Dead To Rights: Retribution Walkthrough

In a world that is plagued by crime and corruption, a man tries to stand
up against injustice. His goal? Dismantling a powerful criminal gang
rallied to the cause of a power-hungry politician. His method? Take a
dose every kind of gun, a good shot. Add to that a canine companion
voracious follower of biting and shredding members for an explosive
mixture halfway between justice and the sheer violence.

How? You're afraid of getting dirty hands? The fate of Grant City is
much more important than your little states of consciousness! Then open
our comprehensive guide Dead to Right Retribution to glean valuable
advice to understand the difficulty and completeness of the 50 police
badges hidden in the universe of hyper-bloody Soft from Namco.

You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be used
against you.

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Tips of the game:

  • The
    hunt for gold medals during the missions does not depend on the level
    of difficulty. Only the bonus multiplier varies. It is therefore
    preferable to darken with Class Agent mode.
  • A maximum of combos can annihilate the enemies more easily.
  • The cons is a clever way to simplify your task in brawls. To
    facilitate the success of cons, tap the X button when your enemy
  • Be sure not to increase your concentration gauge performing complex
    actions such as combos, the disarming, shooting in the head, cons or
    cooperation with your canine companion.
  • When the number of enemies is too high, switch to a low
    concentration to clear the area. Note that this method works great for
    resuscitation Shadow during a brawl tense.
  • The first mini-boss level 1 Strikebreaker (the executor of the
    union) is a real drudge. If you want to easily reap the success and
    timing Question Untouchable, the tall man is revealed as the perfect
    client. Indeed, it can not be defeated by a cons and may suffer 50 if
  • When the enemy is holed up, there is a simple way to locate it. Use
    the command to send Shadow to attack. In this way, the target will
    appear in red on your screen. Remember to remind your pup to avoid it to
    become massacred.
  • During disarming an enemy, a slight latency arises. Take this
    opportunity to stick a bullet in his head.

1.1. Prologue:
Jack is badly messed up. His condition did not allow him to fight
against the underworld. Luckily, his faithful companion is present to
assist him. Your role is simple. At the helm of Shadow, you should eat
each aggressors.

1.2. Strikebreaker:
Jack is in a sorry state and matters of Faith will soon find an answer.
For this, we must go back 30 hours ... the beginning of a long galley
... While Captain Inness is completely overtaken by a hostage, Jack pops
up and want to manage the situation in his own way. Against the wishes
of his superior, he would try to disarm (very violently) the taking of
hostages, leaving it to his badge and his gun behind him ...