Beginners Guide for Dirt 2 Racing Game

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will feature a wide range of contemporary off-road events, immersing players in large and ultra-realistic, immersive environments. A world tour that will see players involved in both hard competing in solo and tested through exciting new locations, from the race in the canyon to the tracks in the jungle until the events in the stadium.

DIRT is a racing game. Drifting , sliding a car through a corner with the rear. This makes the car drifting out to create slide. Front engine rear drive cars are the best cars for drifting, which allow you to use the brake in concert with the throttle, this helps to create the drift. To speedup a car for a drift you should approach the corner as fast as possible. Just before the corner, apply the brake, shift down and turn the car in the corner. You will have to turn the car hard enough to get the rear of the car to slide. As the car starts to slide, counter steer, leave the brake and apply the throttle. This makes the rear wheels of the car to spin, which keeps the car moving forward and push the counter steer. To perform a slide use hand brake just before you reach the corner of the track.

Levels :
The game lets you choose between the six levels of difficulty which are, Easy, Casual, Respectable, Wild, Extreme and hardcore option. This gives you choice, however, you can not only configure the ability of the other CPU drivers, but also on set other factors. By winning difficult stages you will receive higher premiums, which can be spend to buy new cars. You can view your flashbacks and get details about your driving.

Shortcuts :

At first look you can see several ways you can go. Some tracks are sometimes a bit shorter, so you can gain a small advantage over the competition. In any case, the game becames more serious when it comes to abbreviations and something different from the line. In addition, to this you can also reset the entire game to shorten you journey. The rally cars looks tiny on the terrain. Under this mulitplaying is the best choice. This will let you to gain more while playing. 

Obstacles :

You should be aware and ready for all the possible obstacles. The most common one you will face while drives is small puddles (potholes) on the track. This puddles (potholes) make you car slow which is a negative remark. Always avoid this puddles (potholes) and especially the big ones. You car will bump in them which kills the speed and control. And if accidently you landed in some then just maintain control over the car. The car with full speed will bump in and if you loose control then you can bash with some thing or your car will turned around. 

Points :

If you are able to perform certein number of drifts and jumps then you can get good points on them. The player can keep on gaining more on the basis of experience. The best way to learn them is under the level of Personal.

Car :

Certein cars in the game will help you to win the game easily. But this are only limited some tracks not all the races. The vehicles are different in the three attributes of speed, acceleration and handling. However, almost all cars are fairly compensated. Therefore vehicle recommendation is rather subjective. In the game mode of Rally, Rally Cross and Trail Blazers, I will recommen you to go with models Nissan 350Z, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX and X and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. While you can drive the Mitsubishi Racing Lancer and the Dodge Ram Trophy Truck in the mode of Landrush and Raid.

Perfect Start :

A perfect start does not exist, although a good start is often crucial part of the race. The reason behind this is that at the start you can easily overtake your opponent at steep curves rather than facing them at the braking point. It is possible that CPU players can pull up and cause collision with your car creating heavy damages. And after collision they will pass through the first corner of the box from behind. Thi sthe place where you must be careful.

Curves :

Remember one thing before performing a slide. The curves must be present on the map at the time of sliding. If you does not see curve in the map on your screen do not attempt to do it. A general rule to do this - Take turns to draw more from the outside and inside at the apex. The slow down of the car depends on the nature of the curve. For light curves do no accelerate the car and let it roll in the apex too. For small curve brake option is a better choice. Drifting consumes too much energy which will let your car no on gas. A hand brake here is particularly recommended for steep 180-degree turns, where the rear of the vehicle on a short piece must be quickly diverted.

Perfect Look :-

In circuit you can easily overtake the competition on a straight path. If this does not work then wait and let the other driver slipstrem a car and that's the oppurtunity for you to get aheas. Look for the very next curve and accelerate. Always try to overtake the opponents from inside of the curve i.e. at the edge not from the outside. If you do so then there are chances of collision. For shorter route slow down a bit and then speed up your car. 

Tips to choose a Car :

Multiple tunning options are provided by the game to configure your car. This options are available at the beginning of each reace. The possibility of her car setup should be adjusted accordingly. Concentrate more on gear ratios, downforce, suspension, ground clearance, differential and brake balance.  See below.

Suspension : -  The suspension can be adjusted either hard or soft. A harder setting effect that the vehicle is less likely and can go faster around corners. In the terrain the suspension should be set but slightly soft, as the car can better absorb potholes and bumps, so you wil not loose control over the vehicle easily. 

Ground clearance : - The gravity of the vehicle becomes deeper which improves the aerodynamics and thus permits higher cornering speeds. It also here recommended that you must set your car driving low especially for asphalt. This helps the car avoid going off-road and bumping more which lets loosing control pver ot . You will also face potholes and cracks affects a small amount of negative impact on driving the vehicle.

Difference :- It becomes harder to control a car which is running on great speed. So here the settings gives out great difference. It makes great difference while you adjust the acceleration while driving. Maintain your speed and try not get in the obstacles.

Brake Balance :- When selecting the brake balance, you can bring the car to either under-or over steer. When the brakes are set front-loaded then the vehicle tends to go under steer. This is recommended if you want to avoid drifts and if you can drive faster through curves. Especially on asphalt stretches this will help you more as compare to anything. In the area you should move the brake balance on the rear, so that their cars tend to over steer. This will show up your great expereince while driving.  This allows you to measure how to sent the car exactly at the corner with gas, and (hand) brake through the corners.

More Tips :-

The ratio between Power & Weight - This is a very important part. Because the higher power-to-weight ratio the faster is you cars is. It really important that you have selected a proper power-to-weight ratio.

Torque - Torque is an important factor that measure the ability of car to accelerate. Generally those cars which has a high power-to-weight ratio tens to have more torque and it is very useful for long run.

Wheelbase - This is a term that is used to describe the distance from center of front wheels to the center of back wheels. This is a important factor in weight distribution. The Car with engines that has a long wheel base at front has harder grip.

Recommended Settings for Some Cars:



Power to weight ratio  




Drive Train   

1 Renault Clio Super 1600   209hp/ton  

145 ft lbf


98 in



2  Opal Corsa Super 1600  209 hp/ton  148 ft lbf  98 in  FWD
3  Citroen C2 Super 1600  209 hp/ton  148 ft lbf  92 in  FWD
4  Suzuki Swift Super 1600  200 hp/ton  137 ft lbf  94 in  FWD
5  Fiat Grande Punto Super 2000  209 hp/ton  184 ft lbf  99 in  4WD
6  Subaru Impreza  181 hp/ton  311 ft lbf  100 in  4WD
7  Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX  191 h/pton  420 ft lbf  104 in  4WD


Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will feature a wide range of contemporary off-road events, immersing players in large and ultra-realistic, immersive environments. A world tour that will see players involved in both hard competing in solo and tested through exciting new locations, from the race in the canyon to the tracks in the jungle until the events in the stadium.

"The rally has been able to attract new stars and a new trend, that made it exciting and fun than ever before, sport is one of the first floor, able to capture the attention of the crowds and keep it constant," says Raeburn. "Colin McRae: DiRT 2 reproduces this new and exciting style and we want to include the best of twists and turns that is so abundant the world rally reality. We want to put players against the most spectacular and dangerous environments that exist in nature. "

Using the power of the third generation of the EGE Engine, award-winning racing game, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will receive an updated physical system of the machine and a new system of calculating damages. Will also represent a new level of fidelity, with cars and tracks treated in detail, as in Race Driver: GRID.

The garage of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will be equipped with the best rally cars official and offroad vehicles, selected specifically to offer intensive courses and breathtaking. With the division into seven classes, players can choose among them more congenial to download the full power. In Colin McRae: DiRT 2 in the first half is available, the Subaru Group N, a choice, get the latest car unlocked in the first game as the first of its sequels, made to show how the guide has improved dramatically.


  1. I like this review. Underneath the words themselves is the real essence of the game…fun! Very different than many stuffy reviews from the pro gamers, this is for the me!


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