Installing Mac OS X Leopard on your MSI Wind and laptops

Here is a tutorial for setting up a dual-boot Windows XP and OSX on the
MSI wind or other NETBOOK. This tutorial will allow you to install
Windows XP and Mac osX leopard in dual boot on a MSI wind.

Requirement to install OSX on MSI Wind:

  • The MSI wind (or other NETBOOK)
  • An external DVD drive
  • MSIWindosx86.iso (search on google)
  • The DVD restoration of wind (or Windows installation CD)
  • The official OSX 10.5.5 delta upgrade here

Procedure to create partition,this is optional because you can also
create it with Mac os x cd but no problem if you follow this.

  • in the start menu, right-click My Computer and choose manage. A window opens, go to Disk Management in the right column.
  • Right click on disk, and create one or more partitions, (that will be reserved for OsX). select the partition and choose its size. give name osx
  • Now restart laptop

    Before you start make sure you have latest BIOS version 1.05 installed.
    You can view the BIOS version by entering the BIOS setup by pressing del at startup.

    MSI machines: download your BIOS update here

    After updating your BIOS, enter BIOS setup and press F9 to ‘restore best performance defaults’. This is ESSENTIAL!

    Part 1: Installing the system

  • Insert the MSIWindosx disk into your external DVD, and connect it to your Wind
  • Start your Wind and press F11 during the boot. When the blue menu appears select your DVD Rom
  • Press a key when you are asked to do to boot from CD / DVD …. you will see scrolling through a ton of text, let it go ..
  • You must then choose the language. For English click default.
  • On Welcome screen do not click continue ,select the menu Utilities then Disk Utility.
  • In disk utility click the main hard drive on the left side
  • Click on Partition on the right side of the window.
  • Under Volume Scheme, click1 partition .
  • Choose a name for your disc.
  • Click Apply
  • Wait and select Quit Disk Utility .
  • You can see home page of the installation. Click on Continue.
  • Click on Agree .
  • Select the destination disk.The disc partitioned that you keep for installation as osx Click on ‘Continue.
  • Click Customize
  • uncheck Language Translations.
  • Open Kernels and select ONLY kernel_vanilla_92
  • Open Graphics_Drivers open Intel_GMA select GMA950
  • uncheck Audio_Drivers.
  • Open Networks_Drivers. and select RTL1000.
  • uncheck Mobo_Chipsets.
  • uncheck Thirds_Applications.
  • Open Patches and select TimeMachineFix and PowerManagement_bundle.
  • Click on Done
  • Click Install
  • The installation will now be able to start if you want to accelerate the click Skip DVD check.
  • When Install Succeeded ,Restart

    Part 2: System Update

  • When you restart and boot into OSX for the first time, insert the MSIWindosx disk
  • Run 1 Kalyway_UpdCombo10.5.3.pkg and follow the steps. Do not restart when the system prompt you.
  • At the end of the installation, run 2 _kalyway_10.5.3_kernel.pkg and follow the steps. Select the kernel vallina_kernel_9.3.
  • Restart now.
  • press F8 to interrupt the loading .
  • Type update-v , and press the enter key. Your Wind may reboot several times during these stages.
  • After that insert the disk containing the 10.5.5 update .
  • Double click on MacOSXUpd10.5.5.dmg to mount the image.
  • Once the image has mounted run MacOSXUpd10.5.5.pkg and follow the steps in the installation. Restart when asked.

    Part 3: Finalization install driver
  1. When you have rebooted in OSX, insert the disk containing the drivers for the Wind and the utility pack.
  2. Select the utilities.
  3. Drag kext helper b7 somewhere ,you can find it easily.
  4. INFORMATION CONCERNING THE CORRECT PROCESSOR in About this Mac: Double click on AboutThisMac in the utilities and follow the installation steps.
  5. Unmute: Move to the directory sound and double click on AzaliaAudio.pkg and follow the installation steps. Do not restart
  6. Go
    to the kexthelper run and move all the files. Kext in this folder in
    the window . kexthelper click on the window, enter your password and
    click Easy Install.
  7. Reboot! You are done.



  1. Oh and about the CD containing the Drivers in step 3. Is that the disk that came with the wind? Or do you have to burn an iso of it?


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