Dragon Age Origins Leliana’s Song Walkthrough

Bioware is new content for its fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins ready. In the Downloadable Content (DLC) Leliana’s song the player assumes the role of Bardin Leliana. During the story you see Lelianas dangerous past and find out why they joined the Chantry.  For the 471-MB file, you must pay 560 points Bioware. The DLC has been so great because the story is told by Leliana in a number of cutscenes, and is also set completely.

Leliana the main character in the game with  Warden will play the game. You will play as Leliana in the village of Lothering. She came here for some relaxation and forgiveness for his part deeds. Leliana mother is from Ferelden and she is not alive. Now she is raised by Orlesian who was a noble lady and played as the major character in the game. Leliana has to follow Orlesian.  The DLC is released and has quiet a nice gameplay. You can spend some amount worth buying this. Marjolaine sends Leliana to a high risk mission.

The contents opens with the protagonist telling his past as a flashback, one Laelianus a bit different as we knew (it is now very bad and so bad pigtail leads), which has reached Denerim formerly at ORLAIS to mess with a character that will be familiar to anyone who has made his mission of good faith in the main game. In the past we know how little you have told us in the game (if you told us), so it’s a perfect opportunity to deepen. And, unlike other content that have been appearing, it deepens! Perhaps that is the most surprising thing has been careful enough and is adding almost like playing one of the origins, but takes a little longer: about two hours if we do everything.

As the scenarios we Denerim market square and a couple of sites with a new location on the outskirts. In this case, although not many locations have implemented at least have made it at night, like in Back to Ostagar had snowed, changing a bit the feeling that this does not seem we have seen. The missions vary a little (and some we can make them in different ways, giving some degree of replayability), from chests loot and murder, to pursue a new final enemy cliffs. In this sense, nothing new, but well done. The only but is that we cannot freely visit or leave the map, but during the content will all run and jump from one setting to another when we have finished the missions concerned.

It is in other aspects when we begin to notice the change of direction (in the sense of more gigs) and mime has been for the game. For starters, change the system a bit of dialogue: Now choose a general (as in Mass Effect) and Laelianus dialogue in this regard, with vocals. Come on, we’re at the first time in Dragon Age handle the character speaks. For this occasion, have recorded a lot of audio tracks with the official bender and new companions, who will be three. These companions have their own conversations with each other well, and there are times (though not many) where we can talk to them to see what they think of what they are going on and deepen their past. These new companions have their own history and charisma, so that the end is a shame not to know more about them or interact much more. In this regard, the codex will also be a little different: now include the information as if you were counting Laelianus from their point of view, and will we learn more about the war between ORLAIS and Ferelden.

Key Features:

  • Explore Leliana’s dangerous past and why she joined the Chantry
  • A fully voiced cinematic experience brings the characters to life
  • Unlock a unique reward that transfers into your Awakening and Origins campaign
  • All-new musical compositions intensify the action and intrigue

Characters :

Leliana : Leliana is an impulsive and carefree bard living the Orlesian game of intrigue. She cares little for consequences, preferring to commit herself fully to the passion of the moment. She is all too eager to inflict her skills upon the unsuspecting nobility of Ferelden.

Tug : Brash, cunning, uncomplicated–an excellent frontline thug who doesn’t ask questions and knows when he should leave the planning to someone else. Fiercely loyal to his friends, even as he gives them a hard time. A strange fit to follow a bard, although he’d claim there’s no better view.

Sketch : Bookish, nervous, but frighteningly capable when backed into a corner. Not the adventuring type, but as dangerous as the game of intrigue can be, it is still preferable to a life spent caged by the templar’s. Sketch knows when to shut up, and prefers to.

Walkthrough :

Assume the role of Leliana, a young bard involved in a criminal ring that deals in political secrets. Accompanying her mentor Marjolaine on a high-risk mission, Leliana soon finds herself entangled in a game of intrigue that she cannot escape with just her beauty, charm, or stealth. The only way out of this game is to kill or be killed.

The game begins with a beautiful cutscene. Late night environment with shining moon giving out a resemblance of calm but down there is lots havoc. The cutscene will explain you about the event so do not forget to watch that fully. You will introduced with the three major game characters Sketch, Tug and Leliana in action. A women Marjolaine who is Leliana’s mentor will explain this mystery and acts as the main story teller. The story begins from now. Checkout your game menus for points and upgrades and then move on. You can find a series of weapons and accessories in that. At first you can see the map and then the game begins with a dark area. You can hear customize Leliana and collect some upgrades just for beginning touch. As running you will find a jewelry box. You might need to steal that. Some soldiers at time will attack you and you have to use all the controls to kill them out.

There are some powers provide to you which you can use out. You will be co-operated with other players. Then keep walking now the guards are tracing you. You can see out a jewelry box which might give out some health gains. Move further and some boxes are there. You have to collect all of those golden boxes. After that you have to g at the house of Jovi Merice. As you reached there a new cutscene begins. He is the boss of first level and you have to fight with him. You will have to kill him and then move. Follow the road and you will enter another level.

Some city guards will attack you in between use your sword to kill them out in one kill. Further killing them you can see a well were some warriors are standing. They are no normal guards and they will keep the best to keep you away from the door.  At the corner you can see one more box. Collect some upgrades and then go back, not towards the door. Straight moving with the place from where you have killed Jave Merice. A new cutscene will begin here for your further level.  A new mission begins from here. Again a cutscene to give information on the further work. Watching cutscene is an easy way of finding out more on the game mission. Look in map for your new objective. Now this place is new and as you move you will encounter with strange creature.  

They will come out suddenly and attack on you.  Kill them and then move and update your inventory. Further you will have to fight with an Elite Soldier at a fountain. Three of you will attack on them and kill them one by one.  There are soldiers at some location and you have to kill them one by one. You will lose out some health here. Next there is small lane where you will have to climb a window. You can view your accomplishments there.  After that a new cutscene begins from here and further just have a look on your inventory. Then further moving you will found dark places. There you will have to run out to find the right way out. There is wooden door with guarding solders inside. They appear suddenly in numbers to attack you. After killing them some more soldiers will attack you from the front door and insider there are more. But this time you have some harder attacks.

A Crossbowman will attack so just beware from his hard hit. After killing him you will get small entrance and there you will get a sudden attack so just do not rush in. Then climb up and. At left side you will find a Wooden door and in that there is another Metal door.  Inside that you will get a Golden box. Come back out and take a left. Move forward.  There more soldiers waiting for you after the wooden door.  Kill them all and then a wooden door in the front will take you to a new cutscene. You can see an entrance at the front where you have to enter. Don’t go there you can get a wooden door on the right side. Open that up and then more soldiers will attack you. New powers will make you much stronger here.  Under your inventory and equipment you can get much more power, it is possible to customize your co-players tactics also. So keep moving and then you can see a shelf filled with book. Leave that out and move for a door behind that. Anyhow you have to come back to the same place where you can see the entrance. But near to that on the right side there is another door.

So go in and check for your mission objective. There is a golden box there for some more upgrades. The cutscene there will explain you about the objective. After that come back out from the door and if you want you can see back the cutscene. You  have to discover some secrets here which will decide your further objective. After the cutscene move on and a new level Hideout will start. This entire level is based on some cutscene and events. You can spend out some points to buyout upgrades and powers for your inventory which will help you further out for attacks. Some magical work and then you moves as per  the map. Walk towards those rock walls to find out your way. You can roam around and then you will get attacked with Soldiers. So keep a watch and attack them out. They will not dies so easily. This off duty soldiers have some different weapons to attack you.  Once you deal with them then you have to search for further way and your friends will follow you .

You can move to the left where you can hear some sound. Moving to that a soldier will attack you and a bow man will attack you from the door. So kill the soldier first and then bowman. Inside the fight is not yet over. There are some soldiers attacking. You will get confused that from where the soldiers are coming from.  But just keep going. Try to protect yourself from the bowman attack and keep near to the wooden doors. A golden box will give you more upgrades. Your journey begins from  fireplace and ends up there. As you pass on more new challenges are there waiting for you. Because each new levels will give you a new challenge. Couple of more cutscene more the girl which kept for this job at the start your guide will stab you. This scene will explain you betrayal from your friend. A new villain Harwen who will enter and a strange guy will stab Leliana on face. But she is not dead, after that she hears a strange voice which makes her awake.

She can hear that voice clear from the roof entrance locked. She is locked now.  After giving you some vital information the voice will disappear. Now just have a look in the inventory so that you can use up your new powers. The iron key is the major weapon for you hear to go out. With the key you can open up the iron door the maps shows you the way. You are alone this time and you have to fight alone. This time you will have to face the Dungeon Guards. There is civilian with you who was locked with you and he comes with you supporting you. This guy is sketch. Move and you will get some more friends involved. There is big iron door locked. There are some livers next to it and you have to find the way to open it up. Walk back to search for some help and upgrades. You will get a key to open the iron gate. In this game you have to escape from Commander Raleigh’s Torture Cells. But it is not easy to escape. There are some soldiers who will attack you instantly.

You have to kill them out and then search for further upgrades. There are some soldiers who might be torturing the people in jail. Your attack will save them out. At a location you can see weapons case. It looks like stairs and there are some swords and weapons. Move there for a further r cutscene. Your next job is to find Tugs weapon. Tug is dead now. A bunch of Dungeon guards will come to kill you out so attack them and kill all one by one. Silas is your new friend here. He might show you some way there. AT the end there is Armor Stand. Get some weapons from there and go back to the iron gate. On the left of the gate there is wooden door with guards in them.  Again you have a fight sequence with guards and creatures attacking you. Help your friend in attack. Further in the same area there is a new wooden door with pile of sacha in that. Collect the upgrades there and the move further there to attack the dungeon guards.

This time your new adventure begins with completely new place. She is very tired now with very less health. The cutscene their gives you want is your further job.  The voice which you hear in cell will appear back again. Some new guys and supports. Dorothea will explain you the new scenario. She is the one who rescue you. After some talk you are in a palace from where you will run back with your friends. There are some more cutscene here. In that place move near to each character to reveal the cutscene. There are some 4 to 5 characters with whom you have to talk. And Silas is one of them.  After talking to all you to go to Hall area where you can see Sister Hildegard. She will give you out more information and a new cutscene again works here. At the end of the cutscene you can see your enemy on the bridge and this time the fight is hard.

Soldiers will appear suddenly from the fog. You will be attacked with Bowman and other soldiers. But they keep on coming towards you . You have to over out to find out the right way in the fog. You are in Canyon. The place is called Windswept shore. Your new enemy here I Sand Stalker. They attack you from the darkness and there is a different kind on the same. Further a big creature will open charge on you. There are two of them which will attacked you simultaneously. They are Trained Bronto. After killing them you can go further towards your revenge. Keep saving the game in middle. The guards will attack you back here in numbers with arrows and swords.  Kill them all. Update your inventory and you are not in the final part. This part is Blighted Cliffs. Get Heavy Chainmal Gloves and Lameblin Gauntlets. Before going further update your inventory.

You will reach on the bridge which you see first on the cutscene. There are lots of soldiers there and in the end of the bridge as you cross a dragon will attack. After killing one dragon there is another one. Try to kill him with the help of our friends. You can avoid soldiers and run further but anyhow then will come behind you.  At some distance you can see Commander which is the boss and you have to kill him on any condition. He is not an easy one. AS the commander dies a new cutscene begins there. You can see the guy who stab you and after some talk you have to take the final decision. The cutscene will show you the dead of commander and his support.  Leliana gets encountered with Marjolaine who guided her for the mission. But there is some secret here. The dead of commander was the final part of this DLC and the last cutscene will tell you the final story.  Lelian refuses to work for Marjolaine.

Some Tips :

  • As the main game Dragon Origins, in this Leliana is a warrior. There are some battle hard but you can get Arrow of Slaying. This skill is much more helpful to kill the enemy with one heat. You must get some healer and good tactic while playing the levels. If you does not have good damage dealer which you can take to healer then you will die fast.
  • There are lots of new equipments which comes in your way and you can shop them. Don’t miss a chance for getting new equipment in your inventory. There is no use of saving up money and using then on the other stages.
  • Also get skill of lock picking so that you can easily out when you are locked somewhere. Other than this you can also open up some doors and chests if needed.

Trophies :

  • Provocateur : You will have to find all the pieces of this to get a special dress. The collection of this story will begin after you kill Jovi Merice. For this you have to get 6 Masterwork Leather Piece.
  • Turning Points : This trophy is related to the story and you can find this in the entire game.
  • Vendetta : For this you have to ruin the career of captain. You have to just do opposite of the job you got to ruin this.

Conclusion :

Downloadable Content Dragon Age: Origins where we will live a prequel to the story told in the main game and that told the mysterious past of the bard Laelianus. Allowing ourselves in the shoes of the girl and discover all its secrets. If you had played Dragon Age and quiet enjoyed the game then you must first get this game. The game is based on Leliana as your favorite character and quiet a good hours of game play. There are lots of cutscene added in the game which makes it like a movie.

There is a good introduction on Laelianus, providing information about his past and ORLAIS, new companions and two hours of play for 560 MP. Virtually a new source of character and dedication of its duration, is probably the best DLC Dragon Age so far. As we see, Dragon Age is still growing by leaps and bounds and becoming a giant of atmosphere that is likely to continue giving sporadic content, expansions, or a long title, and that we have not yet left. A few new scenarios without the possibility of exploring. With all the background you have, could easily be an expansion of more hours and would not be short.

Price: $7 [560 BioWare Points, 560 MS Points, $6.99 PSN]



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