the Stone brothers who come to speak during the call on their plans for world conquest. However, they do not want to initiate any rookie in their plans, first we have to solve a kind of Rate quiz. The answers are: Shana is a mystical serpent beings, which have 11 eyes and Kalida lives on the island in the middle of the lake. Our reward is a stone powder, with which we should really expand the realm of rock brethren, by petrifying the area. We sprinkle the powder but rather on the cap and to give our grafting. As a parachute is best grandpa underwear hanging on the clothesline in front of the trailer. However, Ben does not allow us to take something. When we speak to him on the earthquake, he told us that this cannot impress him. He was afraid of nothing. We tell him of the terrible Asgil and find out that he had gone through that fear before.

  • 1st sharp claws &
  • 2nd & Two Heads &
  • 3rd & and have sharp teeth.

We thus have a perfect guide for a panel to instill fear Ben. For this we need the bear claw from Sadwick car, the turtles who stand before the statue at the ruins and the bit of grandpa’s car. Now we need to stick together these components only. For this we need the resin of the big tree. To receive it, we go out in the autumn forest, the cave in the east of the forest. We can find a burial site and use the heavy spot with the bowl that adorns the front totem. She breaks off and picks it up Sadwick. With the dish we can scrape the resin from the tree. Now we add together all the ingredients (resin on the turtles, the turtles sticky on the teeth and the teeth on the claw toad) and have a monster dummy. If we show that Ben, turns away in disgust, and this we can take grandpa’s underpants off the leash. The ball that Ben loses this case, we take in too. Now we go once again to the ruins and use the ball with the shadow of Newt, because this is very similar to the Noahi egg, which plays the pig. This jump behind the ball and lets the Noahi egg lie. We take it to us. When we use the space with the central fire dragon egg case, because fire dragons are attracted to Noahi eggs. Immediately after fire dragons are already served and will be fixed in a trap. Now we can use the spot with the fire dragon, whereupon she eats and goes up in flames. Spot now has the ability to ignite himself. This feature is in the spot selected menu. We enter the cave entrance. To penetrate further into the cave, we must first remove a giant spider web, which blocks the path. With the help of fire barrier but this spot is removed quickly and we get into the cave.

Here we see several eyes from the dark. Sadwick does not dare to go further. We use the round spot with the eyes and brighten to the cave. The eyes belong to a huge creature that is trapped in the cave in stone. We see a rope, take it and make that we come out of there. The rope will serve as a fuse for our bombs. So we dip this into the soup and petroleum combine them with the bombs. Now they are sharp! We go into the cave under the tree, the bombs lay in the puddle, and they ignite a fire spot and climb up the tree. At the top we use the stone cap with the hole and put us on it. The bombs are high and we fly to the island!

Chapter 2
Kalida Awakening

We wake up on the shore of the island. It has become dark. First we meet the monk Mulachei. When we ask for Kalida, we harvest only a sarcastic remark, and it disappears towards the village.  We go also go into the city, our way up the mountain and entered the whole upper house. We meet with Ruben and are involved in a dialogue. Ruben is a miserly, domineering bully who has created his own little kingdom on a remote island. His entourage consists of exactly one loyal subject: Bando! Ruben itself is to have achieved all of the opinion. He has amassed just 10 000 beads. As much as he always wanted to achieve. In complete self-satisfaction and the certainty of having achieved everything, he spends most of her time sleeping. We leave the house and entered the cabin floor below on the left. Here we meet Bando. Bando is the subject of some dumb Ruben. All that said, his master’s, law. Bando is sitting in his hut and bored. In the interview, we learn that he has nothing more to do. After Reuben had achieved his dream of pearls, any loud activity was suspended on the island, because the rest of Kalida should not be disturbed. Bando about his former activities. He rang the bell at certain times, blow the horn for incoming ships and kept the factory for the beads in motion. All he can do now but not because Kalida not to be awakened.

We have to wake therefore Kalida three tasks:

  • 1st The bell ringing
  • 2nd The horn blow
  • 3rd The factory set in motion

The bell ringing – We entered the disused factory on the right side of the village. In the disused factory, we find a flint. With the flint we cut a piece of rope from the bridge. which we plug. We obtain a hook, stop by the carpet in one room Bandos tooth. We combine rope and gear together and get such a rope with a hook, which we throw a lot of skill to the bell. Now we can finally ring the bell. As soon as we ring the bell starts to make noise to Ruben: "Bando, what’s that noise?" Come here immediately! " Bandos hut is now empty. Rubens office we cannot enter because Bando is there. Bando emerges at a later time back into the hut.

The horn blow – We can now lodge a key steal from Bandos, which fits into the door of the shrine building. We also take the sock with, has been sitting in the Bando before, and the ladder to the left. From the right back room, which we pass, we can also steal an ax. The key now, the house will be open to scream. When trying to blow the horn, we notice quickly that it is blocked. So we take the thick spot and squeeze its contents through the horn. We will see from the outside, like a scrap of fabric from the horn is blown and land in the city. It’s Grandpa’s pants, which must be after the flight to the island somehow landed in the Horn. Once aligned Ruben whether the noise and cited Bando themselves. In the house we cry nor tear the scroll from the wall and plug in the baton.

The factory set in motion – To put the factory going, we need Bandos help. This, however, would never do something that Ruben does not command him. So we have to Ruben got them to want to enable the factory again -> How should he steal a pearl.

Rubens house we enter through the door tinkles a little bell, which is evidently connected with the door. Ruben wakes up and prevents them that we can reach the upper floor. We put the head outside the window and climb inside. Ruben continue sleeping, but when we now want to use the stairs to the top, starts Rubens household to whine on and Ruben wakes up and forbids us again to enter the upper floor. We must stop the pet so the mouth. For this we need grandpa’s pants, which we see while in town, but which we can achieve with your bare hands. We close the door behind them and discover a small hole. When we knock on the other hand, two eyes appear in the hole, it seems to be inhabited. We use the hole with the smelly socks at once and a mouse comes out and crawled around with it nibble. It looks like the mouse has a penchant for dirty laundry. We note with the mouse. We take the mouse and fish for the trousers, which it draws up.

We climb back through the window in Rubens room and connect their pet eyes and mouth. Now we can go up the stairs. The bedroom is filled with pearls and other valuables. We take a pearl. Either we slink out of the window and entering the house through the door, or we Rubens open door from inside. The doorbell rings, Ruben is awake, sniffs briefly and noticed immediately that a pearl is missing. He screams for Bando: "Throw immediately to the factory. When we Rubens room is again left the factory or from. We look at Bando and learn that this has a problem: his old shovel is broken and he can therefore not dig more coal. We try to help him. At the bridge we find a shovel, the shovel must be there from the first chapter, which has fallen during the flight. Unfortunately it is shattered, and it is only the shovel head left. With the ax, we beat the old flagpole from the shore. Well, we put the shovel head on the mast and have built a new blade. We give the scoop on Bando, who enjoys high immediately on his way to the factory makes. Now we have met all three conditions, but despite the noise, thinking Kalida not wake up to it.

Nevertheless, our effort was not entirely useless. We go to Bandos workshop and take us from the peculiar apparatus by the door. Therein four gears are mounted on brackets. However, missing a gear, so the mechanism is not complete. One half of the gear is right out front on the floor. We take them with. The second half we see the factory. Because the factory is now enlightened, we can recognize and pick up in the right corner. Our two gear halves form a whole, but broken gear. We gear clamps both halves in a vise in Bandos workshop. From fire spot weld together we can heal them and use the gear with the mechanism. Now we have to rearrange the gears properly and push the button to the left on the apparatus. Here is the correct arrangement of gears: The right door opens and the way to the back of the island is free. In a hut on the edge of the forest, we meet again Mulachei. He sits brooding in front of a chessboard. When we tell him to wake from our experiments, Kalida, he just laughs and makes fun of Ruben. We get out that we can awaken Kalida only with the help of five Yakis who live here on the island. We take the candle, which stands on the dresser. In the clearing, we’ll meet Yakis said, but there are only two. We need to find the other three Yakis.

If we ask Ruben, why he was so tired, he says he cannot sleep in the bedroom above intervention, as is always there to hear a peep. We are aware of the window again so access to Rubens bedroom. Links to the bed stands a small nail from the ground. We put out the candle and ignite it with Spot. A Yaki, previously hidden under the bed, jumps out and disappears out the door. Yaki Point 4 is hidden in a small cabinet, which is located in Rubens’ workshop. If we make it up, runs on the Yaki. If we blow out on the road to Mulacheis hut all the candles, one Yaki enters the picture. If we approach it, it disappears and comes from the barrel out next to the cabin. We go to the barrel, the Yaki came back out to the starting position. We use the thick spot of the barrel and walk back to the direction of Yaki. The Yaki will disappear again and now sits on the sign right in the picture. We then cut it off with the guide and the ax. When we go once again the Yaki, runs this past us into the clearing.

The Yakis are now completely true, but they do not care about us. To attract the Yakis, we need thus a suitable bait to attract all five. We use spot with the press in the factory, which has five beads forms. He jumps to the press and we turn the wheel is pressed spot and falls in five form in the coal cellar, in which Bando diligently works. However, we are not without a ladder into the basement. We take the ladder from window Rubens. We use the ladder with the hatch and climb down the shaft. Below, we again find spot and leave the factory. Back in the clearing, we use the five spot with Yakis. This we now follow behind in a will-Polonaise. Before Mulacheis hut but they run away again, as the candles are on. Blow out does not help, because the candles are lit after leaving a backdrop by Mulachei again and again. We must persuade Mulachei to stop lighting the candles. We talk to me Mulachei. He would meet our request, if we help him in return with his chess problem. The player is to place eight queens on the field so that they cannot beat each other.

There are several possibilities. After dissolved puzzle, we can now use the candles on the island, delete it again without the Mulachei lighting. After we have deleted all the candles, we go back to the clearing. We use the Yakis again with the five-spot and lead them to the shore. Arriving at the shore, the Yakis jump on the statue. Now we look at the scroll from your inventory more closely. A sequence of notes is displayed on it. We use the baton to the individual Yakis in the correct order and Kalida awakened.

Chapter 3
The Asgil

We find ourselves again in a devastated land. In the background we see the castle of the king, but there is no way out. The right we see a massive door that will not open. On the door of a skull is shown. Before the door is a kind of platform on which a stone is what we take with us. If we now draw up a platform, it sags a little, but nothing happens. We go left to a species on which we can make five to switch up or down. With this switch, we can now influence the position of the rocks in the foreground. The goal is to form a skull from the rock. For this we consider switches 2 and 5 from the left. Now we go onto the platform, the door opens and we go through. The way down is denied us by a guard. From a small plateau, we can look through a barred window lit. Through the bars of the "War Room" can be seen. We see an awful lookout leader, who talks to a lizard minions about the impending attack on the palace of the king. At the end of the conversation you both leave the room. We attack from the outside through the grill and take it with a rope. A bucket, which hangs at the other end of the wall projection, we cannot reach.

We return to the hangar. We use the stone with the rope and fasten to the front of the construction of the Horn Plateau. Sadwick swing the stone down and then the stunned guard. Now we can go down and the previously observed by us War Room entered through the entrance with the giant skull. We can look around the room, watch as the battle plan on the table. If we want to leave the room, is suddenly the leader in the door and we were captured. We find ourselves in a cell. Spot has disappeared. We talk to the cell door, which calls the guard on the scene. We want to speak to the leader, but the big Loucaux is not to speak for us. We tell her that we are hungry and they pushed us a disgusting mush on a tray through. We talk with the guard about the food and learn that the cook is gone, since he has screwed up the favorite soup of the leader. We tell him he could go to him quietly and are looking for then alone.

We take the tray and discard the food right by the sink. Back we retain a sticky tray and a wooden spoon. We look through the keyhole and realize that the key is still. However, we have nothing with which we could push him out. We look more closely at the haystack and find, oh miracle, a needle. We combine the needle with a spoon and a wonderful tool we have built around the key also join. We set the sticky food tray in the land use the wooden spoon with the needle keyhole. The key lands on the sticky tray, and we can collect this again. We solve the key with the wooden spoon needle and open the door. Before we leave the cell, we add a little hay. The road links out of the gorge is blocked by a raised bridge. In order to let them down, we need a knife, which is found in the armory. This we achieve through a maze puzzle. We do this only through the central entrance, which we appear on the upper right level, then we take the left exit and to appear at the right level, the right exit. This is the armory.

In the armory, we see a large suit of armor in the middle of the room. When we entered the room, we see how the sighting quickly. Let us leave the room, we hear on the other side of the door, like the sight pops up again. We enter the room again, and after the visor, we propose simply to the door. The visor folds up and we have caught the cook. He has been hiding in the arms, as he should be punished for its bad food. We threaten him with his boss, Loucaux to tell on, if he does not betray us and get him to talk thus. To make the lizard boss satisfied with the soup, we need something from the air, something from the earth, something out of the water and a little of ourselves. We take a bow, a knife and a stick and make our way. Before we can use the knife, we must first sharpen on the whetstone. This is located on the lower level of the canyon. With sharpened knife can we cut the rope and down the bridge works. We go through the now accessible exit. We find ourselves back in the hangar. The stunned guard is gone, but now here is a coin that we reserve. The door to the War Room and the exit to the devastated country are closed. We solve the rope above the knot with the wooden spoon needle, and take it with a look back through the window.

The lizard head in front of his table. From the ceiling hangs a cage in the spot is sitting. If we try to address it, says Sadwick that the lizard boss would hear him. We need to lure the boss then left the room. Best with his favorite food, "Schimmel soup. Now we lack only the ingredients. Back in the gorge we enter on the lower level through the door to the left of a hanging sign the eating area. There we take the rib from the ground, and the chopsticks and dishes from the table. With chopsticks, we catch the buzzing flies and have sent you our first ingredient. In the kitchen eating the left of the room we found with the mushrooms, the second ingredient. This we cut with a knife. We return to the canyon and use the coin with the grinding stone, which we grind them pointed. Combined with the rib, we get a decent arrow. As we leave the lower level through the exit on the far right, we end up in a small cave. We combine the bow with the arrow and then tie the rope. Now we use the bow with the wooden beams on the ceiling and thus create for ourselves, with which we reach across the chasm to the opposite side. There sits a frog but disappears in the water, as soon as we come near him. We prepare the place where he is sitting removed with the sticky tray and us. When the frog jumps back to his place, he found sticks and we can collect it. Herewith we have issued a further ingredient and us back to the kitchen.

We give the fly, the mushrooms and the frog in the kettle. As a last ingredient we still spit in the soup Unfortunately, the flame under the boiler is too small. So we put hay to the fire and blow strong at. Finish is food. We fill the soup into the plate. To lure the leader out of the room, we have to beat the gong. If we try the stick, you will hear a tinny sound and we see just the leader in the War Room of bleats, he who beat the gong Sun dilettante. We leave the room so the little bite the stick and you have a gong-beater. Before we hit the gong, we only need to place the plate on the table in the eating area. If the lizard boss after beating the gongs in the seizure room, he looks first to see if the right food was prepared. If so, then he places himself at the table and eats. Behind the back of the leader we creep us out. The door to the War Room is still closed. So we look back through the window, and can now appeal to spot. The Spot menu will appear. Now we choose a spot fire. The wood-burning cages and spot falls to the ground. Now we are five-spot and use it with the hole in the door. Spot is thus released and is waiting for us from the War Room. We look again at the feeding area. The boss has eaten lizards are extremely full and is sleeping on the table. A key hangs from the side of garment. We collect it on.

To take the elevator in operation, an increase in the water in a boiler by turning up the four valves that are hidden in the chapter. A valve is located directly on the elevator, but it is locked. We use the key of the leader to unlock it and turn it on afterwards. A display next to the elevator is increased by one step. Another valve is hidden under the hay in prison. We burn the hay with fire spot, close the valve to operate and it. With the key from the leader, we can now finally unlock entering the War Room and. We cut the lace on one of the two large stone slabs on the wall (one has an arrow to the left, one a right arrow). The room spins – which is represented by the slightly lower-lying stone level with the barred window. Depending on the direction the window moves to the left or right (also from the image). The outcome obscured, if we rotate the space, and is again at a different position light.

There are four positions:

  • 1st Normal, as at the beginning of the game starting points to the hangar
  • 2nd A turn to the left – right out of the window moves the image output indicates to the gorge
  • 3rd to see two rotations to the left – no window, output is close
  • 4th Three turns to the left – the window is on the left to see, output is close

We turn the space once to the left. The output is open and we go through. We are now in the ravine at a place not previously accessible. An additional exit we come to another platform from which we get from the door to the right in a secret room. Here is another valve, which enable us to unlock and. We have also in this room two stone disks. We turn the armory from outside now so that the passage again, and the mesh window in the War Room is on the left side (two left or two right). We also take to the fork thing behind the closed door. We leave the platform through the left door and get to the bottom level of a door, which has no door handle and previously could not be happening. The door is always open now. We go back to the hangar and look through the window again.  The bucket, which was previously not available on the stone cornice may be by the "displaced lattice window, now we encountered using the fork thing down (beat 1x or 2x left slab). Now we go back through the gorge in the secret room and turn the room so that you have either the hangar or out of the canyon entrance. We entered the War Room, collect the bucket and leave the room.  Valve number 4 is hidden in the armory.

In the background, only a bare wall can be seen. This is divided for the player not seen in several areas. If we examine the wall, Sadwick noticed it was something strange, but only in the right place (in the middle of the right wall side), he finds a secret entrance. This we enter. In the room we find the last valve. We are in close and active it. Now we go to the elevator. To put the elevator in motion, we have to pull the lever yet. While a chain hanging down from this, but we also cannot get to them. We use a bucket to the fork thing, and both together with the lever, which Sadwick the bucket can finally fix the lever. Now throws Sadwick the five spot in the bucket and makes spot after heavy. The button folds down and we ride the elevator to the top. We take a round stone lying on the roadside and left the scene to the left. Outside the entrance to the station we meet Maurice, the station attendant. He tells us that the train was the only way to the castle, but the locomotive is stationary for years. We persuaded him to make a museum out of the station and he can get used to the idea, but requires 10 pieces of gold as an admission that we do not possess. Addressed again at his new shop, tells Maurice that the number of visitors fail to exist. We persuade him, hire us as consultants, which brings us a piece of gold as a salary. The first official act to persuade, we change the name to Maurice "Maurice medium Museum" and reduce the price. This is then only eight pieces of gold. Next, we recommend him to remove the linen in the house, as this could deter customers. We have a laundry-boy involved, which brings us again a piece of gold as a salary.

Then we remove the shirt, pants and Opas the washing line from the plot. We also share with Maurice, that the birds would annoy the customers. He had to hire a gardener. And then of course we offer again once we’ve earned an extra piece of gold. Our task now is to build a scarecrow, which scared the birds. For this we use only the stick with the in the garden, then assemble the chopsticks therein and clothe it in the least taken off his shirt. Now, the scarecrow is complete, and the birds fly away from. Next, we share with Maurice, that its employees were dissatisfied. To cheer him to hire a clown – and who is there better suited than we do already, we have earned our fourth gold piece. Lastly, we then persuade Maurice to be acknowledged, its employees an employee discount of 50%. Now we can enter the museum. We are now at the museum and have to get up to the engine. We use the fork thing with the small opening at the entrance. The fork thing now replaces a lost leverage. If we draw on the switch, we see how two wheels turn in the elevator, but it’s nothing else. We use grandpa’s trousers with the wheel and have a V-belt. If we now press the button, moving the belt, the door of the elevator and he goes about rushing to the top. Unfortunately, we are too far away from the elevator to enter so quickly. We thus use the clothesline to bind with the rod in the elevator and the thick spot with a lead – with the idea that the fat spot down the elevator stops.

If we now pull the lever, closes the door and the elevator goes up anyway. The thick spot is drawn through the closed door. Soon after the elevator comes back down and out comes the flattened spot. This menu is available immediately in the spot selected. We are now taking the pants off the elevator and instead use the flat spot as a belt. Grandpa’s pants, we hang on the lever. Now we unscrew the needle with the wooden spoon right shelf bracket, so that the shelf to the right based on a precipitous dresser. Then we use the round stone with the shelf. The stone rolls back off the shelf and ends up in grandpa’s pants. In the meantime, we can enter the elevator and go up. Now we need to bring only the old locomotive back on track. We put the flat spot in the tank and go to the fiery coal spot, which ignited the coal and the boiler is fueled. Now we wrap the flat spot at the immobilizer, make him blow up thick and the castle. The train begins to move.

Chapter 4

Sadwick reached the castle. Everything is strangely calm. It is essential to the King. He takes the floor next to the bush on the left. Access to the lock is blocked by a massive gate. Now Spot asked, through a small slit in the bottom gate, sends Sadwick the flat spot through, so this opens the door from you. In the courtyard of the burning fiery Spot a tuft of grass from the back left wall, exposing a hole. We share spot in five parts and send it into the hole, so he lands on the ledge. We do spot dick and let him fall on the seesaw, so that the stone is catapulted to the other side up. While the stone is in the air, we turn Spot into the normal spot, which he is catapulted to the top of the roof wall. We divide it into five parts and can crawl the five spot in the right gutter, so that plops into the rain barrel. In the barrel, we do spot fat and thereby bring the barrel to tip over. The water pours over Bobby, who runs the stall. We walk again with the five-spot in the mouse hole and jump with the heavy spot on the rocker. While the stone is in the air, we turn Spot into five parts, and he lands on the roof of the house. Through the hole in the barn roof, we can spot fall in the stable.

Spot lands in the sock, which Bobby has hung up to dry. We make difficult spot, so the sock is stretched. We crawl to the right by clicking in this direction and improvise on the perforation colander. Turn we now spot in the five spot, he is catapulted out of the sock, take the colander and flies along with this further in the pants when he gets tangled up. We set the spot colander and use the fire spot, which inflates as heat up the pants. Spot flies with the improvised balloon into the air. Spot is so thanks to the wind direction to the right. He lands on the battlements above the gate. Here we use the heavy spot with the wheel of the castle gate. Spot falls on the wheel and rotates it. The gate opens. Sadwick can enter the courtyard now. Before we enter, we’ll take Bobby’s pants, which is after the flight landed in the bush. We see Bobby again in the stable. He tells us that the castle should be attacked by the Asgil. Sadwick as quickly as possible to the king, who has retired ill in his tower. The world’s wells, which his power and the stability of the whole world it is assured at the win, and the world is slowly falling apart. We go left into the throne room from the courtyard. The only other output is at a gallery and unfortunately blocked by a grille.

We pull up on the wall carpet and thereby create a free sign. Spot will be flattened and placed behind the plate. Then we make him fat and spot explodes off the plate, creating a chain mechanism is exposed. We consider again the press wall carpet and the lever that was hidden behind the carpet. We pull the wall carpet one last time and lock the chain mechanism with a stick. Now, the grid remains open and we can enter the astrolabe on the right exit of the gallery in the courtyard. Once there we meet the astronomers.  When we speak to him, the astronomer speaks only gibberish. We must bring the dictionaries in his cabinet in the right order to understand it. We use the dictionaries and can then adjust. We position them in alphabetical order: AH IN OU VZ.

In addition, we are still one of the door knocker ring, which hangs on the left on the shelf. In an interview with the astronomer, we learn that the fabric of space and time was put into disorder, the world’s wells, which is located in the middle of the room is on the dry up. The time progresses by moving much more slowly, and the world will fall slowly. Only the king can stop the decline, but he’s sick. Sadwick offers to help with. The astronomer has strong concerns. But the water from the world well is needed to cure the king, so he agrees.  The world well is driven by a strange mechanism, which is the planetary system. It moves very slowly and unevenly. Sadwick the planetary system must find oil, spare parts and, finally, the planets in order. Sadwick receives from astronomers nor the secret key to the throne of the King. We also take the chalk from the table on a dais, and the Moon Ornament by NEN Weltbrun.

When last he still takes the handle from the floor and leaves the throne room Astrolab direction. Here we see a throne next to the castle. We hereby use the key, which is exposed Ge-home times. In the trade, we find a needle, a saw and pliers. We use the needle to detach a piece from the mosaic floor mosaic, which we then insert into the arms right on the wall. All parts must be moved to the right place. In the end piece of the mosaic in the vacancy at the center, to be fitted below. Now we get the indication that the color of the mosaic piece would have to be royal blue and go back to the stable. In the stable, we take the lead. We use the crank in the courtyard with the fountain and can bring it up now by clicking this, a bucket of water and take. Then attach the door knocker on the door to the right tower, and can occur after a single operation. We are in the alchemy laboratory in the castle. We open the chest and remove the mortar bowl. In her we enter the chalk to chalk dust. This we use the water bucket and get so white color. Now we need to create on the left a blue color. Here every color in the middle by three more will be created over it. This will work on addition and subtraction, i.e. depending on which valve position exists, the input color is subtracted or added.

Here, the right attitude:

To this bottling, we take the small bottle from the chest of drawers provide us with this under the tap of a shelf, We fill the blue color and plug in the vial. We combine the white paint from the bucket with the blue and get pale blue color and an empty bucket. We return to the throne room and brush the mosaic fragment with the pale blue color and thus have a perfect part for the coat of arms on the wall. We add the colored pieces into the empty space in the middle, below, to complete a mosaic. Hereby, the prison-door opens left of the throne. In prison, hang two cages and a hook on chains. In one of the cages sat a skeleton. The bones of the dead-hand stands out, we put one. We combine the Moon Ornament with the stump of the skeleton and mounted so the sickle. The cages can be adjusted in height, but they are all connected through a mechanism. This can trigger one, by drawing on the right hook, but Sadwick, it should be weak. We hang the pants from Bobby on use therein and hereby spot. Let us now be difficult to spot, the right cage moves up, but we want to move to the left. To this end, we Sadwick in the right cage and make only spot thick. This is now the left is pulled to the right place. This cuts the sickle from some olives from an olive branch that extends through the prison window. We get out of the cage, as we use it again and again to take Spot out of the pants. Now we have to collect the olives.

We use the olives to a flask and then set to Spot a Bunsen burner to the piston. It is now our task to set the course of the pipe system so that the steam is directed to the piston on the windowsill. The direct route is interrupted. A pipe is broken, and it comes out of steam. So we have to find a detour by turning the tube elements. In addition to steam-exit points are stuffed with cork, which are already in the pipe system. They can be removed and temporarily put on the left chest. By turning of tube elements with cork, they are automatically placed on the dresser. If the redirection done, the steam is distilled into oil, which lands in the pistons on the window sill.

Here the correct redirection:

We come not to the piston, so we take the five spot and then push him from the ledge. The oil is flying through the hole in the roof of the barn where it crashed in the trough. In the stable, we note that there now stands a cow. Apparently this has destroyed the whole oil. We use the bucket with the cow and milk her, so we still get our oil. We return to prison.  Here we use the gun with the nails and pulling out four nails.  The spot fire we light the coals in the brazier. This move, we then under the rack. In this we cut with the saw a large hole and tighten the flat spot on the rack, which is nailed by Sadwick automatically. Now we combine pliers, hand bones and leash and get a gripper arm. With this we can finally get out of the Spot. We return to the astrolabe and use the nail with the panel by a horrible noise produced to propel the astronomers to put away his stethoscope. This one we are stuck. We open the oil well to the left of the lectern at the planetary system and plug into the ear trumpet as a funnel. Now we fill the oil. The (actually a symbol for the use), we with the planetary system, which all the planets are built.

Our task now is to bring the planets in the right order and so repair the solar system again. For the correct placement of the planets, there are several clues: First, we find at the top of the board a drawing that shows where the planets are arranged according to their size. Then we find on the shelf in a book on astronomy astrolabe. This includes the names of the planets and their size in the form of a riddle listed. We have therefore already the information as to what are called the planets, and where they need to be placed. Now we just need the info, which planet is which color to assign. This information can we take the periodic table developed in the alchemy laboratory, because the planets correspond to the first letter of the elements which have a clear color assignment.

The correct order is the following. Sadwick has managed to solve the mystery of the planet, the water flowing again. The gate to the chamber of the King opens. Sadwick looks proud of his work. And does not detect that spot has crept through his legs and drink from the well. Sadwick calls still shocked – but it’s too late. Spot turns into a cocoon. The astronomer reassured Sadwick. Spots pupation is just the next stage in its life cycle. Life means change, and Spot has taken the next step. He has thus also proved that Sadwick was successful: The water in the fountain is the water of life. Sadwick just have to get the water from the well and give it to the king as a medicine and the world is saved. We fill the bottle at the fountain with water. As the bottle fills Sadwick something very sinister happened: In the center of the solar system will see a blue light, which is increasing. The structure of space and time is moving fast and seemingly gets out of control. The earth trembles. Spots cocoon falls into the depths.

The astronomer detects the sign and looks through his telescope. In fact: another world is threatening to collide – as in the prophecy! He granted Sadwick a look through the telescope. Sadwick looks through the telescope. A huge glowing Blue Planet is approaching. The blue light has now grown into a major star. The star is slowly rotating around its own axis. When he is around half once again startled Sadwick more – it is the blue form from his dream. The blue shape laughs and shakes again and the earth. "You really test the roof, you can stop the destruction of this world, was Sadwick? This world of mine to create a single purpose: To be destroyed by your hand. And now the time has come. We pull the crank from the podium of the planetary system and ram it into the gears of the planetary system. Sadwick succeeds just in time to stop the planetary system. Everything creaks and groans. The gate to the King closes. The blue shape screams compressed, and becomes darker and darker until it becomes a black lump of coal. Black tar dripping from the corners of his mouth and viscous feeds the well. The rings remain standing, time freezes.

We leave the astrolabe direction courtyard. In the courtyard itself provides a cruel picture, everything is destroyed, and frozen in time. And to make matters worse, the Asgil occurred and have control over. Loucaux and his assistant Cost of travel and her triumph in the throne room. We follow them. Once Sadwick tries to sneak past, they discover it. The quake has here the reality can break-in – the wires and tubes hanging from the ceiling. As chief of the lizards found Sadwick, he waves succeeded him and thanked him for: He is to bring about the state of eternal darkness. The tar standstill concludes his war injury. Now the Asgil will rule on all the time. Sadwick is thrown into prison. In the dungeon, the floor broken away and you can see into a deep abyss. Bobby sits in one of the cages, the other Sadwick. We talk to Bobby, but he is not good to talk to us and complained to the police station. Now we talk to the guard (by talking to the door) and also complain about Bobby: We want a single cell. Do not exist, but the guards blocked the cages to each other, so we sent up.

Now that we are above, we can take the pebbles from the window ledge. This is be two possibilities: either we can throw the pebbles after Bobby, who complained then, which leads to the lowering of our cage, or we can complain even with the guard, which we are raised. We throw a pebble to Bobby and to be shut down. There we take the wedge-shaped stone and put it into the pulley cage on bobbies. Now we throw a pebble back to Bobby, and when the guard us this time, the cage roars through the hole in the ground into nothingness. Reached the bottom, we see Spot again. It is situated on a promontory is caught in time hovers in the air. The impact of the cage on the plateau, the door is cracked, we can leave the cage. We take spots cocoon and the bottle of water of life and make us back into the cage, which starts up automatically.

Once in prison, we still get off and take the fast to leave us before we talk to the door and take us from the guard to head of lizards. The lizard boss enjoys his throne. If Sadwick the lizard boss laugh, as his court jester may remain in the castle. In the experiments to amuse the lizards head, it turns out that that neither poetry nor can start with some jokes. He hears very much his own name. Thus Sadwick have no other than his apply. He belches loudly: L – O – U – C – A – U – X.

This convinced the lizard boss, and Sadwick appointed court jester. We enter the ruined courtyard. There we take the bombs out of the saddle bag of aviation. A guard Come away and prevents further issues. Once you try on the upper stairs to get to the astrolabe, one is of the lizards maintained at head. We propose using the crowbar to the tubes and the lizards head is buried under an overdose of tar. We flee into the astrolabe. The astrolabe we find the bound astronomers. We smashed the telescope with get a shard with which we cut the shackles of the branch.. The rope we are raising. We removed the stethoscope from the oil tank and soak the rope with the oil. This we combine with the bombs to make them more sharply. We rotate the telescope in the direction of the figure. Now we place the bombs in the telescope, plug the stethoscope into use as a stopper and hard spots cocoon as ammunition.

Now we use the fragment to be sent to the incident light to the fuse, which is then ignited developed. Spot will be thrown out and pulverized the crust of the blue shape. The planet begins to rotate again. The worlds begin to collide eventually, but the gate goes up again. We flee through the exit to the balcony to the apartment of the king. As will happen Sadwick the bridge to the King’s Tower, a falling chunks of the bridge destroyed in front of his feet. Behind him comes the lizard boss who has turned into a nature and blocked the way back. On a ledge under the destroyed bridge is the cocoon of Spot. We use the water of life with the rain gutter of the bridge, which is then diverted to the cocoon. Just at that moment comes nearer and the Teermonster. Sadwick and the monster are the bridge down into the depths. Spot turns into a butterfly and Sadwick rescues from certain death. Among them the lizard head falls into the depths. Spot Sadwick brings to the top of the bridge, in front of the chamber of the King. Sadwick goodbye to spot. Before we entered the tower, we still stand on Grandpa’s pants, lying on the roadside. The chamber of the king is empty. In the center is a huge, dusty mirror that glows magically. We use the pants with the mirror. When frightened, he looks inside Sadwick: his mirror image is a little boy who wears but unlike Sadwick a hospital gown. When he touched his reflection, the mirror-Sadwick accuses him by the mirror surface.

The mirror-Sadwick Sadwick shows the reality: Sadwick is a young boy lying in a hospital bed in coma. From his father he gets the history of the World Whispered aloud from a book. Sadwick hammering with the crowbar against the mirror to the mirror is broken. At that moment, watching the real Sadwick.

Conclusion :

Young Sadwick lives in a fantasy world beautiful, but dangerous with his brother, grandfather and sidekick Spot company. Together, they scour their circus. Sadwick mystical lands, known as Sad to friends and family, is a boy of twelve with a vein of melancholy. He would like nothing more than to expose and explore the world, but his family is holding him. One night, a strange blue creature appears to him in his dreams, abruptly changing his life.  Stunning scenery and animations. Wonderful, hand-drawn 2D backgrounds and character design of the highest level.

High quality voiceovers and a soundtrack emotional game guarantee unforgettable experience. Exciting plot that will keep you hooked for days with his tricks and detours. Many strange creatures, enchanted places and imaginative puzzles await you. Daedalic Entertainment has put together a game where melancholy is part of this masterpiece. Melancholy but rhyme with ceaseless sighs of our heroes who may eventually irritate us, especially early in the game Sadwick take the insurance as it will accomplish its missions. It will be a tad more determined and confident. Sadwick Chronicles: The Whispered World is a breathtaking adventure, and so beautiful to look one wants to go to the end of the quest of this sad clown. The game was launched in the U.S. on April 26 on PC, as well as on-line sites such as GamersGate . A Canadian release is scheduled for June. It is thus possible that the game is available in French, we will keep you informed.

Positive Points :

  • Narrative involved
  • British Humor
  • English dubbing quality
  • Very nice scenery

Negative Points :

  • Classical
  • A little short
  • It lacks entertainment


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