Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island PC Walkthrough

Something is Brewing in Vooju Island. Successful author Bill Tiller tells a gripping tale of pirates, ghosts, and mysterious Vooju magic.  The game is set in a mythical Caribbean backdrop  and paired with an unmistakable pirate humor where Vooju magic plays an essential role in this exciting and humorous story. The Vooju priest Papa Doc. The bumbling ships cook Blue Belly and the impetuous pirate Jane Starting have fallen victim to a conspiracy contrived by the devious Queen Zimbi. She used her mysterious Vooju magic curse and transform these intrepid characters. You must he the heroic trio regain their real human form and thwart the dark machinations of The Vooju priestess and her pirate arks. The fate of the entire world lies in the hands of free involuntary heroes.

But as a ghost. It is not always easy to act in the real world. Because the ghostly trio are subjected to special Vooju laws. This can be limiting to our heroes but also gives rise to many hilarious situations. However their ghostly existence also brings some benefits.  Such as the ability to communicate with each other over vast distances. Their special abilities and Vooju magic are significant factors in helping them solve countless puzzles. The player can also switch back and forth between the main characters. And this helps you to master even the most demanding tasks in this swashbuckling tale.

Adventures in the spirit of the monkey island in the Universe Pirates of the Caribbean. Used to play as Much for Three characters: Papa Doc, Jane Starling and Blue Bell. All Three Have Recently Become ghosts and are now looking for a road to life. Living people see the trio Did Not Hear gold, and move objects ghost. The Queen Zimba and Captain Barbara Green hoping to unlock demonic forces to take control of the island Vooju.  The fate of the world rests in the hands of three heroes you incarnate and must cooperate: Papa Doc, a Voodoo priest, Blue Belly, a cook and Jane Starling, a beautiful adventuress. Help them to lift the curse that has been thrown back to human form and to thwart the plans of the priestess and her ally’s pirates.

Pirates of Ghost Island brings Vooju adventurers to the sea, a place vaguely similar to the Caribbean Sea in the late 1600s.  Paradise upside subtropics, where pirates and zombies roam around the protoplasmic most unusual places! Discover more than thirty places and become familiar with a cast of unique characters and crazy as the story unfolds with hilarious twists the tongue-in-cheek and turns. Business players around the world of ghost pirates with not one but three characters, taking advantage of each character abilities to solve the mysteries of the island Vooju.  

Features :

  • Humor packed point & click adventure  penned by Bill Tiller.
  • Three playable main characters
  • Easily switch between any of The Three main characters - Vast array of spooky and hilarious characters
  • Interplay of spiritual and human forms
  • Use ghostly magic powers to solve puzzles
  • Beautiful hand-drawn and highly detailed game world
  • Mysterious