Iron Man 2 PS3 Walkthrough & Cheats

Iron Man 2 is an action game on Playstation 3. Accompanying the film’s release, this title provides you new missions along with the man of steel. Exterminate your enemies and complete objectives to achieve the good prevail. Suit up and take to the skies again. This brand-new story thrusts you deep into the Iron Man comic world adding to the excitement of the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. Battle epic enemies, like the classic Iron Man villain Crimson Dynamo, only featured in the game. In this original story penned exclusively for the game by renowned Iron Man comic writer Matt Fraction, billionaire playboy and tech genius Tony Stark gifts the world with new technology in order to make it a better place. His philanthropic nature isn’t enough to keep the enemies away as they have devious designs on the technology. In the end, the fate of the world will be left in Iron Man’s powerful hands and he must battle to save the world from destruction.

After an adaptation buckled in hurry due to accompany the first Iron Man, one could naively hope that action would be an opportunity to correct the many concerns that we were worried at the time. Thirty seconds in Iron Man 2 is sufficient to reduce these vain hopes to nothing, to believe that Sega has almost a grudge against the fans of the man of iron, and the following hours confirmed that bad first impression. With its flexibility of tin and maneuverability still lousy, our hero heads into the metal air while attempting to develop a game play shot mixing and beat’em all , but crashes miserably on all fronts. Too soft hovering too uncontrollable once it bursts, Iron Man and War Machine clone also playable move painfully through the levels by releasing a salvo of missiles or by spinning a few body blows to the body when it arrives to approach an enemy .

For a system lock semi-automatic as pitiful as handling, aim correctly is an achievement and not missing, of course, cause some game over which perfectly complement the table. In short, no lessons have been drawn from the first episode and we end up with a result equally rusty cannot even vaguely enthusiastic fans of acrobatics. On top of that, the realization of ‘Iron Man 2 is just like the rest of the game winded, sloppy, and sometimes even dramatic. Do more tokens, it will be understood, the Hollywood blockbuster syndrome has struck again and the worst ways. The man "iron" is more than ever his name perfectly.

Feature :

  1. Find, Develop, Refine : Since the basic operations of Tony Stark, head of operations R & D and prepare your assignments by customizing your armor and your arsenal.  From Tony Stark’s base of operation, direct R&D efforts and prepare for your selected mission by building and customizing your suite and weaponry
  2. Opponent’s epic action film : Do the exploits of a superhero and battle gigantic enemies, as tall as skyscrapers in the heart of a global crisis.
  3. A Power Fire Unparalleled : Feel the power of Iron Man’s arsenal. Shoot through walls and shoot huge structures and enemy vehicles.  Feel the impact of Iron Man’s weaponry. Blow holes through wall and bring down huge enemies structure and vehicles. Use a variety of devastating new melee combat moves to take out enemies at close range in the air or on the ground.
  4. Extend the adventure Film : The unique scenario created by Matt Fraction, the famous writer of comics, MARVEL, takes you into the world of Tony Stark, the meeting places, stories and new enemies. Accomplish super heroic deeds and battle villains as large as skyscrapers while in the maelstrom of a global crisis.

Walkthrough :

Iron Man 2:

Play as Iron Man or the first time ever War machine in the brand –new story which trust you deep into the Iron Man comic world adding to the excitement of the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. Battle epic enemies, like the classic Iron Man villain Crimson Dynamo, only featured in the game, and an incredible final boss of truly staggering, skyscraping scale. In this original story penned exclusively for the game, billionaire playboy and tech genius Tony Stark gifts the world with new technology. His philanthropic nature isn’t shared by his enemies who have devious designs on the technology.

In the end, the fate of the world will be left in Iron Man and War Machine’s powerful hands as they must battle to save it from destruction. Be Iron Man, Be War machine. Suit up as Iron Man or War Machine from the get-go. Iron man gives the player unrivalled speed and agility, War machine brings the heavy artillery, delivering a different game play experience. The player must decide which hero best suites the task ahead and prepare.

Strap on the armor of Iron Man or War Machine and prolong the adventure film with this new unpublished story.  Put on the armor and run around again the heavens. This new story plunges you into the world of Iron Man comics, reinforcing the excitement of the upcoming movie release Iron Man 2. Compete against opponent’s epic exclusive to the game, as Crimson Dynamo. In this untold story, specially written by the famous writer Matt Fraction comics Iron Man, billionaire playboy and genius Tony Stark develops a new technology that will allow the world to be better. But his philanthropy is not enough to repel those who intend the technology for nefarious designs. Ultimately, the world’s fate will rest in the hands of Iron Man, who will fight to save him from destruction.

Heroes :

Iron Man : The central hero in the game. His suit can hover, fly, has weapons concealed throughout and fire repulses from the palms of the hand.

Tony Stark : The man in the Iron Man Suit. He is a scientific genius, impossibly rich, and make frequent wisecracks.

War Machine : The former Mark II Iron Man Suit, adapter by Hammer Industries and the U.S. Military so that it is now has heavier armor and multiple external weapons.

Jame “Rhodey” Rhodes : A U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel and a friend of Tony Stark. Rhodey Pilots the War Machine suite. He is soft spoken, professional and responsible.

Natasha Romanov : An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. assigned to keep an eye on Tony Stark.

Nick Fury : The director of S.H.I.E.L.D and commander of the Helicarrier.

Enemies :

Valentin Shatalov : Russian sparest leader and pilot of Crimson Dynamo.

Ultimo :  A rouge AI in a skyscraper tall battle chassis.

Kearson DeWitt : Former Stark Employee and scientist with a desire to destroy Tony Stark.

Crimson Dynamo : 20-foot-tall power armor built by AIM for General Shatalov in exchange for the use of Telsa Power facility to power the processor farm needed to boot up ULTIMO. Can stun the hero or throw him back using the attraction and repulsion fields. Also bulrushes the heart and has ranged electrical attacks.

A.I.M : An unscrupulous global technology company run by Kearson Dewitt. Much of the invention are built on stolen Stark Technology.

Armor :

Mark 3

Mark 4

Mark 5

Mark 6

Here are some beginner’s tips for playing IRON MAN 2. This is helping you to get some easy win in the game. First you must learn to route your power properly so that you can quickly kill the enemy and save your life. The Routing power Armor will save you. It is also very useful to have to face to face combat. Your weapons system is quite a bit difficult but you can use them and restart your heart in case of fall down. The routing power options to the weapons allows you to use the Unibeam which is armed with the Repulsors. This is very strong energy but relative slow and using this drains lots of power from the armor. But the effect is very deadly. If you are planning to route power towards the thrusters then that is quiet of no use.

If you are under attack and you have lots of damaged on your armor then you might go to cardiac arrest. For this just don’t feature. You can use your armor to give correct commands and use the defibrillator. There are some series of button which will start your heart back again. You will need to press the button for that. There is also one point where your system backup starts in case of sudden failure. Your system reboots but the number of turns for that is limited. For jumpstarting your heart you will need to press more buttons in a proper sequence. You earn some points when you use your weapons in the battle. You will get some experience in using the Ballistics, bombs and replusors to kill the enemies in each of the game level. The experience of using each weapon is indicated by a bar on the screen which is located on the upper right. You can easily switch between multiple weapons at on each level to get maximum blast. If you target practice on tanks and gunships then you will get a much higher experiences for kill them. There is a simple trick for that. Use one weapon first to give maximum damage to an object then switch back suddenly to different weapons to destroy it completely. This is giving you a great experience in killing more enemies and losing more ammunition. You will gain more points here.

The points which will you earn the from this experience will allow you to get much better upgrades for your armor. This are the automatic upgrades. This advancement points on the basis of weapons you are using. Like if you want to get an upgrade fro Rocket then you must have Missiles in your armor and the experience must be higher for using this weapons. This is applicable to all weapons and usage. You can simply replay the same mission again to get more points and on the same hand unlock the new technology. At the start I will recommend you to first have a look on the Weapons Crates located below. Look it in details on it. They are really hard to sport. Those are hidden and of greater help. Kill all the enemies and then unlock the items from the galleries. You will get new art from there. It will better if you go through all your weapons so that you know which to use on what time.

The Replusors  are highly powerful and they can be used on any situation. The only issue with Repulses is that they are quiet slow and get overheated too fast. But the attack by them is great devastating . You can choose weapon of your choice for each mission. The explosive provided to you are very useful in bombing tanks, turrets and other war machines. The issue which this are that they have limited supply. So for that you must use them wisely and keep on collecting the ammo boxes. Conserve them they are very useful. In the game you will get two types of explosives. The first is Missiles and the other is Rocket. Rocket have some good number of count on the armor which Missiles get charged by pressing the fire button for some time and you can use them on groups.

There are two ways you can use for attacking. The first one is using the Guns and fireing instantly on large groups and the other one is the foot soldiers attack which is very fast. Here you have PulseRifle which is not so strong and I think it is quiet useless. The Ballistic on the other hand less weapons with less ammunition in some levels the sudden front attack is more effective. You need to move on in the right direction. The enemy’s drops quiet fast so the things depends on the Armor upgrades and equipments. You will come across large robots, tans, enemies, etc. So you need a good amount of ammunition to destroy them. Sega proposes that we explore the prologue of the game as cinematic, featuring the adorable couple Stark – Rhodes (Iron Man – War Machine) and where they will face the terrible reality for the privilege of flying fun in armor, it is imperative to bring the goat.

The graphics are pretty decent but no matter how much you put on 360 and PS3 version every second of the video reeks of disappointment. One learns to recognize the games made quickly to meet a release date and nothing more, well, I assure you that this is one of those. The trouble is that Iron Man has the potential to be an excellent game, especially given the number of characters that has to explode. But the almighty dollar dictates that you must leave at a time regardless of whether this medium do so good. In this installment, Iron Man and his friend War Machine must fight against all kinds of robots, armed to the teeth, sent by the Russians to take over Tony Stark technology.

It’s difficult to focus on the history of Iron Man 2 for the player. The first chapter begins aggressive, with a flash forward shows us Iron Man gunned down in his laboratory, surrounded by enemies killed, and returned with a quick flashback in which Tony Stark returns to show off his usual cockiness to present himself as El Salvador and the hero that humanity needs. Since then, action, action and more action. Among a few chapters and find some very poor quality video footage trying to tell a story virtually nonexistent. The poorly crafted narrative, no resemblance between virtual characters and their real versions, special mention for the character of Gwyneth Paltrow, whose only similarity is that of having a blonde hair and tedious that it becomes the sequence, despite its brevity , just leading to the lack of interest so feel we are being told. If the script is little, if anything, interesting facet playable title is not much better. Basically almost all the game is reduced to eliminate endless succession of enemies in aerial combat, and it is all very repetitive in Iron Man 2, where the frustration arising from the awkwardness of the controls put an end to our patience.

There are three levels of difficulty to overcome individual campaign title, gaming experience available, however in all the game is a numbing cycle of ground and air battles in which auto load systems available to us do all the work for us. How they work? With the push of a button will set our sights on an enemy and pressing the triggers and their different combinations empty our guns on him. The problem is essentially that we like it or not, we should use the mechanics of armor since it is literally impossible to do manually because the distances are huge and very low precision.With techniques Iron Man 2 is boring as it limits our actions to avoid and shoot enemies in time. Without Iron Man 2 is also tedious, since it is virtually impossible to hit opponents. Saving this aspect, there are some elements that could have resulted interesting as customizing the weapons with the points earned, or the ability to choose our clothes, Iron Man, War Machine, etc. Despite these parties are not particularly interesting, and pale before the resulting repetitive lethargic all other aspects of videogames.

Cheats, Tips and Hints:


  • Access denied: Prevents fly Roxxon Archives Stark.
  • Deportation: Prevents Russian separatists deploy Roxxon.
  • Outage: Dynamo Eliminates Purple.
  • Anti-Protean: Destroy the Draft Protean.
  • Improvise under enemy fire: Save Rodhey and armored Stark attack AIM
  • Operation Dawn: Bats AIM and saves helicopter SHIELD
  • Stormbreaker: Turns the transmitter energy GREENGRID.
  • Shake it: Get after the attack EMP Roxxon.
  • None of that with me: Prevents the first wave of carriers Roxxon deploy drones.
  • Flight: A single carrier SHIELD lost in the canyon.
  • Unplug: Destroy the four stabilizers Tesla reactors in less than 60 seconds.
  • Self-control: Destroy most buildings the base Shatalov.
  • Trapped: Reach the bottom of the lift pipe without touching the lasers.
  • Best Defender of the Year: Protects four repellents and four stabilizers helicopter SHIELD
  • Operator: Put in place all the relays GREENGRID without interruption.
  • Ultimatum: Complete all missions in Easy difficulty.
  • Fists of Iron: Beat 100 enemies in close combat.
  • Lightning lead: Beat 100 enemies with the Minigun War Machine.
  • Fire and Forget : Beat 100 enemies with homing missiles.
  • The subtlety of a rocket : Beat 100 enemies with rocket launchers.
  • Scanning : Beat 100 enemies with the shotgun War Machine.
  • Super Crunchy : Beat 100 enemies with the laser Iron Man.
  • Recoil : Beat 100 enemies with the repeller Iron Man.
  • In intimate : Beat 100 enemies with the cannon blaster Iron Man.
  • Extermination : Beat 100 enemies with Iron Man.
  • Need big arms : Bats over 1000 enemies.
  • Unnecessary force : Bats a soldier with the Iron Man unirayon.
  • Bulletproof : Beat 50 enemies in close combat Man is invincible.
  • Ultimate Iron Man : Unlock the Ultimate Iron Man armor.
  • Iron Man Classic : Unlock Classic Armor Iron Man.
  • Type I classical : Unlock the Classic Type I armor Iron Man.
  • Extremis : Unlocks Extremis Armor Iron Man.
  • Type III : Unlock Type III armor of Iron Man.
  • Type II : Unlock Armor Type II Iron Man.
  • Type VI : Unlocks Armor Type VI Iron Man.
  • Silver Centurion : Unlocks the Silver Centurion armor.
  • Army two : Eliminates Russian separatists with Iron Man and also with War Machine.
  • Two is too : Removes Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo and also with War Machine.
  • Man and Machine : Destroy Project Protean Iron Man and also with War Machine.
  • Bipolar : Cuts energy issuers GREENGRID Iron Man and also with War Machine.
  • Omega Man : Beat 100 enemies with War Machine using the Omega System.


  • Bigger is : Bats ULTIMO.
  • Secure Area : At least 10 units SHIELD survive the battle of the docks.
  • Brute Force : Destroy the Arc AIM without using the spoiler missiles.
  • Guardian : GREENGRID Cup without having to repair the Arc.
  • Not bad : Bats ULTIMO without taking damage.
  • Iron Man : Complete all missions in the Middle difficulty.
  • Engineering Technical : Invent all improvements modules, ammunition and weapons.


  • Hall of Armor : Unlock all armor.
  • Invincible : Complete all missions in difficulty feared.


  • Platinum : Get all the trophies for Iron Man 2.

Conclusion :

The makers of Iron Man 2 is not stingy with promotional activities in order to shorten the waiting time at the upcoming action title: as the latest action was now announced a mini-game, which will face off Thursday in PlayStation Home is available. The player takes on an Iron Man suit and given the task to fly through an obstacle course of skyscrapers and there to avoid mines and reactors to collect. As a bonus, waving to the players not only a place on the high score: Players who arrive by the end of June in the Iron Man 2 mini-game in the Top 10, may keep the suit for the later game.

Different armor are fairly well reproduced, but it’s the only praise that we can do about the graphics of Iron Man 2. The textures are filthy, cinematic hideous, unrecognizable characters . Secret Level teams have managed to deliver an uglier than it was the first game. The game is incredibly short, but you may well stay stupidly blocked against unusually tough bosses that must be eliminated in the limited time when a swarm of smaller enemies are seeking to turn away from him. The scenario is not that the film but you will be hard pressed to understand exactly the ins and outs of this story that makes Ultimo like a hybrid between artificial intelligence and a mad scientist. The numerous ellipses will not help to shed light on this strange story.

One thing is certain, the last game signed Secret Level will not remain in the annals. The development team did they know that the studio was living his last moments? Is there a curse that affects systematically adaptations of Iron Man? Tony Stark in person he reversed his flask of whiskey on the single actually finalized the title? All these questions still remain unanswered, but is it that Iron Man 2, unfortunately joined its predecessor in the pantheon of the most botched adaptations. In a trailer to show the developers, as Dr. Stark in Iron Man 2 navigates through the skyscrapers and pocketed the ore reactors in order to maneuver on the high score to the front. The comic-style action game Iron Man 2 will be from 29 April for all major consoles and the PC are on the market.

Despite its many flaws, the first album had the decency to provide a visual rendering drinking, stress that this result does not even take the trouble to produce. The characters and scenery elements craggy are covered with coarse texture vomit colored insipid, seasoned with aliasing indigestible. It alternates between the outside depressing (especially when it comes out of a Just Cause 2 ) and the cramped interior design pathetic.

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