Resize a partition with Partition Magic

Partition Magic is a software application which  allows you to perform many operations on your
Hard drive partitions, and all operations without any data loss. Basically it
is a shareware partition tool, you can buy he full version from Symantic.
Unlike other freeware, Partition Magic is shareware but it comes with
most of the features with many professional softwares.

Key Features of Partitions Magic

  • Create, resize, copy partitions
  • Run multiple operating systems
  • Create a backup partition
  • Redistribute free space.
  • Delete a partition.

Partition Magic also having many other useful features
including conversion between files systems like FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS, changing
size of the cluster of FAT16/32 and NTFS file systems, and merge FAT or NTFS
file systems that too without any data loss, though some NTFS-only metadata is
lost on conversion to FAT.

After you installed the Partition Magic successfully , its time to
run it and you should get the screen like this:


Your partitions and details of  each of them (type, size, etc..) To resize a
partition, it is first necessary that you have disk space available.  



If you
have enough disk space, click in the left menu to resize a partition.
A wizard appears:



The screen will come showing the general info, you just
directly click on Next.
Here, select the partition you need to resize and then click
Next. You may say that you should resize both partitions (in
fact, the first partition disk space will increase and the second disk space
will decrease and vice versa depending on what you selects).



The following screens will allow you to precisely specify
which partition(s) you need to resize and how much it should be.



Enter size in MBs of new partition and then click Next. Here
you need to select the partition of which resized and unallocated space is
available. Clearly it is a straightforward process to divvy up the space into
additional primary partitions or an extended partition and some logical drives
within the extended partition. How the space is divided is up to you.



In last the summary appears.
Click Finish.


Back in Partition Magic, you’ll have to say that you want to
resize the partition. To do this, left click on the Apply button.
The computer restarts, it will take a little time, but once the boot is
complete, your Partition will be resized.




  1. Nice work mate. I have been looking for an easy to use guide for using Magic Partition as i keep on playing with different operating system and my frequent need to format and resize partitions. Thanks for the good work…


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