Monster Hunter Tri Wii Walkthrough, Tips and Hints

Monster Hunter Tri is a new releases on Wii. This is a big game, you can play the same for long hours on Wii and online. The game provides you with cool online and offline experience. The game gives you best characters, scenes and a addictive gameplay. Original Episode taking into account the day / night cycle, Monster Hunter 3 finally abandoned the village of Pokka for us to discover the charming island village of Moga. Having defined the look of his fighter, the player will therefore lay foot on a completely unknown territory veterans of the series. Of course, the usual answer key people present. Thus we find a village chief, a blacksmith, a shopkeeper, a farmer, a hostess guild, etc. However, new players have emerged to offer new services. The fish, for example, allows us to send ships back all kinds of materials at sea by the captain of his side is proposing to exchange various items he has negotiated throughout his travels. The chief’s son finally allows us to convert the carcasses of hunted monsters on the island in valuable resources. It also centralizes the demands of villagers granting various bonuses if met.

While it is clear that in missions that we spend most of our time, it would be wrong to neglect all the opportunities offered by the Isle of Moga. The farm, for example we can, with some resources, not only to grow plants or fungi, but also raise specific species of insects and harvesting honey. You can order food compounds from a host of different ingredients to the canteen to get various bonuses. The forest Moga, meanwhile, is a hunting free giving us the opportunity to harvest various raw materials while slaughtering hordes of monsters or bosses that we have previously struck down during the quests. Neither the time nor the number of losses being taken into account, this is the perfect opportunity to practice and reap a handsome package to move resources.

Like its predecessor, Monster Hunter 3 revolves primarily around a quest system perfectly. Divided into six levels and now with secondary objectives, the latter include, for example to kill a dangerous creature threatening the village or to hunt a pack of smaller monsters. Sometimes it’s killing insects or collects a specific type of raw material in a particular area. I must say that this album contains a lot of new environments and often beautiful as the Tundra or Desert Plains. But the real innovation is undoubtedly the presence of large bodies of water in the scenery. Thus, it is not only possible to swim in lakes or rivers, but also squarely in the sea Far from being anecdotal, this major innovation introduced extraordinary gameplay possibilities. Our hunter can now swim and even hunt various species of monsters under the water. You will have to monitor his oxygen gauge and learn to move in three dimensions in an environment where every gesture is much slower than in air while smaller prey requires only a spear to be hunted, the leviathans that we will face in the water cannot be slaughtered in using powerful weapons.

From Ludroth Royal resembling a huge crocodile gobul a frightful monkfish, through the dreaded Lagiacrus, it will be a thousand-and-one opportunity to finish in lint. Do not believe, however, be safer on the mainland. Bosses land imagined by Capcom are just as deadly as their aquatic counterparts. The Qurupeco example, is capable of creating explosions or dancing to regain life. Nicknamed the imitator, it may appeal to the rescue of the hordes of monsters or even other bosses to come lend a hand. The Gigginox for its part takes a perverse pleasure in fall on us suddenly for us to swallow at once. The player has then horrified to try to identify shaking his stick in any direction or to pray for a colleague to come save him. One could also mention the attacks Barroth mud, volcanic bombs thrown by the blizzard or Uragaan triggered by the legendary Albatrion. We only say that a total of fourteen beautifully animated creatures make their first appearance in this episode which eventually recycles the Rathian, the Diablos Rathalos and earlier versions.

Traditionally very demanding, the gameplay of the series here seems less elitist than in the past. While the targeting system is still not on the agenda, we must again calculate the millimeter accuracy of our regular routines and move the camera manually, but with a Classic Controller (forget immediately the Wiimote ), we will be able to quickly target effectively. Additionally, weapons have combos easier to get out and can be accompanied by a pet with a string of support capabilities. Appointed Cha Cha, it may well take care of us, decoy or detect monsters depending on the mask which is equipped and dances we have selected for them. Do not think however that Monster Hunter has lost his soul because he is always studying the behavior of various bosses for hours before finding their respective faults. Each monster is fighting a different way, the use of objects (traps, bombs, potions …) during a fight is delicate and the slightest error of assessment will pay dearly.

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough

Here are some cool tips and trick for the game which will help you to play the same both online and offline mode. The combat skill is a major outbreak in the game. You must perform some combat skills and that will help you to fight up easily. There are two types of warriors in Monster Hunter Tri. The first is The Bowgun warriors and the other one is Blademaster. At the starting the new players have to play with stick with a blademaster. Then as you pass on the level you get more attacks.  You can master the combo attacks in the upcoming level. The bowgun offered to you can fire some bullet rapidly in one instance.

The combat in game simply means providing more and more damage to the enemy. You must also be defensive in some cases of attack.  The characters in the game much faster and you can then actively choose the type of weapon for the enemy. You can also get weapon upgrades as the time moves on. Quick movement in the game is the best key to hit the enemy hard and on the right time. If you are under attack and you want to move out of the battle field then just ensure that your opponent is totally discracted for some while.  There is a stamina meter on the screen which shows you your current power. It is drain by attacks of enemies. But the same get charged after a while when you keep walking slowing around. Keep a watch on your stamina meter. The other thing you must keep in mind is that you must have a shield with you. You must know to use it. Sometime this is a life saver. If you can place that properly over your face in the top position then the shield can block almost any attack on you. So it is a powerful support.

Bowgun : AT first look you will find that Bowguns warrior are simple. They stay a bit away in most of the enemies and pick off the enemies with one shot. The weapons for them are divided in three parts which is a frame, shaft and a stock. You can make a one out of them and create a weapon of your choice.  You can also provide the rate of the bullets so that they can shatter the enemy in one shot. There are some default weapons and ammunition for Bowgunners. They also offer you some defensive type of game play and you can easily get addicted to them.

Blademaster : This warrior offers you a powerful armor with some really nice combat skill. This type of user offers you various types of weapons which you can use in the game. The game also provide you a long range battler with good defensive gameplay. You can switch the axes one of the powerful weapon and charge up on your army. You can change the sword instantly while fighting and give a hard hit to the game. The game is quiet useful and provides mobility. You get a hammer for hard hit and you can also pick up the weapons drop by the enemies. That gives you more powers.

Characters,  Places and Skills

There are plenty of characters in the game with an upgrade system which is quiet unique. You must keep in mind about the same process. Each armor you get makes you stronger. You will get some points for that which will help you to buy some more upgrades. You will get some defense and attack points which will help you to buy stuff.  Other than this there are lots of skills that will boost your performance. You can keep on improving your gameplay and quickly improve the ability to combat. There lots of boost which you can collect.

The first thing in the game begins with Moga Village. You must learn how to find resources in this village. This will help you to get nice upgrades and fight with the monster on the way. You will also find a ship called Argosy which his on the port for some time. You can buy that and trade commodities in that. The captain of the ship brings excellent items from places and can give you nice upgrades. Then comes the canteen where you can collect excellent dishes with tons of ingredients in them. You will need to use voucher here. You have to match two different component from the list. You can in same way boost your health, attack and defense by this.

Further you can find a farm where you can produce some crops to get advancements. The most valuable items which you can grow here is paintberry or Godbug. Godbug is an expensive insect. There items will help you more to get some currency and further that will give you upgrades. Fisher is the another skill which can help you to get a fish or treasure. You can dispatch ships for that. A another unique thing added in the game is Guild which is run by Guild Sweetheart. She will give you quest as you keep playing the game. You have to finish the task provided by her and that will give you new stuffs. A market is a useful place to get some components. You can purchase a trap or some other hunting stuffs like pickaxes, harpoons, net, etc with ammo for weapons.

In the game Smithy The Wyverian Artisan can be your friend and give you the right things for proper money. He can produce weapons for you which will help you to kill monsters.  You must take his help. To upgrades the weapons for this you will need to collect Armor Sphere. That you can get in trade with Argosy captain. Once you get bring them to Smithy and he can upgrade the same to armor.

  • The Armor Sphere can be found by finishing the quest of by mining in Tundra and Volcano.
  • The Armor Sphere+ can be found by finishing intermediate quest  and by mining in Tundra and Volcano.

To get further you can keep on collecting items in the midway and killing monsters. This is much more needed. You can first kill weaker monster and then go for tougher one. You can capture the same and then you will be rewarded for finishing up the quest. Then comes the chance to deal with Boss monsters. They are hard enough to beat. You will get high upgrades from them.

Guide :

The game is divided in to 5 proper chapters which general point’s statistics. You will deal with a major monster after finishing up some sub levels. A new quest is available after each sub level. You can then get reasonable points for the same. You can also skip the chapter if needed. First a scene begins at Moga Village where you start with conversation with chief of the village. He will tell you that Lagiacrus is creating problem in village. AS you are done move forward and then you can see some lads and Whetstone times. Talk to them and the move to the woods. You must have the  protective gear from the armory shop. At this you might not afford more but this is a decent support. A simple weapon can be a good idea here. Then come back for more buying.

Leave Moga village and then at the right side you have to battle with Aptonoth mother. Get some Raw meat from here. Once done outside the village you can see a path. You will reach a new location here and here the first objective to find Junior (Chief’s Son).  You can see the indication on the screen and a arrow will guide you for the path. After getting  some upgrades you can head back to the field of Aptonoth monsters. Fight with them and the collect more Raw Meat. Talk to Junior twice.


Chapter 1 :

The first chapter here begins. You can save your progress and begin back from here. You can make some necessary changes and the move to Guild. First speak to Guide and then she will show up a quest. You have to collect  Unique Mushrooms, Ripened Mushrooms and Choice Mushrooms to a Red box which is located on the Deserted Island. The mushroom can be find throughout the Deserted Island. Dig up and then catch up. After the first quiet you can go back to Guild. The new destination here is Moga Woods. In the island you have to talk to Guild Sweetheart. She will tell you the motive of three items on the island which you have to find on your own. The Red box is on your left and the blue box will give you supplies. There is bed in the left of tent which can give you health.

Grab up goodies which is supplies by the chest and then look on the map for prime location. Explore the region and then you can find Unique Mushroom. Dig the place to get it there are plenty of them. This is not so hard. Then you have to move towards the water pool where you can find Red Coral Stone under water. There are more objects which you will find automatically. You can swim via tunnel easily. Then find the choice mushroom and then go to the harvest spot. After this quiet you will get some bunch of new quest.  In the town  speak to Alpha Male and he will provide you Two Firefly. Then go to Carefree Lad and he will give you Snakebee Larva. By combing both items will give you Goldenfish Bait.  You can try out here killing some Kelbi creatures which hang to the west of map. You can kill more than 5 and get a Kelbi Horn which will be needed further.

After that can supply a box which I filled with worm and then follow the further instruction. In map go to the beach. You can toss the bait over the water and catch some. You can catch small and big Goldenfish, Pin Tuna, Whetfish and Sushifish here. You will run out of worms for this dig for more. As you go back to the Deserted Island area you will need to first find two Jaggi monsters. There are three more find them and kill them. Go to the hill and watch more monster will rush towards you. You can go back to refill you stamina meter. Now here in the mission you first job is to kill Epioth enemies. They hand out on the pools and to reach them you have to swim to them and hit from underwater with your weapon. There are much larger monster arriving towards you. They are responsible for terrorizing the village. By killing them you will receive rewards. Then you can return back to village. Take to Junior here. Look in the Shroom box one and speak to a farmer who will give you Bomb casing. You can plant some plants. After that  you will have to kill some Sharq monsters for which you need enough bullets. Search for Red Coral Stones. You have to dig to get them there are some in the ocean floor. After this you can play the Sunken Treasures Quest.

For Sunken Treasures Quest you have to defeat Epioth enemies. They go under water and attack suddenly on you. This is the place where you need to use your bowgun and ammo. Defeat them and then move forward. There are more creature swimming. The quest becomes more challenging here. Once defeated went back to village where you can chat with more villagers. Here you can talk to Chamberlyne. The Wyverian Artisan will craft some arms for you. After getting some stuff from market go to Argosy Captain and get nine Curved Fang items from him. Make a trade which is best suitable for you.


Chapter 2

After ending up things in Deserted Island you can now go to the Sandy Plains. This is the second part of the game where there are lots of new quest waiting for you.  As you head to Deserted Island and collect some insect you will appear in a new area. You can see the insects on the left side. You can pick them up. Examine you mushroom properly and then move on. The quest now arrives to Sandy Plains where you have to talk to  Veggie Elder and get a Goldenfish Bait from him. You can get some torch items and Pickacxe. Then as you finish a subquest you can move on and fight with some Giggi creatures. They are near large trees and some in caves. User the torch here and then move on. You will find Crystal bone here. This is a easy mission you have to follow the map and drink so that your temperature in maintain in the desert. You have to fight with Delex enemies here in hot day. The most easiest way to defeat them is by hitting them. Now move and collect Monster Guts items. Here you primary target is the get the quest of Great Jaggi. It is a very powerful creature who will run away at once when injured. So you have to grab a paintball item here. As you track this creature and you notice that this might run then you can use paintball here. You have to focus here on the main target and this creature has powerful share. Don’t stand on a single place this creature has a powerful tail which can hit you to ground.

Further in the new mission you are now in Big Game Hunting. You will have to improve your gear first. As you are ready you can find yourself in Deserted Island area. Look for Great Jaggi and then attract his attention. You can hit to provide him massive damage but protect yourself from the powerful tail swing. There will be some smaller creature along with him who will attack you and eat your health. The most appropriate weapon to kill them here is a BowGun. Move close and then shot them. After that fight when the creature retreat you can make the use of PinBall. Go back to camp take and nap and refill you health.  Keep on battling and hiding yourself in Moga village. After that  capture Great Jaggi instead of killing him. You can hit him with Tranq Bombs or Tranq Bombs. A few hit will make him weaker and then you can catch him. Weak him enough to get nearer to him and then trap him.

Before you being a new quest go the village and talk to junior and village chief. You can talk to head farmer for some support. You can get a Super-sized Dung in turn of 300 Res. You can new job is to capture a live live Great Jaggi here. So don’t forget that. When you see this creature moving you can set a trap for him. The best way is to trap him when the creature is sleeping. After that you can go to villagers and get rewarded for that. There are more new creatures waiting for you in the nearby woods. Talk to Guild for a new quest. Search for Shakalaka on map and then defeat the enemies . Get prize for that.  Follow the map for proper location. Follow the scene and then kill the monster. This is not so hard here. Once you finish up all you will get more upgrades and then follow the next chapter.

Chapter 3

Now the third chapter begins where you will need to deal with lizard, birds and some strange creatures. As the previous quest finishes you have activated a new quest. There are lots of new locations here. First go and talk to villagers. Talk to Artisan and give more now upgrades. They are worth for upcoming battles. Then go to the market and speak to the lady. She will offer you Organizer Guide. This is worth to buy, get some ammo here. The first new quest is simple where you have to look and kill Rhenoplos monsters. The map will show you the location of the same.  You can search under the trees for them. Kill them and then move forward to find out Herbivore Egg. As you get the egg go to the camp. You will be attack by the enemy. Hide and move so that your egg has minimum damage. As you deliver the first egg you can then move. The second egg is needed for the other quest. Protect yourself from the insects on your way. Find and kill Bnahabra and them move. Use the map to locate the location.


Then you have to worry about the Ludroth monsters. Killing them will finish the quest. Enter the water and here you can get Catfish lair. Pick it up and the move to the tree. Choose a weapon on your hand the Ludroth creatures are now waiting here. Kill them all. After this your main goal is to hunt Qurupeco. Try avoiding the flying enemies. Then move further as per map and you can find a bird. Hit him with Paitnball. Or else you can also sue the Sonic Bomb for the same. You can the move and you will find much tougher monster like Great Jaggia or Rhenoplos. Keep fighting until you defeat them.  You have to now play Playing with Fire quest.  This quest will end up after hunting Qurupeco. You can use a bowgun here. Use a powerful sword and some combo movies. Look for battle with Qurupeco. The creature is dangerous and poisonous. It can provide you major damage. Target the chest. Once the creature is defeated then you can find some new quest and new items. You can get to the village for upgrades. Check for Guild for new quest. Then the other task is capture Qurupeco live. You can get the trap from the supply box. You can move toward the creature throw Tranq Bomb and make him weaker to trap him.  Now in the quest Royal Ludroth is your enemy and he will attack you. It will roll and charge you. You must counterfeit the attack and then use your weapons. Hit him hard and he will retreat to water. You can then keep on hitting him on the face and near shoulder. Keep on attacking till you win.

Tips and hints :

  • Formula for calculating the hunter ranks. To find out how many hunters you have to earn ranking points to move up from one rank to another, there is a fairly simple formula:
  • (Hunter rank to be reached) * 150 +200
  • Will you then ascend from hunter to hunter Rank 2 Rank 1, the formula would be as follows:
  • 2 * 150 +200 = 500
  • You need 500 rank points is therefore of rank 1 to rank 2 to rise.
  • Will you rise up from 7th to 8th place, would be the formula:
  • 8 * 150 +200 = 1400
  • So you need from 7 to Rank 8 Rank 1400 Rank Points hunters, these are only the points between 7th and 8th Rank This does not include the points that are needed to reach rank 7 or # 8 overall. The total points to achieve a rank you have, however, are detailed with the list.

A Star Quest field

  • Hunter Rank: 1 points needed to achieve: – Total points: –
  • Hunter Rank: 2 points needed to reach 500 points total: 500
  • Hunter Rank: 3 points needed to reach 650 points total: 1150
  • Hunter Rank: 4 points needed to reach 800 points total: 1950
  • Hunter Rank: 5 points needed to reach 950 points Total: 2900
  • From this point on her way to the urgent quest for the two-star rank you participate!
  • Hunter Rank: 6 points needed to reach 1100 points Total: 4000
  • Hunter Rank: 7 required points to achieve: 1250 Total points: 5250
  • Hunter Rank: 8 points needed to reach 1400 points Total: 6650
  • Urgent Quest: Attack leadership

Here starts your first urgent quest. You have to accept themselves as they do not count for you if you only teilnehmt. It is therefore important that you open the quest and join the others.

The following quests you have to have done, that their urgent quest gets displayed at all:

  • 1st Help hunt for the hunter (a wholesale Jaggi)
  • 2nd Playing with fire (a Qurupeco hunt)
  • 3rd Fish tales (one king-hunt Ludroth)
  • 4th No glory without giblets (10 Monster-collecting offal)
  • 5th Sunken Treasures (15 Rotkorallensteine collect)

In your urgent Quest: Attack leadership, one must kill her Barroth. is a detailed help her in this guide for bosses.

Sword from the Captain of the Argosy  :
If you have the story mode through, you should appeal to the captain of the Argosy times. He will then give you his sword.

The Upper Rank : There are at Monster Hunter Tri for weapons and armor, the so-called "lower rank" and upper rank. The special thing is that the "upper rank", that is by far the increased strength and defense of weapons or armor, can only be obtained in online mode from the game, that is, therefore, that one’s full strength in offline mode never achieved, for example, some can no longer continue to expand the arms, on my Lagiacrus armor at level 6, this is the case. Nevertheless, in order to go further than level 6, you have to have brought in online mode at least the Hunter

Skills : Each armor brings special skills with them, they will be activated only 10 points with a positive effect or the other way with -10 points replaced by a negative effect. The positive or negative effects are dependent on the ability to further increase, for example, 10 points in attack brings the ability to "slightly higher attack, this ability to go to next level at 15 points in the ability to attack, etc. Through these slots in ibid and armor weapons can be enhanced learn new skills or the existing ones.

Awaken ability  : The Awaken capability allows for certain weapons that benefit from this ability to arouse slumbering forces. The ‘Upper’ version of the Lagiacrus armor for example, has this capability, in conjunction with a weapon that can increase their attack power

BOSS Guide :

In the latest adventure Boss Monster Hunter hunts play a large role again. No matter whether it’s an urgent quest to do or to collect certain materials for armor, always you will meet various bosses with their own strengths and weaknesses. In the first part of the guide you will find the initial bosses you will encounter both offline and online.


The very first boss you face the will. He makes no elemental damage, but is itself vulnerable to fire. He also begins to limp when he is weakened. He has 2 attack zones, the head and body, with the damage you can dish out to her on the head, much higher. In addition, you can use their shock at his traps, pitfalls, and flash bombs. If he is hungry, it is equally useful rotten meat. He has 2-3 phases, basic 2, the normal and if he is in Enrage, you can see the signs of starvation as a third phase. All his movements you can already at Jaggis Jaggias and see, it’s not really something new. At the beginning he will either emit a cry to call or directly a companion for you. He has three basic attack moves, for a biting, then whipped his tail he’s always 2 times in a row – and a rush, with whom he side with his whole body to the target. However, these attacks can be quite easy to dodge. A good point for the attack is slanted backwards, or the page, and you have to give up his tail whipped Eight, a roll to the side helps as often wonders.

He also has two calls, one to summon a companion and to strengthen. Both calls are well suited to cause a lot of damage, because he makes while of calling any loss. The summoned companions can kill it or ignore, depending on preference. Have you done enough damage, you see how it drips water from the mouth, you have this rotten meat, now is the best time to use it, as he is susceptible. A few strokes later, you see how white steam rising from its nostrils, the signs of the Enrage mode, all attacks do hurt a lot more now and you should be careful to avoid all the better. As soon as he starts to hobble, it’s almost done. Either you walk directly behind or are you waiting briefly until he sleeps at him then to miss the death blow. Lasts did not sleep too long, because he regenerates during sleep his life points. Will you have to catch it, the best time is when he goes to sleep. His sleeping on the rock which is located in zone 6, to be sleeping in the sand plain area is 5.


Qurupeco is a bird-like monster, he will encounter on the same mostly in region 5. He even mastered fire attacks and has a weakness against ice. It consists of head, body, air bag on the front body, wings and a tail. On its wings are detonators that can be destroyed. Qurupeco has a number of interesting capabilities. It can support call for help, then turns up one more boss. This may be a case-Jaggi, but also something very nice like a Rathalos. The call is to recognize the fact that he throws back his head, the breath bag inflates, and some are shrill cries from him. With a sound bomb can stop this, however. He has also created a dance, with which he can heal himself, or similar buffs, this can stop, however, when we made fast enough damage. As soon as he leaps and dances in the circle, and immediately ran to do so much damage as possible. If it is interrupted, the corresponding strengthening meet their own group. Furthermore, it should scan the ground, because you now can find a Wyvern-tear. The next ability is a spitting, that reduces the defense and makes moderate damage. It makes sense to stay the whole fight over next Qurupeco, never directly in front of him.

His ability is unpleasant but if the wings, then you can follow some jumps forward, making an average loss in a row 3, or a large fire ball that cause a lot of damage. As soon as he comes the wings are very clearly and to see what is, you should immediately disappear from him. Because he can jump very far, is simply running away is not very useful to you, you really have to find the side of him. Is the Qurupeco weakened, he starts to limp. Should you have to catch it, so this is the first indication to what their eighth need. His quiet zones are area 10 on the wasteland-island area and seven in the sand level.


The king-Ludroth is a Leviathan-type. You can fight him in the water or on land, depending on how you fight better. Seek out your preferred area of simple, usually he will just follow. As water opponents he has water attacks, and has a weakness against fire. A weapon with fire element damage to the fight you’ll find more stuff to abbreviate. The attack zones with him are the head, mane, main body, front and hind legs and tail. The tail can detach it and therefore still have an additional loot. You should wait so, however, until the king’s Ludroth has left the area again, because unlike normal enemies do not disappear after a short time these parts. One of his most unpleasant skills is a role for the side, which prohibits almost, to stand beside him. This attack is announced, however tidy. He only shakes his mane, and turns his head in the direction in which it is rolling. So this is the time to disappear there, when you may stop you at this point.

His mane is nevertheless a weak point and can be destroyed. As you can devote his tail and mane, and so relatively safe fight. A good point is to stand between hind legs and tail, as it avoids most of the attacks and there with a role almost certainly is. If the tail cut off, you can continue to attack this place, or to change mane. This has the advantage that you can also find a reward. But when he Enrage in-state, the rotation is not announced. So then you should never stand next to him but just wait until he has calmed down. He also has two weapons. So it is not safe to walk with him out of the melee zone heal around. The attack, one begins by once or twice and then jump back on you, the other attack follows after he spits water in a cone-shaped area of reduced your recovery. This is followed by a scream and a leap. So should you want to get away and heal you better change the area to be safe. His sleeping area on the island is wasteland area 12 and in the tidal forest, it is region 8 There, you should be able to catch him so easily. He also limps when he is weakened.


An opponent of the first glance the wholesale Jaggi is very similar. He has some skills more quickly and can be very stressful. In addition to head and tail, he has a layer of mud. He has failed two vulnerabilities, fire and water. Susceptibility to water is with the slush and mud-covered body, the vulnerability to fire you have to clean the sites. In addition, you cannot refuse her the tail to eviscerate him. You start the fight against him in zone 3 in the sandy plain, where he presumably still waiting underground, you see only a small part of the head. He has the normal bite attack, which it already knows of Greater Jaggi and his tail whipped, and he knows perfectly well painful. It is here, but much harder to stand beside him as he is constantly in motion. There will be hardly a quiet moment to strike. In addition, he has a run that begins by lowering his head and sets the direction, shortly before he run, he can correct his direction but once again, so be careful. This attack makes a huge amount of damage.

There is also an attack in which he uses the mud, with which his body is covered. Although it is possible to refuse him, that’s not fast enough, he uses him to shake herself, and thereby raising mud lumps around. Will you get hit, you can move you, though, are slowed and cannot use potions. Are you traveling in a group, you can get your group members to free them by her, they tread that goes to the + on your controller or remote control. Have you removed the mud, or he has shaken off himself, he will eventually run to mud hole in it and roll around the mud layers refresh. In the time you can attack him relatively safe. He also has one Enrage mode in which he is furious. It is almost impossible not to notice him, but also white steam coming from his nostrils. Some tools to facilitate the fight against him enormously, these include: Flash bombs (even work in Enrage, but only if he lowers his head and before he attack) as well as pitfalls and shock traps. Also remember that you can take the raw materials for one or two other sites in order to combine them on the spot. It is not a problem if you have forgotten it in color to highlight, you always see in which direction he fled, because there the earth shakes and slightly smaller chunks of earth flying about. His resting area is again field three to which he will return again. He also begins to limp when he is weakened.


Gobul is another enemy that can be partially on land and partly in the water fight, and must. He is weak against fire and thunder (or flash). The weaknesses are highest on the head and lantern. Besides these two parts you can attack the stomach, back and tail. The tail can be cut off again, which gives additional loot. Have a look if possible, to concentrate, the lantern on his head cut off, because you can paralyze them. This is most easily if he uses his sucking attack, the cone in front of his view everything. Swims just behind him and strike as long as the lantern until it is extinguished. Do you have now changed the area and are in zone 4 (the only place where you can also pick out him), you can also fight him on land. Similar to the king-Ludroth he has an attack with which he can roll over the opponents. However, it is relatively safe because it makes no sense for this opponent to stand on one side of him. Have you cut off the tail, he can no longer use his tail whipped really effective.

Either you should tackle him from behind (on land) or below (in water). As his greatest weaknesses lie in the belly, which is completely unprotected. He changes the area, it can happen that you see him immediately, then searches the ground after a slight curve in that it is often hidden beneath the river bed. He then shoots often out of the water, respects so that you do not jump on him is because this attack can be very painful and he could also use its spines. If you like, you can stop by the disappearance of sound bombs, which could make the fight once more pleasant. he is greatly weakened, he fled to his sleeping, which is located in zone 8, where you can catch it too.


Rathian is the first kite, or better on the Wyvern will meet her. This is one lady and partner Rathalos, the later you will meet yet. The element to which it has the biggest weakness is thunder. They even attacked with poison and fire attacks. Their attacks are not as fast, but very deadly in some circumstances. She has a normal assault, which you can avoid easily by a simple role. Always trying to fight beside or behind her or under her by her attacks the stomach. First tries to cut off the tail and destroy the wing, you can also give some blows on the head if possible. But be careful because they are very fast turns and spins, and differs from immediately. As long as it is close enough to your turn, you are relatively safe. Are you far away, the rush is almost always because it is very large and has an enormous range. It can also spit fire balls, either one or three fireballs are thrown around, but previously announced acoustically, also you can see the glow in its mouth. You should immediately go out of the shot. Apart from all these attacks, there is a gift attacked that will run with a tail whipped together, even when the tail was cut off, there may still be toxic, some portions can therefore be life saving antidote.

Should you wish to make potions or sharpen your weapons, preferably changes the field, as it often distant players through an air attack in the hoof, and hacks on them. Sure it is, if you simply just change the area. Watch out well when a few steps back and lowers his head, because it prepared by an assault, which can be fatal immediately. You should definitely go this sprinting out of the way or not! Your resting area, the area 10 in the flood forest. If it is weakened by a limp to recognize.

Wholesale Scoop

The wholesale Baggi is almost identical to the fight against the wholesale Jaggi. His weakness is the element fire. You can cut off its tail to skin him and they give you extra loot. All attacks are identical to the attacks of wholesale Jaggi. There is only one additional capability, in which he spits a type of water or ice. If this ability the player, so this staggers and falls to the ground dazed, he can move or even use potions, but the energy drink that removes the status. Players can end this situation by the player to run to him and effects (+ on the controller). His biggest weakness is, like the wholesale Jaggi, his head. Even with the large Baggi can use it with all kinds of traps.


Here you stand against the monster that has destroyed the village in the offline mode. Despite his imposing appearance he is simply the group of the leviathans, it dominates even thunder attacks and is vulnerable to fire. Forward Channel berries can be a tool that you can make life easier. It consists of the head, chest, back, feet and tail. The tail can again be cut off and skinned. The parts which are weakest, are his chest and his tail. Both should attack her preference, but with caution. Basically, it behaves just as the king-Ludroth. You can attack him, and swam between tail and hind legs, with a little more courage, just the chest. Should you do that, but you should always make only 2-3 shots and then avoid, as he has an attack where he turns himself around. He also has an attack with which he bites on one side and kick out the tail to the other side, you thus turns to him and you are relatively safe.

There is a huge advantage before he attacks you, he turns to you and stares at you a second to only rigid, you’ve got, if you watched his movements closely enough time to evade. Requires her some rest you can even use underwater flash bombs, which you should provide enough time attack. You see that his spine begin to glow on the back, you should tread very carefully, as you now if it attacks you, lightning damage and become paralyzed or can be thrown back. Uses the time to sharpen your weapons to and heal you, but with enough distance. Once he has fully charged, it uses a flash or thunder attack with which he hurls balls glaring at you, but their zeal and which can avoid problems. Are you far away, he uses water under a rush or a kind of rolling over the side, which should already be known from the royal Ludroth.

If he is angry even have his assaults electric charges are, therefore, on guard and waiting until he has calmed down, or use items such as flash bombs. Fight against him in their country, you should definitely pay directly to the tail, which you can remove it and then peel. He can you, like the king-Ludroth roll over, so is just behind him, or if you are tough enough, diagonally in front of him and handle his chest and head. Be prepared at any time to evade. Also, you can on land, and only on land, use the pitfalls that you gain a lot of attack time in which you can do massive damage. Is the Lagiacrus weakened, he avoids in the area 11 or 12. Should you have to catch it, wait a moment while he is asleep.

Conclusion :

Monster Hunter 3 on Wii is a game of epic hunt allows players to track down monstrous creatures on land and in water. Each case is different and the techniques used are varied. Whether they chose to Explorer the desert or flooded forest, the tundra or the island, it may be accompanied by a pet or cooperate with other players online. Throughout the adventure, we collector also many resources to produce its own equipment.

So better to train yourself before leaving on an expedition and the risk of being hated by his partners. In addition to the Forest Moga, an arena lends itself well to this exercise. It contains much that will kill monsters by using specific equipment in one or two split screen. Further proof, if proof were needed, that the Wii version is no shortage of generosity. Whether one wants to tackle the series for the first time or try a totally different episode of the PlayStation 2 and PSP versions, Monster Hunter 3 is a real treat to all levels. He may be reproached for having made some concessions in the number of missions and creatures to hunt. The veterans also lament the disappearance of some types of weapons or the relative reduction in overall difficulty. But despite these criticisms anecdotal Series Monster Hunter succeeded hands down its first test with flying on a Nintendo console.




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