How to install KDE 4.3 on Ubuntu 9.04

Introduction :
KDE or the K Desktop Environment, is a network transparent contemporary desktop environment for UNIX like workstations. KDE has a graphically rich GUI with a lot of special effects. KDE is not bundled with Ubuntu, but it is a default Desktop Environment on Kubuntu. Here, our goal is to get KDE 4.3 up and running on Ubuntu 9.04

Procedure :
Boot into Ubuntu click on System Menu > Administration > Software Sources. You will be prompt to type your “root” password. Type in your root password and click OK. Now click on the “Third Party Software” Tab and click on “Add”. Now here, paste the following stuff :


deb jaunty main


Now click on “Add Source” button. This will add kubuntu repositories on your system. Now go to “Updates” Tab, it will be the next tab on the right side of “Third Party Software”. Now check the box which says “unsupported-updates (jaunty backports)”

Now download the attached file and save it on your desktop. Now click on the “Authentication” Tab and click on “+ Import key file” button. Now browse and locate the file that you just saved on your desktop, select it and click OK. Now you will see one more entry in the list which should appear like this : “8AC93F7A 2009-05-07 Launchpad Kubuntu Updates". Now click close button. As soon as you click on close, a new window will open saying “The information about available software is out-of-date”. Here click on “Reload”. Once the reloading of available information about the latest updates is done, you are ready to install KDE 4.3 on your Ubuntu. Make sure you have a working Internet Connection. Just click on Install KDE 4.3 below :

[Install KDE 4.3]

Now the package installation starts and gives you a prompt to install or cancel. Here click on “Install” and the packages for KDE 4.3 will start downloading. Wait till the downloading of packages completes. Once it is done, you will be given a option to select your window manager from gdm or kdm. Here select “gdm” and click forward. Now the packages that have been downloaded, will start installing. Once it is completed, click on close. Now reboot your computer. After Login you will have KDE 4.3 as your Desktop Environment. Have Fun!!


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