Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver DS Walkthrough

The nefarious Team Rocket is back. Three years after causing all kinds of trouble in Kanto in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen versions, the unruly organization has moved to the Johto region to continue their criminal ways.  It’s evident that Team Rocker is treating Pokémon terribly and using Pokémon to help carry out their illegal deeds.  But what is their ultimate goal.  You will discover their true secrets as you play Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver versions.


Your story begins in New Bark Town, a small town that also happens to be the home of Professor Elm.  When Professor Elm asks you to carry out an important task for him, little do you know that it’s the start of an amazing adventure that will take you to all corners of Johto.  You will encounter experienced Gym Leaders, incredible locales, scores of Pokémon, and of course Team Rocket. The stories of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver version are mostly the same, but there are few differences between them. For one, there are several Pokémon that you can catch in only one version or the other. 

What’s more, you will only encounter Ho-Oh before you defeat the Elite Four in Pokémon HeartGold Version.  You will meet Lugia before you defeat the Elite Four only in Pokémon SoulSilver Version.  To succeed at the true challenger and catch every Pokémon,  you will have to trade your friends. As you journey through Johto, you will catch more and more Pokémon, and you will become a stronger and smarter Trainer.  If you can obtain the ultimate goal and enter the Johto Hall of Fame, you will be able to return to the Kanto region, the land of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen versions, where even more incredible adventure await.



Set off you adventure across the Johto region as either a boy Trainer or a girl Trainer.  The character you don’t select will appear during your journey to support you. 

  • Rival : Rival Early on, you’ll meet your rival, another  youngster from New Bark Town. Get used to seeing your rival—the two of you will see a great deal of each other as you make your separate ways around Johto.
  • Professor Elm : When you begin your journey in New Bark Town, you’ll quickly become acquainted with Professor Elm, the renowned researcher of the nearby Pokémon Lab. It’s worth your while to talk with him—you’ll receive your first Pokémon from the professor when he asks you to carry out an important task.
  • Eusine : Not much is known about the enigmatic Eusine, except that he is known to have been pursuing the Legendary Pokémon Suicune for years. You’ll catch up with Eusine when you reach Ecruteak City. When you do, you can be sure that Raikou, Entei, and Suicune aren’t too far away.
  • Kurt : Along your journey, you’ll come across the talented Kurt, a gentleman who can make Poke Balls. Find Apricoms in trees around Johto and take them to Kurt. He’ll work his magic to create special Poked Balls you can’t get anywhere else.


The last time we saw Team Rocket’s members, they were up to no good in the Kanto region.  Three years have passed since then, and the squad of troublemakers has reassembled in Johto.  They have infiltrated every corner of the once-peaceful region, and they are using Pokémon to carry out their nefarious plans.  Don’t be surprised if your adventures lead you to cross paths with Team Rocket Members and their criminal ways. 

  • Proton: Once you get to Azalea Town, you’ll discover a whole host of problems going on. Team Rocket, being led by the Executive Proton, is up to no good! You’ll have to defeat him and restore peace in the town before Bugsy, the Gym Leader, will consider taking you on.
  • Arianna : If you make it past Petrel, Arianna will put up an even tougher challenge. Don’t worry too much, though, because the impressive Trainer Lance will join you in a Double Battle against Arianna and a Team Rocket Grunt.
  • Archer:You’ll have to look elsewhere to find the final Team Rocket Executive, Archer. The devious Archer is the one behind Team Rocket’s reformation, and he will not give up control easily! Best him, and you’ll be on the path toward catching a Legendary Pokémon!



Throughout Johto, you will discover interesting towns and cities to explore, and many of them contain Pokémon Gyms. You will need to beat each Gym’s Leaders to continue on your adventure. 

  • Falkner : The first Gym Leader you’ll come across is in Violet City. The Trainers in Violet City Gym all have a potent collection of Flying-type Pokémon for you to battle. If you make it to Falkner, the Gym Leader, expect a tougher battle than anything you’ve faced so far!
  • Bugsy : The Gym Leader Bugsy is waiting for you inside the Azalea Town Gym. Don’t underestimate the strength of his Bug-type Pokémon. He’ll definitely be ready to give you a strong challenge!
  • Whitney : Goldenrod City is quite a city, and Gym Leader Whitney is quite a Trainer to match. Her team features Normal-type Pokémon, which usually have a lot of HP and not a lot of weaknesses. Get ready for some intense, drawn-out battles!
  • Morty :You’ll encounter Morty early on, alongside the mysterious Trainer Eusine, but later you’ll be able to challenge the talented Morty in Ecruteak City. It’s a good thing Whitney isn’t facing off against Morty, because Normal-type Pokémon wouldn’t have a ghost of a chance against Morty’s Ghost-type Pokémon!
  • Jasmine :When you first meet Jasmine near Olivine City, she won’t be in a fighting mood. Instead, you’ll have town a quick mission before she’ll take you on. When you return from your quest, Jasmine will finally be ready to battle with her defense-minded Steel-type Pokémon!
  • Chuck : With an enormous barbell in hand, Chuck looks pretty intimidating! The Cianwood Gym Leader has been training under a waterfall, so intensely that he can’t even hear you! You’ll have to find a way to tum the water off before Chuck will take you on. Pryce With white hair and a walking cane, you might mistake the elderly-looking Gym Leader
  • Clair : The final Badge for your collection is firmly in the grasp of Clair, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader, and she’s not about to give it up. Just getting to her across paths of ice and flows of lava is a challenge. And when you finally do face off against Clair, expect to butt heads with a team of relentless Dragon-type Pokémon! It will be a battle for the ages!



Your final test in the Johto region will be against the Elite Four, followed by an encounter with Lance, the Pokémon League Champion.  Once you being in your battles against these five opponents, you won’t be able to exit unit you end in victory or defeat. 

  • Will : You know you have a tough challenge ahead of you when the first member of the Elite Four that you face has a team of Psychic-type Pokémon this skilled. The Trainer Will sets the tone for the rest of the battles ahead. Be ready, be smart, and be strong!
  • Koga : Most of the major Trainers you’ll fight, such as Elite Four members and Gym Leaders, have a team made up of a certain type of Pokémon. While Koga has many Poison-type Pokémon, the distinguishing factor of his team is that it specializes in status-changing moves. What’s that mean for you? You’d better have a team that’s ready for anything Koga’s Pokémon can throw at you.
  • Bruno : Your next battle pits you against a team of Fighting-type Pokémon trained by Bruno. Bruno will look to dispatch your party with powerful knockout attacks. You’d best be ready with Pokémon that not only can dish it out, but take it, as well!
  • Karen : Plan all you want for the battle against Karen’s Dark-type Pokémon, but this tough Trainer, last of the Elite Four, has Pokémon that will surprise you with a dazzling number of moves. But Karen isn’t only about catching you off guard with odd moves—she also has quite a few tactical tricks up her sleeve!
  • Lance : The path through the Elite Four was punishing. You saw teams of Psychic-type Pokémon, Dark-type Pokémon, and Pokémon whose skills were unparalleled. But you haven’t seen anything like the party of Dragon-type Pokémon that Pokémon League Champion Lance brings to battle! Outlast the blistering attacks of his Pokémon to earn the highest honor—entry into the Pokémon Hall of Fame.


Chapter 1

  1. Bourg Geon : When the game starts, talk to your mother and get out. Move left and go to the laboratory of Professor Orme. This offers a unique Pokémon and you have to select one among the three. Choose the Pokémon depending on what you prefer (TOTODILE for water, for plant and Chikorita Héricendre for fire) and then exit. Before you continue your quest, you should know that Pokémon are of different types. During the fighting, each element is effective against certain elements. You should try to catch as many Pokémon to have a maximum of items and thus have more chance to win your battles. Now, go home, talk with your mother again and get the Pokemons. Then exit and go west. Professor Orme stop you and give you the phone Pokemons. Continue west and then go to Route 29.
  2. Route 29  : Walk on the grass and shoot the first wild Pokémon that you see. Get a potion at the top right, ignore the path leading to highway 46 and go west to the Cherry City.
  3. City Cherry : In this city, you encounter an old man who offers sneakers. Through them, you can move quickly but when you cross the grass, you may arouse wild Pokémon. Then go to Route 30 north and continue north-east.
  4. Route 30 and 31 : Locate an isolated house in the upper right, enter and talk to Mr. Pokémon. Get out, get the Professor Chen and retrace your steps back to the village Bourg Geon. Meet the boy with red hair by the way, beat him and find Professor Orme.
  5. Bourg Geon : In Professor Orme, give the name of the boy with red hair that you met and complete discussion. Go back to your mother, accept it saves money for you and emerge. Back to Cherry City, take Route 30 and follow this to the left section of the road. Move near the railing, skip the cave which is north and go left. Get a Pokéballs Mauville and reach.
  6. Mauville : Once you arrive at Mauville, you get a Magneto VS. Enter a Pokémon Center, take care of yours and go out. Proceed north of the city, cross the bridge and enter the tower Chetiflor. First, go ahead and climb the ladder to the left. Get a Pokéballs upstairs, move to the left of the ladder you see and climb upstairs. Locate the red-haired boy, retrieve the object to the right and talk to the old man. Defeat him, get a CT 70 and exit the tower.

Chapter 2 :

Now back in town and enter the arena of Mauville located just left of the bridge. Walk on the platform, face first two trainers and then challenge the master of the arena. Beat it, get the Zephyr Badge, the CT 51 and exit the arena. On leaving, you receive a call from Professor Elm that asks you to retrieve a Pokémon egg. Get out, talk to the lady who comes and heal your Pokémon before heading Ecorcia. Go west of the city and go south to Highway 32. 

  1. Route 32 : On Highway 32, ignore the path which is to the west and continue south. Encounter a man who will give you a miracle Grain and continue south. Earn Repels left in the grass, go ahead and choose one of two paths available to you. Both lead to the same place, take one of them and proceed to the entrance of the cellars binoculars.
  2. Twin Caves : Move left until the first intersection and go north. Earn + Attack, continue north and go down the stairs. Move left to find the CT39, north and to recover Defense +. Then, go back, up the stairs and go south this time. Take on the mountain, get a Super Ball in the bottom right and follow the path south. Get Wake near the exit and exit.
  3. Route 33 : Go to the bottom right, get the Noigrumes and go West. Take on the mountain, beat it and continue to Ecorcia.
  4. Ecorcia : After the scene, go to town and heal your Pokémon in the medical center. Next, enter a house in north-west, just before the bridge. Talk to the old man, go out and find the entrance to the city to descend into the pit.
  5. Well Ramoloss : Talk again to the old man and enter the cellar. Go straight north, confront a thug Rocket and get a Super Potion. Then, move to the West and challenge other henchmen then beat Lance leader of Team Rocket.
  6. Ecorcia : Once you’ve won the fight, you go home and get Fargas Speed Ball. Give him Noigrume of your choice and exit. Now go to the arena of the city which is south and enter. Progress towards the master of the arena, walk the platform in the shape of an insect on the left. But before that, two other cross platform and battle the minions. In the next cross, step forward on the platform, beat the twins and move the lever in the top left. Take the platform, activate the second lever in the lower left and take the platform again to Hector, the master of the arena. Beat it with Pokémon fire, get the badge Swarm and CT89. Pull the lever near Hector and exit the arena.

Chapter 3

Heal your Pokémon and go back to the west of the city for the red-haired boy pulls you again. Beat it again, heal your Pokémon and go to the oak wood.

  1. Wood oaks : Follow the path to the boy and tell him. The latter lost his Pokémon and asks you to find it. Follow the path to the right and find it in the corner. To capture him, stuck him in the corner, walk on the twigs on the ground and walk around to catch him from behind. Then, continue right to get a wake-up in a ball and continue north to find the second Canarticho. Walk on the branches in the middle to the latter moves to the upper right and then walk on the twigs that are right. Then, walk around and catch it as well from behind. You then get a CS01: Cup that allows you to cut the trees that block the path. Then use this ability, cut the tree and continue north until you see a woman. Tell him, tell him out, get something right and then exit the forest by the left.
  2. Route 34 : Follow the path of Route 34, shoot the trainers you meet and get to the boarding school for Pokémon. Choose one or two Pokémon and give them to boarding school to raise them. Then talk to the father of celesta and continue until Dublonville.
  3. Dublonville : Once you arrive at Dublonville, heal your Pokémon and go to the tunnel on a bicycle. Go behind the medical center and locate the tunnel south. Come in, get the box down the steps and Fashion. Battle the trainers, move right and take one of your Pokémon photo. Take the stairs to the left, go south and enter the Radio Tower Dublonville (left). Enter, talk to the receptionist who is right and answer the quiz.
  • 1st question: Can we see the map from its Pokémon’s? YES
  • 2nd question: The Pokémon Nidorina are they all females? YES
  • 3rd question: Fargas, the manufacturer of Poke Balls, he uses the Noigrume? : NO
  • 4th question: Is it possible to use a CT on the Pokémon Magikarp? YES.
  • 5th question: The speaker of the famous issue of Professor Chen Pokémon”chronicle”she called Lola? : NO.


You can now listen to the radio from your Pokémon’s. Subsequently, show the steps and talk to the right radio host. Take Credit Cards that offer and leave the radio tower. Now, go see the bicycle shop in the east of the town and enter. Tell him to get a bike, go out heal your Pokémon and go to the arena of the city. Enter, climb the stairs and walk up to tackle a first henchman. Then, go down the steps to the right and enter through the arch of the north. Follow the left path, take on the minions and continue until the master of the arena. White Face using the element or Fire Fight and beat it. Then talk again with White to get the Plain Badge and CT45, and then exit the arena.

Chapter 4

Go to the florist on the right side of the arena and get Squirtle to O. Finally, get your Pokémon in the boarding school, look after them and go north.

  1. Route 35 : Follow the path, face the first trainer and go. Beat other trainers along the path, enter the hut transition and take the first right exit.
  2. Natural Park : Move right, talk with the girl sitting on the bench and get a live Claw. Then, move north of the park, enter through a breach near the child who plays and go behind the fence. Get Zen Grelot located in a Ball to the east, go west and find the CT28 and then find the park exit to the east.
  3. Route 36 : Retrieve the Blue Noigrume opposite, follow the path and battle the trainer. Follow the small path that is left, walk on the grass and find a Ball containing an anti-para. Turn back, this time continue right and climb up the tree blocking the road. Use Squirtle O, confront him out of the way and get bonus plant-berries. Now follow the path northwest and reach highway 37.
  4. Route 37 : First Walk on the grass to the right, grab the three Noigrumes then follow the other path. Face the twin sisters, beat them and enter the town of Rosalia.
  5. Rosalia : Drive straight towards the center Pokémon, meet Leo and heal your Pokémon. If you want another Pokémon, return to Dublonville and enter the house of Leo to the west of the medical center. Talk again with him and get the Pokémon Eevee. Now enter the house that is left of the ambulance and talk to the boy. Accept his proposal, get the Cherch’Objet and exit.  Then go to the theater is located above the medical center and enter. Climb on the podium, beat the Rocket and thug and get the CS03: Surf your way out. Once this is done, go north-west of Rosalia and enter the tower ash. Move right, meet Eusine then compete against your rival with red hair. Then, move north-west and get an Antidote. Proceed down, use the ability Radiance rock and retrieve PV +. Thereafter, go back and go down the ladder. Go down to the legendary Pokémon, watch them fly, talk Eusine and exit the tower. Now, heal your Pokémon, please buy the potions clock and enter the arena of the city to the left of center. Upon entering the arena-shaped sanctuary, you must face the minions of the master to progress. Whenever you beat a thug, her candle goes out and you need to advance in the dark. Try to remember the way or you’ll have to start over without facing the minions again. Move on to the master of the arena and talk to him to face him. Pay attention to his attacks hypnosis, use potions and beat the clock. Get the badge and Haze, the CT30 and exit.

Chapter 5

Now, heal your Pokémon again and take the path west of the city.

  1. Route 38 : Follow the path south, get a Max Potion, then take the road in the middle. Battle the trainer, walk on the grass to reach the area to the west and continue to Highway 39.
  2. Route 39 : Talk with the old man, first go to the northwest to retrieve a Noigrume and continue on the southern plains. Get a CT60 near the tower then take the path that leads south. Take on some trainers along the way and continue to Oliville.
  3. Oliville : Once you enter the city, you see your rival again before he leaves. Go to the clinic for Pokémon, treat your friends and get out. Enter the green house that is located above the center, talk to the old man and get a super rod. Thereafter, take a look at the store buying power potions and head to the lighthouse Oliville located on a hill southeast of the city.
  4. The lighthouse Oliville : Come in, take the first elevator that is in front and get a Super Potion on top. Then descend to the ground floor and take the stairs on the left. 1st floor, beat the two trainers and take the ladder. On 2nd floor, beat another trainer and climb the ladder next. On 3rd floor, face the trainer who is south, grab the CT87 in the corner and exit through the right door. You fall outside the second floor. Get a Super Sweet enter then left by the door in the middle. Battle the trainer Marine, get the oil on the right then climb the ladder, the top left. Back on the 3rd floor, climb to the next level and go to the next stage. On 4th floor, move right, and climb the ladder. At the top of the lighthouse, talk to Jasmine who asks you to fetch the medicine for the sick Pokémon. After the discussion, take the elevator and exit the lighthouse. Do some shopping at the store, heal your Pokémon and head southwest towards the channel 40.
  5. Channel 40 : Once you get to channel 40, learn the technique CT03: surfing to one of your Pokémon and surf on the water. Go right, grab a CT88 Picore on the sand and continue to the southwest. Compete against multiple trainers and Pokémon until you reach Irisa.
  6. Irisa : Enter the Medical Center, heal your Pokémon and exit. Enter the pharmacy is located just left of center, talk to the pharmacist and get a drug for the Pokémon of the lighthouse. Thereafter, go to the arena that is in the top left of the pharmacy and enter. Descend into the water, climb the ladders that are left and beat the two trainers. Then, climb to those on the right, pass under the tube and reach the valve and red. Turn it off and face the master of the arena. Get the badge and Shock, the CT01 and exit.


Chapter 6

  1. Get the CS02: Flight of the girl in front of the arena and assign it to one of your Pokémon. Before flying to Oliville, go to the extreme north of the city and find the legendary Pokémon. Then, face Eusine then fly up Oliville.
  2. Oliville : Return to the lighthouse of the city, take the elevator to the top and give the medicine to Jasmine. Once a Pokémon has recovered, return to the ring and fight it. Get the Badge mineral, CT23 and exit.
  3. 7th badge : Now use the flight capacity and will to Rosalia. Follow the path east of the city and reach highway 42.
  4. Route 42 : Coming on Route 42, move right and use the Surf ability to cross the lake. Use cut to see the legendary Pokémon, get the Noigrumes and go east. Ignore the cave, use Surf again and cross the second lake. Climb the stairs on the right, then go east to Auburn and beat the trainers on the road.
  5. Mahogany : As in every city, treat your first Pokémon and buy new items. Then, go north of the city and reach highway 43.
  6. Route 43 : Follow the road, beat the trainers and walk on the grass to reach a Ball containing Oil max. Then, go through the building, continue north and reach the Lake anger.
  7. Lake anger : Surf on the water, go to the lake GYARADOS and confront it. Try to catch him or beat him and talk to the boy on the shore. Then, retrace your steps back and come back to Auburn. Now, heal your Pokémon and enter the gift shop located in the north. Watch the short scene and then down through the secret passage.

Team Rocket.

Team Rocket Hideout : Proceed left, past the statue and face two henchmen. Continue to the intersection and take the first road to the south because it allows you to find two objects. Proceed right to find Hyper Potion and go down a level, fight the scientist and find Defense Spec. Finally, down to the lowest level and find the stairs and a teleporter. Ignore the teleporter and take the stairs on the left. You see Peter, who heal your Pokémon. Then, move right, down and continue right next to the stairs. Scroll down, find Peter again and enter the room on your left. Battle the minions first to know the password then go left. Compete against other two henchmen to know the second password and then retrieve protein and Special + before returning to the right.

Go north this time. Get Total Care and CT49 in both lanes and take the stairs to the north-east. First go south to find Defense Spec + on the table and then follow the road left and go down the stairs. First, follow the path that leads south then right. Find your rival, talk to him and then retrieve a Hyper Ball to right. Interact with the door and battle the Commander Lambda. After the fight, first take the second staircase south to find an object and then retrace your steps back and follow the Corners. Back up to the beginning of the den and Cornebre open a door blocked. Enter and face the second boss in a fight two. Beat Ariadne then enter the room. You now have to beat the three electrodes to the left to disable the machine. Get the CS05 and then exit the hideout.

Mahogany : Now, heal your Pokémon and go to the arena of the city. In this arena, use the element of fire to defeat enemies. In the first part of the arena, move the ice up and then left, top, right and finally up again. In the second room, take on the thug’s left and move right twice then up. In the third room, move up, left, up, left, then take on the thug. Then go south, right, right and top. Battle then the master of the arena, get the Glacier Badge and the CT07 and exit the arena.

Chapter 8

Once you exit, you receive a call from Professor Elm informing you that the radio tower was taken by Team Rocket. Fly So far Dublonville, heal your Pokémon and enter the radio tower.

  1. Dublonville : Arriving at Dublonville, enter again in the basement of the town and talk to the constable of Team Rocket is near the photographer. So get the habit of Team Rocket then go to the radio tower.
  2. Radio tower : Move right, talk with the thug to the steps and beat him over the scene. Climb stairs, walk left, face the other henchmen and mount another march to the left. Move to the right, climb the stairs, walk left and climb other stairs. Locate the commander of Team Rocket on the desktop, beat it and get the key to the door in the basement. Go to the basement, walk east to find the woman dancer and then open the door.
  3. Basement : Go down the stairs, walk left and battle your rival who pulls you over. Then, move left, then go grab Total care before the three colored switches. To solve this puzzle, first activate the switch blue, green and red. Proceed south-east, past the purple switch and enter the next door. Follow the hallway, get a Hyper Ball and continue to the right. Recover oil max in the corner, move north and then skip the stairs and go right to the room in the middle. Find the true owner of the radio, talk and get the magnetic card. Then get close to the CT82 and take the stairs that you ignored earlier. Grab a piece Rune, go south and interact with the Pokémon trainers out of the way and thereby recover the three objects. Thereafter, go back to the elevator and take the red. Go to Ground floor, exit the mall and return to the radio tower.
  4. Funkturm : Come in, come back to the top floor of the radio tower and climb the first two floors. On 2nd floor, move south-east and open the door with the magnetic card. Enter, take on the thug and up the stairs. Get a Hyper potion, face another thug and climb the next stage. Ariane Face the elevator and take it as red. Climb to the top of the radio tower, go see Amos leader of Team Rocket and confront it. Defeat her Pokémon, Silver Wing and get out of the tower. Heal your Pokémon, use the flight ability and go to Auburn.
  5. Mahogany : Go east to Auburn and reach highway 44.
  6. R44 : First you get a Noigrume, a Max Repel in a Ball and follow the path that leads north. Get another object on the road, keep right, go up the stairs and enter the ice cave.
  7. Ice Cave : Enter, scroll to the first block and go right up to the next section. In the second block of ice, move up, left, up, left, down, left, up and finally right. Walk into the old man who informs you that it has lost its purpose. Go back, go forward in the mirror and turn right, down, right, up, left, down, left, top and right. Get the CS07, come see the old man. Then, keep the right path and go down the ladder. In the next section, you must use the CS04: Force to push the boulders into the holes. First, push the second rock to the hole that is left then push the rock in the middle hole in the top right. Finally, push the rock that lies at the extreme right in the hole in the bottom right. Once this is done, down through the right scale. Move on ice to the left until you reach the rock on which you had fallen off, go left, then right at the top. Get the Total Care and down through the ladder. Use Radiance rock right or go around the room and then retrieve the object and climb the ladder that is right. Move left and climb down via the following scale. Always feed the left, ignore the rock and climb the ladder to the left. Pick the object up, down and locate the dancer who is stuck on the ice. Move to get behind her and push to release. Finally, follow it and find the exit.
  8. Ebenelle : First, go to the medical center south and heal your Pokémon. Make purchases in the store nearby, go into the House of capacity left and teach your Pokémon new capabilities. Afterwards, head north of the city and access to the arena. Proceed on the mobile platform in front, walk on left arrow to move left, walk on the blue circle to turn it twice and returned to the original location of the platform to be able to cross the bridge. Come on, take on two blockers, ignore the teleporter and step on the second platform. Move it up, turn it and move it right to reach the right section. Continue north-west, use the new mobile platform and go north-east. Reach and the master of the arena and battle it. However, before you put the badge, you must prove yourself in the dragon’s lair to the north of the arena. First, use the teleporter (left) and exit the arena. Go heal your Pokémon, go back around the arena and use the Surf ability to cross the lake to the north. Reach the dragon’s lair, talk to the old man and enter.
  9. The dragon’s lair : Descend via the ladder, take on the thug and go down the stairs. Go first right to find a Ball Calcium then return to the broken bridge and use Surf to cross the water. Surf left, grab the Max Elixir on the way and use the ability to move the vortex trap. Follow the path right and enter the temple. Answer the questions the old man (if you do not answer correctly, the question is asked a second time), so get the badge Lever and retrace your steps back. Before leaving, you get the CT59 Sandra.

Pokémon League

Once outside, you receive a phone call from Professor Elm that asks you to join him in his lab. Therefore, use Fly and go to Bourg Geon.

  1. Bourg Geon : Go to Professor Elm, talk with him and get the Master Ball. This can catch any Pokémon every time, so make good use of it. For now, exit the lab, use Fly and go to Rosalia.
  2. Rosalia : Heal your Pokémon if they are injured and try to enter the ballroom Rosalia which is above the medical center. You meet your rival who has taken a beating and then enter. Discuss with the first sister, start the ordeal and confront them one by one. Feel free to use potions, beat them and get the Glass storm. Get out, heal your Pokémon and head to the Tourb’Iles. To reach this place, Irisa fly up and use the Surf ability to cross the water to the east. You must have Flash and the ability to illuminate caves trap and move the vortices.
  3. The Tourb’Iles : Glide over the water towards the far east, near the barrier of rocks and then use the ability to move the vortex trap and reach the island. Turn around and go behind the cave, go again to access the left side and enter.

Although the story is long and rather amusing, it has nothing particularly original. We appreciate however that the freedom we are allowed to come and go as we please when we please.


Faq :
Have an idea of its IVs Pokémon :
Near the PC the Battle Tower is the judge who will assess the potential of your Pokémon. It will give you the total IVs of your Pokémon and statistics in which it is strongest.

  • Potential correct – Total 0-90: approximately 0-15 everywhere
  • Potential higher – Total 91-120: about 15-20 around
  • Potential much higher – Total 121-150: about 20-25 around
  • Exceptional potential – Total 151-186: about 25-31 across
  • Correct: 0 to 15
  • Very good: 16 to 25
  • Fantasy: from 26-30
  • The top: 31

GB Player : 

The GB Player is an object that can listen to music from the original game in its Game Boy. For this purpose, we must fight all the champions of Kanto, then go to Celadon, in the large building. Here, climb the second floor and talk to the person who stands before the world to get the GB Player.

Facing again the champions of arena :

More info :

We find once the colorful style and design features so nicely done. Nevertheless, some elements in 3D now invite themselves in various settings and menus are unprecedented clarity. It also welcomes the first Pokémon to appear in our team alongside with trainer.  If the combat system has not evolved an inch, the interface is this time a flawless efficiency. Whether you play with the stylus or the old, the controls are intuitive and navigation in different sections is optimal. The day / night cycle geared to the internal clock rate ideally adventure while many online functions integrate seamlessly with the whole.

Special mention for Poke walker finally allows us to carry our favorite Pokémon everywhere with us. With 493 Pokémon to collect, two entire regions to explore, ten mini-games and dozens of opponents to challenge, Pokémon Soulsilver Heartgold and enjoy a lifetime of proper staggering. There is no doubt that for those who love, time spent on their DS will be counted in hundreds of hours. The main musical theme of the original versions have been remixed and every Pokémon has a cry original. However, the sound environment is still perfectible.



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