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Introduction :
Ubisoft has now officially released a trailer that shows two missions from their upcoming Assassin’s Creed 2, in which the player almost shows all possible innovations.  Ezio, the hero of the game may go into hiding in Venice’s canals, gliding with a flying machine by Leonardo da Vinci on the roof thanks to the new combat system and use a variety of weapons
against his opponents. But these points probably sufficient to allow his predecessor Altair pale with envy. However, the developers cheerfully consider new features out of the hat. The newly unveiled poison blade example rams the assassin Ezio at creep mode inattentive contemporaries under the skin. He injects a deadly substance that puts the victim into a
kind of rabies status. The tortured victim draws his gun and jumps in the bloodlust short on everything and everyone before he finally collapses dead in itself. Sneaky, but perfectly suitable as a red herring.Before we introduce more playful innovations, we dedicate ourselves first to the historical and geographical framework of the title. They drove in the first work yet at the time of the Crusades, the Saracens under yosur monster, you are now opening in Italy in the 15th Century. The age of the Renaissance characterizes Assassin’s Creed 2, and many great personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli crossed in the course of action the dark path of the hero. Its journey starts in Florence, home of the noble house, which the protagonist belongs Auditore Ezio di Firenze. From there his fate in beautiful Venice. 

The city of canals is the focal point is the act and falls out of fiveareas almost twices as large as the cities in the EastAltair’s outing. The city of canals is the focal point is the act and falls out of five areas almost twice as large as the cities in the East Altair’s outing. In addition, you are in the game during open nor a mountainous region and the town of San Gimignano in Tuscany, and the wetlands around the town of Forli. Instead of connecting the Kingdom, which was used purely as a
transit area in its predecessor, the new regions have actually playful relevance. Even in the countryside await orders and missions. Off the road it gives the developers to discover that more than just flags and view points.

Walkthrough Guide :

  1. Intro
  2. Controls
  3. Tips for a Newbie  

Walkthrough  :     

  • Memory Block 1  
  • Memory Block 2
  • Memory Block 3
  • Memory Block 4
  • Memory Block 5
  • Memory Block 6
  • Memory Block 7

Controls  :
The controls are for PS3 and Xbox 360 Gaming Consoles.

  • START –      pause
  • BACK  –       map
  • RB –            N/A
  • LB –            chase cam
  • RT –            high profile actions
  • LT –            lock on
  • RS –            look
  • LS –            move
  • A –              leg button
  • B –              free hand
  • X –              attack
  • Y –               head

If you are just trying to run down by holding RT then you are socially acceptable. The leg button here makes you to run so that the people are familiar. At the same time press B to catch the roof edges and avoid falling from roof tops. This also helps to perform leaping kills with the hidden blade. This is called High Profile which makes your noticeable. But if your play without holding RT then you are noticed little. You can perform stealth kills without getting noticed. Press B as moving through thick crowds.

Tips for a Newbie :  

  • Use counter kill, quick kills, and grabs and use them in fights. Abilities like grab, break and dodge will help in all fights.
  • Walk Shorter to avoid noticing.
  • Use kill, punch, and contact sensitive to end fight.
  • Use marker to keep a track of your location.
  • Watch ample of game trailer to get more information about the environments and character.

In each of the memory block I had tried to mention the game plot for getting up more familiar and complete information.


The story starts with the First Version of the Game. Assassin’s Creed’s story begins in September 2012 when a bartender named Desmond Miles (the character controlled by the player), was kidnapped by persons unknown much before the game and taking in the Industries Abstergo where researchers working on the project animus. The animus is a machine able to view the memories of the ancestor of the user, Desmond was "chosen" for the project because of relationship to his ancestor Altair, a member of the sect of the Assassins lived during the Third Crusade in the Holy Land leaders Abstergo show particular interest in something that has come to do Altair and would like to know more. But the mind of Desmond initially rejects the memories of Altair, then having to start from a different memory and gradually taking on the memory question. The game starts with Memory Block 1. Here you will get yourself familiar with the controls and develop combat abilities. The head button and look at each group of people around you. The high profile actions will get you into trouble. Then you learn of a new ability called Eagle Vision. Do a low profile kill and then move to the ledge for a bit of a scene. On the other side, just hold the two buttons and move up the area by either the left or right pathways.



The memories of Altair ad begin in 1191, Richard Lionheart has just taken the port of Acre by the occupation of Muslims, with a base for operations, the Crusaders prepare to march south with target Jerusalem, with l ‘ intent to return to Christianity. However Saladin at the head of the Arab forces will not allow the English King to humiliate him again, the
Muslim army is massing at the ruins of Arsuf to ambush the Crusaders and prevent them from reaching Jerusalem. In this block  you will have to investigate and look for Masyaf’s traitor. Walk down and out of the fort to run into a guy along the way. Listening to conversation will give you more information. Walk into the village to reach the target.


The master reveals the reason why did assassinate targets, or to prevent others could get their hands on the artifact, the "Fruit of Eden" in a position to control the hearts and minds of those who contemplate it, but strangely high nor seems immune. Al  Mualim prove even at high powers of the Fruit of Eden, and how some biblical and historical episodes are nothing but illusions generated by the same artifact. After a hard fight, Altair kills Al Mualim and the artifact is activated by drawing a holographic globe (with a precision impossible for the century), revealing the location of other "Fruits of Eden."  Talk to Al Mualim and go down to the steps to see that the courtyard at the back is now open. Here you can gain more flags. Then head out the fort to run into another training session. The village has high security, so stay away and remember do not to bump into too many people or they will rat you out. Take the low road when you reach a fork and head south to avoid the guards. There are more view points and more flags if you go east.


The first memory of Desmond goes back to the failure of the assassination of Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Robert de Sable, and recover their treasure from the Temple of Solomon, but a companion of Altair will be able to recover the artifact, while losing an arm and brother, as tall, too confident in himself, he endangered the entire sect. After this Altair is degraded to the rank of Novice (the lowest rank in the order of the Assassins). But Al Mualim, leader of the sect, offers him the chance to redeem himself, Altair must venture into the Holy Land, killing nine men, who are responsible for fomenting the ongoing war in the region, doing so will bring peace to the region will regain its degree of murderess. Here do more practice. The best thing here is practicing the grab break and then get out, and you can practice the throwing knives also. So that is really helpful skill. Travelling is the work here. You have to travel to multiple cities for getting points and information.


After reaching to Memory Block 5 you can go into the courtyard and practice this new ability. So just step in and quickly press the attack. Conversation to the bureau will help you to gain more information. Here you will have to stay more alert and face more obstacles in your way, such as two beggars at once. Once you’re done with all the objectives, return
to the bureau. Kill Jubair and Sibrand is your new task. Make your way into the docks, without getting noticed if possible. Just get out of the docks, perhaps by following the rooftops along the wall, and then take the rooftops again in the city and head back to the bureau.


Complete with the memories of Altair, Desmond has revealed that memories of the protagonist Abstergo needed to know where to look for artifacts, because the company wants to use them to create a perfect world, (much of the Templars 1000 years ago, also note Abstergo which in Latin means to purify, clean up) wanting to control the minds around the globe through a satellite launch with the "Fruit of Eden" on board, and killing anyone who resists. The Abstergo no longer needs to Desmond and he would like to delete. But it will be saved by Lucy, saying that his memories could still serve, and not to leave anything to chance. Vidic comes out of the room and tells Desmond not to relax too much and that we will need him, this is the beginning of Assassin’s Creed 2.  Contact the bureau or just go to the middle of the district. Find and sikkl  Robert, Arsuf and save ample of citizens go gain upgrades. Here you will have to prove your combat skills. Try to make your way to each target slowly and steadily so that you does not need to run back again from the same place. Once you completed saving people, investigation and collection points, you will not only have every view point and citizen in the game under your belt, but you will also notice one extra bar on the double helix in the pause menu.

In the course of history will be shown as Lucy (one of the researchers working Animus), is actually also a member of the Assassins, infiltrated Abstergo to monitor and spy on the leaders Desmond, Lucy will explain to Desmond that is Abstergo was founded by the Knights Templar, who secretly ruled the world up to that time, and still hunt the murderers. In the conclusion of the game Desmond sees through the ‘eye of the eagle ", as he could do his ancestor, and will leave Lucy (with a blue halo) and Ronaldo (with a red halo). Then he goes to his room to see the wall full of unknown symbols and written in foreign languages. Also, curious about computers you can find some details about Abstergo and its activities. Here you have to assassinate Al Mualim. You will have to mess with your enemies and your associates will help your out. So try to reach to the most cliffs. Then a big group will enter and you have to kill many. Don’t worry you receive some assistance here. Meet your friends and take them with yout. Try to solve out some puzzle and get access. This stage needs extreme combat skills so you have to be familiar with the controls thoroughly.

Summary :
Everything begins like the following in Part 1. Enzio is sitting on a church tower and jumps down, and this typically ends up in a hay wagon. Right next to a guard, the Enzio is quickly out of the car with his knife Assassin kills and gets into the car. Then the assassin is already out of cover. Here are several new moves, so Enzio can swing now for example,
hanging flower pots to the sides of buildings. Also new in Assassins Creed 2: A financial system. How to get GTA typical of successful mission’s money, which can be put into the equipment. In some corners it is possible distributors, which can poison arrows, knives and other buy. And even then it’s already starting, the first mission.

Enzio must kill a certain person. The orders he receives is not from person to person, like in Assassin’s Creed, but via a carrier pigeon. For this you have to go to their cages and take out the pigeons. The mission is clear, however: Killing the victim without being seen. Along the way, Enzio meets a soldier on a roof, which he kills with his "assassins revolver. This is located under the left hand and is a dream come true of the fans, because it reminds us of the Assassins Creed 1 Trailer occurring in the crossbow, which did not exist in the game. On the way the narrator tells us that there are many different AC 2 side quests that have nothing to do with the course of his career.

We are now at the victim, and another new shows. The "Eagle Eye" is now available during the movement. With the help of which we see that our victim is guarded by a bodyguard. In the midst of the crowd we throw several pieces of money on the ground to confuse the crowd. We slip the guard and begin to encounter such a poison pen at the back. A short time later, it comes this visually bad, even the poisoned slowly insane. Thus, the guard begins to wildly behave with the blocking, which makes it hurt more people in the area and kill our true victims. The mission is managed and wash our hands of them.



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