R.U.S.E. Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Developed by Eugen Systems, R.U.S.E is set to refresh the strategy genre, introducing deception techniques that will let you bluff your enemy in order to lead your nation’s army to victory. Camouflage your troops, lure your opponent with decoy units, and sabotage his logistics: strategy is intuitive and carefully thought out at the same time. R.U.S.E. features cutting edge graphics and effects, the outstanding IRISZOOM Engine, immersible combat and a simplified interface that allows you to determine your nation’s strategy to defeat your enemies.


Dimension is one of the fundamental aspects of R.U.S.E. The IRISZOOM Engine displays maps a hundred times larger than in traditional RTS games, which makes raises strategy to an unprecedented scale and gives deception a lot more depth. With the zoom, you are able to both command your units as a chief-in-command and manage your troops at a tactical level as a ground officer, for example by deploying a fake offensive on your opponent’s HQ while carefully hiding your infantry in villages to ambush the surrounding tanks.


Deception is the essence of R.U.S.E.’s gameplay, just as it is the core of warfare: deception techniques such as espionage, decoys and radio silence played an essential role during World War II and continue to figure in modern conflicts. R.U.S.E. features deception cards – also known as ruses – that let you apply a deception technique to a specific sector in the map. The ruses are split into three categories:

  • Reveal: these ruses such as the Spy Plan or Decryption are useful in order to understand or uncover your enemy’s actions.
  • Hide: the Radio Silence or Camouflage Net will let you hide your troops or buildings from your opponent’s radar.
  • Fake: the last category of ruses is used to trick your enemy, to make him believe what you want him to believe. The Decoy Offensive simulates an attack to confuse your adversary.

Game Plot

During the 1940’s, war became more than ever a theatre where ruse, bluff and counter-bluff were as important as unit type and relative strength. Information and deception grew to be critical elements of an officer’s arsenal. The game of R.U.S.E. presents world conflict from this point of view, where strategy is as much a game of poker as of chess. You are Major Joe Sheridan, an American officer in the armored cavalry, leading your troops from North Africa to Italy, France, Holland, the Ardennes and finally Germany. Sheridan will have to create his own strategy, decipher the enemy’s and use all the tricks at his disposal to gain the advantage. Challenges come from rivals in their own command and enemy generals, as well as the evolving geopolitical situation that will finally lead to the Cold War. From underpowered light tanks in North Africa to the experimental Maus supertank in Germany, you will discover new units, stratagems and battlefields as ou maneuver your way to victory.

The strategy for consoles has traditionally been one of the main workhorses among fans who like PC vs. sterile discussions. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However there have been some games that have shown that gender would be amply qualified to have important titles in these two platforms if the distributors had obtained commercial revenues of major releases like Halo Wars and EndWar. Not to mention the handheld, full of great games real time strategy and turn. RUSE, title in hand, goes one step further on what we saw at the time in the two games mentioned, and refines the goal posts a little more by adding a rapid clip, a still more refined control and a sense of the player’s participation really new. RUSE, PC cannot call particular attention, but on consoles takes advantage of the enormous potential of the pad, and offers one of the best strategic experiences we’ve ever seen on desktop platforms.


ID: Major Joe Sheridan

  • Nationality: North American
  • Character: Impetuous in all aspects of his life, Sheridan will always try to push his enemies to their limits no matter the risks.
  • Motto: He who dares wins!
  • Favorite ruse: Decoy Offensive

After he failed his 1st year exams at Harvard, Sheridan decided to leave everything behind and enroll in the US Marine Corps. He served a couple years in Morocco where he gained small victories due to his initiative and courage. In 1941 he became the Commander of the 1st Armored Division, which he sees as an opportunity to show what he’s capable of.

ID: General Major Erich Von Richter

  • Character: Von Richter is a scheming and detail-orientated person, taking every variable into account to obtain quick victories with minimal losses. For him, the battleground is a chessboard where he can express his intellectual supremacy.
  • Motto: Schachmatt (“Checkmate”)
  • Favorite ruse: Radio Silence

Von Richter’s tactics are largely inspired by the new military doctrine of his time, the Blitzkrieg (Lightning War), where his dream of military perfection becomes reality.


In the single player campaign will follow the progress of Joe Sheridan, commander of the U.S. Air Force stationed in Tunisia, and will continue its progress through the European battlefield in which quickly became a huge confrontation. The course guide hook concrete history is Prometheus, a sort of German intelligence source that we submitted to the first cinematic as a matter of life or death for the allied armies, and will help to weave together the missions. The single player campaign, therefore, has a downright respectable size and gets stuck with a story effectively but, above all, a really exciting development missions. And opt for strongly directed Story mode or scenarios for its interesting skirmish or multiplayer, you will always find entertainment in RUSE interesting, exciting moments, and a number of very smart additions superbly enrich the whole.

Because fooling real people is the ultimate thrill, multiplayer plays a critical part in the R.U.S.E. experience. Stay tuned for more details on multiplayer modes and co-op gameplay very soon. If you want to know more about R.U.S.E., be sure to check the description of the ruses, the factions, the scenario, and read our

Not that the narrative of RUSE is a paragon of virtues, but the cinematic are met with elegance and media, and the story is well told. In addition, a powerful exercise in style, the screen during missions filled with cinematic in parts as the top or side, we have countless nuances of the objectives and allow us to see them as we continue to follow the progress of our men and vehicles.

Game Strategy

Yes, RUSE is about the Second World War, but in many respects can be considered a game ahead of its time, mainly by the amount of resources and elements that used to mark some lines of what we can expect the strategy genre on consoles over the next few years.

How do you get? Primarily challenging the taboo that a certificate of this kind is controlled with a pad unmanageable. Eugen Systems makes it simple and get very precisely difficult not only in the selection of units or buildings, but also how to distribute the orders among them. In the first instance how to choose may seem coarse, rude to some, but the targeting of “more or less” to one of our units and select it too quickly, and with the invaluable help of zoom, move in a heartbeat to the position where we take a decidedly effective method. The “ghost” images of our units will act as a guide, marking the position to take upon arrival to find out precisely before they reach it, and using either command button may be selected at a time or all at the same time, or select by type of army.

Logically all these considerations pale for lack of utility-compatible version, not tested yet not yet have a copy of PC, but they are of great importance in consoles. Perhaps the game, as we advance, be rather poor for a PC enthusiast accustomed to the density and breadth of capabilities of other computer RTS, however RUSE masterfully doing homework. What the title is at hand, along with Halo Wars, the best balance between alternatives, management, management and use of camera we’ve seen in a home console game to date.

In all versions, it is common, on the other hand, the strong sense of rhythm of the game. Not too fast and certainly not at all slow, but the title of Eugen Systems knows exactly when to speed up and when to hit the brakes within each mission. Never feel that what surrounds us is beyond us unless we are doing things badly wrong and if we are fairly well organized, we find that with proper planning is not just play the classic battle of attrition that will reduce many RTS, but requires the player a much more perceptive of their resources to be crowned victorious.

If we move with fluency in RUSE discover that the best tactic is to throw more and more troops on the enemy, but to organize them carefully, use good reinforcements and take advantage of the ruse, one of the great additions of the game. These are a series of letters that we can deliver on the enemy or our units, and we attach certain advantages (or handicap the enemy) that last a certain time, and become strategic focuses that we manage very well since they are alone capable of destabilizing a battle. Do not go on describing these ploys because they are designed to surprise the player with your ongoing research and discovery, but point out that many of them are scams and decoys to deceive the enemy side, with some resources certainly original. The mastery of these ruses or stratagems take some time, and know when to throw and how to distract the enemy and surprise them is one of the most addictive of the launch.

Moreover RUSE is primarily a tactical game to a greater extent than strategic, meaning that in many of the missions the objective is primarily to administer as the elements that we have, without collection or management of resources through our account. However, this option is present, and does so effectively. Obviously not as detailed as other games of the genre, but it gives us a number of raw materials that we collect and translate the construction of facilities, points that make us strong defensively and on building cars and planes or recruitment of troops. All this is done with an interface as simple as that of other facets of the title, extremely well designed to adapt to the pad like a glove.


To make matters worse, and seeking to increase the replay ability of the title, the experience is completely different if we change the difficulty level, something very unusual in a genre that increase or decrease, usually all you get is varying production phases of our opponent’s troops led by the IA. This is different and the diversity of the tempo of the reinforcements or the challenge that will lead the side missions vary so much between them anyway, which should prove so difficult if we have passed the normal campaign.

The IA, finally, is an aspect of paramount importance in a strategy game, and the RUSE not disappoint at all. The balance in this area is complicated, especially considering that the cards would be very easy to do tricks too stupid or fall into the insurmountable and impossible to fool. In this sense the title of Eugen Systems is impeccable, with a perfectly positive relationship between levels of difficulty and others, and a challenge always perfectly calibrated.

If, on the contrary, we measure ourselves we like the challenge of human beings can choose the multiplayer over Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and to enjoy that skirmishes against players from around the world or even by way of cooperation. Not that RUSE is the classic game in which the story mode is a mere condiment to function as a tutorial for the multiplayer experience, but what is certain is that the fun of the game enjoyed by Internet multiplies exponentially.

Gaming Console

RUSE appearance is fairly good on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, especially considering it is a strategy game, resulting in complex AI routines, great scenery and tremendous range of possibilities that just consuming large hardware resources . In fact so much so, that the game has a job of the camera that has seemed simply extraordinary. Not only because it is convenient to use and extremely effective at directing our troops, but it also strengthens a sense of tremendous spectacle. Just zoom, with the lever pad, we can move from the vision of the conflict almost as close as an action game, just a few tens of feet above to one that takes us away as we can see that in reality all the action is taking place on a board of military facilities, all of this, albeit with the myriad ways in which points can stop the movement of the camera, of course.

This, beyond the poetic side so great that it offers, has a twofold interest on one hand allows us to move with great speed from one point to another map using the zoom to do away with greater speed or close to it more accurately and, secondly, it transmits the player’s phenomenal sense of micromanagement that can combine the accurate placement, for example, infantry units in buildings of a city, with the macro of a conflict taking place in reality a map of several square kilometers.

Above all else this is simply looking round, and one of the great things that visually the game. In addition, and last but not least, the margin account all with outstanding graphics certainly marked by some scenes rendered with good quality, modeling units more than reasonable and lighting effects, visual or significant water. There is some popping, the art direction does not have the weight we were expecting, and definitely saw some teeth might have been better treated, but now consoles are what they are, and in terms of management of hardware no one has managed to get much more than one RTS for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with the aforementioned complications that holds gender.


For a better introduction we start with the solution nor the most units with full name, named later, we decided to have the model names. However, you can look at each unit in the game, what type they represent. We have used in our solution a few abbreviations that also uses the game. For a better understanding of a short list of the abbreviations:

  • PA = antitank
  • PZ = tank destroyer
  • Flag = anti-aircraft gun
  • Lap = anti-aircraft tank
  • HQ = Headquarters


Colditz Castle

Primary objectives:

Advance to the front (50 points) – Marks First your only Super Pershing tank, which is highlighted in blue. Now advanced to the first mission objective, which is characterized by a large sign.

Open spaces for light squadron way (50 points) – you gain two additional Super Pershing. Attack with all three tanks, the enemy tank units that are in front of you on the lawn. They are furthermore equipped with a shield.

The south side of the bridge back up (50 points) – If you on the south side of the bridge and takes care of the units stationed there with your tanks. You will receive this support from friendly units, and you must but do not control themselves.

Fend off attack by tank IV (50 pts) – Follow the path to the selected target and attacked on the way the approaching tanks. With your three units have you still walk over.

Colditz reach (100 points) – Continue to Colditz Castle, which is behind the bridge is to be protected. You can tell by the name of the castle.

The Tiger tank destroyed (250 pts) – The Castle arrived, the role of Tiger tanks on different sides. Part of it is done automatically by some air units. Grab the remaining units and destroyed them. Thereafter, the first mission is complete.

Secondary Objective:

Pershing prototype secure (100 pts) for this you need to your three Pershing tanks at the end of the mission to keep all, without any of the units destroyed by opponents. Tries to proceed in orderly steps, and hold the tanks together more closely.



The commander

Primary objectives:

Go to the meeting place (150 points) – Using the GI units (infantry) and goes towards meeting place. Completed the move of the enemy Grenadiers (infantry). Here you have through your major troop strength has a clear advantage.

The tanks destroyed (50 pts) – First you get some now M157MM (anti-tank). These units do have a large range and are very effective against tanks, but it is impossible for them to fire on the move. Furthermore, this antitank requires clear field of fire, that is, it may not trees or towns in your way. Based on the blue lines you can detect when a clear field of fire is present. Stand on the crossroads with your M157MM now, and attacked the enemy armored units III. Keep your infantry in the background of the battle.

Sbeitla secure (150 pts) – The town was already occupied by enemies, so you first need to flight the enemy. Take your anti-tank and the road at the intersection for left turn up something. So you should a good field of fire in the city and have the first tanks of the enemy are history. Then blocked with your infantry from the enemy infantry and put on your anti-tank in a safe background. Then you can take the city.

Kasserine reach (250 points) – moves with your anti-tank a bit to the front and does the enemy tanks. These units are covered as serious. Keep your infantry while back. Attack the enemy infantry, changed the tactics and send your own infantry forward and ensure your anti-tank. These two tactics ye now working further forward until you can march to Kasserine.

Secondary Objective:

Kasserine in XX: XX min. – Uses reach. The above tactics and work you’re fast forward. Send your units targeted at the enemy, to save time.



Primary objectives:

Defense set up (50 points) – At the beginning of the mission you are attacked from all sides. To destroy the tank quickly and effectively, you M157MM 4 anti-tank guns are to the side. Two of them positioned in the upper left corner to survey the two driveways. Another PA it is right back on the road near the city. The latter is positioned to the left under the city. So you’ve protected the streets.

List decoding enables 01:00 (50 pts) – Opens to activate your library list Menu. List of selected decoding and uses that for the enemy units. It is best if you the list once to the left of the city and once used right out of the city to look at all the enemy commands.

Kasserine hold (600 pts) – The opponents have new M11 tanks be upgraded to Caro. But by the previously used list you can anticipate their attacks. So the city secured with your PAs and infantry protects your turn, the PAs from enemy infantry. If the list is no longer valid, it re-used. After some time rolling from north to Panzer IV, which can be done easily with PAs. Furthermore, try to destroy enemy infantry units your PAs. Prevent this with your own infantry, divided among the individual PAs. To keep track, you should zoom out from the event so far, so you can the enemy units and their strength seen from the chips. Now defends the recent attacks on the town down.

Secondary objective:

All PA-keeping guns (500 points) – for this Sets your infantry to artillery attacks by enemy infantry units to protect the individual. Keep the PAs always close to the city.


The Wild Bunch

Primary objectives:

Sidi Aich reaches them (100 points) – you want to start some Stuat tanks available. These are quick and effective against infantry, but these units break down enemy tanks in no time at all to pieces. First attacked the enemy’s infantry. Then grab the two light tanks of the enemy. Finally, you have to concentrate all your firepower on each Panzer IV.

Spy List activate (50 pts) – Sets the list from the List menu, the enemy units one at which to see troop levels to be able to.

The pass at Sidi Aich hold (100 points) – Hold the weak small tanks in the city and share your new, stronger armor Lee to the two yoke in such a way that it covers a space as large a surplus. The enemy usually attacks with light tanks, which should not be a problem. Keep on the larger map track of enemy troop movements and regularly renewed your lists.

The enemies in the area HQ extinguish (150 pts) – Use the spy list in the HQs. You realize that the enemy has set up some Pak 36 PAs. Now first the heavy armored brigade from the right. Remains in the coverage of the houses to protect the enemy PAs to be safe. Sent as soon as all the enemy tanks were wiped out, your infantry to destroy the opponent’s PAs. Thereafter, the HQ are you.

Secondary Objective:

Falling back without losing Panzer (100 pts) – Once you paying attention will make sure you withdraw your tanks that have to do this immediately. Previously used the spy-List to keep the enemy forces at a glance.



Fox get out of the building

Primary objectives:

Destroy the German HQ (150 points) – The first enemy tanks were destroyed by the air support automatically. Subsequently sets up a spy, to look at the opposing forces strength. Send your infantry to the right to destroy the enemy’s infantry unit, and PAs. Sure, with your own PA left the way from enemy tanks. Protects your infantry from enemy tanks. Send your own light tanks to the enemy infantry. Destroy the enemy’s production facilities now under the lake to stop their production. Then send your first PA to the left to destroy the enemy tanks. Then send your infantry to turn off the PAs of the enemy. Then the armored brigade from the right with PAs from. More attacks followed by the flanks spread, so your PAs on each page and protected it with tanks and infantry. Then sends out your infantry to destroy the Pak 40 PAs before the German HQ. Sends tanks then your behind to equalize their HQ to the ground.

The city kept 04:00 (100 pts) – Safeguards with your PAs, especially the right part of the city. Keep left at the first tank and keep your own in the shelter of the city before the enemy PAs. Protect your PAs from enemy infantry with your tanks in tow.

1000 points achieved (500 pts) – Saves the right side of the city with PAs. Forbid it left in the city to attack the enemy infantry from. Respects, however hostile to the PAs. To you the trouble with the Pak 40 anti-tank guns to spare, you fight right around the lake. Move your tanks and PAs right on the lake up a little. Look at the first tanks from a safe distance and moves with your tanks, then before the enemy infantry. If in addition there are PAs, destroying enemy tanks first, then the PAs with your infantry and Advances finally with your medium tanks with the rest of your infantry, then right before the enemy mortars in order to beat them to flight. Then continue marching forward toward the target until you have the required 1000 points together and fled the Fend.

Secondary Objective:

The Tiger tank destroyed (250 pts) – For this you have to destroy the Tiger tank left by the lake. This is a slightly more serious matter. First off the enemy infantry brigade, without being struck by their PAs. If this is to protect the houses. Then sends a couple of PAs before, to destroy the tank. In an emergency you can also send a couple of infantry units in support of PAs.



From hunter to hunted

Primary objectives:

Establish supply (50 points) – Open the menu and building a supply depot on the replenishment of storage. Otherwise you can build it anywhere else.

Infantry base camp set up (50 pts) – building just as the supply depot is now an infantry base camp on the road in your bed.

Enlightenment use (50 points) – is now building a Willy in the production menu.

Eastern flank explore (50 points) – then send this forward to the selected position.

4 infantry use (50 points) – now forms menu 4 infantry squads, and sent in this direction destination.

Eastern flank (50 pts) – hides two of the teams left in the forest, the other two in the woods right beside the road.

Ambush in the eastern forest area set (50 pts) – Positioning your units as described in the woods near the road. Now waiting for the tanks, which are destroyed immediately?

Northern flank (50 pts) – with your infantry stormed the town. But be careful, enemy units hiding there. If you like, you can train additional units to help, but it can be done without it.

Ambush for tanks (50 pts) – hides you now with your units in the conquered city, waiting for the enemy tanks. They have no chance against the ambush.

The German attack hit back (50 points) – The German units you are now moving on all sides to my body. Buy more units and hidden them in the woods around the city. This places you on one of three infantry units of the enemy hit, but they are quite weak. Use spies to detect the number of troops. In part, it is a red herring. Especially from the left are attacking many slip tanks that have nothing to oppose. Now defends the rest of the pages out of the woods, your attention is directed mainly to the eastern and northern front.

Secondary mission objectives:

Destroy the hidden 3 infantry (100 pts) – Looks in the woods around your city around for hidden units. Alternatively, you can also use the peephole, so that the units are visible.

The Germans off (100 pts) – tanks destroyed all this approaching German with hidden units.


Hide &Seek

Primary objectives:

Radio silence enable (50 pts) – Is the list menu and activate the radio silence, so your opponent activities not your respective areas.

The supply depot win (250 points)  – send the first half of the infantry left around the lake to the forest and reaches the light tanks in an ambush on out. The other half now sends her right into the woods and cut where the tanks. Then you can take the supply depot.

Italian outpost, neutralize (750 pts)  – Renew your first radio silence in order to protect against espionage his Den. Sends then attack your infantry into the forest to the first tank from the ambush off. You gain an additional M3 Lee tank. Attacked the next tank from behind and then done with your tanks, the enemy infantry. It also ensures your headquarters from enemies. Hides some infantry units to provide additional protection in small villages.

Uses now the spy, to be aware of the enemy troops. Take off your armor back, and prepares an ambush for the enemy tanks. If these are done, you fight with the infantry through the woods up toward the target and destroy all enemy units with ambushes. For the rapid screening can use their Willys. Sneak you past the towns and through the woods towards enemies. Either way the buildings destroyed or occupied it. Now diverts with a few infantry units, tanks from the flames and attacks that followed Lee with your tanks. Have you done all enemy units destroyed your tanks with the outpost.

Secondary Objective:

Your M3 Lee tank gunner (200 pts) – Keep Lee for your armor back and tried the most enemy units by ambush off.


Primary objectives:

Tank destroyer use (50 points) – for this building some tanks destroyers. How do you recommend four in number

The attacking tanks destruction (100 pts) – Sends these two tank destroyers (PZ) to the right and does the tanks. Then pulls back the PZS and send the infantry to the enemy infantry units. To increase the range of the PZS, a Willy is very good.

The attacking infantry off (250 points)  – Another wave of enemy infantry is on its way to you. Entrenched your PZS and attack the enemy with your infantry.

The headquarters of defense (300 points) – Destroy the enemy tanks with your first PZS including a Willy for a longer range. Keep your infantry back slightly. A part of their reserves now for the individual to ward PZS in the area, the rest of you can send in a wooded area in preparation for an ambush. Now blocked all attacks from the left and right and use the radio silence, so that your enemies are clueless. You can also further PZS to reinforce the front built.

Cross the River (300 points) – Destroy the first tank with the PZS and Willy. Send this part of the infantry in the nearby forest for an ambush. Another part you can send to the city Semovente to secure the same path. Lee provides two tanks the PZS for protection. Are then used to protect the radio silence before bombers. Now it is possible for you to build a tank base. If you have enough money, you can build some Stats here for support. Battle your piece by piece to the left and protect the bridge approach road from the bridge right by her in the forest lays an ambush. Destroyed as the next anti-tank on the other side of the river with an infantry unit and take a building. Also renewed your radio silence. Next, you need your tanks to destroy the machine gun nest to protect the infantry.

The Italian headquarters, neutralize (600 pts) – Used twice as a first step, the immersion, all enemy units to uncover. Backs up while your own base from enemy attacks with a few well-concealed infantry units and possibly also some Stuats and PZS. Backs up the river right bridge with infantry and PAs in the woods. Thus destroys all approaching tanks. Used again, the radio silence in order to protect you from the enemy’s artillery. Build another supply depot by the way, so you can produce enough units. Hides your infantry on the other side of the river in the forest and sent tanks with tank destroyers and Willys forward to extinguish the last units. The infantry can intervene in an emergency. Destroyed as a last step headquarters.

Secondary Objective:

Anti-3 field occupy positions (200 pts) – For this you need three red-marked building manned by infantry units. You must destroy the buildings but not!


Battle of Monte Casino

Primary objectives:

The enemy’s artillery bomb (50 pts) – Choose from your first bomber and sent him to bomb the enemy’s artillery.

The artillery bombard bearing (50 pts) – now send your bombers to destroy the enemy’s artillery camp. Maybe this multiple flights are needed. You can also provide you more bombers can to speed things up.

The anti-aircraft tank destroyed (50 pts) – Makes 3 infantry units. Lee also other 4 tanks and three anti-tank guns. Send your infantry to destroy the enemy’s PA. For these applications, the flash list well, so your units have doubled the speed. Furthermore, should you spy on your enemy. Now sends your PAs to destroy the enemy air defense armor (LAP).

Way for the Americans freely admits Den (250 pts) –Makes you more of this bomber. Bombarded with these, the marked target.

The headquarters of Monte Casino bomb at (500 pts) –In order to be able to bomb the HQ, you must disconnect from the LAP. For this you have to clear the way you fight with your units. With your bombers destroyed the tanks and infantry units of the enemy, so your other units have an easy game. Captured on the way the buildings of the enemy. Will also use the radio silence so that you can attack by surprise. Furthermore, the flash-List of advantage. Destroy it as fast as possible, the LAP and then immediately send your bombers for support. If all enemy units done, bombed the headquarters.

Secondary mission objectives:

Lightning-List activate (50 pts) –Use the flash units in your list.

Way for the French freely admit the (250 pts) – Makes you best from the other bomber. Bombarded with these now-gun nests at the French and destroyed them.

Way for the British Clean out the (250 points) – Here you have a force to help soldiers. Bombarded the enemy units near them.

Allied losses must remain under 50 (250 points) – Help the Allies by their enemies in the vicinity of your aircraft bombarded.


The battery destroys 88MM (150 pts) – Take all your troops and take these next to the beach away towards the first Battier. Used in addition, the flash-List, so you learn less by the MG nest. Then engages in with everything you have, the battery.

The battery destroy 88MM (150 pts) – Just order as before. So your troop’s moves on to the second batter and keep distance from MG.

Defend their headquarters (500 points) – Building first two supply depots. Is also building a machine gun nest right by the city against the enemy infantry. Another on the left side and one on the right train for future attacks. In addition, you should distribute several tanks raid shelter in your town. Then build a barracks. Willys is now next to the tanks shelter to enlarge their reach. Once the enemy attack, use of silence. Hides your infantry in the woods and let go the enemy units in their own death. But beware, they move at double speed.

The Brecourt battery destroys (250 points) – Send this infantry escort to the left and remains close to the beach. Then goes up and does the supporters groups hiding in the woods in front of the battery. Subsequently destroyed the battery itself

Defense set up (50 points) – You will be asked if you replace your tanks against armored Sherman Lee will. Do this, as the Sherman tanks are stronger than the Lee tank. Build next, a tank base and use of silence and also the flash list. Destroyed buildings and build new on your infantry entrenched in the woods. Build additional tank destroyers and tanks to build additional shelters. Spread your units in addition to the various fronts.

Their headquarters or XX: XX defense (500 points) – Depending on how long you have used for previous missions that, you must defend your base her. It is important that their respects to radio reports, which tell you the approach of the enemy. Pay attention especially at the beginning of the oncoming tanks from the north and east. Once added anti-PA is your infantry from the rear. Your Wolverine Tank Destroyer should set up their corners of the settlement, of course, supported by a few tanks. Can be a part of the infantry should you set up right on the beach, because there follows after some time, an attack by enemy artillery, the enormous damage. Builds between from other Sherman to protect your estate. Renewed again and again the silence and uses the flash library.

Secondary Mission:

The 101st Airborne Division to come help (150 points) –  Send this some infantry or armor north-west to the 101st unit, and with it the destroyed enemies. An ambush is not a bad idea.

The 82nd Airborne Division to come help (150 points) – Send a few troops to north into the forest and cut there, the hidden enemy. Subsequently destroyed the enemies nearby.


Bush war

Primary objectives:

Identify the enemy (50 points) – Take your air reconnaissance and sends it to the selected enemy units whose troops to view.

The fighter pilots to shoot (250 pts) – Take your own fighters and sends them flying from the sky to bring the enemy. However, respecting their guns on the ground can quickly destroy your aircraft.

The Stug destroy (250 pts) – Take your first air reconnaissance and research objectives. Then send your bombers to destroy them.

Valognes secure (1000 points) –  Use your first and foremost spy on the enemy units on the beach. This you can now safely bombing from the air, but you keep away from anti-aircraft guns. Do you have the units destroyed at the beach, wards off the enemy planes with your fighter bomber. Just need to respect their enemy reconnaissance planes. Keep the best radio in the eye. Send now your first battle in the woods above the beach, destroying the first anti-aircraft gun. Now you can do the bombers from the air in the forest hidden units.

If you have secured the beach, you take the enemy in front of the interior. First destroyed from the air reconnaissance tanks. Pay attention while continuing to use your own headquarters and built a small defense. You can let your build another runway, train so that you can more fighter-bombers. Build some tanks with antitank guns and Willys for a further term. Renewed after your spy. Attacks now the units in the interior, destroying the air defense artillery and bombing away the remaining units. A little help here are the decoding and flash list.

Moves slowly in the direction Valognes. Take the road on the building of an enemy in order to have advantages in terms of raw materials. Destroy the tanks first with your anti-aircraft guns. Then take your fighter-bomber attacks and the anti-tank. Then do your tanks in the city, the remaining units. A Spy shows you the last opponent. If even this does the city belongs to you.

Secondary mission objectives:

All air defense units destroyed (50 points) – Use this to spy on all enemy units and hunt down all anti-aircraft guns. This can be easily connected with the last mission.

The heavy bunker destruction (100 pts) – This is meant in the bunker Valognes. As soon as you entered the city, take your whole tank and the building.


Primary objectives:

The German headquarters in Cherbourg neutralize (1000) – Uses the first of silence against the enemy artillery. Then builds a reconnaissance plane, 2 and 4 fighter bomber. In addition, a basic anti-tank and two supply depots. Is also equal to spy on the enemies to the right. Send now your tanks with antitank and artillery to the right down first to the units. Destroy the enemy tanks with the first anti-tank, then the airfield with the tanks. Then moves from right on the sea front from the direction of enemy headquarters. With the artillery to carry, then from a safe distance, the opponent’s building under fire. Especially the armored artillery depot to be destroyed as soon as possible.

While her right advances to the city, take a second tank, anti-tank and artillery colon and walks around to the left. Destroy all anti-aircraft guns here. Then bombarded with your bombers, the enemy anti-tank artillery, and with the rest of the building. Also renewed the radio silence, to be protected from the enemy artillery. Is created out of the way, beware of the headquarters and destroyed it for good.

Secondary mission objectives:

The German air field neutralizes (50 pts) – for this purpose the German airfield destroyed the right of the base with tanks.

Army used a sham (50 pts) – this sets a sham army in selected field to the right.


Screaming Eagles

Primary objectives:

Valkenwaard back (50 points) – are set by a couple of paratroopers from Valkenwaard on to this and attacked the town positioned in units. With a reconnaissance aircraft you can give you a small advantage.

The air defense units in Endhofen destroy (5o points) – first and foremost from Waiting until the allied tanks rolling through Valkenwaard and most of the enemies out of the way before giving up. Creeps you now through the forest on the mountain along the direction flag and then destroys this out of an ambush.

Endhofen secure (100 points) – are set by five paratroopers from the city over and kills all units stationed there.

Ambush for 3 tanks Endhofen put in (100 pts) – Wait now with your units at the entrance to the city until the enemy tanks approaching and surprised them with an ambush.

The storm destroyed Tiger (100 points) – Sets this, first the radio silence. Let then from 2 paratroopers in the woods next to the storm and Tiger on it with an attack from the forest of.

The German headquarters in Son play (200 pts) – Let this paratroopers right after the bridge in the woods from 3. Used in addition to silence and keep away from the flags. If the units ended up destroying the flags out of the woods. Have you turned off the flags, is five paratroopers from Son and defeating the forces stationed there. Let then the units are there, you will require later. Then add from 5 other paratroopers in the German forest headquarters and replaced the radio silence. Kill now with the units of the enemy infantry and assault guns destroyed. Then you can take her to headquarters.

Ambush in place for 4 tanks Son (300 points) – There are no need to continue to make the units previously stationed in Son except the tanks to destroy. Does it within the city as an ambush.

Secondary mission objectives:

Educate the urban places before landing (100 points) – for this building you a reconnaissance aircraft. Now must find her seven units in Valkenwaard and Endhofen. Use your first reconnaissance plane before it paratroopers sent.


Death from above

Primary Mission Objective:

The German headquarters in Grave taking (1000 pts – building at the beginning of a tank base and an anti-tank basis. Orders a reconnaissance plane and forms from a few tanks and tank destroyers. When all units ready, your assault gun pulls the bridge up and destroyed all flags and PAs. Take your spy plane and flies over the woods to the bridge. Thus hidden units visible, and your assault gun can also do the last. Now requires a few paratroopers in the forest right and left after the bridge. With the so-infantry won their right to silence you should now forward stalk and the two assault guns put out of action. The infantry units left to destroy the transport vehicles of the enemy, when they drive past.

Take the right-hand infantry unit and goes on through the forest up towards enemy base. Done there all tank destroyers and assault guns out of the ambush. You were discovered you draw, you just back and reaches for it again. Where a few other paratroopers from the strait between the woods towards enemy headquarters to switch off the tanks and tank destroyers to later. Do you have the most units destroyed with your infantry, set up your tanks and army not forgets to take a couple of PZS. Make yourself now to the German headquarters and first of all with your assault gun, the enemy machine-gun nests. Then you can either take or destroy the enemy buildings. Even the last enemy is defeated; take one with your infantry headquarters.

The fight back against attacks on the headquarters (500 pts) – The battle is not yet beaten. The Germans try of the bridge from the HQ to take back. Radio silence is used, your assault gun in a good position at headquarters and provides the tank destroyer on to the front for a good line of fire. Your tank should stand next to the PZS. Have you designed a good defensive line, back to even the enemy units in two waves. Take first with the tank destroyers, and give them the tanks before the storm to support them. The infantry is approaching for the tank then walk over.

Secondary Objective:

The barracks occupy (200 pts) – The barracks is located on your first headquarters across the river from the left. Fly over the counter first with a reconnaissance plane and then send your army out there as soon as the remaining units are turned over to the River. Then there should be no more problems.


Bridge Decision

Primary objectives:

The 82nd Airborne Connect 02:00 (50 pts) – Let you not be put off by the timer. Just send a paratrooper in the city to the destination and the order is fulfilled. Build your base at the same time in an anti-tank basis, and some allies at the flags. This saves a lot of time later.

Tanks across the bridge escort 15 (1250 pts) – For this you have to protect against attacks, the enemy tanks. First sends two infantry units on the bridge and hid them on the left and right in the forest. Holt added two reconnaissance aircraft. One can cross the bridge, so you see where the hidden units and destroy. The two of you can about the city by the Allies, to identify approaching enemy. Also builds a few flight bombers to enemy units move quickly from the market can.

Holt now from your basic four armored anti-tank destroyers and distributed them around the path of the armored escort. PT will provide each a force of infantry units available to buy tanks or from the protection. Furthermore, should you enhance your flags something. And in order to have enough money, build more raw materials warehouse on the empty fields.

The enemies are starting mainly from the right to attack. However, isolated units from the left flank your try to destroy. Therefore regularly zooms out to look at the enemy movements. For these applications, continue your reconnaissance aircraft or the spy list. Is also in your sector, a radio silence and turned on the new data inversion to confuse enemies.

Approaching enemies, send them your bombers from the air on his neck. In the case of tanks, take one or two of your PZS to solve the problem. For your infantry is infantry or just bombers. Keep in addition to the area above the bridge in the eye, there never again try to prepare PAs ambushed. Therefore regularly sends your reconnaissance plane over. Moreover, in later stages of the mission appear some enemy bombers, therefore, provides enough flags. It’s not all tanks intact to their destination, but too much should not be destroyed.

Secondary mission objectives:

All Allied armor protection (500 points) – for this purpose must not be destroyed tanks of the Allies. Watch for it early enough to enemy movement and respond immediately with bombers or PZS. Keep yourself well enough flags, because later you will be bombarded.

Data inversion using (50 points) – Set just your sector, the new data inversion list in.

The tanks are taking base (250 points) – This base is located North-East of the River. First inspected the area with a reconnaissance aircraft. Then deleted all the planned ambush with infantry and bombers. Above all, the flags should be turned off quickly. Take then one with an infantry unit of the building.


Watch on the Rhine

Primary objectives:

The opposite shore can be explored (50 points) – Send your purpose armored reconnaissance on the other side of river.

PA-heavy guns explore (50 pts) – For this you must simply wait for the conclusion of their research. Use the time to organize you. Provides PA-guns in the woods and secures these with infantry units. Builds in the town two or three machine-gun against enemy infantry later. This line of defense you have to also use immediately to fight off the initial attacks.

PA-8 heavy guns emit (500 pts) – The eight guns to the north over the bridge to the meeting place. First sends a couple of infantry units over the bridge to the small ambush right off. Then, the PA-guns carefree drive to the goal. But while you fall to the enemy in the back and roll with tanks and infantry. Set to your PA-guns in the woods Willys for a higher range. Redoubt also infantry in the woods for the enemy infantry. Increased too well in your base, the machine-gun and armor protection bases. Otherwise, you should focus on you as soon as possible to transport all 8 PA-guns to the target.

Secondary Objective:

Skorzeny’s command to destroy (200 pts) – For this we need only to send the time of the PA guns up to you. Skorzeny’s command because you attacked by itself Beat back their attacks with ambushes and PA-guns, to the saving message appears.


Siege of Bastogne

Primary objectives:

The defense set up 03:00 (50 pts) – The time is short, so she uses. Used first of all the radio silence, to be protected from enemy artillery. Where then your anti-tank in the woods close to your headquarters. Distributed to the infantry on the individual PAs in order to protect them. The tanks should again be out of town and close to PAs. Also provides shelter for your headquarters tanks and machine-gun nests on the emergency. Besides, it is worth an artillery base to build. All in all, it is good practice to all units near the city so that PAs can quickly destroy tanks from all directions, this assertion well as investigators in their part. Furthermore, infantry must be warded off by tanks quickly, without having to assault the PAs can.

Still hold Bastogne 12:00 (1000 points) – You should now always zoom out again, all enemy movements at a glance to have. Will also use silence against enemy artillery and sends the enemy to distract a sham army. Alternatively, you can use it the decode list. Shown in passing a few tanks and artillery units from distributed information is protected by the headquarters. If, after about 3 minutes a PA, an infantry unit and an artillery shell left from your headquarters in the forest. In addition, some tanks are placed in the city. The enemy now moved to first from the north direction, and he later tried to you from the left and right flank to.

For the battle worth it when available, 1 reconnaissance plane, a fighter pilot to defend or flags and a few bombers. Provides the intelligence planes directly over the events in order to use the bombers can. It later tries enemy transport aircraft, infantry units to sell in your town. But with a few flags and artillery pieces, this is not a problem.

As soon as you will be pointed out that you now list the fanaticism is available, it uses, for now the strongest attack follows from all sides. Therefore moves with all your troops as close to the headquarters and is approached from the rest of coal from other units. Your units are well distributed, fend off the last attack and defend Bastogne.

Secondary mission objectives:

Fanaticism list use (50 points) – Set the fanaticism in the sector, a list selected.


Blood n Guts

Primary objectives:

Patton’s push support (80 points) – send a reconnaissance plane to the right over the wood for the Patton’s army. Also provides a few bombers to bomb the discovered units. Other fighters to back up the squadron. The mission is not finished until the last enemy unit is killed in the forest.

Montgomery’s advance to the river support (80 pts) – Clarifies back first on the field and then bombarded with all the bombers either the flag to turn it off or you wait until you do it for this Montgomery. Then you can turn off the tank destroyer and secure way to Montgomery. Keep a couple of fighter pilots in the vicinity, to be protected from enemy aircraft.

To facilitate the subsequent task of building your headquarters in an artillery and air defense base. Makes 1-2 immediately artillery guns and 3 anti-aircraft guns and sends them in the direction of Montgomery’s units, but rather south, to be protected from predators.

Patton escort (80 pts) – focus your attention now back to Patton’s army. First increase your fighter and bomber on something. Also used the camouflage net over your head-quarters, to be protected from enemy bombers. This camouflage net you should always renew shortly before the interval. Alternatively, stacking can you two lists, that is, twice longer have camouflage netting and expressing it used twice in the same sector. Also destroyed with your fighter bombers of the enemy in the vicinity. Help Patton then as usual, to go over the River.

Judges take before 16:30 from (250 pts) – For this is a little haste the day. You will get now, Patton and Montgomery tanks, tank destroyers and armored reconnaissance. In addition, some infantry. You can now flank the headquarters, we recommend you to combine all the troops in the middle of the map below the river, even before creating your flags and artillery. Uses quiet for the entire flash units list, you are enough available.  If all the units assembled, first attacked with tanks and artillery of the enemy’s flags on the River. Then you can used to bombard the others units from the air. More fighters need not be formed, for your flag secure the airspace.  If all the units assembled, first attacked with tanks and artillery of the enemy’s flags on the River. Then you can used to bombard the others units from the air. More fighters need not be formed, for your flag secure the airspace.

Secondary missions:

Camouflage list select (50 points) – uses camouflage net list, when available, above your headquarters.

Destroy the enemy bombers (50 points) – When as described above, with flags, settled the issue by itself actually alternatively you can also with your fighter pilots under fire assume the enemy bombers, but be wary of enemy flags.


West meets East

Secondary Objective:

The headquarters of the Russians take 15 o’clock (1000 points) – send at the beginning of the mission, part of the infantry north of the woods, the first German attacks to fend off an ambush in. Subsequently destroyed with the rocket launcher and then left the Puma armored infantry in the center. Is also a radio silence and uses the flash library. Blocked at the same time with a flag from the enemy fighter-bombers.  Talking you then with a part of the infantry up to the forest and turns off a portion of the tank destroyer in the ambush, but as soon as it is under attack, you withdraw. The rocket tank can now turn off the last tank destroyer from a distance. Take with tanks and rockets normal tanks and armored infantry on the right side under fire.

Up front block a machine-gun nest and a few infantry units into the street. Again, the tank rocket launcher is invaluable. The infantry can destroy their destroyer further reinforced with an ambush out of the woods. Now moves to the island to the headquarters and the terror list used in the sector, to do the enemies quickly and easily. As always, should now take the enemy tank destroyer tank apart. At the same time, the missile tank destroys the machine-gun nests and thus paves the way to the infantry. Provides the meantime with all other units for deflection, and uses the flash library to a rapid oral guarantee.

Secondary Objective:

The ME 262 jet fighters to shoot (500 points) approaches the jet fighter your units, take him with all the flags under fire and a good piece of sailing to the ground.

Terror List selects (50 points) – You will be reminded to activate the terrorist list. Do this at once in the selected sectors.


The Razor’s Edge

Primary objectives:

The research center taking (1500 pts) – first sends a portion of your infantry up in the woods to ambush prepare one. These later wards off most of the enemy attackers. Furthermore, you should three supply depots near your headquarters building in order to quickly build many units. At the same time a tank base, anti-tank and artillery base and possibly an additional barracks for infantry an advantage. Then builds a few heavy tanks, some PA + flag vessels and additional two to three artillery and infantry fighting vehicle for building fire.

The mouse destroys tanks (500 points) – This is a very strong armor of the enemy. Destroyed him at bay with some PAs and take your heavy tanks to support added. Follows then again your previous job.

The research center taking (1500 points) – Does the way now left the river, move up, once enough units of each type together you have. The enemy will send your a few tanks and infantry, along with several apparent attacks. So do not be confused and does the tank with your PAs. Let’s also a shear tank and a PA + Flag-vehicle in your base against hostile takeovers.

Battle your way now along the river upward, tanks and small units destroyed even at a distance with artillery and PAs. Also uses flash list, to be faster than the enemy. Take the road with your infantry the enemy or destroy a building it with the artillery. Is the research camp cleared, rushes with an infantry unit there and take it on. The other units are used here for protection. Also, a bill Army provides distraction.

Secondary Objective:

Tank destroy (1000 points) – When as described above, along the shore and attracts enough PAs with high range while you have done, which is subject by itself, if not all this be the case, mouse, send your PAs directly to the enemy tanks .


Secret weapons

Primary objectives:

The defense set up 2:40 (100 pts) – first sets a lightning-list the order to move forward faster. Building around this time are now three supply depots around your base to have enough money to later. Then, two or three flags are distributed in the city, to be protected from future bombers. This is set back so that they are not victims of enemy infantry. Furthermore tank rocket launchers are 1-2 important for infantry to be done quickly and painlessly. Set out from the city center. The remaining money should be invested in mouse tanks and jet bombers. Does not worry if you can not immediately train all of the above units is waiting, just until there is enough money in the coffers and buy from it.

The research still hold 13:00 (1000 points) –  Set the radio silence enemy artillery against and will also use the Flash List to move more quickly to money. Send to destroy jet bombers now your left to the enemy’s artillery. Collecting otherwise two-thirds of the units north of the base, the other third is right when supply depot. Once again you have some money available to invest primarily in bomber jets and tanks mouse. However, it notes that you may have other more useful units invested in them.

You will be several references to secondary mission objectives. Performs them necessarily, because they bring you more units and thus a small but perhaps significant advantage. If your units in trouble, and possibly use fanaticism among the enemies of terror. Is also building on the left are also a few buildings glow with the List, to distract the enemy troops. Also note, cause confusion in the enemy tank.

Keep the rest of the time guarded the entrances and supplies always behind units. Zooms out regularly to stay on top. Towards the end you should all your units positioned north of the city, because there finally follows the strongest thrust of the enemy.

Secondary mission objectives:

The way for the tank destroyers evacuate (250 points) – send this one to the left and jet bombers bombed the bunker here. Then you want a few tanks available to hunters.

Certificate lists enable buildings (50 pts) – Enabled, when available, the library left in the marked sector.

Clear path for the flame tanks (250 points) – Destroy the hidden here, right light units with a few shots of a mouse shell. This should be no big deal. Then you are a couple of flame tanks available.


In the cave of the bear

You stand here before the selection of the nation. For our solution we have chosen the American Group.

Primary Mission Objective:

Headquarters supply level in 2000 before taking (3000 pts)  – Your goal is to take the Soviet HQ, before the Russians supply concerns have U.S. dollars 2000th To get more time, you should therefore fill their supply lines.

Are you ready for this one left a military base, right, a tank base and an airfield. Ensures for the first time the supply line to the left down by their hidden several infantry units in the forests in a way that they destroy the passing cars supply automatically. Furthermore, you should take the first supply depot there on the way to even get a little more. Furthermore, you can build their own supply depots. Protects your base with a tank and air defense artillery.

Then turns your attention to the left where the tanks and aircraft to be built. Provides first a medium tank up to the first supply line. Now forms a reconnaissance aircraft. In addition, two or three fighters and three bombers. The rest of the money you should now spend on heavy tanks. Is a straight one bomber to destroy the artillery left below. Furthermore, appropriate for the protection of silence and a few slip tank in the north provide distraction.

While you wait on supplies and the completion of the tank, grab a few of the finished tank and moves to the left at a supply depot of the enemy. Take your bombers and reconnaissance aircraft and a few shoots first from the PAs. The tanks can now take care of the infantry. With a parachute you can now, if you have time and inclination, take a few buildings, such as bringing the artillery base advantage, then with a few artillery attacks.

A third supply line is north of your base armor. There is from 1 to 2 tanks to destroy the line. Later, a fourth line appears in the North East. This is difficult to fill. First you have to destroy their aircraft with fighter pilots, and then secured with parachute the ground and the supply depot. If you focus on the tank structure, you can ignore this line.

Did you do together about 15 heavy tanks, is heading towards Headquarter. Used espionage to uncover the PAs and sent simultaneously from the north a sham army tanks to weaken the enemy’s line. Take the PA now with all 15 tanks under fire, so the loss is limited. If you still can, use either fanaticism or terrorism, to facilitate the fight. Take care then to the flags in the woods right, so you can call on your future bombers. Move your tanks now further up and finished the first enemy tank. But these are no match for the superior power.

Now with tanks and bombers destroyed all enemy units in the enemy base. If all flags turned off and machine-gun nests, send money from your remaining paratroopers directly next to the headquarters and take it as soon as the infantry has landed one.

Secondary mission objectives:

The tanks occupy the base camp (250 pts) – The tank base camp is located south-west of your barracks. That means, you only with superior force bombers weaken and then take with paratroopers. However, first bombed the flags, if any. A certificate of aircraft army protects your bombers.

The infantry base camp, taking (500 points) – This is to the left of your tank base. As described above, you can destroy tanks and bombers there with the units. Then send paratroopers to capture the base. By the way buildings are also more interesting for the taking.

The abandoned base camp, taking (500 points) – This is east end of the map. It is pretty hard to take this building. First, you must switch off its enemy fighter planes and ground units, and other flags also make you a hard time. Send as soon as most of the dangerous units are destroyed, a few paratroopers and take immediately the building. Have you done that, you can also destroy the fourth supply line.


The grand finale

Again, we have chosen the U.S. Army.

Primary Mission Objective:

The defense step 03:00 (500 pts) – building supply depots first two sets and flash us the list. Then build an airfield, a tank and an artillery base + Flag-base. Now forms the first two anti-aircraft tanks, artillery and a tank destroyer from a few tanks. Uses the air defense against enemy tanks also like paratroopers. Otherwise you can from your remaining money build a few heavy tanks.

Base hold on Long Tom gun waiting 17:00 (500 pts) – You must now endure a long time. But now you gain a lot of money very quickly. Invested in these equally heavy tanks, artillery, tanks destroyers and a part also in flags. In addition, missile tanks were later very beneficial. Maybe some bombers are reasonable, but not a must. Build you now mainly North-East of a line of defense in the forest. Something like 60 percent of your units should be here. The other 40 percent you should allocate to the other two entrances to your base, because they also follow light attacks.

Defend now primarily the strong attacks from the north, and keep from always the big map in the eye. From time to time some enemy units try to flank you. Used during the whole battle of silence and camouflage against enemy artillery and bombers. A sham entity can distract the enemies of you for a while.

Reinforced time and again your army evenly with different units. In an emergency or terrorist fanaticism are your best friends. But if you always supply those units, the enemy should have little chance of victory. Also ensures that each front is protected.

The Long-defend Tom (1000 points) – See the next mission.

Kate’s HQ nuclear attack quench (1000 points) – ends up the long Tom Unfortunately not in your present base, but further south. Advances now with all your units towards the Long Tom. When the new base you should first take a basic protection for the Long-Tom reached, i.e. tanks, tank destroyers, artillery, and flags. Do you have a few from each unit moves forward with these your other army.

Have the armies met, the Long-Tom take to the middle of the units and proceeds to defend your HQ so far. Be ignored, that your buildings were destroyed or taken from your HQ and travels further to the left by the forest. Keep this distance from the small enemy base. Always uses flash-List to quickly move forward.

Further up you have to make a detour around the forest. Your artillery can destroy the previously hidden in the woods units. Have drawn attention to the forest around before and first sends tanks and tank destroyers to the front. The artillery can help as long as the back. Now it can happen that some units are destroyed by a nuclear attack. Not taken this further and instead sends a bogus army to the enemy. Do you still have left over lists, also uses terror and fanaticism? While it employs the enemies, you can now with the Long Tom target the enemy HQ and thus destroy this. Posted in spite of everything with a few units with the Long Tom to safety. If the destroyed headquarters, have you made it.

Secondary Objective:

The second front line holds (500 points) – This is to the left of your headquarters. Is there some infantry in the woods and cities for ambushes. Furthermore, it should establish any type of a few units. Forget not, however, your Primary objectives.


  • First Captain – Points: 25 – Complete 50% of the secondary objectives.
  • Tough guy – Points: 50 – Complete all secondary objectives.
  • Contender – 5 points – Complete an operation.
  • At the summit – Points: 10 – Complete all bonus objectives of operations.
  • Best Friend – Points: 25 – Complete all cooperative operations.
  • One against all – Points: 25 – Complete all steps 1 to all.
  • Nemesis – Points: 25 – Complete all operations 1 to 1.
  • Staff Officer – Points: 25 – Complete all operations.
  • Rookie – 5 points – Beat an IA opponent in battle mode.
  • Private – Points: 25 – Beat an IA opponent in battle mode, intermediate level, and at all times (39/42/45).
  • As – Points: 50 – Defeat a rival AI on hard with total victories.
  • Parasite – Points: 10 – Catch 50 buildings.
  • Ambassador – Points: 25 – Beat an IA opponent in battle mode playing with the different nations.
  • Collector – Points: 25 – Beat all IA profiles in battle 1 on 1 at least medium level of difficulty.
  • Crafty – Points: 25 – Use all the tricks.
  • Destroyer – Points: 25 – Destroy 5000 enemy units.
  • Regular forces – 5 points – Go up to level 20.
  • Veteran – Points: 10 – Reach league veterans.
  • Elite – Points: 25 – Reach the elite league.
  • God of War – Points: 50 – Go up to level 100.
  • Eugene-virus – Points: 25 – Beat a team member or someone Eugene Systems have earned this achievement.
  • Enemies of the soul – Points: 10 – Play a game of four players just with your friends.
  • Atlas – Points: 10 – Play a game on each map in a ranked match.
  • I’ll cover you! – 5 points – Play a game with a friend.
  • Occasional allies – Points: 10 – Play a game with a stranger in a Ranked Match Team.
  • Forged in Combat – Points: 10 – Get a victory in every ranked match mode.
  • With one hand behind his back – Points: 20 – Vence baseless artillery, armor or aerodrome ranked match.
  • Top Gun – Points: 20 – Defeat an opponent using only air units in a ranked match.
  • Invincible – Points: 25 – Get a survival rate of 90% or more in a ranked match.
  • Who’s your daddy? – Points: 25 – Get a low rate of 200% or more in a ranked match.
  • Mercenary – Points: 25 – Win 5 games with each nation in ranked matches.
  • El Terrible – Points: 25 – Get a run of 3 wins in ranked matches.
  • El Grande – Points: 50 – Get a run of 10 wins in ranked matches.

Final Words

The title has some limitations in the management of troops with the pad, fortunately not too disturbing, and that with practice can be reduced. For the rest RUSE “work” thanks to some variations on how the tricks to use against opponents beat in terms of military strategy rather than brute force. The gameplay is really very special that it could be considered a sort of hybrid between an RTS and board game Risk as the previously mentioned also because the stage management of resources is rather bare-bones.

Also created special visual detail does not propose a general but by its very high but has the great dynamism of which we spoke earlier and management truly monumental in terms of units and elements on screen. In the case of the term functional RUSE takes on a different meaning because it allows you to deliver an experience different from normal play. Beyond the excellent dubbing of which we have written, the sound carries a good job thanks to accompanying use very well-designed sound effects.

Key role in RUSE is undoubtedly played by the multiplayer has a number of factions-nations (USA, Germany, USSR, Britain, France and Italy), each with its strengths and weaknesses as to manage the many maps available for a number of variations on the theme in terms of modes.

RUSE is a title not easy to read and which is not as easy to judge. Already its hybrid nature of RTS – board game has displaced as well as its graphical representation decidedly peculiar. Certainly, however, the control system, albeit with some limitations, is one of the best designed for a joypad and the many opportunities for play in multiplayer will make it a long life to those who truly appreciate a title outside the box.


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