The audio formats in home theater

In home theater there are essentially 3 types of facilities the 5.1,
6.1 and 7.1. Under those figures hiding in general the number of
speakers used to reproduce the sound. The .1 is always associated with
the subwoofer. To take advantage of it must necessarily have an

Dolby Digital (also known as AC-3) 
This is a format that supports 6 channels including 1 for the subwoofer
(front left, center, front right, surround left, surround right,
subwoofer). It is currently the most common on DVDs. In several
countries it has been chosen as the audio standard for digital
television. The first film has ever used this technology was Batman
Returns in 1992. Its speed is 640 kbit / s maximum.

Dolby Digital Surround EX 
It is an enhancement of Dolby Digital. It provides a channel surround
with additional rear. This allows sound effects 360 °. Many amp decodes
it but returns only 5.1. Indeed Dolby Digital Surround EX can be
decoded using a Dolby Digital Classic.

Dolby Digital Plus (PR +) 
The Dolby Digital Plus supports 8-channel (7.1). It is fully compatible
with Dolby Digital. Its speed can reach up to 6 Mbps. It allows
multiple languages on 1 single stream. The HD DVD made it a mandatory
audio format. On the blu-ray it is optional, with a throughput of 4.7

Dolby True HD 
This is an audio format without any loss. His record is identical to
the wishes of the director. It is on the new optical disc HD DVD and
Blu-ray that the limit to 8 channels. They require an HDMI 1.3
connector to be transported. Its speed is 18 Mbps maximum.

Dolby Pro Logic II 
It is not a specific format in home theater. Dolby Pro Logic II
transforms a stereo signal to restore 5 channels. If the effect can be
interesting with movies, less so with music sources.

Dolby Headphone 
Specifically designed for headphones this technology works with any
headphones and turns it into 5.1 surround sound (virtual). The result
is natural sound around the head. Perfect for enjoying movies

Dolby Virtual Speaker
He can enjoy 5.1 surround sound with only two speakers. It provides two
surround listening environment: user "reference": the image width is
determined by the actual distance between the two speakers and the
"Wide" width image appears to extend beyond speaker. This mode is
especially effective when the speakers are close together. The result
is not comparable to a true 5.1 surround sound.

DTS (DTS Digital Surround) 
The DTS supports up to 8 independent channels. It takes more space than
Dolby Digital track for DTS gives pride to the sound quality that
causes a file size larger (about 2.5 to 3 times higher on average). Par
rapport au Dolby Digital, même si la différence n’est pas flagrante, la
qualité sonore est meilleure. It does not have the status of standard

DTS ES format is 6.1 which is available in two versions. DTS ES 6.1
Matrix and DTS ES 6.1 Discrete. Matrix in 6.1 is not a true size 6.1.
The surround field is added only rear channel surround emulation key.
In 6.1 Discrete is however a real training 6.1 since it has its own
channel. It is used only for domestic use.

The DTS HD can provide up to 8 independent channels with a maximum
throughput of 6 Mbps. It is found on the new optical media HD DVD and
Blu-ray but so optional. It is available in 96 kHz 24-bit. The
degradation of sound is almost undetectable to the ear.

DTS HD Master Audio

Competitor of Dolby TrueHD DTS HD Master Audio is a lossless format
that can reach a speed of 24.5 Mbps on Blu-ray. The soundtrack is bit
for bit identical to the studio master. It requires an HDMI 1.3
connector to be transported.

DTS Neo 
Good alternative to Dolby Pro Logic II. From a stereo sound signal it
provides a conversion for listening in 6.1. The result is different
from Pro Logic II. The sound is specialized but less quality compare to
the original source.

Contrary to popular belief the THX is not a sound format. This is a
company created by George Lucas who affix a certification on the
various apparatus and sound reproduction of the image. However, we must
not give him more valuable than it s. More and more manufacturers no
longer seek to obtain certification because of high cost. If a unit is
THX certified does not mean that it is superior to another product.On
can find appliances not certified and a better quality product
certified and more.

Dolby Vs DTS

Dolby  DTS Connector compatible
 Dolby Digital  DTS Digital Surround  HDMI, Coaxial, Optical
 Dolby Digital Surround EX       DTS ES  HDMI, Coaxial, Optical
 Dolby Digital Plus       DTS HD  HDMI, Coaxial, Optical
 Dolby True HD  DTS HD Master Audio     HDMI 1.3
 Dolby Pro Logic II  DTS Neo6  RCA, Optical, Coaxial, HDMI



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