Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island PC Walkthrough

Something is Brewing in Vooju Island. Successful author Bill Tiller tells a gripping tale of pirates, ghosts, and mysterious Vooju magic.  The game is set in a mythical Caribbean backdrop  and paired with an unmistakable pirate humor where Vooju magic plays an essential role in this exciting and humorous story. The Vooju priest Papa Doc. The bumbling ships cook Blue Belly and the impetuous pirate Jane Starting have fallen victim to a conspiracy contrived by the devious Queen Zimbi. She used her mysterious Vooju magic curse and transform these intrepid characters. You must he the heroic trio regain their real human form and thwart the dark machinations of The Vooju priestess and her pirate arks. The fate of the entire world lies in the hands of free involuntary heroes.

But as a ghost. It is not always easy to act in the real world. Because the ghostly trio are subjected to special Vooju laws. This can be limiting to our heroes but also gives rise to many hilarious situations. However their ghostly existence also brings some benefits.  Such as the ability to communicate with each other over vast distances. Their special abilities and Vooju magic are significant factors in helping them solve countless puzzles. The player can also switch back and forth between the main characters. And this helps you to master even the most demanding tasks in this swashbuckling tale.

Adventures in the spirit of the monkey island in the Universe Pirates of the Caribbean. Used to play as Much for Three characters: Papa Doc, Jane Starling and Blue Bell. All Three Have Recently Become ghosts and are now looking for a road to life. Living people see the trio Did Not Hear gold, and move objects ghost. The Queen Zimba and Captain Barbara Green hoping to unlock demonic forces to take control of the island Vooju.  The fate of the world rests in the hands of three heroes you incarnate and must cooperate: Papa Doc, a Voodoo priest, Blue Belly, a cook and Jane Starling, a beautiful adventuress. Help them to lift the curse that has been thrown back to human form and to thwart the plans of the priestess and her ally’s pirates.

Pirates of Ghost Island brings Vooju adventurers to the sea, a place vaguely similar to the Caribbean Sea in the late 1600s.  Paradise upside subtropics, where pirates and zombies roam around the protoplasmic most unusual places! Discover more than thirty places and become familiar with a cast of unique characters and crazy as the story unfolds with hilarious twists the tongue-in-cheek and turns. Business players around the world of ghost pirates with not one but three characters, taking advantage of each character abilities to solve the mysteries of the island Vooju.  

Features :

  • Humor packed point & click adventure  penned by Bill Tiller.
  • Three playable main characters
  • Easily switch between any of The Three main characters – Vast array of spooky and hilarious characters
  • Interplay of spiritual and human forms
  • Use ghostly magic powers to solve puzzles
  • Beautiful hand-drawn and highly detailed game world
  • Mysterious Vooju-Magic

Game Story :

Papa Doc is a voodoo priest married to a mysterious magician, Queen Zimba. Jane is a beautiful pirate who has just fallen in love with a married man `. Blue Belly is a very young cook who has just wrapped `be hired on the ship’s captain Green beard. The mysterious woman of Papa Doc and the Captain Greenbeard have teamed up to capture the governor Flint and take control of the island `. Jane and Papa Doc Blue Belly witness the abduction of Flint. The Queen Zimba their terrible fate inflicts makes their dumb and they are found wandering around outside their body in the form of `disembodied spirits. These three characters thunderstruck by the horrible fate of Queen Zimba will work hard to lift the curse that has been inflicted and the governor to issue Flint hands of those nefarious pirates.

Jane and Papa Doc Blue Belly muted all can communicate even when away from the other on the way to the thought. You will have three ghosts Controller that can pass through walls and communicating with the dead. In this game you will need to communicate at all costs the three characters to establish communication with the living and achieve things beyond your reach to get away. You can swap the character at all times. To do this you just click on their portray

Walkthrough :

Pirates of Vooju Island does not hide its influences. On the one hand, we find a world of piracy near Monkey Island, populated by colorful characters, and where magic voodoo is omnipresent. On the other hand, the ability to control three characters simultaneously sentenced to cooperate to cope, going from one to another at any time (just to click on their portrait) refers positively to Maniac Mansion and its sequel "Day of the Tentacle. Gambling Bill Tiller nonetheless manages to be sufficiently distinct from its models, and for good reason: three ghosts have the opportunity to interact with the scenery but cannot converse with the living. Yet it would be strange that a title as talkative as A Vampire Story, Autumn Moon has opted to play dumb. The secret is that even separate our three buddies can communicate with each other in thought although there is rarely more than one screen, the others never fail to make their little comments humorous.

It also allows the studio to introduce a nice find of game play: each character is often the control of things he does not know and / or he does not know how to serve, it then suffices to "show" to one of his two acolytes (by dragging the desired profile) to identify and learn to use it. Blue Belly can use, for example files found in a toolbox without first talking to Jane, who teach him the basics of crocheting. These range interactions are an excellent idea, although it is regrettable that cooperation is not limited to that. There is, in fact, no real mutual involvement between the adventures of the three protagonists, who officiated at the outset of each other and will not end up better than separate again. We would have appreciated that, like the illustrious Maniac Mansion, the actions of one can affect the adventure of another. Riddles, eccentric without ever showing illogical, however, remain well thought out.

Very valuable, there are ghost images of the system already present in A Vampire Story characters simply "noted" the presence of certain objects (their figure is only when the inventory) while waiting for a good reason use. Similarly, they may refuse to perform certain actions before logic dictates they do. Besides, there is a proven classic game play. Left clicking on an interactive component shows a radial menu, less intrusive than the previous set of Autumn Moon, giving the player three options: to examine, use / pick up, or speak, knowing that the proposed actions may also change in response of the situation and be crazy proposals. The game relies heavily on his ever-present humor, full of references, although it does not always fly. The French translation is satisfactory, even if it is not without a few shells. The problem scrolling A Vampire Story is just a bad memory.

Controls :

Third-person adventure is handled entirely with the mouse. With the right will have access to the inventory of objects and the possibility of using any of the three characters. To the left you will catch them and examine them. Pressing the ESC key go out to the main menu of the game. When you pass the cursor over an object or character will the image of a skull with which you can execute three actions, FETCH, EXAMINE, and TALK. Clicking on the hand, eye, or mouth. When you take even see objects that remain on its site, added to the inventory. Use the TAB key will have access to all the points with which you can interact on the screen.

Chapter 1

Papa Doc

After the cut scene of entry, you play as Papa Doc. Go first left and proceed to the henhouse to the plantation at the top. Touch the ladder to shake and then the attic door is at the top and pour the coconut on the head of the plantation. Get the coconut in your inventory twice and use it on two people who work. Then return to the barn and take the bag of seeds. Lift the loose poles in the bottom left of the fence and place the bag over the ditch filled with lava. Now that you have entered the lair of Papa Doc, enter the room on the right and move the library. The wand Voojo is in another room, right, but you cannot enter because of two idols that block the spirits. Observe the mask Loa on the wall and enter the Hall.

Take the fruit on the table, observe the loas on the wall and go to the middle room. The symbol in chalk you draw yourself prevents you from entering. Tap the pot of flowers for the break and for the maid to come clean. Then enter the room and examine the cupboard. Look at the music box on the table and open it to listen to the melody that springs. Enter the inventory, ask Jane about the music and then ask Blue Belly. Then, examine the candle to get a candle and ask Jane on the candle. Then pull on the candle to discover a secret passage. Ask Jane about the symbols and then encrypted using the melody of your inventory panel secrecy. Check the ink and letter, ask Jane on ink and return in the lobby.

Ask about Blue Belly vegetables, use them on the water jug, return to the room and use the cabbage juice to the letter. Finally, grab the rope curtain and return to the hall. Now, go back to the entrance to the room containing your wand and use the rope on the idols, then ask Jane about the bondage of idols and come back in the lobby. Scare the maid using your costume and grab the mop she leaves fleeing. She also dropped the two idols escaping.
Finally, try to take the baton Voojo on the table and go near the skull of I. Xel. Wash the head with cabbage juice to see the entries appear and then clean with the mop.


First, observe the Zombie Voojo, enter the inventory and ask Papa doc about Voojo stick. Then flip the barrel and open the warehouse door. Look at the sinister hand in the middle, wondering Papa Doc on this hand and then examine the statue and pull it. Then go to the attic hatch and climb. First, open the shutters of the windows, watch the drum and pass through the window. Then move one located below the window. Once you have three drums on the waterfall, climb on the bridge and hit the banana. Finally, get the stick to the zombie and enter the warehouse to turn off the hand of a disaster. Now, exit the warehouse and go on deck right. After the short cut scene, examine the crane and pull the handle (22) to lower the nets.

Then, go back to the rear of the boat and push the body irrelevant to hand Voojo. Examine the lantern, open and pull the hoist holding the sail near the steps. The veil burning and zombies rushed on deck to turn it off. At this time, back onto the bridge and turn the water barrel. Come down, take the logs on the box found near the brazier and ask Blue Belly. Finally, pull the shield that is above the brazier and put the logs on the shield.

Blue Belly

First, move right and enter tunnel. Get the rope, cargo net and open the chest. Touch the box and look around the hook hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel. In your inventory, combine the cargo net with the body and attach the hook at the ceiling. Push the crate, go back to the entrance of the mine and get the pick. Now, Ask Jane about tools that you found in the trunk, look at the cupboard, the lock and then query it again to pick the limes and the padlock. Take the shovel inside the closet and back into the tunnel.

Go to the pharmacy to the right and push the books on the shelf. Move right and grab the chicken blood on another shelf, right. You also get a concept of Fetish in your inventory. Now, go back to the pharmacy and steal two glass bottles. Back again to the pharmacy, push the books on the right shelf and get the acid on the shelf left. Now, go left to the steam pipe and examine the pot, bamboo, precarious rock, rock and supported the tap. In inventory, combine the files with two empty bottles and combine lenses obtained with the bamboo.

Back in the crack, use the telescope on bamboo Fetishes glass and read the inscriptions. Next, place the shovel on the rocks that are in the middle and create a catapult and craftsmanship. Take the bottle of acid in your inventory, use it on the catapult and burned, and the pen of the last Fetish. Use the telescope to see the bamboo on the last registration Fetish, start with chicken blood and destroy the catapult and the Fetishes of glass. Now, go back into the steam pipe, use the rope on the hook and use everything on the stone without interest. Come back into the muddy cave and use the pickaxe on the bamboo platform. Then, push the log and the body will be projected on the left. Examine them, ask Papa Doc on the body and return to the pharmacy.

Tap the jar on the shelf of a demon to make her fall then take the small bowl on the table. Then return to the steam pipe, look and ask Papa Doc Voojo symbols on the wall. Place the body in the pot, use bamboo in the pot and push the pot. Now, you must strengthen the steam. First, remove the plate that holds the rock. Remove the first plank of precarious rock then use rope-hook assembly on the precarious rock to remove the second plate. Finally, use the bamboo bowl, combine all with the faucet and open water.

Chapter 2

Blue Belly

Arriving at Mary Cay, you notice that the wedding day the Governor Muriel. Talk to the governor, exhaust all the conversations, but you will not succeed in convincing him. Then after the conversation with the girl pirate, talk to the queen of sirens about all subjects. Examine the bag of chips in your inventory and go to town.  Watch the boat, touch it and recover a rope. Then head to the door and go to the next area. Use the rope on the swarm then use everything on the root of the tree. Bees attack and the guards and the way is clear. Enter the palace and get the pads on the tables. Leave the tavern and head to the beach Levi, left the dock.

Watch Levi, examine its blowhole and dive inside. Examine everything that lies in his throat, big barrels open, use the barrel with the barrel pellet isolated and sprinkle the spices. When you’re pushed out of Levi take another barrel pellet and use it on Levi Leviathan.  Once the boat stuck Dan Levi’s throat so, examine the dead marine on the sand and get a notebook. Back in town, place the cursor in the water and click on his mouth to speak with the queen of sirens and know that Levi is on your side.

Now, go back to the tavern and talk to the pirate villain on all subjects. Then, examine the log that you found and ask Jane about this book. Talk to Rosie and borrow a pencil. Enter the inventory and give the pencil Jane. Finally, talk to the father of Blue Belly and exit the tavern.  Proceed left on the dock and go down the drain. Look at the crazy smuggler, who died and the dog left. Touch the corpse of the unfortunate smuggler, combine his body in the inventory with the dog, and get the files and use them on the barriers.

Now you must choose among four pictures in order to know the location of Rum. To do this, choose the following pictures from left to right:

  • In the first batch: 3, 2 and 1.
  • In the second batch: 4, 4, 3 and 4.
  • And in the latest batch: 4 and 1.

Now that you’ve arrived in the mill, first push the boards near the old bootlegger. Shake off the rusty armor behind, move heavy sacks of flour and then move the trunk of treasure at the top right. Finally, touch the ugly smuggler to extinguish the last fire, securing the Rum. Now, back to the dock and go to the back wall, up the stairs. Make the forged letter from the inventory and use it on the balcony. Then you must adjust your shot by clicking the cursor on both cards. To do this, click the far right of the map horizontal and extreme north of the map then check the vertical cut scene that follows.

Papa Doc

Look at the top left window and the inscriptions on the wall and out of prison. Move right, enter the guard room and come out to the cliff, right. Recover palm leaves and place them on the mantelpiece. Then return to the guard room and grab the bat, near the table. Use it to hit the barrels of rum, enter the horizontal beam appeared at the top then use the bat again to hit the three barrels remaining.

Descend into the cells, enter the torch and set fire to the rum. Then, join the cliff climbing the rocks that come fall. Get the vines on the wall, use it on the snake carved and then click on the left to reach the throne room.  In this room, get the stuffed bunny and give it to Jaguar. You get a combination of rabbit-jaguar. Then go to the left towards the drawbridge, touch the guard’s chair once to push the vacuum, then tap it a second time to recover. Thereafter, use the chair on the cage and use the combination Capybara rabbit jaguar on the Capybara. Papa Doc and unfolds the drawbridge and recover his body.

After a brief discussion with the young emperor, return to the throne room and go to the pyramids. Cross the bridge and enter the altar, right. Examine the model, the sanctuary of Xel and I return to the throne room.  First you get the bowl of cabbage that is left of the emperor, the doll Itzacoka and the vase filled with water on the table. Use the cabbage on the guard then use the vase of water on the bowl of cabbage and then touch the shield. The bowl heated under the sun, a bad smell and the guard left the room.

Then get behind the machine and use the parrot on the perch of the latter. Take the bottle of wine and salt to the right of the emperor. Use the first bottle of wine on the perch and then use the salt shaker. The parrot then drink the wine and falls into the laundry basket. Take inventory of your basket, place it on the trolley and push it. Finally, use the parrot on the tree and use the doll Itzacoka on the parrot. The bird then records everything the priest said, and denounced to the emperor.


First, look at the Delta the storm and the flag of Flint and then head to the gut of the beast at the top. Take the spear rusty, the fishing net (near the boat) and the hook near the hut on the right. Then go to the ballroom and talk Grimjaw on all subjects. Leave the room, go down the right and reach the cellar. Examine the wooden beam, then the knock-out and head for the balcony. Now that Grimjaw and his companion are busy, use the hook on the chandelier, combine the net and the harpoon in the inventory and use it on the chandelier. Finally, touch the chandelier and pull the rope. You recover and map Grimjaw, find your body and return to the boat. In your inventory, ask Papa Doc on the map.

Arriving in the waterfalls, walk right up and join the boat Red Rump. Take the bucket scary ride near the pirate ghost and talk about all subjects. Return to the waterfalls, go left and enter the cave. Examine the scroll of the seal and ask Papa Doc on its contents. Afterwards, grab the golden bowl, candles, and a bottle of rum and plug the empty bottle (on the table). Look at the mirror that is left of the scroll, push the snake statue and look Azticlan chalk.  Now, go back and speak to Red Rump take his dagger (86). Go to the waterfalls, take the bucket terrifying and fill it with water with the fall which is the extreme right.

Back in the cave, use the dagger on the chalk and get the black stone and piece of chalk. Blue Belly Ask the black pebble, examine the sheets near the bed and take it in pieces. Try washing the mirror with the sheets but it lacks something. Ask Blue Belly on the mirror, place the bottle of rum on the chair, combine and flint dagger in inventory and use everything on the chair. Take the ashes and created and return to Red Rump.

To make soap, first place the bottle cap on the barrel scary, put the water bucket and add the ashes. In your inventory, ask Papa Doc on the idea of hot ash and then use the candles on the barrel. Use the golden bowl on the barrel to get the soap back in the cave. Finally, use soap to clean the mirror and use the piece of chalk on the mirror. Xilbaba appears and you execute a plan to trap the King of Darkness.

Chapter 3


Now continuing with Jane, you cross the room where all the pirates are fighting because you can not fight everyone. Jump on the rope on the left (1), then the mask (2) lamp (3) finally on the right rope (4) and then go into the temple.  Now in its fight against Barba green, you must respond as reacts images Barba Verde. Here are the answers you give (At least you have to beat him twice) In the first answer him with the images from left to right: 2, 3, 2, and then according to their action, give the correct answer.

Blue Belly

In front of the tomb, examine the pool of birds Voojo left of the door and push it. Remove the line and salt and tap the door to enter.  Move right and enter the pharmacy. Examine the book Voojo the middle and ask Papa Doc on this book. Return to the entrance of the tomb, taking oily rags on the floor and put them on the torches.
Now you have to liberate the souls of the undead. First pour the water from the fountain to remove salt and enters through the door once a ghost. Take soil, rags soaked in oil, enters the mine and continues to the laboratory. There you see a huge zombie guarding the chest, then the book examines the altar and show it to Papa Doc for information.

Zombie is a log, which are the initials of souls and symbols of the potions to them. Then the first thing you have to do to defeat the zombie, is to find and locate the name and initial letter. But to talk to him, you have to change your physical form.  Return to the entrance of the mine and used a wet rag on the torch. Get out and go up the fissure through which the smoke comes out and moves the height of the image. Now click on the crack and you’ll fall through the hole. Talk to the zombie and the advice of Jane, get passed by Captain Flint and provides the animation. Then, get your body to recover and locate the smoke, right. Examine it, push the idol Loa ice and touch the statue when it falls. Now you’re down in the mine of corpses in the flesh, talk to the zombie that keeps the trunk. Say you’re the king Flint and ask his name, rank and
rating. The zombie gave his name and all minds are saved thanks to the book.

Papa Doc

In this volcanic cave, you face Mama Malidei. First, place Papa Doc Mystery in the bottom left it launches its magic ball on it. Then, place the top right for the ball touches the rock and requires Malidei forward. Finally, place the top left to destroy the ball the second rock fall and make it collapse Malidei in the lava.  Congratulations You have defeated Barbara Green, and saved the Pirates defeated the witch Malidei Mama!



System Requirement :

  • Pentium 4 3.0GHz or Sempron 3600
  • Geforce 6800 GS or
  • Radeon HD 4650
  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • 4 GB Hard drive Space
  • Direct X 9

Conclusion :

This game is extremely captivating universe by its very original with many `humor. You will have to solve many logic puzzles that you will find very interesting. The only thing you may not be popular with the game pirates of Ghost Island Voojo c `ac term is because it is a bit short. Beautifully drawn, colorful 2D backgrounds. Some of the 3D characters are animated and quite detail arm wooden. The cut scenes look completely obsolete technology.

An atmospheric, good soundtrack. The speaking roles are generally well cast, but the comments of the heroes annoying fast because they cannot cancel. A clear inventory, fast travel by double-clicking a hotspot and display via TAB key (not as described in the manual by space bar). Terribly annoying: The speech cannot cancel it.

The adventure, which consists of two main parts, do not seek more than 8 hours, especially since the puzzles are logical rather show and not too difficult overall. It is far too light given the rates charged. At least you save Does the end out badly for A Vampire Story, together with a "To be continued …" which had disappointed many players. Probably a little less prominent than that of A Vampire Story, music by Pedro Macedo Camacho nevertheless very effective and fits well with the universe. The original voices of the characters are very suitable. Too bad the sound effects are a little further back, as is too often the case in the genre.




Pirates of Ghost Island Vooju is a good adventure game with a solid history and a universe of catchy, which is enriched by some additional finds refreshing. Alas, just as original as it is, promised cooperation between the three characters tend to be limited to a minimum. We particularly regret that the actions of one have no impact on the adventure of the other. Moreover, the game suffers the same lack of finishing that A Vampire Story of the studio: his mistakes in terms of staging and inadequate life prevents us to consider it as a must.




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