Best Web browser for Apple Mac OS X


The least we can say about the browsers available on Mac OS X i. It’s
far from the time of use "Internet Explorer" was almost mandatory to
get to surf all the sites so optimized. Those days are over

For OS X Leopard the default browser is Safari, the browser created by
Apple and is still much faster and efficient in its version 4. Safari is the default browser on OS X, it is the one most used by
MacUsers OS X. However, there is no obligation to use Safari and you
may well decide to use a different default browser or why not use
several browsers ….

Three browsers seem to surf over the lot Camino, Safari and Firefox. But let us not forget also that some browsers try to make them thrive as Shiira, Sunrise, Opera or even iCab.

Therefore difficult to decide between the 3 that are Camino, Safari and Firefox. Everything after question of personal taste and preferences for this or that aspect of these browsers symbiosis with the MobileMe for Safari, possibility to add extensions in Firefox simple Camino ….So
here is the freedom to choose … Not to mention other browsers, which
do not even occupy the front of the stage which still have features
that may appeal to some …..

The best solution is finally to test these browsers and then go for two
or three browsers and monitor their respective evolution in order to
form own opinion and to choose which of these browsers will become your
default browser. No doubt the battle between the browsers will be tough
but the big winner is the Mac user finally.

On this page a brief overview of 9 OS X browsers to help you make your
choice after all .It is of course a strictly personal opinion and I do
entitle anyone to think otherwise. I just tested these 9 software on a
good fifty test web pages and allow me to deliver my remarks that seem
to be relevant …

Considerations is focus on the following points:

  • Compatibility with the web pages (JavaScript, plug-ins, dynamic pages or flashing or scrolling menu, web pages etc. …).
  • Speed (criterion admittedly more or less subjective): the subject "Safari" is clearly the fastest of the three trucks.
  • Quality display web pages and its components: quality of text, images, radio buttons and fields of writing …
  • Consumption in RAM and processor power
  • Start Time for Software
  • Acid 3 Test: This test (here) allows to test the browser via a very
    complex nesting of empty blocks and errors volunteers to check the
    behavior of the browser. Safari receives the same note of 100/100!

You can find these programs on the usual download sites OS X.


Safari does not leave indifferent and already serious advantages over
its competitors, including its dynamic, friendly and flexible
Favorites. Safari is much faster than that Camino or Firefox and appears as the fastest browser. The 4.0.1 version of Safari has been further improved including the engine now Nitro and offers very interesting features: managing I feeds, a secure surfing on the sites related to privacy, based archiving Web pages, according to parental care
and display of pages PDF without the need for a plug-in external (eg
Adobe Reader), research by specifies the banner of research, anti-phishing tool, type Cover Flow feature Top Sites
etc …In short with its perfect complementarity with the OS X and also
with the MobileMe service (including the synchronization of bookmarks)
and its qualities, Safari browser is still a difficult circumvented.
The browser of Apple should keep his place without concern for
preferred browser as MacUsers.


  • Managing Bookmarks and history highly optimized
  • dynamic speed.
  • Perfect complementarity with the MobileMe services (including synchronization).
  • Bookreview RSS innovative features.
  • Perfect complementarity with Mac OS X.

Disadvantages: None


is a browser which continues its sweet way on I, which seems to be
present today as the main competitor to Safari.Firefox is widely used
on Windows and Linux, but much less on Mac OS X. Free Software Firefox
is unfortunately quite integrated into the environment OS X.
Quick Navigator (but not faster than Safari), Firefox has,
however a big advantage is the ability to add extensions to many
internal features. Make sure however not to add too, Version 3 adds new
features, such as an integrated management of passwords, the ability to
tag pages for better organization, a smart address bar, a zoom etc
…Firefox also offers tools security, web site identification,
protection against malicious sites, anti-phishing tool etc …


  • Browser performance.
  • Free and reliability.
  • Resumption of navigation error after closing.
  • Extensions to customize using the browser.


  • No complementarity with OS X and the MobileMe
  • display quality (including radio buttons, fields and write some text boxes on some sites) a bit messy.
  • The need to install extensions for functions not included by default.


The latest version of Camino is
a perfect success and pleasantly seduced me. The menus and style sheets
are perfectly managed, and the browser is very stable. Fast and
aesthetics, Camino is no doubt that near with the browser Safari and Firefox a favorite of Mac users.Camino is little chunk of RAM, fast startup and fits perfectly to the features of Mac OS X. Camino offers a toolbar search, tabbed browsing, an automatic update of the browser so … Camino is perfectly compatible with the Keychain Access OS X.
Camino allows you to resume browsing where you left it.
Camino get 75 at the ACID 3 test.
Camino is still a browser quite competitive and deserves the attention of users.


  • Quality display
  • sober, free, browser speed!
  • Many upgrades available.


  • A few display problems on some sites.
  • Preferences are a little too stripped.


While versions 6, 7 and 8 were unstable and very disappointing things
have changed with version 9 which surprised many. Everything has been
reviewed including the aesthetic. The browser is very fast, even faster than Safari on
certain web pages, and offers features like the ability to customize
the appearance.Opera is finally free .Opera also includes an email, an FTP client, and even a BitTorrent client.
This is interesting if you like products all in one, but it can still
do a little slow if only a browser search for surf. I appreciate the
security of this browser and its anti-phishing filter. Opera differs
from other browsers with some interesting features:
The Opera Link allows you to share your settings Opera with other computers, can create sessions navigational ability to create (using copy / paste) notes and store them in Opera. I have not included here Opera 10. 

  • The new look
  • speed and security.
  • The software includes an email, an FTP client and a BitTorrent client


  • if you search a browser stripped of features that is not needed.
  • a little chunk of RAM


So we thought this browser moribund is that a new version 4 comes in early 2008. ICab
dropped 4.0 Carbon to Cocoa. Completely rewritten and available in
Universal Binary, the software is faster and provides a more in air
time. This version also incorporates some new features like the ability
to read and create archives in Safari Complete, this browser
has a full screen mode and an offline mode has many settings for
optimal navigation and includes a JavaScript debugger. The Pro version
with a few more options, is offered at cost while the standard version
is free.The version 4 is very promising and deserves the attention of
users like us.iCab includes an RSS reader, a cookie manager and
performance is personal and attentive.
Note that iCab receives a score of 75 on Acid 3 test.


  • The small size of the application, good general compatibility, ease of use, easy to import bookmarks from another browser.


  • Application pay Pro version.


is a OS X browser from Japan, which is very powerful despite his young
age. The big advantage of Shiira is that it uses bookmarks to Safari,
so that when you add a new bookmark in Safari. This is a great asset,
because you can use Shiira as a browser in addition to Safari, without
worrying about bookmarks.Note that version 2 has been completely
rewritten and has a pleasant interface.Shiira offers several
innovations in ergonomics: it offers instead of the tab bar, thumbnails
of each page at the bottom of the window (the user can also opt for the
tabs of course) . It also notes the use of panels for bookmarks and
history, just as in iPhoto or Keynote, or a mode close to Presentation,
showing a mosaic of open pages.


  • Lightweight, easy to use, share bookmarks with "Safari", free. In french. A good alternative.
  • Written in cocoa.
  • Interesting innovations in the field of ergonomics.
  • Very fast


  • Some inconsistencies on some sites, a few crashes.
  • A little and still finds it difficult to evolve (version 2.2 is a bit old).


Sunrise is a mini
browser (less than 3 MB!) Designed in Japan and is very original not
only is it light as a feather but it has strengths that are surprising
and appealing to many users including webmaster. It is free, it is a
simple, since without all the trimmings only to the essential: display
web pages. It allows you to convert web pages to PDF, windows adjust
automatically and you can even make them transparent, displaying the
URL on the big screen, according to HTML editor.can also make screenshots of web pags, In short, this is a highly popular tool for webmasters.


  • Its originality, its weight, its speed, its useful functions. A popular tool for webmasters.


  • Its originality makes it a browser not please for everyone


is a browser that is very clearly thought out and designed to move
towards social networks and Web 2.0 .Flock is this a browser
revolutionary .Available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X,Flock is able
to interact with popular online services such as Flickr, YouTube,
Photobucket , blogs and news .Flock has a very nice interface and tools
to better communicate and work on the Web. It integrates an RSS reader
and a publisher of personal blog where you can post comments and photos
easily with its module type WYSISYG.It is possible to use the extension
Firefox in Flock. However, all these services will probably unnecessary
for most users at present. Flock is therefore a pioneering browser.


  • The perfect browser for those who use online services mentioned above, can use Firefox extensions.
  • A browser is a precursor of what the web 2.0


  • Browser not always very stable and slow.
  • not attract the bulk of those who did not need the interactivity.


This browser competitor still lack stability (many crashes due to not
running a good number of web), a pity because the design and quality of
web pages with Omniweb is sublime. Omniweb is
an Aqua interface and is a pleasure to surf with the browser Version 5
is significantly more stable than the 4 but still not enough to
dethrone safari, Camino or Firefox Try … Omniweb, it will seduce you
with its beauty . But it stops there! but it is clear that Omniweb is
lagging behind . although recently it has finally become free!


  • The quality of display of web pages, its complementarity with the Aqua environment, ease of use.
  • The internal management of pages in PDF.


  • poorly Manages a number of web elements such as menus and also including a number of fonts, unstable.
  • Not fast enough for my taste, even if the latest versions seem a little faster


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