Walkthrough of Fight Night : Round 4

Intro : – In a direct comparison with the now three years old predecessor, presents Fight Night Round 4 to be very tidy, looks in detail but, unfortunately, only slightly nicer, which is not cheap, however, negative. On the contrary, while this may be the Fight Night series loosely measured easily with other titles in this genre and the game graphic proof with very realistic-looking characters. As with Part 3 of the legends of boxing look like Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson unique and really good. Which is the remainder of staging such as the way to the ring, the idea of the boxers by the referee and the ensuing events in the ring – hammer hard replays included – in nothing after. Anywhere and at any time can be easily seen that have given the developers from Electronic Arts a lot of effort in visual design. Every fighter looks really different and twists in agony after a tough hit the face that one is pleased to consider only the controller in their hands and not even standing in the ring.

Welcome to the Ring – Anyone who has played even a Fight Night title, knows what is here on a musical play – almost exclusively rap music. In Round 4, this is just EA and presented here again an entertaining and varied mix of various song well-known artists like Snoop Dogg, Lady Sovereign, Santogold, Mos-Def, Mike Relm and The Young Punx & Count Bass D. The tracks are limited, although predominantly Black-beats, but who can do something with this music genre, will find no cause for criticism. While the fighting is dispensed with the background music, aside from the hours of training in the small ring. There are then at the big events is an excellent backdrop of sound that can trump a roaring crowd, decent referee comments and bass-heavy percussion sounds.

Exciting fights
– Leaving aside the fact that it EA has once again failed to impose on the course of the career mode a proper presentation, there is no cause for criticism. The ascent from amateur through to the boxing legend designed to be diverse, very demanding, and offers gameplay over several weeks. Thanks to the great multiplayer parts, it also allows you to move up with your self-created fighters to professional boxing should be here definitely provide for a high long-term motivation. Only the somewhat weak presentation between the fighting here clouds the eye what the developers should consider important in a fifth part.


Tips & Tricks –

  • With a luscious Gong began the seventh round. Both fighters go on, marked by the brutal conflict, however, eager to wrestle their opponents to the ground. Footed Muhammed Ali dances around his stocky opponent, is firmly behind his superior reach. As the legend Mike Tyson crouches behind his cover.
  • First flying fists, punch through the cover and be deflected. Resembling a battle tank pushes ever closer to Big Mike Ali, tried to push him into a corner, to use his powerful hook. Ali skillfully evaded, the colossus edited tireless and caught again the deformed face.


  • But an oversight is sufficient and the youngest champion of all time draws the legend in the in the fight. Like an animal suggests Tyson urgently to his opponents. Blood, sweat and tears flying across the room. Banned the crowd stares at the boxing ring, only the muffled groans of the world champion can be heard. Then Ali staggers and falls in slow motion on the floor.
  • What looks like the scene from a fictional boxing movie sounds, this time the exact, authentic description of the gameplay. With Fight Night Round 4 will be repaired the same way dozens of errors of his predecessor. During the third part yet, each boxer engine internally possessed the same range and size, this time the reality pressed in pixels.
  • No gloves, half end up in the head, no hits, though the blow actually went wrong, and no invisible Hitbox, which prevents the Infight. Although the appearance is only a small step forward () more details, moving muscles, 60 frames per second, brewing gameplay technically a revolution.


According defiantly forward Mike Mahar, associate producer, the presentation of EA’s simulation, a single box: "Fight Night Round 4 is the first fighting game where the gameplay engine is based on real physics." In the Tekken 6 developer still had last December’s claims that something is very difficult (eurogamer.de). Ok, a simulation is something other than a classic Beat’em’Up, although it is gratifying that dare to Fight Night Round 4 developers take the next step.
But it goes further: "We have accelerated the game events in order to better represent the dynamics of a boxing match is." The contracts of the previous conflicts are a thing of the past. Fast raining blows on the human sandbags. Every movement powerfully executed and credible.
And even the unrealistic Parry system from its predecessor has disappeared. Through the use of physics to the beating no longer clearly be assigned to each quadrant, so there is only a deep and a high block. In order not to hide the player behind the cowardly cover gives way to the protection on gradually. Edited your opponent long enough to break through the attacks and withdraw energy.

  • The system is purified and thus ensures the accountability debates. A development that defused the infamous Haymaker. These super blows in Fight Night Round 3 were often splendid, are now much harder to realize. Even if your back is much that can cause a properly timed attack to KO – whose rising mini-game luckily has been simplified.
  • This redefinition of boxing are the Cutman scenes between rounds fell victim. No smoothing of bumps and bonding of cuts. You decide you simply whether to treat life-energy, endurance, or injury. But remember, not only here, the new team at EA Vancouver – creator of Fight Night Round 3 EA Chicago was scrapped – in that they want to know. To miss the mediocre career mode more pep, was the popularity of mechanics reworked. Galt only victory in its predecessor, it comes at this time primarily on the how.
  • Your Gets you hard fought, risked and what times and scored a quick KO, you will be faster than when your famous delivers a tactical, tough position battle over 12 rounds. Also, your changes with time, the weight class, and then rises slowly to the heavyweight champion. Rivalries with each opponent drop out much more dynamic.


  • If there is a narrow victory, is now identified a rematch. Nice detail on the edge: self created boxers show up in the career as a counterparty. An official boxers have been here: Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Roy Jones, Manny Pacquiao, Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Winky Wright, Ricky Hatton But enough of the bare theory. After the detailed presentation of my person was allowed to rise with a French journalist in the ring and test the changes in practice. My choice: Of course, Muhammad Ali. The Frenchman is on the other hand, Joe Frazier.
  • While trying to press the colleague, in a corner, I always shoot back fast forward and landing responses of hits. The positioning is almost as important as a fast response time. The control system was adopted almost by 1on1 predecessor and immediately flows through the flesh and blood. Only the Haymaker require the simultaneous pressing the right Bumpers and makes the boxer vulnerable to counter-order.


  • Fast speed demands from us a lot. As soon as I get closer, a beautifully animated driving rain pelts down on me and I made soft hectic. In Infight Ali has problems catching his smaller opponent. His long arms are thin here mutate into a barrier and clear responses to grazing shots. Avoiding becoming more important, because the cover has no permanent security.
  • Slowly but surely, I gain the upper hand. Frazier has only 50 percent of energy, while I was still seems very fresh. But in the third round of the surprise: After a successful opponent’s blow landed a series Haymaker and I will be vulnerable at a time for a knockout. Two more hits and I welcome the floor nearby.
  • Getting up is pretty simple at this stage, but our energy is balanced again. Fortunately, he cannot translate into a surprise victory. Due to my superior range succeeds me five minutes later, the first hard rain, the second and then the third. After that is finally concluded. Victory.


Yourself be fooled by the still prominent, but hardly better graphics not. With Fight Night Round 4 EA dares to take a giant step forward, looks in comparison to other sports titles like a revolution. Instead of using only the physics, animation and the "damage assessment" based on this fundamental complete gameplay mechanics and makes them look old, other sports simulations. The fights get so incredibly dynamic and just the right amount at the same unpredictability that makes the sport so fascinating.
The remaining amendments to move within the usual range of EA Sports continuations. A better career mode, more fighters, and even without a formal announcement is also available in online environment. But only if you take even the controller in hand, you feel the difference. Never you so you were close to it to the action. For the piece of plastic becomes a natural extension of the boxer. If anything goes wrong, expect boxing fans in the summer, a revelation. Fight!


Wining Strategy :

After selecting our boxer start a small tournament for amateur wrestlers, that we win if we go up in rank and a good start on road to recognition and glory. Between combat and combat have been added many improvements over its predecessor and we know all kinds of statistics related to our character. Unfortunately, texts and voices from Fight Night Round 4 is in English, which is quite negative and all a blunder by EA, which has not even been able to offer the menu texts in Castilian, and seriously undermined improvement efforts of the boxer, especially for those unfamiliar with the boxing world.

But returning to Legacy Mode and options between battles, different events have been included as prizes at the year end, an innovative and popular right system, a remarkable schedule and a long list of statistics to know all the strokes and movements we are doing for our race. Of course, the struggle and fight, we make a series of trainings that help us to grow our technique and make the opponent character in a class, always well accompanied by the voice of the coach-remember, in English.

Six types of training but unfortunately, not everyone has the same difficulty level, which can define the only negative aspect of the Legacy Mode. It may be difficult to deal with certain sets of training due to the high level of quality that we require. By contrast, others were simple and plain, in what we consider a learning curve badly implemented. However, it is advisable to make some of these workouts, and that will give us points of improvement for our character and will be vital to achieve glory by solving some difficult fights.

As you can guess, there will be other ways to part of the Legacy. For example, thanks to Fight Now, we want to do the fighting alone or with friends, choosing between dozens of fighters like George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Ray Robinson, Jake LaMotta, Joe Frazier, Marco Antonio Barrera, Fernando Montiel or Julio Caesar Chavez, to name a few. Possibly, this mode is ideal for a game with buddies and spend a bit of fun, because we will not have to monitor statistics and other complications.

Best Features of Games :

  • Excellent graphics quality.
  • The curve of learning and mastering the controls.
  • The Legacy Mode.
  • The large amount of real boxers.
  • The fight online.

Some Cons :  

  • The difficulty level of training at the Legacy Mode.
  • The AI of the CPU in certain battles.


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