Walkthrough of Times Gate’s Section 8


Section 8 is a special division in the United States, consisting of super soldiers trained and ready for anything and used in high-risk missions, as to be considered mentally unstable. You play with Alex Ropes, government soldiers sent into space with his team to destroy lARM of Orion, the most terrifying menace in the Galaxy. With a launch from a ship over 15,000 feet high and equipped with directional jetpack, you try to avoid the flak and enemy fire before reaching the ground.


To break away from the small group to be transferred TimeGate settings only once in the distant, sci-fi vision future. Where mankind has spread again over the universe, but not necessarily excessive warp speed. Travel to distant colonies take weeks and months and also about communication, it is not much better. Almost as creeping messages sneaking through the infinity of space and time was not important, but rather belongs to the rule than the exception. To clarify briefly the concept of Section 8, one has a look at the U.S. military vocabulary throw. The now obsolete concept of there actually describes someone as Section 8, when he had to be fired for mental disorders. Well, here are the Section 8 is also fired. From guns out. From the orbit of a spacecraft on a planet.


And although at first glance, this looks pretty nice, colorful and explosive, but also a little generic. Medullary types in thick armor Space halt. There is big space creaking Space Mecha’s and space vehicles that would impress when the decade anniversary of the Warthog would not have foreseen. One must not quibble about the guys who handle the Unreal Engine, but that is now just the beginning. Design is the more exciting and I eat here, Section 8 does not matter how right. But can still come, one should never completely set.

To provide a bit of customization on the battlefield, it will burn before the draw in your soldier a little. Should he be faster or have more armor, more likely the sniper, or at the tank, the spectrum is not beyond the realm of the known. A killer feature in the truest sense of the word still needs to be mentioned, however: While there is no real one-hit-kill, but – and much better – you can an enemy sniper or other soldiers do by giving Him the Burn in on my head lands.


Omnipresent, construction will be available at each of the players who will collect points before they can build infrastructure or vehicle of choice. Anti-aircraft turrets, tank, heavy armor and radar are examples. They play an important role in the proper progress of our team.  Upon landing, you helicopter to the complex of Origin Armacham attacked by a cannibalistic psychopath and telepath Paxton Fettel. But it is your ability to manage your own fear and insurmountable, which allowed you to break the terrible secret laboratories of origin, that crazy Arlan Wade and the poor girl guinea pig and Alma. To seal forever the darkness, the total destruction of the complex origin was inevitable.

A helicopter flies over and finally approach your position. Completely groggy, you are transported along with a member of Delta Force, Douglas Holiday, who has also become your partner or friend with these very unusual circumstances. But as Jin Sun-Kwon, like you belong to the unity of FEAR.

But besides these possibilities, the enemies are also able to communicate with them. You will therefore find some of your enemies by radio communication. The famous phrase "shut your mouth" among teammates enemies to avoid detection. It is a true delight to hear them arguing among themselves.  The mystery surrounding Paxton Fettel and the girl with a tragic past Alma is still present and taking. And the denouement of the story leaves us no doubt think that we benefit from a new extension. Even a richer II FEAR (and I much prefer this option).

Walkthrough :

Start with a small shed in the background. In our reality and at the U.S. military designation Section 8 applies to contenders for enrollment deemed unfit for mental reasons. In the world of science fiction that we propose the SPF, the term Section 8 resumes its original meaning since nominate a squad of soldiers caparisoned in a hi-tech armor and armed to the teeth. For representatives of TimeGate who gave us a first look at their baby, the universe of Section 8 takes a bit of the Conquest of the West. Understand that party to attack the star, the man must cope with the immeasurable distances that separate the different worlds he conquered and thus the slow response that this implies. Some planets have seceded and their inhabitants have formed a coalition that opposes the federation which operates the character that you lead. It does not extrapolate but it feels good awareness towards the end of the solo scenario, where the typical hero who realizes that, contrary to his convictions of departure, it does not necessarily of side of good.

The game is primarily designed for multiplayer confrontations –
Section 8 therefore propose to take part in a war both civil and galactic although, as regards this last point, all battles take place on terra firma. And all confess right away: If a single player, this title is designed primarily for multi. Specifically, it can accommodate 32 players per session on PC and console 16. Built like a Battlefield, Section 8 based on a principle mixing action and tactics. It will be powerful solo but also caring for members of his team to rely on them. No class of soldier strictly speaking only be available before the game starts but the weapons available are grouped into different groups that will make you a professional soldier. If you choose the rocket launcher and explosives, he becomes an ace of the demolition. If you prefer the sniper rifle and pistol, you make a sniper. But thanks to the presence on the ground of a vehicle able to both heal and change its equipment, its function may change on the fly during battle.

If Section 8 actually like Battlefield in the outline of his principle, he knows how to differentiate through several innovations. These include firstly the ability to land anywhere on the map. It unfolds like a parachute freefall. The soldiers dropped from an aircraft almost in orbit and rushing toward the ground. They fall like stones for most of the journey. But arrived a few tens of meters, they have the opportunity to halt their decline and move toward a point that lies beneath them. Be careful though. Each squad who appropriates a point in the Annex area also appropriates various materials therein with a formidable battery of anti-aircraft gun. If you try to jump on their base, you inevitably end up in a pretty light jet in the sky. But precisely this constraint brings a new level of strategy. Nothing is stopping you from jumping on the edge of the forbidden zone and then, when braking, to get to land on the roof of a building base. Another possibility is to blow the whole group at once on the base. The battery will not have time to eliminate all members of the commando and those who touch the ground will immediately walk to work. More importantly, the ability to land anywhere during the game will remove any advantage to those who believed, like what has been seen elsewhere, to memorize the map. It will be impossible as the situation evolves differently still.

Another interesting principle which could be the identity of this title: DCM (for Dynamic Combat Missions or Missions Battle Dynamics). It will be phases of combat that will fit within the overall battle. Their goal will be diverse, ranging from an attack on a specific item on the card belonging to one of two teams to escort booty or personality. Both sides will then have a definite role to play either forward or defender. On arrival, the commandos who successfully complete the mission that has been allocated will be awarded points requisition to enable it to buy equipment: turrets, tanks … It should be noted, as regards the latter, they propose a role connected to the four players that can take place. In addition to the driver who can play with the turret and its big gun, the other three will each have control of the gun to get rid of the foot soldiers who will stick a little too close to where the mortar will draw Ammunition slower but capable of an area effect and, finally, a missile battery really formidable.

Section 8 is powered by Unreal Engine 3 –
From our first steps on Section 8, we retain a sense of great chaos. It’s fairly normal for a start but we regret not being able to get the best of the strategic aspect of the game by sharing some of these parties with colleagues and members of the development team. Section 8 that remains is for the moment, a game the graphics and neat that fluidity is the rendezvous. Apart from repeated crashes certainly due to the early version of which was entrusted to us, we do not really have major defects to report. Having said that we would undoubtedly have liked a more original subject. It’s a farce, as the saying goes and it is even more enthusiastic when you play, but once we moved away from the keyboard, you cannot help but compare it to titles like the aforementioned Battlefield Halo, Quake Wars and Frontlines. This is a point we will certainly return at a future test.


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