World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Walkthrough

Cataclysm – the first expansion, where the game is not planned to add many new locations. Instead, the developers decided to seriously remake Azeroth – the world of the original World of Warcraft, on two continents which are still begin their transit of absolutely all the players. Under the scenario, the world has experienced a serious cataclysm, once and forever changed its face. The scale of “Intervention” developers have not yet announced – it is clear only that a renewed continent will have to cram as content for the players the maximum level, and leave him some “ways” to level beginners. Mere recycling of old areas it will not end.

Firstly, in Azeroth finally be allowed to use flying mounts. Secondly, there was a place for a few completely new locations – for example, the great sunken city Vaysh’ir on the seabed. So far, unfortunately, nothing is known about the fate of high-level dungeons that once conquered the players of the original World of Warcraft. But most of all, most of them will be processed under the new maximum level: in the previous addon such a fate has befallen Naxxramas, and the approaching fifth anniversary of the game are going to update the Dungeons Onyxia.

Generally, World of Warcraft fans embraced the idea of a total rework of Azeroth is very ambiguous – on the fan forums are regularly distributed replicas of that, they say, “a Blizzard ran out of ideas.” But in our view, this decision has a clear logic. The two previous add-on was added to the game on the new mini-continent, which became the center of life for the characters of maximum level. The fate of Azeroth – the vast world of beautiful, quality of highly detailed, with lots of adventures – was unenviable: he became a springboard for leveling new characters are on their way did not meet one third of the content, which was originally pledged by developers. Now, at least for a while next expansion, “the center” will be transferred back to Azeroth – and this, by the way, especially to like the veterans of the game that will have a nice reason.

World of Warcraft is the fourth round. After the groundbreaking success of the classic version and the two add-ons available in December 2010 once again free the world from a new evil. The talk is of Cataclysm, the latest add-on, which was billed as the most revolutionary of all previous enlargements. In Cataclysm Blizzard breaks with the principle of the existing world to add a new continent, but rolls up the old world (Azeroth and Eastern Kingdoms) by vigorously. For despite the difficult conditions from the start in the ranks of the top players to be there, it requires not only brains and good reactions still only a guide to the player reveals the true potential of his character.

Game Plot

The destruction is coming to Azeroth with the return of Deathwing (Deathwing), the world changed forever. While we will not see the game until the year 2010 the world will change completely and modernized cities so we can fly through them. However, there are several very important places in the actual game (the majority) that have much significance in the cataclysm that lies ahead. Here you have the guide to the Cataclysm.

While the eyes of the Alliance and Horde were converted to Northrend, in the depths of the Underdark, the kingdoms of the earth element spaces elemental slept terrible evil. Hidden from the world, a fallen Dragon Aspect Deathwing recuperate since the last battle against Azeroth pestuya hatred of inferior beings who live on the surface and waiting for hours when he can forge a new world of hot flame.  Very soon, Deathwing the Destroyer back into Azeroth, and his return to shake the world, leaving her face severe wounds. While the Horde and the Alliance will flock to the epicenter of disaster, the world of Azeroth will begin to crumble before the eyes of its residents. War breaks out elementals, out of nowhere any heroes who later stand in the way of evil, to protect their land from destruction.

In the third addition to the game World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment face of Azeroth will change forever. Destruction that would cause Deathwing will change the planet’s surface and naked secrets that have always been carefully preserved. Players will discover a new long-familiar areas of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms: the land severely affected by the disaster. Adventurers will face new dangers and trials.


  • Greymane Wall : The entrance to the mysterious land of Gilneas, home of the Worgen human race. Take a tour of some of the most important things you should probably go now before they are devastated by the Cataclysm.
  • Gilneas : Gilneas the brand new beginning for Worgen race in Cataclysm.
  • Shadowfang Keep : Closely related to find the castle Gilneas dark fang (Shadowfang Keep). Just where it awaits Arugal and his son, Shadowfang Keep is redesigned in a heroic dungeon for level 85.
  • Southshore : The settlement that is the center of the PvP world eventually succumb to the launch of the Cataclysm.
  • Grim Batol : Currently under the control of flight Red and Black, this city is located in wetlands and is guarded by Red Dragonkin. In the cataclysm that will become the Highlands and home Twilight Deathwing (Deathwing).
  • Westfall : Chris Metzen joked: “This is the only place that will not be devastated by the disaster.” Apparently, the old Blanchy is hardcore.
  • Deadmines-Deadmines : Like the castle dark Fang, Shadowfang Keep, The Defias Brotherhood welcome us to a new level 85 heroic dungeon.
  • Maelstrom : Always turning in the middle of the ocean, somewhere near the city will be submerged in the Vashj’ir. Technically, not currently available in the game, monstrous maelstrom be an important part of the cartography of Azeroth.
  • Auberdine : Despite its nickname as the most depressing of all this in Darkshore, all those who created a night elf or draenei people are familiar with this Elvish. Auberdine will be one of the sites to be completely devastated – forcing residents to move – in the meantime enjoy it as much as possible.
  • Ashenvale: Currently torn between Horde and Alliance Ashenvale seeking to become the territory of the Horde after returning from Deathwing.
  • Zoram Cove : Ashenvale Coast changed forever. And the Zoram Strand will become part of the Horde.
  • Desolace : Desolace, will be the dry and rather boring to a new and revitalized (you have time to visit him for the last time.)
  • Azshara : The former Highborne of Queen Azshara, will be taken by refugees Kezan goblin.
  • Ogrimmar : Thrall and his deputy Garrosh will receive plenty of changes in their city. This includes the taking of the capital – and all major cities – they are friendly. No, Thrall, do not!
  • The Barrens-the barrens : Separated into two zones, the Barrens is going to be one of the prime examples of the devastation caused by Deathwing on Azeroth. Hopefully the wife of Mankirk not survive the destruction and changes in the Cave of Sorrows.
  • Hyjal : Currently only accessible through a raid in the Caverns of Time, this image of the World Tree and lush environment will remain etched in your memory. When appropriately integrated Hyjal in the game, will be devastated even more of Ragnaros attempt to destroy the World Tree and the rest of the Well of Eternity.
  • Uldum : Located at the southern end of Taranis, Uldum is another bastion of civilization of the Titans. Unless you cannot get, apparently, the doors are just an illusion designed to keep people away … So what do many mobs patrolling elite tickets?


New Levels & Races

If in the past additions raised the bar meter by 10 points, the Cataclysm it will grow only five – and the maximum level is set to become the 85th. Few, however, developers are going to offer us an alternative way of development – the way the Titans. Details about it yet very little is known. At 85-m level, each character can learn additional profession – archeology. With it you can find valuable treasures, and over time – and the titans of the artifacts that are needed to further character development.

At the moment, is scheduled for at least six ways, each of which will give players some unique opportunities. What’s interesting – in any way and will meet regularly choices. According to the promises of the developers, to pass on the way the Titans until the end is not easy – have to do quests, go to the raids, to participate in PvP, and much more.  

In addition, the Cataclysm finally appears a thing, well proven in other MMO-Games – pumping guilds. Guild experience will be recruited for all the successful actions of its members, as well as the growth levels of the head of the clan will be able to choose the special talents that will solidify with many small but nice features – for example, increasing the amount of gold extracted from slain monsters. Well, after the twentieth level earn experience will be exchanged for a special currency for which you can buy a bunch of items, from unique recipes, and ending with potions. By the way, if a player leaves the guild – that he loses all received bonuses in it.

In addition, seriously reworked and guild management interface. Will be a new system of recruiting, add a calendar in which you can plan activities together with other guilds, and much more. Almost every race has access to the class, especially for her closed. Here are a few new combinations: Dwarf Mage, dwarf-priest, a man-hunter, troll-Druid, Blood Elf – Tauren warrior and paladin. One of the tasks we set ourselves in this update – refresh sensations of players from the process of character development, and we believe that the new combination will allow players to take a fresh look at the world of Azeroth.

New Races

Well, tell you about the bulk of other updates to the game. Add two races: the side of the Alliance’s stand-Worgen werewolves and goblins will perform for the Horde. Appear and new combinations of “race-class” – as you, for example, the opportunity to play a tauren paladin?

PvP fans are waiting for new battlefield – their numbers and rules of the game yet, however, are unknown. In Azeroth, the same will be a new PvP-location – similar to Wintergrasp. The parties will fight for the island of Tol Barad, control of which will bring a variety of benefits. Certain changes have in championship arena – so a certain amount of arena points will now be earning not only in ratings battles, but also on conventional battlefields.

Of course, there will be new things, fractions, achievements, and many other things that need added in each expansion. By the way, if Blizzard continues the old tradition, some innovations are announced for the Cataclysm, we get a few weeks before its release – in a special patch, “preparing the” game to a new addon.
When did all this take place? Well, the official date has not yet announced, but some predictions can be done. The Burning Crusade addon to accommodate a four-season arena, each lasting for four months. Plus a few weeks between each of the seasons. In addition Wrath of the Lich King is currently played two seasons.

Level Guide :

Beginners Tips :

In Cataclysm is a new hero class, two new races be held, which you can play with: the wolf-like Worgen to the Alliance and the green-skinned goblin with the Horde.


Alliance : The Worgen are the new playable race for the Alliance . Alliance players tie their best hearthstone to the inn in the commercial district (60.75). There you are close to the bank, the auction house and also at the table with the hero call (62.71) for Hyjal and Vashj’ir. The new pilot’s license for flying in all areas of Azeroth can you at Bella cloud flying (70.73) Now for 200 gold. Then it can start.

Horde : As a non-playable class, the goblins were found since ancient times in World of Warcraft, now they join after much back and forth of the Horde . For Horde, the new old Orgrimmar is the focal point in Cataclysm. Set your hearthstone in the inn (53.78) from. So you have a short path of the parties Grommash, replacing the existing bank is present. Directly in front of the panel is the command of the Warchief (49.76) for the new starting areas. Flying in Azeroth, you learn the way high up in Maztha (49.59) – for 200 gold is definitely worth the price!

Classes & Races

  • Man Hunter
  • Dwarf Mage
  • Dwarf Shaman
  • Elf Mage
  • Dwarf Priest
  • Orc Mage
  • Undead Hunter
  • Tauren Paladin
  • Tauren Priest
  • Troll Druid
  • Dwarf Warrior


Vashj’ir : Vahsj’ir is completely under water and is initially only accessible by boat. Take for the starting quest in Stormwind or Orgrimmar in and dive with the brave sailors on board. Soon you find yourself (including underwater breathing) on the seabed west of Stormwind again – comes back only by her hearthstone. Once you’ve done a few quests in Vashj’ir, in your capital will also appear a portal that brings you depending on your quest progress to another place in Vashj’ir. The zone itself is divided into three zones: the kelp forest, the sparkling expanses and the Abyssal depths. After a few quests you will learn also to seahorses to ride, making it much faster progress. Even the entrance of the throne of the tides, the only 5-man dungeon in Vashj’ir, sends you the quest giver. Have fun and enjoy the simple three-dimensional underwater flair!

Hyjal :
Hyjal is in the north of Kalimdor, where it has been since the early days of World of Warcraft visible but closed. For the first time her Hyjal best achieved through a portal in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, after you have accepted the appropriate start Quest. A dragon will fly you to Nordrassil, the starting point in Hyjal. Once you have completed your first quests will appear in your hometown a permanent portal to Hyjal – Hyjal in itself but there are none, so you have to fly or use the hearthstone. In Hyjal, there is only a single zone and no 5-man dungeon. This is the very story-heavy quests and tells the story of the World Tree – old known as Stormcaller Brundin are also there.

Levels :

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm increases the maximum Level 85th Level With the level of PC games and Buffed Guide you should have no problems to reach this level. Before you start though, you should prepare yourself properly. To this end, we also need to clear out the inventory and bring them into shape. PvP equipment, fun accessories and fishing equipment will not need you for now. Unpack this kind objects better on the bench, where it is in good hands. Then you make to it, your inventory to replenish. This time with useful things like bottles, water, food and water. In addition to such preparation, you should also take a look at your Talentskill. The best PvE or PvP talent award in Wrath of the Lich King is the leveling in Cataclysm is not necessarily appropriate. You should also bind your hearthstone to Orgrimmar or Stormwind, because here you are back again and again over the portals to get to the quest areas.

All preparations are completed? Then off you go to Northrend to complete your quest log. Daily Quests given by the increase of the maximum level of experience. Do you have in Icecrown and the Colosseum questing the Crusaders already, there are plenty of quests available. Overall, you need 23 quests in Northrend that you make there. The remaining two quests you meet with the daily fishing and cooking quest in your capital city.

For the Alliance are the following 23 quests associated with the lowest possible :

Among the Champions  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
Battle of the Citadel  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
Threat from above  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
This time you’ve really outdone yourself, Kul  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
The battle to the enemy who  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
Death Speaker Kharos , Drottinn Hrothgar , Mistcaller Yngvar , Ornolf the Scarred  Quest of the Crusaders at the Coliseum, the Grand Master Adelard has only one of these quests at hand 
A Leg to , rescue operations at sea , stop the aggressors , the mercy of the light  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders, has Narasi Snowdawn only one of these quests at hand 
The fate of the dead , octopus on the hook  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders, Crusaders Silver Dawn has at hand only one of these quests 
Breakfast of Champions , Gormok wants his Snobolds , what really eat Yetis?  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders, Sang Savinia teaching has only one of these quests at hand 
Blood of the Chosen  Quest on the Skybreaker 
More shipments intercepted  Quest on the Skybreaker 
Dangerous Raiment  Quest on the Skybreaker 
Neutralize the disease  Quest on the Skybreaker 
It may be the most evil does not rest in peace …  Quest on the Skybreaker 
No Bug  Quest on the Skybreaker 
Now test new  Quest on the Skybreaker 
From Saronite dependent  Quest on the Skybreaker 
This is monstrous!  Quest on the Skybreaker 
The solution solution  Quest on the Skybreaker 
Mission with Hertz: The Valley of Lost Hope  Quest on the “airport” on the gate Aldur’thar 
Sets an example  Quest on Shadow Vault 
Shoot it off!  Quest on Shadow Vault 
Disgust like fire!  Quest on Shadow Vault
Quests for the Horde   
Among the Champions  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
Battle of the Citadel  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
Threat from above  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
This time you’ve really outdone yourself, Kul  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
The battle to the enemy who  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders 
Death Speaker Kharos , Drottinn Hrothgar , Mistcaller Yngvar , Ornolf the Scarred  Quest of the Crusaders at the Coliseum, the Grand Master Adelard has only one of these quests at hand 
A Leg to , rescue operations at sea , stop the aggressors , the mercy of the light  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders, who has subscribed Girana blood, only one of these quests at hand 
The fate of the dead , octopus on the hook  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders, Crusaders Silver Dawn has at hand only one of these quests 
Breakfast of Champions , Gormok wants his Snobolds , what really eat Yetis?  Quest at the Coliseum of the Crusaders, has Tylos Dämmerflucht only one of these quests at hand 
Blood of the Chosen  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
Allianz eyes hold the  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
Dangerous Raiment  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
Neutralize the disease  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
It may be the most evil does not rest in peace …  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
No Bug  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
Now test new  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
From Saronite dependent  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
This is monstrous!  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
Volatilization  Quest on Orgrim Hammer 
Total Annihilation: The Valley of Lost Hope!  Quest on the “airport” on the gate Aldur’thar 
Sets an example  Quest on Shadow Vault 
Shoot it off!  Quest on Shadow Vault 
Disgust like fire!  Quest on Shadow Vault

Hyjal or Vashj’ir?

After you have teleported to the delivery of the Daily quests in your capital, you run the first of the riding trainer and buy the license to fly in the old world. Then you made the cooking and fishing quest. They charm you, mining, herbalist or skinning, get the next job step to be able to take the many resources on the road. The others, you can also move forward with the first stage 85th Throughout the city you will find the well-known bulletin boards on which you will be sent to Hyjal or Vashj’ir. You can select which of the areas you want to tackle. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Hyjal is for beginners and players with no beta experience, probably the best choice because the quests are set up there quite linear. In addition, the area is purely optical view quite simple, which makes the quest much easier. In Vashj’ir you are, however, the entire time underwater. Of the movement speed of many, this presents no problem, you get in one of the first quests a sea horse on which you are traveling faster. However, playing the quests in different vertical levels. For some you have to swim to the ocean floor, while others almost to the water surface. This is an internal quest helper on the Blizzard card not apparent, unfortunately, so you often have to rely on the description of the quest. However, it is assumed that the majority of players in Hyjal is questing, so you have to expect there to a more PvP, the other with a longer respawn waiting times. Ultimately, the decision is yours, there is no clear choice.

The quests in Vashj’ir and Hyjal

Whatever your choice of one of the areas the quests run straight in both. The quest givers do not send back and forth across the area, and the quest map will help in tracking down important points. Pay as mining and herbalist on the mines and herbs – this type of experience and valuable raw materials. You can not engage in PvP combat, and you meet as soon as possible your quests. By stage 81.7, you have reached the first time, a magical threshold. Enter now the black caves, you can achieve in this instance level 82nd In the caves there are a whopping five quests which you get directly in the instance. This way, you can enter only if you have explored the entrance. You can, however, already on a visit to Blackrock done. The visit is worth the instance of course only if you obtain the missing third of the level in the body faster than through the quests in your area.

With a fast group of good players this is no problem, it’s best to look for before that like-minded people with whom you make the instance. Normally, you create the black caves in under 20 minutes, the quests you need more time. If you find any sensible group, questing further stage to the 82nd The same applies to the case that after the instance need a little more experience to climb Speaking instance, you do not care about the throne of the tides. In this instance, there are only quests if you complete gequested have Vashj’ir what is time, however, inefficient. Therefore, you should be underwater instance with level 85 to enter first.


On reaching the stage 82 and Hyjal Vashj’ir for you are out of fashion – the quests take far too long, especially towards the end of the territories. After you come home low from the capital, when you reach the said level. First, do the quest line at the Horde downed airship and you can focus on it. Then you set out to search for the middle fragment of the world pillar in the southwestern Deepholm. Also this quest chain is linear. Have you brought the fragment to the temple in the middle, it goes to the last half. This happens in the northern lowlands home, and ultimately leads you to Therazane and your group. There’s also the way later on the shoulder enchants. In addition, you will receive Therazane a quest for the rocky core . In the core itself, there is another quest. Therefore, it makes sense that instance to get on the stage. Again: If you want to level faster, required for instances of a decent group, otherwise you are better off with pure quests. Unlike Vashj’ir and Hyjal you questing in depth home to the bitter end. Finally, you can even do the daily quests in the north near Therazane throne

Uldum Desert

After Deepholm’s back to the capital. If necessary, you can also learn your new skills and durchschnaufen short. Then you hit the road to Uldum. In Tanaris starts a caravan which will take you there. However, you are caught on the way out and have to fight from the Lost City of the Tol’vir. Then you have two more quests available. In the one you are on the trail of Nesferet. At the end you access to the city. This takes place mostly from the middle of Uldum. The other quest line is the funniest – Harrison Jones needs your support in search of valuable treasures in the temples of the desert. You explore the remaining areas of Uldum. At the end there is also a quest for the hall of origin.


After deep and Uldum home you may have loose stage reached 84th Now you are once again trying to decide whether you want to do instances. In Uldum are consist of three inputs – the Vortex Summit in the South, the Lost City of Tol’vir in the middle and east, the halls of the monomer originating . For the first two, there are two quests that you get directly in the instance. are the two quests for the Great Pyramid is at the end of Harrison Jones quest line. With a good group, these three instances are worth all.


Until level 85 you should not miss too much experience. In Orgrimmar and Stormwind, you can now take complete Vorquest for the highlands and the twilight. If you arrived there, go to the best in the middle of the region, because there again will start an arena quest line. With four or five people can gather to fast track some experience. Then it is up to you whether you are just to the west in Grim Batol by quests in the highlands reached the coveted level 85.

WoW Cataclysm Areas :

Gilneas :  Gilneas was previously tightly shut behind the Greymane Wall, and no one knew exactly what was in the old kingdom under King Greymane ahead. Now, the Greymane Wall is opened and the truth comes to light: the people of Gilneas are suffering from a terrible curse that turned into Worgen.  The peninsula Gilneas is the starting area of the Worgen to level 15.

The Lost Islands : The lost islands were previously unexplored area off the coast of Kalimdor. Kezan home island from a volcano eruption destroyed as was her, was staggered Goblins on this tropical island group, in front of the home of the Horde. The refugees are the small islands a real challenge on their way to the top.

The sunken city Vashj’ir  : The sunken city Vashj’ir is the former home of Lady Vashj and now the hideout of the Naga, former allies of Illidan. It lies deep on the ocean floor, between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Besides the three new instances in the deep throat Cataclysm, the new starting area, a persevering underwater gameplay for level 78 to 82 and the opportunity to ride on the underwater mounts to learn.

Black Temple : Once you have saved him in the past, Mount Hyjal in Cataclysm is again in danger: Ragnaros is back and attacks with his elementary hosts the World Tree. In the second Cataclysm starting area you fight side of the Arch Druid Malfurion Stormrage and the Twilight’s henchmen against Ragnaros. In Mount Hyjal instances it will not give, but give any amount of phasing in which you lived through the story itself.

Deepholm : Deep home is one of the elementary levels and new transshipment point for players in Cataclysm. During his devastation Deathwing drilled a hole in the earth’s crust and ran over the gateway to the elementary level at Ragnaros, Neptulon, Al’Akir and Therazane are native to. While there is no official city Deepholm give in, but flying ships and portals to all parts of the world. Also, the final raid against Deathwing is in deep home.

Uldum : In the south of Tanaris, the Titans have always kept hidden Uldum – until now! In the Egyptian-inspired Uldum we learn more about the history of the Titans, and may also includes two new instances, the Lost City of Tol’vir origination city and the titanium look forward to. Also, the well-known Brann Bronzebeard by quests between level 83 and 84 lead us. Why the Titans open Uldum but now, it is still unclean.

The shadow of the highlands
: Grim Batol is likely that many of you know as a fortress in the eastern Wetlands. Thanks Deathwing shadow Highlands is the way in the behind now free, the headquarters of the Twilight’s Hammer clans, and Deathwing’s henchmen. The shadow of the highlands is the high-level area in Cataclysm and waits next to quest with a 5-man instance in Grim Batol and a high-end raid also

Values & Bonus

Specs, especially at the maximum level can, in Wrath of the Lich King, unfortunately, not much leeway for self-organization – many players rely on the subtle of Theorycraft specs and rarely leaves one point for personal preferences, especially in PvE, but also more and more PvP area.  With the Cataclysm, this should change fundamentally. The talent trees will generally be revised and redesigned so that each player’s specs more can create their own preferences.

In this case, the developers plan to own Ausagen particularly against opaque synergy of talent and unspectacular passive bonuses to proceed, such as damage increases of 1/2/3etc. Percent. Each talent point now is to take more and more direct influence on the play, for example by rotations changed or new capabilities are added.

To this end, the talent trees by the so-called “Mastery” or championship to be strengthened. I.e., each talent point that plugs into a tree, adding the player adds a passive bonus, it does not matter what talent is chosen. This will have the leveling possibly even more important to focus early on a talent tree.

Such bonuses may look like, is the example of the priest shows – for everyone in the “Christmas” tree point spent, he gets:

  • An increase of healing done by a certain percentage
  • A higher mana regen in combat by will power (which is expected to Mastery talent “Meditation” replace)
  • A heal over time effect; for direct healing spells
  • Since the discipline – tree is a tree for healing, the championship bonuses for this tree.

Only the third bonus is very different:  By spells like Power Word: Shield and Divine Aegis absorbed damage is increased. Moreover, not only strengthen the talent points championship bonuses – for finishing a new attribute is introduced, which – of course – “is called Championship, which also increases the championships.  In this case, these points are not tied to the current spec, a player of his talents redistributed and / or changes the talent tree, so the new spec will benefit from the championship points on the equipment.

Whether there will be championship bonuses that will be specially focused on the PvP area is not yet known, but unlikely; Blizzards talent policy in recent patches to Wrath of the Lich King is more often, every spec in PvE a benefit to type (not always with resounding success, the number of border raid frost mage and deceptive rogue has remained rather low). The championship is expected to be the most comprehensive Neuodnung the talent system in World of Warcraft since the release show, we can be thrilled, especially as the future hero of the Alliance and Horde at level 85 are affected.

Talent Points :

When players reach level 10, they will present a basic description of the three specializations dedicated to their class and they will be asked to choose one. After that, they can spend their talent points. The other shaded trees will not be available until 31 points have been expended in the first talent tree. The character will receive an active technique, and one or more passive techniques unique to the chosen tree. As to the levels earned, they will in turn point to talent and skill by level accessible from a master class (ideally) they will not receive a talent point.

There will be 31 points to spend to reach the last skill, every talent is more complete and more exciting than they were before. Once the latter has been spent in the ultimate talent (possible at 70) the other trees will no longer be grayed out and will be available so that other items could be spent. By accessing the zones level 78 + in Cataclysm, new items will be available with a new feature, the Master. Once the skill has been learned Master with a master class, players will receive bonuses this feature based on their primary specialization.

One of the fundamental principles for game design at Blizzard is that they are pleasant and enjoyable! We prefer to have a simple design but with more depth, a complicated design but hollow. The goal is to remove Cataclysm many talents liabilities or wobbly, but we do not think that is possible with the current size of the talent trees. To this end, we will cut every tree to 31 talent points. With this reduction in size of the talent trees, we want to ensure they are acquired in parallel to the evolution of the character, so we will also reduce the number of talent points and the speed at which they are granted during evolution of character through the levels.


In addition, you want to make the talent trees more quickly geared toward your playing style then you want the first point you spend in your talent tree is really characteristic. If you choose the specialization Improvement, we want you to feel like a shaman improvement right away, not thirty points later. When the talent trees will be released at ten, you will be asked to choose a specialization (e.g. Arms, Fury or Protection warrior specialist) before spending the first point.

Active techniques that will be released after the initial choice of the talent tree are techniques that are integral to the role chosen. Our goal is to choose techniques that allow the full expression of specialization, and much earlier than before when a specific technique to a talent tree was very low in the latter thereby preventing access to other talent trees. For example, access to Lava Lash and Dual Wield immediately enables shamans Improved feel really special as such. Other examples of techniques that players will have free access to level 10 are: Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, Shield Slam, Mutilate, Shadowstep, Storm, Earth Shield, Water Elemental, and Penance.

List of spells that you get to level 10



  • Eye of the Storm
  • Thunderstorm
  • Elemental Fury


  • Earth Shield
  • Purification (+ healing)
  • Healing Focus
  • Meditation


  • Dual Wield
  • Mental Quickness
  • Dual Wield Specialization
  • Lava Lash




  • Aimed Shot
  • Marksmanship Hunter (+ Ranged hit, pushback reduction)


  • Explosive Shot
  • Survival Hunter (+ Ranged hit, pushback reduction)

Beast Mastery

  • Intimidation
  • Beast mastery Hunter (+ Ranged hit, pushback reduction)




  • Conflagrate
  • Destruction Warlock (+ hit, pushback reduction)


  • Summon Felguard
  • Demonology Warlock (+ hit, pushback reduction)


  • Unstable Affliction
  • Affliction Warlock (Bane and Curse = 1sec GCD, + hit, pushback reduction)

Weapons &  Powers :

Haste, Resilience, weaponry, armor penetration rating. Over the last few years in World of Warcraft many new attributes have been added, which must be considered in the preparation of the equipment.  Many of the so-called secondary attributes are the 5 primary attributes – strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, willpower – who’s meaning even in the shade. While still on set top support level, caster damage makers ignore, for example as a intelligence to caring attribute, spell power, hit and haste are much stronger. Many hunters or feral cat druids’ get-enhancing equipment for mobility on armor penetration rating by using to their (Raid) increase damage.

With the Cataclysm, the system will be purified, strengthened primary attributes, and even some secondary attributes are removed from equipment.  These include:

  • Power: This is the only Cataclysm strength or dexterity acquired over (depending on class)
  • Spell Power: From Cataclysm, this almost exclusively on intelligence increases (except for weapons will continue to spell power lead to important to provide them larger)
  • Armor Penetration: A few talents and abilities will indeed make use of it, but disappears the attribute of Items
  • Shield Block: Block the damage is estimated at 30% determined in principle, only talent and some effects will modify this value.
  • In addition, some values not only of equipment, but even from the game away completely:
  • Mp5 and mana every 5 seconds: classes that previously required value (healing paladins and shamans) will do this mana now also will power to get
  • Defense Rating: relief for tanks automatically by the change in Bear form, the defense posture, frost presence and activation of anger righteous of reach from now on
  • Weapon Skills: No more arms Skill and searching for weapons of masters, each class starts with all weapons skills that they need
  • Spell ranks: the basic strength of spells now depends on the level and each spell must be learned only one time – Tricks dispensed with skills to complete and leveling easier

The only attribute that will be introduced Cataclysm is championship . With these changes, the set of equipment will be a little easier – and beyond at the stats some personal changes are possible: Up to 50% of some stats can be converted to another, such as critical strike rating to haste. But this will not be fully possible – endurance is not, for example into a strength or intelligence can, but it is certainly strategies, the best possible equipment to level 85 to gain easier.

Player vs. Player

The PvP system has changed since the early days of World of Warcraft again changed dramatically – and with the third WoW Add-on Cataclysm there will be some changes in the PvP reflect that you still make it palatable. So we expect probably another new field of battle, a new arena map, new equipment, and special PvP events and a new system to the arena points. There will be a new open PvP zone, Tol’Barad to Wintergrasp and the Isle of Quel’Danas united.

Hunters are real challenges in pvp. As a face’s play. It has enormous potential but need a good command of the game and the class in general. They are unalterable rules to follow to become formidable. First stay away from your opponents. A hunter is only effective if the target is a distance between 8 and 36 yards away, above you are ineffective below greatly reduced. Its dead zone is reached very quickly, so really watch your positions and another key is to remain always in motion, unless you are a shelter or in phase’s dps hard.

The movement is a law in and around the arena pvp, then move. The second rule is the choice of target. In most meets its target of choice is essential is often determined the outcome of the meeting. you must focus on the target you’re likely to kill as quickly. An error is often fatal, because the time you waste on trying to kill a target that will escape you every second a step closer to losing the match. This is most often the casters or class with the least amount of armor (equivalent to stuff) but the situation and the encounter can change this selection. Finally, three out your role as best as possible, inflict the heaviest possible losses and control further attacks on defense.
Purely based on the attack, you do not have any way to truly heal. Outside the concept of agro away because you play against real players your main goal is to get off your opponent with big burst phases. So your goal is to harass your opponent until you can release all your power without fear of reprisal.

Each of your shots is a calamity for your opponent, and most are snapshots also take the opportunity to run in all directions in the played back riddled with arrows. Although defensively you have limited what you shot without too much damage, you’re using your traps, spells and special fire to these situations.





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