Alan Wake Xbox 360 Walkthrough, Tips and Hints

Alan Wake is a breathless thriller that features a quiet writer that nothing predisposed to live a great adventure, or face danger. Built as a television series, the game Microsoft no respite to the player, who plays Alan. Everything starts with Alan Wake a depressed writer who cannot find inspiration, yields to the request of his wife Alice to go to go green in order to relax a bit and who knows, get back to writing. So the couple settled in the small town of Bright Falls, an idyllic corner of Alaska, surrounded by mountains and wild forests. Shortly after their installation in a remote cabin, Alice suddenly disappears. Alan quickly returns to the beginning of a novel he does not remember writing. Consequently, reality and fiction merge and it is with horror that Alan Wake realizes that the novel describes point by point the sequence of events experienced by him.

Alan Wake Review is quiet nice. The script, which mixes fantasy and reality television series, borrows the principle of cutting episodes, which are played in about an hour. Each episode ends with a "cliff hanger", that is to say, a scene full of suspense that makes you want to continue the adventure to learn more. As and when it progresses in the story, Alan must find other pages of the novel and it is with horror that he realizes that the events – usually fatal – as described in these pages, takes place in the reality. The atmosphere, reminiscent of Stephen King or some episodes of X-Files played continuously on the effects of light, the darkness of forests or the impression of danger that emanates from certain places. Recalling also the game Alone in the Dark, Alan Wake alternates scenes of exploration, heavy with tension and moments of pure adrenaline, when the adversary is revealed in the beam of the flashlight and Alan faces him, often poorly armed.  In short, here is an absolute must for the player sensitive to the quality of the script and enjoying going from one surprise.

In this long-awaited exclusive Xbox 360 title, fill the shoes of one Alan Wake, a man who makes his living from the terror of others as a best-selling suspense novelist. Trapped in the deceptively peaceful Washington town of Bright Falls, where he came to escape the trauma of losing his fiance, Alan must piece together a mystery to prevent himself from being trapped inside a nightmarish world forever. An intense psychological thriller from Remedy, the creators of Max Payne, Alan Wake looks to raise the bar for future games, creating a true cinematic experience. Explore an expansive world filled with missions, unique puzzles, intense combat, and horrifying enemies. Dig into a twisting and multi-layered story filled with suspense, engaging characters, and shocking revelations.


  • Episodic content: The mission-based structure of Alan Wake creates an episodic narrative similar to the very best of dramatic television. As the episodes progress, game play evolves to introduce new elements and characters, drawing the player deeper into the experience.
  • Realistic environment: Experience an immersive reality like never before, as weather and light changes affect game play. Explore every aspect of a hyper-detailed Pacific Northwest town as you look for the truth behind the horror around you.
  • Massive world: Explore and roam free in an open environment as you investigate the mysteries of Bright Falls. Pay close attention to detail as you look for clues scattered through the town.
  • Brutal combat: As night falls, creatures begin to attack, and the longer Alan spends in Bright Falls, the longer the nights get. His enemies seem to draw their power from the darkness, and light soon becomes his greatest ally. Combine use of light with more conventional weapons to drive back the forces that hide in the dark.

The story begins when Alan’s wife, Alice Wake, plan a vacation to Bright Falls, both to try to recover their marriage, her husband to regain the inspiration to write. But it becomes very dark shortly after arriving there. Bright Falls has two faces. The day, giving the impression of a cozy village with beautiful areas to explore. And at night, one that only seems to see Alan, with dark beings whose sole intention is to kill the poor Wake. Although fortunately these beings are vulnerable to light, and hence Alan Wake try to always carry a flashlight, flares, or any source of light that is on the way to deal with these dangers.

Structured in chapters, the story will be in each of them with their particular cliffhanger, reminding us in the subsequent chapter, the events that have happened, all that sounds like the series. Also, at each end of the chapter will hear a new item is added to the repertoire of songs. Some songs and a soundtrack in general fall short. We are energized when you have to do, and leave us messages when things become more calm. There will even be time to abandon one of the moments that I liked, not just the game itself, but the general history of video games. An unexpected moment that gives an added flair to ‘Alan Wake’. In fact, the adventure began at the end of the court on several occasions by the rush that led me in due course.

As for the rest of the cast of actors, there will always be good friends with Alan (Barry Wheeler), the typical humorous turn, crazy town, the young sheriff (Sarah Breaker), and others that will wake us up many doubts because their ways of acting a little strange.

Limited Collector’s Edition Contains:

  • Exclusive ingame audio with comments and suggestions Remedy
  • Exclusive Audio CD with the soundtrack
  • Code to redeem the first add-on game
  • Exclusive media for the Xbox 360 disc containing a theme for the Avatar and articles signed Alan Wake, Making Of and more

Walkthrough :

Plot :

‘Alan Wake’ input has two levels of difficulty to choose from: normal and hard. Unlocking a third party (nightmare) once we complete the adventure. Perhaps many choose to start the normal level, but this way will not be a challenge and the tension almost disappears. The case is interesting in "difficult" because it keeps us tense and at times will not want to move as we will be fair ammunition. And, if you are brave, the lure of the nightmare level, besides pose a greater challenge is being able to collect all the fragments of the manuscript possible.
The game play is simple. Alan moves fairly fluid, except when we have to calculate a jump (which fortunately does not happen often) and how to target the enemies and dodge will not require much practice.

As I mentioned in the first contact I made, to eliminate the enemies, we will have to have eradicated the evil of their bodies, either pointing them at him with the flashlight or other light source (like a spotlight), as well as keeping them at bay with a flare, and even eliminating the time with flares, as a rocket launcher. But except with the flares, with other light sources, after removing the evil from their bodies, we have to finish them off with the limited arsenal available: revolver, shotgun, rifle chimaza (more bullets in the chamber) and rifle game (the best), and illuminating grenades (you can switch between them and flares).

The variety of enemies will be limited, but consistent with what we face. All are seemingly normal people, equipped with knives (knife, ax, chain saw). On the other hand, there are crows and poltergeist enemies, the latter objects come to life thanks to the darkness, and whose only way of being killed will be the light, without firearms, as with the crows. Once enlightened enough time, will disappear. But what you do best ‘Alan Wake’ fears is put us in the body to us believe that we are alone. While the night we will be aiming to go to a site to continue finding out what’s happening in Bright Falls, having to travel long distances, either on foot or by vehicle in certain cases. And of course, by the way, enemies will appear to us, and not always visible (i.e. the front). The tension is that we will have to be constantly watching our rear in case we have someone behind, because there is no radar to warn us of this, but the sound and vision with the flashlight.

Fortunately, there will be certain areas with a steady light, as a point of control. Something that thankfully we will see many times (depending on the area, too), especially with regard to checkpoint itself. Although there are some who will have to activate (generators) to achieve light, QTE mini-mode (by pressing ‘A’ when the wheel goes through a green zone). And sometimes we are hoping to find some of these checkpoints by the closeness of batteries and / or ammunition that we, being one of the best tactics, once reached one of these generators, leave a flare on the floor while we activate. So we have a safety distance that will be enhanced by activating the entire light generator.

Episode 1:

Initially just follow the instructions on screen, there is a tutorial that you cannot do much wrong. Make yourself on the way to the lighthouse, and differs from the attacks it. On the ferry you listen to Alice. In the Diner. Go to the back. You can still turn on the jukebox before. On the men’s room you’ll find Carl Stucky. Go to the hut and opened it. To turn the power you need from the cabin back out the front door and go left to shed. To the gas station.

Follow the path through the forest. You come to a clearing with construction equipment and tree trunks. The man with the ax is attacking you, it’s Carl Stucky. Run into the hut, light shines out of her. Go to the phone and called the police. The line is interrupted and the crane moves toward the hats. Stay with views of the crane in the right rear corner of the hut is. Wait until the crane has engulfed the hut, and attributing to the abyss. Look to the right and then jump out the door. Carl Stucky you attacked it. Turns the headlights on and aim with your flashlight on him, light stops him. For now you can provide him with a revolver, he appears again later on down the road. Seek the place for graffiti from there find their tracer bullets. Follow the path through the woods, crossed the river and goes to the accumulation of tree trunks. Climb to the tribes and goes to the hut, you’ll find there ammunition and batteries. Going back to the broken staircase you have to go to the right.

The generator is near the stairs, the attacker turns on the way out there. Starts the generator and then goes into the hut, you will find there a shotgun. Now go to the light poles and moves the logs on the gripping arm between stairs and tree trunks. Run then the path through the forest. You get attacked again at a construction site and will. Go into the hut and grab the shotgun. You then get to the gas station. Go into the garage and in the sales of the gas station. In addition to the cash register is a phone call to the police.

Episode 2:

Go into the kitchen and makes coffee! Then simply follow the instructions. At some point you’re back in Brighton, if the light fails and you can go outside. Run down the road. Searches the environment goes to the huts. Eventually you come to a small settlement, Rusty needs you and calls out for help. Go into the hut, left, sits there Rusty. You shall switch the power on again, this goes against the house. In the back room is the main switch. He is demolished and you can turn on any light, Rusty begins to cry after. Run up to him. Ranger you are attacking, they can only defend her with your flashlight.

Have you met her a few times with your cone of light, they remain visible and you can shoot them. Then to Run Lover’s Peak, you focus on your radar. You can reach on the way to a cave that goes into it, run through them and then continue following the trail through the forest. You will be attacked again and again, again and again, therefore such batteries and ammunition. After some time you will get her to a gondola. Press the button to let go at them up, gets in if it is there. At about half the way the car will stop and engage you, birds. The kidnappers save yourselves, but you lose your weapon. Follow the kidnappers and lit him on the opponent.

You reach a gate, the kidnappers tried to open, you have to hold back in the meantime, the possessed. Follows then returned to the hijackers and defends the view point. After Alan has beaten the hijackers to the ground, you wake up at the lookout point. Run along the path through the forest. While you walk through the forest, you are attacked. You come to a mill. Go in and up onto the roof. Run will continue through the forest to her to a large gate, but watch out, behind it possessed wait on you, she does and runs on. Barry will call you. Then you come to a trailer park. There, you shall get the car out of the garage, the garage key you find in the men’s room.

Searches the park for ammunition and batteries. Then climbs into the car and crossing the possessed. Make yourself on the way to Barry, another car on the road blocking your way and forces you to keep running foot. A horde possessed attacks you, you grab the pistol next to the car on the street and shoot it at the attackers. Run then walk towards Barry. Countless birds are on the house, you have to scare them. Go to the house. If you attack the birds lit with your flashlight on them and light the torches. After a few attacks the birds disappear.

Characters :

Alan Wake : A best-selling thriller writer, Wake has been suffering from writer’s block for over two years. Unable to write, unable to sleep, Wake is a volatile man whose marriage is in jeopardy. At the urging of his wife, Alice, they have left New York City and come to the Northwest woods for a desperately needed vacation.

Alice Wake : An accomplished photographer and natural beauty, Alice is Wake’s wife and confidant. Deeply troubled by Wake’s self-destructive tendencies, she has initiated their trip to Bright Falls. Devoted to her husband, Alice has demons of her own: a profound terror of the dark.

Dr. Emil Hartman : A brilliant psychiatrist, and author of the The Creator’s Dilemma, Hartman specializes in the long-term treatment of troubled artists at his Cauldron Lake Lodge.  Considered distant and arrogant by the townspeople, Hartman’s methods are unorthodox, and his result uncertain.  Some patient are restored to their former artistic lives after a few months, while others remain under his care for years without improvement.

Barry Wheeler : 
Wake’s childhood friend and literary agent, Barry is a high-strung, high-powered New Yorker, bulldozing his way through. Allergic to dust, grass, pollen and small towns, Barry is completely out of place in bucolic Bright Falls, but he travels there without hesitation when he senses that Wake needs him.

Rose Marigold : When she’s not topping off cups of coffee at the local diner in Bright Falls, Rose spends her free time reading Alan Wake’s novels and following his exploits in the news.  Rose cemented here rep as a super fan when she placed a life-sized cardboard cutout of Wake in the diner.


  1. Vulnerability of the possessed : Almost all opponents must first be fought with light. Look at you all keep the beam of your flashlight on it so long until the "shield" is broken, only now you should make use of the firearm. Bombarding their opponents before is pure waste of ammunition and can be scarce from time to time.
  2. Chainsaw maniacs : The possessed, will attack you with a chainsaw (or comparable opponent), you should, especially if they occur in larger groups, with absolutely stun grenades or pistols off. Beat you around in no case with the illuminating. This makes the game immensely.
  3. Always aims at the head  : Best with flashlight and weapon aiming always to the head. This is faster than on the body to aim.
  4. Success : If you need to view the dome after it passed through the silver mine since it comes at some point to a cliff edge where you go on the boards must come further. There might be enough birds and you should be able to spot. Carry pistol while looking at her and now on the 1 Transition attack the birds with the flare gun and burned them. If you kill yourself then you can start again at the cliff but the birds and the ammunition is back s long as one can make up to the 1000 has.
  5. Source : Sometimes it is possible to escape just before the possessed. There are passages in the forest, where the lanterns (save points) are just so far away that they can achieve without fighting. As soon as you stand under the light cone and stored, the attacker disappeared and come back again. After that the environment can be explored in peace and hidden thermos bottles or boxes, without stress to be found.
  6. Nightmare mode : In order to activate said nightmare mode, you have to have once played through the game. On what level of difficulty does not matter. Subsequently, it also yet to collect an additional 16 points in nightmare mode.
  7. You can unlock the jacket and scarf Alan Wake for Xbox 360 in your avatar using the bonus disc contained in the limited edition of the game

Hints :

  • Follow the Light : You were enlightened by a dream.
  • Let there be light : You have restored the power.
  • Float like a butterfly : Your style is different from attacks.
  • Nordic Walking : Unlike Stucky, enjoys her undeniable health benefits. You are not dead, namely
  • Bright Falls’ Finest : You’ve finally made the phone call to make.
  • Under a thin layer of skin : You have disregarded the instructions of the Park Rangers.
  • Reward for the finder : You have discovered five hidden crates.
  • Back! Back! Tell me! : You’ve bought with a torch a breather.
  • Missed by a Mile : You are dodged 20 times in slow motion.
  • Paging Mr. Wake : You have discovered 25 manuscript pages.
  • Right of way : You have scratched 15 abductees from your bumper.
  • Park Ranger : You have survived the Elderwood National Park.
  • Damn good cup of coffee : You have found 25 coffee thermos bottles.
  • You are here! : You have destroyed 20 enemies.
  • Heavy Metal : You have destroyed the bulldozer.
  • The Six Gun Scribe : You have done 100 abductees with a revolver.
  • Railway Rivals : You have taken the steam locomotive.
  • Wheels within wheels : You’ve found the kidnappers that he had to say, however, was not it, hear what you wanted.
  • TV : You have looked at important news.
  • Energized : You have changed 100 times the batteries.
  • Thunder and lightning : 50 abductees have felt your anger. And your stun grenades.
  • Collateral Carnage : Abductees are drowned, got an electric shock, or were removed by other indirect measures.
  • The older child of God : You brought light into the night beyond the enemy.
  • Perhaps to Dream : Oh, so THIS is happening.
  • Medical Opinions : Listening to records Hartmans.
  • Drink it out : Put de lime in de coconut.
  • Porter : Turns the power to change the field from.
  • The wife of Light : Discover the secrets they guarded.
  • Tornado Wrangler : Defeat the tornado.
  • Departure : Finish the game on the difficulty level "Normal".
  • Boiled water : Finish the game on the difficulty level "hard".
  • Alan, wake up : Finish the game on the difficulty level "nightmare".
  • If it flies, it also burns : Detonates at 1,000 birds.
  • Abductee’s season : Completed 50 abductees with the hunting rifle.
  • It is not only a typewriter brand : QWERTY? DVORAK? 50 abductees know it.
  • What seems to come in from over there : Completed 50 abductees with the pistol, just as Shakespeare intended.
  • Come on come all : Completed four abductees with a shot from the pistol.
  • Smoke and mirrors : Completed four abductees with a flash bang.
  • Two for the price of one : Completed two abductees with a shot from the shotgun.
  • Carny : Shipyard five doses pyramid around.
  • Remains in the period : Succeeds in ‘Mirror’s Pack "in 40 minutes from the coal museum to Cauldron Lake.
  • An idyllic small town : Creates "Night Life in Bright Falls" in one pass through without dying or even rest.
  • Unarmed miracle : Creates it in "On the Road to Cauldron Lake" to Cauldron Lake without firing a shot.
  • All corners and angles : Discovered all the hidden chests.
  • Grant thee behind : For all ManuScript on difficulty level "Normal".
  • Collector’s Edition : For all ManuScript, also in the difficulty level "Nightmare".
  • CBF-FM : Listening to the radio broadcasts.
  • Couch Potato : Look at any TV show.
  • Bright Falls lovers : Learn all about the local history and culture.

Some Quick Tips :

  • For veterans in the adventure / survival horror play hard from the beginning will make the adventure more exciting and intense, and the level is not too challenging (or frustrating).
  • Learn how to avoid it is essential to survive and overcome many battles. Not a bad idea to practice when you have few enemies and light around to recover.
  • The game has a remarkable physical, so you can take advantage of the environment to your advantage. Put after a solid object (rock, tree) protects you from attacks. You can take the blows of a specific enemy against its allies, or take advantage of the stage (down headlong fighting near an abyss).
  • Do not save large amounts of ammunition and weapons more powerful and, above all, do not hesitate to charge the flashlight. At the end of each chapter will lose all accumulated in the inventory, and the game will always give the minimum to move forward …
  • If the most lethal weapons are light grenades and flares, hand flares are the most time will keep us alive. When we see each surrounded, or if we undertake the flight they should be our safeguard, and that allow us to reorganize and get away with enemies, or we cover the withdrawal.
  • In the vast majority of cases we have only to follow the main paths and light to move forward and complete the chapters, or look at the radar much higher. However, the interesting rewards – weapons, flasks, leaves, hidden places – are getting out of the main roads and explore a little.
  • There is no reward for finding all the thermos of coffee, rather than a concrete achievement. Same for the pages (although its value story is well worth the search …)
  • The game is brilliant and immersive atmosphere that is the script. To maximize the effect is good idea to play at night with the lights off and a team 5.1 (or headphones compatible.)


General Tips

  • The game has large tracts of land that have no real use, although the examination is often rewarded in the form of goods and supplies.
  • The radar is very important, as it always indicates the direction in which we go, we lose and avoiding being always an alternative to consider.
  • Besides the radar, usually (though not always) can be guided by the light: lit roads and large distant light sources make our goal and more than one occasion we take shortcuts to move faster.
  • The light is your best ally. Every light bulb to avoid enemies and back to life. You can also retrieve life being quiet for a while. Flares can also create a safe area in which to stay safe and recover energy.
  • All enemies (humans and birds) have the same approach: eliminate the darkness with light and kill them with firearms that we have eradicated once the darkness that has.
  • All poltergeists (inanimate objects possessed by the dark) have the same dynamics: point light to eradicate the darkness. A good trick is to hide behind objects at them to hit without being impacted.
  • Ammunition and spare no resources, since it is not preserved, and at certain times always lose. Not worth it to save ammunition that we can never use.
  • As usual lately, we’ll have more targets throughout history. Hidden areas through trails with a photosensitive text usually away the way forward by the protagonist, it brings juicy rewards in the form of arms or batteries, thermos of coffee is not really bringing anything except to give us the achievement of turn manuscripts for further understanding of history (especially if we play in the "nightmare" because there are all the manuscripts), as with radio programs (in this case to talk about things the people), or the program Spring Night TV, with real actors. Even not in this program, but in another we see a reference to ‘Max Payne’, another study of the works of Remedy.
  • Everything you go getting into the story is added to the extras section, can see the videos collected (once the game we can remember the pull to get a better perspective of what happened), listening all the songs (Tracks Roy Orbison, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Charles Brown …), just as radio programs, and of course, read all the fragments of Departure.
  • The big hits, yes, is that the replay ability is quite limited unless we are completely (getting all the manuscripts in level "nightmare" for example) and to explore more thoroughly around Bright Falls, which of course is no small . But even with all the experience at first it is worth, and no doubt ‘Alan Wake’ is to be considered as an alternative to take into account within the horror genre. Also, damn, is fully translated and the voice of Alan is the same as Fox Mulder.

Conclusion :

Alan Wake is a highly anticipated title that will be officially released next May 14 or 18 in the United States.  Alan Wake is a very popular writer with several best-selling assets, which for two years now has seen wither his creativity: groped for the unlock, his wife Alice convinces him to leave their New York apartment to move a holiday in the quiet town of Bright Falls, surrounded by woods and mountains. Everything seems to be for the better, not until something terrible happens to Alice and Alan finds himself projected into a nightmare in trying to save it.

If you search a title with an important story and beautifully made, full of mystery and suspense and capable of keeping you live for hours, Alan Wake will not disappoint you: it will be hard to find even better. Unfortunately it is not a perfect title mainly due to some repetitive action sequences, but the substance of the game is definitely high quality and elsewhere. Remains without a doubt an experience unique in the Xbox 360 and recommend it as such.

In fact, and contrary to what may seem, we are not required to demolish all the enemies (except for some specific, of course). As if we run away as fast as possible (until Alan gets tired, slow down until you catch breath), which is also another option. But because of that limitation in the race we will have more of a problem, because the enemies do not get tired, so we have to know dodge well, and above all, choose the best option considering where they come from such attacks. If we dodge or movement, we see that scene in slow motion (like "bullet time"), which we will also look at surrounding enemies. Sometimes be so numerous that the flight will be the best option, with the flare our best ally in this case because it does not come close to where there is a flare lit (even we go with it equipped, but the effect might not last as long as wait). A term that seems to spread in our flashlight batteries, but at least if we are recharged using it for a while.

Positive :

  • Talented and daring in the staging
  • A complex scenario
  • Effects of light and smoke sumptuous
  • Some memorable passages     

Negative :

  • Game play actually quite limited
  • Lots and lots of jogging in the forest. 
  • Linear
  • Facial animation a little dated.


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