A Walkthrough Guide of Prototype

Prototype is to connect all contribute to a varied and exciting trip. The game begins with a bang. Alex Mercer the main character is game is different. Apparently, the hero suddenly grows huge claws. The impact, is the very next bunch infection. The initial explosion we see as a major motivation plus, he has ever seen a touch in front of what awaits us later in the game of skills and the entire city of horror. Something has happened to Mercer. Open your World-typical features highlighted here via a map on which the spots are different.

The Guide Overview :                       

  1.   Quickly gain experience during the free-roaming.
  2.   Quickly gain experience in mission.
  3.   Quickly gain experience with the Vision Infected.
  4.   Landing with ease.
  5.   Defeat the boss in Times Square.
  6.   Bronze Upgrades.
  7.   Councils.
  8.   Collecting Milestones Upgrades.
  9.   More Tips.

1. Quickly gain experience during the free-roaming
A simple way to earn experience points is to get a helicopter, possibly without triggering an alarm. Head to any infected area and look for the towers that contain the hunters. You can find them easily by going into areas where people are arranged in a circle. This indicates the location of a tower is infected, you have to eliminate making jump with a rocket. A good a shot should be enough, so doing you will get 8000 experience points for each tower. Launching 200 rockets with a helicopter attack you can get 1,600,000 experience points.

2. Quickly gain experience in mission
Play the mission where you must steal a helicopter to find the right Hunter. You will have to fly the towers and scan the infected area in order to find the right kind of enemy. Instead of doing this, you fly over an area infected and begin to shoot the towers, you get about 8000 experience points for each of them. If you cannot identify you as an enemy, you can continue the operation without being attacked. Fire a missile for each tower, trying not to waste ammunition. You can get 1,192,000 experience points for each flight, provided you manage to hit a tower with each missile. You can also use the machine gun. After you get about 500,000 experience points, crashed the helicopter and repeat the process over again by dividing the checkpoint.

3. Quickly gain experience with the Vision Infected
Warning: This trick requires the ability to steal helicopters el ‘Infected Vision, which you can get forward in the game. Steal a helicopter and activate the ‘Infected Vision. Look for the orange towers throughout the city, especially in infected areas, and strike with weapons supplied to the airplane. For each tower destroyed 10,000 points will get experience, you will be very useful for the rest of the game.

4. Landing with ease

In jumping, take a small step before landing. With the right timing, in the case of altitude are too high, you should be able to land at full speed. This trick requires the ability to steal the helicopter and flying kick, useful to jump in the vicinity of a helicopter. It is useful also double jump. Start by jumping up, do a flying kick and catching  the first helicopter. Execute the event in real time to kill the pilot. Fly as high as possible and look for the next goal by exploiting the abilities Lock On. Jump out from the helicopter and do a flying kick around the next helicopter. You can repeat this operation until there will be helicopters on which to jump. This is a very difficult technique, but there will never attack helicopters without falling to the ground.

5. Defeat the boss in Times Square
This is a very difficult battle only in appearance, which can be overcome very easily. Before combat, bought all the updates possible, with the addition of three attacks devastated, and reach a maximum energy. You should get updates consuming people. Look carefully at the big boss: Under the energy bar are other indicators, which represent its stabilizers. They will make the boss vulnerable only if to separate them.At the beginning of the battle, the boss will perform a howl: Pay close attention and climbing a building or anything else will enable you to climb up. This will make it much easier to avoid the attack. There may also be hunters and Infection threatening towards you, so your armor exploited and used a knife or claws. Maximize your energy consuming as possible. This is a very simple, because the only problems could be the Hunters, which once removed will bring up your energy. This allows you to execute attacks Devastator.

Climbing a building, take along above the boss, get down and start the attack. In doing so, stabilizing the boss will start to be damaged. After each attack, stabilizing gain new energy, often forcing them to repeat the same pattern. Hit the boss with the devastation, and you should be able to carry out another attack, unless your boss does not respond by throwing green balls, spitting out the cement and screaming. The armor will reduce damage, allowing you to minimize the time between the various attacks. After destroying the stabilizers, the boss will fall and you can attack it in a conventional manner.

6. Bronze Upgrades 

40 Thousand Suns  –   Complete the battle against the Supreme Hybrid
20 Hope  – Discover the truth behind the hope
10 Dangerous junction  – Finish the meeting with Hunter
20 Origin  – Discover the story of Elizabeth Greene
10 Bait mutant – Complete the fight with The Specialist
20 Sons of Blacklight – Complete battle against Hunter Supreme
20 Instinct – Complete the battle against Mother

7. Councils
Councils are purple spheres useful to obtain information on the game. Getting all you can get the trophy or objective "test. Most of the councils are in Times Square.

  • Council 1     Near the factory Bloodtox on the side of a building with two chimneys red. The council is at the feet of  Chimneys
  • Council 2     Through the roof of the building of the Council 1, you will find a bridge that leads to another building, where you will find the advice
  • Council 3     The fountain in the center of the park
  • Council 4     On the house with the sign "Daily Parking"
  • Council 5     The building with columns in front of the dome
  • Council 6     The mall between the buildings with green roof, the terrace above the three-door black
  • Council 7     On a scaffolding rail
  • Council 8     On one of the tunnels on the railway
  • Council 9     At the foot of the stairs of the park that leads to the sea
  • Council 10     Go to the building with Greek columns, go through the park, and you will find the board behind the women’s toilet
  • Council 11     In entry of Cressfield Plaza (building up), under the porch
  • Council 12     At the center of the map you will find a sunken part where there’s advice
  • Council 13     On the median strip that divides the lanes of the causeway towards the bridge
  • Council 14     On land, under a wooden bridge over the railway where there are sofas
  • Council 15     On the first balcony of the building with the words yellow
  • Council 16     On the top row of billboards on the building through the streets
  • Council 17     On a building next to a poster with the red HIDE
  • Council 18     In the tunnel under the high white building with stained glass
  • Council 19     Moving beyond the gallery mentioned in the Council of 18, across the street, near the stairs
  • Council 20     In the corner with the sign "Tortilla Grill, on the yellow curtain
  • Council 21     On a low building next to the chimney
  • Council 22     Upon entering a building down
  • Council 23     On a circular balcony at the bottom of the high white building
  • Council 24     Turning white around the building of 23, you will find an entrance with an archway with the Board on
  • Council 25     Large sign on the building above the "LIFE GOES ON"
  • Council 26     Facing down, under the banner that says "Back Pain"
  • Council 27     The same building, following the signs to the opposite corner
  • Council 28     The building of 27 look at the building next top
  • Council 29     On the terrace of a building brown
  • Council 30     The junction of roads
  • Council 31     On a placard that says "Back Pain" on a building
  • Council 32     In the alley between two buildings red
  • Council 33     On the high white building with the billboards, on a balcony at the middle level
  • Council 34     On one of the signs of the building of the Council 33
  • Council 35     In the alley between the kiosk between the road and the tall building
  • Council 36     Above the building up of the Council 35
  • Council 37     On a building above the light column
  • Council 38     Near a grate in the park
  • Council 39     Near one of the kiosks green park of the Council 38
  • Council 40     Near one of the kiosks green park of the Council 38
  • Council 41     In a small ditch near a square
  • Council 42     On the circular building with a roof
  • Council 43     The last of the high white palace balcony, before the tip crystal
  • Council 44     The building of the Council 44
  • Council 45     At the foot of the building near the basketball courts blue
  • Council 46     Cement in the vessel tree
  • Council 47     On one of the balconies of a large white building
  • Council 48     On land in the park, opposite the games

8. Collecting Milestones Upgrades

Milestones are blue balls that provide many experience points. Collect all you can get the trophy / Objective "Expert of the slums. Here they are.

  • 1     Between two tall buildings in the vicinity of a glass dome
  • 2     In one corner to the southwest corner of a building
  • 3     On top of a low building with a green roof dome
  • 4     In the middle of a small park
  • 5     On the roof of a small building with a chimney
  • 6     In a tunnel under a building
  • 7     In a small depression in the roof of a building with a skylight
  • 8     Under the bridge in mid air. Must have many power-jumping, sliding and speed to reach this milestone
  • 9     The southwest corner of a tall building on a platform.
  • 10     On the northern side of a building.
  • 11     On the east side of a building on a platform
  • 12     On top of a building, corner of the roof
  • 13     On top of a skyscraper
  • 14     On one edge slightly higher than the street level, on the west side of a tall building
  • 15     On the cusp of a tall building
  • 16     On street level, on the steps of an old building
  • 17     On the roof of a building
  • 18     On the ground, two basketball courts
  • 19     One of the two pillars of the bridge
  • 20     On one of the pillars of the bridge, under a small roof
  • 21     On the structure of the Arch of Triumph
  • 22     An indentation on the south side of a brick building that is located on top of some trees
  • 23     On top of a tall building near the ocean
  • 24     The teaching of Williamsburg Bridge, on the road
  • 25     On top of the brick building south
  • 26     On the cusp of the building with green roof
  • 27     On the roof of the little dojo
  • 28     On the north side of the building in Chinese style
  • 29     Shortly after the entrance of the Red Palace in the North
  • 30     A column in the middle of the park 


9. More Tips 
And it comes, as it must come: Of course you invest same in upgrades for Alex. Huge claws, fists, rocks, or even a sword, a sleek kind of organic sticks joined by the scenario, add the converter body, each with its own partial attack and upgrade versions. Prototype is really easy but this does not: Especially later in the game prove to the strike teams, consisting of drones, helicopters and tanks, as resilient opponents. In this case, you remain several possibilities: Either you will open yourself to the fight, used cars than throwing tools and beats with full force on the vehicles, or take your health for lack of early flight. Here you can walk for miles, despite high skyscraper almost to the crow flies.


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