Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

A new game has out now this May 11 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Capom has released Lost Planet 2 as the third person shooter video game. This game is sequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition which was released a long time ago based on some war condition on a fictional planet. Lost Planet 2 is based on a story which has begun 10 year before in the first part. The game begins with a jungle which is converted with snow look like some tropical area. It has frozen regions and hidden deadly  creatures to hunt you down. The game walks on the civil war where to get more and more T-ENG ( Thermal Energy ). Players have a very wide choice here to control out various battles. There are many other groups like Akrid, Snow Pirates which you have to deal with. Akrid has an expanded army which is the most powerful contender in Lost Planet 2.

The game has a very long life span, with many hours of game play. It is a third person shooter game with lots of added horror elements. If you have played the first part of the game then you will notice that there are lots of recurring events in Lost Planet 2. The original concept is based on the first port but lots of new addition are made.  In this new version players are now provided to ride the VSs. You can control the same and also hand on the side of VSs and shoot at the same time. There are now flying VSs in the game so you can fly out kicking out anything on your way. The game runs around the gain of Thermal Energy which is already mentioned in the first part Lost Planet.  This event occurred due to the rise of temperature in the climate. You can gain the energy and keep on moving. You can even share the same with others in case you have nothing to keep you alive. The game will reward the players with experience points. So more point you earn by ending more extra task in the game. Then the same points will help you to unlock the costumes and get better upgrades.

Feature Highlight of the Game :

  1. Four-player co-op action: Team up to battle the giant Akrid in explosive four-player co-op play. Teamwork is the player’s key to victory as the team is dependent on each other to succeed and survive.
  2. Character customization: You have hundreds of different ways to customize your look to truly help define your character on the battlefield both on- and offline. Certain weapons can also be customized to suit individual styles.
  3. Beautiful environments: Capcom’s advanced graphics engine, MT Framework 2.0, brings the game to life with the next step in 3-D fidelity and performance.
  4. Massive scale of enemies: Your skill on the battlefield and work as a team will be tested like never before against the giant Akrid. Utilize teamwork tactics, new weapons, and a variety of Vital Suits (VS) to fight these larger-than-life bosses.
  5. Exciting new VS features: Based on fan feedback, the team has implemented an unbelievable variety of Vital Suits and new ways to combat VS overall. The new VS system has a powerful impact on the way you conquer the war zone in Lost Planet 2.

Lost Planet 2 will give the players to finish up the single player mode and then split up in to co-operative mode. You can play the same with 3 players at a time  and also add bots. In Lost Planet 2 there are many bosses in the game. You have to deal with a better combat style here. Many bosses are killed by normal guns, or by armor you carry. You can also killed big beast by entering their mouth and blowing out stuff. This new version is divided to 6 episodes where each chapter has a different story and hero. This all combines together to make a big game play. Lost Planet 2 provides you many environments which includes deserts, jungle and space.

There is a plan to get some free DLC for Lost Planet 2 in coming use. This will be available for both single and multiplayer session for free.

Walkthrough of Lost Planet 2 :

Lost Planet 2 is designed basically for multiplayer session where you can experience for much more new gunplay and tactic. You can adopt the way you want to play. This guide will provide you some help in finishing up the level soon and learn some tactics. Lost Planet 2 is best for co-op player with your friends in 3 numbers. The AI will lie on your side and you can then be the solo hero. As the game begins you can see snow covered mountains. The VS suite is next to you where you have to take that. It is equipped with Gun and firepower to blowup mountains. Also note one thing you have to catch out T-Eng on the floor to stay alive. You can keep on picking them to protect yourself from the deadly cold. First as you are down follow the players. Then you will see some messages on the board. This will give you some hits. Read them and then move. You have to visit some post here. To read this post you have to come out of the VS suite. For that you can press the Circle button or B. The DATA post will provide you some vital information on the battle, give you a map and will create some respawn points. Whenever you see a data post just activate them. Then you will come to know about the further direction. You find a bazooka placed on the left of post. You can simply switch the weapons by using the Triangle or Y button. You have to cross the snow and get over the mountain. Keep an eye on the message boards. After that press the square or X button to pass the end of a mountain and the get a grenade.

Go to the next part and then cross the same. The message board will show you some T-Eng which you can share by your friends. You can shoot the same on them to provide them a bit heat. You can see a cylindrical box in the front of the place where you get T-Eng. There is a rocket launcher in that. Shoot to get it. The move. You can then meet some group of Akrid which are on your head. You can use the machine gun or rocket launcher to drop them down. They all will drop T-Eng so don’t forget to collect that. Move to the cliff and then kill all the reaming Trilids. After that look for the data post and then you can see some ammo for rocket launcher. Collect that. You can use Harmonizer for boosting your health. Press the start button for that. Look on the map and you can see red sign. This is the spawn point. There are large spiders wafting for you. You have to go there and throw out some rocket attacks. This will block them. Then you can use your machine gun to blow them out. Grenade is much more helpful here. Look for a cylindrical box where you get  a VS Shotgun. You can get around 10 Grenades here. Now a helicopter waits of  you for next mission.

First Chapter for Episode 1

The first chapter here begins where you get chance to blow up some mines, enter to deep jungle and play a long game. The mission starts by jumping offal speed boat which carries you to a distant place. Then you have to first head forward. There you can see some tress. Collect some plasma grenades from here. Then move and go on the land. Here you get some flying Trilids. Blow them out with the machine gun. Then leave the water and follow the data post. Get a shot gun in your hand. Activate the data post and then you can see a sign on the  map. Follow that. Now you can at the left side see a data post. Follow the path and red blows on the map. Keep an eye on reader and map. You are going to deal with more enemies in the deep forest. Here you can place grenades in the way to blow up enemies. Keep moving with your team player. Then you can thee see a helicopter above you. You will not face a large Akrid creature. I am not sure about the same but that is crazy. For killing this strange thing aim the on orange part of the creature. That is on the legs. Use the shotgun for this which is an ideal choice. The creature will throws out some sharp stuff on you. Don’t forget to get some T-Eng here which will be left when the creature will die. AT the center you can see a tree which  is the data post. Go there and activate the same. Now move straight to the black forest. See the red mark on the map. You can see some more Akrid creatures which will attack on you. At this place you can use the shotgun and get rid of them. Use Grenade here. Now the map take you to the waterfall. Move on.

Now you enter the second area where you are near water. Here you have to do two things. First pass the Enemy lines and the other is you have to run the Gauntlet Akrid. The first object is quiet easy to so you can first go on with that. Move across the water and then you can notice some torches burning. The is first objective. Move ahead and toward the north you can see waterfall. At the left side there are some gum, shotgun and grenade lying for you. At the front you can see The Akrid Gauntlet. This a small area and you have to perform fast here. Now again red signs will take you towards more activity. Launch grenade there. Then fire gun on them. Here you can only pass on by killing a plan like creature. More Akrid will attack here. You can find  VS suite at the hill. You will soon run out of ammo here and there still lots of Akrid attacking on you. Here if you can make a way to get the suit over the hill to replace your broken VS suite then you can save your life. You can open fire on the creatures with Gun machine. No you have survived the objective 2 and then move to objective 1. Straight form here you can see a new data post. Run and activate it. Now you are in a mini map and see the red marks. Here in the building there are two floors of wooden hut. You can shot the upper floor and then shoot the bridge that joins the same. After that you can use the Vs Suit you got and kill human enemies with machine guns. Keep moving and you must keep on looking the map for position of enemies. Your suit will get some damage here. Get out of the suite and get some repair for the same.

For smaller Akrid you can use machine gun. Here you can handle them easily with the suite. Then move on the building and there is a person in the room. Kill and move near the bridge where there is a room. Watch out for sudden attack. Then pick up a rifle and kill some more enemies from distance. Now you get some explosive barrel here which is nice to blow up enemies near them. You can then move to the second building and you will get a battle armor, shotgun and machine gun. Now move forward towards the camp and then you can see a mini map there. Activate gate and you have not finished this. Now you are in the final area of the game which is very difficult. Here you have to destroy a mine which is filled with lots of human armed soldiers. They are heavily armed and they are excellent weapons. Once you are spot near or far then you are gone. The first job here is to activate the generators. Here you get around 5 Generators to activate the same. You can do this by the Circle or B button. You get chance to play two levels here. The first is the ground level. The mission begins here where you have to find 3 generators. The map will highlight the same in yellow mark. This level gives you numerous weapon on your way and you can keep on collecting them. There is no need of any ammo or weapon here. Move and then you can see corridor. Now you can kill the enemy their either by throwing a grenade or by gun. Move on and you will get a rocket launcher her. Now there is generator which is guarded. /You can go there slowly and activate the same. You can collect some grenades here. Put the grenade in a closed turret and blow up out as you are spotted.

Go back to the first turret. Left from the door way take you to steps. You can use a disc grenade here. There is the other generator. Now keep left and then you can see the platform of third generator. Activate the same. There are more enemies in the tower near the same. You can use the Disc Grenade here which  is ideal choice. You have to use the grappling hook her to get off the platform. See the generator in the faculty activate the same. Now follow the mini map. There are human guards attacking you. You can sue a short range weapon here. You can also get some battle armor here. Two generators are now reaming.

You need to control the units in time limit of 90 seconds. There are enemies who are defending their area. So you have to activate the control units first. You can try the same at lower level. Use the anchor here. Activate all the control points and then the timer beings. You will be attacked by guards who are wearing VS suit. Kill them first and then kill others. You can use rocket launchers here. Use rifle for short shots.

Second Chapter of Episode 1

After the above you are in the second chapter of the first episode which is divided in two parts. In the beginning you have ego deal with a boss. IT is a big gigantic creature with new Akrid ready to eat you up. You have to move to reservoir here, activate some data post and kill Akrid here. You will get attacked by some plat like creature and flying Trilid Akrid. There will a large lobster like thing will be become a ball and spin on you to crush you. There are some spider like small creature which are a easy kill. At first you have to move and then you can see the Akrid at front with some flying Trilids. You can move from the opening and then open first with the machine gun on them. Machine gun can easily kill them from short distance. Now move towards the metal object. Look for the ladder and then get much more weapons. Look for the data post and activate it. Use the rocket launcher here and shotgun. Across the platform you can move in the forest avoiding the water. Now here you have a new Akrid which looks like dragon type and attacks on you. Aim the head. Aim on head with shot gun and give a sharp attack. This will bring him down. Go to the second post and you are now going to face a much larger Akrid which sits in water and as you reach near the post it attacks you. So better be aware about the same and shoot on them. Try to target the orange glowing limbs.

After moving ahead you can see a T-Eng regenerator which help you to stock up some energy for future. Go towards the ledge and here you are going to attacked by Godon Akrid. Stand behind and let the creature to spin. As the creature stops after spinning you get a chance to shoot him on the orange tail. The tail will turn to red and explode by your continues attack. Use the shotgun here first and then the Machine gun. One blast exact on the tail with rocket and the creature is down. Look for Data post. Move ahead and you can get some more Akrid attack. Use shotgun to blast them. Collect the rocket launcher from the post and use the same if need. Now you can see that a spinning Godon Akrid is again coming toward you. Stay away from his way. And shoot to the tail for kill.

In the second area of this level you have to kill a G Akrid and activate 4 data post. You can see the number of data post on the map. As you move a gain Akrid will attack you from the water. This is first battle where you have to get deal with the similar Akrid. You have deal with this before. Stand back for a while till you can see the legs of the same. You can then also shoot the orange spots on his head. The disc grenade is quiet helpful here. Look for a chance to blow that up. There are plenty ammo and grenade available in this area. After defeating you can the move to thaw other post. You can see 2 VS suite there. In that one is armed with a machine gun and a rocket launcher. Move to up have a clear view of the area. You can see the Akrid much clearer. Use the VS suite very efficiently. You can collect a stationary gun from here. Activate the data post.

Third Chapter of Episode 1

Here you work is to first gain access to a base and then activate the data post. Mover forward from the jungle and climb up. There are jungle soldiers here. You can then kill them and move towards the guy on the bridge. Crossing the bridge you will get a cylindrical crate, fire on it and get T-Eng. There is a shield in that. If you wear the shield you will not able to first. Move under the bridge and collect some snipers, guns, etc. Moving further will give you sniper and you have to take down a turret here. Keep moving up toward the bridge and collect Thermal Energy regenerator. Use the sniper to kill enemies and throw grenades on them. Use grapple or the stairs whatever you need. Use the map for further direction. Go to the top of building and reach the top. Open map and then look for data post. Keep looking for turrets they can attack you. Use the rocket launcher here. As you move you will get attacked by a soldier. You can kill him at the entrance and the move right to the warehouse. Kill some soldiers and then move forward. Get a Vs suite and Vs rocket launcher. Mover forward to gate. At the second area you will need to activate some post which are acquired by enemies. Go ahead and at the front you get more enemies covering to turrets. You can then move the room and there you can collect some ammunitions. Get a rocket launchers and battle armor. Move next and then get a rocket launcher. There are three data post here which you need to activate. They are highlighted on map. Use Grenades and you can collect heavy weaponry. Attack the soldiers. Use the grapple towards roof to move towards the third post. This more secure. Throw some grenades and move.

After that you enter the third area where you have to deal with Jungle Pirates, get some multi seat VS and same activate the data post. As you spawn at the right you get a VS suite. You can fly in this suite for some time. It has a Gatling gun also. Move and there you can seat a turret across the river. Blow that out and move toward the bridge. Collect some rocket launcher, rifle and grenades here. Use grenades to kill the Vs enemy. You have to collect a multi-seat VS suite here. Move straight and then you can see a room. The suite is outside that. There are 3 people at the top f the e room. Kill them out.

At the fourth area you have to kill the gigantic beast G queen and activate data post. Now you are mountains for the final battle. You must now have to deal with alligator type creature with four legs and a huge body. This is the most huge one. Stand back and the you can spot data post on the map. Stay on ground and then you can see that the creature moves in circular at the particular area. There are orange cores on the backside which can be hit with machine gun. If you want to finish this fast then you can use a heavy weapon. You hide yourself safely on ground. Target the legs first and then open fire. Use the grenade and rocket launcher. Try to stay at safe distance. This is a long fight.

First Chapter of Episode 2

After finishing up the first part you will gain some confidence in playing the game. In this level there are no Akrid but you have to on the other hand need to deal with armed soldiers. You can pick up grenade, armor and save yourself from snipers. You objective here is access the city, then enter the same whiteout getting hurt, do not get yourself caught in search light and activate data post. There are some spot lights in this level which survey the area. In this it is very difficult to walk through them without getting noticed. You must avoided them and move across the bridge to the end. Collect a rifle from the box and then move to the roof of building. There is no need of crossing the bridge which goes to the light house. You can get some batter armor in the water tank. Climb up and roof top. You can see some spotlights here. Move slowly forwards and then get down. There is a data post in the front you have to activate that without coming in the searchlight. There are two ways for that. The first is up which takes you to that place. But you will get attacked by soldiers there. The other is by moving from the corridor in the front. You can use some grenades here to kill the soldiers in front.

After this you enter the second area where you have to first clear up all the obstacles and then try to avoid the security system. Go straight and you can sport guards which are moving. You can spot them from the window of the hut. This is the good place o use rifle. There is one more on the above platform. Follow the players and then you can see the security system on the top. This looks like a data post. But if you pass this it will be alerted. You have to turn this off. You can beat up soldiers easily here. Move toward the data spot and then activate it. There are no more guard on the ground. You can use the grapple hoot to reach the roof. You will get a clear shot of the guards from here. This is the best location. AT the data post 2 there is no more security system which is need to be turn off. Grab the shield and then move. Use the shield to protect yourself. Faith with the battler armor soldier.

After that you have pass on the city. You will get actuated by group of soldiers here. Your objective here is to clear the obstacles and then finish the Bleeds VSs. You will be welcomed with fire and explosion as you enter the city. You can see the data post move towards the same. There is a shield in the right side f the house. Follow the path way and then move forward. Collect some weapons and then move ahead to get some more ammo. Watch out for soldiers. After that you will be attacked by the Bleed VSs. They are tough contender. You have to use rocket launcher on them. Activate the data post 3. In the last past you have pass the rail passage and control a post for 2 mins. Also activate data post. This is a bit tricky area with lots of guards and sudden attack. In this some the soldier carries shield so you have to use those weapons which can penetrate that. You can fire on them. At the loading station you have to move to the side of train platform where there are soldiers. The train them moves and you can hear a bell. The safes options here is to take the bridge from right. Move up and then kill a soldier on the bride. There are more soldiers here with shields. You  can get a T-Eng Regenerator  which across the bridge. Activate the data post and then cross the bridge. Kill some soldiers and the head toward the train tunnel. Activate data post and then hold the area for 2 mins. The timer will begin. You will be attacked from all the directions by soldiers. They try to deactivate the timer. You have to activate the same again. After a minute you have to destroy more enemies. You have to gang up here and then kill them up. Keep a eye on the soldier who tries to deactivate the soldier. The timer ends and the level is finished.

Second chapter of Episode 2

This is divided to 3 area where you will be provided with the objective. At first you have to move to on target via supply depot. This is a tough level with enemies in VS suite and ground armed forced. Enter a supply depot and then move forward. Follow the direction. Move to the conveyor belt and then get some amour. You will get attacked by enemies here. You have to collect grenade and rocket launcher here. Attack the soldier with rocket launcher. Find and activate data post. Then you have to destroy the Sentry Turrets. You will get some disc grenades use them on torrents. In the warehouse you will get a T-Eng Generator. Now you will get attacked by some ground troops. Use the grapple hook go to the roof and attack them. Collect upgrades and activate  Data post 1. In the different section you have to move to the conveyor belt. Open fire on soldiers you can sport from windows. Then throw some grenades. Try being silent and moving slowly hidden. There are lots of guys here with shield. In the second area you have to move to target and kill the enemy forces. Here you get the cancel to use the flame throwers which you will get in the control room. You will get battle armor here.

Break some windows here and then move to control room. Go down and then open the door. There are more enemies here. Move down and use the grenade. Use the flame thrower here. After that you have to deal with Timed Infiltration Challenge. That means kill number of bad guys as quickly as possible. You can move down with the ladder and then you can see the light weaponry. You will get some grenades and use the shotguns here. There are heavy armed forces behind the orange door. Kill them.

At the end you have to activate 3 data post, destroy VSs and kill all the survivors. In this there are ample of VSs in the game which are equipped with heavy weaponry. You have to penetrate the area first and then kill the soldier patrolling. Use a rifle here and the move on. Move the roof and then sport the enemies. The Vs suit is much more helpful here. You can see the first data spot. You can jump over the head of enemies. Once you reach a bit closer use the rocket launcher and then move via arches. There are more enemas in front. First kill the small guys. You will encounter more enemies here. The number here is very high. Jump straight to the front data post and then you can see some more attack. Move the corner and you can get a T-Eng Regenerator. Keep a watch on enemies. Once you killed all VSs suites the game ends.

Third Chapter of Episode 2

This now the final end of Episode 2 where you have to fight with another boss a G Akrid with tons of sniper soldiers on ground. There are some unknown creature attacks too. You have to hear control the railway gun, activate post and kill the G Akrid. In this there are some soldiers who are armed with laser sniper rifles. So they will first a beam on you. That is a hard attack. You have to change your place as soon as possible. Collect a battle armor here and then the helicopter will drop some re-enforcements. They are light weaponry. You can have a 3 mans Vs suite. First activate the first Data post. Then move to the second as per map. After that you will encounter the Cat G Akrid which is also called as Akrid X. you can see 3 orange things which are the weak parts of this creature. Attacking that is the only way to bring this down. It will attack you from the rooftops. It will jump over the roof tops and you have to be careful from that. Use the best time to hit it.

Episode 3 – Western Desert

The third episode begins with a huge Akrid who stubbornly pursues you. To keep the monster at bay, you can collect a lot of weapons and shoot like mad. Very effective is the VS-assault rifle. Aims of the VS-assault rifle at the center of your pursuer and waits until he opens his mouth. Then you shoot the enemy target in the throat. The VS-assault rifle has had only three shots as possible should therefore miss any shot. By reaching the helicopter ends the first chapter. After that you can get engaged with some soldiers. Just first try to stay away from the attack. Shoot the cores.

Chapter Two

At the beginning of the second chapter will put her under fire, without that you can see the positions of your opponents. Stay in cover and return fire in the direction from which the enemy’s shots. In the building you will find an assault rifle. The house offers you sufficient funds to do the more distant enemy from a safe distance can. Watch the way between the buildings, looking at the window and do not forget the roof. After you secured the area and all the data points you have selected, you care about the two Akrid. A useful tactic against these two opponents, the use of the VS-ram. Come closer to one of the Akrid and waits until it wants to straighten up. Then it runs very close to him and shoot at the red spot. Alternatively, you can use as usual the assault rifle. The erection of the Akrid is basically a good moment to attack. Also invite you gain an advantage if they lower their heads. As long as this is not the case, you think better safe distance.

On the train

Once in the train you take an assault rifle, firing on all cylinders. When both trains are on a level that your will be destroyed. Expressed during the sequence, the corresponding button to jump over. Eliminates the remaining enemies and fight you to the first terminal, where her one VS, several weapons and military suit is. To shoot down the helicopter, it increases at best in the VS. If you work in the VS and is continuing. The other helicopter and the dangerous rocket-gun you should destroy the VS also pays therefore to insert no unnecessary harm. If your VS is destroyed before, you can destroy the rocket-artillery with the VS-assault rifle. Behind you expect another gun and even more enemies. Heading it collects an assault rifle and the VS-weapon. The workstation should only activate it when it is part of the opponents and all the guns off the greatest did. Then you can expect a fight against a Akrid.

The final battle

The impressive railway gun can reach it with your hook. The gun is loaded with the big missiles, against the lying around in the. If the gun is not loaded, you can insert the rocket in the middle. Then it presents you to the console on the left or right and press the button repeatedly until the gun is loaded. Now you can the gun on the side of gun use and shoot at the giant worm. The shortcomings of the worm are the small lateral pores, each with their cannon must take the three. To kill the worm must destroy its every pore. While you fight the worm, the train must not be destroyed. Whenever train was damaged enough, a fire breaks and you have to leave the gun in order to extinguish the fire. For this you go down into the room with the sprinkler system and presses the button in quick succession, until the fire is extinguished and the energy of the train is renewed

Episode 4 – Arctic Ocean – Northern NEVEC complex

Right at the beginning of the third episode are after several snipers on you. Try not to be taken unnecessarily and grab the body armor on the left. In the first area there are several alarms, one of which is located next to the door. Alarms can be destroyed by shooting himself. Below you fight against multiple enemies, and become four guns taken in the sights, hanging on the ceiling. Entrenched behind the crates you and concentrate first on the guns. The enemies you can do better if all four guns were destroyed. f course, there is nothing to shoot in between on the opponent, so long as you make out from the cover and are casting a target for the guns. With the shotgun you can you fight through to well below where you will find an assault rifle.If you position your multiple enemies in the center of the area see below, it stops and take them under fire from above. Then stay there for many Akrid, it makes sense to throw a few grenades. So you can do a lot of the enemy at bay.

The remaining Akrid you can also do from a distance, by you behind the pillars and provides a targeted shooting. Alternatively, the many spectacular Akrid also eliminate the attack. For this you take the shotgun and ran directly toward her. Most Akrid are after a shot load across, even if it is not shooting directly in front of them. The larger Akrid can also top off of. If you are one of the larger opponents to close, you go back just a bit. After attacking two other Akrid for which you should put away the shotgun because they can do better with a machine gun and grenades. A real breather you is not granted, because once their water comes from, it is again the real thing. Makes the first attacker as quickly as possible and then runs destroyed to the building. There you find some cover to the other opponents in turn off. The VS is the way a good target for PSA grenades.

The bridge

Tip: When entering the bridge should use caution, because on the right side are several guns. If you do not run too far on the bridge of the guns you cannot be taken. While the guns only shoot at the railing, you can destroy them safely. Only then should you cross the bridge. Then you take care with the assault rifle for the highest possible losses in the enemy ranks until you read the huge VS the left and the gun on the right approaches to. At least now can not hurt a bit more firepower. Links from the bridge is their heavy weapons with which to destroy the gun and can you VS.

Locations of the terminals

After the heavy fighting at the bridge looking for her now, the six terminals and activates them. Enter the first hall and run to the left to the raised area. Then she discovered the first terminal. Go up the stairs on the right side and keep you turn left. On her way she finds a security Gatling. Follow the leader to the top tube. The VS destroyed it by using the newly found VS Gatling. Then you let you fall through the holes and lands directly at the second terminal. The third terminal is located at the top on the right. Before you make yourselves on the way to the station, you should turn off the enemies on the elevated range. For this you use an assault rifle. Near the second terminal you can also activate the fourth, it is located further down. The fifth terminal after you reaches the fourth station. Before you can activate station, you have to ask you a larger enemy group. If you want to do the guards of the fifth station as simply as possible, you can use the cannon on the raised area at the first terminal. Keep yourself in the fifth terminal right, then you come to some crates and meet on other opponents. Behind the boxes you will find the last stop. After you’ve selected all six data centers, there you go to the lowest level, and Leave the area back on the right side.

The escape in the boat

For your flight you need a boat. For this you can just steal one of the boats. Get on the other side necessarily the Gatling ammo, so you can easily defeat your opponent’s right. From the bridge, then shoot her with the assault rifle on the VS under the blanket. In the same way you can turn off the somewhat more distant opponents. Keep yourself on the left and makes the coming of the boat opponent harmless. Go to the bridge for cover and destroy the VS on the other side. Stay in cover and switches the VS on the left. Once you have removed all threats, you go on board. The boat can be great with VS weapons or defend an assault rifle. Before you travel through the next chapter on the battle field to the left of you falls, you go first to the right and ensure supplies. There you will find a VS and useful equipment. Go up the hill and takes you on the highest point in position, there you have it a direct shot to the VS and guns among you. For the game progress it is now necessary to activate the data stations. A data station is located in the building at the bottom of the hill. If you enable this data point, you should detour a little to the roof of the building shall purchase, the rocket launcher from the VS to collect. Use the VS rocket launcher can be the Osprey’s an easy target. Keep in mind that the rockets fly slowly and the Ospreys quickly. Consequently, its a few meters in front of an Osprey must aim to hit him with the rocket launcher can. If your VS is destroyed, then you go to the higher level and use the gun or is a heavy weapon. The Guardian reveals its weaknesses Akrid like his fellows, it recognizes them to the bright red bodies.

The force fields

  • Disable the force on the later standing tower. Before you at the end the big-guard Akrid is, you should get into a VS or at least collect the weapons of the VS.
  • Tip: In the water are you in front of the Akrid virtually certain. Where necessary in the fight, you just simply moves you back into the water. When leaving the water you need to Akrid care to avoid unnecessary damage. The third force is one of the towers right off and the gates at the water can be open under water. After you’ve eliminated most of the enemies, which you should preferably make existing VS, you go on the two platforms. From there, you fly by helicopter or the VS on the second platform.

Important: Once you land on the second platform, you should first data point or lower than the bridge. If you lose your life and begin again on the other side have to, it could be that since both the helicopter and the VS are no longer there. In this case you have a real problem. The second platform is near the bridge to try to land on, so you can lower it immediately. Take a heavy weapon and destroyed the guns first, before you two shooters on the roofs off the. Fight you slowly and operates the two switches in order to get into the next area. Before you switch you to take care of, you should preferably all Ospreys do it. This is not strictly necessary, but you should at least as many Ospreys take to the track that you can press the two switches undisturbed.

The elevator

The next area leads your way through many small rooms, which often reside in multiple opponents. Before her room! Enter one, you throw some grenades pure. Due to restricted movement, the most enemies are caught by the grenades. The small rooms make use of the rifle shot makes sense. The further down their guard following done with grenades and rocket launchers. Below her rises arrived in the elevator and get into the next area. Go through the water and further down, where you can equip heavy weapons with you. Enables all and done the attacking enemy. After you have activated all their fights against the experimental weapon.

The fight against the Experimental Armor

The experimental weapon is equipped with strong armor. To damage the armor, you have to the posterior extension of the experimental weapon fire. With side hits the torpedoes can destroy the weapon. The bright spots in the center of the opponent should ignore her for the time being, your attacks are there only cause minor damage. Concentrate first on the side posts and the rear extension. During the fight, you collect always a new grenades, heavy weapons and rocket launchers. Beware the plasma torpedoes in eight, they can temporarily incapacitate you make. The higher level you with good cover options that you should take advantage of course. Abandon your coverage only with loaded weapons and shoot then checked with the rocket launcher on the experimental weapon or throw grenades targeted individual.

Tips and Cheats :

Unlock Skins :

  • Albert Wesker : Start the game by having a backup or Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.
  • Frank West (Dead Rising) : Start the game by having a backup of the first Lost Planet.
  • Phoenix Marcus & Dom Santiago : Finish the campaign.
  • Names of War (Devil May Cry) : Start the game by having a backup of Devil May Cry 4.
  • Names of War (Street Fighter) : Start the game by having a backup of Street Fighter IV.

Hints :

  • In the entire game you will cam across the spawn pods. You must first destroy them all. Some of them are located on the side of cliff. If there are arkids then be careful. First kill them by a rocket launcher. If you don’t destroy spawn pod then Arkid will arrive back.
  • Try to activate as many data post as possible. This really nice to finish up the level and here you can start playing from the place where you left. This saves the time most. By activating a data post you get +500 additions. The data post lights up the area on the map which are much easier for navigations.
  • Try to focus on the VS suit of a single enemy in one time. If you get attacked with enemies in VS suite then try to kill the first at a single time let the other players handle the other enemies. They are heavily armed suites which can destroy you instantly. This is the easiest way to get rid of them.
  • Try to blow up as many turrets as you can. They are really irritating. There can be group of enemies in that area.. They can come out at once and eat up your help. Destroy them by rocket launcher or throwing grenade on them. Then move on.
  • Keep on collecting ammo. Each chapter will provide you certain areas where you can get some ammo and weapons. This are very helpful and you remain filled with it.
  • Extreme mode :  Finish the game on hard mode to unlock Extreme mode.

Weapons :

  • Fire Cracker : Reach level 30 with Femme Fatale.
  • Machine Gun SP : Start the game by having a backup of the demo of Lost Planet 2.
  • Shotgun SP : Reach level 50 with Femme Fatale.
  • Shuriken : Reach level 30 with rounders.

Lost Planet 2 trophies – Bronze :

  • Close prologue from A > Complete Episode 1, Chapter 0-A from.
  • Complete your prologue from B > Complete Episode 1, Chapter 0-B from.
  • Enjoy more Prolog from C > Complete Episode 1, Chapter 0-C off.
  • Recruit > Quit the game on easy difficulty
  • Soldier > Quit the game on normal difficulty
  • Super Soldier > Quit the game on hard difficulty
  • Snow Pirate > You reach Career Level 10
  • Welcome to the battlefield > Take part in an online game

Conclusion :

Lost Planet is a square as quite different from its predecessor, yet very popular in his time. Do not worry, it’s always rub out across gigantic monsters. On foot or by flying robots that most armed nuclear aircraft carrier. But Capcom has nonetheless sought to give new direction to its title, and that in many respects. If the first episode illustrated the tribulations of Wayne and his fight against the Akrid on a frozen planet, this time things are very different because little has been done so that the player is interested in the scenario and the history of the group of soldiers he represents. Understand by this that the adventure does not really have heroes, the enemy whom we meet are never really opposed identifiable, and we finally changing from mission to mission, almost without knowing anything about the reason for this war . An odd choice, however, the absolute sticking with the "philosophy" of a title where everything was designed for multiplayer.

The next installment in the popular action series returns in Lost Planet 2. Ten years have passed since the first game, and the face of E.D.N. III has changed dramatically. Efforts have been successful and the ice has begun to melt, giving way to lush tropical jungles and harsh unforgiving deserts. Control your heroes across six interconnected episodes, creating a truly unique interactive experience that changes depending upon the actions of the players involved. With this concept, you have the opportunity to engage in the story in a much more dynamic way as plot threads evolve from different players’ perspectives. Beyond the deep single player mode, Lost Planet 2 is loaded with extensive multiplayer modes. The intense and action packed campaign mode comes with the ability to form teams of up to four players online to clear mission objectives with friends.


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