Left 4 Dead : A Walkthrough

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Game Plot :

Left 4 Dead is a game where the aim is to escape, with his group from the infected zombies. In a more stones are placed in the way when you first burdock. For example, a Boomer, Hunter, Smoker run, tanks or the Witch on the road. Those you had seen the movie Dawn of the Dead will be familiar with the characters and creatures.

You fight as a unified group with a scenario that virtually divided into four stages. In each stage there are five levels. On the way from level to level one is often taken with larger, stronger opponents to each other. Tactical intelligence and team play are here to complete successfully be necessary at all to the stages. One has the choice to fight either with friends or acquaintances together in multiplayer, or at home alone with CPU players. In addition, there is the possibility of adding up to eight players to play on. Four of the survivors, and eight, the boss zombies are going to play. The overall impression brings a theater style atmosphere in the game. Underlain with effects, music and high end graphic. Between the five levels, there is Savehouse’s as a base to heal or reloading of the weapons. The graph is updated and adequate. Sharp textures and detailed effects make the game very respectable.

Louis, Francis, Zoey, Bill. These are the four survivors. They differ only by the appearance and voice. Skills or similar differences do not exist. The most infected people, as is suggest as a infected person. You really just stand around in the area until they see or smell people. If you have spotted one, they run about in hordes of people and try to make him their equal. Alone, they make only slight damage, but quickly changed as soon as several infected locally and are actively helping. If they’re not in their idle state", they give a slight grunt from him. Once they are in action as they scream as you would imagine from an infected. Not infrequently, they run cannibalism and eating other infected. The bodies of those infected are often already posted strong to very strong so they do not much endurance. Bloody, inhuman attitudes, Severed limbs and other injuries. There are four boss zombies and a surprise. The four boss zombies called Hunter, Smoker, Boomer and the tank. The most dangerous of these four is the Hunter. He jumps long distances and is therefore difficult to meet. Even an aimed shot in the head is not enough to stop the Hunter. Has he caught a  survivors that must be rescued by his teammates. It is not possible to fight alone. He makes a lot of damage and cannot be underestimated. Maximum of 5-6 seconds it is considered with full life energy.

Boss Characteristics :

The Smoker : –
The smoker cannot be underestimated either. He may have a long tongue by which he can tie himself like a tentacle. Then one is drawn to him by his noise, he attracts infected, then take the rest for him. At full energy to survive here, about ten seconds.

The Boomer: – He is not as dangerous as the previous two, but still enjoy with caution. He is slowly, but carries more than 100 infected with it. You should only shoot him from a distance, as he exploded through his body contents. If you are in such an explosion in its vicinity will be flooded with green slime, and this is not for a few seconds to be able to see let alone shoot. Caution after shooting protect yourself from the infection which is spread him to all directions.

The tank: – The tank is a very powerful boss. He holds out a lot of damage, you succeed only by working together to defeat him without much damage. What is special about him, he pulls concrete parts of the ground and throws them together with cars after you. A blow from the tank brings you a few seconds in confusion and it flies good 20-30 meters. This width must be used to access the tank to shoot. Run away forever, best to run it around a lantern when you are moving as a man than he. Why you will soon see in the picture. In addition, he runs like a monkey, and must be at least 1900 damage to one of you get so that he yields. He also has some infected zombies ready, watch out for your back if I run away.

The Witch: – Nobody does as much damage as the Witch do. She also believes that in the damage is similar to damage done by the Tank. The problem of the Witch is that  she is very persistent. You must mess with here as a team. The Witch only comes when she gets too close, and fortunately it can be heard for quite a while before you see it. The sound of what issues the Witch, sounds like a little girl who is crying. It is fast and durable, once she has caught you, then use gun.

The Guide :

Chapter : Apartments : – From the beginning select your weapon and take a care package. Jump over the small walls and face the 2 species as enemies. From the advance in falling. Do not lower the action to perform if the characters cling to the side and you will save. Do not jump because you lose a lot of life. Do not delay, get into the shelter. The 1st chapter you should have taken a 2-3 penalty minutes.

Chapter : Metro :- Unfortunately there are no tricks. This is one of the most difficult passages to pass. Refer to the advice of the survivor. If you follow to the letter everything will went very smoothly. Beware of TANK after the subway trains or near the gun up.

Chapter : The Sewer : – At the beginning of the level you reach near a service station with truck near a hangar. Do not trigger the elevator to go through the roof.  This will alert a horde which is rather destructive. Made clean explosion by exploding the gas station and go near the trailers. Left a trailer, just behind the bottom, you find an iron curtain. Put yourself against the iron curtain and this will reduce the attack destruction. After a minute, the curtain will break.

Chapter : The hospital : – This chapter should not be a problem. Always remain vigilant and well together, a tank can still reverse the balance. Towards the end of the level when you call the elevator, you put all 4 teammates in the closet right. Let the 2 leis bottom and the other 2 to stand up.

Chapter : Final Rooftop : –
Either you trigger the radio and at first you camp on the roof of the building with the dish for a second time camping in the building where the door will be opened. To open you have to jump the little wall of the building just above the door. Aim for the door and wait for the knock y
 infected. The interior is large enough and the area is not bad. Second thing you can try is bring your gun twice and climb the roof of the radio building. You see the barbed wire, crouch jump over you and pass on the ledge on the right, be careful not to fall. 

Some very Useful Tips for a Beginner :

The Movement :- If you have a good Movement, one can better move away, possibly even faster. The best way to improve his Movement is quite normal to play and pay attention to what you do and what we could do better. For example, you can target by jumping proposals escape the infected person. The Aiming  :- Aim at the head to kill the enemy at one. It is the best shot. The best way to get a very good aiming, it is normal to play and try for anyone infected with only one shot to do. You can also crouch while, that makes sense when you jump around a corner. If you have mastered this technique you can easily kill lot of infected zombies.

The Duckjump :- The Duckjump is ideally suited for normal movement. With it you can jump to higher things, such as crates. Thus, one can gain an advantage over those infected, they do not come up or have to climb first. During her climb, they cannot be beaten. The Duckjump is very simple, but effective. Simply click just duck and jump directly afterwards. When one has reached the height of the object, press W button so that one moves forward.

Zombie Attack :- If a zombie attacks a colleague and you are too far away to help then use a rifle and aim properly. Shoot at 1 time or 2 times at once. In this if you hurt your colleague then at least the health is damaged to little instead of killing.

How to Survive in Game :

  • At Expert, if someone is down and that the mess does not risk your skin. Cover directly to the shelter if it is playable or you stash in a room or there can be only one entry. Your friend probably died of the injuries but it will reappear in a closet after a few minutes.
  • Remember to leave the closet doors closed to allow the return of your colleagues who fell in battle.
  • A TANK often means the death of the team. Do not waste your time to fight fire on him he will stay only 40 seconds to live. Meanwhile take your legs to your shots, let your friends bait and die in agony, you will recover later in a closet.
  • When the crowd arrives, wherever possible, hide yourself in a room with one entrance. Let the front to take up the battle and you fight from the shade to avoid injuries. Do not jump in the crowd.
  • Use your medical kits in cases of absolute necessity that is when you lose blood and you’re ready to die or when your vision is black and white.
  • Always close doors behind you, this will slow the zombies.
  • Do not team up with broken arms.


System Requirement :

  • CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, Dual Core 2.0 GHz or AMD64X2
  • RAM: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista)
  • Hard Disk: 7.5 GB of free disk space
  • Video Card: Direct X 9 compatible graphics card with 256 MB of graphics memory and support for Shader 2.0
  • Sound: Direct X 9 compatible sound card


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