Dead To Rights: Retribution Walkthrough

In a world that is plagued by crime and corruption, a man tries to stand
up against injustice. His goal? Dismantling a powerful criminal gang
rallied to the cause of a power-hungry politician. His method? Take a
dose every kind of gun, a good shot. Add to that a canine companion
voracious follower of biting and shredding members for an explosive
mixture halfway between justice and the sheer violence.

How? You’re afraid of getting dirty hands? The fate of Grant City is
much more important than your little states of consciousness! Then open
our comprehensive guide Dead to Right Retribution to glean valuable
advice to understand the difficulty and completeness of the 50 police
badges hidden in the universe of hyper-bloody Soft from Namco.

You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be used
against you.

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Tips of the game:

  • The
    hunt for gold medals during the missions does not depend on the level
    of difficulty. Only the bonus multiplier varies. It is therefore
    preferable to darken with Class Agent mode.
  • A maximum of combos can annihilate the enemies more easily.
  • The cons is a clever way to simplify your task in brawls. To
    facilitate the success of cons, tap the X button when your enemy
  • Be sure not to increase your concentration gauge performing complex
    actions such as combos, the disarming, shooting in the head, cons or
    cooperation with your canine companion.
  • When the number of enemies is too high, switch to a low
    concentration to clear the area. Note that this method works great for
    resuscitation Shadow during a brawl tense.
  • The first mini-boss level 1 Strikebreaker (the executor of the
    union) is a real drudge. If you want to easily reap the success and
    timing Question Untouchable, the tall man is revealed as the perfect
    client. Indeed, it can not be defeated by a cons and may suffer 50 if
  • When the enemy is holed up, there is a simple way to locate it. Use
    the command to send Shadow to attack. In this way, the target will
    appear in red on your screen. Remember to remind your pup to avoid it to
    become massacred.
  • During disarming an enemy, a slight latency arises. Take this
    opportunity to stick a bullet in his head.

1.1. Prologue:
Jack is badly messed up. His condition did not allow him to fight
against the underworld. Luckily, his faithful companion is present to
assist him. Your role is simple. At the helm of Shadow, you should eat
each aggressors.

1.2. Strikebreaker:
Jack is in a sorry state and matters of Faith will soon find an answer.
For this, we must go back 30 hours … the beginning of a long galley
… While Captain Inness is completely overtaken by a hostage, Jack pops
up and want to manage the situation in his own way. Against the wishes
of his superior, he would try to disarm (very violently) the taking of
hostages, leaving it to his badge and his gun behind him … What a
perfect way to exercise his fists!

No time to lose, go for it inside the tower. Go through the metal
detector and beats melee three puppets who try to attack you. Once these
funny daisies to make a U-turn and pass the metal detectors on the
left. You are on the bench the police badge No. 1. Proceed on the unique
path and then continue the tutorial using the cons to defeat the three
guards before facing following a sub-boss. Nothing complicated, just
think to avoid two successive attacks. Once victorious, you witness the
death of two more hostages. This is too much! We must act! Climb the
stairs on the left and get in the elevator. The output is also busy;
disarm the guard and shoot his friend.

Win quickly cover on the right and progress along the floor. Feel free
to take a hostage to clear a path. Surprisingly, the cops refuse to fire
at this time… At the end of the road, you finally reach this point.
Finally, a situation that requires a bit touching. Enter Concentration
mode to save the hostage from certain death. Your success you also
attracts the wrath of the guards of the room next door. Do some
housework and go away to the left to find the police badge No. 2.
Finally, to defeat the heavily armed guard, go ahead and use it to gauge
your concentration to eliminate it in less than two seconds.

Well, here you are with a civilian on the arm, you’ll have him back to
the elevator in order to save his life. Clear the road and retrace your
steps to notice that the doors on your left is now open. Get a hostage
and go for it! The duel was fairly simple and very end … Whatever you
manage to save a civilian who opens access the 97th floor. Arriving at
the summit is still a very turbulent times. Hurry mode concentration and
struck the two guards to save the civilians!

Now that you have allies of fortune, rush to the left and cross the
Studio A. You learn a few steps further the police badge No. 3. You can
now advance to the Grant City LIVE. Your success is unrelenting, take
time to turn around and follow the stairs to the left to see the police
badge No. 4. Push the door with a big bang latte and then start in
pursuit of Riggs.

1.3. Shadowboxing
Everything begins with a workout. Frank tries to teach you some
variations of combos and other deadly attacks. Follow all instructions
for its successful master of the ring before ringing the bell. After a
short conversation, Frank decides to accompany you to the docks of
Milton. Discontinue the police down the stairs. Once outside, follow
your partner but the gate near the truck is closed. It is time for
Shadow to take the stage! Go under the fence and then enter the
building by removing the guards. Try to be as quiet as possible so you
can make obtaining a success for the first corpse. The way forward is
detectable in Stealth Mode through footprints.

When you have between your teeth security card, return to your master.
But first, take care when leaving the room to sneak in the right for
there to sniff the police badge No. 1. Back to Jack’s orders,
immediately on the right after entering the territory of the Union rests
police badge No. 2 on the floor. Enter through the opening facing you
closing the doors permanently after yourself. Search now evidence that
may incriminate Riggs. Prohibition of taking shots! Your battles boil
down to clinch. Exit through the only door Exit and progress straight
ahead after you open a fence and beaten some bad. Climb the stairs to
the right (Figure 6) to skirt the big wooden footbridge. Jump over this
ledgeto sneak into the military installation and then pick up a few
photos as proof.

After hitting all of your attackers, and pick out the police badge No.
3, facing the door next to, above, a spotlight illuminating the object.
Inside, immediately observe the second proof: a blue background on a
wooden box. Climb the stairs but after a few steps, you encounter a
locked door. To open it, you need to cut the power. Go ye down to a
level with the scale and turn off the electricity on a terminal with a
flashing green. The lock is off, go into the next room, go down then
approach the trash where land on the third clue: a holding of Riggs. You
then try to negotiate with two enemies, but you could not get
information for the unity of the Red water coldly killed …

This act has really energized the union that started a war against the
police! Protect yourself as best you can while waiting for
reinforcements. Take the opportunity to climb the wooden walkway and
take possession of the police badge No. 4 on the ground near a gas
cylinder. After a while the fighting stops, but Frank is in a rage.
Things should be done properly and not in a bloodbath! Your track is
only to refer to the flair of Shadow. Exit through the only door, follow
the path and enter through yet another door which the Husky barks. Spy
while the conversation between Riggs and a triad gangster. What
relationship is there between them?

You’ve been spotted! Keep up the mobster before he fled. Descend into
the yard below and proceed across the only bridge while fighting, as you
watch this video. You also come across the police badge No. 5. At the
end of your race, you find the man of the triad but also your father, a
bullet in the body … Despite the arrival of relief, your father dies
… A deep sorrow assails you what makes you angry but that does not
bring back … You then go along with Shadow.

1.4. Off the Rails
Join the street down the stairs of the train station then open the
screen door. A policeman is killed by a man then he should be back on
track with the intervention of your faithful companion. Then kill the
second enemy with a bullet in the head. Come back in the next street,
though troubled by many shootings and fights. Feel free to intervene
while taking the police badge No. 1 behind the first car. When the
assassin of the black hand appears, use a few bullets to kill him off.
This will make your progress easier because many armed men protect
premises, including a warrior’s hand shortly after dark.

Go through the screen door’s open the warrior. Still fighting, including
one with a black executioner’s hand. When the street is deserted, get
on the boat left before the bridge in order to dig up the police badge
No. 2. Cross the bridge to enter this imposing building . Turn right
immediately to recover the police badge No. 3. After discovering the
bodies of two innocent men, other men appear Tseng. Kill them while
driving. At the end, climb the stairs to identify Tseng, finally!

Since your arrival is not discrete, as make any turn. Come to the table
on the lower floor to take the police badge No. 4 near the coke. On
leaving, Tseng jump on a moving train. There is no alternative: continue
it even if you give it to Shadow. The clock is ticking. Throughout your
progress, consider the four defuse bombs, the first being immediately
in front of you. Cross the train being outside and then successively in
the cars. Solve multiple opponents as quickly as possible while stopping
face bombs. After the third, take the police badge No. 5 placed on a
wooden crate in the middle portion.

Coming face the ultimate bomb, Jack soon realizes that he can not do
anything and the only solution is to jump off the train just before the

1.5. End of the Line
Incredible! Shadow is able to follow you (but how fast he gallops?).
Being unconscious in the wrong place, your goal is to save your master
before he makes run over by a train. Join in the slaying as furtively as
possible the individual soldiers, as you suggest this video. Jack is
saved, it is time to reach the station. Go forward then turn right to
deal. Unfortunately, the distance between yourself and the entry is
substantial, especially since you are expected by armed men. Proceed
with caution while paying particular attention to the mad rocket
launcher. Without realism, he throws them like crazy!

The entrance is blocked by cars, upgrade to the right, down the stairs
and go through those double doors started by a few men. In the first
room, pass the bins on your left to see the police badge No. 1 on the
ground. Cross this area and then climb the stairs to find yourself
actually in the station always animated. Once emptied, continue to clean
house on the opposite platform after passing between the cars. Remember
to pick up the police badge No. 2 by turning left at the dock, just
down the road.

On the other side, climb the stairs to reach the station concourse.
Rotate right towards the revolving doors of the main entrance to dig up
the police badge No. 3. Join the next area a bit further to the right.
Three bombs have been switched, you must defuse them and in under 3
minutes! In addition this challenge course a host of enemies to destroy
… Before continuing, go in search of the police badge No. 4. Starting
from the point of departure, before defuse bombs, you are upstairs. Go
down the right and then turn to the wall. Pin is at the foot of a small
pile of suitcases.

Go the other side of the fence behind the last bomb and then downstairs
to the right. On the edge of the desk based police badge No. 5. Proceed
along the only path until you reach Tseng, rather skillful in martial
arts. However, it will have to pay! Alternate between him and his two
men who persist too Shadow, your ally in this battle you can not do
without. Killing two other automatically and continually flock but it is
impossible to avoid completely. Once landed, you should follow your
single track: the number of dock, 765.

1.6. Five Six Seven
The screen door is locked. As in Chapter Shadowboxing, your four-legged
friend should report the key. Sneak is in this hole. This time, the
route is more difficult and a bit more populated, it will therefore be
necessary to clear the road. Here, it is time to return to Jack to
continue this investigation that will quickly sink to the very muscular.
So follow the path back borrowed by Shadow to reach the building. Open
the door to the floor to discover incriminating evidence against Riggs,
Redwater and Temple! The man was involved in the case …

Follow the only path and off the floor collapsed to reach an open area
with a door large enough, worthy of a military complex. A squad will
attack elsewhere at this time. On the other hand, the show is
impressive: huge vehicles GAC stand in front of you. Not distracted,
cross the ultra sophisticated command center and continue your journey.
Feel free to pass through the beam, the following warning is inevitable
… You must survive this assault, at all costs! When calm returned to
this circular room, go out and climb the stairs. Proceed by annihilating
the enemy and then head to this access. However, before you rush to the
attack, look to the right. After the second set of rails is a transport
vehicle GAC and the police badge No. 2.

Things are complicated slightly … This is a combat helicopter is
chasing you! The first way is easy enough to go to the shed. Take the
path right near the container to roll back the helicopter. Then go and
enter the hangar at full speed into the next.Since the last position,
follow the only possible hands beware. Just after the second door near
the elevator, goes to ground the police badge No. 3 arranged on the
floor. Then activate the lift control and resist for two long minutes
before you run away.

Sewers! At least, the helicopter will be some difficulties to reach you
… During this short but peaceful getaway, consider picking up a sniper
rifle in this fund GAC because in ten stride, he’ll have some rub out
snipers. Walk along the dock then go across a metal bridge when you can.
On the left, flip the lever to raise a bridge. Watch your back. The
quick passage home to the police badge No. 4. You can also replenish
ammunition through the fund equipment.

Cross the bridge recently noted to join a small fishing port. Obviously,
the big fish, it’s you! A crowd of soldiers GAC get in the way of your
way … Kill them and move about on the opposite side sewers. Eliminate
the snipers then activate the second switch. The bridge emerging fuels
the rage of a dozen soldiers. Once calm returns, pass the bridge and
turn immediately left: the police badge No. 5 awaits you at the cash
supply. Take the circular central structures activate the third switch
in order to bring out the last bridge. Take it and climb the stairs by
destroying the threat GAC …

1.7. Urban Renewal
Your inquiry leads to the derelict old stadium, it seems that a basic
GAC there remains … But why? Follow the only path and smash the door
with a large stroke of the pump to cope with quite a fellow of the GAC,
an expert in close combat. Honestly, it is not really the time to play
the valiant fighter armed with an unwavering ethics. Therefore choose a
strategy embellished dog bites … At least, your attacker will not pass
his time to fight you … A few strides later, grab a rifle into the
body of GAC . Annihilate the pocket of resistance downwards and take the
left path to collect the police badge No. 1. Keep up the road without
paying attention to the truck over your head and then kill the guards

Not far away, you face a new strike force. This time a gun is mixed with
action. Start by throwing the first covered the right and made astern. A
series of guards will come out of the door opposite and you cause
trouble. You can kill them easily from there. Then, move cautiously by
using cutlery and shoot the shooter when your shooting angle is valid.
Continue through the tunnel opposite the entrance, eliminate other
soldiers and then grab the police badge No. 2 behind the cash GAC. Step
up to the gun to open the door in front of you.

Along the next run, watch the sniper perched on the top right and the
two "divers" carrying guns electric very powerful. After a few extra
steps, you are in the vicinity of the stadium construction site where
the enemy is still present. Having wiped the gun off, turn left. A
massive armored vehicle disembarked. Come clean but on approaching the
structure facing you is a tank GAC welcomes you. Despite its strength,
its weakness is extremely visible: it is the bottle he has in the back.
Focus on your shots so that zone using Shadow as bait.

Empty the entrance to the warehouse where the tank is released and then
take possession of the police badge No. 3 near the vehicle of GAC, the
far left. Follow the only possible path until the two men appear in
front of you. Kill then those arising in your back to the frozen good
iron curtain. He sits in front, slightly left of where you came in this
huge room. The entrance to the base of the GAC is locked, it is to play
Shadow! Luckily, there is a hole in the ground just to the right! Try to
sneak forward for peace of mind. The two generators are high. With you
to discover how he bypasses … This is a dog after all!

As Jack, the infiltration is much less sweet: it is with great
reinforcements of gunfire and grenades. Remember to pick up the police
badge No. 4. To do this, from the entrance, cross the building on your
right and turn right again. The badge is on the floor before a sort of
blocked door. Step onto the platform at the bottom of the base, where
the second generator is now decommissioned. The next path is behind this
door. Blast your way through the long corridor and took great care to
sniper on the roof then approach Heliport. Go down the stairs and enter
the C4 to do everything explode.

At this moment the door opened No. 1. You learn the first helicopter to
be destroyed. However, it will destroy a new tank to get there. For your
convenience, you can lure this big pile of scrap into the gun and
sprinkle generously, even to use as a shield Shadow hairy. Then take a
walkway down to reach below the heliport. Select this command and then
place the C4 on your target. Two more! Just down the door of the
heliport 2 is waiting for you. Climb the ladder at the end of the road.
This time, the approach is slightly different. Start by removing the two
snipers facing you then pick up their weapon. So you can kill the
enemies nearby. Head to the left along the circular walkway to reach the
scale. As before, enter the room under the heliport and activate the
sensor to deploy the gateway to the chopper. Admire the pretty
fireworks. One!

Retrace your steps and take this time towards the heliport 3. Before
entering the landing area, take a look behind the wall of crates to find
the police badge No. 5. This time, you can easily reach the sensor in
the helicopter. In contrast, the output is likely to be very agitated
(tank, sniper …). Still, you manage to skip the last stronghold of the
enemy. Check back for the umpteenth time on the town square to come
face to face with Riggs. The hour of revenge has come! Your victory is
undeniable, it remains only to blow the last helicopter from landing …
but things take a turn catastrophic …

1.8. Story Frame
The beginning of this level is a sort of comeback to this. Jack is in a
sorry state and it is up to Shadow to protect against the triads
determined to make him bite the dust. Do not worry, this area is very
short and just focus on the enemy. No success or other insignia shall
await you here. Your one hello from enemy fire. Whenever one of them
opened fire, is that this is your next victim for sure. Note that Jack
recovers his health if he does not hit for a short period of time. You
end up somehow by reaching the bar, instead of the summary of previous
chapters. Now, you advance into the unknown.

When Faith gets shot, a troop assault invests the bar. Do a little
cleaning and get the police badge No. 1 on a table in the bottom right
corner of the room. Catch Faith and leave the area. The following area
is pretty rough, so do not hesitate to ask your girlfriend to the ground
and took great care that it is not under fire. Spend the first wave,
you reach a fork. On the left is a crate of weapons of GAC and the
police badge No. 2 just behind. A little further, a cohort of snipers
waiting for you. Ask Faith and take a sniper rifle in the box of
ammunition. Use the signs on the central path as a cover. To avoid any
problems, go after the two "bridges" to clear the road. Take Faith to
recover and think police badge No. 3 on the left just after the second

Continue the journey by massacring the belligerents and shoves you along
this building to join a lift to the helipad. Unfortunately, Faith does
not save because the GAC blindly draws on everything that moves,
including medical helicopter. We’ll have to destroy the projectors to
correct this problem. Above all, turn around and take the police badge
No. 4 right next to the exit of the lift. Leave Faith on site and go
down the ladder. Once at the bottom, walk a few steps and reap the
police badge No. 5 just behind the kind of chimney. Follow along the
path and battle the gunner riot standing in your way.

Always follow the single track and climb on the roof for this access.
Pull on the projector and then destroy the generator close. Now you can
go down and Passage now open on the right. After the bridge, kicking the
generator then made the second exploding projo. Again, a passage opens
to the opposite of your position. Kill the soldier in the gun then you
Ruez to his orders to sweep the rebels. You can finally destroy the last
projector. Retrace your path to the roof then to file Faith in the
helicopter ..

1.9. Atonement
The helicopter you just landed on the roof of the temple tower that is
already fighting against the thugs. Remember to engage the dog. Then
enter the building through the glass doors and then reap the police
badge No. 1 on the reception desk on the left. Go down the stairs while
eliminating the assailants. Cross the room filled with video
surveillance of flat screens on the wall and the balcony to tread the
floor of the lower floor. Activate the switch hidden on the side of the
piano to open a secret room in front of you with Julian Temple inside.

You learn while Redwater is the murderer of your father. It will not get
away like that and in the immediate Temple either. Jack also uses it as
bullet-proof-carrying de-ammunition to get out more or less free of the
tower. Do not abuse it too much either because the men of the GAC seek
to eliminate … After a few corpses, a new backdoor opens. Remember to
collect the police badge No. 2 in the right corner of the entrance to
the next room. Take the elevator by pressing the button gently … Take
the stairs and cross the studio while putting in your pocket the police
badge No. 3 put on the steps of the left upon entry.

Climb the stairs on the other side, exit the TV studio by metal
detectors and continue to do the opposite to that made in the first
chapter despite the presence of a helicopter gunship. Use a new elevator
(the one with the green and not red) but the V88 Black Wing squarely
between the tower to reduce you to dust! Follow Temple, frightened, to
stop the onslaught of the helicopter. Start by pulling on his projector
and then destroy the four detectors using Shadow as bait. Indeed, the
shooter will focus on what you allow him time to pursue. Do not waste
too much time, however, because the pylons are protecting you gradually
destroyed. Since then more visibility, both pilots opened the cockpit.
It’ll just concentrate on your end. Note that a box of ammunition is

This is a good thing done! But the journey continues. Remember the
police badge No. 4 arranged at the feet of one of the pylons, between
small green plants. Take Temple, go through the newly opened door on the
left and then down again using the lift. Approach the wreckage of the
helicopter to see a tank in the GAC arise. He escaped miraculously weave
or not … Fortunately, you have a box of ammunition left of the
stairs, those on the right is blocked. But above all, get the police
badge No. 5 as follows: send Shadow occupy the tank and then sprint
across the room to go up the stairs were blocked. The object is in one
of the steps.

Get ready for you now to eliminate the enemy. Replace if necessary to
plumb your pet as best you can then occupy it again. Activate your
Concentration and pull the bottle in his back. A large number of balls
will be necessary, do not walk away from the fueling point too. When he
dies, the chapter will end so it’s important to deal with it after the

1.10. The Old Fashioned

The police station is in the hands of the GAC, but this should not
prevent you to Temple in the bars. Exits to use strong. So pick your
"partner" and drag him gently toward the bridge to the left. Post it
here also because the entry of the police is well guarded. Not worth
having a ball between the legs … Once cleared the corner, do not go
away in the police station. Walk along the building rather than left to
discover in the end the police badge No. 1. Well, take your bag and
started for the interior. After the first wave of enemies, a double door
waiting for you. Take it with Temple and orient yourself to the left to
find the police badge No. 2. It is time to clean house because a cohort
of GAC awaits. Then go to the cells. Be careful, guards armed with guns
plasma flow over you at this time.

You will then finally to the detention area and after a small visit well
muscled with the locals, you free up police to Grant City in their
jail. The time of the attack against rang. However, before leaving the
heavy artillery, look in the office control just right to find the
police badge No. 3 at the foot of the office. Return to the main room
and go up to the floor. We’ll have to push three waves of enemies mad
and obviously increasingly strong. After a gunfight pretty nice, the GAC
abandoned his attempt but cut the relay communication from the police.
You must restart it. For this, drive towards the south wing.

Climb the stairs and enter the gym. Remember to pick up the police badge
No. 4 near the central ring. Take the series of wooden stairs and join
the shooting area (Picture 10). Your breakthrough involves opening a
door to the left. Finally the roof! Take a tour to meet a group of three
snipers, real wounds. Try the approach that best suits your needs,
loading, firing with a sniper rifle with grenades or blinding …

Slay then the two guards experts in the clinch and then finally reach
your goal. Now you must defend Inness. Note that during this short
passage, it is imperative to harvest the police badge No. 5 on the left
side of the roof. Finally, when Inness approached reinforcements, give
you a sequence of balltrap from the heights of the police, just for the
pleasure of victory angry.

1.11. Retribution
In the uniform of a soldier of the GAC, infiltrate into the database by
following your Alpha troop out of the helicopter. Listen silently speech
rather upset Redwater and continue to follow your "buddy" while
watching their conversation. At the end of the road, turn left towards
the "Comms center" with a soldier while most are moving to the right. Do
not go above the blue lasers. Sneak rather through the broken window of
which pass cables and pick up the police badge No. 1 on the bed in
front. Take possession of the weapon at the feet of the ammunition box
and then screw the explosives stored in the room next door.

Is the signal expected by Inness! There are now more finesse that makes
sense: using the sniper rifle, cover off the arrival of your captain by
shooting a bunch of enemies result. After a long time, the area is
empty. Kill those dangerously approaching your position and make a
U-turn. Pass the gun and turn to the automatic door on the right, just
before the blue lasers. Jack then sees Redwater who fled … Despite
state warning, cross the wooden bridge, go down a level and made the
household until your allies you lend a hand. Look forward to your
reunion with Shadow!

Join the center of the ground floor to find the police badge No. 2 on a
desk near a computer. Continue now Redwater. To do this, climb the
stairs of the second stairway on the other side of the room to the top
floor. You see then immediately left the police badge No. 3 behind
wooden crates. Go through the door now has borrowed this lark. Turn
right but then turn right again towards the double doors, go straight to
go around the square shaped corridor. You cross a locker full of mold
collapsed behind which lurks the police badge No. 4.

Continue the adventure of a few meters. Jack then equips the armor worn
by the tanks of the GAC. Infiltration is now far from you … Place the
power and shooting anything goes! Follow the only possible way by all
around the hall opened and sneak through the hole in the wall. Clear the
room and go through the one way, the left one. Some corpses later,
approaching the floor collapsed, Jack takes off his armor and goes into
the makeshift operating room. Solve the three assailants then look for
the police badge No. 5 (the last game) in this same room. Facing the
exit, turn right to see the object near the projector.

The next metal door is locked. That Shadow play again … As shown in
the video, go down one floor and sneak through the broken wall. This
time, there are no footprints. But do not worry, the soldiers have the
same role: follow them while killing them until you slay the bearer of
the magnetic card. Then make a U-turn in order to return the item to
your master. A big hug in return, it was worth it!

Use the box of ammunition to take possession of a sniper rifle and thus
overcome the many soldiers. Then Join the lighthouse and punish all acts
for Redwater awful! It has also helped to land your pooch adored avenge
you, your father … Having no gun and knife him, dodge his blows
against then-attack with a series of small combos. After a moment, you
can disarm and take over. You end up being your disarmed as a few
keystrokes and the cycle begins again. After some discussion, you end up
wearing the fatal blow. Order is restored, your revenge sated and the
city’s hero is your father and you.

1. Basic Success:

  • Nutcracker
    – 10G: Attack an enemy in the crotch with Shadow.
  • Process of elimination – 15G: Beat the executor with an elimination.
  • Surprise! – 10G: Give a kick to an enemy out of a shelter.
  • Defender of the innocent – 15G: Rescue the hostages (that success is
    achieved by saving the hostages in the Temple Tower).
  • Freefall – 10G: Kill an enemy by dropping an edge (the end of
    Mission 1 – Strikebreaker can perform this task without problem refer to
    the last chapter mentioned the video).
  • Bang! – 25G: Successfully 30 shots in the head in any chapter (mode
    OFFICER or higher).
  • Perfect balance – 30G: Get the maximum in any BONUS CHANGE that
    chapter (except the Prologue).
  • Lord of the Ring – 15G: Finish the fight against Frank.
  • Slaying the shadows – 10G: Perform a silent elimination with Shadow.
  • Mash Dog – 15G: Kill 50 enemies with Shadow.
  • Featherweight – 10G: Complete 200 combo 3 hits.
  • Crime and punishment – 15G: Perform 50 eliminations.
  • Like master, like dog – 10G: Kill an enemy in cooperation with
  • Heavyweight – 20G: Complete 100 5 shot combos.
  • Finish him off, Shadow! – 25G: Kill 20 enemies by bringing together
    Jack and Shadow (mode OFFICER or higher).
  • You’re mine GAC! – 10G: Take a soldier hostage GAC (GAC attack
    during the mission Seven Six Five allows you to easily glean this
  • The price of justice – 10G: Get 25 badges of police.
  • First on the scene – 30G: Get BONUS TIME up in any chapter (except
    the Prologue).
  • Question of timing – 15G: Successfully 50 against attacks.
  • Untouchable – 10G: Dodge 50 shots in jumping.
  • Surrendering – 15G: Disarm 50 enemies.
  • To Tank – 10G: Destroy a Tank of GAC.
  • Honoring the dead – 30G: Get 50 badges police.
  • As Frank would have done – 15G: Finish the game with any level of
  • Top cop in the city – 25G: Complete the game mode OFFICER.
  • Punishment – 50G: Complete the game mode COMMISSIONER.
  • Medal of Merit – 25G: Get bronze in all chapters.
  • Medal of Courage – 50G: Get the money in all chapters.
  • Medal of value – 100G: Get gold in all chapters.
  • CQC – 50G: Finish a chapter (except the Prologue) without using
  • Headbutt – 10G: 10 Open doors with the head of a hostage.

2. Secrets Success:

  • Attention
    vicious dog – 15G: Free pass for Jack.
  • Shadow … Keys. – 15G: Help Jack and Frank to access the docks.
  • The best friend of man – 15G: Get Shadow.
  • Full speed – 15G: Play derail the train.
  • Watchdog – 15G: Bring Jack away from danger.
  • Not if it immortal – 15G: Remove Tseng.
  • Fetch! – 15G: Help Jack to open the gate.
  • The battle, not war – 15G: Escape to the GAC.
  • Dogs of all trades – 15G: Turn off electric fences.
  • Air traffic controller – 15G: Destroy the helicopters.
  • Bar hello – 15G: Protect Jack to the bar.
  • Keeping the Faith – 15G: Rescue Faith.
  • Coup in the wing – 15G: Destroy the helicopter GAC.
  • Behind bars – 15G: Put Temple prison.
  • The tail between the legs – 15G: Push back the attack of the GAC.
  • Rapporteur – 15G: Get the magnetic card to Jack.
  • In the former – 15G: Clear Redwater.


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