The Da Vinci Disappearance Video Walkthrough

The Da Vinci Disappearance Video Walkthrough

The Da Vinci Disappearance is the 1st downloadable content package for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, which was released March 8 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and today for PC version. As we talked earlier in Da Vinci Disappearance Review, it is available for 800 Microsoft Points or 9.99 Euros, and is packed with few new characters, 10 new trophies and achievements, new single-player content, 4 fresh multiplayer avatars, 2 fresh multiplayer modes, and 1 new multiplayer map.

In this content we will find that following the fall of the Borgias in Rome, Leonardo Da Vinci is made hostage by an underground sect devoted to transforming mankind called as Hermeticists,. Ezio will get on on an unyielding mission to pick up stolen paintings in order to locate Da Vince earlier than it becomes too late, discovering new locations and new gameplay features along the way in The Da Vinci Disappearence. This walkthrough will guide you all through the beginning till the end  of cutscenes and gameplay for this downloadable content. Just go through this this:

A Roll of the Dice:

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC will begins at the point when you arrive at the “restored memory” location on the map. You need to discover another restored memory after each memory to continue the game. Also locate Salai, Leonardo’s Assistant, at the Thieves Guild and get him back to Leonardo’s Workshop.

Note: Don’t drop your health below 4 health squares.

The One Who Got Away:

Make Belriguardo Palazzo to locate Lucrezia Borgia and find out the place of the stolen Villa paintings. This job entails lots of sneakiness. Remember that in case you detected by anyone, you will lose synchronization.

Note: Do not kill anyone.

Momento Mori:

Follow Patrizio who is Lucrezia’s old flame, in order to locate the Leonardo picture that was given by her in memory of their love. Following Patrizio is not much difficult, just tail her without walking on the rooftops. What you have to do is hide among the people if anyone or Partizio looks towards you or your direction. Just do not get too close, but don’t get too far as well. Remember, in case you drop sight for 30 seconds of your Patrizio, you will need to start again.

Note: Don’t walk on rooftops during the tail.

Bon Voyage:

At this level, you have to recover Leonardo’s Paintings earlier than merchant go away in the boat taking those paintings. You have begun the mission by running down to the docks. Make sure you don’t come into view of any guard during this. You have to do this either walking within the crowds or jumping from roof to roof. Getting caught by the guards on the rooftops does not count against the full sync challenge. At the docks you will find Duccio. Fight him and his gang after a cutscene, but do not kill them. During the fight, Duccio may run away few times to get some more people for his help. You have to overcome all of them four times to discover the location of the other three paintings.

Last Minute Invite:

Here without getting caught, you need to take back the invitation to the art presentation inside the nobleman’s courtyard. Gather with the courtesans near the dock to get known where the invitation is kept. It is inside a red box in a secret area which you have obtained without being noticed. Here you can kill any person but take care that their dead body won’t be visible by anyone. How to do that?  You have the capability to lift up and hide the bodies. The simplest way is to amble and enter from the North. Appoint the courtesans for your help into the restricted area and to divert the guards. Just recover the  red box and a cutscene will play.

The Ezio Auditore Affair:

At the art exposition, discover the Leonardo’s Paintings and mark them without getting detected. If you find anydifficulty for locating the paintings, you can make use of your eagle vision, they will glow yellow. Now as they are under guard control, you cannot just go to them and mark. For doing so, make use of dead bodies to divert everyone. Simply walk at the back of a guard and give him poison. Now wait till he falls to the ground. Due to this, other guards will become diverted allowing you to mark the first painting. No matter what you do, just take care you have enough time to do you marking job.

Decoding Da Vinci:

You need to piece together the hidden drawing of Leonardo in order to discover the entry to the catacombs including the Pythagorean temple. You just have 5 minutes to do this job and the timer starts immediately. You have to make use of your eagle vision and locate the paintings clues. The clues will be white markings. Just zoom in and hit the identify button to verify the locations. Once you located the locations on all the paintings, you need to create the map. Just rotate the pieces to fit them in place. You will not have all the pieces.

Note: You have to find out the catacombs location in 5:00 minutes.

The Temple of Pythagoras:

This is the last level where you need to locate and free Leonardo from his captors by entering the catacombs. The catacomb appears pretty uncomplicated. The 1st part is a straight shot into the hose down. You will observe a small scene as soon as you hit the water. To cross this part, you need to climb up to a stone column and than go to the right across a crack. Just climb up to the right of the column and perform a back jump. Now climb up the same and you will find your path to move forward. Just perform a number of quick jumps from stone to stone and bar to bar. Remember, don’t drop any of your health squares.

At the end, when you free up Leonardo, after the cutscene, make your way down to the bottom for a cutscene that ends the DLC. Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough .


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