Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies Wii Guide

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone

This story unfolds far away, on a separate earth where Inner-Space and Outer-Space have been at war since time immemorial.

"Mother. Will I become a beast one day like father?"

A fragment of the past floated across Isa’s mind as he wondered why it was that the harder people tried to forget, the more they couldn’t help remembering.

"If we can just escape this planet"

Isa glances at the life form beside him that has taken the shape of a young girl. She is staring at the monitor. He had originally come to this planet to eliminate her. But whether it was right or wrong, he has ended up teaming up with her. And now both of their lives are under threat.

"Isa, tell me. Why are they hunting me? Is it because I am not a human being?"

This girl with no memory has been called a monster wearing the skin of a human being. Those who pursue her aim to destroy this monster, claiming it is God’s will. But Isa doesn’t believe in God…

Suddenly, the space craft the two of them are travelling in comes under attack.

"We’ve been hit! We’re going to crash!"

The crippled ship plummets out of the sky towards the unpopulated planet they believed they had left behind.The end of the world looks just as you have always imagined it Skyscrapers which had once reached into the heavens lie destroyed as if flattened by some giant hand, shattered shells lying so still and silent that it seems they have always been like this. The roads twined round the buildings like spider’s webs are cracked and broken and the weeds that struggle to grow between the cracks sway gently in the wind. A crater that looks like the aftermath of some enemy assault yawns in the square, while the streetlights all lean at a uniform angle. Not a trace of any living creature can be seen and the silence is so complete as to be oppressive. This place was once ruled by the life forms known as human beings.

Now, on this planet where humans have long since ceased to dwell, an incongruous being has descended. Into this city enveloped in a darkness punctuated only by starlight, a striking silhouette can be seen illuminated on top of a huge building. It is unmistakably a young girl. But this girl is no human being. Now, on this planet where humans have long since ceased to dwell, an incongruous being has descended. Into this city enveloped in a darkness punctuated only by starlight, a striking silhouette can be seen illuminated on top of a huge building. It is unmistakably a young girl. But this girl is no human being. It is not even certain whether this being designed to mimic a human girl can be called a living creature at all. The sight is unnerving – this delicate figure standing there on a rooftop among the broken windows and steel girders illuminated by the stars. But no matter how out of place she might look, the girl appears totally unfazed and merely stands there, her head tilted to one side.

As she surveys the scene beneath her, she attempts to recall the mission she has been given. It is at that moment that she realizes that she remembers nothing. Her memories are gone as if they had never been there. The true reason she came to this planet, which she even is – all of it has disappeared without trace. All she remembers is a single fragment of her mission – to investigate the life form known as the human. As she turns this sliver of a memory over and over in her mind, it slowly develops within her to become a genuine interest in discovering what humans are. She sets out to look for traces of humanity in the wreckage of this lifeless city.


A second incongruous presence heads towards the fourth Earth as if following in the girl’s wake. It doesn’t look like it’s been that long since this place was destroyed and its people disappeared. A boy looks from the window of his space craft, mumbling these words to himself in an innocent yet slightly aloof manner. He is still young and does not remotely resemble a soldier from Inner-Space who is undertaking a crucial mission. It is time. The elimination operation begins. Arming himself with his trusty Sword he girds himself for the task ahead and descends to the planet’s surface. His slightly sarcastic, childish tone of voice gives no impression of his strong sense of duty or sharp analytical abilities. Even though his military prowess is second to none, the lack of seriousness in his attitude may have been one factor that led to opposition to the plan to send Isa Jo to The fourth Earth. Isa is not here by chance: he has a mission to carry out.

Eliminate the unnatural presence that has been detected on The fourth Earth. What do you mean unnatural presence ? He grumbles to himself about the vagueness of the mission. But even so, he knows the true nature of his enemy. It is an invader, an advance guard sent from Outer-Space. Space consists of Inner-Space, home to innumerable planets and stars including the Earth, and the zone that surrounds it: Outer-Space. Inner and Outer-Space are engaged in constant battle. Outer-Space, unable to withstand the pressure that comes with the expansion of Inner-Space, is plotting an invasion of Inner-Space – which is preparing itself in turn for this onslaught. Outer-Space has sent advance troops into Inner-Space through the cracks where the borders between the two domains lie. What troubles the inhabitants of Inner-Space is the fact that the beings coming from Outer-Space do not fit their definition of life. In Outer-Space, life forms have no fixed shape and are able to imitate and morph into any creature they wish to. Many planets have been destroyed by forces from Outer-Space that have disguised themselves and managed to invade them. There are even rumors that Outer-Space forces have been able to mimic entire planets.

Isa knows that his target is one of fife advance troops from Outer-Space. But how could he track them down? He knows that the invader had landed in the western region of Japan. But he doesn’t know what his enemy looks like and is at a loss as to how to track them down. The Outer-Space troops Isa had confronted in the past were all highly-calculating and intelligent. If his enemy detected his arrival and disguised itself as rubble or as part of the ground, he would have no hope of locating them. The more he thinks about it, the further he sinks into despair. Completely at odds with Isa’s emotional state, the sun rises steadily over the horizon and begins to illuminate the surroundings, forcibly injecting a sense of hope into the desolation. Isa decides that he will start by searching the area he has landed in and takes off into the air with his jet pack. As far as the eye can see, foliage competes as it tries to cover the decimated buildings that lie all around in what looks like it had once been a major urban area.

Wh-What’s that!? Within a matter of seconds, the "unnatural presence" had leapt into Isa’s field of vision. Walking through the deserted rubble, he sees someone who does not differ greatly from him in age, a girl – or something that had taken that shape. Though she might have blended into the background when this place was full of humans, here she sticks out a mile.  Isa is suddenly overcome by a strange feeling of lethargy and his desire to fight completely deserts him. But drawn by a sense of curiosity, he steels himself and silently closes the distance between himself and the girl.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose between two characters that are different from each other by their playing style. Isa shoots exactly to where you aim, and his charged shot is a large explosion. Kachi recommended for beginners because they automatically targeted enemy and when charging it several objectives (or a boss you can many times) mark to make it rain down a volley at them. If you’ve played through the game again with two, you may find in Isa & mode any time about the minus-button switch between the two Kachi. Although for retro fans, the management of Classic and Gamecube controller is possible, the simpler control recommended on the Pointer function. After all, the controller on Nintendo 64 was so complex that was specially built for this purpose a kind of co-op mode, in which a player character that controls the other crosshair. Targets and fire escape with the nun chuck is there much more intuitive. The second player must control this time, a second crosshair with simple ammunition without charged shots or one’s own character. But beneath the projectile shower that awaits you in each level, one more item on

Ninjas ready to attack. In short, one wonders constantly what the hell the developers have smoked and hoped that the effect is not resolved to work on the last bosses. In one scene, I follow a giant turtle as through a narrow tunnel: A spiral of projectiles flying towards me, suddenly, the animal stretches all four legs and claws with all the strength in the outer walls, until the sparks fly. Now it begins to bring the pit to complete by jerky movements to bursting. While I target my opponents with projectiles, thick debris falling from the ceiling. Meanwhile, a mini lizard emerges from a trough in the back of the monster and hisses like a gecko in jerky movements for cover. His shiny brown shell is armed with fine spines – just like the great copy. Even the background waiting here with detailed surfaces. There are also bare scenes, but overall seems Wii owners are a graphical highlight in the house. The high degree of change is like a tribute to the good old Space Harrier from the eighties, in which one also banged on multi-colored flashing light, Easter Island statues, and other surreal adversaries. Also playing there are similarities to the classic: While the wondrous scenery like on rails, but with wild camera moves attracts me by, I look at my main character on the back and shoot at anything that moves. As it was, I can not only avoid the side, but thanks to a kind Jetpack hover in the air.

The gameplay is very similar to typical arcade and action. From beginning to end, it is pure action with no time to breathe – who loses brakes. For whom you think about it, that you move straight through distances between two lasers on the screen, and then you already got caught by them. But besides your reflexes and strategic thinking is still planned, because if the movement pattern of the bosses that appear in the quasi five-minute intervals, not easily seen through, it says "Game Over". It is set up before each boss a save point, but also with the unlimited life, it would take a lot of practice time before the bar of the opponent is faster than your fallen to zero. This fact alone prevents the eight levels, which take 15-25 minutes without mistakes, in two hours by are.


ISA JO : A young man who has inherited powers from the invading troops threatening Inner-Space.  He is striving to bring out peace between Inner and Outer-Space.

: A young girl who is an agent of the Outer-Space aggressors. She has completely lost her Memory, but has developed an interest in humanity after meeting her first human, Isa Jo

Group of Five Countries.  An organization for global environment made up of union of different nations.


The story unfolds a wide variety of exciting stages.  The action takes place on the planet known as Sib-Earth 4, which boasts a dizzying array of stages that will see you doing battle in ruined cities and taking to the skies for airborne combat.  The first thing you have to do to start the game is to choose your character. You can choose between Isa (the boy) and Kachi (the girl). Basically the gameplay is the same, but differ when it comes to point (Kachi does it automatically) and make the shot loaded. While Isa launches powerful bomb that affects everything around him, Kachi loaded his shot can be divided into several objectives. There is no one best way; it all depends on how you use and what is easiest for you to handle you. Once chosen character will start your adventure. The game is to shoot anything that moves and try to dodge all enemy attacks (fire, lightning, power, pumps, shock, etc.).  For this, the firing of your weapon of infinite ammo (look in controls to see the different settings that allows you to trigger the game).

You also have to defend yourself, with your melee hit and your charged shot. In addition, you can fly in most phases. The development will always move through a predetermined path, unable to change course and unable to stop (the camera will stop only at certain times of the game until you destroy the objective of the zone). Each time you advance a particular tranche will see a checkpoint. If you lose your energy will continue from that point and not from the beginning of the phase.  At the end of each phase, you will always find a final enemy (or several) and to defeat it, you will receive a score based on the number of enemies killed, the remaining energy and time spent. You can also get bonuses if you get some special objectives in each phase.


You start your adventure going through the corridors of the ship has been approached by the enemy. The first thing you do is make your way to destroy the great figures of metal that will prevent passage. Shoot continuously, or charge your shot to open the way quickly. The development phase is automatic when the camera stops must destroy all enemies on the screen and when you see lightning on the screen must dodge not to lose energy (remember you can fly and dodge, look in controls). In this first phase there is only one final enemy. It’s a big robot with a giant spider. You will have to be careful not to be crushed by their feet when the lift. We also launched incendiary bombs that you can dodge by moving from right to left. To defeat your shot load in the center structure, whatever the character you’ve used up your energy bar reaches 0 (you can see it in the top of the screen).


You are in the middle of a big city. Your route will be developed through roads and highways between huge rise buildings. You will meet many enemies and the occasional mechanical flesh and blood. You will find many enemies flying, no need to elevate to shoot, you keep running down the road dodging their shots from the floor. Shortly after a large machine will break your way and now, you will have to continue flying.  You will pass several buildings in ruins that are full of enemies, until the first great enemy of the stage: N5 Bat. After destroying it and then continue your journey will another enemy, now is a large bird, the Phoenix Guard.

When you defeat him to continue forward, you have to fight again in the air dodging or destroying a series of missiles coming your way from the road. Will reach a large tower with several mechanical arms that throw lightning, you can easily destroy them if you go with the girl (because you can load the gun pointed in several of them at once). At the end of the tower is the new final boss, a tank driven by the Squadron Leader. The return to fly and destroy it at the top of the tower, Orion appears Tsang. If you can defeat him you will enter a corridor that can take you out of this area, however find a last obstacle, the enemy is the end of the stage, a big monster called Guardian turtles. The battle ended the phase.

1. N5 Bat –
It’s a flying ship that will fire bombs. Move left and right to avoid them.  Are also shooting at soldiers from within. Shoot everything quickly and use a charged shot while dodging their attacks aimed at the middle.  When a soldier come to you, strike him with the melee hit (press B repeatedly, or look in control unless you play with the Wii Remote).  Concentrate your attacks on the middle to end it permanently.

2. Guardian Phoenix – It’s a huge white bird. You can throw many balls of energy that you must dodge by moving quickly with the button to shoot. Charge your shot and Throw it in the background when the action to lower your energy quickly. When it comes to you, strike him to melee you get away without attacking.

3. Squadron Leader
– It’s a tank full of enemy soldiers. To defeat the leader of Squad shoots every time poked his head from the top of the tank. When you go outside you closer and repel their attacks with a melee hit. If you charge your shot while dodging rolling and let it go when you see the boss, you end up with it quickly.

4. Tsang Orion
– This enemy is covered with a field of energy which cannot cross your shots (not even loaded). His attacks fill the screen ball of energy, constantly wheel to avoid them. There are two ways to lower their energy, the first is to attack with melee hit (only when he teleports to our side). Take this moment to strike, but will disappear soon appear two more times, and each of them even attacked the same way. The second method is to wait until you throw the four small areas that revolve around it. If you can return them by hitting them with your melee attack you will lose a lot of energy.

5. Chelonia Guardian – It’s a big turtle in a pit of lava. Nothing to enter their territory has to dodge several fireballs that throw you in a spiral. Look at the bottom and try to put you in the center of the ball farther. If you do well you will go through the center of all the balls without getting hurt. At the bottom you’ll need to shoot in your head, do it with charged shots to cause you much harm. Its shell can throw a huge spike, but I will prove easy to dodge. Defense of throwing many rocks, but you can get rid of them with the melee attack. In addition, some bombs falling rocks are camouflaged, if you hit them too you can go and cause damage.

Another of his attacks is to throw paw with its claws when it is before you. You can dodge them by moving sideways at or attack with your melee hit at a time (and earn coins.) Also try to eat you, follow the same tactic earlier to stop him. Finally, it will launch a flash of fire from the mouth (in fact two at a time, since it appears a little help to him.) Simply turn around the screen while recharging them fleeing to throw your shot to the head.


Will progress through the inside of a tunnel under the water. At first there are not many enemies, but then see a large sea monster. Then at the end of the tunnel an unpleasant surprise awaits you. At first only to shoot a fish that will come and some small missile-firing submarines. Later aquatic motorists are not too complicated. Use your shots are loaded when you see boats that you launch bombs from above.

Shortly after dark a giant appear, at first attacks will towards you, it will be easy to dodge with your movement rolling. Later appear the same size but the other green. It really is that you must defeat the enemy, but will later. Continued making progress in this way until it escape and reach the first great enemy of the stage, Keeper Medusa. The defeat will fall for a hole to find the lair of the dark. You must face them and defeat the dark head (green) is the second chief of the phase, Moreno Guardian. At the end it, go your way through the underwater tunnels to find N5 Barracuda. The next great enemy of the phase. It consists of three different settings, and you remove a power bar to each of them.

Once you arrive completely defeated within a building. There awaits a strong tower to which you must destroy. When you succeed, go out to the foreign and the enemy you face the end of Phase flying above the water. The enemy is called Armor Ritter and has three transformations, if you manage to defeat ended this phase. Nothing more appearing, before engaging him, you’ll see towers on the sides, if you destroy you can get coins and energy before the final battle.

Against this enemy end, between each transformation leaves the air a few coins and a medicine chest. Take it because it will be of great help when transformed into its next form. Furthermore, they remain in the air you can go about destroying rocks, if you manage to destroy all get extra bonus points.

1. Guardian Medusa –
A big step prevents you from jellyfish, to end it uses your shot loaded in the center. The enemy can use their tentacles to throw balls of energy. To stop these attacks, the target fixed in them. If you play with the girl you can set the shutter tentacles loaded on all at once. If you play with the boy, sets the target at least one of them. We also launched a bomb attack explosive purple. It is easy to dodge using the rolling motion, but if you use your melee hit at the right time, get them back and cause great harm if given.

2. Morena Guardian – Three brown giants appear inside the holes in the wall. You will have to dodge both attacks as toxic bubbles that move across the screen. You must defeat which is green (the largest), the other two can only avoid them, do not you’ll lose energy. At its launch at you, you can reject it with your melee attack or dodge roll. Each time you poke your head you can shoot the dark green to take away energy. Charge your shot and Throw it while you are away from you.

3. N5 Barracuda – It’s a great machine for submarine warfare. It has three different configurations. In the first, large arms move around you shooting rays between them. Shooting rays can pass quickly, when you’re not in a space remains on the screen, without being damaged. While the elusive, charge your shot and Throw it to the core of the machine.

In its second form, you will find several turrets fire and several soldiers who appear from the bottom of the machine. To dodge his attacks move quickly from left to right and focus your shots on both the green parts of the fund. You can always shoot it to destroy the right or left and it is one. In the third form is only the central part. Launch a large ball of energy that you can dodge by moving quickly. Are also other smaller balls for the center, making it more difficult to avoid and it will not let you see clearly the target.  The way to beat him is to not stop moving around the screen and charge your shot to throw against the central core. If you see him, you have to look out your sights to see when it turns red. It is located between the two releases of energy balls.

4. Torre – Well the great tower in the center, several cannons will shoot energy balls and lightning. The first, you can return them with a melee hit, the other will have to avoid them. When you’re done with the guns, flare guns fire large launch. You can avoid them by taking advantage of gaps between them. Once you are destroyed in a platform that is on the side of the building. Just use your melee hit to get rid of a bomb in it. The tower will continue attacking, throwing different types of rays. You can dodge by moving quickly from side to side or up and down (green). Now you must concentrate your shots in bright green light that has the tower. No need to get out of your platform, if dodge his attacks and charges your shot when you see the light, you will end up destroying it quickly.

5. Ritter Armor – This enemy has three transformations.  Begin transforming into a huge monster that you shoot in the eye on its head.  To defend launch several missiles that can destroy shooting (do it because some of them shot if you let them fly).  Later, launch new missiles, in turn launched rays. Be placed at the edges of the screen so that these rays occupy much space as possible. Move between them rolling and charge your shot to damage your eye again.  Finally, the eye will launch a large red beam that will haunt the screen. It is easy to dodge rolling around, you can set the target in the eye and shoot well or upload the shot to finish him.  The next transformation is a being with several tentacles. Concentrate your attacks on your chest to take away energy.  The ray launch tentacles that move across the screen, also create a shield that will prevent damage to your attacks his chest.

To fix these tentacles shoot that creates the shield while shooting dodge all rays fly across the screen. It also creates a kind of black holes that will harm you if you touch. The latest attack is to create a corridor with walls of water that you cannot go through their great strength. In between releasing four purple pumps with a large power range. You must move through this corridor and dodge the bombs by standing below what is above. Do not forget to charge your shot and hurt his chest with him.  The last transformation is a dolphin jumping through the water. The first thing you do is create a circle of colors. Wheel to pass through the center of the blue (the red ones will hurt you.) You can set the target and shoot him in the meantime.  After more dolphins appear, only one is the true and the other cannot harm them. To find out shoot all and see when lowering your energy. Jump in the air playing with some big rocks like a ball. You have to be careful with it because they can throw at you. You’ll also see dolphins appear false while falling in the water. When this happens you’ll notice a gap between them. Put yourself in that place so you do not damage the water out. Just after the dolphin show real, get ready to throw a shot as soon as the loaded.  While energy fits the enemy, repeat the same attacks over and over again.


Flying start due to a large flying fortress. Once you get to it you’ll have to get inside and walk its corridors to reach the center. You’re flying to the great air fortress, several enemies greet you with gunfire. You will not have problems until it poses you in it, the number of enemy’s increases considerably. It is best to keep you charging your shot fly towards the enemies to throw soil. A little later two enemies will impede progress with two large shields covering. In order to pass melee hits the big missile coming your way, rather than avoid it. This will give your career and change to blow on the enemies that hinder progress. So you get to the first enemy of the stage, Vigilante 11. Once defeated, you’ll find large walls that move with the help of some big wheels. If you concentrate your fire on them can destroy them. However, those at the bottom you can move your fire to cover up some rays coming out of the fund. So you can spend covering you with them without taking damage. You’ll have to destroy these walls to open the exit. When you open the exit, you will enter a corridor where you have to dodge the gates that are closing, major obstacles and enemies that shoot bombs. At the end panels that you can find breaking shooting (if you give the red circle will be removed all at once).

Once out of the halls you will not find great obstacles to reach the second enemy, Vigilante 17. When you find you’ve destroyed the following enemy Hibaru Yaju. When you have defeated you can continue your way and reach the final enemy of the stage, the Giant Guardian. If you can defeat will end this phase.

1. Vigilante 11 – Shoot the enemy’s center when the gate opens. You’ll have to dodge all sorts of shots from the same machine and several soldiers who appear at the bottom. It is not difficult using your move to dodge.

2. Vigilante 17 – It is composed of large rectangular panels that open to shoot. You can concentrate your fire on them to destroy them, even if your goal is a different color panel that triggers these. If you move constantly dodging to the side, you can rid both sides as the fire falling from the sky. Just be careful of the energy barriers that create some panels. If you go to one end of the screen and you keep moving, you rotate around the room, so you can control the panel and have it destroy you as long as possible to the eye.

3. Hibaru Yaju – A seemingly fragile girl will not be easy to defeat. Do not waste time on that shoot and dodge. You’ll have to melee hit to hurt. Dodge their shots green and hopes that she would throw at you (makes a small sound first) and hits just at that moment. If you do two or three times in succession it will leave you stunned and then shoot him with your charged shot or zoom in to hit melee. Repeat this process until, after a time change of attack. I will leave some small mechanical arms that will launch various rays. The Reds, you dodge rolling. The purple balls can remove the melee hit and small purple balls that are thrown at you can avoid them, or better, hit for melee and return them to lose energy. After a while will the first attack. Repeat the same melee hit home, but now you must be quicker still because if not, she will charm you with its mechanical arms preventing you from hitting it. If you walk a lot of it, will throw the initial green shots.

4. Giant Guardian – It is a monster that rises by a large tunnel, clinging to the walls with their numerous branches. While you will persecute you finding many blocks that prevent you from moving forward. In addition, he will go throwing more obstacles. At this point you cannot shoot, but you can hit the missile launches you to return them. Later on fire and blocked laser triggers will need to go opening your way through the blocks with your shots loaded. If you manage to get up, put a giant row of blocks will land you and begin to attack you in different ways. The first will be to immerse blocks (some explosives). The second swipe the floor creating a large flame. You can also shoot fire from his mouth and hit you hard with a block subject to a string. Basically all the can dodge attacks by moving around the screen. Try not to accumulate many blocks on the floor to move freely. If you hit or shoot the bomb blocks, clearing the way, however, cause an explosion that can harm you. To defeat him you must shoot the body while dodging your attacks. When about to die display two laser cannons, focus your attacks and dodging giant rays throwing to finish him once.


You’ll go walking a dark forest. At first you see only what illuminates your flashlight. You start with a small flashlight that illuminates only the area you are aiming. Many enemies are everywhere. limit yourself to avoid and shoot, you need not see much until you reach the first enemy of the stage, the Warden Skull. Once defeated you can continue forward, you will spend on roads where the soil leaving hands trying to get you. Gravestones or enemies appear suddenly throwing knives are other enemies that you must destroy or dodge.

Soon, you will come to an area with high grass where there are two small houses of the emerging ray and enemies. You will have to endure here dodging the attacks until he finally quit the real enemy, the deputy chief of the stage, the Guardian Ninja. When you have defeated will have to go through an area full of toads that shoot fire and then come to a bridge where you find the next enemy in this stage, the Warden Muddy.  Before face it, you should pursue the swamps. Just go running after him shooting and, above all, dodging their attacks. After fighting with him over a bridge and continue until you defeat him on a long staircase. At the end of them will reach the final enemy of the stage, Arianna Shami. Defeat him to finish the stage.

1. Skull Guardian – A skeleton is holding a sphere formed by the souls of their victims. The souls leave the area to you and you can easily destroy your shots. To damage the guardian charge your shot and throw on the field. From time to time release the field to you, you can dodge by moving quickly to a side.

2. Guardian Ninja – It is a fast enemy that jumps from a rock to attack you and you throw knives in different ways. Also, throw some seeds that make the grass grow very quickly, so you cannot see where it moves. Shoot it when it settles on the rock and load the shot to do the most damage. Soon the rock will turn to discover that in fact is a fat toad also attacks you. You should be careful with his language when he launches at you. Now you can play down power to the enemy shooting as well to the toad.

3. Muddy Keeper – You find yourself on a bridge in front of him, from there you can charge your shot and attack the head. When you haul the leeches, sticks or balls of energy, do your melee attack to get rid of them all. You should be careful when you cast a large purple beam of energy, you can dodge flying but moves quickly. Also be launched, sometimes to the bridge. You have to be careful to avoid and take advantage to harm while in it.

4. Shami Arianna – This enemy has two forms. The first is kept at a distance from you, throwing you will attack birds that are transformed into spears of fire (which may fall from the sky or across the screen horizontally.) You can get rid of them if you use your melee hit. Other birds that launches will become strange symbols in the air. If you touch the red will eventually speed up and everything around you will go much faster, however, if you touch the blue everything will be slower and you can move more freely. Another attack is to throw roses carried by water, if you hit them before they reach the shore You can return them as if they were missiles. If they come to the bank launched its petals to the air and you have to destroy them using your melee hit. You can also throw water column to the shore you can dodge to the side, however, when doing this is to cover as he approaches you also. The best thing to do at this point is not to stop shooting and move quickly to the side. Once defeated collects coins and the kit because the enemy will undergo a transformation and must continue to fight it.

His arms become enormous and now their attacks will be closer. First give a strong slap to cause an explosion, try not to take the way when you do it or lose energy. It will also create a flash of fire that you can dodge rolling. Another attack is to strike the ground, you must dodge not only him but also splash that creates the result. You then create black holes that leave the great columns of stone placed in the soil. You can destroy them with your melee hit, but if you play in the air will harm you.

When I try to stay low energy his last attack. It will go to the back of the stage and create a huge ball that throws you. This ball occupies almost the entire screen, so you have to move to a corner and dodge when you pass by your side to emerge unscathed. To defeat him, while dodging all attacks, you shoot continuously to the body to harm. Do not forget to charge your shot to cause more damage. In the end, when creating a huge ball that launches you from the bottom, you should shoot just as the spear (raising arms). If you do not just then did not take away energy.


It travels a road through a desert. Besides the already known enemies, you will have to face the dangerous species that live in these arid lands and forgotten. If you play with Isa, mounted on a vehicle you will, therefore, you cannot fly, just jump. However, you can go quickly to the side dodging all attacks.  If you go play with Kachi mounted on an animal, but the controls are the same.

Advance along the road to confront all the enemies that appear, on the side you like deposits can explode if you shoot them. The view will change depending on progress, so you can control the character from behind or from the side. Shortly after turning the camera for the first time, the first enemy of the phase, feline Guardian. Once defeated go on your way down the road or what’s left of it, because you will advance through the desert in different stages until the next great enemy of the stage, the Warden Buster. In defeat, they will appear on the road several robots that transform into planes, is the toughest stretch, so take advantage upload your shots well.
Then the road will be completed and will advance above the desert sand. Here you must be careful with some enemies out of the ground and try to eat. It is easy to finish them off if you charge a shot of Isa, but if they go out two in a row must be prepared to avoid the latter. However, if you play the shot Kachi can load them just a couple of times (rather than whole), and destroy them and give you time to load the next. The last obstacle before the final enemy bombs are falling from the sky. Shoots up to everything that moves and can do without too many problems.  So the enemy will reach the end of the stage, the Warden Chimera, which is a combination of the two previous keepers. The defeat ended the phase.


1. Feline Guardian – I will pursue the road shooting at you from the bottom, but sometimes closer to try to give you a blow. To avoid it glide to the sides when you shoot and jump when you jab his claws. To let no harm to shoot to the head, if loaded with shot, the better. Every so often jump to run before you, so be you who would pursue if it occurs, use your button to dodge or harm you in passing your side. Keep shooting the same way even if it is before you. When you exit the highway land release, you can dodge by jumping. When you return to haunt you, can throw his tail like a whip and jumping.

2. Buster Guardian – Yet another great monster, basically behaves like the previous guardian, except that this is flight. Dodge their attacks by fire or power sliding or jumping to one side while you shoot the head. Remember that if you stick to one side and chases against the edges, you cannot charge your shot. Just as the Guardian feline, also begins to make passes back and forth. When you stand before you launch a kind of energy whips also soar. Shoot him constantly to stop doing so and while jumping to avoid them.

3. Chimera Guardian – The two guards to defeat you at this stage will be merged into a single enemy. You can focus your attacks on your head to defeat him or if you prefer you can first destroy their wings pointing to the two broad areas yellow is in each one. So you can make their attacks are effective half that if you have the two new wings. These attacks consist of a series of waves that launches three times (and you can avoid rolling nonstop air). Another of his attacks is coming toward you and give paw, you can dodge roll to one side or using the melee hit (a little difficult to do.) We also launched a large blaze of fire or a ball of energy that moves around the screen chasing.
One of his latest attacks is to throw several balls dwellings that will need to return your melee attack, so use it to harm you pass him. Finally, toward you to quickly launch attack, the only way to stop him is to use your melee hit just before you do. So leave him groggy and you finish the stage.


Will advance by an extensive area of lava. Nearly all of phase will have to go flying. The enemy attacks are intensified more than ever. You start out over a sea of lava, many enemies appear from the air. Also you will find dozens of enemies that float or walk on lava. Keep moving and concentrate especially on the larger enemies. Later you find enemies that fire missiles, the first defeat them so that the screen does not fill them or use them with melee hit as a weapon to the enemies. After flying in a while you will stop what it looks like a pool of lava. Until we finish all the enemies that appear, you cannot continue. This is your first point of control, so you have to get pass this point if you want to continue from the beginning.

Rocks fall from the sky now, use the melee hit to destroy them. After flying a big monster will appear and enemies by lava coming your rays. Charge your shot to the monster and dodging the rays until you can get rid of them with cargo. Later will come a great ship of the lava. You’ll have to go flying around as you face a lot of attacks from it. Use well your shot loads and not waste it with the smaller enemies and helpless, says the guns with them more dangerous.  When you reach the end you’ll have a checkpoint, if you do not need to get back to the top of the ship. You’ll have to destroy large cannon that shoot a beam of energy shoots the center (although not seeing the target) and stay on the edges of the screen following the lightning. Then you go through a new area filled with lava, on the right side you find a road where they face a powerful animals like bulls. You simply have to dodge the left side but still appear much flying enemies that will make things easier.

At the end of this area will come to a calmer you take a train. There you will have to face the head of the pack of those bulls that you saw earlier, is the Guardian Komodo. Before reaching the confrontation with the guardian, you must defeat various enemies that appear after a few boxes, always on top of the carriages. When the guard you follow their steps in a mirror you have on top. Once defeated her calf appear. You also have to defeat but to steal the first character cannot control and you have to rescue him.  This focuses your shots on the two cranes that are on the sides. Each time you fire one, you make up. You have to go up the two so that your friend is safe and not fall into the lava. You cannot lose much time, so do not waste time dodging and destroying enemies. When you succeed you will move to directly confront him, is the Guardian Breeding. Once defeated you will be a stretch before reaching the final fight. Go a path of lava and you will pass through the interior of a cave and into the heart of the enemy base. There awaits the fight against the final boss of this stage, Deko Gekisho. The defeat (at three different stages) will complete this phase.

Will advance by an extensive area of lava. Nearly all of phase will have to go flying. The enemy attacks are intensified more than ever. You start out over a sea of lava, many enemies appear from the air. Also you will find dozens of enemies that float or walk on lava. Keep moving and concentrate especially on the larger enemies.


1. Komodo Guardian: It’s a big bull chasing you for some train tracks while you go over a few freight cars. The high speed normally prevents you from flying, you can only stay in the air for a few seconds, if you do so blown away and you have to start again. Your objective is to releasing the wagons with your melee hit (hitting the lever between two cars when you’re next to it). This will give it hits the enemy (provided it is in the same lane).  The main problem is that you launch a flame of fire, so be careful with them when you’re in the same lane. You can move freely between cars but remember that you can only fly a few seconds. Every now and skip to stand in front of the train, take the opportunity to shoot straight and even charge your shot for you to lose energy quickly. Here also launch flares, so do not place yourself in front of him.

2. Guardian’s breeding : It fought with a side view. One of their attacks is spitting a big flash of fire, if you approach it you will not have problems. can also launch several shots of fire you have to dodge rolling. Another attack is to throw some rays that occupy almost the entire screen. You can avoid it by staying still between two of the rays when you’re away from it. Also achieve the eruption of the volcano is at the bottom and burning rocks will fall from the sky. You can hit them with your melee hit. In addition, it can turn into a ball and crush you. When you do will drop bombs that will explode soon, so try to fly away from him. To shore up and shoot him down just endlessly. If you defeat them dodge attacks quickly.

3. Deko Gekisho: You have to defeat him in three stages. In the first one you will find a large army against shooting at you constantly. He sits in the center of the room. You upload your best shots against him than against the rest of the enemies, since the robots re-emerge even destroy them. Only recently with the soldiers who put your hand or hinder you shoot it and hit the missiles to send them to your enemy. To not have to move quickly down quickly and stop side to side of the screen by pressing the dodge.

When you succeed in ending their energy will change the battlefield, now he’ll be flying and bombs filled the screen. appears and disappears launching several bursts of gunfire and a large bomb at the end. There is also a dark dragon that runs across the screen. You can remove the bombs using your melee hit, which also will rid you of your shots, but you have to be careful about throwing the bomb at the end. When you see the changes is launching place quickly.

To harm you shoot every time you finish attacking. In addition, when using melee hit at the pumps they are able to send him to harm. When you defeat him fall to the ground. The last stage of the battle will be a melee with him. You will be tied to him with a rope and you have to beat him using your melee hit. You may not use any type of shot you have any special or weapon use. Just get close to him and hit him.


You’ll have to go through the last defense before beating the enemy boss. You are in the final stage. Kachi Isa and have merged to form a super warrior. Now your energy has increased 10 times. Yet how to upload the shot is different depending on the character you’re playing. You start flying through space, you’ll find numerous enemies and enormous warships. Your energy has increased tenfold, but the enemy attacks as well, so do not trust and dodge as much as possible. In the first major hurdle will be shut up in a ring of several releases energy while you attack from all positions. You must destroy the triggers blue out of there (the red ones can be destroyed but cannot exit.) If you spend some time without destroying them but not kill you, will leave the trap automatically. Goes a little further and arrive shortly after the first head of the phase, N5 energy diffuser and to defeat it, you’ll have to destroy the second in command, N5 Canyon bow.

When you defeat will be very close to the ultimate goal. Although not easy to complete. Enemies reappear end of the previous phases (without guards) but now much stronger and with new attacks. You’ll have to defeat 4 enemies in a row over the head end of the game: Arianna Shami, Armor Ritter, Hibaru Yaju, Orion and Deko Gekisho Tsang.

1. N5 energy Diffuser:  Many columns will power from your side. Equivalent by moving sideways. You do not have wheels, will give you only if the column really hits you when you get high. To defeat it you have to shoot to the bottom of the diffuser, just the center. You can set the target and not stop shooting, as well as the missiles go, you hit them with your melee hit to use to your advantage.

2. Bow Canyon N5: Powerful gun that fires a large beam constantly. You must move around it while shooting all the enemies that attack you from all sides. To defeat him you will have to concentrate your fire in the heart of the canyon, where the great ray dale.

3. Arianna Shami: Now this enemy has a more formidable, however, it will be to beat faster than before. First you dodge their fire and energy balls rolling. It will also launch a large rock that will be covered as well if you shoot it will split, filling the screen of small rocks. It is best to concentrate the fire on the enemy and when the rock is split one uses a beam loaded to get rid of small pieces. When you release slaps causing flames of fire, roll away from him. Concentrate your fire directly on it, setting the target and charging your shot when you can. Another attack will create black holes that birds leave murderers to be released after you. Use your melee hit to get rid of them. Near its end, when he was little energy left to create a ray of colors across the screen from top to bottom. You can avoid them rolling smoothly, so keep shooting to break definitely with him

4. Ritter Armor: Now there is a big mouth only to have to hurt when it opens. However, about that fire will appear ray eyes and big feet trying to crush you. It is best to focus your shot in the face of the enemy by setting the target and do not stop moving from left to right rolling nonstop. After enduring a while in this situation will attack and try to swallow, hit with your melee hit in your mouth to get out of it unharmed. Just then hide and change your point of view (the camera is placed on you), poke their legs in various parts releasing the remains of their feasts. Shoot and move constantly to escape them. Returning to the earlier view, fire eyes appear red rays chasing you around the screen. To get rid of them it is best to load your shot and shoot each of them. If you do not defeat here will hide your head and you will pass back to another point of view zenith. Now, instead of dodging debris, you must shoot to the roots that grow around you.

5. Tsang Orion:
Orion is now mounted on a flying machine. Not only will attack you from it, but also from two worms will move freely mechanical. You can go smashing the worms into sections, each time they occur but it is best to focus your shots in where Orion is visible. After a while, the machine will stay in the center of the screen shooting at you in different ways, they will fly all types of rays can dodge rolling. If you head to the side of the screen can rotate around the machine, but remember to attack the Onion when you leave for the front. If you’re facing the machine will draw a large mechanical arm to hit you, so you should always keep a little higher or on the sides to Orion. When you come out of hiding, it is best to have prepared a beam loaded to harm.

6. Hibaru Yaju:
Two powerful warriors that move at high speed. The only way to escape them is to not stop moving around the screen using the button to shoot. Also, be careful when one is placed on one side and fire a green ray. Hold a moment and shoot while (you can set the shot or use your charge). After a while they stop at the center of the screen and throw lightning around, first in a spiral and then the green rays (although smaller than the former). Although not now move around the screen, the enemies will shoot while moving. Continue swirling around all over the screen and be sure to shoot at any time.

7. Deko Gekisho: You have reached the final showdown. However, this enemy has a transformation and will have to defeat him twice. The first must be very attentive to the pink rays of the entire screen. There are only two places where you can put yourself without being harmed (in the upper left and right without hitting you on the edge of the screen). It will also launch many fireballs, here you can avoid them if you do not stop rolling down the screen. You can also throw knives around him all over the screen. To get rid of them use melee hit. Finally, will release purple balls that travel across the screen chasing. You can blow them away with melee but will return several times to stay away permanently.

Moreover, in doing so, will fill more screen shots purple and now rolling. To defeat him you must take when they shoot and upload your shot against his body. When you suffer defeat made a transformation. Now be placed in the bottom of the screen and try to break the spirit of Kachi. Ray release all very fast and very abundant than go directly to it (placed first). You’ll have to stop as many shots as you can so that she does not receive damage. This just points to the pointer (and while pressing the shutter button) to them. Every time will have more shots on the screen and also sometimes appear to deflect attacks that have hit with Melee (knives .) Plus, you’ll have to go shooting at the enemy to take away energy, if you manage to defeat him and you will end up fighting. You’ll see the credits and the end of the game.


Treasure has surprised me again! With Sin & Punishment is a real pearl action on Wii owners. I did not think that it is possible the dusty genre of rail-shooter to miss such a fresh impetus. A few small storeis make the fantasy trip incredibly interesting. In the first minutes of the unusual multi-tasking caused terror in my male brain for knotted synapses, but after a little familiarization, the control worked very well thought out and sophisticated. Let us hope that this time also agrees with the scope. Thanks to global leader boards shooter experts can work out well after the play through still correct. Another surprise is the unique style: Techno, underwater and horror combine to create a staccato of impressions. I’m almost as deeply submerged in the world, as in the classic Rez  . Nice to meet on 7 Mai also German Wii owners in the enjoyment of the game coming – in fact Japan is already available for several months.

Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Earth was one of the first import titles for the Wii Virtual Console appeared. Not without reason, because although we Lylat Wars-style rail shooter from Treasure the days of the Nintendo 64 was denied the Europeans, importers was the game for very popular. Sakis appearance as a helper trophy in Brawl was already suspect, which was then confirmed in 2008: Sin & Punishment 2: Successor of the Skies will be released for the Wii.

The brevity of the game makes even the high replay value. While beginners can play through the story through steady Save to hunter high score will only go to a game without Continues to peace. For should your character die, it is also your total score back to zero. To further extend the season was at the Isa & Kachi-mode even added an expanded end. So it’s completely until at least after the third run through. Should not the rich, one will be disappointed by the length. For there are additional missions or other secondary targets, as in other rail shooters for Wii not. And once again proves Nintendo: The really good Wii games coming out of the house! Mario and Zelda are already firmly entrenched brands, now show the Japanese that they can make more as an action-adventure and Jump ‘n’ Run and bring core gamers with Sin and Punishment a juicy steak on the table, we are for you have swallowed.


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