Black Mirror II PC Walkthrough

The adventure begins with an intro, which you sent to England to Black Mirror Castle 24 years ago. Returning after an absence of twelve years of the heritage of his native country, Black Mirror, a British nobleman, Samuel Gordon, the only member of the family, refuses to believe that death is the head of the family of William Gordon was just an accident. Find a journal of William, the protagonist discovers that the mysterious deaths have occurred in the Black Mirror earlier. Getting closer to unraveling the mystery, Samuel realizes that now, the central figure in what is happening in the estate, and he will do everything possible to find the cause of death and ancestor and maintained kon life.

Features :

  • Kon Classic third person adventure and puzzle fun.
  • Fascinating plot until the last player is in constant tension.
  • Two-dimensional graphics beautifully made kon effects of rain, fog and wind.
  • More than 150 locations in the game.
  • Realistic animation.
  • 23 characters.

Chapter I

In Fuller’s Photo Shop : In the present: You stand in a basement and are shouted from the upper floor of your boss Fuller. He wants her interchanges, the old fuse. In a shelf is a box. In it you will find the backup. Open the fuse box on the wall right next to the stairs. Take only the blown fuse and sets out the new one. Now you need the power switch in the fuse box below and press right, it will light. Go up the stairs to the sales floor. Fuller wants you to bring the sale sign outside. It is the right of the entrance door. Take it out and go. There, you talk to a girl named Angelina. I feel it in your photo shop. Fuller gives you a receipt with which you shall go to the Post Office.

Souvenir Shop or Post Office : Go to the waterfront. It is the building, a red convertible in front of the stands. Talk to the shop the woman behind the counter to. You will be fobbed off unfriendly. Therefore goes to the car and touched it. Then you can talk with her Rosie. It gives you the package. There is also another there. But without a removal order cannot be helped. Outside, you meet a sad girl. There on the ground after an iron bar. Take this.

In Bibas Diner : Now goes to Diner Bibas. There you will be hit by a strange man. Surrender the letter to Mrs. Biba. On the counter is their bread and vinegar. Take it with both. Before you can leave the restaurant, you will from Dr. Newhouse responded to your mother. In Fuller’s Photo Shop : Go back to the photo shop. Before you find a furious Angelina. Fuller has behaved by and now she asks you, you bring the photos to the hotel. In the photo you look you shop at Fuller’s camera, but the movie does not it draws near. Go into the next room and call your Mom

The house of your mother : In the house of your mother you find them lying unconscious on the floor. Speak to her. Then call the ambulance. The phone is on the table on the left. Dr. Newhouse brings your mother to the hospital. He asks you to bring along all medications your mother and the insurance card. Furthermore, you shall obtain the medical records of your mother from their family doctor. The kitchen is an empty kettle on the countertop and under, in the cabinet, a bowl. Both can take it. On the chair is the handbag. It is the insurance card. On the living room table is the medication dispenser. Other drugs are in bathroom cabinet. Now go left into the bedroom. Beside the bed is a dresser. In the lower compartment is the locked address book. On the window sill under the flower is the key to it. You must click on the flower-pot, but twice. With the key you can now open the Address Book. Now go back into the living room. Now calls on Dr. Wakefield.

Bitterfords hospital : Now you go to the hospital. At the reception you give off the drugs and the insurance card. But there is a problem with the insurance premiums. In the hospital room until you speak with the doctor. If you are alone, you can steal the stethoscope from the bed. The bedside table is a laxative. Take away, who knows, who he still needs. Go back to home. There, you see the man who followed Angelina and you have jostled in the diner. He asked the lady at the reception after the health of your mother. When he sees you, he turns around and leaves the hospital. Your haunted him.

In Fuller’s Photo Shop :
He is in the photo shop at Fuller. Unfortunately you cannot just go. If so, right on the building to the backyard. You see the two through the window during a conversation. Too bad that you cannot understand a word. Unfortunately, the back door is locked. Under the window there is a dog kennel. This is an empty dog bowl. Insertion. In the ramshackle wooden shed is a fishing line. Also needed. Likewise, the rope on the hood of the rusty vehicle. In addition to the back door is one, how could it be otherwise, broken bucket. But the handle is to use even by those she connects with the fishing line. This combination puts her now through the balance window above the back door. After this it can open it and you are in the house. Your overheard the conversation between Fuller and the stranger. He wants to know everything about you and Angelina.

Both Fuller’s office and leave her there, take a look yet at times. Take you towards the pen on the desk with. More you cannot take it from there. Go into the photo shop. If you click on the camera, you notice that Fuller has been removed the film from Angelina. Now go into the basement. There, she discovers a secret door, where previously posted a photo canvas. Once you approaching it appear Fuller. He insulted you once. After a bitter dispute that culminated in your dismissal, you leave the photo shop.

The house of your mother : You must still resolve the matter with the supposedly non-paid insurance contributions of your mother. Therefore, goes again to the house of your mother. Tries to open the secretary. This works with a small mini puzzle. Should you have difficulty, let’s help you. In the menu click on Options and select the additional games help. The secretary is on and you will find a small wooden box that you cannot open. Therefore, it moves in your inventory. You’ll also find a referral book. It shows that your mother has paid the insurance premiums. But a payment and a letter to your mother arouse your attention. But now goes to the hospital and give the nurse at the reception the documents requested. Go again to the sick room. There is a stethoscope. That you will need.

Souvenir Shop or Post Office : Tries now in the gift shop at the package to arrive for Fuller. Since you still do not have a removal order always, are not you, Rosie. Speak to the customer. Then go to the hospital and grab the magazines, which are available in the waiting area there. Back in the gift shop you give these magazines of the customer who will then call Fuller. Go to Rosie and asked whether a packet is delivered to you. As soon as she turns around, you take you a blank removal order; they would have otherwise given to you before. Go out of the store and fills the appearance of using the pen. Rosie will take him but not because the signature is missing the postman. Go to the hospital to your mother. On the nightstand now are flowers and cards. One is from the postman. The signature copied her on the removal order, and now takes Rosie to the ticket. You will get the photo paper.

In Fuller’s Photo Shop : Now go back to the photo shop afloat but, as Fuller would have to leave the store to go to the photo shoot. So it is and you can through the back door into the shop. In Fuller’s office you go to the vault. With the aid of the stethoscope you open the safe. There you have the movie now, you go into the darkroom. Should you have been previously been there, you will probably already have the distilled water, which is needed to develop the pictures. If Darren does not want to develop the pictures, because something is missing, then you may not yet picked up the photo paper in the gift shop. Or you do not have the photo developer liquid. The can be found in the cellar. Under the fuse box, a wooden plank that pulls her away. Behind it is the liquid.

Take some leaves from the photo package out and places it among the exposure apparatus. Now the film puts into the developer container. Pour into photo developer. You must click the container again. He then poured out the liquid. Now give some of the fixation in the container. The film is developed. Fill the water in the bowl of water, then developer liquid and some water in the developer tray. Players will now have the film developed. This puts her in the exposure apparatus. Click on this and it seems a stopwatch. Click for 5 seconds. Then the image sets in the developer liquid. Take the image out as soon as it is clearly visible image. Then it comes into the bowl with the water. Darren is happy with the result, he begins to develop the rest of the photos, he is not satisfied, and you have so long to develop the photos, until everything was running to his satisfaction. All Developed? Yes? Then it rings at the front door. You open and before you is Mrs. Biba. It gives you an envelope for Fuller, whom you should pass him in person. To find out what’s in the envelope, goes inside your mother.

The house of your mother : Take the kettle from the inventory and goes to the sink in the kitchen. Fill it with water and puts it on the stove. When the water boils, the kettle whistles. Take the letter and keeping it on the steam. In the letter, there is money. Apparently, hush! Go to the photo shop and throws the letter in the mail slot located in the shop door. Now you no longer any way to get Angelina to bring the images. In the hotel Go to the hotel. Past the souvenir shop and follow the signs towards the hotel. Entertain you with the doorman and then go up the stairs. Darren Angelina photographed in her room. Then he wants to develop these pictures. At the reception, he sees the stranger who followed Angelina. He asks the porter for her.

Unfortunately you can no longer Fuller darkroom to develop the pictures. Therefore you have to do it in the bathroom of your mother. You have already vinegar and the shells, which it needs for development. But you still need red light. Get yourself out of the bulb lights at Bibas dinner. Click here for a lamp, Darren turns out then one. It still lacks an exposure apparatus. Whom you can get it in the junk shop. This is to the right of Fuller’s shop. You will meet there on the blind, Eddy particularly charming. You buy it for him cutter that hangs down at the counter.  ou help with a coin on the basis of on the counter. During the conversation he asked you yet, his white cane, which he lost at poker to obtain again.

In the hotel . Go to the hotel porter and talk to him so long on the illegal poker until he voluntarily gives you the cane. Back to Eddie in his junk shop. He will lend his slide projector, which you can use for the exposure of photos.In the house of your mother you can now develop the photos. A photograph you keep on you. The others give her Angelina, who you meet in Bibas dinner.

In Bibas Diner :
Angelina shows her the wooden casket of the Secretary of your mother. You can open it. This is a photo. It is your mother, together with a man in front of a wrought iron gate to see.

Chapter II

Ye are still in the house of your mother. An official of the police informed you that Angelina Fuller was murdered and one suspected a perpetrator. You told the officer that she suspected this stranger. Then ye shall come into the police station.

Police Department Bidderford : You shall make of this stranger, a phantom image. This it does by means of a mini game. Once the image is created, it is to be hung in Bidderford. As it is, however, sought only as a witness, Angelina is still suspect. You have to try to prove that other people had a reason to murder Fuller.

Bidderfords hospital : In an attempt to get into the morgue, their faces a huge problem: the security guard. He will not let you pass. Therefore, you claim to want to deliver something. He wants to see the slip. One such is at the reception. But as long as the nurse is there, you cannot take the delivery to you. Goes into the hospital room of your mother and pulls out the cable of the monitor. Now quickly to receive and take the slip. Go now to the security guard. After her appearances have shown him, he still wants to see the package in which the goods, want to deliver to her. In the mail a package will be found. Back at the hospital she shows it to the guard. Great, now he wants to still see your ID card. How do you get only that?

In Bibas Diner : There is her doctor Newhouse. Entertain you with him and with Mrs. Biba. Ordered her a cup of coffee. This pours her about the doctor. The need to take off then his doctor’s smock. It depends on the card, which she so desperately needs. Now you can take these and you go back to the hospital.

Bidderfords Hospital : Go directly to the security guard and give him the required things. At last you are in the morgue. There are various data on the clipboard of the dead who are in the morgue and the number of the box, where are the private property. You have to figure out which number has the box, where you can find things Fullers. Once you know it, you take the key. On the middle shelf under the metal boxes you find a syringe, which can take her.

In Fuller’s Photo Shop
: You go to Fuller’s shop. The doors in front of and behind the building were sealed by the police. Therefore, the tow-take from your inventory that you had previously been found behind the photo shop, and attached it to the window bars and to the cellar grating. Now take the metal pipe from the inventory and put it in the turning loops. Now you can turn on the grid. The grid is gradually descended to the basement you can. Check out the floor boards in front of the photo to canvas, which leads to the secret room. There seems to be a balance.

Now go into the office and check out the cuckoo clock still at times. Put the key into the octagonal hole. Now, instead of the cuckoo comes out a casket. It has four negatives. Check them out on the sales floor on a light table to. Put them together in such a way that arises from the four numbers: 2? 4? 8? 2nd This is the way to secret room. Just as you can get away from the screen door? Go to the office and take a look at the world map again. There you will get the hint. His world tour is the key: Arizona, Hawaii, Egypt, China and Europe. Now look at the photo canvas in the cellar. Links to the wall are five ropes. Put on each rope and pulls down her the photo canvases. Now even in the order in Arizona, Hawaii, Egypt, China and Europe. The photo screen has disappeared and you stand before the secret door. Now trying to enter the code and confirmed it. Nothing happens. So it is really the scales. You must now find out Fuller’s weight.

Bidderfords Hospital : In the hospital room of your mother is the scales that you need. Get them. Must now disappear from the guard still in place, for you will be weighing too loud. A vending machine you get yourself a bottle of soda. Therefore goes into the hospital room. There you take the syringe and pulls something out of the bottle laxative. Injects them into the soda bottle now. Go now to the security guard and give him the bottle. He leaves his place. Now quickly in the morgue. Put the scale under the stretcher on which lies Fuller and thereafter, the empty grave in the hall. Suddenly the guard and aims a gun at you. He calls the police. There you will but quickly dismissed.

In Fuller’s Photo Shop : You stand back in the basement before the secret door. Try again to open it. Darren will automatically create several objects on the scale. Then give us the code and confirm. The door can be opened. You stand in a room with a bed and cameras. Links to the wall is a locked cabinet. Go to the right curtain and pulls them aside. Now she is faced with a metal plate. Take the brass ball from the bedpost. Dump them to disk. Now the cabinet is opened. You can find photos in it of Mrs. Biba.

Before dinner Bibas : Go again to dinner. You had seen at Mrs. Biba dumpster. Go to the container and opens it. You will find a letter in it. Assembles them. It’s a blackmail letter.

Police Department Bidderford :
The photos and the letter should relieve Angelina. However, the mysterious stranger turns up and introduces himself as a private investigator from England. He puts the officials the pictures of Angelina in their hotel rooms Darren made before, in order to charge them. This stranger must have stolen the pictures from the hotel.

In the hotel : The clerk will not leave you in Angelina’s room. Therefore, goes out to the veranda of the hotel and take the pieces of bread from your inventory. Crumbled it and throw it to the seagulls on the porch. Now you hidden. When the porter comes out, you go to the hotel, take the key to Room 5 and goes up. You will find in the shade next to the bed a bug. The matching channel can be found in the air shaft above. Leaves the hotel.

Biddeford only junk shop : Eddie can help you with the bug and the radio transmitter. He tinkers now a locator beacon. Therefore he needs but a few things that have to get her, including an iron wire. You have cut the strings with the cutter, which you have purchased from Eddy outside, at Bibas Diner from the lights. The plastic sheathing must be cut off yet. Then go to the house of your mother. Take the headphones next to the TV and the compass from the telescope out. Now she brings you the metal rod from the winch, which you used to go in Fuller’s photo shop. Go back to Eddie. He sends you after he tinkered the locator beacon, to the hotel. You must now turn the pointer with the mouse so that the sound is loudest. Then click on the red buttons down the right. Now go back to Eddie in the junk shop.

On the boat off the coast : Go down the stairs to the bunk. Take out the bottom left drawer a key out. Then take the right folder on the desktop in your inventory. Look at the pictures now. The right of the desk is a painting that hides a safe. See the image left on the wall, you can take the film out of the folder and place it on the picture. The film with the right mouse button down and forth. Then go to the vault. The code is SW – S – SE – E – NE – NW. The directions you can enter alternately with the right and left mouse button. In the safe are a ring and a disk.

On the desk is a laptop. Push the floppy disk inside. Unfortunately the battery is just now empty. Therefore goes to the left couch and lifts up the seat. Below is a generator. Turns him on, by clicking on it. Bad luck. The fuel is all. Goes up on deck. On the left is a bank. Including a drawer. Open it and take out the canister. Below deck, it filled the generator and is to him. Then the laptop is functional again. Suddenly this Reginald Boris stands with a pistol before you. On deck she promptly moved to the left crossbar. You will meet Boris, you are letting the then with a paddle the rest and it carried on board. Angelina is free and Darren says goodbye to her. Darren is sitting at the diner when the hospital is calling. Go to the hospital. There he is by Dr. Newhouse informed that his mother died. Darren will travel to Willow Creek, and what he experienced there, you learn in Chapter 3

Chapter 3

After you’ve learned that your mother died, you went to her house. You come at the very moment when Angelina speaks on your answering machine. She is in danger and asks you for help. Travelling to England immediately, according Willow Creek.

Hotel Gordon’s Palace : Go into the hotel and talk to the doorman about Angelina. Only after you check in, he tells you something. After the call, take the knife from the table and the bottle. Then go to the rooms. Bring your backpack into the room and comes back to the corridor. On the table is an ashtray. It contains a pack of matches. Take them with, as the newspaper, which also lies on the table. Since you’re not in Angelina’s room is, you have what you come up with.

Entertain you again with the doorman. Then goes out to the hotel and the piles of leaves. Just look at him again to you. Sets the newspaper on the leaves and lights it. Informs the porter, that it burns out. Now grab Angelina’s room key.

In Angelina’s hotel room : Go to the desk. It is a dish with lemon and a glass of water. Also blank paper lying on it. Now check out the closet, where the TV is. Take it with you. On the wall hangs Angelina’s image. Take it from. Behind it are some leaves. A secret message. As you can decrypt it? It’s a secret. Plucking a thread from the blanket off. Pour the alcohol from the inventory in the glass. Puts the thread into it and lights it. Now take the secret message, and keep it on the smoke. The writing is visible and you read the news.

Willow Creek :
In Willow Creek meets Darren Miss Valley. She tells him something about the place. When asked Darren to the Order, they passed quickly.

At the Museum : Entertain you with the employee behind the front desk. Then talk to the couple. Now take a look at the museum. A book you are interested, but unfortunately you cannot take it out of the cabinet, since it is closed. Bobby was probably the key may not publish it. After another conversation with him it goes out.

Fair at Willow Creek : On Chilistand you meet Tom, Bobby’s brother. After the interesting conversation you buy chili for Bobby.

At the Museum : Back in the museum you give Bobby the chili. After five minutes, he ate everything and you can talk to him again. His soap box, with which he makes soap bubbles, is empty. Take the can and go to the cabinet that is left of the display case. Liquid Fill in the can. Then it follows from the Museum, across the bridge and on the small bridge. At the end of the bridge is a cable. Because a bucket is attached. Can extract water from it and fills it into the soap box. Go back to Bobby. He gets up and goes to the window. Now is the time to him to take the keys from the jacket. As soon as you stand at the showcase, you will hear an announcement. The museum closes.

Hotel Gordon’s Palace : Outside the hotel you hit a distraught Miss Vally. Then go to the hotel. A letter has arrived for Angelina. Unfortunately, the clerk will not budge it. In the inventory you have a bottle of sleeping pills. Pour some into the tea of the porter. Unfortunately you cannot open the safe.

The pub in Willow Creek : Go into the pub and see you to Tom and Murray. Talk to Tom about his business. You get it but just talk to her when equips it with three bottles of beer. Then you get the burglary tools.

Hotel Gordon’s Palace
: Take the tool and bend it so that the metallic pins stay down. The safe opens and you can take the letter to you. Read it through and goes to Angelina’s room.

In Angelina’s hotel room : Push the bed to the side. Comes to light, a round lid. To remove it has to enter their combination. This works but only after she left the room and the bookshelf in the corridor is. Take the storybook. You tear out the contents and go back into the room. Now you can enter the room for the cover. The cover is off, but Darren does not want to go down. So, make sure to be light. Go to the reception and the souvenirs. Take one of the key souls. Now go back to the bookshelf. It is a battery-powered clock. With the knife from your inventory it brings you the batteries. Puts it in the soul-key, and already have their light cars around you in the dark corridor.

Sewerage :
Darren turns to the left. There he sees a metal ladder leading upwards. Climb high. You’re in the parking lot. Turn to the right around. You’ll find a metal rod. Go back and past the ladder. Next to the left. Again in the left direction. You reach the end of a tunnel. There you will find a block of wood. Go back again and now to the right. You come to an iron gate. With the iron rod can push up her grille. Including put the wood block, and now you can climb through. Move to the back left and then always to the right. You come in a tube. Once you click on it, Darren finds a piece of fabric. Click the tube back in and it slips down.

Bunker : You end up roughly breaking while your source. The space bar you can find the bodies, examine their need. You will find an iron bar and a rag. Put the rag in the iron bar and then the pole in the bucket with the oil. Now to take the match from the inventory and ignite your torch. At last light. Take the iron bar from the door on the right. Then you turn on the switch box. Plugging the cable underneath the box and press the button one. The door opens and you leave this room.

Bunker / cell : Once you have gone through the door, it closes automatically and you are trapped in a cell. Take a look around. On the shelf is a chain. On the bed lies a screwdriver. Lay them in the inventory. Now you take a knife from the inventory of some rust and scratches from the cell door. Then an aluminum dish from the table and take it from scratching anything aluminum. The mixture fills it into the hole of the lock at the cell door. Now the gas lighter take from the shelf and turns on the gas cylinder. Did you get from Murray once a sparkler. Now it is useful. Burn them at the gas flame. Now, the aluminum-rust mixture ignites. It falls down and you can open the door.

Bunker / main room : You stand on a shelf. Examined it. Below there is a dinghy. This one can use from time to time. To the left of the shelf are three levers. Push the left lever up. Thus, the door opens to the bunker. Take a look now at the lockers. In the right locker finds her blasting caps, in the left, the matching of dynamite. In the middle you will find the locker stabbed Reginald Boris, the stranger from Bidderford. He can say something and dies. Next to him is electrical tape. He still has a note in his pocket.

In the front area is a hatch. Turn it on and get down. On the floor, left of the ladder are a wrench and gloves. Even in this room is a hatch. You can open more. Therefore, take the dynamite and the fuse. Then go back up. To the right of the locked door is junk. Attached to it (in inventory) the ignition wire. Now you can make it the demolition. The cover was not blown up. Therefore, brings out the lockers even more dynamite and ignition cable. Attached to this time both the concrete block in the room. Now breaks again. The concrete block has come loose from the ceiling and is now on the opening. Take the dinghy and the chain. Combine the two and pushes the boat under the concrete beams. Click on as long as the boat until it blows up Darren. Now you can go down Darren. Once he sees the bottom left corner a grid. There it goes out. But come to no chance there. At the top of the ladder hanging a couple of power cables.

Take the insulated cable and roll it around the gloves. Take this now and you can remove the power cord to the side. Now go into the bunker. There are two water tanks. Links on the first tank is a water hose. Extended it to the hose, which is already in your inventory. Now screw the hose to the water and goes to the end of the hose. Submit it to the lowest in the shaft. Goes up again, and floods the room. Now go down and swim grid. There, you have to quickly take the wrench and loosen the screws on the grid. Urgency, because Darren gets hard to breathe.

You stand in front of the large main doors. Its left is a button. Pressed it and the door opens. Consider the Lore. Then go to the boards in the foreground. You are partially rotten. Does the remaining boards to the left side. Take a look again at the Lore. Then go into the main room and look at the compressor. You can unscrew with a wrench the wheel. This screwed her in the cart. Pushes them to the abyss. Fill the stones inside. Then take the metal chain, which is right by the door to the main room. Attached it to the Lore. Take the other end of the chain and attach it to two bars of the grille to the shaft to the left of the locked door. Now take one of the previously removed boards. Take it and thus pushes the cart into the abyss. These bars can be removed and you can crawl through. You stand in a meeting room. Another door. Open it and you go straight to Chapter 4

Chapter IV

Darren wakes up tied to a chair. He is in a dark room. Through a broken window, light comes through.

PACU / Castle : On the floor lies a bottle of kerosene. Pushes them against the window and they break up. The front of the desk on the floor lying flap their dips into the oil. Hold a piece of glass in the sun and the cloth catches fire. Take the piece of wood and keep it in the flame. Then take the wood and flamed to burn through your ankles. At last you are free. Look around the room,   they are usable. The right of the desk is a secret. That is a toy. The car can take it to you. The right of the window is a white curtain that gives her even in the inventory.

Below you see Bobby, who you watched. So you will not go out of the building. Therefore you have to lure him away. Go back into the room, take the doll clothes and put them on the chair. Then picks off the shelf, where the Crams, is a doll’s head for wigs out and put it on the mannequin. In her now places the sheet from the inventory. The rope from the inventory it swings high above the ceiling beams. One end binds her to the fabric package. Now Bobby lures with the toy car. He is unconscious and tied to a chair. Now get out there!

Watch room / lock : In Bobby’s guard-room, there’s much to discover: a closed chest, a piano and fireplace. Take this bread paper from the table and a piece of coal from the fireplace. Now go to the chest. Now you have the code for the lock out of the chest. Go to the piano. Jangles on a button three times, then twice on one another and to a further five times. The code is thus 3-2 – 5 Take everything out of the chest and lying on the ground, the toy car. Go outside.
Castle Gardens : Left behind a hedge, you discover a boy. Talk to him. He can tell you something about Angelina. Go down the stairs. You stand in front of a ruin. Before that there is a hose: the go. Continues to the left of the door to the next building is a block and tackle. Also perhaps you will be able to use. Take a look at something before it enters.

In the crypt, right and left are a coffin. On the right found their scratch marks. Before the statue in the middle of the room are belts. Take them and attached to the coffin lid. Now you go to the boy who plays in front of the castle. You give him his toy car and he lends to you in exchange for his hatchet. Go back to the entrance to the crypt. To the right are three birches. This is her with an ax. The wood of her then tinkering with the lengths of rope from the inventory. In the crypt, you have built up over the coffin. Attached to it the cable. Now open the coffin and climb through.

Space behind the coffin : You discover a safe. He is withdrawn, the code can be found on the poster to the left of the entrance. The code is ABBAO. You discover a cutting torch. Since you’re at it, take the hose from the inventory and separate from the defective part with an ax. You have now two. Take the plastic tube, which lies on the ground below the shelf, and keep it at the cutting torch. Now the two hoses connecting the plastic tube. Leave the room again through the coffin entrance.

Castle Gardens : You will meet the boy and send him home so he called the police. Then go to the castle. Since just comes out Tom, Darren is looking for. Head back towards the crypt. Puts the improvised hose to the faucet. Continues towards the crypt and puts the hose in the mud. Now turn on the water and attracts Tom. He is stuck in the mud after running after you,. Entertain you with him and you get his car keys. Ride to the hotel.

Hotel Gordon’s Palace and the Museum : The porter had a letter for you. He is from Angelina. Read it through. In the museum are still tourists. Tucked away in the closet so you display case next to them. After the museum closes, you can emerge from the closet and open with the key from your inventory, the display case. Scrolls one page forward in the book and read through them. As the museums alarm system, you have another way to find out than through the main entrance. Take out the trash at the reception a gum wrapper. The board of the sewing machine puts you on the chopper in the scary room. Increases to the chopper and then stick the gum on the bottom hung window. The way out is free.

Bunker / meeting room
: You can come in the entrance of the assembly room of the Order and the members! Tucked away behind you left the lift. The members talk. Unfortunately, "Leave her your hiding place, so they see you. You have to flee through the bunker and the main door of the bar shut out of the inventory. Then run to the levers, which open the cell door. The left-hand lever must be above the other two down. Run into the bunker and closes the door by her press the button next to it. Now you take the iron bar and left the hose to the right of the door. Combines both, and throws the hose up through the hole, once you’re through the fallen.
Now back runs of Angelina’s Room. Run around the left and then again three times to the left. Then further on the left, back left, front right, down and up into the room. There, you caught the porter, as she just comes out of the hole.

Lighthouse : You are about to meet with Angelina, but the lighthouse is no one. Go to the tall grass on the right. There you will find a charred corpse. Angelina bracelet she wears on the wrist. What happened to Angelina, you learn in Chapter 5. Darren is beside the burnt corpse Angelina collapsed. After he wakes up, he sees a tombstone. He looks at closely. Similarly the tree.

Chapter V

Ruins of the Academy : You will meet Ralph, who has found shelter in the ruins of the academy. Ye entertain with him. Then go right over to the ruins. There you go down some stairs to a stone pedestal. It serves as a chess game. Four holes have been carved in it. Below the shelf, on the ground, is a chess piece. It is the lady. The right of the gate are some round stones. Among them is hidden the figure of farmers. Abandon the ruins and now you come to the lighthouse. In the front door puts a knife. Take it with you. To the left of the door in a column is the figure of the king. Now just take it with the note that lies on the tree. Go back to Ralph and speak with him. He told you that he has the runners figure. He wants only to give in exchange with a musical instrument. Go to the bush, cut off a branch with a knife and carves it into a pipe. Now you are Ralph the runner. Now put the four chess pieces with the help of the sticky note in the chess board. The lady to the west, the runner to the east. Now the door opens before you.

Space in the Academy : Go down the stairs. The right of this is Angelina’s backpack. It includes her diary and a letter. Read both. In the letter she writes of three mosaic discs are needed in order to open the gate in front of you. A mosaic glass should be in the backpack. Look again after. But it is not flat to find it. Maybe in a sleeping bag on the side of right. Also there: None. Perhaps the crow has stolen them!

Castle Gate : You are on the way to Black Mirror Castle. However, it is faced with closed doors. Right in the bushes you will find a branch. Take him and pushes him into the rusty gate.

Black Mirror Castle : Before you hit the entrance to the gardener. Then on Bates, the Butler. When did you talk to him, he leads you to the two ladies. Ye entertain extensively with both men and asked for permission last, you too can look around the castle. In the entrance hall is a globe. You see him you look more closely. It is a fact sheet attached. But Darren wants to see these yet. Take a look at further. One door is closed. Behind it is the wing where it was once burned.

Go to Lady Eleanor, and invites them to some yarn. Then go down the hall to the kitchen. You will meet there on Sally. The cabinet is a spoon. Take it with. At the door to the stables have rubber boots. These go into the inventory. Go out now to the stables. You discovered the Crow. She sits on a well, under her nest. Go to the ladder that leans against the barn. Then the spoon connects with the string and hangs it on the banister at the stall. Then the ladder leaning against the fountain. The crow flies to the spoon and you can freely get to the nest. You are now in possession of the first mosaic glass.

Take out the tool box that is left of the barn, a hammer out. Now the boot brings out the inventory and smeared them with mud. Go back to the kitchen. There is a teapot. The cannot take it. Sally may be nobody on the good teapot. Go into the entrance hall and from there up the stairs. There is the bathroom. Take your boots dirty and therefore the ground. Then go back to Sally and tells her how dirty the bathroom floor. It then goes from the kitchen and you can bring the teapot to the library. Now the tea is still missing.

Willow Creek : Gets the library from the porter at the hotel. So you want to attract the members of the Order from Willow Creek. Now go to the village. There you see Bates with Tom standing in front of his pub. After both are gone, you take a break from the inventory tool and opens the door to the pub. On the table just to the right is the tea. Take him and goes back to the castle.

Black Mirror Castle : Bring the tea to the library says, and Sally notice that they boil water. Go back up to the bathroom. Look in the mirror. It appears from the spirit of Samuel Gordon. He gives you a hint. Click again to the mirror. Then you can consider a tile in the wall opposite. Take the hammer from the inventory and beat one of the tile. This is a diary page. Now go down to the globe in the entrance hall. On the border are small wooden pyramids. Take the diary page for help and expressed a the pyramids. Then go to the plate of the globe?. In the secret compartment you’ll find the second piece of mosaic.

Bates caught you on the globe. But he goes to his room. Go back to the bathroom. Take the mop and putting it in the bathtub. Now leave the water. Go to Bates and entertain you. Tell him conclusively that the water overflows in the bathtub. Now brings to Sally. Now the way in Bates room is free. In the bedpost a key is hidden. Applies it in the cupboard by the window. It includes documents, a piece of paper with cribs and a jewelry box. To open this, you need a code. Take care only about the memo.

Check out the corridor and the nymph picture on the castle gate nymph statues. Take out of the mailbox at the gate and read out the letter to him. Then talk to Sally Egmont on Sir. With Bates, who is sitting in the hall, you talk about Sally’s home. Go to the library and speak with Lady Victoria, especially on Bates, Sally’s origin and the locksmith Bauer. Then check out even to the right pedigree. Now go back to the upper floor and used the phone. Gets Sally’s brother. You will get deleted in exchange for information about Sir Egmont the ticket of her brother. After the telephone you talk with Sally. It tells you about Sir Egmont.

Now go back to Bates for rooms and jewelry boxes. Clockwise you give us the symbols. Cross? Rose? Knife? Star. Now you get from it a key. This goes to the locked door, which burned part of the castle leads. You can only go in one room mirror. Look at the mirror carefully. Then take a right on the floor tile. On the back of the name is Ralph.

Lighthouse / Ruins : Go to the ruins and Ralph. Show him the plate. He gives you a game. You must arrange the tiles. It is important that the bottom right of X remains free. This then is a sphere.

Black Mirror Castle : Go back to the castle and the hall of mirrors. Stick the ball in the mirror. It is a secret passage behind it freely. It is in a nursery. Go to the desk. This is the third mosaic glass. Check out the music box again more closely. The music triggers something in Darren. He faints, and wakes up again in

Chapter VI

Darren wakes. Before him stands a woman whose face is veiled. It is Catherin Gordon. She tells him that she is his mother and he had a sister, Angelina. She tells him everything. Darren England will then leave and go to Bates in the entrance hall. It sends you to Sally, the Louis should address because of the airline tickets. Louis Sally has not seen for some time. You can find them lifeless in the bathroom – someone has killed her. Examined it more closely. She points with her hand on a tile. Closes the window and let hot water run into the bath. Then look again at Sally. You recognize now on the tile a "B".

You want to leave the bathroom. But Darren is not out, because it burns the castle. Take a towel from the drawer and it dips into the bath water. Now you can run down the hall. There you see Bates on the floor in front of the globe lie. Before he dies, he tells you some things from the past. Abandon quickly now the castle. Outside, waiting on you, Louis. It forces you to go to the Academy.

Ruins / Academy : There you will be expected of the resurrected, but completely mentally disturbed Angelina. She has also kidnapped your mother. Together, you go into the academy. It forces you to open the door to do what only her, the male descendant, can. Puts the three mosaic glass in the grooves. Now take the oil lamp that is left of the backpack on the ground, and put them on the platform. Now take the candle right next to the exit and light the oil lamp. Now you have to still donate blood.

Main Hall : The gate opens and you are in the main hall of the Academy. Right before the barred gate, there is a memo. To their needs. You see eight tiles. As soon as you it is, traps are triggered. Imagine from the second floor slab on the left. Then the door opens to the left puzzle room. As soon as ye come from the base plate closes the door. Ask your mother to face it.

Puzzle Room : The gate to the mystery space opens. This contains stone tablets on which poems are written. Lest you through this. The solution of spring, the snowdrop, summer – Fire, Fall – windmill, winter – snow flake. Now you can you take three pieces from the opening on the wall. So you go back into the main hall.

Main Hall : Now put the stick with the far left in the opening flower of the bottom plate. The snowflake on the right and the sun is in her fourth panel from the left. Your mother should ask themselves now to the third plate from the right. This will open the right door.

Mechanical room : Look at the mechanics space left at the entrance to the description. You must now drop a stone slab. So, at the panel, which is open to the symbols from the fifth left a rope. Orange – Yellow – Orange – Orange – The red lever to indicate whether the cables are meant on the right or left. Now press the big button. Go back to the main hall.

Main Hall : Introduce yourself to the third base of the left. It rushes down a knife case. A knife stops. Take it and go back up in the mechanics area. Cuts the rope through fifth from the left. You run down quickly. Speak to Angelina. Louis is expected to be put on a plate. He dies. Now everyone can safely put on a plate. It opens the gate. Before that is a holder. Look at them. Angelina is a ball.

Summon space : Now you can go into her room invocation. Darren may just escape it. It runs in the entrance hall of the Academy. There are some members of the Order. They shoot at Darren. He flees back into the main hall. He finds, however, no other choice than to ask Angelina to the invocation room. You walk straight towards your destiny.

Conclusion :

The second part of the project has absorbed all the best from the first series – an intriguing plot and style of "horror". The next step is a study of the ancient medieval castle, where I found refuge Angelina – love the protagonist, a young photographer Darren. By coincidence, he finds himself embroiled in a strange story. Met a beautiful Angelina, Darren fell in love with her senseless with her, but his boss also had his eye on the girl and does everything possible to achieve reciprocity. Moreover, for Angelina arranged surveillance. Subsequent events not only clarified the situation, but rather the contrary – even more than her confused – boss Darren was killed, Angelina disappeared, and the traces lead to the mysterious castle.

The player will have patience, courage, to include intelligence and unravel the unbelievable, terrible and terrifying secrets.  Recall that the storyline is part two of the presented project explores the adventures, or rather about the misadventures of a young and promising photographer Darren, who set out to find a soul mate, Angelina, in the walls of a dark and mysterious medieval castle. How to hit Angelina – an open question. And it was his decision and you have to do in the process of passing.



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